gryning · 6 months ago
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4t2 Strawberry Planters
Conversion of @nolan-sims‘s Strawberry planters to The Sims 2.
Comes in all 12 swatches + some new colour options for the flowers, the small version shares textures with the large one. Found under deco > plants.
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twentyfourfirst-sims · a month ago
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Add-A-Subset: 3t2 Akira Mug Tree + Recolours
Add-A-Subset is a new series for The Sims 2, featuring objects that were already super cool on their own but are now 5% better because ... they’ve now got another subset!
I’m kicking off this series with everyone's fave cute little mug tree! ✿ Details can be found under the cut.
3T2 AKIRA MUG TREE WITH SUBSETS + RECOLOURS — Catalog: Decorative > Miscellaneous — Price: §39 — Original mesh: sim_man123 (TS3) + moxxa (TS2) — 2 subsets: tree + mugs — Colours: 7 tree colours + 38 mug colours — Polycount: 1.3K
DETAILS — Mesh: renamed, updated the description, made it base-game compatible, fixed some other things. It uses the same GUID as the original, so you can’t have both. — Recolours: I fixed all existing recolours I could find to work with the new mesh, so included are @m0xxa’s original colours; @riekus13’s recolours from here + here; and @amberdefault’s recolours from here. I also made 10 recolours in @shastakiss’s Cluedo palette. All recolours are sorted into separate file folders, so you can keep the ones you want! — Everything has been compressed; merged files are included.  
LINKS — 📝 Terms of Use — 🦋 Bug Reports (Google Form) — 🎁 Commissions — ☕ Patreon — 📁 Download on Patreon (Free)
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gryning · 5 months ago
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Straight Eyebrows
Simple Maxis edit, brows for everyone
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