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#s3 forlex discourse

LOL, Michael’s speech was a droplet of positivity in an ocean of sadness. :P And he left after that speech, halfway through a LOVE SONG Alex had written about them, and also for Michael (yes, even though he didn’t necessarily expect him to hear it, but you can’t tell me he didn’t write the song for Michael…)

Also, that droplet of positivity evaporated immediately after the song with that kiss. So yeah, whatever the writers think, 2x13 is not designed to keep people hopeful enough to make it through a year-long hiatus without any further input. Not after the misery fest that was S2.

I mean, look at the discrepancy between the S1/2 hiatus and the S2/3 hiatus. Fandom was brimming with activity during the former, and is slowly dying during the latter, even though there’s reason to believe that with the new showrunner in place, things will get better.

Fandoms need input though. No one expects them to hand us the S3 scripts or anything, but leaving us with pretty much nothing and somehow expecting us to make it through another endless hiatus unscathed?

Most of the writers, and Chris, have worked on other shows before. Chris in particular has been part of the TVD and Originals verse, he has to know about fandom? Alanna Bennett definitely knows about fandom. 

Sure, we only make up a fraction of the viewership, but hell, it’s fandom that ropes in new viewers, it’s fandom that tells people in other countries about the show, it’s fandom that keeps talking about the show on social media, even when the show’s not on air. Fandom’s not totally unimportant and neglectable. 

But that’s what they’re doing, in a way, they’re “neglecting” fandom. Maybe unintentionally, but man, it’s 2020, it’s not like we haven’t been around for decades. 

Sorry, I usually manage to be a little more hopeful and positive, but damn, it’s hard to maintain positivity under the current circumstances. :(

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I’m afraid that unless we’ll get an interview or otherwise confirmed pro!Malex spoilers, most Malex fans will have left the fandom before S3 even premieres…

And honestly, I can’t blame people for leaving. S2 was a huge disappointment for many fans, there’s barely any Malex content from S2 that’s not sad or otherwise miserable, and as a result Malex fandom activity’s at an all time low. And it’s still at least another 6-7 months until the show returns. 

It’s not that fans no longer love or care about Malex. But I think that many fans are just super tired, and wary of more disappointment. They just don’t have the patience to wait and wait and WAIT for something that will in all likelihood happen eventually, but who knows when?

No one expects detailed spoilers about the how and when, but some kind of confirmation that hoping for Malex will pay off (and no, a kiss in the last 30 seconds of 3x13 doesn’t count as pay-off) next season would be much appreciated (and imo needed to keep at least some fans interested until S3 airs).

I don’t understand why the writers insist on dragging these side ships and wasting everybody’s time instead of putting some effort in developing the fan favourite relationships between the main characters that we actually want to see.

SAME. And this doesn’t just apply to RNM but to every damn show on TV. Writers always think they’re so clever and “not giving the fans what they want” is the bee’s knees. I just think that writers are often too lazy to put in the effort of writing real relationships and struggles. Instead it’s just love triangles and side ships and will-they-won’t-they and breakups and misery ad nauseam. 🙄

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if it somehow leads to at least Rosa’s name being cleared.


And like I’ve said before, I like Forrest as a character, and would enjoy if he’d be part of the overall plot - especially a plot that involves the Longs, Wyatt and Rosa - I’m just fundamentally against romantic F*rlex stalling Malex any further.

But since we know shit about S3, and the character’s only ever been presented as a “love interest” in S2, we have to assume that his presence is mainly due to F*rlex happening.  

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I hope they don’t drag out A/F

You and me both, nonnie. I’m happy for Forrest to stick around as a friend/ally, I just don’t want them to invest screentime in a romantic relationship that won’t last. I’m a million times more interested in Alex and Michael fixing things between them, getting closer, healing, and eventually getting together (in S3, I’m not here for a somewhat “hopeful” Malex ending in 3x13 and for them to make us wait another year before we get to see them as a couple). 

Jeanine says it best:

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I wonder if this means that Forrest will actually have a storyline besides being Alex’s love interest. […] I just hope that they don’t make him a bad guy

Same! I like Forrest as a character, I just have zero interest in him having a relationship with Alex in S3 (they should’ve done that in S2, doing it now is just designed to stall Malex further and I don’t want that). 

I’m quite interested in Forrest’s connection to Deep Sky, and would find it cool if he’d turn out to be the link to them and the new guy, Edgar. Deep Sky don’t have to be the bad guys. Or maybe they are and Forrest realizes that and there’s a conflict of loyalty - Deep Sky on the one hand, and Alex + Pod Squad on the other.

I also want to know more about the Long family and their connection to everything. Insofar I’m happy that Wyatt is back and I hope he gets to do more than just being a “bad guy” (or the comic relief/punching bag). I’m still so intrigued by how shocked Rosa was about that he’d changed so much. Sounds like he must’ve been a somewhat decent guy at some point?

Really hope the show’ll put a bit more effort in making their villains a little less cartoonish (Jesse in S2 was such a cartoon villain, while he was creepy and very chilling in S1). 


It’s impossible to say, really. For all we know he could miss both eps, only be in one of them, or be in both (which I think is the least likely option considering Tyler’s been in LA the past 2 weeks, imo Alex’s either missing from both 3x01 and 3x02, or from one of these eps). Missing from both episodes would suck², but it’d also mean that going forward Alex would only miss from one more episode out of the remaining 11. Light at the end of the tunnel and all that. :P

I expect Tyler to return to Santa Fe soon though, possibly even this coming week? We’ll see. (SRSLY, PLEASE, CAN WE SEE??? VLAMBURN PIC, OR AT LEAST A PIC OF A NEW MEXICO SUNSET???)

Man, this constant guessing game is exhausting. At least Christian was kind enough to put us out of our misery and posted a location update. Thanks, Christian, we truly appreciate it. xD

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It’s impossible to say whether what she said about S3 in interviews will even happen anymore, insofar we’ll always run in circles speculating about the info we got before she left.

I wish we could get an interview with Chris where he talks about S3 and what we can expect. Unlikely to happen, sadly, but that would actually be helpful.

One other thing could give us pointers whether Forrest will be in S3 - but currently Christian prefers to promote a vodka brand on his IG instead of telling us where he is. Rude :P

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens and if any of the actors’ social media posts will provide us with hints who is in Santa Fe. 

Without more info, it’s really rather pointless to come up with scenarios tho, bc each is about as likely or unlikely to happen as the next. 🤯

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Yep, she confirmed it herself in a recent IG Q&A.

1. Are you involved in the new season of Roswell?

So, I wrote the first episode, and I sketched out the basic season arc, so the major twists and turns, mysteries and romances and whatnot, but a lot has changed by both those things, including the first episode script since I left.

Whatever the reasons for “a lot [of changes]” are, we’ll probably never know what exactly’s been changed (or why) - unless someone from the show talks about it (LOL, as if, CW hasn’t even officially confirmed Hollier as the new showrunner…).

We knew that there were plans for an A/F storyline. ReManes to be seen whether that was cut (or will just be mentioned as a thing that happened during a possible time jump) or makes it into S3 (and in what capacity), and how Malex will be treated.

Initially, she said in an interview

So there’s some bumps in the road for sure, but I will say we’ve been breaking Season 3 in the writer’s room, and it feels like a really great breath of fresh air as far as a lighter story for those two guys, and a more joyful story. 

If they’re keeping some “bumps” and they are alien related and about the S3 main plot, fine. I’m not keen on watching a “won’t-be-a-longterm obstacle for Alex” storyline tho. 

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Yeah, I’m not sure if they could even pull the 11 episodes trick again this season (not sure how they did it in S1 and 2)? 

I hate the very idea of Alex not being in episodes, but he will definitely miss at least 2, in all likelihood 3episodes in S3, and like you, I’d rather they use the episode he’s in to focus on Alex’s friendship with other characters, and on Alex and Michael working on the foundation of their relationship. <3

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Yeah, I don’t think we’ll get a kiss (although I miss their kisses soooo much, man, the best kisses 🥺🥺🥺) in 3x01.

No idea what they’ll do or what I should hope for tbh. It depends so much on whether they’ll do a time jump (likely), and what has happened in the meantime. Also, will Alex be in a relationship with Forrest or not? If not, did it ever happen? So many questions, and things could go a million different ways.

Also, if there’s a time jump, how much time will have passed? Imo the show could benefit from a longer time jump (at least a couple of months), it would allow them to leave S2 well and truly behind.

On the other hand, if a longer period of time has passed - what’s everyone been up to in the meantime they’ll only tell us about? Was Alex “on a mission” for the Air Force? Has Michael already “worked on himself”? What about Mr. Jones?

Considering the Heath spoiler, it sounds like Liz will still be in LA when S3 starts, that somehow indicates that at least some time must’ve passed (more than a week or two).

There’s also the somewhat unhelpful S3 synopsis

In season three, still reeling from the events of last year, the Roswell aliens and their allies are drawn back together through a threat from a familiar stranger and a murder that has not yet happened.

From near and from far, amidst breakups, reunions, scientific advancements and the impending death of someone they hold dear, our heroes must grapple with two central questions: Who enters our lives and defines who we are?

This is all so vaaaague. Why can’t they release a proper synopsis with plenty of clues, and also a timeline when Malex will meet, whent they’ll kiss, and in which episode they’ll get together??? It would make our lives so much easier. :P

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I guess that depends on where we’ll be in regards to the timeline of the show.

Is it just a couple of days after Alex sang? Or has there already been a time jump? Will romantic Forlex happen, or is that a storyline they’ll skip? Or if there was a time jump, did romantic Forlex happen off screen and they’re already no longer together, or are they still together at that point?

Impossible to say tbh.

Of course I’d rather they’d talk shortly after Alex sang and would start “their” story right then and there, but how likely is that (not very imo)? They will have to move things forward eventually, and a longer time jump would allow them a clean cut after 2 seasons, Liz would already be fully established in LA, and depending on how long the time jump is, they could even skip ahead of Covid, the election and whatnot.

I have no idea what they’re going to do.

If there’s a longer time jump, I would expect that Malex haven’t had much (if any) contact for a while (which SAD, but I also want to see all their interactions on screen), but I would hope that Michael has already started working on himself in some way.

A longer time jump would pose a bit of an issue with Mr. Jones - imagine if 6 months or more had passed, and they still don’t know anything about him? IDK, I just expect that the audience will be involved in learning more about the aliens at the same time as they learn about their history themselves???

I don’t envy the writers tbh. S2 ended in a somewhat weird spot, I hope they’ll find a way for things to make sense without skipping important character development.

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There are many (MANY) asks in my inbox this morning. Some about CAM (I agree with y’all’s messages!), but many more about Michael, Alex, and Forrest. 

I hope you guys understand that I won’t publish those. I appreciate all your input, and can see where everyone’s coming from. I’d just rather not fuel this discussion atm, when we don’t even know how the show will handle this “looming” triangle.

Every opinion I’ve read on the topic is valid (obviously!), everyone watches the show through their own personal lens, and everyone picks up on different things and has their favorites they’re rooting for. There’s no right or wrong in this, we just all have our preferences and wishes (we tend to feel quite strongly about xD).

I hope that S3 will be a (mostly) satisfying watch for everyone, fingers crossed we’ll learn a bit more about the new season soon (come on, guys, WHERE ARE THE SPOILERS *grabby hands*) 🙌 


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Yeah, imo they still trust each other the most. And they still love each other. I really hope they’ll figure this out soon.



Just look at them, they are at peace with each other. AND THEY ARE SO IN LOVE, EVEN AFTER EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED, AND AFTER A DECADE APART. 🥺😭

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