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sunivaa · 2 days ago
Maisie Hair
Tumblr media
♡ 24 EA swatches
♡ basegame compatible
♡ compatible with hats
♡ all LOD’s
♡ 4 810 poly
♡ DOWNLOAD ( early access )
♡ Public Access on 9 June
Tumblr media
♡ cc used - 1 2 3
@maxismatchccworld @sssvitlanz​ @love4sims4​​​
♡ Thanks to everyone who reblogs this post)) With your help more people are able to know my work. This is really very important for me!
♡ VK group
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pierisim · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hello hello!   
     Charly Pancakes and I have worked on a special project together that we want to share with you now.  We have been wanting to do a collaboration together for quite some time now and the Wedding stories pack was a perfect opportunity for us to work on a custom content set together for the first time.  For the design choice we tried to make a versatile set that works for rustic weddings in the countryside as well as for a boho inspired beach wedding. Even a more simple wedding in the backyard would fit the theme of the items we made pretty well! And because weddings only happen once in a while, we tried to make the items also suitable for your regular residential homes as well.  Included in this pack are many options for your sims to sit down (which we all know isn't their biggest talent - but at least the have the opportunity to do so), a modular party tent with many possibilities that you can fit to the size that is suitable for your event, many candles and flowers to get the amount of romance your Sims need for an important day in their life and much more.
 We had a great time working together and really hope you like what we came up with. You can prepare yourself for more collabs in the future!
     Thank you all for supporting our custom content and have fun building with the new objects!  ❤️❤️
All the best from us,   
          Charly & Pierisim
59 items basegame compatible
public release the 28th of April
DOWNLOAD (Early access)
Tumblr media
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cloudcat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Amorosa Dress
For tf-ef
20 swatches
Download at SFS | ModTheSims | Patreon (free)
This was the most popular dress in my poll, thank you for all the comments and votes! It seems some of the other dresses gained interest as well so I might make them at a later date 🥰
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enriques4 · a month ago
Tumblr media
[EnriqueS4] Maddy Hairstyle
Hi guys! Hoping you’re doing well! so i made this hair inspired by maddy from euphoria! Hope you like it! there’s also a collection inspired by it that was made by @serenity-cc so you can go and check it out! (the dress that i used in the preview is in the collection) 
New Mesh
Comes with 24 EA Swatches
Shadow Map
Hat Compatible
Base Game Compatible
All Lods
Teen to Elder
If you use my cc don’t forget to tag me as well like #enriques4 or @enriques4, for see your sims using my cc.
If you have any question or an issues, please let me know, i will try to fix it as soon as posible!!
Free release: 04/14
DOWNLOAD (Patreon - Early Access)
twitter - youtube - twitch - thesimsresource
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ellesmea · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Wedding Stories Engagement Rings recolours
Hello! I loved the rings from the latest pack but I felt like swatches weren't consistent AND the rings weren't compatible with Kijiko's eyelashes, which I use all the time.
So I decided to recolour the rings (except for the wood one) and modify their UV map so that they could be compatible with CC eyelashes! Yayyyy
Each ring has between 10 to 14 swatches, both in yellow and white gold.
I've included a standalone version and an override, feel free to choose whichever you want!
DOWNLOAD (standalone)
DOWNLOAD (override)
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brindletonboo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay, i know i’ve done a lot of lookbooks before, but i wasn’t really satisfied with what i made. so i’m planning to revamp my entire sim lookbook series. i’m starting with this one. i hope you like this! lmk what you guys think :)
jacket | pants | shoes | sunglasses | necklace | earrings
top | jeans | shoes | necklace
hat | shirt | shorts | boots | choker
top | skirt | stockings | boots | choker | earrings
thank you to all cc creators <3
@clumsyalienn @imvikai @serenity-cc @emmibouquet @arethabee @christopher067 @pralinesims @tunayegit @dallasgirl79 @enriques4 @simpai @eviesar 
@mmoutfitters @love4sims4 @maxismatchccworld @s4lookbookgallery @maxismatch4sims
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pierisim · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello hello! 
Here comes to second part of the MCM House, the living room as you may have seen on the wip! 
You will have 23 new items to play around with your living room, with matching wood tones and a new marble texture! This part may include some of my fav items I've made (especially the dinning chair haha) so I hope you gonna like this part and build with it!! It's also has a sparks screen for the fireplace, but little thing about this, I didn't find any way to remove the fact it can start fire, and I'm so so bad at changing tunning or  I don't know what coming too far into code, so be careful, as long as I playtested items it didn't start any fire, but it still can be more dangerous than it should haha! 
You can find the items by searching for MCM or Pierisim in game.
Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
 All base game compatible!
Unmerged and merged version
Public access 23th of May!
Thank you for your kindness and your support 💚
* helped by a scan from Thomas Flinn on sketchfab for the statue*
Tumblr media
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cloudcat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oka Dress
A simple edit of one of the new dresses from the Carnaval kit 🌹
10 swatches
For tf-ef
Download at SFS | ModTheSims | Patreon (free)
Hair by @simandy​, alien necklace by @simlasya​, skin by @lamatisse​
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oranos · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hunter Hairstyle [Unisex]
Hunter Hairstyle is a medium hairstyle for male and female sims. This hair has 24 EA colors(New Texture), compatible with hats and HQ mode. Also included in Specular,Normal and Shadow maps. I hope you will like it. ^_^
Download [TSR - FREE]
Public Release : 22 April 2022 
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