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#s9 spoilers
alyblacklist · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Someone who visited the park yesterday messaged me these additional photos of Diego and Laura from yesterday's filming and gave me permission to post them. Thank you!
The person who took the photos said Ressler has a bruise on the side of his face (which you can see in the photos) and that they were filming a scene of him running.
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chaaancewe · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I bet Cole still calls Wu “little master” sometimes
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morceid · 9 months ago
thinking about angels and demons :( u know the season 9 last two episodes :( derek and alex had to wash spencers blood off of their hands :( :( :(((((((
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gosickoonmymode · 4 months ago
Bloodhound's voice lines!!!!
Fuse calling them Houndy!!!!!!!
Loba being scared of heights with Bloodhound!!!!!!!!
Val and Loba flirting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm dying y'all. I can't handle how good it all is.
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lonerunner5 · 2 months ago
Wow. W o w. Love that once again Five is injected to save the world and Sam just l e f t. And Janine didn’t say anything either???? Excuse me???
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my g-d ive been busy modding the r/Letterkenny sub. the place is full of degens.
Tanis has always had hickies ever since her introduction in s01e05 Rave
there’s no green screen used in the making of Letterkenny
i’ve confirmed this with multiple actors and crew members
series 9 was filmed in november and december of 2019
jacob tierney is the director, he was on set the entire time and he wasn’t added in post
wayne isn’t a cheater
she isn’t pregnant
both 6 and 7 have already been done in Letterkenny, they’re not going to re-tread old ground
this has been an FAQ
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alittlextrathatway · 10 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Chicago Fire Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Sylvie Brett/Matthew Casey Characters: Sylvie Brett, Matthew Casey, Kelly Severide Additional Tags: Cigar Chat, One Shot, Friendship, Pining, Introspection, episode tag: s09e02 That Kind of Heat, Spoilers, Growth Summary:
He doesn’t like it when Sylvie’s upset. Especially if she might be upset at him.
But it seems all he did was make things worse.
Because of course he did. That’s all he’s known how to do for as long as he can remember — in his personal life at least.
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its-badpoetry · 11 months ago
"Can you tell me about Carl?"
Michonne nearly drops the plate she's washing, glancing over to where RJ plays in the other room. Judith cocks her head a bit as she gauges her mom's reaction.
"Sure," Michonne says, albiet reluctantly. "What do you want to know?"
"What was he like when I was still a baby?"
She thinks back to the prison. It was so, so long ago, but Michonne can still remember how cold it would get at night and the way the air smelled very... prison-y as if they were there just yesterday.
"I can tell you he didn't trust me when we first met. I felt like if I looked at you he'd attack," Michonne chuckles to herself.
"He was always very excited to take care of you despite not knowing the first thing about it. He, Aunt Maggie's sister, Beth, and Carol would play with you and he even sang to you once or twice."
"Is it true he always wore this hat?" In every memory Judith has of her brother, he always wore that hat.
Judith has always wondered if he ever took it off, but never knew who or how or when to ask.
"He had a farming hat," Michonne cracks a smile. "And he looked ridiculous."
Michonne's smile drops as she thinks about how much time she missed with Carl in her attempts to find the Governor. With Rick. With everyone they'd lost. She thinks maybe if she'd tried harder to find the Governor before he found his way back-
No. She can't let herself think like that. She can't fix the past. All she can do is pave a better path for the future.
Of course, Judith notices her mom's change of demeanor.
"What's wrong, mommy?"
Michonne puts on a tight smile, finally passing Judith the plate to dry. "I'm okay. I just got stuck in the past."
Judith nods, glancing back at RJ, "Do you think Carl would be happy to have a little brother?"
Michonne looks at her son as he topples down a block tower before stacking it back up. Her eyes fill with tears that she has to blink away before they fall, "I think," she takes a deep breath, steadying her voice, "I think he would have loved him more than anything. As much as he loved you and your dad."
"And you," Judith says, almost shyly.
Michonne struggles to reply, a few tears running down her face.
"He chose you for a reason, mom," Judith tells her.
She takes a deep breath as she looks at her daughter, "He'd be so proud to see you today."
Judith blinks back tears before stepping down from her step stool and wrapping her arms tightly around Michonne's waist, sniffling.
She jumps when Michonne starts to hold her, a small grin breaking out on her face as she pulls away, "Mommy, your hands are wet!"
Both break into laughter that fills the house, RJ waddling in to see what was so funny. The kids end up being chased around by Michonne and her wet hands, thoroughly tiring all three parties out.
Things are good.
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cowboyoctane · 4 months ago
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alyblacklist · 8 days ago
If you look at the instagram of the girls playing Agnes, it definitely seems like they'll be onscreen a lot for awhile as their schooling is being done on set. I was really hoping they wouldn't use Agnes as a tool to move on from Elizabeth and that Reddington would leave her be but it appears that's not the case.
Take a deep breath, anon. I really don't think they are working on The Blacklist right now.
The Carters (and some others) leaped to the assumption that Agnes would be featured in 9x01 after the twins' mom posted a blurry page of some sort of script on their instastory last week. But the page looked nothing like a Blacklist script to me (watermark ran the wrong way, page numbers in the wrong place).
Yesterday, she posted a story of the twins taking their first plane ride ever and then later in the day posted the picture you are referring to, which is of them doing school in a hotel room somewhere. All of this adds up to the conclusion that the twins are currently working on some other project - not The Blacklist - and one that is not filming in NYC.  This is further confirmed by the most recent story of one of the girls sitting in a set chair in a location that is clearly not where The Blacklist is filming today.
I will be honestly surprised if we see them back on The Blacklist often, if at all.
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jaydabbing · 2 years ago
ninjago seasons 1-7: just a fun cartoon about ninja superheroes fighting some big bad snakes :)
ninjago season 9: jay is insane lloyd has depression garmadon murdered someone onscreen their former pet dragon is dead and its bones were used to build a throne
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totally-not-gadreel · a year ago
Whumptober #15 Scars
Dean was getting ready for bed when Sam shouted for him from the bathroom, where he had been about to take a shower. Dean crossed the motel room in three steps and threw open the bathroom door. Sam was wearing pants but no shirt. His shirt was held to his chest, covering it. If Dean wasn't so worried, this new modesty would've been hilarious.
"Nothing is wrong, Dean. Go back to bed." He said stifly.
The angel in control nodded once. "Sam was merely startled."
"By what?" Dean demanded, raising his voice slightly.
"No-nothing," Ezekiel hesitated, voice catching in his throat as he took a step back, now feeling defensive.
Dean grabbed his arm, and Ezekiel flinched, falling into his knees, hands flying to shield his head and neck. He dropped the shirt. Oh. Oh.
Sam's torso was covered in scars. And now Dean could see his back was too, even more than the front. Pink and off-white scars and cuts crisscrossed his back, making it almost a single raised scar, and there newer cuts in various stages of healing.
His chest may have had slightly less scarring, but it was worse, in Dean's opinion. There were normal torture scars and cuts, but most had scabbed over. Burns, too, and places where the whip had wrapped around his middle. But there were Enochian symbols carved across his chest, and Dean could see more burned into both hips. And that wasn't looking at bruises covering him. His wrists were scarred, too, pink and irritated. Probably from being chained up.
"What are you doing to my brother?!" Dean shouted.
Ezekiel flinched again and tried to make himself smaller, still kneeling. "I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen. These aren't his injuries. They are mine and mine alone," he was frantically babbling now and breathing heavily. His hands shook, but still covered his head. Dean knew PTSD well enough to recognize an oncoming panic attack. "My true form-"
"Stop," Dean said softly.
Ezekiel clamped his moth shut. Dean wanted to be sick. Or kill something. Maybe both.
"Alright, Zeke-Imma call you Zeke now," Dean didn't wait for an answer before continuing. "I'm assuming Sammy freaked out when he saw the scars?"
Zeke nodded silently.
Dean sat down next to him. "Okay. First thing's first. I am not going to hurt you on purpose, except in self defense. I promise. Got it?"
Zeke nodded.
"That means you can put your hands down."
Slowly, Zeke put his hands in his lap, laying them out flat on his thighs as he tried to control the trembling. He kept his head down.
Okay, good."
Zeke exhaled shakily, but relaxed slightly.
"I've just got a couple of questions for you. Okay? Like why were you tortured for I don't want to think about how long? From what Cas said, you were pretty popular upstairs."
Zeke opened his mouth, then closed it tightly. Even though his head was bowed, he glanced at Dean.
"C'mon man. You've gotta give me something to work with. I know I said I'm not going to beat you or whatever, but that doesn't give you a pass to be uncooperative. Now if I'm going to help you, you've gotta work with me."
Zeke looked confused and took a deep breath. "Am I permitted to speak now?"
"What? Yes, of course you are. Why wouldn't you be?"
Zeke's lip trembled. Dean wasn't sure if his heart broke in pity for this terrified angel, or because said angel looked like Sam. Dean hated seeing that scared look on Sam. It reminded him of when Dad got drunk and raged and ranted. Dean really, really wanted to kill something. "You said stop talking," his voice was small and unsure.
Dean exhaled. Boy, did he have his work cut out for him. "Yeah, you can talk. You don't need permission. Not from anyone, okay Zeke?"
"I'm not Ezekiel," he admitted.
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discordslair · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m confident in Equestria’s future under her reign.”
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incorrigibl · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
yeah ive been really busy but i DID watch the last season 9 episode in dutch. fuck work in this house we only pay attention to horses
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alexanderkrizak · 2 years ago
It’s been a while since I posted, but I just have to now, because...
In A Trivial Pursuit, did Pinkie Pie just list off every possible name for the Twilight/Pinkie ship? Twinkie, Pinklight, SparklePie, TwiPie... yep, yep, think she got them all.
I’m gonna wander off now, until this ridiculous grin falls off my face. It may take a while.
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kirigayss · a year ago
Tumblr media
I'm being held hostage by the government and being forced into drawings harumi art pls help it's been 7 mont
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