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#s: elementary
gamgeesgarden · 4 months ago
Gimli, to Legolas: After many, many hours, I have come to the most wretched of realizations. One that might curdle your very blood.
Gimli: You are my friend.
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incorrectr27quotes · a year ago
Fon: Would you turn in your dad?
Tsuna: I'd trade my dad for a Tic Tac.
Lal: That’s fair.
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incorrectbananafish · 2 years ago
Jessica: What else have you learned?
Max: You’re a murderous hag.
Jessica: Oh, good. We’re going to be direct.
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Blair: It’s stupid!
Nate: Hey, nothing we’ve done so far has been un-stupid, and we’re still alive, aren’t we?
Blair: I can’t really argue with that, but I feel like I should.
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kindergarten2002 · a year ago
just remembered these nasty things that we had to wear in elementary school P.E. whenever we were split up into teams
Tumblr media
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Agent: *Answers the phone* Hello?
Herbert: It's Herbert
Agent: What did he do this time?
Herbert: No, it's me, Herbert. It's actually me.
Agent: What did you do this time?
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Dewey: Well, I am sorry that I accused you of arson.
Stu: Well, I was the obvious suspect.
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cryptocism · 6 months ago
DUDE I JUST NOTICED (actually somebody pointed out for me-) THAT KON AND BART SHARE THE 'truth justice and the american gay' shirt SJDKFHJGSLGJSKDFJHKSFGF this is NOT helping my konbart kick
YES ha for a while i had an idea for a comic where kon just decided to embrace being “the t-shirt guy” (bc if hes gonna wear a tshirt and jeans as his outfit i need him to have some humor about it) and he just proceeds to wear a bunch of superman knockoff tees as his uniform (it pisses clark off too so bonus there)
ive since lost the notes app i was keeping the shirt ideas in but one of them was the S symbol with the “hit” scrawled beside it and another was the classic “truth justice and the american gay”
anyway yes bart steals them on occasion and helps him make more if they get messed up (its all fabric paint and glitter btw, no screenprinting these babies)
never ended up making that comic but the shirts ended up repurposed into other ones so not a total loss
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Incorrect Seventeen Quotes #338
Jun: Would you ever betray us?
Woozi: I'd trade you all for a tic tac.
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my90schildhoodnostalgia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Who remembers using these in Elementary school for math? Honestly i think we all just liked building with them.
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shamelessiq · 4 years ago
Debbie: You okay? You seem hyper.
Ian: I may have had a coffee or three with my tea this morning.
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eldritch-blob-thing · 5 days ago
personal growth and maturity is going from "i have had nightmares of chucky and will avoid doing my favorite thing in the world if it means not having to look at him or will walk out of an area if there is anything with his likeness nearby" to "this is the only horror movie character i can fucking stand, hes a great LGBTQIA+ ally"
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sneesnaa · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
i, the player, feel like a kindergarten teacher watching over a dozen AI children (affectionate)
i had to like gather them around (ctrl+leftclick) so we can go down this thing without someone breaking their legs
LIKE LOOK AT THIS GANG THEY’RE ALL TOGETHER!!! AND THEY’RE VIBING!! HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES like they’re having a picnic!!!!!!!! i want to draw them haVing a picnic now just surrounded by gore but they’re fdljkhg having chilling and having like apple juice
oh my god this is the most awkward picnic ever and i love it!!!!!!!! they’re having so much fun
i think jebus feels kind of awkward though.,.,  especially because of the. threats/remarks he made. i won’t go into it because minor spoilers that don’t do much for  the story anywayk hkghfkghaa also because he and hank hate each others guts
hank oh no hank your back is turned jebus could stab you!! ....... OH NO HANK CAN’T HEAR US  THEY HAVE AIRPO-
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ground-zoro · 5 months ago
Kaz from Shadow and Bone, and Sherlock from Elementary have very similar energy. I feel like they’d be friends, or respect each other as rivals. 
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ohdearhunter · 3 months ago
hi my name is zoe and did i possibly get a new job AND new cat in the span of 24 hours? maybe and maybe!!!!
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