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#s: incorrectsealteamcbs
incorrectbuddie · 26 days ago
Buck: Let’s distract them by setting their couch on fire.
Eddie: Buck, that’s ridiculous. Setting the whole house on fire would be far more effective.
Buck: Ah, point taken.
Bobby, tired: You guys. You. Are. Firefighters.
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incorrectbuddie · 4 days ago
Eddie: Look, Buck, I appreciate you're trying to deal with this in a healthy way, but creating a montage of all the times you've been hurt set to "It's a Hard Knock Life" may not be the best way to do that.
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incorrectbuddie · 7 days ago
Bobby: *patiently* Buck, aliens are not invading Los Angeles.
Buck: *nodding* Yeah, not anymore! Someone took them out before could enslave us!
Eddie: *walking by casually* You're welcome.
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