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✨students of the same teacher✨
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"It was decided in a blink of an eye. This day, on this very instant, my blade touched Sabito first. As I secured my victory, Sabito smiled. He seemed to be crying and happy at the same time. It looked like a smile of relief. As I turned around, Sabito disappeared. The sword I used to split Sabito's mask... has split the rock too."
鬼滅の刃 Ep. 03: Sabito and Makomo
Tumblr media
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giyuu when asked where all his problems in life started:
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@kyaa-a → SABITO
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★ 【MANFUNG】 「 錆兎 」 ☆ ⊳ sabito // demon slayer ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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Kny characters x reader hickey hcs!
Tumblr media
Characters: pillars (Minus Muichiro and Gyomei), Sabito and Yushiro
Warnings: a little bit suggestive but not too suggestive, some cursing
Note: I am very much aware that hickeys are hard to show on some Poc especially those of a darker skin tone but for now let’s pretend it can for the sake of these hcs mkay? Mkay 😭
- Rengoku adores literally anything that has to do with giving you some form of love so best believe he doesn’t mind giving you hickeys
- Unlike some he’s a real gentleman about it, if you’re easily embarrassed or shy he’ll leave them in not so obvious places
- But if you’re not shy and don’t really mind he’ll leave them anywhere some obvious and not so obvious
- His favorite spot to give you them is the neck
- It’s the neck because as soon as he’s done sucking on it he can swoop in and give you a lingering and passionate kiss on your lips since it’s right there very convenient he thinks
- Rengoku loves any form of affection you give him but he’s not a big fan of receiving hickeys only because he has a severe case of being ticklish like you can literally poke Kyōjurō on the side and he’s in a laughing fit, for someone who is so muscular it’s weird
- Kyō doesn’t give you hickies very often but when he does.... when he does they are dark and extremely obvious so it’s probably best if he leaves them in your inner tigh or somewhere private to save you the embarrassment of all that teasing from others
- If someone does see them and calls them out and he happens to be there he’ll just laugh like a proud laugh too
- He usually gives you them after he comes back from an extremely long mission and is craving your sweet sweet touch
- Was very very shy about it in the beginning
- Giyuu already took an extremely long time to kiss you so makes sense why he took so long
- When he does finally get into it he is actually fond of it
- He would always leave them in your inner tigh or your stomach
- Contrary to others he’s very private about it
- He thinks that it’s something that should be kept between you and him
- He also keeps it extremely private because he’ll definitely get second-hand embarrassment if someone sees it and calls it out especially if that person was a certain insect pillar
- Be sure to give him some too tho because he loves them
- Giyuu doesn’t really ask for them because he doesn’t want to seem selfish, when you two are in a heated kiss he much rather devote all the attention to you
- So be sure to give him attention too even though he doesn’t ask he wants it
- While you’re giving him hickeys he tries his best to be quiet but every now and then you’ll hear a little cute squeak
- He loves them because something about your soft lips sucking on his skin just exits him
- If you leave one in an obvious place he won’t get mad at you or anything he’ll jus avoid is fellow pillars until it goes down
- He’s a slut for them
- It’s hard to decide if Sanemi or Uzui gives their s/o more hickeys
- He loves to leave them in painfully obvious places
- So places like your neck, arms, jaw
- His goal isn’t only to leave them in obvious places but also places that would be hard to cover up
- He only does it because he wants others to know that you’re taking and no one is allowed to make a move on you ( although I think the fact that the hot-head wind pillar is your boyfriend is enough to scare anyone from making a move in you)
- He can be a real ass when giving you them, if he knows you’re going on a mission with maybe Giyuu or Uzui the next day he’ll make sure to leave extra on you
- He gives you so much on your neck it looks like some choked you
- He doesn’t really care if the other pillars ask about them if anything he loves when they ask, if Mitsuri is asking what happened to your neck he’ll have this smug smirk on his face because of how flustered you get and how you try to avoid the question
- When it comes to receiving them he hates it he’s a damn hypocrite because he refuses for you to give him any , the reason being he thinks the person who gives the hickeys is the dom and Sanemi refuses to be sub even for a couple minutes
- If you do manage to give him some he’ll get flustered and get super red whenever he sees them
- Sanemi knows he’ll be made fun of for sure by his fellow pillars if they saw his hickeys so to avoid that he’ll wear his uniform properly, not one single bottom is is undone but because this isn’t natural for him the pillars would easily guess what he’s trying to hide and still tease him
- Like with Rengoku, Sabito loves anything that has to do with him showing his love to you so hickeys are a big yes for him
- By law Sabito is a whore and he is not ashamed of it and because of that the hickeys he gives you are for sure going to be out on display
- Sabito is quite the passionate lover and it shows when he’s kissing you, his kisses are always deep and intense so in turn in the hickeys he gives you would he dark and huge
- Sabito is definitely the type to call the hickeys he puts on you his masterpiece he is v v proud of them 😭
- He loves when you give him hickeys, seeing your “markings” all over his body is a definitely a turn on for him
- If you leave them in easy to cover up places he’ll willfully not cover them he’s not ashamed or embarrassed in the slightest in fact he’ll show them off
- Sabito’s favorite area to give them is the shoulder It’s mainly because he loves to feel your hand tug or comb through his hair while he’s giving you them
- He can be a real tease when he’s giving them because whenever they finally start to disappear he’ll give you even more 🙄
- She’ll give them to you but not exactly the biggest fan of it
- Where she leaves them depends entirely on her mood
- If she’s feeling like a soft romantic she’ll leave them in hard to find places or areas that are easy to cover up but if she’s feeling like a tease ( which is honestly all the time) she’ll leave them in pretty obvious place
- She’ll also do it if she’s feeling a bit jealous it’ll show that person she’s jealous of you’re taking
- She’s kind can really blunt about them too, if the person she’s jealous of somehow doesn’t see the hicky she’ll go
“ Y/n what’s that on your neck?”
- Causing the person to see it and leave you alone
- You love her but omg she’s gone be the death of you
- When it comes to her receiving them, she tries her best to act like she doesn’t want them she’ll be pushing you away when you try to give them to her but the “push” has to power behind it
- Like with Sanemi she much rather be the dom and she knows if you do manage to give her some hickeys you’ll tease her about and teasing is her job damn it 😡
- Doesn’t really like them
- He’s already a person who doesn’t like to give physical affection he rather show his love for you through acts of service
- Plus he doesn’t like taking of his bandages he knows you won’t judge him or anything but he feels a lot more comfortable with them on
- So that being said when it comes to hickeys it’s a big no no
- BUT BUT don’t be discouraged
- He would give them to you if he didn’t see you for a very long time due to missions or training or your favorite reason when’s he’s jealous
- His favorite spot to leave them is all over your stomach
- He thinks it’s dumb and annoying to leave hickeys on exposed areas on their s/o’s ( triggered Uzui and Sanemi noises)
- He wants to be the only one allowed to see this wonder
- The reason why he loves to give them on your stomach is because he’s obsessed with your body
- He loves your curves, how soft and smooth your stomach etc etc and even if you have scars , stretch marks, birthmarks or anything of that sort he still thinks it’s beautiful
- He thinks your body is a temple
- When he’s done being intimate with your he rather you go to sleep with your belly being exposed or no shirt at all 👀
- His reason being as you sleep near him he wants to admire the art work he put all over your body, while you’re asleep draw small circles with his finger where the hickies are
- Obanai hickies are heavenly because of how rare they are
- When he’s back from a long mission or some good for nothing slayer flirts with you once you both are home he lays you on your back and slowly pull down his bandages
- From here he’ll gently peck your lips, then your chin, neck, chest then finally your stomach here he would start to lightly suck on it every now and then he’ll mumble how beautiful you are in your skin
- Another slut for giving them
- Like Sanemi he’ll litter your entire body with them
- His favorite spot to put them is your back shoulder or your neck
- He‘ll he giving you them on your back shoulder while his arms are wrapped around your waist and he has you in his warm embrace
- He also loves to give them to you on your neck, and not because he wants to “mark” you or anything he knows that’s everyone knows who you belong too he’s too flamboyant to be unknown ( the amount of times I said known 💀)
- He gives them to you there because he finds it cute how you get all flustered and embarrassed or would playfully punch him for putting it in such an obvious place
- Since Uzui is Uzui he’ll give you hickeys every time you make out which is quite often
- Like Sabito if you give him some he won’t try to cover it up he’ll wear them like a  trophy
- Mitsuri loves loves loves physical affection
- She loves giving you kisses, hugs, head pats buttt when it comes to hickeys that’s a completely different story
- She was just too shy about it and thought you wouldn’t like it in the beginning
- She’s more of a soft romantic so it’s really no suprise
- Poor boy girl just got so flustered whenever she attempted to do it so it took her a while to get into it
- More into the relationship when she gets over her shyness with them she’ll start to give them to you
- Her favorite spot is your upper thigh because it’s impossible for anyone to see it
- Mitsuri is fine with most PDA expect showing hickeys!
- She really doesn’t want anyone to see it because she doesn’t want you to be teased about it
- Her hickeys are pretty well hidden , if someone somehow does see it and call it out Mitsuri would feel so guilty and apologies to you 100 times
- Another flustered and embarrassed one , but despite that he didn’t take a long time to give them to you after all he’s your number one simp and he wants to show you that he loves you
- His opinion on hickeys are what you think of them, if you want them he’d be sure to give them to you wherever you two have an intense make out session but if you’re shy and don’t really like them when he’s making out with you he’d be sure not to leave one single mark on you
- He’s pretty indecisive so he doesn’t have a favorite spot to put them
- Every now and then he’d change spots and put them in new places like your arms , legs , back stomach, neck anywhere really
- Even though he’s obsessed and protective with you and wants everyone to know your his he rather be private about them and will leave them in places hard to see
- But but he could get carried away sometimes, he’s so in love with your soft body and is so adamant on showing he loves you he just goes a lil crazy and puts them EVERYWHERE
- After the heated make out he’s see what he did and feels so darn guilty and immediately apologies
- You’d probably have to wear so many unnecessary layers to cover them up
- Lady Tamyo definitely found out but it’s ok because she doesn’t know what they are butttt it’s still hella embarrassing
- You where helping her with something and when you squatted to pick up something your kimono accidentally rode up she saw them all over your legs and freaked out
Y/n! My dear are you ok? Did you get hurt? do you need medicine!”
- Unfortunately Yushiro had just walked in the room and had to witness this, his entire face turned a deep shade of red and he rushed to you and tried to save you
Tumblr media
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To ____ Shippers:
ZenTan: I don't know whenever I should feel disappointed or proud at the fact that one of the ship names is ketchup and mustard. Also yall keep giving me as much diabetes as ZenNezu.
SabiGiyu: Who hurt you???– stop mate stop adding the angst tags– I know you are responsible for like 90% of Sabito's popularity–stop adding the Sabito lives tag if you are only gonna angst it–
ShinoGiyuu: I know exactly who hurt you.
SaneGiyuu: Yall either wanted the last pillars to end toguether or you are a Todobaku shipper and are 100% looking through ao3 for some enemies to lovers slowburn...
InoTan: "Inosuke had more chemistry with Tanjiro than Kanao." And it ain't that wrong...
Obamistu: Yall saw death flags coming from a mile away don't lie– Still, it deserved better.
ZenNezu: Yall have diabetes.
TanKana: hehehe blind buddies hehehehe.
SaneKana: Who hurt YOU???
DouKoto: Every fanart of them is just you thinking "If only Kotoha hadn't found out."
ShinoMitsu: They would truly be unstoppable. Also you gay.
Uzuiwives: 10/10 the most healthy (and alive) relationship I've seen up to date.
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Lovestruck !
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞCategory: fluff, sweet, sweet romance<3
ʚ♡ɞPairing(s): Sabito x reader/ Sanemi x reader/ Tanjiro x reader/ Zenitsu x reader
ʚ♡ɞWarning(s)/note(s): Fem! Reader, Sabito is alive pls we can’t have him dead all the time c’mon, cursing for Sanemi’s part
ʚ♡ɞ A/n: Just our loves being love-struck dorks! Finally some Tanjiro and Zenitsu on this blog! They needed the love<3 ya girl is a sucker for romance-filled oneshots/drabbles because the guy she is crushing on is a fictional character, typical stuff. Enjoy! ^^
Tumblr media
•Imagine this guy having a crush on you.
•But not just any crush, he is so utterly in love with you, that it scares even him because he cannot, for the love of him, even explain the way he loses focus on everything when you’re around him.
•He’d try to push his feelings away because he is a Demon Slayer and his training and job demand utmost concentration.
•Before you start dating, he’d be a little scared or nervous to go on paired missions with you because the way his hands are sweating and trembling on his sword—due to the knowledge that the love of his life is right behind him, following him and keeping him company—cannot be good to kill demons.
•Honestly though, even if he died because of you, he wouldn’t really mind. At least it was you.
•Sabito being Sabito wouldn’t hesitate to act on his feelings because in his mind, a real man speaks his mind, or in his case, his heart.
•So don’t expect to wait for a long time before a confession smacks you in the face.
•He’s rather quiet around you. You might think he isn’t fond of you because of this since he is usually pretty loud and talkative to everyone else, specially Giyuu and Tengen.
•But when you approach him, a little switch goes off inside of him.
•The jokes stop, the pestering and pranking fade away and he only returns your queries with short answers and curt nods.
•He may or may not wear his mask more whenever you’re around.
•Because why would he ever allow you to see his red visage?
•Though it is worth mentioning that he only ever acts like this because in his mind, he does not have a chance with you. So he’d rather not let you see how completely smitten he is.
•After you both start dating, he’d be the boldest man on Earth. How could he ever hide his relationship with you? He loves you so, so much and he is proud of it, of you.
•He talks about you so much to his fellow pillars(mostly Tengen and Giyuu, again) that they have to tell him to shut up at one point. (Though Mitsuri finds your relationship so gosh-darn cute she cannot help but fan herself and turn a little red whenever Sabito speaks so fondly of you and only encourages him further to speak what is in his heart.)
•When you had just started dating, Giyuu gave your shoulder a soft little pat and wished you luck. Boi knows what it is like to deal with Sabito.
•He’d do anything and i mean anything for you. If you both live together, he wouldn’t allow you to lift a finger around the house because ‘what kind of a man doesn’t take care of his lady?’ If you don’t live together, expect him to be around as much as he can to help you out with training, chores, etc..
•He treats you like you’re a fragile glass sculpture and sometimes you have to wack him on the head and remind him that you are a Demon Slayer.
•Speaking of Demon Slaying, he wouldn’t be fond to have you in the corps due to the possibility of you getting heavily injured or-God forbid-dying.
•He would try to reason with you gently and patiently to get you to leave the corps but if you refuse, he won’t impose himself on you.
•Instead, he’d train you more and hone your skills to perfection so that you’d be able your hold your own in battle and come back to him alive and without a scratch.
•Everytime you leave for a mission, he makes sure you have wisteria on you and enough first-aid supply to help a small group.
•He hates watching you leave, kissing you farewell like his life depends on it because he doesn’t know when or if you’ll come back.
•He tells himself that you are strong and that doubting you would mean he doesn’t trust you, but his love for you is stronger than the rational side of him and he always ends up worrying himself a bunch even though he hides it well to not make you worried.
Sabito leaned back to support himself with his hands, seated on the wooden engawa of the Estate. He was never one to simply relax even on a day off and make as if people weren’t dying left and right from demon attacks. But as he took in the beautiful weather—the sun warming his face and the fluffy clouds overhead passing by lazily—and the even more beautiful sight next to him, he thought that maybe he should allow himself to relax more often.
He glanced at you out of the corners of his eyes. Your eyes were droopy and your breathing had becoming soft and light. He let a grin appear on his face while his left hand lifted up to gently flick your forehead.
“Hmm,” you couldn’t muster up too much of an elaborate answer from how heavy your mind felt with the urge to doze off and truthfully, you only half-registered what he said. But you smiled lazily when you felt warm arms wrapping around your waist and lifting you up. The moment you were positioned on his lap, you let your head rest on his chest. Now it was even harder for you to remain awake. You wanted to stay conscious to spend the day with your lover, but being wrapped up in his embrace with his chin resting lightly on top of your head with his fingers gently running through your hair was beginning to lull you to sleep faster than the medicated water Shinobu made you drink whenever she patched up your wounds after your missions.
“Love you..” you breathed out, your voice slightly slurred and barely audible but the words reached his ears anyway and had you not already been snoring away, you would have noticed the way his hold on you tightened ever so slightly and felt his lips on your forehead.
“I love you, too.” He whispered, head dipping down to press his lips to your ear. “I love you more than you can imagine.”
And once again, with you bundled up in his arms, in his haori, he told himself that days off like these should become more frequent.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
•Much like Sabito, he hates anything that interferes with his goal: that being the eradication of demons.
•Unlike Sabito, he will actually treat you harshly, in the beginning at least.
•When i say ‘harshly’ i don’t mean that he’ll become physically violent, oh no he’d sooner die than lay a finger on you, but he will act slightly more..rude to you.
•In truth, he is completely enamored with you. And when he finally realizes that he may or may not have caught feelings one lovely afternoon while he was polishing his sword and his mind kept thinking back to you, he was floored.
•Only then does he realize why he could never keep his eyes off you while you speak even if it isn’t with him, or when you are sparring or fighting. Or just breathing.
•But he doesn’t believe that love is meant for him. He hopes that Genya will leave the corps and find someone he loves and settle down with a family of his own, but Sanemi himself doesn’t have time for that.
•So he’ll try to distance himself from you, believing that if he interacts with you less, his feelings might eventually die down.
•Spoiler alert: they don’t. And now you are left with a very on edge Sanemi who is constantly worried about your well-being because he hasn’t seen you in a bit and who can’t even give training his all.
•Honestly, you’ll be in such a very confusing situation. He’ll constantly push you away and ignore you, but he’ll also fret over the smallest details of if you have eaten, if the bags under your eye look a little too prominent, if you’re tiring yourself out..
•Expressing himself emotionally isn’t his forte because he had an abusive father growing up and though his mother was a wonderful lady, she was always working to make ends meet while Sanemi himself had to take care of his younger siblings, so he never had time to properly learn how to love.
•He does know the basics though, and once he finally comes to term with his feelings, he realizes how futile it is to push you away.
•Once it becomes apparent that maybe you do reciprocate his feelings, he doesn’t waste his time in telling you about his. Don’t expect it to be too romantic, but he will try his hardest to not get too flustered and to look for the correct words.
•He might even bring you a a bouquet of flowers!
•After you start dating, he’ll soften up a bit.
•He won’t flaunt his relationship with you. It’s not that he is ashamed of it, he just won’t say anything if nobody asks. If someone does question it, he will affirm that yes he is courting you and everyone else better back tf off.
•Scary guard dog privileges, scary guard dog privileges !
•No one dares to mess with you, whether he’s around or not because he will learn about it (he has his ways) and will make anyone who bothered you pay.
•He is a total sucker for whatever you do in general, but he loves it when you bathe with him.
•Setting aside the sexual implications, even though i can’t promise you he won’t do anything, he loves having you in the hotsprings with him and taking turns to wash each other’s backs or hair.
•It’s such an intimate moment for him, one which he thought he’d never get to experience, that he can’t help but be grateful.
•You are the only person who can touch his scars and when you do, he melts.
Sanemi huffed as steam rose from the water, warming his face uncomfortably and making him wrinkle his nose. He had his eyes closed but from somewhere near him, he could make out the gentle trickle of water and he knew it was you, either playing with the water or waddling around.
He kept his eyes closed, refusing to open them because he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop gawking at you if he did open them, and you’d never let him hear the end of it. But of course, his senses whirled in alarm as he felt the water around him move and the splashing sound got closer. He could feel you, too, even though you weren’t completely close to him. He wasn’t a pillar for no reason.
But what put him on edge was the fact that you didn’t spoke. He didn’t hear anything, nor feel anything, all he could feel was your presence. What were you doing, just staring at him?
Reluctantly, he cracked an eye open and almost choked on his spit. You were right in front of him, staring up at him with the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen. You had such an innocent face, his heart hurt from how beautiful you were.
“Oi, quit doing that. You look weird,” he said instead, forcing himself to look away from your vulnerable state. You tilted your head to the side, blinking once.
“Sorry, did i make you uncomfortable? You just look so handsome..”
Ah, if only you knew the effect you had on him. Had he not known better, he would have booked an appointment with Shinobu for a heart check-up.
“You’re f*cking creepy.” He said finally, puffing air out of his nose. To others, he might have seemed menacing but you only giggled, a melodious sound to his ears.
If Sanemi could get drunk on your voice, he would.
“Sorry, ‘Nemi..i can’t help it. You’re really so cute..” your voice dropped by several octaves until it was barely a whisper.
He grumbled under his breath, ignoring the ball that lodged itself in his throat and raising a muscular arm up, nodding his chin towards it. “C’mon.”
It was nice how soft you were to the touch, cuddling against him while your fingers swirled the water gently. He could really get used to this.
Tanjiro Kamado
•What more can i say, you just scored yourself the sweetest lover!
•Tanjiro is no stranger to love as he had two loving parents growing up, and he knew they loved each other very much.
•He was aware of what love felt like and though he was slightly embarrassed to admit it, he did wish that after Muzan is defeated and Nezuko turned back into a human, he’d get to maybe marry someone whom he loves and settle down with a family.
•Of course with the responsibilities of being an older brother to three dorks a demon and being a Demon Slayer, he’d have to push those dreams aside. Then there was always the chance that he might die while on a mission.
•When you came into his life, he could have sworn the sun shone brighter, the sky was a bit more blue and the grass was greener.
•It seemed cliché and cheesy, but Tanjiro had been through so much and not once did he get time to properly breathe that when he met someone who came with a promise of love, he couldn’t help but fall hard.
•He would be so shy around you, but so chivalrous.
•He would never fail to compliment you, it could be about literally anything.
•He’d offer to patch up your wounds after a particularly hard mission and would try to get you to rest and take care of yourself.
•All in all, he’d be quite doting.
•With his heightened sense of smell, Tanjiro could pick up on your emotions with ease.
•He’d never try to invade your privacy, but the moment the smell of sadness or anger or despair starts looming over you like a dark cloud, he’d be there.
•He loves your signature smell, whether it be a perfume, whatever soap that you use, etc.. he’ll have it engraved in his mind and the moment he picks up on it, he’ll begin to look for you.
•He loves cooking with you, it feels like the domestic bliss that was snatched away from him.
•And of course, he loves watching you get along with Nezuko. The little cutie looks up to you as an older sister and Tanjiro approves 100%
Tanjiro patrolled the hallways of the Butterfly Estate. He had just arrived from a mission, exhausted, sleepy and most importantly, extremely [Name]-deprived. The only problem, however, was that after setting Nezuko’s box in the room where he was supposed to stay, he couldn’t find you anywhere. He walked into the sunlight to be greeted by Sumi, Naho and Kiyo. When questioned, they chirped that you were in the kitchen.
That was enough information. Quickly thanking them and spinning on his heels, he rushed back inside-heading straight for the kitchen. When he spotted you, you had draped on one of Aoi’s spare nurse uniforms over your own Demon Slayer uniform, back turned to him as you busied yourself with rolling up a rice ball.
His expression brightened so much, anyone would have thought Muzan had been defeated. He walked inside, his footsteps light. When he was finally behind you, he placed his hands on your shoulders.
“Good to see you, [Name]-san, those smell really good,”
He hadn’t meant to scare you but you had been so engrossed in not messing up the food that you hadn’t registered his arrival as you normally would have. This caused you to flinch and let go of the rice ball that was sandwiched between your hands and had it not been for Tanjiro’s fast reflexes,it would have splattered on the ground.
He broke a small piece from it and popped it in his mouth, humming in approval. Another chunk soon followed and he hovered it in front of your mouth, smiling so sweetly at the sight of your red cheeks and the way your fiddled with the little ribbon tied around your waist.
“Do you not like it when i feed you?” He pouted playfully, tilting his head to the side. That was enough to earn him a giggle and you finally allowed him to feed you the piece of onigiri.
“I’m glad you’re back safe, Tanjiro-kun,” you swallowed your food, internally praising yourself for the taste. “I was worried when you didn’t answer my letter..”
A huge boulder fell on his shoulder and he placed a warm hand on top of your head, patting it gently. “I’m sorry, i was helping out Inosuke and Zenitsu the entire way, and we couldn’t rest at a Wisteria Inn, but i was very happy to receive your letter, and i’m sorry for making you worry-“
When he felt your arms wrap around his waist, his cheeks flared up. You snuggled closer to him, head resting on his chest and is it just him or do you look even more adorable than usual? He quickly followed your actions, his own arms wrapping around your frame and pulling you closed to him. He knew that if ever the two of you were caught by Aoi or Shinobu, you’d be in for a scolding, but in that moment, he couldn’t help but gently and shyly lift your chin up and bend down to place his lips on yours.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
•He worships you. Do you find that surprising?
•All his life, Zenitsu had been on a quest to find love and though he did court a couple of girls, none of them had turned out to be real.
•Love he did find, but in the oddest place.
•The Demon Slayer Corps isn’t the best place to find women to court, but who was he to complain, when he stumbled upon you?
•The moment he saw you, he did what Zenitsu always does: he threw himself at you and begged for your hand in marriage.
•He had expected a lot of reactions: for you to be disgusted, for you to be afraid and to kick him, what he hadn’t expected was for you to gently pat his head with the kindest smile and to actually consider his proposal.
•When he had lifted his head to look at you, he was certain he was gazing at an angel.
•From then on, he did whatever be could to be around you as often as possible. He doesn’t hide the fact that he loves you, he openly displays his feelings.
•When he goes on missions, he tries to bring home gifts for you.
•Even a small flower, but he hates coming to you empty-handed, even if you reassure him that he doesn’t have to give you anything.
•He craves your touch and makes it a must to give you at least one hug daily. Though if you are not fond of physical contact, he’ll try to refrain from touching you to not make you uncomfortable.
• Zenitsu has an inferiority complex and he constantly thinks that he cannot be equal to Tanjiro or Inosuke.
•If you tell him that he has his own worth and that he doesn’t have to be a good swordsman to be equal to Tanjiro or Inosuke or to compare himself at all, he’ll be yours automatically.
•Marriage proposals everyday. I don’t make the rules.
•Everything you do is a blessing to him, he’s so, so smitten.
•He does get jealous pretty easily though. He trusts you a ton, but he is always so scared that someone else might woo you away because they are better than him.
•He takes you on dates whenever possible. His ideal date is a picnic with you, you feeding him fruits or peppering his face with kisses.
Zenitsu laughed when a kiss was pressed on his cheek. He was on cloud nine literally, if you squint hard enough, you might just make out small flowers floating around him.
He reached out to gently pinch his lover’s cheek, cooing at how soft it was to the touch and admiring the way her eyes lit up and her face split into a grin.
“[Name]-chan,” he began, “you’re so cute, i don’t think i can handle it!”
Of course he was lying. Even if he couldn’t handle it, he would because just how could he ever give up his precious gem? But he could handle it, and he was going to relish in every moment spent with his angel.
“Aw, i’m sorry, Zenitsu-kun, should i try to tone it down?” Your tone was equally as light and playful as his. Your cheeks hurt from smiling but Zenitsu was such a sweetheart !
Who would have thought of him as being daring enough to sneak you away to a picnic? Truth was, when it came to you, Zenitsu was daring enough to go against the Wind Pillar himself. He had brought along mochis filled with sweet bean paste, yet as he bit into one, he remarked that the filling was nowhere as sweet as you were.
Taking note of the small bits of sticky rice stuck near the corners of your lips, which you were blissfully unaware of, he was about to reach out to wipe them away with his thumb when a thought struck him. You looked up and wondered why your boyfriend was suddenly such a prominent shade of red and why his eyes were so wide. Zenitsu could hear your confusion and he bit his tongue to not squeal. Tentatively, he leaned closer to you, with each passing second increasing the tension in the air and when he was close enough for you to feel his warm breath fanning across your face, you had to swallow to to keep yourself calm. Then he placed his lips on the corner of yours, right where the pieces of rice were and you felt him lick them away.
When he pulled away, ecstatic yet frantic that he had managed to pull such a move, he stared at you to gauge a reaction out of you, afraid he might have crossed the limits, but the way you blushed so prettily and the rapid thuds your heart gave out told him that maybe he hadn’t messed up. He was, however, pretty alarmed when you slumped in his arms and the cry that left his mouth was enough to alert the entire Butterfly Estate.
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jaegerists · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tanjiro vs. sabito —鬼滅の刃
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yusuarts · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
On twitter over here! --> [x]
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namodawrites · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: tomioka giyu x reader, slight sabito x reader warnings: none genre: fluff, vampire!au wc: 1,950 note: canon universe not clicking for me (sad 😔) so have some vampire au instead <3 part 2 will be posted tomorrow :)
part 1. part 2.
Tumblr media
Spring has begun to chase away the last of winter’s frigid air, but still the estate remains comfortably heated. 
Before winter hit its peak, before snow covered the region in a thick, unforgiving blanket, Sabito had warned you against being outside for too long. 
“The cold hurts our teeth, just like it would yours,” he explained, tucked beneath a kotatsu and playing with the fraying threads of your yukata. “Though some of us prefer the winter season exactly because of that. Can you believe it?”
“Maybe they find comfort in pain?” you’d suggested. “There are plenty of people like that. They can’t imagine anything else, or living without it, so they gravitate towards what’s familiar.”
Sabito’d grinned, then, amused. “Maybe. But rather than finding comfort, I think they think it makes them superior. You might meet someone like that one day, if you’re unlucky.” 
(Of your two patrons that’d been assigned to you, Sabito had been open about his obvious fondness for physical closeness. It’s fascinated and amused you to some degree: the thought of a creature like him craving touch and companionship—from a human, no less.
“So you’re not demons?” you’d asked early into your employment, walking with Sabito through the estate’s sprawling gardens at twilight. You would have plenty of time to memorize the compound’s layout during the day, but Sabito had coaxed you out to accompany him to catch the last dredges of sunlight—toeing the line of misery while satiating his self-sabotaging desire to see the sun.
He’d laughed, exposing the sharp canines resting in his mouth. 
“Careful with who you ask that—not all of us are open-minded and handsome,” he’d teased, pale lavender eyes resting heavily on your face. “You might insult someone by accident.”
But he’d waved off your apology after the fact, pressing closer to you to guide you down a very harmless, shallowly declining hill. It’d been startling—even though you expected it—to not feel any body heat seeping beneath his layers of clothes. 
“We’re not demons,” he’d confirmed. “Sometimes I even think we’re closer to humans than some of you are.”)
From the engawa, you watch melting snow spill from the slated roof, creating a quiet, irregular symphony of water amongst the muddy gardens and stone-lined paths. The grounds that were once bursting with color and fragrance offers only an odorless chill—clinging to your clothes and skin. 
While you had yet to see Sabito that day, you hadn’t laid eyes on your other patron in nearly a month. 
If you hadn’t seen evidence of Giyu’s existence: a third room with a futon pulled out at dawn and tucked neatly away with twilight’s approach—by no effort of your own—you might have thought it was only you and Sabito in this huge estate, after all. 
(“Don’t worry, he’s just shy,” Sabito’d grinned when you first brought it up to him, concerned that your presence was off-putting. “I’m sure you’ll meet him soon.”
You’d wanted to say more, but then he’d trailed his fingers up from your knuckles to your wrist, slipping beneath the open sleeve of your yukata—a gentle signal for his desire to feed.
The cool, wet press of Sabito’s mouth was successful in removing your thoughts from Giyu, at least for the time being. That, and Sabito seemed determined to keep your attention on him, given the way he made a show of lightly dragging his fangs up to the crook of your elbow, teasing the sensitive flesh.
“He’s a lot more attentive than you might think,” Sabito’d told you after delicately wrapping your arm in bandages. “I sense him around a lot, but I think he forgets you can’t, too. Maybe he’s just not used to making noise?” he suggested, chin propped up on his hand as he watched you sip tea, a little tray of senbei and wagashi before you. “When you’re an expert at moving silently, you forget that most mortals expect to hear noise with their footsteps.” 
“Maybe he’s just afraid you’d tease him,” you’d shot back without much thought, earning another laugh.)
That had been months ago, and as you touched your arm, feeling the textured bandage of Sabito’s recent feeding, you could not help but think that maybe he was wrong. It put a stone of anxiety in your gut: that you were here to fulfill a role, yet only one of your two patrons had deigned to accept. 
Perhaps you were doing something wrong without realizing? Were you not making a big enough effort to appeal yourself to Giyu? Maybe he found your appearance off-putting. But Sabito had assured you that the quality of someone’s blood held a higher significance to them than the usual mortal standards. 
Clouds streak across the sky, peach-dusted pillows against the ombre of orange and pink and blue. Perhaps a walk would help clear your mind. Night is falling, and soon the estate will be alive with Sabito’s voice and footsteps. 
Pulling your hanten up your shoulders, you wanted along the engawa to find a step down, following its snaking path around the main estate to the largest garden. 
The wide, flat stones winding through the winter-ruined grounds are slippery and glistening with half-melted ice. Your shoes clatter against the rough surfaces, tucking your hands away from the bite of late winter air. 
Tiny animal tracks litter the ground—the irregular pattern of rabbits, squirrels and foxes cross the open space, ducking between snow-covered shrubs and low growing trees. 
Your destination is a crooked, oblong-shaped poned—frozen over with little ripples across the glassy surface. A little waterfall fills the peaceful quiet. Koi drift beneath the surface, crimson and gold and white. One the color of persimmons swirls towards the water’s edge as you approach. Most are unmoving—their fins waving lazily. 
Since the short trek to the stone-lined perimeter, the sun has already dipped further, bleeding dusky orange into navy blue. Your breath comes out as translucent mist. 
The gardens are empty. You’re alone. But the forest stretches, the canopy arching over the estate, shrouding it in darkness long before the sun has a chance to dip fully below the trees. The stars are already visible this far away from a settled town, little white dots sprayed across the sky. 
When spring comes, you’ll be able to walk and breathe in fresh air without it stinging your lungs. The fauna and flora will return. Sabito has already pointed out particular bushes where bunnies prefer to nest. You will spread seeds along the ground for birds to peck at. 
The hairs on the back of your neck stand, even beneath your clothes. You turn, expecting to see Sabito—or perhaps the ever elusive Giyu, but no one is there. You raise a hand to rub your nape, then turn back to gaze across the pond once more. 
Perhaps in time, these fish will become familiar with you—will glide over to the edge at your approach, round, gaping mouths seeking pellets; you can see yourself growing fond of them, naming them vicariously, carelessly, and forgetting them within one gentle breath of time; they will live, breed, and die; you will eventually outgrow this place, becoming a faint memory within the straw-scented rooms—the worn tatami. 
But now, a soft breeze carries the scent of snow. You shiver, and turn to re-enter the estate. 
Movement in your peripheral, and you twist your head to look, spotting the rounded, smooth face of a rabbit. Poised across the pond on its hind legs, staring. 
“Oh,” you breathe, “hello.”
It blinks at you slow, eyes narrowing, glinting. The rabbit doesn’t react as you switch directions, circling around to the connecting bridge, hoping to get closer. You have no food to offer it, but that’s okay; Sabito and Giyu probably wouldn’t want you feeding the wildlife. 
When you make it to the edge of the bridge, it ducks and scampers, muted footprints scattering bits of snow. 
“Ah—wait—” you call out, picking up the hem of your yukata to hurry across the bridge’s slight incline. “Please don’t run!” 
You keep a hand on the rail for support, but then you make a sharp turn, and your foot slips, gravity betraying the stability of your posture. 
Instinct has your eyes squeezing shut, but your back misses the solid iciness of the ground for the wafting scent of tea, and the sensation of being grabbed. 
“Sabi—” Your voice gets caught, because the midnight blue you meet is decidedly not the color of Sabito’s eyes. 
Tomioka Giyu is as you remember him from your brief, initial meeting: strong; quiet; pale. He’s not as quick to crack a joke or expose the truth of his emotions like Sabito, and for that, it makes deciphering his reaction to saving you from a nasty fall challenging—to say the least. 
A breath escapes, puffs into visibility before you, and in that moment you realize that even though you can feel the subtle rise and fall of Giyu’s chest, his breaths don’t turn visible, despite the weather. 
“…Tomioka-san?” you try, testing his name. 
He doesn’t blink, merely bending at the waist to allow you to stand on your own. 
“It’s late,” he says, a rough smoothness to his voice that you hadn’t expected, given his pretty face. 
“Yes, I—I was just about to go back inside,” you say, face going warm: he must have seen you chasing after that rabbit to have caught you as quick as he did. 
“Please do. The tea will get cold otherwise,” he says, taking a step back. His physical presence doesn’t offer the comfort of a warm, mortal body, but the center of your chest aches strangely, finally seeing him after so long. 
“Yes, thank you,” you say, and then frown. “Do you—rather, forgive me for asking, Tomioka-san, but do you drink tea?”
(Sabito, at least, had mourned the inability to drink it, citing its horrible, ashy taste; in fact, every food you consumed had some vile flavor or texture. 
Vampires, after all, can’t eat human food.)
Giyu turns his gaze away, showing you the dramatic angle of his jaw, the slope of his nose and the curve of his lashes. 
“No. I just thought… I thought you might be cold after coming back in,” he admits, refusing to meet your eyes. 
“He’s a lot more attentive than you might think,” Sabito had said. “He’s just shy.”
You can’t help the wide smile that breaks out across your face. 
“Thank you, Tomioka-san. I appreciate it,” you tell him sincerely. “Would you like to join me? I haven’t seen Sabito all day, and would love the company.” 
Beneath your skin, your pulse jumps: the thought of finally spending time with Giyu—getting to know him, paving the way towards acquaintanceship, maybe even friendship—beyond the uncomfortable barrier of familiar strangers, is too tempting. 
But Giyu shakes his head, arms stiff at his sides. 
“I… I shouldn’t,” he says haltingly. “You must be tired. I don’t want to intrude.” 
“You wouldn’t be,” you reassure him. “Plus, um, I don’t want to overstep or be rude, but hasn’t it been quite long? Sabito feeds every few days, so I thought…”
“That isn’t an issue,” he says immediately. There’s no reprimand in his voice, but the finality of his tone and the swiftness at which he denies your offer crushes the little bud of hope in your chest. 
“Oh,” you say, shoulders sagging. “I see. I’m sorry.”
An uneasy beat of silence passes. 
“We should go back,” Giyu says, turning away from you to cross the bridge once more. 
You stare after him, squashing the desire to reach out. 
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Sing! pt.1 II demon slayer
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yaecare · 5 months ago
like a good mommy should
pairing: sabito x fem!reader x giyuu tomioka
prompt: sabito calls giyuu out on their mutual crush
cw/tw: stepcest, cheating, age gap (reader and husband), oral (f receiving), a wattpad draft
Tumblr media
sabito was over so much it was like he had a second home. he and giyuu have been close since they were in kindergarten. when giyuu's parents divorced, his father found another woman to be his wife.
sabito made it very clear he thought giyuu's stepmom was attractive to the point of reminding giyuu every chance he got.
"giyuu, your mom still married to your dad?" sabito joked to giyuu as they watched a movie. y/n and his father had left grocery shopping a few hours ago.
"you're weird," giyuu said focusing back on the movie.
"no, but about y/n, don't tell me you haven't thought about her too."
giyuu turned his head towards him. "what do you mean?"
sabito smirked, "you have to be kidding me. we've all done it, kyojuro, tengen, even sanemi."
giyuu's blank expression didn't waver. sabito pushed himself up against the couch. giyuu picked up the remote to pause the movie expecting sabito to rant.
he realized he had zoned out on sabito. he wasn't even blinking.
"so tell me, be completely honest, you think y/n's hot too."
giyuu could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. his father married an attractive young woman of course he knew that. he wasn't as accepting of his feelings towards his stepmother of 3 years as sabito was. it was embarrassing and he was ashamed.
"i...yeah..." he mumbled hoping sabito didn't catch what he said.
"see, what was so hard about that? i bet you've thought about this since you've met her but i have too so there's no shame." sabito threw his head back over the couch pillows with a chuckle. his lavender eyes dropped down to giyuu's blushed face. his lips curved into a smirk. "my next question won't be as easy as the first."
giyuu scrunched his eyebrows.
"have you ever jerked off to your mom?"
giyuu didn't even blink in disbelief or surprise. he was just frozen. the answer to sabito's question would be yes. what would sabito even do with this information? it's probably just some more teasing material anyways. sabito's expression was dead serious. he waited for giyuu's response already knowing what it was by the length he took to speak.
his blue eyes fell to his lap. "yes," he sighed. it was painful to admit.
sabito clapped his hands and leaned over the middle cushion between them.
"you're so embarrassed it's hilarious. it's like i haven't done the same, besides i'm the only one who knows if you decide to keep it that way."
both their ears perked up hearing the sound of the car pulling up in front of their house. they shot up and ran to the front door. giyuu's father kissed your forehead. you held grocery bags down to your elbows. the man tugged on the loops to some bags but you shook your head. he ran back into the car once you were on the sidewalk.
"hey y/n!" sabito called. he bounced over the pavement in his crew socks. giyuu's movements stuttered as he remembered the conversation he was just having with sabito.
"need a hand with these bags?" the peach haired boy slid the plastic bags off your arm. giyuu also made his way over to you but much slower. he didn't speak except for his simple "hi y/n" while he took the rest of the bags off your other arm.
"thanks so much," you smiled and opened the door for them. the white lighting of the entrance illuminated giyuu's red cheeks that weren't visible in the dark outside. he hung his head so the strands of black would hide his face.
sabito and giyuu placed the bags on the kitchen island and began pulling them down to see what they bought. it was a mixture of ingredients and snacks sabito would always see in their pantry.
"where's dad?" giyuu asked.
"he had a call and had to go back to work, some emergency. he'll be back really late but don't worry i will take care of dinner. i can make something or i can order it for you."
sabito swung open the pantry door to start helping you put away the groceries. giyuu stared at the counter hoping sabito would keep answering your questions and you wouldn't ask him anything.
"we wouldn't wanna make you work anymore for today, so chinese sounds good."
you wiped the counters. “how is tanjiro doing? i haven’t seen him or nezuko in a while?” you hummed.
"y-yeah, tanjiro's fine." he cursed himself for stuttering.
sabito handed you your phone sitting on the counter. just as it unlocked you looked up at giyuu. You leaned over and placed the back of your hand over his forehead. you retracted it with a new worried expression.
"giyuu are you feeling sick?"
he shook his head. "i'm fine."
"oh, you feel warm. does the same order as last time work or do you want something different?" you began typing on your phone. sabito looked over your shoulder.
"yeah, that's good," he answered for them both.
sabito placed the final juice in the fridge.
"thanks, sabito," you watched him clean the bags off the counter.
"it wasn't a problem y/n. now that you're back, giyuu and i were just watching that movie you really like. it'd be nice for you to join us."
"yeah, i'd be happy to."
sabito smirked. he leaned against your shoulder. you didn't think anything of it. sabito rested his hand on your shoulder while they walked to the couch. you sat in the middle between the boys. ten minutes into the movie the doorbell rings. you stood up to get it. sabito pulled you back down.
"we'll go get it," he beckoned giyuu towards him.
you relaxed back into the couch.
sabito opened the door and took the bag. he leaned against the door.
"what do you want?" the dark haired boy mumbled.
"just follow my lead out there."
giyuu kept as far away from you as he could. sabito, gradually increased your contact throughout the movie. the hand on your shoulder became an arm on your waist. giyuu could tell you weren't completely bothered by it.
"it's so weird y/n. you're so sweet and you're already like a mother but you're so young. you're really pretty too, i'd definitely be your friend if we didn't know each other," he whispered. sabito pulled you closer to his chest. his head was just above your shoulder.
the living room was dark besides the tv.
"y/n, it's actually been killing me, so i must ask how old are you?"
"oh- um, i'm 24."
"that's only a three year difference. y/n, i wonder is your husband satisfying you?"
"well, of course. i love him," your voice faltered.
"of course you do and i'm sure he loves you too. you're such a smart woman and so many other things." his other arm trailed down to your thigh underneath the blanket.
"sabito," you squeaked.
"and you're a really good mommy to giyuu, sometimes it even feels like your mine. don't you want to be a good mommy to your stepson?"
you nodded.
"he's embarrassed, he thinks you're really pretty too but he's getting nervous. i can tell you're nervous too, you have a crush on your stepson don't you? it's okay, it's not a bad thing," he whispered. he brought your head closer to his. "we'll have to keep it a secret though right?"
you nodded again making sabito smile. he carefully pressed his lips to yours. your body visibly tensed up. sabito's hand roamed your lower back, rolling up your shirt. giyuu's breathing paused. sabito opened one eye, calling giyuu over.
giyuu's movements were hesitant. he forced his legs to move him towards his stepmom. sabito pulled away from your puffy lips. you looked down, you began to feel the shame sinking in. sabito cupped your cheeks again. giyuu's chest pressed against your back.
"it's okay, you're not doing anything wrong. you're such a nice mommy to giyuu. now turn around and look at your stepson."
you obeyed. you sat on your knees looking at giyuu. he faced the tv once again too flustered. you reached your hand out and held his bicep.
"giyuu," you called.
"you've always been really good to me, y/n. i've always liked you.” his confession made your face hot and your pussy twitch.
you inched herself closer until you were next to him. giyuu's hand moved to your thigh. sabito rolled his foot around waiting for giyuu to do something.
giyuu kissed your cheek, his thumb rubbing your skin through the fabric of your jeans.
"i'm sorry. i know dad hasn't been doing his best with you," he said pressing more kisses along your jawline and cheek. "you tell kocho's mom about it on the phone. there's nothing wrong with you but it's unfortunate how you choose my father instead."
his friend leaned back now letting giyuu's rush of confidence and adrenaline control the scene momentarily. he took the time to tug the band of his sweatpants lower.
giyuu's hands moved on their own, everywhere he knew he shouldn't touch. he dropped he cupped your chin, softly, of course, he would die before hurting you. his body tingled, forcing him to tilt his head into your lips. he could shut his eyes now.
he took in everything about you and savored it. it was like being warmed by a fire inside his chest. this is what his father felt on multiple occasions.
he wanted to know if you felt the same right now. you were older and more experienced. you were the idea of perfect to him and everyone he could think of. he lied to himself. there's no way he could do this. sabito could, he's so confident and it was his idea in the first place.
sabito waited for them to pull away. he rolled your shirt up occasionally pausing to feel your skin. you leaned back into his chest. giyuu took care of your jeans, unbuttoning them with shaky hands and praying you weren't watching at him. he slid your pants down and tossed them onto the chair across the room.
you stretched your arms out lazily reaching for any part of giyuu. your eyes shut as you leaned into sabito's kisses. giyuu followed his friend's lead again. he found your lips once again while sabito focused on your jaw and neck.
your underwear snapped against your cunt. sabito's finger hooked the material. he tugged it down to your mid thigh where giyuu continued sliding it off your legs. he balled it up to fit in the pocket of his sweatpants. he dropped his head between your thighs, large hands locking your knees in place. he shoved the nervous feeling in his stomach to the side. sabito's thumbs rolled around your nipples, squeezing your chest with his other fingers.
your head fell back into sabito's frame as giyuu's tongue circled your clit. sabito stroked your cheek with his thumb as he watched you fall apart on his friend’s tongue. giyuu's tongue darted in and out of your folds. he suckled on your clit, fingers spreading you apart just for him.
"has his father done this for you?" sabito asked, opting to refer to your husband as giyuu's father. it made the whole act feel more scandalous than it already was.
you shook your head. sabito sighed and continued playing with your breasts. he liked the feeling of your hard nipples between the pads of his fingers. you tangled your hands in giyuu's hair.
"giyuu...hah...i'm gonna cum..."
he licked another stripe on your cunt. his knuckles reached into your pussy, soaking up your juices. you pushed him down, wanting him to push you off the edge already. sabito held your head in place as well. he wanted you to know exactly who made you cum like this.
you cried his name, thighs squishing his head and the coil in your stomach finally snapping. sabito laughed. giyuu hovered over your heaving chest. he pressed another kiss against your lips.
"where do you want her?" he panted, eyes flickering towards sabito. sabito looked at you for your opinion.
"b-back here, sabito, please," you begged so sweetly of course he had to oblige.
"you heard her giyuu. here." sabito pushed you onto your hands and knees and giyuu laid underneath you. he had the perfect view of your curves from behind you like this. both of their cocks were leaky and stiff. giyuu accidentally teased your clit as he searched your hole.
sabito leaned over your back, "you ever been fucked here?"
you frowned. "my husband never tried, too scared, but i'll be fine."
you make him laugh. he palmed your ass soothingly. "no prep? i wonder if mommy's been waiting for this."
your breath hitched and they both noticed. sabito tapped his cock on the plush of your ass before sinking into you. his hips slowly met your skin. giyuu pushed his own cock into your hole. the sudden warmth shocked both of them.
"you're turning your son into a virgin, can't you see?" sabito mocked giyuu's face.
"look at you, you're barely holding on," he retorted.
"guess that's true. what can i say mommy's ass is so nice. she's so sweet for letting us fuck her, isn't that right?" he held onto your hips as he set his pace. you let your chest hit giyuu's. you giggled. your head rested below giyuu's chin. you wrapped your arms around his neck.
"are you gonna cum, mommy?" the word felt odd on giyuu's tongue when you were his mother—more than sabito's at least. maybe that's why his friend could say it with so much confidence. it felt nice as well. he liked seeing you like this. he liked hearing his name cried from your lips.
"please...cum inside...both of you..."
he liked hearing that too. you're his mom, and he loves you. you've treated him so well for years. he wouldn't dare defy such a simple request from you. your skin felt raw when they were done. it was getting late and your husband should be on his way back. they helped you clean yourself up.
they both hated to admit it but, the sight of you greeting giyuu's father at the door hurt. giyuu just wished he found you first. he didn't know about sabito but his feelings for you were more than physical. he really wished you were his.
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multi-fandom-messss · 6 months ago
Giyuu, gazing at the stars: they sure are beautiful tonight
Shinobu: yeah
Giyuu: you know what else is beautiful tonight
Shinobu: mitsuri
Giyuu: no obviously it's sabito
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soldez · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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togacaffe · 12 months ago
[%] 𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐌 𝐓𝐄𝐗𝐓𝐒 „ 𝘬𝘯𝘺 𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘴 !
PAIRINGS. sabito x reader , muichiro x reader , obanai x reader , giyuu x reader , sanemi x reader , rengoku x reader
GENRE. modern!au / roommate!au
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sweetreichel · a month ago
Tumblr media
Father's Day
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