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Dragon Fodder

Deuce had to wonder though: Were they doing everything they possibly could, to locate Sabo and Ace?

Chapters: 9/?
Fandom: One Piece
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Masked Deuce/Portgas D. Ace, Portgas D. Ace/Sabo, Monkey D. Luffy/Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy/Portgas D. Ace/Sabo/Masked Deuce, Portgas D. Ace/Stelly, Nami/Vinsmoke Sanji
Characters: Whitebeard Pirates, Spade Pirates, Portgas D. Ace, Portgas D. Rouge, Gol D. Roger, Shirohige | Whitebeard | Edward Newgate, Fushichou Marco | Phoenix Marco, Masked Deuce, Sabo (One Piece), Monkey D. Luffy, Stelly (One Piece), Nico Robin, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Roronoa Zoro, Vinsmoke Sanji, Kurohige | Blackbeard | Marshall D. Teach, Blackbeard Pirates, Shiryu (One Piece), Outlook III (One Piece)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Harry Potter Setting, Female Monkey D. Luffy, Polyamory, will add tags as chapters update, Trans Male Character, Trans Portgas D. Ace, mentions of Sanami on the side, one sided Stelly/Ace, mentions of transphobia, Mentions of Racism

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“We got away successfully.” Luffy said holding a luggage in his hands.

After the boys were done with their training with Garp. The boys appeared with swelled up faces,cuts and bruises all over their body.

Emilia had to apologise for quite a amount of time which was responded with Ace and Sabo frowning and Luffy crying. But of course they couldn’t be too mad at her. They would probably do the same plus she was the one who needs to treat their injury.

But one thing was clear. If they stay with Dadan, Garp who knows the location will visit and do these trainings again.And they really doubt they would survive it.

So they made a decision to leave the place and stand of their own feet and make a new place of their own.

After packing up and leaving a small note to the bandits, they were out in the forest searching for a proper place to stay.

“They aren’t coming to find us.” Sabo said grinning.

Ace then looked back .“She must be really happy now that her troubles are gone!” Ace grinned.

“You really think so?” Emilia asked as she smiled looking at Ace’s direction. “Because for me it looks like she just has a hard time showing her real feelings.”

“Huh? Of course not! She probably hates us” Ace said as he started walking away.


“No doubt!”

“Huh?” Sabo said as he touched his face after feeling a drop of liquid in his face “It’s raining!”

“What a bad timing!” Luffy complained. “Let’s run!”

And no sooner, they found a cave under a huge tree which provided enough space to stay.

“This is exciting.” Luffy grinned from ear to ear. The childeren all leaned against each other to keep them warm and soon all of them fell asleep.


Emilia woke up as she felt a shuffle near her. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the figure. It was Sabo.

Emilia then stood up and patted her clothes to remove the dirt. She then walked towards Sabo who was outside looking up. “Sabo?”

Sabo smiled as he kept staring up. “Hey Emilia.” He said as he finally turned towards her direction. “How about we make our house here?”

Emilia looked up at the direction Sabo was staring at and saw a large tree which had equally large branches,which she didn’t really notice in the rain yesterday. “I think it’s a great idea. The branches also looks sturdy so we don’t have a problem of it breaking.”

Sabo laughed and said. “I’ll  make the blueprint, but I’ll probably need you help.”

Emilia looked at Sabo as he started working on the blue print. Since the boys don’t really do much other than fight ,she kind of forgot that Sabo was really smart.

Emilia did give him a few pointers but then the majority he pretty much did it himself. Emilia did have a whole life and adding this one made her smart but then the blond boy who was almost done with his blue print was naturally intelligent.

After a while Ace and Luffy also woke up and stared at Sabo’s completed blueprint.

“I designed our hideout.We can’t sleep outdoors forever,right?” Sabo said as he explained his blue print. “So we gotta build a hide out right here.”

“What about the materials?” Ace questioned.

“We can get them from Grey Terminal.” Emilia suggested, to which all of them agreed.

After that these children rummaged and took alot of materials which they thought they could use. The first day all of them went to get materials but after a while Emilia and Sabo stayed back and started building while Luffy and Ace collected some more materials. And when they thought the materials were enough all of the started building together.

And after 2 weeks ,which is an astonishing rate, they completed the tree house.

“Awesome. It looks exactly like the design.” Luffy said with a grin, astonished.

“Even I have to say, we did a great job.” Sabo continued. He looked toward Ace and noticed that the latter had a serious look on his face. “What’s wrong,Ace?”

“This is a hideout so we gotta set up some traps.”


Emilia was sleep along with the rest in their all new tree house.That was until she felt a presence approaching thing making her wake up.

Upon focusing on it more she realised that the person was Dadan. Knowing that the woman is no threat, and is most probably here to check how they were doing, Emilia went back to sleep.

Dadan let out a huge sigh after finally climbing the tree. Damn those kids,picking the largest tree to make the house. Dadan thought as she walked towards the door of the house and looked inside.

“When they’re sleeping, they look like normal kids.” Dadan said with a grin, looking at the children with a kind expression. Just the Luffy turned in his sleep making the blanket fall.

“Oh no! You’ll catch a cold.” Dadan worried walked inside to cover Luffy with his blanket but as soon as she steped inside, she felt her feet being caught on a rope, activating the trap Ace had laid out.

The trap made a huge hammer to swing by making Dadan fly away.

Dadan who was now on the ground after a nasty fall cursed under her breath and then slowing stood up.

“Ouch!” Dadan said as she walked away. “I’ll never worry about them again!”

“Dadan!” A small voice called out.

“Huh.” Dadan looked back and saw Emilia running towards her.

“Here.” Emilia pulled out a small package and handed it to Dadan.

“What is this,brat? Ointments again?” Dadan said looking everywhere but Emilia. Did she see me coming to their house? The woman thought, panicking.

“Thank you for always looking after us, Dadan.” Emilia said.

“Huh?! I just came to make sure you guys didn’t get eaten by the tiger.” Dadan said as she swiped the ointment from Emilias hand and walked away muttering about not wanting Garp to get angry.

Emilia smiled at Dadan. Ace, I still think Dadan doesn’t hates us and on contrary I think it’s the opposite. Emilia thought.

Emilia also turned away and started walking back to their base. “But I’m sure you also know it, since you were looking the entire time.” She whispered to herself, looking at a certain part of the tree house, where Ace was previously standing.

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These are all the crops I made of my OPBB illustrations this year.

The three ones on the top are from the strip I made for @leviathiane‘s story “Threadbare”, while the three ones on the bottom are from the strip I made (together with The-Replicant) for @akemichan007‘s story “Sabo from the Goa Kingdom”.

I won’t put links in this post to avoid it not appearing in tags/searches (Tumblr does that sometimes), but you can find the full illustrations and links to both the fanfics in my and my partners’ blogs. Please go and read them!  ^^

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Hi autumn! Some Fluffy blond boi cuddles in a modern AU, is there anything else we need? I don’t think so. Enjoy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

2nd person. Female reader. Modern AU. 

Cuddles and Movies - Sabo x Reader 


Originally posted by strawhatsmiles

  • Sabo often works nights, long days, weekends… He’s a busy man and while you do get that and you are super proud of your boyfriend that he’s landed him an executive position at his young age, it makes for a lot of lonely moments for you in your shared apartment. 
  • Dinner for one, with leftovers for him, feeling him sneak into bed late at night when you’re already asleep, or at least trying to.. these are unfortunately not rare occurrences. 
  • When he gets a day off, you often go on trips, dates, all the things couples do, just to catch up and make up for the missed time together, it is nice, but sometimes you crave downtime. 
  • So when Sabo walked in the kitchen as you were contemplating what to eat, you were surprised to see him early, but happy when he said he had left work early just so you could spend some quality time together. No plans, no chores. Just you and him, some takeout food, and a movie. 
  • The idea seemed like heaven to you. 
  • You both changed up into pajamas, ordered some takeout, gathered up some blankets, and moved to the living room. 
  • You put on a lighthearted movie. Some kind of comedy, so it’d be easier to focus on your boyfriend without having to miss the entire plot. 
  • The movie turned out a good choice because once the food was finished, both of you were snuggling close, stealing kisses and getting comfortable. 
  • You rested your head on Sabo’s chest, as he placed a kiss on top of your hair, running his fingers through it lazily. 
  • “We should really do this more often”. 
  • “We really should, I cannot believe I am so lucky that I can come home to someone like you.” 
  • You blushed deeply, lifting up your head so you could share a proper kiss. It was so sweet, yet so passionate, filled with all the love the two of you shared. 
  • You laid down again, focussing on the movie a little bit more before you lost track of the plot, taking one of Sabo’s hands just to hold onto it, while his other hand was now lazily tracing circles on your back and shoulders, the movements relaxing you and making your eyelids feel heavy. 
  • You yawned, and Sabo chuckled. “Do you want to go to sleep?” 
  • You shook your head stubbornly but nuzzled even closer to him. You were not going to give up cuddle times with Sabo just because you were tired. 
  • He turned his focus back on the movie, but your deep and even breaths told him you had lost the battle against sleep. He chuckled to himself, you were insanely cute like that. 
  • He carefully stood up, lifting you up bridal style to carry you to the bedroom. You stirred awake for a few seconds, only using them to snuggle closer to him as he carried you and eventually as he laid down behind you in bed, gently pulling you closer to him. 
  • He’d try and get home early more often.
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Garp, ten years ago: Listen up boys, being a marine is a good life

Sabo: And then I said “So anyway fuck cops” and Garp absolutely lost it

Dragon: I am so proud of you

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