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Agostino Arrivabene, Humoris et Sanguinis Foeda Coagula (La Carne Crea Problemi), 2013
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Sacred grove (1882) by Arnold Böcklin (Swiss, 1827-1901). Kunstmuseum Basel.
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"Mun zol Soænt Inesk'vosær Siv'kor"
Sigil of the Ascending Root. 2022
Acrylic on Canvas- 24" x 24"
The latest sigil painting, finished and at this point travelling off to its new owner. This one was a little out of my usual stylings but I'm very pleased with the final result.
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“HOLY COMMUNION” ALFRED EISENSTAEDT // circa 1944 [gelatin silver print | 9 1/2 x 7 3/4″]
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[ The Inner Sanctum ] Ecco the Dolphin: Extinction (Vol. 03) 2022
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“There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea.”
Khalil Gibran
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The act of laying on someone's lap and talking for hours feels so intimate and sacred?!?!?! Even more so if they are casually patting your head or playing with your hair?!?!
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with so little we can do anything
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Beauty can be consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling. It can affect us in an unlimited variety of ways. Yet it is never viewed with indifference: beauty demands to be noticed; it speaks to us directly like the voice of an intimate friend. If there are people who are indifferent to beauty, then it is surely because they do not perceive it.
- Sir Roger Scruton
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Nymphaea Lotus
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Art trade with @sapherin 🌸
Thank you so much for your patience and for suggesting doing this! It was really fun and enriching, as I was trying out a lot of new things.
just a couple of guys being dudes 🥰
Check out sapherin's piece here! It's adorable 🥺
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3/3 > Eye > am Sparkle of the Divine 🌌💧✨
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Whenever you feel the need to affirm our union, do it, it is a deep joy for me. Yes, we belong to each other and nothing, no one, nor ourselves, can do anything about it. That's how it is, and for me it's a kind of sacred joy. Yes, that's the word, as strong as it sounds. My love, you help me to live, to triumph over what I have that is bad or scattered. With you, I'm finally coming together. Let us wait together, be strong and confident, and above all, oh above all, always speak to me with all your heart.
Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, Correspondance, January 10, 1950 [#123]
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Live with an open heart even if it hurts.
~ David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man
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diary-of-a-butch-lesbian · a month ago
I visited a vintage store today, which was managed by someone I believe is like me. Whether transmasc, a butch lesbian or maybe simply an afab person dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, with short cropped hair. Either way, they were the same age as my mum and we saw eachother, plain as day.
The same day, I was told that I should maybe think about changing who I am. Well, not exactly that, but perhaps I should think about dressing more feminine, shaving my legs. Which might as well have been “change who you are”.
I think people fail to see the beauty of this. I cannot for the life of me understand why, I look in the mirror and I have the blessed ability to see myself as sacred. As handsome, my short hair and my men’s clothes make me beautiful, they show the world who I am. This is always something that people insist on loving me in spite of, “I don’t care how you dress, it doesn’t bother me” “what you do with your wardrobe is your business, it doesn’t change how I see you” I hope it does! I hope you get to see my masculinity as something divine and flourishing, as new trees flourish in the summertime. I pity you for not being able to see the perfection of a genderqueer identity.
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'Janet's Foss' Woodland Glade, Falls, Pool and Cave, Gordale Scar, Malham, Yorkshire Dales Country Park.
'Foss' is an old Scandinavian word for 'Waterfall' and this site has strong Norse links. It is thought that this place was considered sacred and the cave and the grotto behind the falls carry several tales of magic.
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Rules & Regulations for Asks. All written works are ©️ Michi Tala and owned by moi. My answers are often based off cultural and historical evidence.
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I write Aizawa and Alucard, (with now offering Vampire Hunter D for asks) as they would answer or act with you.
I don't just write what I think you want to hear. Just making this clear as possible. You could get an answer your not happy with.
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❌️HARD LIMITS (The N🚫's)
NO means NO and don't even think I will change on this!!
🥀Let's Play Nice...🥀 (the rule includes me)
A. I will try to leave a coded topic message if taking more time and post it. That way you know I am not ignoring you.
B. I will post the question and place declined if I think you are underage or topic I don't wish to answer.
1. No Student /Teacher under 18 years of age. College student/professor is acceptable. No on minor and adult sexual relationship. Dont ask about it with Shouta Aizawa of my hero academia.
Tumblr media
2. Noncon or rape theme. I don't care if it's role-playing kink for some in the BDSM community. One more, No means No. No on shame play too.
3. NEVER ask me to do incest...ever. I tried to write one in which it was a Father and daughter(over 18) that were unaware they were so closely related. It makes me uncomfortable even if by 'accident' and consent is between two adults family members.
4. Racism-NO! Everyone is equal in my eyes until someone acts up then I don't respect you as a racist.
5. NO derogatory asks on Special disabilities such as Autism. No on derogatory on mental illness.
No derogatory asks lgbtqia2+ members of society. They get enough crap by cis men and women.
6. No beastialty! Other Beings who can communicate consent is permitted but not animals.
7. No to dark content I deem not appropriate. Yes I do write some occasionally but always aware what it could due.
8. No religious bashing. I will use historical information and it will be stated clearly.
Note: Hard Limits are subject to change to even more unacceptable.
Tumblr media
✅️ So the hallelujah Yes is:
1. People of color/ lgbtqia2+ if I have enough knowledge. I currently write yaoi, bi, aces, neutral gender and polyamory in honor of my oldest daughter. I use them, their and Mx. When definitely needs to be appropriate for my asker.
2. BDSM kinks and fetishes though some I am not up to speed. Primal play is my specialty and we leave it that.
3. Dom/sub relationships. Brat tamers, switches. I will use pet names and titles like "Dominus Rex" (my lord), little one etc. Shouta Aizawa is my BDSM responsible Dom. Collars mentioned.
4. Omegaverse but as far as Dubious consent. Yandere ( more psychological) Once more-No means No!
5. Yes to simple but tasty vanilla sex.
6. Historical pieces but expect longer time for research. I take my researching serious and so accurate as possible.
Note: Subject to change to Hard Limits movable from Hallelujah Yes....
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DON'T MAKE ME SEND ALUCARD to straighten you out and in a Not so nice way....(it's a joke💋 but you know what I mean)
Art courtesy of : 🎨 AmikArtest and Anime.
Perversion note: Have read most of Kama Sutra. Some knowledge in Shibari and Kinbaku. BDSM strong knowledge and personal experience. Basic Fetish and Kink knowledge. Safe Words people!
Tumblr media
🐺Lady Wulf says: 💋Primal play is a great way to spend a day together...
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🛡Vlad/Alucard Qoutes
To reign over the kingdom of the world,
to make its peace and write its laws;
to be generous to the obedient
and merciless to all who would stand against you. 
Nothing ever changes;
two thousand years
and you still act like the world is yours."
Fight! Fight for the glory of your God!
God does not help those who kneel before Him! 
God does not save those who pray for mercy,
for those are not true prayers!
Would you beg in the presence of your Lord?
Your impiety begs only for death!
True prayer is forged in battle! 
Dazzle your Lord with your prayer,
and you shall know Him!
You shall know Jerusalem!
After the tearing,
the crushing,
the breaking of men's bones,
when the fruits of our prayers lie at our feet,
God will descend from His throne on high
to bring judgement upon His wretched
and pitiful servants!"
Abraham Hellsing
Tell me. [smirk] Did your promises come to pass? Where's your God? Where's your Kingdom? What's the matter? Answer me, King? Mad king! They're all dead. Every last soul dead. In service to you and to your promises. For your prayers! For your paradise! For your God! ALL WERE SACRIFICED! Enemies and allies! The people you swore to protect! The country you would rule! Men! Women! Old and young! Even...yourself."
♟️The Major
He wears the guise of a man, but I never thought of him as one. Or even as a vampire, for that matter. He is king and castle both; his dominion - the river Styx, the untold dead he's drowned in it - his subjects. What cost victory? What ploy will leave him in the dust? These questions run through my mind every waking moment. Thoughts of him even invade my dreams leaving me crying out for bloodshed. And now, at long last, our war has dawned... I bring all that I am to this fight - body and soul. But is it enough? How do our arsenals compare?"
"A century ago his reign of terror paralyzed London. Five hundred years ago he held back the Ottoman Empire. If that great river of blood meets his lips - the game is lost. He'll knock aside the chessboard like a petulant child. Life and death - he's cheated them both for centuries! How does one go about slaying such a force of nature? Do you cut through wave after wave of thralls on the battlefield and take his head like one of the Teutonic Knights of old? Nein. (No.) He'll simply summon more of his stolen blood, but that could work in my favor, because my enemy's greatest strength is also his Achilles' heel; tyrants have always been especially susceptible to poison."
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