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my-plastic-life · 3 months ago
Creating Kagome Part 2: The Props
More behind the scenes footage of my one of a kind Kagome Higurashi doll! LONG POST AHEAD!
No doll is complete without props. The 12″ Inuyasha figure that I made this doll to go with came with his Tetsusaiga sword, both transformed and not transformed, so of course Kagome needed goodies too! Keep reading to find out where everything came from and how it was made!
Obviously the first thing Kagome needed was her bow and arrow. Thanks to a YouTube tutorial by MyFroggyStuff, I was able to make the bow relatively easy. Then I just had to paint it, and then I wrapped it with bias tape (cut in half to make it thinner) and added some black thread to be the string.
I needed arrows as well, but I also needed a place to keep those arrows. So a quiver was necessary. I looked around for some possibilities before settling on the one that came with the Catching Fire Katniss doll. It had the closest shape I’d need, and because it was Mattel, I knew it was designed to fit a Barbie. It would need to be painted and have some twine added to it for those extra details, but I knew I could pull that off. And thankfully, I was able to find the quiver by itself on eBay, so I didn’t even have to buy it with a doll I didn’t need.
What I didn’t know was that the arrows in that quiver were NOT designed to come out. The first doll had removable arrows in her quiver, but this one, for some reason, did not. So I had to use a mixture of pliers, scissors, and a ton of muscle to cut and yank those things out of there. And I mean I had to get the base at the bottom of the quiver, or else the arrows I desired wouldn’t go in properly and would stick out too far and look ridiculous. I wish I’d saved the picture I took of when I was done doing all that digging, because there were literally pieces of curled wire-type plastic all over the counter. But finally, the quiver was empty and ready to be customized and filled with arrows!
The arrows were, of course, also tricky. They have a unique shape in the anime, kind of like a triangular diamond, and there are only two feathers at the opposite end. Most 1/6 scale archery accessories have arrows with three feathers on the end. But I did manage to find a set that had two! Yay for eBay! :D So I ordered those, and they arrived quickly, but they were unfortunately too long to fit inside the quiver.
Tumblr media
So I did some measuring, then used side cutters to cut the arrows down to the desired length. Of course, that meant I had no arrow tip left. Not a huge issue since most of the arrows are going to stay in the quiver anyway, and the only time the doll will actually hold/use the arrows is for pictures. But in that case, I did still need tips. So I took some Crayola Model Magic (all I had on hand) and stuck the blunt ends of the arrows into it, then began attempting to shape the arrowheads as close as I could to resemble the source material. Not perfect, but they’ll work! I even painted one a shade of magenta to give the illusion of Kagome firing a sacred arrow. :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was going to stop there with the props. Like I said, Inuyasha had his sword and that was all he needed. Well, this is me we’re talking about. Me, who has an avid love of Barbie and a ton of random goodies lying around and the capability of obtaining more goodies. I had a Barbie bike in storage, and it was already pink (but light pink, so that had to change), so I thought, hey, why don’t I add her bike to the collection? Yeah, I’m such a perfectionist, I scrutinized her bike in every episode I saw it in, plus the movies, to find the right shade of pink. Of course, one major issue was that I didn’t have a rack on the back of the bike. And that’s a pretty big thing considering we see Inuyasha riding on that rack a number of times, in the show and in the “Every Heart “ending. It’s iconic! At first I thought I’d have to get an entirely different bike for that rack, but I couldn’t find one that satisfied me. The rack either had a heart design in it (cute, but not what I want here), the bike wasn’t meant for a Barbie-size doll, or the bike bars in between the seat and handlebars had the wrong shape (i.e., a bar directly underneath the seat).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I finally determined that the best option was to use the bike I already had and attempt to make the rack. I started by unbending and gluing paperclips together, but that quickly proved to be a disaster. So I looked on eBay one last time, and there it was. An off-brand bike made for a fashion doll that had not only a bike rack - but one that was attached via little arms! The bike itself wasn’t the right shape or design, but that rack? I needed it! I ordered it promptly, and when it arrived, I confirmed what I suspected - the rack easily detached from the bike it came with, and fastened itself nicely onto the magenta one I’d already customized! I had to paint the rack silver, and then I painted the little grippers magenta to camouflage them into the bike, and voila! Kagome’s bike WITH the bike rack! How fortunate that the one I’d had in storage even had a basket with it already!
Of course, the bike I had was designed for a Barbie to actually ride, so it had these huge, ridiculous pedals attached to it. Those had to go. I took some side cutters and cut the pedals off, then took some sticky-sided craft foam, stuck two together around a toothpick, and super glued that into the hole left from where the original pedals were. They don’t spin around like real pedals do, but it’s purely cosmetic, so it’s okay!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Did I stop at the props there? No, I did not. Another iconic prop from the show is Kagome’s backpack. It’s just an ordinary backpack but it’s never the same size! The thing seems to magically expand to accommodate whatever she may be carrying, be it books, medicine, food, extra clothes, or other supplies. Of course, none of the Barbie backpacks I had were the right shape/design, so even though I’d planned to paint a plastic one yellow, it wouldn’t do any good if it didn’t look right. So I checked Etsy for Barbie backpacks, knowing there were talented seamstresses out there who could make such things. I asked one shop, and they said they didn’t take requests but to contact MiniMichCrafts. I did just that, and met a wonderful, talented person who promptly made BOTH backpacks - yes, a regular size backpack, and an expanded one! Perfection!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Modern props are shown above, including ninja food, a portable hot plate, first aid kit, and school books)
Now we need something to put in that backpack! I knew right away that I wanted to make some of Kagome’s school books. Literally every time I saw one in an episode, I’d pause the show and take a picture of it with my phone, then I replicated it in Photoshop. Again, I’m a perfectionist! :D Plus, thanks to my good friend FabHat, who is fluent in Japanese, I was able to figure out what each individual Japanese character was on those books! Yep, I’m nothing if not authentic! :D But honestly, the books were probably the easiest props to make.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Both backpacks hold various items from food to books to hygiene products, and the tiny bottle of sacred jewel shards fits nicely in the front pocket!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obviously Kagome needed something quite important to the entire plot - the sacred jewel shards! I had some little bottles found in the miniature section at Michaels, and I used one of those and filled it with actual smashed pieces of rose quartz to resemble the shards. Of course, the bottle was as big as the school books, and that wasn’t sitting well with me. So I started thinking of what I could do to get an even smaller bottle, one more to scale to a Barbie hand.
Then I stumbled upon my ReMent first-aid kit set. I was already going to add the first-aid kit and its goodies to the props list, albeit the box needed to be painted an off-white to match what was in the show. Thanks to some masking tape, I was able to do that and paint around the green cross! Inside that box was a tiny pill bottle that I knew would be perfect for the jewel shards. Of course, the cap wasn’t meant to be removed, so I had to use side cutters to pop open the bottle, which was filled with a rubbery substance meant to resemble tiny little pills. Getting those out of that bottle was a real chore - I had to carefully use an X-Acto knife to stab at them and slice them in order to pull little pieces out one by one, all while trying not to scratch the sides of the bottle. Scratches still ensued, but hopefully not too bad. I tried the toothpaste trick method to try to remove them, but I’m not entirely sure it helped. But that’s okay, I’m still happy with this little bottle of shards! I took the cork off one of the miniature bottles, trimmed it a bit with the X-Acto knife, and BOOM! The world’s smallest bottle of sacred jewel shards!
Source picture:
Tumblr media
(ReMent bottle on the left, miniature from Michaels on the right)
Tumblr media
Before and after of the ReMent bottle:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, and that tiny bottle fits right inside the backpack’s front pocket!
Tumblr media
Back to that first aid kit, it’s the perfect size, but it wasn’t the right design. The kit in the anime is kind of an off-white color with a green cross and brown handle. Break out the acrylic paint for more customization! Here is before and after, plus goodies inside (I see gauze and pain killers for sure LOL):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course, if Kagome is bringing her backpack and all this modern stuff with her, how can she not bring the ninja food for Inuyasha? Behold the instant noodles and dry potatoes!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yep, those are also ReMent! Authentic Japanese miniatures in the perfect size!
While not seen too often in the show, I did go ahead and test my hand at making Barbie-size jewelry - in this case, the sacred jewel necklace! There’s the one seen in the anime (which looks similar to the one you could buy from Hot Topic), and the one you can buy in real life that creator Rumiko Takahashi helped design. I made both versions... twice, because one has a clasp so it can be worn by dolls, whereas one has no clasp because said clasp is unsightly LOL. And of course, I made the special necklace Kagome wore when she had a huge chunk of the jewel on a chain - the one that eventually got stolen by Kikyo. That one was the hardest of them all to make!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is that the end of the props? Nope! In fact, all those props came AFTER the big ones. Yep, these aren’t even the big ones!
How could I have possibly made a Kagome doll, with the intention of putting her in a diorama with my 12″ Inuyasha figure, without this very important item?:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes, I made a well! The iconic time-traveling device that allows our two primary characters to travel between worlds. :D Now, how to build a well? The first step was getting the right dimensions. The well had to be big enough to allow both Inuyasha and Kagome to fit inside, since they’re frequently seen using it together. It would also need to be tall enough to allow Kagome to sit on it while still allowing her feet to touch the ground. So after some practice measurements, it was time to get to work! My original idea was to have my husband use his Glow Forge and scorch plank lines into the sides. But he had a better idea - get some .5″ thick wooden dowels, cut them down to size, them glue them all together and stain them. He did use the Glow Forge to create the top portion, though. Special thanks to my dad for putting all those planks together and staining the well!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The well also needed vines, but thanks to Michaels, I was able to find the perfect little ones! I used hot glue to secure them in place. For the inside of the well, I paused like 10 episodes of the show, whenever I saw a straight-down well shot, took pictures with my phone, and then resized the interior of the well in Photoshop and printed it out. I then wrapped it around a piece of cardboard measured to fit inside the well, and voila!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Speaking of those vines, they served a second purpose - they were great for wrapping around the sacred tree! Yeah, I totally built a sacred tree for one-sixth scale figures. I regret nothing!
Source photo:
Tumblr media
The tree started out as a curled up tri-fold display board, but after constructing the bark and details, I decided it needed to be taller. So I added about half of a second tri-fold and curled it into the shape of a tree trunk, then hot glued it to the top. I then used Mod Podge to glue tissue paper all over the structure to give the illusion of tree bark. I also cut out, stacked, and glued some pieces of cardboard together to make a branch to go on the top of the tree. To make the roots (which was tricky because no two scenes showing the roots are alike lol), I used more tissue paper to get the desired shape and glued them onto the tree.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next up was the paint! I used mixtures of brown shades and some dry brushes of gray to help bring out textures and details.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also needed to make the symbolic scar on the tree, a reminder of how the story all began. Technically, the scar is kind of submerged into the rest of the tree with the bark growing around it, but I’d already completely covered and painted the tree, so a flat scar would have to suffice. I measured my 12″ figure, sketched out a design, then glued it to the tree (finding the ideal height was fun lol). The scar is lighter than the rest of the bark, so I used the same colors as before, but I used more of the lighter shade.
Tumblr media
I’d also originally glued the entire thing onto a large piece of cardboard to help keep it sturdy, and I was going to paint it to look like grass and dirt. But the cardboard began to warp, so I had to break out a box knife to cut all that away and repaint as necessary LOL. But it was worth it because I’d be able to set it on top of artificial grass and make it look better! And hey, the cardboard helped secure and shape the roots and keep paint from getting all over the counter and floor!
Tumblr media
After putting some greenery on the top of the tree (even though in photos the top may not be visible, but it didn’t look right without it lol), the final touch was adding the vines, which wrapped around the trunk. Yep, the same vines I used on the well. I love those things!
It may not be obvious in these photos, but that tree is about three feet tall! It may still technically be a bit small to be completely to scale based on scenes in the anime, but this will work! Here’s a shot of me showing off the size:
Tumblr media
And that’s it! That’s all the props! At least for now... more may come at a later date! hehehehe Overall, I’m very pleased with how everything turned out!
Thank you to all who contributed to making this doll come to life! This wouldn’t be possible without you!
CREDITS: Reroot by Paradise Doll Designs School uniform by elenpriv Backpacks (large and small) by MiniMichCrafts Face paint by me Bow and arrows by me Quiver customization by me School books by me Bike customization by me Sacred jewel shards & bottle by me (bottle was ReMent) Well made by me (with help from my dad and hubby!) Sacred tree made by me
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otakujade · 7 months ago
u know what, i still need to understand this, can someone please explain to me, ive been wondering this for a while. Why did Kikyo give naraku the shikon jewel shards like what did she think she’d gain....i get it she gonna purify it when he has it but was that the only reason why???? I just feel they worked so hard to earn it and she put them at such a disadvantage far more than if they literally just had all the shards.
Maybe im just bitter towards her so i could never validate it.
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sailormoonblue · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jewel Shards | Season 5
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deepsongstarfish · 4 years ago
Inuyasha doing the cinnamon challenge
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the-broken-truth · 3 months ago
Yandere Headcanon: Yandere Platonic Brothers - Inuyasha & Sesshōmaru w/ Half-Demon Youngest Sibling
Tumblr media
Quick Summary: You are the youngest child of Tōga and a Human Woman, thus the younger sibling to Inuyasha & Sesshōmaru. Unlike Inuyasha, you don't travel in a group; preferring to be alone. Unlike Sesshōmaru, you aren't interested in finding the strongest fighters in the lands. You just traveled with the fang your father left you at birth and kept to yourself. However, that doesn't stop your brothers from meddling in your life for their own reasons.
You knew who your father was from the very start - he left letters along with the sword when you reached a certain age. You had the snow-white hair but yours had black tips from your mother, your eyes were amber just like your father's and brothers', your skin was tan like theirs too and you had the face markings but only one on each cheek, and of course, you had the ears on top of your head - you were a Half-Demon, after all.
When you told your mother that you wanted to travel and see the world, she gave you a [Favorite Color] Robe, the Fang your father left you called the [Fang Name], and some cash along with a horse to get around.
When you traveled, you would do odd jobs in the villages you visited to earn some extra cash - you didn't care what the job was, so long as it paid you well enough to feed your horse and you until reaching the next village.
There were some villages that were harder to deal with than others - like some priests & priestesses wanting to exorcise you for the fact you had demon blood in your veins, regardless of you not being hostile. You didn't act violent towards them and just did jobs for those that were willing to have a Half-Demon's Aid.
[Dealing With Inuyasha]
It was a complete chance that you met one of your elder brothers. You picked up a contract on a demon that was causing trouble for the village and went hunting him down at his hideout. You killed him and when his body split open, you found a small pink jewel shard. You knew what this was, your mother told you stories about this - it was The Shikon no Tama/The Jewel of the 4 Souls/The Sacred Jewel. You didn't know much about the origin of it but you knew that both demons and humans would kill for just a fragment of this thing.
That's when it happened.
Your nose caught the scent of people and you looked down the path to see a group of people coming: A Half-Demon - he looked just like you and he was wearing a red robe; he even had a sword similar to your own, a woman with a strange outfit but you can tell from the spiritual pressure that she was a priestess, a monk, a demon slayer, a small fox demon child, and a two-tailed cat demon.
"Inuyasha." The woman in strange clothes said as she pointed at you, "They have the Jewel Shard."
"Looks like they killed the demon that had the shard first." The Demon Slayer said.
"Did they kill the demon to get the shard for themself?" The Fox Demon Cub asked from his place on the woman's shoulder.
"I don't give a damn how they got it." The Half-Demon said as he pulled the sword from its sheath - the katana-shaped blade grew into a massive blade and the sword around your waist began pulsing as if reaching to the sword's presence. "Hey, hand over the Jewel Shard & I won't have to take it from you." The Dog Demon demanded.
You looked at the shard shining in your hand and placed it in your robe - you weren't gonna keep it, maybe, but you wanted to see where this would go. "I was hired to kill this demon and I happened to find the shard in my kill's body; the way I see it, this Jewel Shard is mine by right of conquest." You said as you turned to face them.
"I don't a damn about that! Hand over the shard or I'll tear you to shreds." He demanded - you could see wind dancing around the blade.
"Try it." You welcomed.
"Your Funeral! WIND SCAR!!!" He roared as he banged the sword on the ground and yellow blades of power charged at you. You pulled your sword out of its sheath and with a swing of your sword - a vortex of wind charged into his attack and they cancel each other out. He was shocked and you placed your sword back in the case.
"You really are as hot-headed as the stories tell, Inuyasha." You explained.
"How the hell do you know my name?!" He barked.
"Long story short, I'm the youngest of Toga's Children & I'm a Half-Demon, like you." You said.
After collecting prove of your bounty, you and Inuyasha's group went back to town where you received your payment but you kept some of the demon horns and fangs for your own purposes. You purchased a small room to rest where Inuyasha began asking you questions and you answered them without fail.
Kagome - the woman in strange clothing - made the comment that you seemed calmer than Inuyasha and not as cold as Sesshōmaru. You explained that's just how you were. Sango - the Demon Slayer - asked if you were going to travel with them from now on, looking for the Jewel Shards & Hunting Naraku, but you said that you weren't interested in things like that. Inuyasha tried to pull the big brother card and said that you had to come with him so he could keep an eye on you but you said that you didn't need a brother then and you didn't need one now.
You also stated: "I have no need for a brother that can't even decide if he wants to give his heart to his present or his past."
You reached into your robe and took out the Jewel Shard and tossed it to Inuyasha before standing up and walking away, he was gonna stop you but Kagome stopped him with a 'Sit' as you mounted your horse and rode away.
[Dealing With Sesshōmaru]
You were traveling through a region that had forests on mountains and decided this was a good place to rest for the day, maybe do some training. You found a spot where the river flowed and had fresh fish - you tied your horse to a tree so it could have a drink and gave him a bucket of food while you hunted for your own.
You caught 5 fish and began cooking them ever the fire when a scent hit your nose and you explained. "I know you are hiding there, behind the tree at my back. Come out - both of you." You called out.
The shocked gasp was followed by a little green demon with a staff with 2 heads stumble from behind the tree and a much larger man stepped from behind it with a stern look in his amber eyes. He walked out from hiding and [Fang Name] began to shake, just as it did when you first met Inuyasha.
"Let me guess - Tōga's First Son & Wielder of The Tenseiga: Sesshōmaru, right?" you asked without turning to look in his direction but your ears picked up on him coming closer.
"That's Lord Sesshōmaru to you!" The small green demon said as h waved his staff at you with tiny angry but his rant was cut short as the back of his head was hit by Sesshōmaru's fluff as the tall demon looked down at you.
"I was wondering why Tenseiga was acting strange since we entered this region." His glared looks down at the sheathed sword secured in the sash around your waist, "That's another of my father's fangs. So, he made more than Tessaiga, Tenseiga, and Sō'unga?" He asked you.
"That's correct. This is [Fang Name] and I know you can tell by the smell of my blood - I am his youngest spawn & a Half-Demon, you knew that before even coming here." You said, still not turning to him.
"Smart." He said.
"Then tell me - why have you not attempted to attack me and take [Fang Name] for yourself?" You questioned.
"Why would I?" He questioned.
"I've heard of your dislikes of Humans & Half-Demons, mainly the middle brother: Inuyasha, since he got the fang you wanted. You can sense the power in [Fang Name], I could feel your gaze on it; so why don't you try to take it?" You questioned.
He was silent for a moment before he walked over to you and sat beside you - now in your peripheral vision - but he kept his eyes to the flowing river. You both just sat there - listening to the river and the fire crackling. The fish was done, you took -ff and offered to your eldest brother.
"You're wasting your time. Lord Sesshōmaru doesn't eat human food and...HUH?!" His jaw fell open as he watched his lord take the fish in his hand before taking a bite from it; even a muttered thank you.
You both ate in silence for at least a few hours before the sun began to sink over the horizon & he rose to his feet and began to walk away - he stopped halfway in the field and you knew.
"I shall not follow, Sesshōmaru; as I have told Inuyasha - I didn't need brothers then and I don't know." You said.
"You shall not follow me today but one day you will - it's my will that you stay close to me. The next time we meet, you shall travel with me." he walked away, into the darkness of the forest.
Once you were alone again, you looked up at the full moon in the sky, wondering what challenges you would face...and how you would avoid your brothers.
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shinidamachu · 5 months ago
Hi ma’am who works at Wendy’s!!! Can you write meta on inukag moments in ep 19 🥺
Here at Wendy's your wish is our command.
Tumblr media
The episode and Inuyasha is (you guessed it) in serious trouble. Sesshomaru has got a brand new human arm (courtesy of Naraku), has finally taken hold of Tessaiga and is about to kill Inuyasha with it. Enters Kagome.
Tumblr media
“Sesshomaru! I’ve got you now. I’ll shoot your left arm off!”
And I know she is referring to the jewel shard holding his arm in place. I know this moment is small compared to the scenes we’re all aware are about to come. But it’s also Kagome protecting Inuyasha from someone who has tried to hurt him in the past and intends to do it again. 
She is, once again, defying one of the most powerful demons they’ve ever encountered, to put herself right there on the battle field alongside Inuyasha. Because he doesn’t know about the jewel shard. He’s in danger. He needs her. And this isn’t all. I also love Inuyasha’s reaction to her line:
Tumblr media
[to himself] why his arm?
Kagome is literally threatening to mutilate a daiyoukai. Inuyasha is not questioning her ability to do it. He is not questioning the success probabilities of that reckless plan. He questions “why his arm,” because he trusts Kagome’s judgement and strength.
It’s only when Kagome shoots and Sesshomaru finally percieves her as a real threat, going for her with the intention to kill, that Inuyasha interferes, jumping after Sesshomaru and putting a cut to his cheeks in order to turn his attention back to himself and away from Kagome.
Tumblr media
“No, you don't! Leave her out of this! I'm the one you really want.”
And this, of course, results on Inuyasha assuming his usual protective instance, letting Kagome stay behind him so he can take the blow for her.
Tumblr media
Notice how fluid their dynamic is, how it shifts so easily. Yes, Inuyasha is more often than not the one throwing and taking the punches, but Kagome is there to watch his back as well. It’s always one protecting the other. Inuyasha leading and Kagome following then Kagome leading and Inuyasha following. Back and forth. Balanced. Perfectly in sync.
Sesshomaru himself realized he struck a nerve. And his evil little smile tells us that he has every intention to use this against Inuyasha.
Tumblr media
“Most amusing. You seem so interested for her safety.”
Then we’re graced with this absolute jam of Inuyasha and Kagome exchange:
Tumblr media
Kagome: let me at him! There’s a shard of the sacred jewel embedded in his left arm. I’m sure I can hit it!” Inuyasha: forget it, Kagome. Kagome: eh? Inuyasha: Sesshomaru has never been the kind of opponent who’s easy to strike down. Stay here and care for Miroku. The remedies from your era seem powerful. Maybe you’ll be able to save him. Kagome: I’m on it!
This right here? This is a well oiled fighting machine. Working together as if they were one, as if they have been doing it their whole lives. And this time they didn’t even need to combine their respective attacks for that to be noticeable. You can see it in their dialogue.
Kagome is trying to change the dynamic again. She knows Inuyasha is on protective mode and she’s explaining her reasons for him to move over, let her take the lead. In return, he tells her his reasons for her to stay behind, where she can help their friend out and let Inuyasha handle it. They listened to each other, trusted and respected each other’s judgement, then came to the right conclusion. Together. And that’s not all.
Tumblr media
Inuyasha: Kagome? Kagome: yeah? Inuyasha: thanks for your help. With your arrow, you reversed Tessaiga’s transformation. Now I can defeat him. Kagome: [in her mind] he is thanking me? That can’t be good.
Inuyasha’s acknowledgement of Kagome’s crucial help is the defintive proof of how well they work in battle, why their partnership clicks. They are opposites that keep on complementing each other. That’s one of the many, many reasons as to why they are so dangerous and invincible opponents.
It’s also worth noticing that Inuyasha thanked her for her efforts. And even Kagome is taken by surprise. This is a defining moment because he is far from being the “thank you” type. He is turning into one. Because she is slowly bringing it out of him.
Tumblr media
“Miroku has enough energy to joke around, so I know he is okay for the time being. But he might be in serious danger if Inuyasha’s battle drags on much longer.”
Kagome does what she told Inuyasha she would. Miroku is now in possession of the medicine and Shippo can keep one eye on him, so he is mostly out of the woods. What Kagome does next? She turns her attention back to Inuyasha, ready to strike and come to his aid if worst comes to worst. 
And it did. So she fired.
Tumblr media
His expression here says a lot. He was annoyed, yes. But I think he was surprised, too. By her power. Because after that, he asks Inuyasha to make her stop, claiming that he should be proud of the demon blood running through his veins and therefore, refuse any human help. Funny how Inuyasha’s demon blood is important to Sesshomaru, all of a sudden.
Tumblr media
“Don’t try anything, Kagome! Sesshomaru is totally ruthless.”
Tumblr media
“I can handle it. I’ll hit him.”
Even so, that’s not exactly what makes Inuyasha ask Kagome to stand back. Sesshomaru is totally ruthless. That’s his justification. He isn’t worried about his blood or his honor. He is worry about her safety. She shoots again, but Sesshomaru catches her arrow and strikes back. Against Kagome. It was a miscalculation from her part. But Inuyasha doesn’t hesitate. He runs to her and shields her body with his own.
Tumblr media
From the blow...
Tumblr media
And from the fall.
Tumblr media
“You’re alright? Kagome!”
And after they land, even though he took most of the hit, it’s with Kagome he is worried about, before he had as much as found out that she was unconcious. The look on his face, the intimacy of their proximity, the way he strokes her cheek so gently, as if she was the most precious thing in the world says it all.
Tumblr media
It took Inuyasha 24 seconds (I counted) to even remember Sesshomaru was still there. From the moment he got up to the moment he addresses his opponent again, he spent 24 seconds with his back turned to him. Because his focus was in Kagome.
Tumblr media
“You’ll regtret that, Sesshomaru. She doesn’t deserve it.”
Miroku comes along and offers to use the Wind Tunnel, but he’s still poisoned and Naraku’s bees are still around, so Inuyasha declines.
Tumblr media
Inuyasha: take Kagome and get out of here. Fast. Get as far away as you can. Shippo: are you sure? Inuyasha: get Kagome out of here! Guard her with your life.
He is walking alone to what could have been certain death to give his friends a head start. And yet, his priorities are cristal clear. Kagome’s life. Kagome’s well being. Kagome.
Tumblr media
“Hey! What are you waiting? Run!”
He can face anything as long as he knows she’s safe. With renewed motivation, he stays to fight Sesshomaru, who opens a hole through his stomach as Miroku and Shippo flee with a still unconcious Kagome. She wakes up just in time to see he is in serious danger and immediately tries to get away from Miroku and reach to him.
Tumblr media
Kagome: Inuyasha! Miroku: stop! Kagome: let go of me! Miroku: he wants to deal with this on his own. That’s why he told us to run to safety. Kagome: [worried] Inuyasha...
She had literally just come to her senses. It only took seing him there, standing hurt and all on his own, to make her want to go back to the very situation that had knocked her out without thinking twice. And if it wasn’t for Miroku’s intervention she would have done it.
Inuyasha manages to cut Sesshomaru’s borrowed hand off, getting Tessaiga back in the process. He is gravely wounded, but the sword is protecting him, providing Sesshomaru to get any closer. Defeated, he leaves.
Tumblr media
Finally on the clear, Kagome runs to Inuyasha, who was still holding on.
Tumblr media
“Kagome... [in his mind] you’re alright.”
It’s then and only then that he allows himself to collapse. It’s like he refuses to rest, refuses to let his guard down, until the realization that she is okay hits him.
Tumblr media
And her reaction to his current state is nothing short from heartbreaking. They have been gone through a lot already, but the stakes keep getting higher and higher and I don’t think Kagome has ever seen Inuyasha that injured until now.
Tumblr media
Hachi then gives the gang a ride home and as soon as he can, Inuyasha asks Kagome to follow him and takes her to the Bone Eater’s Well.
Tumblr media
Inuyasha: Kagome. Kagome: huh? Inuyasha: follow me. Kagome: you shouldn’t be up! Look, I know you’re stronger than humans, but that’s a serious injury. Is still too early for you to be moving around. Inuyasha: [groans] Kagome: see? What did I tell ya?
Kagome’s support of Inuyasha here is both physical and symbolic. For a while now, she has become his north, his anchor. Sure, a few episodes ago he would pull the “I’m stronger than humans” card to dismiss her worries, just like Kagome anticipated. And he would probably not let her be all touchy with him, at least not around other people. This time is different, though. Because he has decided this time is gonna be the last.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love these shots, not only because Inuyasha and Kagome look positively good together, but because it’s like they’re a married couple who decided to enjoy the sunny day to take a walk on the park. They carry on and Kagome spots a herb that can help Inuyasha’s recovery.
Tumblr media
This is the herb that Kaede told me it was the best antidote for all kinds of poison. I’ll brew some up for you later. And this herb makes a good antiseptic. It really works but boy does it sting!
He is always on her mind. Always. It doesn’t matter that he heals faster, it doesn’t matter that he tells her time and time again he doesn’t need medicine. She’s still gonna see a medical herb and immediately think of him, of his wounds. She starts rambling, something Inuyasha might have found annoying in the past. Now h he looks at her with the fondest, softest expression on his face.
Tumblr media
Inuyasha: you learned a lot. Kagome: I guess. Inuyasha: Kagome, you’ve grown stronger.
Tumblr media
Well, you’ve finally noticed! How can I not get stronger running from demons day after day? I’ve learned a lot more than your average teenager if I do say so myself. And my archery is not too shabby either.
We’re always talking about how Kagome helped Inuyasha smile, make friends, rely on other people and so on and so forth. But we don’t talk enough about Inuyasha helping Kagome to be confident, to be tough, to see that there’s more to the world than just school. Inuyasha pushes her out of her comfort zone. And because of it, she was able to find new passions, to learn things she never would learn otherwise. He changed her life as much as she changed his.
Tumblr media
Kagome, I haven’t asked how are you feeling. You’re hurt too.
Tumblr media
It’s just a little lump on the head. I’m sorry, Inuyasha. You told me to stay away from Sesshomaru but I didn’t listen and only made things worse. If I had ran away like you told me, you wouldn’t have been so seriously injured.
Tumblr media
No, in the end it was you who saved me with your arrow. I’m grateful, Kagome.
Tumblr media
[in her mind] he is grateful? Okay, now he is officially freaking me out.  [out loud] You’re acting totally weird now. Do you have a fever?
Again taking turns into worrying about each other’s well being. What stands out is that Kagome apologizes for her miscalculation earlier. It’s very important to recognize when you’re at fault, make things right and talk it out so it won’t be a problem next time. On the other hand, Inuyasha assures her that, without her help, he might not have been standing there anymore. For the second time, Inuyasha expresses his gratitude. For the second time, Kagome notices that something is off. She knows him too well not to.
Tumblr media
Inuyasha: you heard the story about how Naraku decieved me fifty years ago. He is the one pulling the strings behind Sesshomaru. I’ve made a decision. Things are getting more dangerous by the day. Kagome: yeah, you’re probably right. Inuyasha: what does that mean? Aren’t you scared? We’re in serious danger! This time we were lucky, but who knows about next time? Kagome: well, I’m not afraid! Naraku is a terrible demon. We’ve got to do what we can to destroy him!
Tumblr media
Kagome: [in her head] what's going on? [out loud] Inuyasha, what are you doing? Inuyasha: I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.
Inuyasha doesn’t want to lose Kagome the same way he lost ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ. He refuses to let history repeat itself. He had a taste of what Naraku is capable of and he is not risking Kagome’s life any longer. Even if that means he won’t get to see her anymore. It’s the wrong move, because they are better together, but there is value behind his decision. If you truly love someone, you let her go, you put her well being above your own selfish needs. That’s what he did.
The hug caught her so off guard, that Kagome, who is usually very warm and affectionate, it’s too in shock to reciprocrate. Especially because Inuyasha is definitely not the affectionate type. It was their first hug. And he was the one to iniciate it. Usually Kagome is the one more comfortable with starting physical contact. Inuyasha is doing it because he knows it’s a goodbye.
He closes his eyes, holds her tight and says something else inedited: that he was afraid. The guy who had faced demon after demon head on, who always bragged about how strong he was, confesses that he was terrified. The reason? He thought he was going to lose her.
And the hug happens exactly when Kagome is making her big speech about not being afraid. I really think this a weak spot he has for her. It began when he told her to stay behind because going to his father’s grave might be dangerou, but Kagome was already half way through the portal and it was solidified when her powers were sealed by Naraku and he suggested she should stay on her era where was safe, when she graciously asked if he had a fever. He loves her fierceness, how ride or die she is, her sense of justice and hunger for adventure. He loves her. And it’s because he loves her, that he can’t risk her life...
Tumblr media
“Kagome... go back to your own era!”
...Even if it kills him.
Tumblr media
Miroku: Inuyasha, what have you done? Kagome is gone! What have you done? Inuyasha: I’ve sent her back home. To her own time, on the other side of the Well.
Also worth noticing: without further explanation, he threw her to the ground, stole the jewel away and pushed her down the Well himself. 
Never once did she think he had betrayed her.
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shyrose57 · 8 months ago
Updated Deities Of Mizu thing:
Origin myths are how the people of Mizu, and related cities believe the gods came to be. They weren’t actually spirits or born from the sky, but over time, history distorts, and it’s not like it hurts anything.
Most of Mizu’s history is actually pretty accurate, and untwisted. The deities stepped in and set things straight, once they realized what had happened. 
Most, because some of it was pretty funny and harmless, so they just didn’t say anything about it. 
The city of Subbin worships a different Pantheon(unsure which it consist of yet).
Mizu’s pantheon is known to appear quite frequently to them, and become close with it’s mortals. 
Despite some beliefs, they don’t actually live within Mizu, for all they visit often. They reside in a separate dimension they all created together, and can leave freely.
Head of the Mizu Pantheon, and god of mischief and discord, perseverance through hardships, and companionship and bonds. 
Typically depicted as a scarred teenager with red string around his arms, and stars scattered along his body. Sometimes, he also sports wings on his back, or red horns and a spade-tipped tail. 
Sacred animals are cows and moths.
Origin myth: He was originally a minor spirit of discord, born from a shard of Dream’s power. They say, entranced by the stars, he hauled himself into the sky, and the stars were so awed by his determination that they immediately embraced him as a brother, turning him into a god.
Closely tied with the other three minors, as a god of the Red String, he is represented as the string itself. 
Tommy’s counterpart, and partner in leading the Pantheon. God of the community, kindness and reconciliation, and hard work and reward. 
Typically depicted as a younger boy, though that’s about the only thing that stays the same. Sometimes, he has curly ram/deer horns, and goat feet. Other times, it’s transparent wings, or snow dusted hair. 
Sacred animals are bees and deer. 
Origin myth: Ties into Tommy’s. Once a forest satyr, he was close friends with the chaos spirit, and stayed in the sea beneath him, ready to catch the other if he slipped. When Tommy looked down and saw the other waiting, ever unwilling to part, he tossed down a glass of honey, with the remains of stars mixed into it, and told him to drink it. Tubbo did, and his blood was burned gold. 
Closely tied with the other three minors, as a god of the Red String, he is represented as the knot tying two people together. 
God of sentiment, loyalty to people and memory, and mind and soul. 
Typically depicted as either a tall, faceless figure split down the middle, or a strange, reptilian creature with glowing purple eyes. 
Sacred animals are enderman and cats. 
Origin myth: Currently undecided.
Closely tied with the other three minors, as a god of the Red String, he is represented as the weaver of the thread itself.
God of value and worth, strategy, and riches.
Typically depicted as a shadowed figure in armor, with purple jewels decorating him. On some occasions though, he is shown as a purple eyed wolf instead, with a golden necklace around his neck.
Sacred animals are wolves.
Origin myth: Currently undecided.
Closely tied with the other three minors, as a god of the Red String, he is represented as the scissors that cut the thread when necessary.
The original deity, and god of change, chaos, and order, and formerly, the End.
Typically depicted as a giant covered in a bloodied cloak and porcelain mask, with an axe upon his back, and chains on his wrists.
Sacred animal are horses and cats.
Origin myth: Came into existence when a meteor struck the Enderdragon through her chest, killing her, and from the remains of her heart, was born Dream.
The second deity, and god of the Overworld, life, sentience, and rest. 
Typically depicted as a sleeping man surrounded by plants, and draped in blue. His eyes are never seen, either closed, or hidden by a pair of black and white glasses.
Sacred animals are dolphins and butterflies.
Origin myth: Came into existence when a lonely Dream began to cry, and his tears spilled onto a lifeless planet, creating the Overworld, and George along with it.
God of the Nether, chaos, marriage, and brides, it’s unclear whether he existed before Dream, or after George. 
Typically depicted as a looming, demonic shadow with a crown of bone, and glowing white eyes.
Sacred animal is the wither skeleton.
Origin myth: Undecided.
Married to Skeppy.
God of caverns and ores, mirth, magic, and mastery.
Typically depicted as either a figure draped in diamond jewelry and a veil, or a figure made or diamond.
Sacred animal is the bat, and the diamond golem.
Origin myth: Undecided.
Married to Bad.
God of the seas, motherhood, and release(of your emotions, of your past, ect).
Typically depicted as a sheep-headed woman, with an axe and a cutlass strapped over her back, and colorful ribbons in her hair.
Sacred animal is the otter.
Origin myth: Undecided.
Married to Niki.
God of spring, battle, victory, and retribution.
Can be depicted in two very different ways. One, as a brown haired maiden, with strands of pale golden flowers framing her face. Or two, as an armored lady, with pink hair that turns to streams of blood toward the end, and baring a tattered cloak on her shoulders, a sword on her hip, and a dagger hidden on her back.
Sacred animal is the fox and the dog.
Origin myth: Undecided.
Married to Puffy.
God of law, order, the married, and the widowed.
Typically depicted as an one-eyed elderly man baring books of law and politics in hand, but also as a golden winged being with a lop-sided halo covering his right eye.
Sacred animal is the crane, and the canary.
Origin myth: Undecided.
Said to be formerly married to the spirit Sapnap, and the nymph Karl.
Technically not a deity? A powerful spirit born to the Nether God, Bad, his domain falls over that of both humanity, and flame. Have up his life to imprison Dream.
Typically depicted as a humanoid made of flame, with ghostly white eyes, and red thread looped through his fingers.
Has no sacred animals, but is, for some reason, closely associated with cod fish, as well as blazes.
Origin myth: Undecided.
The pseudo-sister of Dream, who played a heavy role in his imprisonment.
Typically depicted as a short figure wearing a grinning mask.
Associated with geese, for some reason.
Origin myth: Undecided.
A fox turned human/spirit who’s closely tied with Niki and Ranboo.
Typically depicted as a fox-like person, or fox hybrid.
Associated with foxes.
Origin myth: One day, in the remains of her battlefield, Niki came across a young fox kit that had been caught in the crossfire and killed. Feeling remorse for the death, she went to George and had him revive it into a boy, who Niki took and raised as her own.
Harbringer of fall.
Some sort of fallen god or titan, perhaps? Little is known about him, besides the mentions in the Disc Saga, and a day of mourning meant in his honor.
No depictions. There’s no pictures or descriptions of this strange being.
Origin myth: Undecided/Unknown.
A sea spirit who’s widely honored as Mizu’s number one historian, and preserver of history.
Associations with blue sheep and salmon.
Typically depicted as a reclining man upon the shore, where his legs should be hidden by seafoam. His eyes are a bright sea-blue, and his lips are tinged. 
Origin myth: Undecided.
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mikamoony · a year ago
My Problems With Yashahime So Far
There’s a lot of things HNY that I do enjoy, but lately, the things that I dislike about the show are overriding those positive things. With the most recent episode, the list of issues I have are...astronomical, honestly. 
This post is more of a vent than anything else, but feel free to reply and share your thoughts, if you’d like.
ALSO: I am going to make comparisons to Inuyasha in this post. This is an Inuyasha sequel, so a big part of the quality to this show is based on the original. 
Continuing underneath the cut just in case this is longer than I anticipated.
The plot. It’s episode 8 and we don’t have a clear idea of what the plot of Yashahime is. Even before Naraku was introduced in Inuyasha, we knew what the plot was by episode 2: for Inuyasha and Kagome to collect the jewel shards. Very simple to understand. None of the girls are on the same page when it comes to motivations--Towa wants to regain Setsuna’s memories, Moroha wants to pay off her debt, and Setsuna...seems like she just wants to chill and live her demon slayer life. Speaking of Towa wanting to regain Setsuna’s memories...
The dream butterfly. From what I can gather, the main objective is to regain Setsuna’s lost memories, but how are we supposed to care about her dreams being eaten if she doesn’t care herself? The dream butterfly is mentioned briefly every episode, and that’s it. We still don’t know much about it, other than if you’re attacked by it, your dreams and sleep are stolen, and that it’s a puppet being controlled by someone else. My main point with this though, is that Towa is the only character who cares about the dream butterfly. When she asked Kohaku for information on it, he was quick to dismiss it when Setsuna entered the conversation.  Going back to plot, if so far the plot is “Regain Setsuna’s lost memories,” then why is it episode 8 and we still have little to no information about this subject?
The villains. Lord, lord, lord...the villains. The way we don’t even really know who the main villain is...lol. Anyways, here’s a list of the villains seen in HNY up to episode 8 so far: -Kirinmaru -Riku -Sesshomaru (possibly) -Treekyo  -Butterfly of Dreams -Roothead (dead) -Kyuki (dead) -Tokotsu (dead) -Yotsume (dead) -Fubuki (dead) -Jakotsumaru (dead) -Cat Spirit / Juan (dead) -Three-Eyed Lady Centipede (dead) -Random demon encounter in episode 7 (dead) -Two unnamed 4 perils And here’s a list of villains in Inuyasha we saw by episode 8: -Mistress Centipede (dead) -Some thieves (dead) -Shibugarasu (dead) -Yura (dead) -Faceless woman (dead) -Sesshomaru and Jaken  -Tsukumo no Gama (dead) ...Do we see the issue here? HNY introduces too many villains too early, and then kills them off just as quickly.  It’s hard to say who our main antagonist is supposed to be. It supposed to be Kirinmaru, I’m assuming, yet it’s been more of the Perils posing a threat to the girls. When they learned about him, they didn’t even care.
The “Who is the mother of the twins?” mystery. I really don’t think I need to explain the issue with this. If Rin is truly the mother of Sesshomaru’s children, then what is the point of hiding it for so long? Literally all of us are expecting (and in my case and my others, dreading) it to be her anyways. Too, I don’t think many of us actually...care who she is, as long as she’s not Rin? On one hand, we do care, and that’s why there’s an abundance of Kagura/Kikyo/Sango mom theories (which I all love btw, they’re fun to read), but at the same time if it’s anyone but Rin we’ll all sleep easy. Nothing in the story would have changed if we knew who the mother was before the show started, let’s be honest. Perhaps Sunrise wants to see the fandom try to solve the mystery, but all it’s done is divide the fandom.
Towa’s power ups. When it came to Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga, he had to work extremely hard to master his sword. There were several episodes of him training and fighting in order to use Tetsusaiga to the best of his ability; we even got an arc where he couldn’t use it. Basically, what I’m saying is, he wasn’t able to tap into all of Testusaiga’s abilities right away. But it’s already episode 8 and Towa is able to use her demonic energy like it’s...nothing. We haven’t seen her train or work at all to get this strong. It’s like all these powers are just handed to her, and because of that, there’s no feeling of triumph when we see her use said powers.
Original characters missing. Sunrise is baiting us with the fact that the original characters are missing, and it’s so aggravating and exhausting. If they think that they can keep us watching by baiting us with their whereabouts, they’re wrong. At this point it just makes me want to stop watching. Personally, I’m not even watching because I’m excited--I’m watching because I want at least some type of idea as to what happened to the characters we loved so dearly. I’m watching because I’m worried and nervous. I think I speak for many of us when I say that. I understand that Sunrise wanted the sequel to be a show that didn’t require watching the original show to understand, but like...they could’ve made a completely original show if that was the case. Hell, they could’ve made a prequel, especially if they wanted this to be Sesshomaru focused. Anyways, back to the og characters being mia--literally how am I supposed to care that they’re missing if the characters in the show don’t. Obviously I do care, because I’m attached them, but still. Moroha is completely indifferent to the fact that she knows nothing about her parents. It’s possible that she’s hiding her true emotions on the matter, but can we at least like, I don’t know, get some hints that she’s hiding them? So that if it is revealed she cares about them, it doesn’t feel out of character?  Too, it feels as if nothing that happened in the original show mattered. Kagome destroyed the Sacred Jewel and purified several demons and is reduced to “Kikyo’s reincarnation.” She and Inuyasha’s names are thrown around several times, yet we have no idea where they are or if they’re okay. Kagome’s family met Moroha and recognized her as the daughter of Kagome, yet didn’t even bother telling her anything about her mother, or seemed to have any type of feelings knowing that Kagome, who has been gone for over 14 years now, has a child. They didn’t mention Inuyasha to her either. Many characters compare Moroha to her parents, but not a single one of them goes, “Hey, where the fuck are your parents?” And when Towa was hearing the tale about Inuyasha and Kagome’s fight against Roothead from Yotsume, she had absolutely no reactions--she wasn’t even paying attention. I know she was preoccupied with the polar bear apparition, but how did she miss Yotsume saying Kagome’s name several times? How did she not at least think to herself, “That’s the same name as Papa Sota’s sister” or something of the sorts? Miroku(?) has made an appearance yet hasn’t spoken at all, besides his obscure speech to Setsuna...all in all, it’s just a mess.
Separation of the parents from the children. Here’s the thing...I don’t necessarily mind Moroha being separated from Inukag, nor do I mind the twin being separated from their parents. But the fact that it happened at birth, and not further along when they could like, you know, develop full memories... If the separation happened the girls were older, the fact that the og characters are missing would be much more significant and important. We could see how the girls truly feel about being separated from their parents, because they at least remember them. But again, none of them seem to be in any rush to find their parents at all. And like I said before, if Moroha doesn’t care that she’s separated from Inukag, how is the audience expected to care?
Episode 8. Yeah, I got beef with those whole ass episode. We learned nothing this episode that we didn’t already get from the stills on Tuesday. The episode was supposed to be about finding out the girls’ weaknesses, yet not only are the two villains in this episode, Yotsume and Kyuki, killed off, they don’t even get to use those “weaknesses” against the girls. To be honest, it wasn’t even clear what said “weaknesses” were...you expect me to believe that Moroha as an infant remembered being separated from her parents? Speaking of the Inukag and Moroha separation scene...literally what was the point. As I stated above, we didn’t learn anything from this scene that we didn’t already know...which is nothing. Perhaps it’ll be expanded on in the future, but it just felt so weak. If it was supposed to be angsty, that was some dry ass angst. You mean to tell me Inuyasha didn’t even hug Moroha or say anything to her before Kagome sent her off with Hachi? He just let her do it with no protest? Okaaay... Anyways. Towa gets her cool ass power up out of nowhere. Yotsume dies, which is really weird to me. We still don’t know how Moroha knew him. We still don’t know why he was at the Roothead incident years before. And because he’s dead now, we probably won’t ever know. We are left with more questions than answers, as we have been every episode, and at this point it’s just annoying. That pretty much sums up how I feel. There’s a little more, but I’ll spare you guys because this post is pretty long already. I’m an optimistic person--I prefer to believe that HNY will get better as time goes on. But I’m starting to give up on that belief. It’s not making me happy anymore. I really don’t want this sequel to be something that ruins the original show for me. Obviously, I shape my fandom experience and how I perceive things, but I can’t unlearn the existence of HNY, even if I ignore it ever happened. If by episode 12 nothing has changed, I’m dropping the show. 
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xfangheartx · 7 months ago
InuKag Week 2021- Day 1: Battle Couple
For @inukag-week
Tagging: @mozart-the-meerkitten @keichanz @neutronstarchild @alannada @fawn-eyed-girl @sassybratt9791 @shinidamachu @clearwillow @cstormsinukagblog @lavendertwilight89 @kalcia (I don’t know who else to tag, so sorry! ^^;)
 He felt her legs squeeze against his ribcage in an effort to hang on and he could feel her body tremble a little. He glanced down at her left ankle, bruised and swollen from her earlier fall. Still... she insisted on fighting.
 He had to admit, she was tenacious... especially when it came to protecting others. He knew that, all too well. Still, he couldn't let her fight on an injured ankle, so he did the only thing he could do: he put her on his back and stood in a tree to get a better vantage point.
 The demon growled, holding its spiked club as it glared at the two. Nearby, Sango held the injured Miroku in her arms while Kirara and Shippo stood in front of her, acting as shields in case the demon turned on them. The monk was bleeding from his forehead and even had blood dripping from his mouth. He coughed a little, but he was still breathing... even though it actually pained him to do so. Sango looked at him, worriedly, knowing some of his ribs had been cracked.
 Inuyasha growled, fury building up inside of him as he drew the Tetsusaiga while Kagome readied her arrows.
 "Are you sure you're gonna be all right, Kagome?"
 "Don't worry about me. Miroku's the one who needs help!"
 Inuyasha smirked, a dark but non-malevolent chuckle rumbling in his throat. "You're always like that."
 With that, he leaped in with his sword at the ready while the demon roared, raising its club in defense to block the demonic blade before pushing him back. All the while, Kagome narrowed her eyes, trying to concentrate on where to shoot her arrow. That's when she gasped as she saw the familiar pink glow at the side of its neck.
 "There!" she exclaimed as she pulled back on the bowstring and loosed her sacred arrow, the head piercing the flesh of the demon, which let out an agonized scream. "Inuyasha! Its neck! Aim for it!"
 "Eat this!!" Inuyasha shouted. "WIND SCAR!!!"
 With one powerful swing, it was over. The demon was obliterated by the wave of demonic energy from the half-demon's sword. Sango released the sigh of relief that she didn't even realize she was holding while Shippo cheered for the half-demon and priestess pair. Even Miroku managed a weak, bloody smile while Kirara shrank back down to regular size.
 At that moment, Kagome groaned as she finally felt the adrenaline subside and she felt her ankle throb with pain, causing her to wince... but even then, she felt herself slump against Inuyasha's back, causing him to glance back at her with a toothy smile.
 "You're always overdoing it, wench."
 "Heh... I don't know any other way how to."
 With the demon vanquished and the jewel shards recovered, the group headed back to the village to rest and heal... and all the while, Kagome clung to Inuyasha, tightly as he carried her, and all she could manage was a tired whisper.
 "...Thank you, Inuyasha..."
 "Keh! Wench... you're the one who should be thanked."
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gojocaninfinitymyass · 10 months ago
Here’s another reason why Yashahime isn’t canon.
The Retcons
When a writer introduces new information that provides a different interpretation to an already established plot point, then they’re retroactively changing the narrative. And in most cases, that’s a sign of bad writing, as in, the author doesn’t know how to fix the issues with their story, so they employ newer concepts to fix the narrative holes they’ve written themselves into.
For Y*shahime, here’s some of the ways in which they’ve done exactly that:
1) The Rainbow Skittles -
You mean to tell me that there have been these magical pearls that have existed long before the original story line of Inuyasha and not a single character knew of this information? These skittles can absorb demonic energy, increase demonic abilities, and travel through time, yet Naraku not ONCE ever thought to seek them out during his quest for power. There’s a whole 50 YEARS that Inuyasha was sealed to a tree and kept in stasis, and he was what? Picking flowers for Kikiyo’s grave? Does Sunrise want us to believe that our incel spider is an idiot? I guess he just found the bodies of the band of seven and manipulated an emotionally destroyed monk to erect the barrier around Mt. Hakurei for funsies!
This isn’t even mentioning what that means for our main characters. The well? The sacred tree? Hahaha bullshit. Here’s a time traveling pearl!! Inuyasha’s character growth and desire for strength? Hahaha bullshit. Here’s a rainbow skittle to increase your demonic energy!!
2) Meido and Toga -
Toga can just use the powers of the meido??? Are you fucking kidding me?? You mean to tell me that the incomplete and dangerous powers that he chose to cast off into tenseiga wasn’t necessary?
I guess Pedomaru’s entire journey for power and discovery of compassion wasn’t needed either, since baby daddy Toga could already use the fucking meido. Meaning, the whole basis for Pedomaru’s character arc in the original series is now irrelevant. He didn’t need to complete the powers for tenseiga or figure out how to use them. He didn’t need to strive for anything, which now effectively invalidates the familial dynamic he shared with R/n, since his character didn’t need to discover empathy and compassion. Sunrise just erased Pedomaru’s whole fucking character and made him insignificant to the original series, and I can’t actually believe that they just forgot such an important plot point, especially when they claim to be real “Inuyasha fans.” I-
3) Pinwheel of Time
This. This shit right here! Fuck it. Fuck it hard in the brown starfish, bc I-
You’re going to tell me that there has been some time reversing pinwheel that’s just existed in the main story, and for some fucking reason, that piece of information selectively evaded EVERY fucking character from the original series?
Do...do I even need to explain what this means for the main story? Like...EVERYTHING IS FLIPPING INVALIDATED.
Tumblr media
This isn’t even mentioning Zero and the fact that she’s been alive and awake for the entirety of the original series and not once did she attempt to find the pearls for herself. Shit. She didn’t even find the jewel shard for herself...Let me stop, bc I’m getting angry.
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my-plastic-life · 3 months ago
A Feudal Fairy Tale
The time has finally come. This is a project that has been in the works for 11 months, started last November. If we’re being technical, it could be considered a project 17 years in the making considering I first had the idea randomly in high school.
It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Inuyasha. I owe a lot to the series. It’s the first anime I ever saw, and it’s what introduced me to the entire anime and manga genre, sparked my interest in Japanese cultures and customs, and has even helped me make some amazing friends. My collection began in high school with the Toynami action figures, and since the release of the show’s sequel (Yashahime) in October 2020, my collection has tripled with new figures, jewelry, and other merchandise.
I also had the 12″ collector’s edition doll in high school, and when I got him in the mail (this was back before eBay had PayPal, so we had to get and send a money order before he even shipped), I was thrilled. I then thought, “You know, he needs a Kagome doll to go with him!” But that was it, and Inuyasha went into a display case, where he stayed for all these years. Until Yashahime dropped.
At that point, I knew I wanted to make a Kagome doll to go with him. I’d made some custom dolls already at this point, so I thought surely I could pull this off. Of course, being a perfectionist with a touch of OCD is both a blessing and a curse...
But at last, this idea has become a reality! In honor of the anime’s 20th anniversary, the manga’s 25th anniversary, and the premiere of the sequel’s second season, meet my one of a kind Kagome Higurashi doll in one-sixth scale! Along with all her props! Posts showing behind the scenes progress photos are coming soon!
Oh, and I’m nothing if not authentic... all these backgrounds are actual scenes from the anime, printed out from paused TV screens!
Traveling through the well:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
She loves her bike!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wearing the Shikon No Tama necklace, walking through Kaede’s village:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wearing the necklace with the broken jewel:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Counting the sacred jewel shards (yes, they’re in the bottle - the world’s tiniest bottle of sacred jewel shards!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hit the mark!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shooting a sacred arrow:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Time for ninja food! Inuyasha has his favorite, instant noodles!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next up: Dry potatoes! Kagome is like, “Excuse you, but someone else may have wanted some of those chips.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Red thread of fate: " An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Where we first met.”
Tumblr media
“I wanted to see you.”
Tumblr media
Diorama display (this is inside a bookshelf covered with plexiglass):
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you to all who contributed to making this doll come to life! This wouldn’t be possible without you!
CREDITS: Reroot by Paradise Doll Designs School uniform by elenpriv Priestess outfit by FabHat Backpacks (large and small) by MiniMichCrafts Face paint by me Bow and arrows by me Quiver customization by me School books by me Bike customization by me Sacred jewel shards & bottle by me (bottle was ReMent) Well made by me (with help from my dad and hubby!) Sacred tree by me Shippo by my friend Samantha Rash
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pocket-luv101 · 3 months ago
Across Time || Chapter 29
Fandom: Servamp Ships: KuroMahi (main), LawLicht (side) Characters: Kuro, Mahiru, Hyde, Licht
Summary: Mahiru falls into a well and is taken to a new, fantasy world. He comes across a half-blooded cat demon trapped in a tree. After he frees Kuro, he helps him collect the shards of the sacred jewel. (KuroMahi, InuYasha AU)
Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4 || Ch.5 || Ch.6 || Ch.7 || Ch.8 || Ch.9 || Ch.10 || Ch.11 || Ch.12 || Ch.13 || Ch.14 || Ch.15 || Ch.16 || Ch.17 || Ch.18 || Ch.19 || Ch.20 || Ch.21 || Ch.22 || Ch.23 || Ch.24 || Ch.25 || Ch.26 || Ch.27 || Ch.28 || (Ch.29) ||
Tumblr media
Fire coated the walls of the tower and Mahiru held the fire robe over his mouth to keep himself from breathing in the smoke. A spirit had created an explosion in the castle’s tower and he went to help evacuate the people trapped by the fire. As angry as he was with the castle’s lord for how he treated Kuro, he couldn’t ignore the innocent people in trouble. His spiritual power wasn’t able to put out the fire but he could use his ability to find people trapped in the tower.
“There are people on the second floor. They’re not moving so they could be hurt.” Mahiru took Kuro’s hand and he tugged him up the staircase without thought to how hazardous the path was. His only concern was to help the people on the floor above them. Kuro’s hand within his made him braver because he knew they would protect each other. The fire felt more intense when they reached the top of the staircase and he reasoned it was likely where the fire had started.
He searched the room for the person who was trapped by the fire. While it was difficult to concentrate on the person’s spiritual energy surrounded by demonic fire, he managed to isolate their presence. Mahiru ran to a fallen bookcase and he took off the red robe. He wrapped the large fabric around his hands so he wouldn’t be burned as he tried to lift the bookcase. He struggled against the heavy furniture until he felt an intense warmth against his back.
Mahiru recognized Kuro standing behind him so he wasn’t scared. He placed his hands next to Mahiru on the wood. Together, they lifted the bookcase but the man didn’t move. Kuro held it in place as Mahiru crawled beneath to see if he was still pinned beneath or whether he was hurt. He took his arm and he carefully pulled him out. “Are you injured, Sir? Can you walk?”
“I think my leg is broken.” His answer was followed by a string of dry coughs. Mahiru’s brows furrowed as he thought of what they should do. He didn’t have time to heal the man’s leg when they needed to help the others trapped in the fire. The fire was growing around them and, the longer they stayed, they would inhale more smoke.
“Kuro, take this man to safety. I can sense one more person trapped in the fire and I can rescue them on my own. Go and help Hyde and Licht bring water to put out this fire.” Mahiru needed to yell for Kuro to hear him over the chaos caused by the fire. He adjusted the red robe over his head and he looked up at Kuro. “We can’t waste time or else the fire will spread more. I’ll be fine.”
“I know.” Kuro nodded to him before he turned away. His abilities were best suited to protect and save people so he trusted that he could rescue the trapped people on his own. His robe would also keep him safe from the fire. Yet, a part of Kuro worried that he would be hurt while they were apart. He knew arguing would only be a waste of time and endanger Mahiru so he forced himself to turn away. “Be careful.”
“I promise.” Mahiru called after him before he turned his focus back to the fire.
He followed the spiritual power he felt to a large chest and he opened the lid. Mahiru was shocked to find a young hanyo within the box when the lord stated he hated demons. Was the boy hiding in the chest because he was afraid of the fire of the people within the castle? How did the boy enter the castle? Was he the child of one of the samurai or maids within the castle?
He couldn’t linger on the questions with the fire blazing behind him. Mahiru gave the child a reassuring smile as he wrapped his red robe around him. “This robe is made from the hair of the fire rat and it’ll keep you safe from the flames. Can you run? We need to leave this tower right away so it might be better for me to carry you. Let’s go.”
The boy didn’t respond to him and he assumed that he was in shock due to the fire. He lifted him out of the box and he held him securely in his arms. Without Kuro’s robe, the fire felt more intense and he bit his lip against the suffocating heat. Mahiru knew it was best to escape the fire and breathe fresh air again. He held the child in one arm and he covered his nose to keep himself from breathing in the smoke.
He ran to the staircase but he found that the explosion had engulfed the steps in fire. The path would be far too dangerous for him while he carried the boy. Mahiru returned to the room to search for another way he could escape. A small cry echoed throughout the room and the sound confused him. He couldn’t sense anyone else in the fire aside from him and the child.
Mahiru told himself that the smoke had affected his clarity and the cry belonged to the child in his arms. He reassured him. “It’s going to be okay. Don’t cry.”
“You want to save me even though I’m half demon? Why?” His words broke Mahiru’s heart and it caused him to think of Kuro.
“Thinking simply, you’re a person and I will save you.” He couldn’t comfort or reassure him further when they were trapped in a burning building.
His eyes fell onto the paper door that led to a balcony. There were small flames licking the door but he didn’t have time to search for another way to leave. He gathered his courage and then he marched to the door. Mahiru placed his hand on the child’s head to protect him from the flames as much as he could. He shoved his shoulder against the door and the wood gave way easily due to the fire weakening it.
In his rush to escape, he stumbled forward onto the balcony. He managed to catch himself on the rail and he clung to the wood. The height almost disoriented Mahiru when he leaned over the rail. His eyes fell onto Kuro and he felt calmer despite the hazardous situation. Mahiru yelled Kuro’s name to get his attention. “The fire is blocking the staircase! I can’t use it to get down.”
Mahiru didn’t tell him anything further before he climbed over the balcony. Kuro quickly realized what he intended to do and his heart dropped to his stomach. His body raced to stand beneath the balcony even before he could fully process the situation. Mahiru leapt off the ledge, trusting that Kuro would save him. Kuro jumped to catch him and he wrapped him in his embrace. He held him protectively as they fell back to the ground.
They landed safely but Kuro didn’t let him go immediately. There were small ambers on Mahiru’s collar and he patted the spot before they could grow into a flame. While his mind was frantic with worry, his touch was light and gentle. Kuro had to wonder whether Mahiru was determined to give me a heart attack. He never imagined he would fall in love with a reckless person but he couldn’t let him go now.
“Do the others need help putting out the fire? I can help them after we take this child to be treated for burns.” He said and Kuro nodded. As he stood, he set him on his feet. Mahiru carefully parted the red robe so he could see if they were burned. His face became pale and he dropped the robe in his shock. Kuro didn’t understand his reaction until he looked down and saw bones spill out from his robe.
“That’s impossible.” Mahiru felt sick but he couldn’t take his eyes off the ground. He was thankful when Kuro pulled him into his arms and he pressed his face into his chest. “I was certain that I was carrying a child. He spoke to me. He looked like a half demon as well.”
Tumblr media
“It’s lucky that there weren’t many people within the tower and we put out the fire quickly. My arms are tired from carrying buckets back and forth though.” Hyde said as he poured tea into a cup. He placed the cup on the table in front of Licht. In the corner of his eyes, he saw how pale Mahiru was and how he leaned against Kuro. “I asked a maid to bring tea for us. Do you want some Nii-san?”
His brother had told him about the skeleton he held and he understood the shock Mahiru must’ve felt. During their journey, they faced danger but Kuro kept him safe. The skeleton was a haunting reminder of the threats they faced during such uncertain times. Hyde had lived long enough for him to lose count of the people he lost. However, the pain never lessened so he had sympathy for him.
“Should we head back and tell your uncle to deal with this spirit? You made a scene in front of the lord and you said you didn’t want to help him. Then again, he looks wealthy so I can perform the exorcism and charge enough to buy us a war ship.” Hyde twirled a spell tag around his finger. He thought of how he would’ve quickly exorcized the spirit. Now, he wanted to help them move on.
“That child I found must be the spirit who is starting the fire. I sensed his spiritual energy trapped in the tower but I didn’t think he was the ghost we were assigned to exorcise. His spirit didn’t feel angry. He was just scared.” Mahiru’s hand tightened around his cup. Hyde had assumed Mahiru was in shock and despair yet it was a righteous fury that filled his brown eyes. “He was half demon.”
“The lord didn’t try to hide his feelings towards hanyo.” Licht spoke the thoughts the group held. “He could be connected to why that girl’s spirit is still connected to this castle.”
“We should investigate what happened to that child and give him closure so he can move onto the next life.” Mahiru said. “Kuro and I will go back to the tower and try to speak with him again. His spirit felt wary and he might stay hidden if a crowd of people approached him. Hopefully, he’ll trust me and Kuro enough to tell us what happened.”
“I’ll speak with the workers.” Hyde offered. “Lichtan, you should fly back to Toru’s village and ask him for any information he knows about the spirit. He said that the Shirota family has worked with the castle for generations and he must’ve heard a few ghost stories.”
“I’m staying.” He answered shortly and Hyde thought Licht was merely disagreeing because he was a demon. He started to take a sip of his tea but Licht placed his hand over the cup and pushed it back down. “A demon’s nose should be able to smell that the tea has been poisoned. He’s targeting us and it’s better for us to stay together.”
“Isn’t that a saying among your demon slaying family? We will survive as long as we fight together. Does that mean you consider us a part of your family? That’s a little sweet, Lichtan.” Hyde meant to tease Licht but he didn’t expect to see a small blush bloom on his cheeks. While he didn’t answer him, the way he avoided his gaze spoke volumes. Louder than that, Hyde was surprised by how happy and hopeful the blush made him.
“I didn’t trust that lord the moment I saw him. When I smelled poison in the tea, it confirmed my suspicions. That man is a demon.” Licht brushed Hyde’s teasing aside to focus on the issue. “The lord knew that Neko-san is half demon and that he’s in a relationship with Mahiru. He might be able to know he’s an hanyo from his appearance but not the latter thing.”
Hyde was surprised by how perspective Licht was. He hadn’t noticed the poisoned tea or the lord’s odd behaviour when Licht did. He already knew he was strong after he fought against and alongside him. Since they met, Hyde learned more about him yet he still wanted to know him better. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been intrigued by a human the way he was with Licht.
“Most demons will know Kuro and Mahiru are in a relationship from their scent. They spent so much time together that their scents are almost the same.” Hyde poked his brother. “You took Mahiru back to his village so they could treat his wounds. Did anything else happen?”
“Hyde, you can’t ask people things like that.” Mahiru lectured him but his tone made Hyde chuckle. He stood and he took Kuro’s hand next to him. “We don’t know what the lord is hiding and we should investigate right away. He might try to destroy evidence while we’re talking. Kuro and I will search for the spirit so go to the tower if you find anything.”
Hyde watched Mahiru pull Kuro out of the room to escape the awkward conversation. He looked back to Licht with a mischievous grin. “I finally got them to give us some time alone, Lichtan? Should we go.”
“You’re hopeless, Shit Rat. I don’t understand the things you do sometimes.” Licht rolled his eyes at Hyde but he stood next to him. He lightly pushed his feet against the table and glared at the tea. “Let’s talk to the person who made this poisoned tea.”
Tumblr media
“The tower’s structure is unsafe after the fire so be careful, Kuro.” Mahiru said. They stood at the foot of the staircase and he carefully placed his foot on the step. Once he was certain that it wouldn’t collapse beneath their weight, he walked forward. He held out his hand to Kuro and he placed his fingers on his palm in return. He wanted to hold his hand in the event the stairs broke and he could save him.
The lord declared that people were forbidden from entering the tower. Kuro and Mahiru needed to wait until it became dark so they could sneak inside. They couldn’t light a torch to see in front of them so they relied on each other’s strength to maneuver through the tower. Between Kuro’s heightened senses and Mahiru’s spiritual abilities, they guided each other forward.
The staircase was narrow and Mahiru stepped closer to him. Only a sliver of moonlight was able to enter the tower through the holes in the roof. That was enough for him to see Kuro’s troubled expression. He let go of his hand only so he could hug his arm. “Kuro, no matter what we learn, I’ll protect you from that lord. I won’t let him hurt you.”
“I’m more worried about you. I was thinking of what he said to you and your mother.” It was clear he was close to her from how highly Mahiru spoke of her. He rarely saw Mahiru become angry the way he did when the lord insulted his mother. The lord called her a monster for sympathizing with half demons like him. Kuro couldn’t stand the thought of people judging Mahiru because of their relationship.
“The only thing he said was that my mother is a better person than he could possibly be. My mother has always taught me to be kind and… Well, the Hanako from this time is compassionate like my mother.” Mahiru reminded himself that his family in the modern era was different from Toru and Hanako of this time. He wondered whether the strange parallel in his family was caused by reincarnation of something else. “Every time I learn something about my mother from this time, it’s complicated.”
Kuro placed his hand over Mahiru’s and he squeezed it tenderly. The small action made Mahiru relax beneath his touch and he was happy he agreed to join his adventure to collect the jewel shards. His support had kept him grounded no matter how chaotic their journey could be.
“How do you think the lord knew that we were dating? Hyde joked that it’s because of our scent but it’s impossible for a human to know that.” Mahiru recalled the audience they had with the lord and he searched for hints of the truth. He lightly chewed on his lip before he asked, “Do you think I was selfish, Kuro?”
His question surprised Kuro because he was the most generous person he knew. He had seen him jump to the defense of others without thought to his own safety. He had lived for centuries and a person with Mahiru’s heart was rare to find. “I don’t see how you could think that.”
“When the lord insulted both you and my mother, I was so angry that I wanted to leave. I didn’t want to work with a man like him. I thought the castle was haunted by a regular spirit and it would be better to let my uncle handle the situation. But there are people in the castle who need my help.” Mahiru loved Kuro and his mother and he didn’t want anyone to insult them.
“You said that you would leave but it’s clear that you’re not the type of person who would. The moment you saw the tower on fire, you ran to help put it out.” Kuro pointed out. He pressed a kiss on the top of his head and said, “You’re the best person I know.”
“Thank you, Kuro.” Mahiru paused for a moment before he added, “I can sense the spirit on the floor above us. There’s a sacred jewel shard there as well. The aura of the shard feels as if it’s tainted too. He must have it and it gave him the power to cause the explosion. It’s still hard to believe a child is haunting the castle when his spirit feels more afraid than angry.”
“Half demons learn to be wary of both demons and humans from a young age. He could be acting based on that.” Kuro was thankful to have found someone like Mahiru. He had tried to save an hanyo from the fire. He hoped the child would recognize his kindness and felt safe enough to speak with them.
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sailormoonblue · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sacred Jewel Shards | Season 4
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captain-starry-knight-sky · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Inktober | Day 12 | Shattered
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the-broken-truth · 3 months ago
Yandere Headcanon: Half-Demon Sibling Meets Koga The Wolf Demon
Tumblr media
Continuation of this post: Link
Quick Summary: After your encounter with both of your brothers, you thought you would be able to travel in peace, that is until you meet the Head of the Demon Wolf Tribe & Rival to Inuyasha - Koga the Wolf Demon. How will this end?
Broken: Sorry that I haven't been able to post as quickly as I usually do but I have inflammation in the wrist of my dominant hand and it makes it hard to move it without pain so I haven't been able to write more often. Thanks for understanding.
[Around 3-4 Weeks After Meeting Sesshōmaru]
Another bounty in the bag - more demon fangs and horns added to your collection; you were certain that this amount was enough to bring to the Demon Swordsmith - Totosai. You met him before, when you first began your road to independence, he approached you on his flying 3-eyed and introduced himself, you were respectful to him and bowed before you thanked him for crafted the sword that you now wield.
His response: "I'm surprised you're polite - both your brothers have tried to kill me when I first announced myself." The old man exhaled.
"As you can see, I am nothing like my brothers. So, is there something I can do for you?" You questioned him.
"Actually, there is something I can do for you." He said. He explained that he knew you would engage in bounty hunting as a way of making a living and - if you were willing - he would craft you a new weapon, armor, or whatever you wanted if you brought him enough fangs and armor.
He told you the location of his forge and you offered him to stay for dinner - which he devoured the most of - before you wished him a safe journey back home.
Now, you were riding upon [Horse Name]'s back with 4 large sacks containing the spoils over your bounty while your clawed fingers held the reins and your amber eyes looked at the path ahead - the road to the volcanic field where Totosai lived. It was a rather quiet day, not too much was goining on and you half-expected to run into Inuyasha and his Gang; after all, you did have something he wanted. One of your hands released the reins and reached into your robe's inner layer, then you pulled out a small [Favorite Color] pouch, smaller than the palm of your hand and looked at it - the aura of 5 Sacred Jewel Shards radiating from inside.
That's right - you had 5 Sacred Jewel Shards in your possession but you didn't use them; they were nothing but small spoils of battle or backups in case something happened and you needed a little bit more power. You knew that Inuyasha's stangely dressed priestess could sense the shards so you knew that they would find you eventually, but these were your shards and you weren't gonna let anyone take them from you. That's when they began glowing again then the scent of...wolf?
'Where's that smell coming from?' You questioned as you placed the pouch back into your robe when a wind vortex came flowing down the path in your direction - you covered your eyes while [Horse Name] closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. The wind pressure suddenly disappeared and the smell was more powerful. You opened your eyes and came face-to-face with a humanoid wolf demon.
He had tanish skin, long black hair in a ponytail, armor and patches of brown wolf fur on his forearms, shins, shoulders, around his head like a headband, and his tail; he also had a sword but you didn't smell a lot of iron on it, so he must not have used it much. He glared into your amber eyes with his light blue eyes that had a glare but you weren't fazed.
"Is there something I can help you with?" You asked with an uninterested tone.
"You're not that mutt, and here I thought I was gonna get to see Kagome again." He groaned in disappointment; that name made you raise an eyebrow.
"Kagome? You mean Inuyasha's Preistess Companion?" You asked, this made him look at you with confusion in his eyes.
"You know Kagome? How? And how do you know that damn mutt's name?" The wolf demon questioned.
"I know that 'mutt' because he is my elder brother & I recently met Kagome and the other members of Inuyasha's party when I took down bounty that had a jewel shard." You explained.
"Wait, you're that mutt's brother/sister?! I thought he didn't have any other siblings other than his older brother!" The wolf demon said with wide eyes.
"He didn't know I existed until we met that day. The name is [Your Name.]." You introduced yourself.
"The name is Koga the Wolf Demon. Just where the hell are you going?" He questioned.
"That's none of your business." You glared at him, making him raise his hands.
"Hey, no need to be hostile. Just a question." He said. Then he felt his the jewels in his legs and you felt the jewel shards in the pouch in your robe began glowing again, addition of a warm feeling. You both looked at each other before he spoke, "You have jewel shards?" He asked.
"They are spoils of war and - just like my jounry - none of your business." You said but he narrowed his eyes.
"See, that's where you're wrong - I need to find as many jewel shards as I came so I can take out Naraku and I can feel you have a lot so..." He raised his hand, "Give them to me." He demanded.
"No. Now, get out of my way so I can leave." You demanded.
"No, either you give me those shards out I will..." He was cut off as you held out you open palm in his direction, "Hey, what are you...?"
"Vortex." You spoke and a powerful vortex of wind shot from the palm of your hand and charged at Koga, carrying him away in its strong currents until it was out of your sight. You exhaled and continued on your path - to tired to deal with anything else that day.
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starsilluminateourgalaxy · 6 months ago
Crystal Breathing
A Breathing Style derived from Stone Breathing. Crystal Breathing mimics the beauty and significance of crystals found in the Earth. It is nearly impossible for untrained swordsmen to copy this fighting style as it requires immense flexibility, balance, and grace, more so than other Breathing Styles. The visualization for this style is a pale green, sparkling pattern. All forms of Crystal Breathing are made to be painless to the receiver.
Tumblr media
Sun → Stone → Crystal
Tumblr media
First Form: Crystallization - A simple and straightforward attack to a demon's neck that can appear to happen in mere seconds, leaving behind sparkling residue on the place of decapitation until the demon begins to wither away.
Second Form: Shattered Crystal Rain - An attack that begins from a highpoint and allows the user to quickly accelerate down to their opponent, leaving behind what appears to be falling shards of crystals.
Third Form: Selenite Bounds - The user uses their environment to jump off surrounding structures four times, cutting their opponent each time they pass with extreme precision. This attack, while strong, is stated to be a moment where the swordsman is most vulnerable to attack.
Fourth Form: Twirling Shard Dance - A dance that allows the user to land multiple and deep strikes as they twirl around their opponent.
Fifth Form: Glistening Cavern of Crystallites - Tricks the opponent into hallucinating they are in a cave surrounded by bismuth crystals. The environment heavily captivates the target and allows for an opening. This attack is the most painless and allows the demon at the receiving end to feel a sense of euphoria.
Sixth Form: Fragmentation - A strike that can break or blunt a demon’s attack through rapid sword slashes. It can also be used to break down debris.
Seventh Form: Kaleidoscope - The swordsman twirls their sword at a speed that appears as though a kaleidoscope is forming. This is a defensive ability that can deflect or block nearly any attack.
Eighth Form: Sacred Jewels That Watch for Centuries - This is an ability used to reveal what has recently happened in an environment. The swordsman sticks their sword in the ground for a short period of time, sensing the minerals within the earth. Then the swordsman pulls out the sword and leans their head against the blade, they are then able to see what took place in that area as if they are looking through the eyes of the minerals that have been there for days to hundreds of years.
Tumblr media
Crystal Breathing is an original Breathing Style created by @starsilluminateourgalaxy and is free for anyone to use as long as proper credit is given.
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lavendertwilight89 · a year ago
I’d Come for You
Tumblr media
Ok we are going to ignore how late of bday gift this is for @mamabearcat​ and just enjoy that IT’S FINALLY DONEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Enjoy my love!
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Tumblr media
She was bound with her arms tied behind her. Her ankles were wrapped tightly and she knew she’d have burns from her struggles, but she refused to go down without a fight! They had snuck up on them--Inuyasha and everyone. They were just setting up camp and all of sudden two demons, brothers from the sounds of it, who controlled water and ice, appeared and swept the others away with water, freezing it with their powers. Before Kagome could react, she was knocked unconscious.
When she awoke, she was in their home--or so she thought. Whatever or wherever she was, they were familiar with it. They were making some potion or something…
For what she didn’t know.
“Hey uh--can you guys just be you know, nice and let me get go? I’m sure Inuyasha will be so pleased you let--” Let his what? Jewel detector go? Friend? Companion? Annoying-pain-in-the-ass? His kinda-not-really-but-she-secretly-wanted-to-be girlfriend? “--me go.”
“That half-breed? Pft,” the one with bright aqua blue hair spat. “He couldn’t hurt a fly.”
“Now wait a--”
“Be quiet, miko. Soon we’ll eat your powers and grow that much stronger.”
...Wait a--Hold on--They--They wanted her?!!?
“Uhmmmmm… I’m sorry could you repeat that?”
“Not a very bright priestess,” the one with white hair chuckled.
“You don’t want the Sacred Jewel shards?” Kagome questioned, hoping to spark some interest.
“You have jewel shards?” The one with aqua hair questioned, finally turning to face her so she could actually study his profile. From the back, she had only been able to see their hair and their long silken robes. They reminded her of what Gods would wear. Very regal. Maybe it was an elemental demon thing? Even Kagura dressed fairly nice for being an incarnation of Naraku. The water demon was younger looking with bright sapphire blue swirls upon his sky blue kimono. 
“Well uhh---not on me,” she said leadingly.
“Where are they, priestess?” The white hair one demanded as he slammed his fist into the table beside the thing they were cooking. He turned to face her, his face laced with irritation. His blue eyes were strikingly unearthly--even with his brothers being ruby red. They were deep and almost hypnotizing, his white kimono was decorated with cyan blue crystals. 
“They were back at our camp you took me from. I thought that was why you took me, you dumb-dumbs.”
“We can just eat her now and go back for the shards--the half-breed won’t be able to fend us off with her powers in our systems.”
“Not with the jewel shards in his possession! With his sword of mortals and the shards, he will easily destroy you!” Kagome warned, trying not to let them hear the panic in her voice. Maybe if she could build him up, maybe, just maybe, she could fend them off until Inuyasha came for her. 
“He’s a half-breed,” the dark-haired one stated.
“The half-demon who defeated Naraku,” Kagome informed.
“Impossible; it was a priestess and inuyoukai,” the other defended.
“Inuyasha is the dog-demon you’re talking about!!” Kagome shouted.
“If this is true, then you would be the priestess, and eating you would make us that much more powerful,” the water demon spoke.
“But without a way back to the jewel that I can sense and if Inuyasha uses the jewel, you stand nooooooo chance,” she said, lying through her teeth. Inuyasha would never use the jewel. Not after what happened in the oni’s stomach and the jewel almost consuming him. Especially if she wasn’t around. But she needed them to believe they wouldn’t stand a chance without her. 
The whole situation was like deja vu with the Thunder Brothers. Only this time… This time they had been through so much together. She knew he would come for her this time. She knew she was important to him. She just--she just didn’t know how important. 
Swallowing, she did the only thing she could do--lie. So far the lies were getting her somewhere. Honestly, if she wasn’t lying to herself. It was true. She loved him and wanted him to be hers. Why not sell her feelings? And maybe bluff some of his own? 
“And what should we do then priestess? Obviously, you think you are some key to get them,” the white haired demon said as he sat down next to her.
She arched away from him and turned her face away as she spoke, “Well duh. I mean, I am kinda important to Inuyasha. I’m sure he’s worried about me. That’s why I said you should just do yourselves the favor and let me go now while you can.”
“Inuyoukai are known to be territorial, brother,” the water demon on her other side said, making her turn back to look at the center of the room where the boiling hot purple liquid was seeping out of the pot.
“Only for mates. Even pack, they only care about the alpha female, which this one obviously isn’t and if one falls off, they just replace it.”
“Why say that!? That’s not true! Inuyasha isn’t like that at all!” Kagome shouted, offended at the idea someone in their group could be easily replaced! Inuyasha would stop at nothing to protect and get any of their family back! Everyone had at some point tried to leave the group to protect each other, and every time, Inuyasha was able to track them down. Everytime they were able to help each other. That’s what made them family! 
“Ah, the human heart probably has him acting uncharacteristically… Are you implying he will follow, miko?” The one with icy breath cooling the room asked. She shivered and wanted to shy away from him but held still so that she didn’t back up into the other brother. 
“Y-Yes, he will,” she tried to say with conviction. But she felt like she was trapped between a rock and hard place. And it was freezing outside--or rather inside.
“Perhaps we miscalculated,” the water demon said from behind her as he sniffed her hair, making her jump. “She is scent-marked. We should have noticed earlier.”
‘Scent-marked?’ Probably from him carrying her around so much. Kagome felt her heart start to pound, but refused to let this demon give her any false hopes. She was fairly--no, she knew where his heart truly lied. Kagome loved him, and she loved him enough to want him to be happy… even if it wasn’t with her.
“Interesting; a demon and a miko. Sounds like a tragic romance. Maybe he only marked her to keep her from others. If she’s a miko, and her reiki is strong, he hasn’t taken her.”
“Either way, she is correct; the mutt will come. He won’t abandon his whore.”
“He has a name, you know!” She yelled.
“Oh yes; seems like mutual longing. Tell us, priestess, do you plan to renounce your miko status to be with him?” The ice demon questioned.
“Why should I have to choose?! We can be together without me having to renounce being a priestess and him not being human!”
“In other words no,” the water demon studied her intently in curiosity. 
“No! That’s not it, at all!”
“Oh, she’s just naive then. Wonderful.” The water demon rose and drug her up by her bounded wrists, making her cry out from the sting. “I believe we have company, brother.”
“Ah, you were indeed correct, priestess. He did come for you. Let us see if he will trade you for the jewel shards,” he smirked as he rose, and the chill in the room increased. “Once we have it, he will be no threat to us retaking you.”
“What?! N--” She was cut off by the ice that froze over her mouth, making her cry out in a muffled form. Her eyes teared up from the sting, causing a burn on her skin that spread to her wrists.
“Can’t have you saying anything or muffling anything to make it seem like we have something planned other than a trade,” he sneered as he walked ahead of the water demon who held her.
What could she do now??
Inuyasha was livid. How they snuck up on them, he wasn’t sure. It probably had something to do with the fact that water and ice, elemental demons in general, lacked scent and the youki was low enough to not notice until it was too late. 
He ran as fast as he could; he left Sango with Miroku and Shippo, as they were a little worse for wear after the tidal waves of water that took them away from camp. Miroku could only surmise they were the elemental demons that had to feast upon mikos to keep their powers. A sacrifice, in layman's terms. 
Damnit all. Kagome was no fucking sacrifice!!! She was--fuck. She wasn’t actually his. Not yet anyway. He was waiting until the jewel was whole and gone before claiming her. Not that she knew. He was an asshole. A fuckin’ asshole. 
But what if the well took her away from him once the jewel was gone? What if she decided to go home and leave him behind? What if--UGH! Now was not the time to freak out on what could happen--now was the time to get her fucking back!!
He knew from the moment he first met Naraku that he needed Kagome by his side. The night of the new moon, she not only proved he could trust her, but that she would go out of her way to save him when he was at death’s door. From there, she just became this solidified beacon of hope, of friendship, of acceptance, of--home. He hadn’t been able to put that into words until they had traveled alone for the first time since they’d teamed up with the rest of their little pack; they had gone to Jinenji for medicine for Kirara and it became so apparently clear why he needed Kagome.
She made him belong. She made a place for him--one he didn’t need to make. It was where he always wanted to be. Here. Her time. Wherever. As long as he was with her, he didn’t care.
He leapt onto the cliffside and was hit with the overwhelming scent of the salty air of the ocean. Fuck. He was so distracted by following Kagome’s scent he didn’t even realize where he was heading. Of course, elementals of water would live by the fucking ocean. Endless amount of amo. Perfect. He might be screwed.
The sound of swirling water that disrupted the waves caught his attention. He looked and saw the two assholes appear and--
“Kagome!!!” He called to her frantically. She was in the arms of the demon who controlled ice. The jackass with stupid white/ blue hair that hung at his shoulders with his glowing red eyes sized him up. He smirked. Inuyasha growled in return. 
“Looks like she spoke the truth that you would follow,” the other demon who wasn’t holding Kagome said. His arms swirled around as he twisted the water to hold them up from descending into the depths.
Kagome’s head popped up and she struggled in the ice demon’s hold. Inuyasha snarled as he noticed her mouth was covered with ice and her arms were bound behind her. He was too far away, but he knew if he got close enough he’d be able to smell the burning skin and the tears that streamed down her face. His inner demon was roaring to get her! They were tarnishing the scent mark and their touch alone was challenging him!
Kagome whined as best as she could-- which wasn’t a hard task considering she was already in a significant amount of pain from the ice burning her skin, and she tried to cry his name and warn him of what the demons had planned. But the sound only came out as a garbled whimper.
"Kagome, hang on!!" Inuyasha yelled. Her nasally cry of distress was making his youkai chaff at the surface. 
"Surrender your jewel shards half-breed, and we will return your mate.”
Kagome stopped wiggling and stared at him with wide eyes in fear. Well--again--they didn’t beat around the bush. Hiten also didn’t when he yelled down to Inuyasha all those years ago about saving ‘his lover’. Pfft. That was so laughable. She still thought back to how funny it was, and how he had taken it as such an insult but then…
Then when he thought she’d died… Gods. The way he reached for her hand, pleading for her not to leave him…
It was then she knew, if not during the new moon, that under all that scoffing, all the bluster, all that trash talk, that Inuyasha was just a lonely boy who needed someone to care about him. And she did. She loved him.
Now… they had been through so much. Would he still take it as an insult? She knew he didn’t really long to become a full demon anymore, but was she worth the jewel shards? Not that he should give them the jewel shards! They had no intention of letting her go! 
Realizing she allowed herself to be consumed with the thoughts of Inuyasha and her feeble and undefined (who was she kidding, it was defined as ‘friendship only’) relationship, she hastily tried to cry out again to warn him of their sinister plot.
“Jewel shards?” Inuyasha questioned. He didn’t even realize they weren’t on Kagome. Not that he’d asked Miroku before he flew away from them at top speed; once he had heard what elemental demons do to reiki users, he didn’t stick around for the rest. He hadn’t had time to. Still didn’t--he needed to get Kagome! 
“Priestess, did you lie?” The ice demon questioned as he jerked on her body, sending literal chills down her spine as he froze part of her side in what she thought as punishment for lying. Which she hadn’t. Jerk!
She cried out feeling the crisp cold burn against her body in agony.
“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Inuyasha shouted in fury as he leapt closer to them.
“Do you have the shards or not, dog?” The water demon asked as he continued to spin his arms to keep them above the dark open waters.
“If you want them, give her back,” Inuyasha growled, now only maybe twenty feet away from them as he stood on the jagged rocks that breached the surface of the ocean.
“Oh, so you do have them,” the ice demon smirked as he stopped the ice from forming further. It had reached her upper thigh and stretched to just under her arm. Her breaths were ragged and she wanted nothing more than to be wrapped up in Inuyasha haori resting on his shoulder by the fire… No. She had to focus. She couldn’t pass out or succumb to the pain. The pain needed to keep her focused and driven. Her powers were useless. Unless--
“Give her back and we can make the deal,” Inuyasha snarled.
“Control your youki, half-breed; this isn't a negotiation. You will give us the jewel shards, then you can have your bitch returned,” the ice demon said.
“I know what you do to priestesses… She’s mine and I’m not risking letting you take her with the jewel shards. You can have the whole jewel for all I give a shit; but if you give her back, I’ll give you the shards.” Once he got them. But they didn’t need to know they weren’t on him.
Kagome was confused. He didn’t have the shards but he--
Who was she kidding, herself? Even if he had the jewel shards, it wouldn’t have been a quick and easy switch. Not that it should have been either! Why was she getting down on herself?? It was her job to protect and purify the jewel anyway! She was an idiot. A stupid stupid idiot.
Wait--did he call her ‘his’???
“Kukukuku,” the water demon chuckled. She noticed the slight shift in his aura as it stirred the water. Inuyasha either didn’t notice or didn’t care as the water below the rock he was perched on rippled. His focus was totally on her--and his aura was growing darker by the minute. Wait--the demon said his youki was spiking!! But--no he had the Tessaiga in his possession. What was--
Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw the water take form as daggers. She couldn’t scream anymore than she could flail her arms about. What could she do???
She had purified Kagura’s wind before but not her--same with Kanna. That was it!! She could purify the water! The element they were using was what held their youki! Oh, what she had to do was going to suck--but she had to. She had to save him. After three years of their journey together, Kagome had learned to control her reiki, and now she focused on it as hard as she could. It rose up at her call, and she concentrated on pooling it around her body before shooting it out at the water they were using to stand on.
The demons were taken aback, managing to lock gazes with her as they began to fall into the depths below. She sent her powers to the ice that held her body hostage; the shattering of it sent the demon holding her back into his brother, his magic broken as he fell. Still, she held no hope of being able to swim. Her body hurt too much. She was far too tired and drained from that attack…
All she could do was pray when she hit the water that Inuyasha made it to her.
“KAGOME!!!” Inuyasha yelled from his perch. He hadn’t even noticed the daggers of water that were licking their way up the ledge. That changed when they dropped, along with his girl and the two demons, as she purified the water that held them. He saw she shocked her restraints with her power but didn’t even flinch as she hit the water. Fuck! Jumping over to where she fell without any hesitation, he dove in after her. 
The water was almost pitch black--he was lucky his demonic vision allowed him to see what human eyes could not. And he saw more and more, his vision sharpening and growing stronger as his demon half continued to emerge from the rage; his mate was in danger. He finally locked eyes of her body floating stagnantly in the deep water. He swam down to her and as soon as he had her, he felt the hard push of water against his back. Fuck! The only fucking saving grace was that his demonic half was more in control than he was and could keep calm and let the waves bat at him without much pressure.
Looking down at her face, she was out cold. Her face was slack. Damnit! He kissed her as hard as he could, pushing air into her mouth and then turned to face the rushing water swirling around them, trapping them under the water. He noticed that ice was beginning to form around the vortex. They were gonna trap them in there, huh? Like fucking hell.
Cradling her as best as he could to his body, hoping the little bit of air he could supply her with would be enough, he drew his sword and allowed his youki to encase it. It wasn’t like inside the oni’s stomach where he felt the fang or his own mind become possessed by his body; if anything, everything just seemed clearer like everything in his possession--his mind, his body, his heart, his instincts, and even his fucking sword were all in agreement: save Kagome.
Swinging the sword with one hand, he unleashed his Bakuryūha. The tornados of his own demonic energy swallowed up the water and ice around them, allowing them to emerge from the pool of salty water as the demonic brothers got the treat of their life while they were struck by the waves of his anger. Figuratively taking a solid breath of relief, he sheathed his sword awkwardly as he kept Kagome pressed to his body. 
Once his hand was free, he swam to the surface. He turned Kagome around to face him as he treaded water once they breached the surface, “Kagome! Kagome, wake up!” Shaking her by her shoulders, she didn’t move beyond the way her body swayed with the waves as they pushed them. Her poor face was red from where the ice had been pressed to her mouth to keep her from yelling. No doubt they had planned on taking the shards and then eating her and she, of course, tried to fight them. Stupid woman. She could have gotten herself killed for being so fucking stubborn! Well… she would have been killed if she hadn’t probably talked her way into a ‘trade’. 
Holding her tightly, he swam to shore, using one arm to backstroke so he could keep her face above water and resting on his chest. He had to get her to shore before it was too late. 
Finally finding ground with his feet since his eyes were trained on his unconscious wanna-be-mate, he stood up and whipped her around to hold her bridal style as he made his way to completely dry land. He laid her down on the sand and rested his head against her chest and heard the gurgle of water in her lungs. Fuck! He pounded on her chest like she had taught him a couple of years ago when they saved a drowning girl; something about it would help get the water out? Or was it restart the heart? Whatever. He didn’t give a fuck. The water needed to get out. After a couple of harder presses on her chest, but not too hard to break her fragile human bones, he dipped his face to hers, pressing his lips against hers to breathe air into her lungs again. 
Fuck. If he wasn’t in a fucking panic he would be relishing the first kiss he was giving her. Well--he guessed second. The first one was underwater. But whatever, first one where he could literally taste her, first one he could feel her wet lips, first one he could actually smell her perfect scent surrounding him--
He felt her twitch beneath him once he finally finished filling her lungs, and rose up, waiting. He was met with hazy eyes before she squeezed them shut sharply and began heaving the water from her lungs. Helping her twist her body around so she could use the ‘gra-vi-ty’ shit to help her pull the water from her body, he held her there until she had calmed.
Once she stopped coughing he turned her to face him. She looked worn down but overall, alright. He embraced her without thinking and he felt her sigh shakily.
Once she had come to, and could make out Inuyasha’s lips were on hers, she felt a slight sense of panic before she began choking--water. She drank ocean water. He helped her twist her body around to expel the water and before she could express any form of thankfulness she was in his arms. She couldn’t help but relax and be thankful he wasn’t acting with his usual bravado. 
After a few moments of them soaking in the comfort of each other, they pulled apart. Not as far as Kagome thought he would, but enough so they could finally look at each other in the eyes. Her deep brown chocolate eyes clashed with his fiery ambers.
“Are you alright?” He asked with such earnestness and gentleness that she didn’t know he had in him. His claws came up and stroked against her raw cheek, making her cringe slightly. Honestly, she had forgotten about all of her pain until the subtle reminder was given. He looked so sad, with his ears dropping to flatten on his head, that she wanted to lie and say she was fine to perk up her favorite demonic feature… Actually, she loved his silver locks, his golden eyes, the fangs that stuck out whenever he smirked, the subtle brush of his youki against her reiki. He was just perfect.
Fuck. He shouldn’t have reminded her of her injuries. Dammit all. Even though he knew she’d think he was a pervert, or disgusting, or even a fucking animal… he had to help her. His demon was barely able to stay below the surface, even after releasing so much of his youki to destroy the demons from underwater. Exhaling shakily, he leaned closer to her and rested his forehead against hers. 
“Do you trust me?”
Opening her eyes and meeting his, she saw the reluctance and nervousness in them. She nodded slightly but not enough to remove herself from his touch. “With my life,” she whispered hoarsely.
Her voice killed him. Swallowing, he pulled back slightly only to lick her cheek, making her stiffen. He waited for her to throw him off of her, push back, or show any form or sign of resistance--but she remained steadfast in his hold. Rumbling from her trust in him, he proceeded to lave her cheek again, slowly catching the hitch in her breath and the soft murmur of his name that fell from her lips.
Once he felt her cheek wasn’t as rough and the raw taste was gone, he paused and locked eyes with her, waiting for her to freak out or sit him into the ground. Her eyes just stared back at him with… love? Acceptance? He moved to her other cheek waiting for her to resist but again, she didn’t move. Anxiety ate away at him, but not enough to stop his youkai from pushing him forward to continue healing her poor burned skin. With her unable to speak, it only made him worry more.
Pulling away from her and taking her hands in his, a whimper escaped Inuyasha as he saw how red her wrists were. His thumbs gently caressed them in his hands.
“Inu…?” She started but stopped because her throat was so raw. Between the ice smooshed on her face and drinking the ocean water, she wouldn’t be surprised if she couldn’t actually speak for a week.
“I’m sorry, Kagome. They just snuck up on us--and fuck. I--I should’ve gotten here sooner.”
“It’s not--not your fault,” she whispered.
“Save your voice. I can’t heal that,” he scoffed impatiently, more irritated with himself for letting her get in so much trouble than with her in general. His thoughts were disrupted by her cold hand cupping his cheek. 
"'Mine'?" She asked, hoping that would be enough to get him talking since she really couldn't. 
"Keh. It was a slip of the tongue. I didn't mean--" he was cut off by the most wounded look and couldn't stop the growl that escalated deep in his throat. "Shit! No crying! That's gonna kill your throat further!"
He was right. Her unbridled hiccups that she was trying to force down made the pain worse, but as they evolved into sobs, it hurt in more ways than one. She felt him pull her against him and he exuded a calming rumble from his chest and her body willingly succumbed to his comforts. He nuzzled her hair and exhaled roughly.
“Dammit Kagome… I’m sorry. It really was a slip up but--but--you don’t have to think about it. I didn’t mean to claim you like an object like that flea-bag ridden wolf. I--I was just angry and afraid you were gonna be mad.” 
“Wh-Why would I be m-mad?” She asked softly and cringed at the rawness of how her throat felt. 
He sighed and lifted her into his arms, making her gasp and cling onto him. “We need to get you some actual water and maybe some tea from the old hag’s stash. That salt water isn’t good to drink. But fuck--why wouldn’t you be upset?? Being linked and tied to a half-breed??”
“No… Yash--No. I--I do though,” she confessed tightly as she snuggled into his hold against his chest, making his steps falter. 
“Wh-What??” He gaped at her. Did she honestly just say that??
“I--I love you,” she stated, gazing deeply into the ambery hues that had entranced her from the first time she locked eyes with them.
“Ka--Kagome…” He couldn’t think. He thought he couldn’t breathe. She-- “Y-You must’ve hit your head. Or something,” he grunted.
“Stop…” she pleaded pitifully, sinking back into his hold, grasping his haori with her fingers.
“I just… Kagome. This--no. You deserve more. More than I could ever give you.”
“Just you,” she tried to convey. “That’s--that’s all--”
“Shut up,” he said as he trembled and squeezed her tighter. She swore she felt tears drip into her hair as lips pressed the crown of her head.
“Y-Yours?” She asked brokenly but so hopefully he thought his heart might burst. 
“Mine,” he said as he pulled back and kissed her thoroughly before smiling down at her softly. He had to bend to her. She wouldn’t stop talking if he kept pushing her away and they had a little bit of a way to get back to their group let alone the old bat’s village. “Come on. We gotta get you back to treat your throat. I know you’re gonna wanna talk and shit; no way you’re gonna let me off that easily,” he scoffed with no heat.
She giggled and nodded as she sank back into his hold. While they had so much more to discuss, so much more to plan, one thing had been made apparently clear; she was his and he would always come for her.  
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archeracrosstime · 6 months ago
@museguided​​ (Inuyasha) !!!
Tumblr media
The archer stared at the Bone Eater’s Well in her own era for a moment, taking in a deep breath as she prepared herself to go back. This wasn’t the first argument she’s had with Inuyasha, and knowing the two of them, it probably would not be the last. Though, it’s more the guilt she feels for saying such harsh things that weighs on her heart that gives her some hesitation to jump in.
She had told her family what happened, and as per usual they reassured her that everything was going to be okay. It was natural for friends to fight sometimes, some might even say it’s a healthy thing. As long as the two talked about what happened in full and apologized to each other on what was said and make a promise to move forward, then everything should be fine. Remembering their advice, Kagome then jumps into the past with her trusted pink bicycle, bow and arrows, and a small yellow bag of supplies strapped to her back. She remembered to make sure to bring Inuyasha’s favorite ‘Ninja Food’ flavor, hoping that would help in her efforts to make up with him.
After a few moments surrounded by the blue lights of the time stream, Kagome makes it out of the present and back into the ancient past. However, as she prepared to get out of the Bone Eater’s Well, she notices the dark and cloudy sky above her. It was a signal that a storm was coming, meaning that she had to get out quickly and seek shelter at Kaede’s hut. The last thing she needed was to start off her time on this side getting sick with a cold, holding her group back from hunting more of the jewel shards. 
What was strange though to Kagome as she finally got out of the ancient landmark, was the fact she did not sense Inuyasha or even Shippo nearby. She had gotten a good grasp on their demonic auras by this point, allowing her to recognize them if they approached. They were always the ones who would greet her whenever she came back, Inuyasha more than anyone. Though, she should have expected Inuyasha might not be here considering their fight earlier, but that didn’t explain the lack of Shippo, Kirara, Miroku, or Sango.
“Where is everyone?” Kagome spoke aloud to herself, looking over the area for any sign of her team or even anyone else for that matter. As she looked around, brown hues quickly noted the trees that made up the Forest of Inuyasha. For some reason, they looked more...lifeless than before. She could see leaves falling off, and some trees completely barren despite the fact the autumn season was not supposed to start yet. On top of that, she could feel the slight presense of miasma in the air. Could this have been the work of a demon, and if so, why had no one in her group stopped it already?
Taking matters into her own hands, the teen reaches for her bow and arrow. Thankfully due to having enough encounters with Naraku, Kagome understands how to use her spiritual arrows to purify miasma. Brown hues scanned the area to try and locate the source of it. If she found that, all she needed to do was shoot it. However, what she was shocked to find after a few minutes of searching, was the source of the miasma was...the Sacred Tree... And more specially, it coming out of the spot where Inuyasha had been sealed by Kikyo?!
Tumblr media
“W-What happened to the tree?! That...That shouldn’t be happening! The Sacred Tree is well...sacred! There is no way miasma should be coming out of it! I need to purify it quickly! Otherwise, the tree might die!” With her resolve set, Kagome moves to get her bow and arrow ready. Her aim was thankfully good enough where she easily hit the hole with an arrow, her purification powers working their magic and seeming to horde off the miasma from the tree. 
As the pink light of her powers died down, Kagome looked to see the tree itself still looked damaged. She got rid of the miasma, but it seems like the damages it has caused to the old nature symbol still remained. Her heart ached for seeing the tree in such pain. It was, after all, something very near and dear to Kagome. It was something that not only protected her family for generations, but also something that had watched over her and Inuyasha since they met. It was the symbol of their connection.
Before being able to move closer to examine the tree, however, Kagome then senses a huge demonic aura approach her. It didn’t feel like anything she had encountered before. Perhaps it was another demon sent by Naraku to try and cause chaos. Whatever the case may be, the girl prepared her bow and arrow all the same. She was on her own right now, meaning she had to be careful and make sure the tree didn’t sustain any more damage.
Brown hues soon then laid on the source of that demonic presense, Kagome’s body instantly freezing in shock and fear at the sight. She...She couldn’t believe what was before her. This had to be a dream, right? It had to be! The Inuyasha that Kagome knew didn’t look like that, having purple marks under his eyes and a sharp look in his eyes that gave the impression he would not hesitate to kill. The more she looked at him, the more he reminded her of his full demon brother, and that was never a good sign considering who Sesshomaru was.
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“Inu..y-yasha?! W-What happened to your face?!  I-I know I said some harsh things when we saw each other last, and I-I want you to know I take them back! I came here to apologize! But please, please tell me what’s going on! You don’t...You don’t look like yourself!”
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Inuyasha Ep One vs Yashahime Ep Two:
Inuyasha steals the sacred jewel and is wrecking havoc throughout the village. He’s bounding off buildings and punching through walls with a crazy amount of strength. And with these scenes, we’re shown that our main character isn’t human (at least not completely).
Inuyasha then reveals that he wants to become a real demon, thereby confirming our earlier suspicion that he’s neither a human or a demon.
(Read left to right)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here, we’re given some insight on his motivation, which then poses our first question, “what is he, if he isn’t a real demon?”
There’s also an implication that the jewel shard can grant wishes.
Kikyo was aware that she wasn’t going to survive her injuries, so she asks Kaede to burn the shikon jewel with her body.
Kikyo was aware that she wasn’t going to survive her injuries, so she asks Kaede to burn the shikon jewel with her body.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Although we’re not told explicitly what the jewel can do, we are aware that it is something powerful, otherwise Kikyo wouldn’t have made that comment in the second image
We also know that Kikyo was the one who sealed Inuyasha to the tree
After this, the scene changes and we meet Kagome with her family. Her grandpa tries to explain the origins of the jewel before some rando plot stuff happens. She then has a small narrator moment where she gives us the implication that the well and sacred tree are also important plot points.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene tells us that both the well and the sacred tree exist on her family’s property. They’re things that relate to her in some way and are equally important for the story
The scene changes and we have Sota by the well trying to find Buyo. Kagome goes down and mistress centipede pulls her in and demands for the jewel. Kagome pushes her away and displays some type of power.
At this point we know for a fact that she has some relation to the jewel, although we don’t know the details (yet)
We know she has spiritual powers
The well can time travel
After Kagome climbs out, she looks around and notices the sacred tree. Thinking that she’s close to home, she runs after it to find Inuyasha sealed against it. She gets captured by the villagers who believe she’s some type of spy, when Kaede finally appears and comments on her similarities to Kikyo.
Tumblr media
This is interesting, bc the writer is setting up for the reveal that Kagome is Kikiyo’s reincarnation
Kaede lets Kagome into her hut, where she gives her food, and they have a little chat. During this scene, Kaede makes a serious face before a flashback occurs. We’re shown the earlier scene of Kikyo telling her sister to burn the jewel with her body. There’s an emphasis being given, that makes you wonder why they’re reminding us of that line:
“Take the sacred jewel shard and burn it with my body” - Kikyo
We then learn that it’s been 50 years since Kikyo’s death. Meanwhile, mistress centipede comes crawling into the village causing all kinds of destruction. Kagome decides to use herself as bait and runs off into the Inuyasha forest, since she can see the vapors.
Tumblr media
I love how Kaede says “ordinary,” bc for all we know, Kagome is supposed to be an ordinary girl, yet she can see these vapors.
Kaede is letting us know that there’s more to Kagome’s character. When you factor in the earlier comment about Kagome’s similarities to Kikyo’s, it makes you wonder if she’s connected to the priestess (and how).
While running, Kagome wishes for someone to save her, and that’s when Inuyasha wakes up. Again, something important to note, since we know that Kagome has some type of connection to the jewel. And based off Inuyasha’s earlier comment, the jewel seems to be powerful enough to grant wishes.
Inuyasha sniffs the air and remarks that Kagome’s scent is similar to Kikiyo’s. Kagome is visibly confused, which then leads to this scene:
Tumblr media
We’re now getting confirmation that Kagome looks like kikyo and smells like kikyo. She even possess similar abilities that are likely associated with kikyo too (i.e spiritual powers, etc etc).
Mistress centipede attacks Kagome and rips out the jewel from her side. Inuyasha tells her to give it to him, but she wasn’t able to do so, since the centipede chick wrapped her whole body around Kagome, thereby trapping her against Inuyasha.
Centipede eats the jewel and regenerates her limbs and starts to get stronger, and here is when we learn that the jewel can:
Regenerate lost limbs
Make a person stronger
Bring someone back from the dead (since Kaede tells Kagome to find the jewel, since mistress centipede won’t die if it’s not removed)
Kagome pulls out the arrow, thereby freeing Inuyasha. He slashes through mistress centipede and saves the day. Kaede then gives the jewel to Kagome and that’s about it for the episode. There was one more scene with Kaede after Kagome pulled the arrow out:
Tumblr media
Remember how I mentioned that it was kikyo who sealed Inuyasha? With Kaede mentioning that the spell was eternal, this basically confirms that Kagome is either related to Kikyo or is Kikyo, since Kikyo should be the only one able to undo the spell.
Within this first episode we basically learn:
Kagome is related to Kikyo (somehow) and is more than likely in possession of powers that are similar to hers (I know she’s her reincarnation, but that obviously hasn’t been revealed yet, so just pretend with me)
The jewel shard can grant wishes, heal, regenerate lost limbs, increase powers, and keep a person from dying
The well can time travel; the tree seems to be important too
If Kagome had the jewel in her, then the jewel can likely time travel too
The jewel was probably in Kagome bc it got burned with Kikyo’s body
Inuyasha isn’t a human or a demon, but he wants to become a “real demon”
Inuyasha has super strength and a strong sense of smell
Inuyasha and Kikyo have some type of relationship, since he acted like he knew her before he got sealed
It’s been 50 years since Inuyasha was sealed
Now, compare this to Yashahime episode 2, where the most we learn is:
Towa and Setsuna are sisters that got separated when they were four
Towa has some weird shit in her eye, but we don’t know what it does or what it’s for (or how it got there)
She has super strength and a strong sense of smell
She’s lived in the modern era for ten years
She likely has issues fitting in and finding a place where she belongs, since she called mei her “substitute sister”
She hates bullies and conformity
Towa made a promise to not use her powers
Setsuna and Moroha are introduced
Moroha is a bounty Hunter
Setsuna is a demon slayer working with Kohaku and Hisui (MirSan’s son)
Kohaku became an idiot since he couldn’t tell that Moroha was InuKag’s kid
There are pearls but we don’t know how they’re activated???
Pearls might be able to augment demonic energy, but by how much isn’t known or implied
You see the difference? Inuyasha’s first episode tells us so MUCH about the MAIN plot points.
I can already tell you that Kagome is going to be related to Kikyo (somehow). I know what the sacred jewel is capable of and how it works. I know about the well and our main characters (i.e Kagome is selfless, while Inuyasha is a hot head who wants to become a real demon). Aside from the main goal, Inuyasha’s episode one establishes much more than Yashahime’s first two episodes combined.
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@yasashiai​ continued from here
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Naraku’s eyes narrowed discreetly, a scoff leaving parted lips. Friends? Of course, the wretch wouldn’t know how easily those bonds could be broken. Any bond, no matter how strong, could be broken the moment enough hatred filled their hearts. That fool of a hanyou and Kikyo’s relationship was only a prime example.
Fingers retreated to his haori pocket, pulling out a single shard of the sacred jewel as Kagome proceeded to notch her arrow. There was still something he hadn’t tried and considering the situation, it may provide him the power to gain the upper hand. The spider tilted his head back, opened his mouth and brought the shard into his jaws. Naraku swallowed, casting a wicked grin in his foe’s direction.
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