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carpethedamndiem · 18 hours ago
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vox-anglosphere · 8 days ago
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Ancient of Days - The ruins of Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire
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baduhennasraven · 4 months ago
Travel altar challenge
I love making small altars to take with me, I have quite a few, but lately I've been feeling the itch to make a new one. @breelandwalker posted an article that really jumpstarted the creative process again. So I present to you: the travel altar challenge! I broke up the steps to creating a pocket altar into 19 weeks (or days if you have the spoons) and I'm planning on making a new travel/pocket altar for myself.
Will you join me in the challenge?
The list below is my basic list with some ideas added to hopefully inspire you. Feel free to leave out what doesn't work for you, add what you're missing and do things out of order if needed. Every number is a day/week, depending on if you want to go fast or slow.
pick a theme and/or purpose: This can either be for a specific power or deity, or can be for a specific kind of magic, such as sea witchery or kitchen witchery. You can also choose for a specific purpose instead, such as when you’re staying in a hotel/family home, or one that fits into your planner. Or if you want to make it more challenging, your theme can be the Starry Night by van Gogh, or an altar completely made of paper or clay.
make a list of what must be on/in an altar What are the necessities you need when practising magic? What would you like the altar to have?
choose a container Now that you have your list of necessities, you can guess a bit how big of an altar you need. You can choose a box, altoid tin, jewellery case, cosmetics case, crocheted bag, whatever you can think of.
decorate the outside if needed/wanted
decorate the inside if needed/wanted
representation of deity/spirit/animal/mythological creature/yourself a small focal icon for your altar. This can be an artwork glued into the lid or on a scrabble tile, a carved bead, a small statue made from clay, or simply a picture of yourself. Get creative!
divination method a tiny divination method that fits the altar. Think tiny tarot cards, a pendulum from a shell or ring, tiny runestones.
cleansing method this can be a herb blend that you sprinkle around, a cleansing spray, incense
offering blend either for your deities/spirits, or for the world around you as a thank you for using the space.
charging/anointing oil or water for when you need to make something you found – or yourself – more sacred or powerful
representation of the elements painted rocks or wooden disks, a feather, a leaf, a candle, and a shell, or instead of the elements something for the seasons, or the phases of the moon.
a SAFE candle holder and candle Fire safety is important, especially when you wish to use it outside or in someone else’s space.
incense something fragrant to set the tone. And again, fire safety is important!
altar cloth a thrifted scarf, a doily, a scrap of fabric, something to create a working surface with.
add a text/prayer/poem this can be on the inside of the lid, rolled up as part of the offering blend on a tiny piece of paper, or simply folded up as a reminder and to read aloud.
representations for your altar/sacred space boundaries painted stones or wooden disks, shells, specific crystals, anything to make a ring of protection for you and your work
add some beads prayer/focus beads, power jewellery, or strands of beads for charging, or perhaps a witch’s ladder.
Put it all together is there something you’re missing? Did you have everything on your list? Or are some things too big and do they need to be switched out?
Cleanse and charge your new altar!
Please join me in being creative this spring. Tag me if you make something, I would love to see it and share it with the rest of witchblr.
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pappasquirrelsnest · 9 months ago
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sacred-dwellings · 6 days ago
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httpcottagewitch · 6 months ago
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having some much needed quiet time 
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thesilicontribesman · a month ago
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The Ancient Landscape of Flag Fen, Peterborough
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finding-mypath · 3 months ago
Happiness/self love work 🥰
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camille111 · 10 months ago
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verbenalune · 11 months ago
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A sacred space is so important in the home, I’m not just talking about an altar either, a sacred space can be anywhere where you feel most comfortable and at peace, the best thing is you can have as many as you want too!
This is only one of 3 of my sacred spaces at home, and it’s just been re-decorated with new flowers and new crystals ✨🤍 do you have a sacred space? 🕯
Verbenalune.com ✨
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carpethedamndiem · 2 days ago
"I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget."
- Erin Van Vuren
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sangronxx · a month ago
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villagewitchery · 6 months ago
●New Moon Rituals●
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Other suggestions:
•Practice positive self-talk.
•Write a letter to your future self.
•Write 5 things that you want to be known for at the end of your life journey.
•Practice a guided meditation.
•Be kind to yourself.
Remember, you're practice is valid. You define your magic, your space, your path.
Check out my shop.❤
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pappasquirrelsnest · 8 months ago
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sacred-dwellings · 11 months ago
As we embrace the mystery of love, we see that it contains not an absence of error, but the presence of grace. It contains not the absence of anger or pain, but the presence of forgiveness and healing. Not the absence of disharmony or confusion, but the presence of peace and clarity. To make a home into a sanctuary, we must be willing to make room in our hearts for one another's limitations, as well as our gifts. For it is here in this sacred space of the home and family, so brimming with life, so full of every emotion available to our hearts, that we learn what it means to love within all the nuances of an intimate relationship.
Shea Darian (Sanctuaries of Childhood: Nurturing a Child's Spiritual Life)
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a-wick-with-no-candle · 3 months ago
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A shrine for Aphrodite made with sea shells, rose quartz, pearls, and this really beautiful candle (all from a craft store!)
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httpcottagewitch · 6 months ago
the full moon in gemini is the final goodbye to the past, welcome in the fresh energy from this new year!
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thesilicontribesman · 6 months ago
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Blake Dean Ancient Woodland and Routeways, Calderdale, West Yorkshire.
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baduhennasraven · 4 months ago
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Beautiful double sided altar cloths with Cernunnos print by the Stag Head Studion on Etsy. Imogen Smid makes beautiful handcarved stamps that she then uses to print altar cloths, tarot bags, travel altars and more. Check out her shop, it is amazing.
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