support · 8 years ago
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. 
If you are located in the United States, consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Mix is here to help you with any challenge you are facing.  Reach out online, on social or through their free and confidential helpline.
If you are reading this from within any other country in Europe,  Mental Health Europe has compiled a list of helplines and other resources in your country. 
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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caostalgia · 2 days ago
No puedes olvidar por completo a alguien, siempre se queda algo en nosotros, siempre.
Alexander Alay.
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
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King crying
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finndoesntwantthis · a day ago
I just KNOW Kenny was disappointed that he couldn’t be there as the Buck’s Lita tonight
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whendidmythoughtsgocrazy · 2 days ago
But sometimes, when I’m too happy, I’m afraid I’ll be in pain again.
k.b. // bol4 - to my youth
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black-is-no-colour · 2 days ago
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Andrew Fletcher, Depeche Mode, has died on 26 May 2022, at the age of 60.
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the-poetic-boy · 2 days ago
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desorden-en-letras · 2 days ago
Mi mundo es más bonito por fuera, si entras de seguro te aburres, allá hay mucha depresión y colapsos. Un desastre completo.
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imsadperiod · 2 days ago
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I'm so fucking sad. Hype me up pls :c
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cxllectingseouls · 3 hours ago
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bruh he was gonna go fucking apeshit on that man before he was dropped
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poemsofangela-simone · a day ago
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vanishingsydney · 2 days ago
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Never ever put anything personal on this blog, but here's an exception this one time.
Vanishing Sydney's constant canine companion of the past ten years has died. Monte - a staffy/labrador/greyhound cross - was rescued from a rural pound, but came to know the mean streets of the city and every back alley and laneway in this town over the years. An enthusiastic unstoppable explorer and loyal urban dog par excellence; he was a peacemaker, not a fighter, and a friend to everyone. Widely known and loved, Monte will be sadly missed, passing away at age 12. He was a good boy.
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pissandrats · 2 days ago
I miss you, I think about you all the time
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Lemony Snicket
Li Shangyin
Marina tsvetaeva
Margaret Atwood
Fredrik Backman
Gabrielle calvocoressi
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gentleaddictions · 2 days ago
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kinnship · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: รักโคตรร้ายสุดท้ายโคตรรัก | KinnPorsche: The Series (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Porsché Pichaya Kittisawat & Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun, Porsche Pachara Kittisawat/Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun, Porsché Pichaya Kittisawat/Kim Khimhant Theerapanyakun Characters: Porsché Pichaya Kittisawat, Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun, Porsche Pachara Kittisawat, Kim Khimhant Theerapanyakun, Khun Tankhun Theerapanyakun Additional Tags: Protective Little Brother Porsché, Sick Kinn, Good Big Brother Kinn, Canon-Typical Violence, Post-Canon Series: Part 2 of Big Brother Little Brother Summary:
"Besides, I don't think Porsche would have left if I hadn't agreed to stay."
"Yeah. Probably." Kinn agreed. "Calculus? I liked calculus."
Chay frowned. "I'm sorry, P'Kinn, we can't be friends anymore."
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strikerjoshy · a day ago
Not a single person:
Arknights Storywriters: "Lets make Blemi's Operator Record another sorrowful and sad filler episode! Add some parallels....maybe a sick brother plot!....Uh yeah! Some bible shit, with horse boys! HORSE BOYS!!!!1!1!"
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shoujogalaxy · 7 hours ago
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lilbit-of-kizzy · a month ago
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I see people are using blaze as intended
Well done keep it up everyone
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humanismo-nostalgico · 8 months ago
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Yo, cada año que cumplo un año. Jaja.
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