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#sad boy
moment-sadboy · 4 minutes ago
- Finalmente he aceptado que es hora de dejarte ir siempre guardarás un sitio importante en mi corazón, pero no permanecerás en mi vida ya. Lo he intentado todo para tenerte a mi lado pero me estaba perdiendo a mi mismo en el proceso, por mucho que te quiera, sé que las posibilidades de que volvamos a estar juntos no existen ya, te deseo lo mejor y quiero q que sepas que siempre te querré.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 14 minutes ago
New hair cut,
new hair color.
I try to wash myself
of my love for you.
I scrub and scrap,
but memories of you
remain on my body
likes stains that will
outlast the clothes where they reside.
Thoughts of you still
plague my dreams
and invade and discourage
my thoughts of others.
Where are you now when
I want you here with me?
I need to know if you still think of me
as often as I think of you.
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laurasbailey · 23 minutes ago
People are really like “FUCK YOU PIKE DIE I HATE YOU” for what? Especially if you haven’t watched c1 where is this coming from? These fans, especially ones who are only in it for c2, really know how to take the fun out of things. I know you said it as a joke but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they hate c3 and stop watching.
people need to go to therapy
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yashley · 35 minutes ago
if beau can kill scanlan, vax, and percy it’ll be some fever dream fantasy for me
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painboycasper · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I just need to move on, I've been waiting too long, to feel like myself again, to feel like I never left
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lilmissmelis · an hour ago
today has really set me back for some reason. I know that progress isn’t linear and it hasn’t diminished how I’ve grown, but I’m just feeling so goddamn lonely and down tonight 😞 I never realized how much it fucked me up until now. I thought I was doing okay but ??
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nsfwitchy2 · an hour ago
Perhaps I shall draw,,, vent art at this fine 1 in the morning
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peachy-lemon83 · an hour ago
It sucks feeling lonely even when you logically know you have people who care about you
And yet I'm still alone at night, crying to sad music by myself like always, normally talking to myself bc no one wants to or 𝓬𝓪𝓷 deal with the vent channel
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theoosanabria-blog · 3 hours ago
No existe peor verdugo que el tiempo, así lo pensé hasta que entendí, que me estaba ayudando a sanar, de eso que pensaba que jamás me iba a curar.
Fue tan sabio y paciente, que lo único que me quería enseñar... Era a decir...
Tumblr media
Adiós y soltar a aquello que no quería estar.
Autor: Theo Sanabria
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