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#sad but true
loved-letters · 2 hours ago
Things I Could Never Say #69
We lay together after what felt like hours of adoring each other’s bodies. You kiss me gently and remind me that I’m not like the others, just as you arent like the others for me.
You look me in the eyes and I feel at peace. I feel beautiful and sexy, with a dash of timeless. You roll over after kissing my lips a couple of times more and say “I love you, sweetheart.” I whisper into your ear, “I love you, handsome.”
But what you don’t know is that I thought about him. I felt his presence and I missed him. You see, I gave him the best of me a decade ago to him. We never intertwined our bodies, but we kissed. And in that moment, we made a promise and sealed it. I never knew that from that moment on, no matter who’d I lay next to or fall deeply and madly in love with, I’d still think of him.
But, I love you. I adore you. I feel you. I need you. I want you. I cherish you. But my heart will always have some connection to him. And for that, I am sorry.
Please know this, I’ll always love him. But I chose to fall in love with you. My key.
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loved-letters · 2 hours ago
Things I Could Never Say #20
He’s tall dark and handsome.
He’s hardworking and gentle.
He’s smart and humorous.
He’s charming and vulnerable.
He’s perfect in every single way.
But he’s not you. I feel so guilty.
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ms--ss · 2 hours ago
I miss you so much but I know that you don't miss me. I don't know if I have to find an answer about the end of our friendship because I am tired to try but I just love you so much... I am so fucking sad right now, I hope that you left me only for you to have a better life or because I was bad for you, because I only gained a broken heart
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lookslikeleese · 7 hours ago
too many uwu horny thots, with a heavy dose of PAIN because i will never be able to look at customized wine glasses ever again, not after "the good china"
im sowwy chwistine but i always forget about that fic
if it’s any consolation i don’t think he’d EVER be unfaithful so that fic is INCREDIBLY OOC of him and i drank a lot writing that one AHDJDKSKKA
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loved-letters · 7 hours ago
Things I Could Never Say #21
I lay on the ground and close my eyes, staring at the fan as the moon creates her shadows.
I turn on my playlist and I hear you. I hear that song. I hear the memories. I can’t get you out of my mind.
I see us, in our late teens. We are lying on the floor, staring at each other. There’s no sound in the background, but I swore you could hear my heart pounding through my chest. “Kiss me. Please, show me you feel this too.”
I see us in our early teens, we first meet and I sense a gentle presence. It’s you. Whenever I hear that song, I think of that weekend.
I can’t lay on grounds without thinking of you. I can’t listen to that song without hearing you. I can’t watch certain movies or I cry over the thought of you. I can’t forget you.
As my heart begins to break for what seems the first time (even though it does once or twice a week), I listen to that song.
If being close to you meant through music, then I will accept this tragic ending. If listening to this song means I have to break my heart over and over again, then so be it.
Because feeling the sting of my mistakes means that what we had, even for a quick moment, was real. And you can never shake or replace what was real.
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brightlike1995 · 7 hours ago
hi hello can someone make a gifset of reggie with some lyrics from “comfort crowd” by conan gray. it’s a very reggie song and i NEED more content. the lyrics are also very fitting with that found family content
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coolandswag · 8 hours ago
i would say my biggest strength is probably knowing that all of the guys i've ever met hate me, and honestly, i live for that
because at the end of the day what would a guy give me? happiness? definitely not!
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justcrazysworld · 10 hours ago
Let me closer, just for one night.
Let me know you, just tonight.
Let me pretend, that its fine.
Let me create our universe in my heart.
Let me feel your heartbeat next to mine.
Let me fight for us even if it'll be a war.
Let me be honest, I won't lie.
Let me fall in love and always want more.
Let me laugh and let me cry.
Let me say it a hundred times: I want you day and night.
To H. David
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imchillingonpills · 10 hours ago
my mind get‘s triggered so easily.
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shoto-todoroki-s-wife · 10 hours ago
"Laugh at your self before someone else does it for you"
A/N: this is not an encouragement towards self hate or any other self "harm" actions
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