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#sad poem
coneink · 22 hours ago
No te vayas, quedate conmigo
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bloodnwine-writer · 11 hours ago
I'm an angel in love with a devil .
Who , perhaps , seems to be my last .
For I always yearned for inner darkness , usually hidden behind the flowers .
In his eyes I see no lies
but a soul dying for someone close .
A shoulder to lean and arms to console .
He may seem strong , devilish in thoughts .
But owes a heart filled with repentance and sorrows .
So here I am at a crossroad ,
choosing the less travelled course .
For I believe either would imprison me .
One in rage ,
Other in his gaze
I saw her staring at me from elixir's river
I never knew what those tears hold for me
Love or fear?
The tales told my existence is only lusting for her soul
But all I wanted was her presence caressing my scars
But I don't want my sinful shadow engulf her forever in darkness
I haunted mirrors with my reflection
She healed broken wings of butterfly
My blood stain hands wanted to hold her soft flowery hands
Hell and heaven wanted to be together
But tales never wrote this love story
Credits to @royallylk .....I really enjoyed the collaboration with you🌹
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tryingtogetaway · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
i want to be someone different, someone better
bojack horseman s1e11 // dan deacon’s “when i was done dying” // @artistgrind on instagram // anne frank’s “the diary of anne frank” // richard siken’s “snow and dirty rain” // it’s always sunny in philadelphia s8e5 // mary oliver’s “dogfish” // salman toor’s “green group” // @dirtyblues
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a-moonlit-poet · a month ago
"Please don't leave me,"
Her words echoed
Yet nobody cared.
The boy kept on moving
Pretending to be unaffected.
Until he realized
The water falling on his hands
Isn't the rain anymore.
The cracking of something
Isn't a dead leaf no more.
And the girl he is leaving behind
Won't be his anymore.
Breathing heavily
Suppressing his sobs.
He kept on walking.
Running away
And mumbling to himself.
"Please don't love me more."
Some people don't leave us because they want to...but because they have to.
It's a harsh truth but we all are just meant to live through!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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The word caught your attention, didn’t it?
The truth is, suicide catches everyone’s attention. It’s the actions leading up to suicide that go unnoticed
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