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#sad poem
drepanini · 43 minutes ago
I watch you live your life through pictures on a screen
Through Facebook and Instagram and everything in between
And your number is still saved in my phone
Even though you never call me anymore
I see all the love in your life
And I hope it is all you ever wanted
Even if it feels like a knife
Even if I’m forever haunted
I remember living life by your side
Whether on your left or on your right
Fingers intertwined like puzzle pieces into place
My heart beating like I just won a race
Eating every meal together
From august until November
You asked how I didn’t get tired of eating the same thing
I told you I like having my own routines, with a grin
I watch your life through pictures on a screen
Like all my messages you left on seen
My thought doesn’t cross your mind anymore
But I’m stuck thinking of you more and more
We talk maybe once or twice a year
On our birthdays, or on New Years
And sometimes, even in those you forget
And I act cool, like I have no regrets
I remember signing up to learn to drive together
And we sat in your bedroom trying to remember
The rules of the road before our exam
We walked in together, hand in hand
And all the pretty girls you told me about
Never failed to fill my heart with doubt
You never truly understood the way I felt
Or maybe you did but still, you left
And I still watch your life through picture on a screen
Wondering if it truly is as it seems
And I truly do hope you’re doing well
Even if I’m still under your spell
We don’t even talk once or twice a year anymore
And it’s probably for the best, I’m sure
Doesn’t mean I don’t miss our “could’ve been”
Even if for you it never even began
- another internet stalker
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dumbass-weeb6 · 48 minutes ago
Ever since I was born,
Everyone has left me
Every acquaintance,
Every friend,
Every lover,
And every admirer
Everyone has left me,
Everyone but him
He’s the only one that stayed
And that is why I love him
I know he treats me bad,
And I know that I should go
But I can’t help but love him
For I know he’ll never leave
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kaxtixmons · 54 minutes ago
Hasta que uno de los dos deje sentir lo que sentimos.
Hasta que uno de los dos se dé cuenta de que lo mejor es decir adiós.
Nuestra historia ni siquiera inició.
¿Por qué intentamos ponerle fin?
No puedo estar contigo, tú no me soportas, ¿cómo evito amarte? no quiero más drama.
Me gustas así, inevitable y efímero, como la última brisa de verano, como las tardes de lluvia en invierno.
¿Estaremos bien? Todo el mundo quiere amor, nadie sufrir por él.
Sacrificios, peleas, pasión, no es fácil, y no somos fuertes.
Déjame ir, antes de que lo entiendas.
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shecallssmezaddy · an hour ago
I feel like I’m living in my mistakes. Every mistake I have made is being brought up at my lowest point. It’s too much to handle. It’s honestly a slap in the face. My hearty literally hurts... like I can feel the pain in my actual heart. It’s unbearable and I’m alone. The only thing keeping me breathing is my selflessness. I wouldn’t dare hurt the ones I love, I’d rather be weak & live in pain. That’s probably why I’m so hurt now. I’m always making sure everyone else is okay but what about me? Who’s going as hard for me as I am for them? I can honestly say nobody as I am writing this as tears fall down my eyes alone.
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here with the cold and damp
flashes of the future spring
there in warm and sand
back to where a world
where my mother
was alive and well
my sister and i were
still good friends
my dad and i spoke
a world of pretend;
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Sometimes the one who heals everyone is the one who needs to be healed the most.
-r. n
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Final Therapy Session
this leather chair is cool and uncomfortable
i came to you when i saw no life;
now, i don’t know much of anything
my mind burns, eyes adrift
ocean wide, and unforgiving
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by- Ermys
i lie awake
looking at the stars that seems so close yet so far
i know that if i went with them i won’t be missed
yet when i lay here with tired eyes
i can't help but think of the possibilities of my disappearance
the thought of leaving you is something that i hope will never come true
i know you hate me
yet i love you.
and if i were to leave would you cry
all the time i’ve annoyed you with my presence
but you never left
you stayed unlike everyone else
and if i can just “suck it up” as some would put it
then i could sleep soundly without the annoying voice calling out all of my insecurities
and maybe i could sleep without the monsters crawling out and grabbing me
maybe i would sleep for long
Yet as sleep cradles me in their arms
I can't help but think the cradle that sits so unsteady on the tree may fall down
Crashing into the leaves down below,
And yet if no one is there did it really happen
What if this is all a dream and I just need to- WAKE UP?
If this was a dream, then i'm glad to be dreaming of you
And still as the dawn slowly approaches,
Sleeps soft hands caress my face as they finally takes me away
Away from my problems, my worries, my sadness
And as i drift off holding their hands gently
I can't help but think about how happy i was to live with you
Im sorry love, but it's my time to go to sleep
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themindsjournalposts · 4 hours ago
Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Keep your mind off things that don’t help you. Be optimistic.
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asiabrimari · 4 hours ago
Dark HERstory
Her smile is as bright as the sun
Her aura brought you warmth
She made you feel safe
She was so different
Behind closed doors was darkness
Each breath she took fogged the air
Her skin blue
Her shoulders heavy
In one deep breath
It began to rain.
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God I wanted to kiss you
To hold you, feel you, touch you
To have you look at me like you once did
Hold my hand, tell me you love me
Even if it was a lie
Just pretend, for me?
You would for her
You do for her
You only do it because you don't know how to say no to her
Love me
Even if it is just a drunken lie
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sitaloneinthedark · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am still not over @radiocomusic new album. My roommates were way too loud today, and I have this massive headache so I just put them on and was finally able to relax. (Music doesn't bother me when my head hurts, luckily)
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thelifeofananxiouspoet · 5 hours ago
Sometimes i wish i had no feeling,
You might think,
What about your first kiss,
The euphoria, the bliss,
I say,
What about the regrets,
The painstaking sadness,
That it was with a boy,
Who showed you no joy,
It was just an action,
For his satisfaction.
I wish i never loved,
You might think,
What about your mother? Your father and sisters.
Who love you so dear, with smiles from ear to ear,
I say,
I'm a burden, a solemn human,
A pessimistic girl, seeing the world without a sun.
I wish i was alone,
You might think,
Surely not, there's a man who will love your every flaw,
I say,
I can't love my flaws,
I can't remember who i was before,
Before i became a vaccuum of sorts,
Draining the life force of organisms alike,
I say, im not meant for feelings, emotions and such,
I'm meant for the numbness that succumbs, when every emotion isn't enough, sadness prevails. It doesnt go away. I want to be numb, even if i have to sacrifice what once was.
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saachipirta · 5 hours ago
And now my memory, seems to be failing me
What once was fantasy, Is all I've ever known
~ Song ; All I've ever known // the Bahamas
The poet inside of me, the happy kid and the woman who's all lost;
this song brings everything in front of me,
as if the song was put together by universe to hit bones of my emotions,
as if it was my own.
So I keep this melody near to my chest, like it was my child or like I was it's child,
every that night when the life in me starts flowing out into the dark sky,
when moon, my only friend and my forever true love; is lost behind the freedom clouds.
Feels like my emptiness is being nurtured.
These voids of sadness, happiness, feelings, emotions and moments, in my head, all seem to be filled with unreality.
Because I don't remember anything, anymore.
Fantasy is all that I've ever known.
- Saachi Pirta//@saachipirta
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angstandsadness · 5 hours ago
i am neither good or bad, just person
how do you know if you're a bad person
how do you know if you're a person worth living
do bad people debate their morals
or do only the good ponder about these things
why do the truly good people
doubt themselves
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bellebeaumonde · 6 hours ago
You make me hate everything you like I hate when people say I look and sound like you And every Mother’s Day feels like a chore that I’m not allowed to fail
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caalitooss · 6 hours ago
Llevo meses estando sin estar...
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