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#sad poem
delicatepoetry · 3 years ago
I am sorry if I’m cold at times. If I’m numb, and quiet. There is just so much going on in my head, so much noise, chaos, that I forget to be present. I forget to exist in the moment. I find myself lost in my mind, wrapped in my thoughts, drowning in emotion. You see, there is a voice within me that will not quiet, no matter how hard I try to tame it. I know, I need to stop listening, I need to stop believing it. But how can I run away from my own self? How can I break free of my own mind?
Isabel Cabrera / /  a mess of a mind
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"I miss you caring about me. I miss you saying good morning and goodnight and hugging me when I'm sad and checking to make sure I get home safe. Now all we have is glances across the room and unsaid words in our minds. I guess I just miss knowing that I meant something to you."
-i wish you still cared
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