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#sad poems
novemberchild02 · 14 hours ago
بعض الاشخاص، یقرأ حزنك من عیونك حتي و أنت تبتسم
Some can read your sadness from your eyes even when you’re smiling.
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girlinpeices · 2 days ago
I will not live hostage to this pain forever. It will not paralyze me. And one day I will tell it to unsink it’s teeth from my skin and shake it’s claws from my body, and it will listen.
I will know peace.
I will not taste the blood in my mouth I will not feel your hands around my throat. I will open my fists and let the rage fall through the gaps between my fingertips. I will lay these burdens down.
For me, I am not angry anymore.
-from the heart, for the heart.
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tullipsink · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
you held my heart in your hands and it still wasn’t enough. //A.M
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theprettybluedreams · a month ago
It's not that I regret meeting you
I don't regret our conversations at 3 am
Or the way I smiled at my phone
Imagining our future together
I don't regret the way I longed for your touch
Or the poems I wrote about you
I don't even regret giving you my heart so quickly
But I will regret the way I gave them hope
Hope for the love I desired so long
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thatweekendhaze · 3 months ago
please do not be impressed with how easily i thrive in chaos. it only means that i’ve experienced it for so long, it’s second nature to me
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painted-poems · a month ago
I've been dreaming of flying
I'm standing here, on the firm ground
reaching out so high
I've been dreaming of flying
to the skies
where I can see my thoughts
where I can unite with myself.
Yet, I'm standing here
chained like a horse
running round and round
with my neat shoes on
I step into puddles
wanting them to be mirrors.
Where do I go
with my broken armor
so indifferent
still longing for something
that has never been here.
born in rain
streaming down my face
drawn in a fantasy
creating unreal realms
revealed in sadness
blackening the skies
i cannot hold a single sphere
dig a hole in the ground
to pour my soul in
Born in rain
I can only become water again.
© W. Donovan
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novemberchild02 · a day ago
Tumblr media
She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.
~Neil Gaiman, Srardust.
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girlinpeices · 2 months ago
At times I cannot help but be grateful for the grief thats torn apart my heart. For how lucky I am to have loved something so deeply, it stays with me long after it had to leave me.
-the longing
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amourtae · 26 days ago
a girl who glances, a stranger who glares
Tumblr media
The mirror. She deems it as her worst enemy. Every time the poor girl glances at it, a pallid stranger glares back at her.
A soul she used to once adore so dearly now sends a piercing gaze her way. Both of them, on the verge of cracking.
Instantly, she picks out her flaws. Flaws others perceive as fine, but to her… to her naive self, they’re revolting. Utterly Disturbing.
She longs, she yearns, she aches for the pain to disappear. But each day she wakes, she faces the same, tired eyes. How Disappointing.
The stranger before her, always stands all alone, itching to be comforted. Yet the silly girl hesitates, not knowing how to do so.
Comfort isn’t what I’m used to, comfort isn’t what I know. She sighs.
Yes, change is possible, but the start, the start is ambiguous. Her desires continue to dull.
So for now she’ll continue to stand, facing the stranger.
The stranger who should be a friend.
The stranger who should be home.
— h. (@amourtae)
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