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#sad quotes

Loving you was like losing my soul,

I was in a dark place, death at my door,

Not everyone can feel this pain!

Locked away somewhere,

Death, gore and rain!

Oh won’t you come my way?!!

I’ve been going crazy, only you can save me!

Hear my wails…

And come to me!

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i was going to tell you.

you looked me in the eyes

as my lips breath out the smoke

as if asking “why?”

asking “why are you hiding behind this hooded cloak?”

and i was going to tell you

about the boy who lit me aflame

who told me he loved me

as his knife made the pain

who told me he’d do anything for me

as his feet were runinng away

i was going to tell you

about the constant worry

the heartbeat in my chest became a tune

for the wrecked madmen in the moon

a tune so doomed,

the only worthy answer is a fist to my head

i was going to tell you

about the losing sleep

the sinking deep

and the almost jumping off the balcony

i was going to tell you

abou the ruins i became

the chaos i’m in

the way i hold my darkness

and said “ i love you”

i was going to tell you,

but i was never one to open up

so rolled the rug

and i smiled,

i said

“i just love the way it makes me feel”

even if it’s not a lie,

it wasn’t the whole truth

just because i want to die,

doesn’t mean i dont want to dance in the roof.

(for ‘daphne’. if you’re reading this, i’m sorry i drifted away and i’m sorry i’ve changed)

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