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But sometimes, when I’m too happy, I’m afraid I’ll be in pain again.
k.b. // bol4 - to my youth
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Noches 🪫
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Have you ever wished you could tell someone the whole story of why you are the way you are?
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and I'm not sure where home is anymore.
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so what if you like mainstream music? so what if you find comfort in the same 3 taylor swift songs? why does it matter?
you don’t have to be indie or niche to have a good music taste. there’s no superiority in it.
if it’s the thing that carries us through rainy Mondays and pandemic lockdowns and cloud nine road trips, then that in itself makes your music taste the most beautiful.
go listen to BTS and The Weeknd and Ariana Grande and, kindly, anyone who has a problem with your coping mechanism (because that’s what music is) can fuck off :)
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amigo the devil
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My little Versailles | Druig × gn!reader
Masterlist - Requests are open!
When I tell you I SOBBED writing this I love this song sm. I'm honestly proud of how it came out.
Song inspo: Fourth Of July
Synopsis: After the events in Tenochitilan (the eternals growing apart), you decide to stand by Druig on his decisions, although it hurt you deep to leave your family, and things didn't work out exactly how you planned.
A/N: I changed the place where Druig went after leaving the eternals so the fic would make sense with the song lyrics! I know the whole point of Amazon is that is isolated and all but let's ignore this for a sec.
Warning: angst (as you may notice from now on, I do, in fact, enjoy a lot writing sad things), this one is smaller than I wished for, but it was very emocional for me to write because this song TEARS ME APART.
Word count: 1237
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
"Did you get enough love, my little dove
Why do you cry?
And I'm sorry I left, but it was for the best
Though it never felt right
My little Versailles."
📍Tenochitilan • 1521 d.C.
A heated argument between your colleagues happened before your eyes. You felt like your world was falling apart and you couldn't do anything about it. Why couldn't everyone stick together for god sakes?
'But she won't be Thena anymore' as you saw Makkari sign at the others.
"What if it happens again? She could've killed you. She could've killed all of us" Kingo says, with probably the most serious tone you ever saw him speak before.
"Please..." begged Thena "Please, I want to remember. I want to remember my life" you were standing by Druig's side. When you saw the pain in her eyes you couldn't hold your tears. When you leaned to hold his hand you felt him tense up once he heard Ajak's words.
"It's not important if you remember or not. Your spirit will remain. You'll always be Thena deep inside". He held your hand tightening the grip, as if he was giving you a silent message that he wasn't controling himself anymore. "Trust me" you heard Ajak whisper. With that. You saw your boyfriend's jaw close strongly. He was about to blow.
"Why should she trust you?" you heard the accent you love so much say. There was a hurt tone on his voice that you could tell he was trying to hide. You feel his hand leaving yours as he takes a step to the side, being now right at the top of the Pyramid stairs. "You're asking her to let you erase who she is." He completed with anger, but still holding up.
"Druig, I know you're upset"
"Upset?" Druig yells. His tone surprising everyone. He looks at Ajak. At that moment you could swear that if looks could kill. She wouldn't be standing there. "We've trusted you for seven thousand years and look where you've gotten us." Your eyes were blurred by the tears while he let out everything he held up for so long, you being the only one who knew every single one of these deep thoughts of his. "I've watched humans destroy eachother, when I could stop it all on a heartbeat. Do you know what that does to someone after centuries? Could our mission have been a mistake? Are we really helping this people build a better world, huh?"
Once he says that you take step to his side and putting a hand on his shoulder as you whisper to him "Dru...". His eyes softened as he looked at you and let out a "Sorry, but I have to do this, my love." He grips your hand back, giving it a gentle squeeze. A reminder that any of that anger he was holding had to do with you, whatsoever. Doing it he let go of you, but you didn't leave his side while he turned to the door right beside him and walked towards the stairs.
You hear his voice again. "We're just like the soldiers out there. Pawns to their leaders. Blinded by loyalty." He takes a pause to glance at you. You nod at him, not quite sure about what were you agreeing with, much less knowing what the hell he was going to do, but it's not like that mattered anyways. You'd follow him wherever.
"It ends now" he says while his eyes shine in a scary golden light. And watch as the soldiers leave their weapons and the desperate screams for help finally stop. You couldn't say you felt a certain relief by the sudden silence, allowing yourself to finally take a deep breath by hearing nothing but the sound of the fire.
On the side of your sight you could glance at Ikaris aiming to touch Druig's shoulder to make him stop what he was doing. You were quick on grabbing his forearm and pushing him to the wall by your side as fast as you could. Although you hated turn on your family like this. Druig was your everything. As much as you were everything to him.
Still with teary eyes you stare angrily at Ikaris while he turns his look at Druig's direction and spits out "let them go." before the mind controller could answer to it, you stared at Ikaris deep in the eyes "If you want to stop this. You're gonna have to kill me."
And with that. You both went your unknown way without the Eternals. Togheter.
You knew you were safe with him. And different from the rest of the team, you agreed with his thoughts about humans. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt you leaving your family like this, specially leaving Thena while she was struggling against the Mad Wy'ry and doing nothing about it. Still. You followed him.
"Well you do enough talk
My little halk, why do you cry?
Tell me what did you learn from the Tillamook burn?
Or the Fourth of July?
We're all gonna die"
📍Oregon Coast Range, 1933
"The Great Fire hadn’t destroyed the trees. It had merely killed them, leaving them standing as massive snags that, each summer, got drier and more flammable."
After the both of you left. You went to the Tillamook forest, a place that for some reason, Druig seemed to be found with. And you we're pretty much okay with it. Since you had him. Where you were living wasn't exactly a matter to you.
After centuries of building a life at this place. A misterious fire grew out of the trees. Taking everything you had in the blink of an eye. Not even you could stop it. It was too much.
Now, you both saw yourselves on a dead end. Again side by side. Watching as the fire took away long years of history. The scene seemed to be bringing back memories.
You sat besides your partner in complete silence, watching as the the loud fire took the place of the trees, that were long dried and nearly lifeless. Just standing in there. Waiting for the right moment to fall. You put your head on his shoulder, still silent.
You could hear Druig's light sobs while now touching him, and that made your heart break into a million pieces. The world was now like this, just as he was now, hopeless. While nations struggled with the Great Depression and he saw humans as they sunk themselves on a pile of crisis and death. The first world war had just happened. And specially considering the time you both lived, it was all pretty recent to you, too much new weapons, too much cruelty. All too much. You were now forced to see your beloved humans live the consequences of it. Of their own creations and ambition. And there was nothing you could do about it. Not anymore.
The nature was crumbling, falling apart. And now, just like many other spots around the globe it was happening to your home. The place both of you struggled to protect, were promises were made and dreams were built. It was all down on flames. Tillamook was burning.
"We'll start over" you said to him, wanting to sound as hopeful as you could, but not really sure if you made it. "Togheter" you saw him trying to smile to you as he nodded. You heard a quiet, yet so sweet "Yes, my love" come out of his lips. Making you smile. "Togheter".
At least you had each other.
And that would never change.
"Shall we look at the moon, my little loon
Why do you cry?
Make the most of your life, while it is rife
While it is light"
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I'm just trying to hold on.
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is it really your “favorite song” if you didn’t put it on full blast in the car while having your weekly mental breakdown
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that is what i feel lol
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If I can't love you as a lover I'll love you as a friend
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a playlist for when you want to lie down in the grass and let the plants grow over you
bag of bones - mitski
trace - skullcrusher
funeral - phoebe bridgers
oom sha la la - haley heynderickx
i don’t wanna be funny anymore - lucy dacus
not a lot, just forever - adrianne lenker
even - julien baker
paul - big theif
うたのけはい - ichiko aoba 
full control - snail mail
witches - alice phoebe lou
100 year - florence + the machine
monkey & bear - joanna newsom
jo - haley heynderickx
this is not who i want to be - joanna sternberg
hot knife - fiona apple
salt in the wound - boygenius
body to flame - lucy dacus
picture me better - weyes blood
army dreamers - kate bush
francis forever - mitski
moon song - phoebe bridgers
joan of arc - judy collins
full playlist
-c. 7/9/21
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This is for the lonely ones. The ones who go to bed and think they got no one. The shy kid at the playground. The runaways on greyhounds. The ones who always wonder where their friends have gone. The boy who can't stop crying. The girl who gave up trying. This is for the lonely ones. I am just like you, I have been there too.
k.b. // lonely ones - lova
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“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”
-Edgar Allan Poe
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