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#sad stuff
chajaxvsstuff · 2 days ago
Menschen sind nicht süchtig nach Alkohol oder anderen Drogen. Sie sind süchtig danach, der Realität zu entkommen....
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kez-the-kid · 3 days ago
I made myself cry 😃
I wrote the rest of Iroh’s song and I hate myself for it, so now I’m going to make you suffer as well 💃🏻🕺🏻
Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells
Drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home
These leaves did fall
From branches overgrown
Drifting slowly down
Resting all alone
The little soldier boy
Taken from his home
Forced to fight a war
That was not his own
Leaves form the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells
Drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home
Leaves fell that night
When everything was silent
No one dared to make a noise
Quiet for the soldier boys
Little soldier boy
Found his way back home
His mother cried and wrapped her arms
Around his own
Little soldier boy
Bleeding on the ground
Brave soldier boy
The bravest around
Little soldier boy
Could not come home
Brave soldier boy
Marches alone
Little soldier boy
Did not come home
A brave little soldier boy
Was stolen from his home
Do what you will with this 😃😃😃
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status-maker · 3 days ago
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themadauthorshatter · 5 days ago
Henry Stickmin Headcanons Part 2, to "celebrate" the finale of the Toppat!Charles AU(Press F to pay respects). I'll be going in and oit of the AU as well, but that will be seperate from the other headcanons
In Triple Threat, and in order, the tallest is Ellie, standing at 5'9" and Henry is the shortest at 5'4". Charles sits comfortably between them at 5'7". Neither use their powers for evil, even though it's tempting to literally something over his head sometimes.
Each member of Triple Threat has their reactions toward horror in general.
Charles is pretty unfazed by games like FNAF or anything with heavy jumpscares. He will not watch a movie with bad jumpscares(jumpscares used poorly.) He was a baby watching Sinister, The VVitch, and Lighthouse.
Ellie gets scared by just about anything, but breaks whenever she sees evil clowns specifically.
Nothing really scares Henry. Or at least he tells himself that. He's less open by getting scared, but don't tell Ellie or Charles.
Ellie and Heney, because they were in a mischief mood, tried scaring Charles. He punched Henry in the face on accident.
Charles sings really well, but only when he thinks there's no one around.
Ellie is the smartest of the trio. That doesn't mean Charles and Henry are idiots, even though they've done things that have warranted them a spot in the dumbass hall of fame.
When Rupert first joined, he'd literally never been more annoyed than when he met Charles, who, in his opinion, talked too much and didn't take anything seriously. It didn't really help that Galeforce always partnered the two, as to keep Charles safe on the ground when he couldn't directly see him. Rupert was mad at the fact he'd gone through a lot of training and was promoted to government babysitter, and it boiled out of him when Charles asked if he was okay. Rupert snapped at him, shouting at the pilot to just shut up for five minutes and actually do his part in missions, which was have Rupert's back or keep him informed of anything around them. He also yelled that Charles is incompetent and shouldn't even be in the military, as all he does is talk. He had brought this up with Galeforce, when the two got back and Charles excused himself to allow Rupert to give the report on their mission, but got a very proper scolding. He apologized to Charles when the YOUNGEST PILOT EVER got them both out of a sticky situation using some incredibly evasive maneuvers that Rupert was sure would get them killed.
After the deaths and funeral of Mr. And Mrs. Calvin, Galeforce adopted Charles, something that was in the couple's will. Charles did not talk to him for a long time, not until a rainy day that prevented any work that needed to be done. Galeforce noticed Charles sitting near either a patio door or by a window staring up at the clouds. He carefully sat next to him and admitted that he missed Charles's parents, too, saying they were very good friends of his and were always good to turn to for a smile or just to take a breather. He couldn't imagine how Charles felt, but he still missed them and was sorry all the same. That's when Galeforce noticed a card Charles was holding to his chest; a birthday card, one that read, "Charlie, if you're reading this, know that your father and I love you very much. No matter what, always remember that. We couldn't have asked for a better son, one as silly, smart, and ambitious as you. We will always love you. I'm sorry. Love, Mom," from Charles's mother and, "Hey, hawk. If you're reading this, it means something really bad happened to us both. Sorry we won't make it back for your birthday, more specifically that I broke my promise to you. You deserve to be happy, and I hope you can do that again someday. Charles, you can miss us, you can be sad, you can cry, it's more than okay to. I just hope one day you can smile and be happy again for us. I'm sorry. Your mother loves you, Charlie. I love you so much, son. Love, Dad," from Charles's father. There smugdes on some parts of the card, some old and some new, and it especially struck Galeforce that the two extremely sad messages shouldn't have been on a nine year old's birthday card. Galeforce apologized for not being Charles's parents, though told him that he'd try to be what they were, maybe more. He didn't talk, but Charles did huddle closer to his side and Galeforce put an arm around him as they continued watching the rain.
Do not challenge Charles to a foot race. He will outrun you.
Do not challenge Ellie to an arm wrestling match. She will always win.
Do not challenge Henry to an underwater how-long-can-I-hold-my-breathe challenge. You will most likely drown.
Triple Threat beat each other in their respective challenges/contests by cheating/sabotaging each other; Henry will try tackling Charles while Ellie will try to trip him, Charles will try kicking Ellie's chair to push it away while Henry teams up with him to try and push her arm down, and Ellie will throw little pool torpedoes at Henry, which is more passive than Charles shouting, "This is the greatest PLAAAAAAN!" and cannonballing in before wrestling Henry back above water.
Charles wakes up Ellie and Henry in various methods, since he's usually up first: He'll usually use an alarm, but sometimes, when he's really energetic, he bangs pots and pans together, gets a teakettle singing, uses and airhorn, and, the most extreme he's ever gone, taped a brown lunch bag to a leaf blower and brought a really bright light into both their rooms, rigging the devices to a light switch. With a snicker, he began to play that army/military wake up song on a trumpet with a megaphone taped to it and flipped the switch.
Both of them were ready to kill him.
Henry was initially left at an orphanage, but he was adopted at the age of seven. He was brought up well enough, until one of his parents started noticing that he was acting "weird," as in his 'ability' to see his choices and fails. This parent started ignoring him and told him to start acting normal or he'd be sent back to the orphanage. The other parent, the one that also noticed but didn't want to talk about it, still loved him, though started to get a little irritated when their partner left out of spite; "Either I go or the crazy brat goes." The other parent re-married and this new step-parent was nicer, but happened to wirk as a janitor for the CCC, and warned Henry to be careful with his 'powers' because the people the step-parent worked for weren't nice and would do bad things to him. The step-parent meant well, but Henry, having the memories of the parent that left fresh in his mind, took it as a threat to behave, which made him a very anxious kid. Anxious enough to become a kleptomaniac and pickpocket to relieve stress.
Ellie had the most normal life, having two parents and a brother, but turned to a life of thieving because the pressure of being a good person and her family's view of a black and white world drove her crazy.
You would have to be crazy to try and take on all three members of Triple Threat at once.
The trio sometimes share a room and bed, because of nightmares and they don't want to be alone.
Yeah. Triple Threat is basically a found family.
Ellie is the father and Henry and Charles are her two, wonderful, dumbass children, even though there are times the two take turns being the mother.
Now, ONTO SOME POST TOPPAT!CHARLES AU STUFF! This is kind of like an Epilogue, so buckle in.
Triple Threat gets two weeks off to fully recover. (Thank goodness)
They return to their apartment and go straight to bed, though they actually just camp out in the living room.
They still sleep like the dead; they wake up LATE the next day, at 4 in the afternoon.
Breakfast for dinner.
Even when they know they should go back to sleep around 10 pm, they stay up and watch movies. They let Charles pick, and he chooses a collection of Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies, and even the Looney Tunes Show.
Henry and Ellie notice him giggling whenever Daffy's on screen, and can't help but wonder why, though they don't ask when he also gets tears in his eyes. He explains later that he used to watch the old version of Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies with his parents and even Galeforce, sometimes, even though it was something that happened less frequently as Charles grew and became a more solid part of the military.
They stay up all night, taking turns watching movies, making small talk, and just enjoying each other's company.
Charles does have an episode when they're making lunch the next day when he accidentally drops a glass and has a flashback of Right killing the pilot of a destroyer sent to rescue him. It is a nerve wracking memory and it leads him to breaking down on the floor. Henry and Ellie do help him out of it, but he refuses to share what he saw with them. They don't push it and tell him to feel free to share whenever he's ready.
They keep an eye on him when he takes his ADD medicine, just to be safe.
They often go outside to do workouts, because they don't want to break anything in the apartment. Charles keeps up with them, and they simply enjoy the breeze and the outside when they're done.
Henry and Ellie do talk about what she told Henry back in Part 6, and she apologizes for not telling Henry sooner, also admitting that she was scared he would abandon her, if she told him. Needless to say, Henry's just glad the three of them are together.
Charles is welcomed back much more warmly when they return from their break.
First daybback and it's out of the frying pan and into the flame, because they have another group of thieves to deal with, smaller than the Toppat Clan, but still noticable: a biker gang that's here to steal stuff by any means necessary and be an insane headache for police and people on the road.
They don't know much now, but they will when the gang is followed in the air.
Galeforce offers Charles to fly and get some possible intell, though says that if he isn't comfortable with it he can back out.
Charles agrees, and says with an excited, nervous smile that he's missed being in the air.
Galeforce makes sure Henry and Ellie keep an eye on him, which they promise to do, before everyone sets out, Charles taking a seat in his fixed up helicopter with Henry and Ellie behind him.
With a deep breath, they head out, ready to do some government recon, which they're successful in.
At The Wall, Dmitri is grumbly and still a little pissed at how Henry got away AGAIN, but has to admit it's good to not have to worry about the Toppat Clan anymore, most of whom being in maximum security cells.
Right is bored as hell, but is glad that his cellmate is Reginald; Right's missing his cybernetic arm from the elbow down, his legs have been downgraded to be normal legs, and he is no longer OP.
Reg apologizes for letting this happen to the clan, but Right assures him it's not his fault, self deprecatingly admitting that he may have been stupid for MAYBE crossing the line. Reg can't help but softly chide him for it.
Right promises that they'll get out, though Reginald only snuggles into him more, saying it can happen in good time, but right now he just wants to be close to Right a little longer.
The CCC hasn't gotten a single major chaos reading since the orbital station was destroyed and the clan was arrested. Bill Bullet chuckles a simple, "Not bad, kid," as he leaves his readers to their work.
Terrence is kicking back in his new room, lying in a bed as he reads a book. He's enjoyed having regular, warm showers, access to a razor to shave, and, mostly, a sky that didn't have the orbital station in it; it leaves a bad taste in his mouth that Reginald actually outdid him, sending the clan in space for a short time.
He chuckles at the fact that Henry would've been a damned good leader, mostly because he could see overthrowing HIM to be easy. "Too bad he joined the government instead," Terrence sighs with a shrug before he burts into laughter, mad, hysterical laughter. It really would've been fun to see Henry as the leader of the Toppat Clan.😉
Back with Triple Threat, after their mission as they sit on a hill that would've held Charles grave, if this was Valiant Hero. They're quiet, enjoying the sunset and the sound of the waves below, not ready to go home yet.
Even though they're all quiet, Charles tips his head back and takes a deep breath, taking in the sun, the air, everything, before returning his gaze to the sunset.
"Man," he breathes, "I've... really missed this."
Ellie replies that she has as well, Henry nodding in agreement.
They all watch the remainder of the sunset, though, quite nicely, all three are holding each other's hands and smiling to themselves
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deadcalmlol · 5 days ago
I was wondering why i don t really have friends for sometime, then i realised that i don t really add anything to anyones life, im just a gap filler in a group or company to bored people
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thatboyonthestairs · 5 days ago
I just want to be okay
Wrote a song about the words I won't say
So take the love you said would stay
And just spend it all at the bank
I see you're moving on
While I just write this song
But I'm glad to see
That you forgot about me
Let the memories wash away
All the pain let it fade
I wake up to another lonely day
And I ask how could it have gone so wrong?
Why does it feel like we still belong together?
But I'm glad to see that you're finally doing better
Don't ask about me
Cause I'm bracing for incremental weather
So tell me tell me
So tell me tell me
So tell me tell me
That I will be okay
That the pains not here to stay
And I will tell you that the happiness has gone away
My Serotonin is on short supply today
Send the rations out
Send the rations out
Send the rations out
I'm fading now
I'm fading now
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kiteislostforwords · 9 days ago
We're just dumb fools who keep people in our lives even though they're bad for our health, making "love" an unreasonable excuse.
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sentimientos-al-limite · 13 days ago
I wish living life was easy, but mine has been a mess... 🥀
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darkelf-drawingart19 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
An OC drawing
Comissions open
Give it a reblog!!
Ig: Phoenixfeather.19
Yt: Alice Wintercrest
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ayehesemotional · 15 days ago
I think I’m the problem in my own life... I don’t know what too do or where too even go... I just want too be okay doesn’t have too be great just fucking okay I’m tired man I really am tired of breathing even that’s gotten harder
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kiteislostforwords · 21 days ago
Sometimes I just need my fam to hug me and tell be it's okay if I haven't gotten everything figured out, that its gonna be okay and that they'll be there for me until I heal. But no. Please don't look down on me. Please don't judge me. Please dont push me away because I failed your expectations. Yes I'm an adult, but just like a child when i stumble down I also need that hug and reassurance.
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skittlebits · 23 days ago
So sad Jessica Walter died. RIP 😥
I won’t lie though, when I read she died in her sleep (a preferable way to die for many), my first thought was:
Tumblr media
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pottsstories · 26 days ago
Día 0
Yo vivo para ti, para ti, para ti, pensando solo en ti, solo en ti, solo en ti, rebuscándote ¿no ves?, me he dejado de querer...
Así empieza una canción de Carla Morrison, es curioso que te lo cuente, pues no deberías saber nada de lo que siento en estos momentos, más bien, no debería demostrarte lo débil que estoy en estos momentos, eso te daría un punto, y vas ganando, pero tu partida me ha hecho cuestionarme muchas cosas, pero ya que estás aquí déjame contarte unas cosas que no puedo decirte, se que te importa un carajo pero tengo la necesidad de platicar estas cosas contigo pues al final tu y yo fuimos algo... o eso creo, en fin ¿recuerdas cómo empezó todo?, seguro que si pero te lo comento de nuevo, solo en caso de que se te haya olvidado.
Recuerdo que el día que te conocí era un día más, claro que no sabía que te iba a conocer, entré a mi computadora con intenciones de revivir algo de mi infancia y claro ahí es donde te conocí, en un juego, ¿quién lo diría?, conocer a una persona por un juego, en fin, recuerdo que estuve viendo el staff, y vi un personaje del cual no hablaban tanto pero era igual de famoso que todos los demás que pertenecían a ese staff, se me hizo extraño que nadie hablara de ti pues como personaje te veías simpático, ahí fue donde te conocí. Días después, entraste en un evento y recuerdo perfectamente que llamé tu atención pues gritaba tu nombre como si estuviera conociendo a Lady Gaga por medio de un juego, a los minutos me di cuenta que tenías una cuenta de Twitter y me hice un perfil solo para conocerte mejor, te seguí y ¡pum! A los segundos me seguiste de vuelta, no me lo esperaba, y lo primero que me comentaste fue: ¿te gusta Harry Potter? Y te respondí con un ¡siii!, Y después de comentar y comentar tomaste la decisión de enviarme un mensaje por privado, pues nos estábamos exponiendo ante todo el mundo, la química fue inmediata, hablamos y hablamos.
En un momento sentí que estaba en las nubes, por fin todo cobraba sentido, desvelarme contigo era de las mejores cosas que hacía, y nuestro interés aumentó justo un 19 de Septiembre del 2017, curioso que ese día hubiese un terremoto en mi país y tu estuvieras tan preocupado por mi, ese día lo marcó todo y no solo para mí país sino para nosotros, suena cliché ¿no es cierto? Pero ese día me pediste mi número para hablar por WhatsApp y yo estaba muy feliz de que por fin pudiera ver tu cara, pero para mi sorpresa tenías de perfil la imagen de tu personaje, ¡que decepción!, pero como siempre, leíste mi mente y me preguntaste si quería ver una foto tuya a lo cual accedí y justo al ver tu foto sentí esas famosas mariposas en el estómago, tu mirada tan profunda, tu sonrisa tan única, tus rasgos tan especiales, y quedé fascinada de ti, en ese momento era muy ingenua pues tu ya habías visto fotos mías y no pensé en pedirte fotos de vuelta, sentía que no era apropiado, pero claro tan solo tenía 17 años. Recuerdo que cuando me enviaste esa foto perdí toda la esperanza de poder estar contigo y además no me sentía a tu altura, pero aún así seguí hablando contigo, sin importar lo que pasara.
En esos momentos yo hablaba con mucha gente, muchos hombres pero ninguno me interesaba como tú, mi gran error fue hablar con más hombres... pero ¿realmente fue mi culpa?... no éramos nada, pero éramos algo, que confuso.
Bueno ahora lo veo con otros ojos, pero no hubieras entendido lo que pensaba en ese momento, simplemente me rendí por que sentía que eras demasiado para mí pero no sabía que harías después, jamás me lo imaginé, fue algo tan mágico que me lancé al abismo sin imaginar lo profundo y lo duro que sería el golpe.
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bigbearbjorn · 27 days ago
After coming out 11 years ago, starting HRT 7 years ago, top surgery 6 years ago, hysto 2 years ago. After all this time, I feel more out-of-touch with the trans community than i ever did. Feels like the further I transition, the further I'm pushed away. Wish i could be 14 yr old me again with all my friends getting through life together..
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The Case for Curufin
What, it’s Day 5 already?! Wow! Time certainly flies when you’re committing war crimes having fun with the Fëanorians!
The prompt I picked for today is “Celebrimbor,” so I decided to do a little meta about my thoughts on why Curufin was probably a pretty good father, despite his flaws. As always, many thanks to @feanorianweek for all their hard work!! 
Now, it’s meta time!!
I see a lot of fics that portray Curufin as a pretty all-around terrible parent. Neglectful, abusive, selfish, unfeeling--the works. And I’m not at all here to criticize that portrayal. Everybody has different interpretations, and that’s okay.
But I don’t personally feel like Curufin would be a bad father. Probably a dad with high expectations and standards for Celebrimbor, but not cruel or abusive towards him. 
First of all, Curufin has six brothers and collectively, they have only one nephew (Celebrimbor), which means that probably, Tyelpë has a lot of affection directed towards him. If Curufin were to behave violently or neglectfully towards Celebrimbor, I don’t think any of his brothers would let that fly. He’d have six angry uncles knocking at his door in two shakes of a lamb’s tail if he so much as threatened Tyelpë.
And given Curufin’s life circumstances, why would he treat Tyelpë badly? He has absolutely no need to! Yes, he’s manipulative and dangerous, but he’s manipulative and dangerous towards people who can do things for him. Tyelpë has nothing to give him--not political advantage, not funds, nothing. Why would a known opportunist like Curufin waste energy antagonizing someone without reason? It would be a complete turnaround from his typical style.
Also, the fact that Curufin had children at all, when every single one of his brothers chose not to, shows that he must’ve wanted a kid badly enough to risk  bad things happening to them in the future. If he knew going in that having a child could be incredibly dangerous both for them and for him, then I can only assume that he was incredibly loving and protective towards Celebrimbor. By introducing a living weak spot into his armor, he showed the power of his want to have children, which would make it nonsensical that he would then treat his offspring badly.
And lastly, my personal headcanon is that Curufin actively did things that he knew Celebrimbor wouldn’t agree with in hopes that he could drive him away. He wanted to keep him safe from the horror of the Oath and the mad ness and danger that was affiliated with the Fëanorian family. If he wanted Celebrimbor to live in relative safety, he would have to cut off his relationship with him completely. Forever. 
And he did that. After wanting a child that badly and spending all of that time protecting him from harm, he forced him away, distanced himself, and then died without seeing his son again (probably). Curufin made the ultimate sacrifice for love--a recurring theme in Tolkien’s work. 
Even as an extremely flawed character, Curufin is just another example of the pure power and strength of unconditional love.
And that’s heartbreaking to me. 
Anyways, I hope you got something out of my little meta thingy!! As I said before, this is just my interpretation. :)
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iforgotmynameiguess · 29 days ago
Years ago I entered the old building in order to find silence and peace for a few hours. I sat down and opened my book. But suddenly, I felt someone's presence. It was familiar to me and my heart. It gave me chills down my spine. The atmosphere suddenly went cold. I turned around to see who it was. It was him. He had the same shining grey eyes and black hair since the last time I saw him. He walked towards me and took my hands and intertwined our fingers. His touch made me feel the same way it did, years ago. In his eyes, I didn't see my reflection. I saw the reflection of our memories. He was the same person, who once, was the cause of my euphoria. And it was happening again. I was falling in love with the same person again, just the way I did, years ago. He leaned in and pressed his lips into mine, just the way he did, years ago. I felt the same euphoria I felt, years ago. He was confessing the same way he did, years ago. But not every love story has a happy ending. I lost his presence, the same way I did, years ago. He died once again just the way he did, years ago. I saw myself breaking and falling apart into pieces just the way I did, years ago. Tears ran down my cheeks as I stood there realising that my true love died once again.
This was my first trashy story- so any type of constructive criticism or feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for wasting your time ;D
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ynwberry · a month ago
𝗪𝗗𝗜𝗚𝗪 (asanoya)
Nishinoya, the outgoing little fellow, the best boyfie. Azumane, the manliest boyfie ever but their personalities could never be alike.
Feelings could change, like how the way you loved boys and now girls. Not that I don't wanna let you go but I've been here before. You're always with your friends while your phone's at home, I act like I'm fine. Can't remember how we started, you've been out of home always.
Where did I go wrong? Was I too strict?
Where did I go wrong? Was I too boring?
Where did I go wrong? Am I overthinking?
"Asahi-san!" I heard this tiny winnie voice of his and looked back. "Woah, you're so tall." Noya told me with shimmering eyes. I left out a chuckle "Hey?" I said. "Well.." "Uh.." He keeps stopping between words. Is he embarrassed? I thought. "When.. are you gonna go training again?" He finally got his words together and asked. But I immediately recalled the fight between Daichi and I. I shooked my head and left him in a daze.
That's where we started.
I've always knew that Nishinoya is not really what you call gay. I mean, he still falls in love with girls. And that's what I'm talking about, I knew that but still risked our relationship.
Where did I go wrong?
"Hey Asahi-san, meet my gf! she's y/n! she said yes, last week!" Nishinoya exclaimed. "I thought we have this special relationship already Noya-san?" I asked. "Yeah! bestfriends right?" he answered.
Where did I go wrong? Oh, did you change your mind? How could you change your mind?
I know we started out alright, I swore we'd last this time but we didn't even start.
-- 13 by lany
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