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#sad thinking
loving-ricciardo · 8 hours ago
Daniel, I know there is a 1% chance of you even knowing what tumblr is but I hope you know that your fans are here for you always and we won’t forget all of your achievements like ever!! And we all still believe in you!! Two and half season to go!! You will get there!! We know you will! I’m sending you all of the best vibes and a big hug 💛💛💛 also today was not your fault! Like at all… you did amazing and im sorry for how it turned out.
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himbodiaz · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
it's very important to me that you know that I had this same exact thought and also I think buck would wear the ring on the chain most of the time so he doesn't lose it and instead get a tattoo around his ring finger
buck getting a tattoo because a ring and medal can be lost but a tattoo is permanent and he wants a reminder that he’s always going to be a part of the diaz family 🥺
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lemongogo · 21 hours ago
Saw someone on Twtr say that MVA "isn't that important to the storyline going forward" bc ppl were mad that BONES is adapting the Kurogiri/Aizawa/Mic chap next ep instead of starting the Villains arc and yk what. u were right they shouldn't even bother animating MVA at this point. the anime doesn't deserve to have it 😐
ppl who undermine mva’s importance r so silly HAHA its one of bnhas best arcs in how it develops its antag cast and poses moral and physical (quirk upgrades) challenges to midoriya+1A moving forward .. like u dont have to be a villain fan to understand how significant it is 😭
what sucks is that the damage is already done; by shelving mva, restructuring the plot, and championing endv and hox as the main focus for s5, etcetc, no amt of mva is gonna Change it now :( futhermore, theyll probably condense it into 3 fkn episodes or smth and wonder why the reception was so poor // use that as justification for less villain focus in future seasons . its so upsetting, i wish they’d just kept with the manga as they’ve always done
anyways. YEA HAHAHAHAHA our mva now ..
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bella and the 0 self-worth
i’ve been rereading new moon, and this line towards the end, when bella’s thinking about becoming a vampire:
“This was always the hardest part. Charlie, Renee. Now Jacob, too. The people I would lose, the people I would hurt. I wished there was some way that I could be the only one to suffer, but I knew that was impossible. At the same time, I was hurting them more by staying human.”
it really hit me, for two reasons.
first, she’s wrong! charlie is clearly so happy and so excited to have bella in his life. even if you sat him down and said “would you rather never see your daughter again, or keep her but be in danger because there is a supernatural force you cannot stop trying to kill her,” he would 100% choose bella! it’s such a fundamental misunderstanding of his love to assume that he’d be "less hurt” with no physical danger, but grieving the supposed death of his daughter!
we don’t really know enough about renee to make a canon defense of her, but i would guess she’d feel similarly. and jacob is in physical danger regardless of bella, (he’s a wolf!!! he’s in this!), and he has made it clear it’ll hurt him even more to know that she’s a vampire and their enemies than if she literally died.
second...warning for minor discussion of suicidality in this next bit.
because, not to get way too personal, but this is a thought that i have had a lot. removed from the supernatural context, obviously--it wasn’t “by staying human and attracting vampires,” but when i was at my worst, it was always “i am hurting these people more by staying in their lives and fucking things up than it would if i just killed myself and they could grieve me.”
which is wrong! it’s so wrong, for so many reasons, which was why it was really jarring to see that exact same pattern in bella’s thoughts, especially when new moon is such an intense depiction of depression!
it’s honestly really sad. like, i think it gets said a lot, (and i’ve been one of the people saying it!), that bella is selfish. she prioritizes immortal life, and doesn’t care about how it could hurt the people who care about her. but in this context, it’s really...not selfish. it’s that she genuinely doesn’t see her own worth to the people around her. it’s all about “what can i do for them/what can i give them/what material benefits do they get from me” without considering that she is more than that, and people love her for more than that!
and she never gets to unpack that! we as readers never get to see her challenge that! she doesn’t grow into realizing that she has worth separate from the material things she provides, and that’s really, really sad.
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vvcantwrite · 20 hours ago
You said you wanted asks so,,, reminder that when c!Schlatt was yelling at c!Quackity to take down the whitehouse with him, he hit him with a pickaxe a few times. Now imagine Quackity's absolute dread when Techno screamed "I have a pickaxe and I'll put it through your teeth!" after the failed execution :) I am drawing parallels that will make people sad :)
why would you hurt me like this…what did I ever do to deserve this
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alonz-ho · 4 hours ago
tell simon i love him thank u have a good day
Tumblr media
Sleeps with eyes and mouth open
Tumblr media
Derpy faces
Tumblr media
A meaner who stalks Bobbi around all the time
Tumblr media
He peets too big for he got dayum peets
Tumblr media
Slav squats Bc it’s comfortable
Tumblr media
Constantly missing his eyebrows, a new injury to mark the day of the week, and always begging for food
Tumblr media
Suffers from chronic blepatitus.
Tumblr media
Constantly biting off more than he can chew (this is so much funnier than seeing it from the side but it’s hard to catch him doing it for long enough. He does it when he’s playing so he’s got the zoomies at the same time)
Tumblr media
Doesn’t learn even after making the same mistake over and over again
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doemons-blog · 7 hours ago
my depressingly bittersweet postcanon hc is that dean and cas do grow old together as human beings but dean dies before cas does. like even tho they're old and wrinkly and saggy and gross and happy, they're human. and idk. I just feel like dean's lost cas so many times, you know? I think when their lives on earth really end, dean would go first. and cas would grieve, but he'd have this big, beautiful family right by him. and he'd know his time is soon, too, but he'd not be consumed by it all because now he's had a lifetime on earth and he's going to have eternity in heaven soon.
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venusiangguk · 8 hours ago
r-religious au...??? no stella not corrupting the church boy pls 😩😩😩 innocent subjk cant stop staring at oc like she hung the moon and stars after she gets him off with a titjob
his first sexy experience is a scene where he sees her panties after she shotguns him while they hotbox her car n jk gets all shy n she's like... 'oh? want to see?' n jk has always been so curious 🥴
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onhaunting · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
favourite Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff songwriting parallel: the possessive lover trope
chorus of ‘everybody wants you’ by red hearse / paper rings - taylor swift / 91 - bleachers / peace - ts / last kiss - ts / you are in love - ts / lover - ts / how you get the girl - ts / cardigan - ts / gorgeous - ts / gold rush - ts / delicate - ts / secret life - bleachers / me! - ts
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equalseleventhirds · 17 hours ago
goes into the w359 tag
sees something abt how w359 'doesn't go in-depth on what makes a person a person' and 'doesn't address the horror of being a duplicate' and 'eiffel losing all his memories is meant to be an all-good happy ending'
exits the w359 tag
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aloysiusluna · 19 hours ago
dumb rant but i’m so confused as to why i never seem to mean enough to any of my friends? all i’ve wanted all my life was a girlfriend bestie i’ve felt connected to, understood, loved and appreciated. and don’t get me wrong, i’ve come across beautiful people and connections but there is always someone above me in their life. they have a number one, and all i’ve ever wanted was someone to see me as their first choice in a friendship. like, before i moved i thought i had that and i was coming into a place where it was but even before leaving i knew i was wrong … intuitively, i knew that a lot of the meaning in the friendship was talk, i know where their priorities lie and it’s in numbers. and so now i am here and as per my intuition, things aren’t what they were said or seemed to be and now my bpd ass brain is spiralling and im trying to get over it. because i will come across someone who seeks what i do. i have to
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helenasurvives · a month ago
queer is literally a slur. like you’ve never been called that in a derogatory context like most lgbt people? you think your experiences escaping homophobia make it okay to justify the use of a homophobic slur?
queer is an identity.
it has also been used as a slur. there is no denying that. but using a word as a slur does not make it a slur. because before queer is a slur it is an identity. before it is derogatory it is a label. the use of queer as an identity is infinitely more important than the use of queer as a slur because the people who identify as queer are infinitely more important than the people who use queer as a slur.
say a lot of people decided they hated me. despised me. were disgusted by me to the point where my own name became a slur. would you tell me not to say it? would you tell me i could no longer be helena, and instead must come up with a euphemism for the name that belonged to me decades before it belonged in the mouths of bigots?
because that would make you an enabler.
you would tell me i can’t say my name anymore because some lowlife decided he could use it to insult me?
you would tell a gay man that he can’t be gay anymore because some teens in the early 2000’s started calling everything they didn’t like “gay”, and now he has to say “same sex oriented male identifying individual”?
does that enrage you? because it should. that’s exactly how you sound.
you are telling me i cannot use my label. you are telling me that when my great-uncle shouted until his face was red and he spat tobacco and the word queer at my feet, he was right. he was right to insult me, and i was wrong to say my name.
you are shitting on every single one of our predecessors. you are slandering every person who fought for their rights to exist and and be tolerated and be celebrated in their countries, every person who was lost to the aids epidemic, every person whose country criminalizes love and gender expression, every child whose parents abandoned them for straying from the norm, every person who was born and will die in the closet longing to be themselves. the queer umbrella is a safety net, a security blanket, the comfort of being known without being pressured to tell. it is near and dear and important as fuck to every member of the lgbt+ community and you are a blight upon the earth you walk.
how dare you speak upon my experiences with homophobia. how dare you disguise your own homophobia as activism. and how fucking dare you have the audacity to come to my blog and hide behind an anonymous ask and preach to me about how i’m oppressing myself. go look at the fucking wikipedia page for queer and read about how 1980s lgbt+ activists, especially lgbt+ people of color, fought to call themselves queer in a world that still hates peculiar things. and here you are forty years later spitting queer back at their feet.
i don’t give a fuck if people start using my name as a slur. my name is still helena. i will not change it. i chose it, i like it, and it belongs to me. it does not belong to bigots no matter how badly they want it. your discomfort with my identity is not my fucking problem.
i am helena. i am queer. die mad & go fuck yourself
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