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#sad thoughts
drepanini · 34 minutes ago
Favourite mistake
We were too young
That’s what they said
We hadn’t lived long
I was stuck in my head
The world never even gave a chance
They condemned us for life
I spared you only just a glance
Yet i was met with a knife
And if you come back in a while
I’d hold onto you again
Parts of you buried in my smile
I’m still holding onto back then
We were too young
There was too much at stake
We didn’t think
It would never take
Stuck in a future
that only existed in our dreams
Even if on the inside
We were bursting at the seams
And even if all we knew was a waste
I’d do it all again without haste
Cause even though our love was burned at the stake
You will forever remain my favourite mistake
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brokenxbella · 51 minutes ago
Getting out of this hole would be too exhausting. Let me stay depressed, that’s all I’ve ever known.
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hellagayforyou · an hour ago
Why could I get attached to a series that’s full of rainbows and sunshine and where everybody is happy?
Cuz now i am emotionally destroyed and crying in my room in the middle of the night
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unendlichkeitenstille · an hour ago
I'm feeling so lonely. It hurts. It hurts so bad, i can't breath anymore. I can't cry. I can't talk about it. I don't know who to talk to and .. what am I gonna say? I don't wanna die but I don't want to live either. It's hard to take responsibility for myself. It's hard to live. I can't explain it and even if I could who understands me?
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darkwritingz · an hour ago
i‘m always the one who cares more,
and i‘m so tired of it.
i‘m the friend that is always there,
i’ll always help you out,
i‘ll be there for you in your darkest times,
but also when you’re on top of the world.
i have my flaws,
i‘m not the perfect friend.
but i’m honest, loyal and protective.
but most importantly i fucking care.
when you need help i won’t ignore you.
i’ll be there the whole time until you’re better.
but i’m the one hurting, always.
cause no one cares about me, like i care.
and i‘m tired of it.
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darkwritingz · an hour ago
maybe i made a mistake.
i‘m sorry i hurt you.
but now you did the same.
and i‘m hurt.
but you don’t even care how i feel.
i was trying to make it right.
i was trying to make you feel better.
but you’re ice cold.
trying to rip my wounds more open.
and it hurts so much more.
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sadsquishi · 2 hours ago
I am not at the beginning of this.
I have been fighting for years, and now I am tired, burned out, and numb.
Tips, tricks, and motivational quotes from posters lining office corridors fizzle before they reach me here.
I wish I was as hopeful as I once was.Confident in new solutions.
But now I just want to know the name of the room that keeps me here. And why nothing I ever do seems to work.
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pillowhugger · 2 hours ago
I feel like I'm wasting all my teenage years...
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The less you have, the less you have to worry about .
- Buddha
The more you have, the more you'll THINK you need.
- Me
After some time you'll throw some of the things you spend a lot of money for, and they'll look insignificant to you.
I kinda throw out 60% of my make-up.I don't even want to think, about the hundreds spent on nail polish.(I haven't done anything to my nails in 2 months.) This just made me feel sorry for myself lol.
Now I'm just gonna go, and listen to 7 rings haha.
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Most of us grew up with an imaginary friend
Most of us grew up with an imaginary friend.
A little friend to keep us company during school lunches, or sit next to us on the way home. They gave us cotton candy, new games to play, and made us laugh like no other. Although, no one seems to pay much attention to when this little friend packs his bag to go. No one bothers to wave them goodbye, or wish them good luck on their travels. It’s as if one day we are just suddenly grown up, and capable of taking care of ourselves, we have embraced the loneliness.
“At least you know I won’t ever leave you.”
“You know you’re better off with me!”
Some of us aren’t as lucky as to say goodbye to our little pal. Rather, it is as if we desperately try to hold on to the happiness of having them with us all the time, only making us more and more miserable. The cotton candy turns into mould, the laughter turns into silence. Everything seems to almost lose its colour and warmth, starting to mimic the void inside of us. That fun friend, turns into a shadow always hanging over you, always whispering.
“They must be laughing at you because of that thing you did last week.”
“Why would you be eating that? Look at you!”
“Are you sure they’re not just with you out of pity?”
“He would rather be with her than with you, he probably is right now.”
And the funny thing is… You listen. You listen to that little fucker because that dipshit used to be your best friend. You become a puppet in their strings, and you don’t even try to resist. It’s as if resisting hurts more than simply letting them whisper that poison into your ears. Because maybe they are right. Sure, they’re not always, but sometimes they are. And that sometimes is enough for you to keep believing everything they say. They could suggest the craziest bullshit, and you still listen to them. All because after all, they are the one who knows you best…
“Maybe just skip the meal one time, no one’s gonna notice anyway.”
“Go and draw some butterflies on your arm, it’ll look pretty.”
The trouble comes when you let yourself become the shadow. You listen to its every command, no matter the consequence, and it leaves scars. The worst thing is, once you let it go that far, you won’t ever be able to take it back, you will forever have to live with the memories it has left behind on your body, on your friends, on your family. You become so poisoned that you can’t even see who’s good and bad anymore. You’re so blind that you’re just reaching out, hoping for someone to catch you before falling into the black void.
“It’s better off this way, just you and me.”
“No one will miss you.”
Most of us grew up with an imaginary friend, but only some of us are lucky enough to get away from the shadow it leaves behind.
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sadsquishi · 2 hours ago
I suppose it makes sense that I wouldn't want to go somewhere with people who make me feel like I have to be a version of myself that I don't have the energy to be, or who constantly drain and invalidate me. It just sucks that they're family-- the only family I have left.
I feel so isolated,so t i r e d. I have all these people who would love to spend time with me, but it's like it takes energy to be around them, even the ones who I consider friends, and I'm just so tired. I wish I could just socialize like a seemingly normal person.
I'm so tired of being tired and stuck in my head.
I miss being fun instead of exhausted and heavy.
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abhinavsingh0004 · 3 hours ago
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living-under-rock · 3 hours ago
reject humanity, return to monkie.
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idkwhatnamesblog · 3 hours ago
( 05/13/2021 ) 3:32 pm
I had reached 1 day without sh and i screwed again... I feel like i HAVE to do it everyday, i was feeling fine but then i realized that i was not feeling fine i was just distracted, everything that makes me distract of my life is good, but when i "come back" to the reality... I just sh myself again and i don't think my psychologist appointment is going to be today bc it's full , and it's fucked up bc i do know that i need help and this help never arrive so everyday i get worse, i told my mom that i was getting worse everyday and she was like: " no you aren't, you're fine". I can't do this anymore every day is the same thing: wake up fine, life hits, feel depressed, suicidal thoughts, sh, felling sad or empty... I'm so fucking tired.
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lucky-chaos · 3 hours ago
Once upon a time there was a happy little girl, then she grew up and turned into a monster...
What the story failed to mention was that way deep down, she still had a good heart, and what happens when you have a good heart in such a cruel world? She was broken behond repair, she was scared of the real world on the betrayal she’s felt time after time for trusting people, so she pushed everyone and everything away and became what she thought would protect her from the pain. She needed to be loved not to be strong and that’s when she realized...
The world is such a cruel place for a pure heart like hers.
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nevaehsbottledcoke · 3 hours ago
Her life is weird there are ups and downs and sometimes her life just likes to flip around...things change for the worse and the better but as time goes on life just upsets her.She hides in her hoodie it’s nice and warm but somehow it seems her confidence is torn. She hides in that hoodie all sad and weak she hopes that one day her life will find its peak.
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