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#sad thoughts
scatteredthoughts2 · 2 days ago
Hugs So Soft and Warm.
Sometimes I get so angry,
And I make some huge mistakes,
I push your arms away from me,
When a hug is all it takes....
.... A hug can make me better,
And dispel all the gloom,
It can open up the shutters,
And let the sunlight in my room....
.... But I can be so stubborn,
And lock myself away,
When your hugs are waiting for me,
To make everything okay....
.... And when my anger leaves me,
And my sadness is all gone,
You are always there to greet me,
With your hugs so soft and warm.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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mimund0 · a day ago
Dime, ¿Qué haces cuando sientes que ya ni la música te puede ayudar?
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yssterday · 2 days ago
trying to act tough and strong outside
But very vulnerable and weak inside ⟢
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melloncolliegalaxies · a month ago
sometimes i feel more like a house than a person with the way i decorate my body and my face to hide damaged walls and empty spaces; my heart is more like a door with changed locks because i've made multiple keys for people who walked all over me with filthy shoes, people who said they could live here, but they were just passing through. i hope my eyes are not windows, because i fear what the world might see—all of my flaws and insecurities on display like a coffee table or some shoddy love seat. sometimes i swear i left the oven on and forgot because my mind feels like a smoke detector with the way my apprehension never calms. i smell smoke, but i can't see it; i'm told things are never as bad as i make them, but every wildfire starts with a spark and it's easy to burn when you're a house made of straw.
- "house made of straw"
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thebrokenquotes · a year ago
He had the awkward tenderness of someone who has never been loved and is forced to improvise.
— Isabel Allende, The House of The Spirits
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tomorrowmydear · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Grief & Acceptance
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imalreadyadeadbitch · 11 months ago
I’m trying so fucking hard and no one sees that. I’m trying so fucking hard to stay alive but my breathing is getting shallow and my heart is beating slower and if I don’t wake up tomorrow just fucking forget about me.
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melloncolliegalaxies · a month ago
i sent a lot of texts
that i wish i hadn't sent,
i returned a lot of calls
i wish never called again,
i spoke a lot of words
but they all came out abstruse,
I was fed a lot of lies
when i was hungry for the truth,
i gave people love
and they never had to ask,
i beg myself for some
but i never get it back.
- "i sent a lot of texts that i wish i hadn't sent"
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