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mybrokenthinks · 6 hours ago
𝓘 𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓶𝔂𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯
Tumblr media
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girasolidimezzanotte · 6 hours ago
Me gustaría que sintieras tan siquiera la mitad de lo que yo sentí cuando te fuiste, cuando me dejaste como si nada, al volver nunca hubo una disculpa, volviste pq yo te busque, de no ser por mi no estaríamos acá.
No solo tu me haz fallado, muchas personas me dejaron, pero ninguna dolió tanto como tú, a ninguna volví a buscar.
Que chistosas tus bromas sobre la comida que como, o sobre como me siento.
Cómo le explico a la gente que quiero que la feliz yo ya no quiere sentir y quiere estar lejos de todo con música y alcohol. Lejos de la pandemia, lejos de ti, lejos de mi misma y de lo que siento.
Me apego a la idea de que me odien pq no quiero quererlos y que me vuelvan a dejar.
Soy y fuí el segundo plato de mucha gente "la casi mejor amiga" "la niña a la que le gusto" "la niña que nunca pesque".
Pero bueno, cómo dejarte si me costó tanto recuperarte.
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thekillingjoke-haha · 7 hours ago
What's Worse Then Tuesday?
Tagged: @spnquotebingo​
Summary:What's worse then watching your brother die on repeat? Your baby sister following shortly after in a worse way.
Paring: None. Sister!Reader. Minor= Gabriel x Reader (just petnames)
Warings!!!: Blood,Gore, Graphic Description of Death(Murder,Suicide tw!!,Suffocation, electrocution,ect.),after first go mainly Sam POV (poor sammy),Reader remembers the pain(that sucks),Mystery Spot rewrite
Tumblr media
"The heat of the moment!" Sam groaned at the song as it echoed in the small room. The sound of the shower was drowned out by the not yet snoozed alarm. Creaking open his eyes Dean looked to fucking excited for his taste. His brother sat there with a grin on his face tying his shoes. "Rise and shine,Sammy!" They radio clock played on now Sam realizes Dean was the one you probably set it the night before. "Dude,Asia?" He asked sitting up the shower shortly stops as the blonde responds. "Come on. You love this song and you know it." He smirked as he stood up walking to the radio. "Dean if you play that song one more time I'm killing you then myself!" A shout came from the bathroom as the youngest Winchester stepped out still drying her hair with a towel almost completely dressed. "What? Sorry, couldn't hear you." Dean said as he turned the volume up a damp towel meeting the back of his head making Sammy laugh. What a great start to the day.
Dean was in the bathroom Y/n taking his place on the bed tying her boots already dawning her f/c flannel. The boys cramped in the small bathroom Sam trying to brush his teeth as Dean annoyed him. "You ready to go?" Sam asked after killing off his brush. "Yeah I'm ready. We've only been waiting on De." Y/n said as she stood next to the door holding baby's keys. "Just wait!" Dean said digging our pile of duffel bags that looked relatively the same. He pulled out a black lace bra and glanced at Sam. "This yours?" Sammy almost busted out laughing as it seemed to click and he threw the bra behind him. "Ew ew ew ew!"He shook his hand like something was stuck on it before calming down and grabbing what he needed. "Bingo." The gun slicked into his waistband as he walked up to the door Sam behind him. "Now if you're done freaking out about my bra let's go eat some breakfast." Y/n said opening the door and tossing Dean baby's keys and locking their room behind them.
Together the sibling sit down in a booth the noise in the background was unnoticed who would care not like they'll hear it again."Hey,  Tuesday. Pig in a pork." Dean said excitedly as Sam looked slightly disgusted at the name. "Do you even know what that is?" He asked as his brother shrugged. Their sister sat down the menu not looking up from it. "Apparently it's two to three breakfast sausages wrapped in bacon and wrapped in a pancake with a side of hashbrowns and a choice of bacon or sausage." She said causing Dean to smirk. "See Pig in a pork! Sounds good." The waitress walked up to their table. "You folks ready?" She asked them. "Yes. I'll have two specials with a side of bacon,one with extra sausage and both with a coffee." Dean said already knowing Y/n would get the same. "Make that three coffees and a short stack." With that their waitress walked off and they emerged themselves in the case. 
 "His daughter says he was on his way to visit the Broward County Mystery Spot." Dean looked over the newspaper reading the equations. "Where the laws of physics have no meaning and don't make sense." Their sister spoke out as she leaned back in the booth next to Dean who she chose to sit with this time. The waitress came back with their food. "Three coffees,black, and some hot sauce for the—" She cut herself off with a gasp as the bottle of red liquid fell to the ground breaking spilling its contents."Whoops. Crap! Sorry." She said giving them a bashful smile as she turned towards the back. "Cleanup!"
 ==[Time skip to Night because laziness]==
 The hallway is a bright neon green with a black spiral painted on the walls and door to give off some type of illusion. Opening the door the three of them walk inside flashlights up Sammy closing the door behind them. They move up the hallway Y/n pulling out the EMF reader while the boys shine the flashlights around and up onto shit attached upside-down to the ceiling. "Wow. Uncanny." Dean says sarcastically making Y/n chuckle. "Mystery solved. Cheap screws and uneven foundation." She said causing both of them to laugh silently. Sam keeps looking moving on further in front of them. "Find anything?" The blonde asked. Sammy looks back to Y/n with the unmoving EMF reader "No." "Not a thing."
 Dean sighs as he waves his light around."You have any idea what we're even looking for?" He asked Sam who looked unsure before answering. "Uh ... yeah." There was a long beat of silence before he gave in. "No." Dean shakes his head as both of the brothers shine flashlights around other parts of the room while their sister follows trying for a reading. "What the hell are you doing here?" A voice said causing all three of them to turn and look at the source while Dean was the only one to pull his gun before pointing it elsewhere seeing as this man had a shotgun trained on him. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. We can explain." De put his gun up as the barrel shifted to Sam. "You robbing me?" He asked as Sam shook his head. "No one's trying to rob you,calm down." Y/n said the shotgun moving to her now. "Did I say you could talk!?" This made Dean move in front of her protectively. "Don't move!"
 "Just putting the gun do—" The loud defeating sound of the gun going of silenced the room,but the sound of a body hitting the ground caused a panic. Dean was the body hitting the ground. "Dean!" Both of the younger siblings yell as they rush to their older brother who was struggling to breath. "Call 911!" Y/n yelled as she stood up towards the owner while Sam held onto Dean. "I—I didn't mean to—" They man stumbled on his words his grip loose on the firearm. "Now!" Sam shouted at him.The man jumped at the command dropping the gun a shot fired out and down went the youngest Winchester. She fell to the floor before Sam had a chance to grasp what happened. "NO!!!"
 Sam's POV~~~
Heat of the moment
My eyes snap open. When did I get back to the motel room? W-what happened after...oh god! Sitting up I look around and there sat Dean in the same position,tying his shoes,as this morning. "Rise and shine,Sammy!" That same cheerful tone made Sam look at him and then the clock in shock and confusion the sound of the shower or the grunt that came from the bathroom barely registering. "Dude,Asia." Dean said my breath coming out more labored. "Dean." I said as the shower cut off and a shadow moved under the door. "Oh,come on,you love this song and you know it." He stood up to turn up the volume as the echoed shout came from the bathroom. "Dean if you play that song one more time I'm killing you then myself!" Y/n stepped out with a towel around her hair and still in the clothes that moment ago were blood soaked. "What? Sorry, couldn't hear you." Dean said as the volume went up the same damp towel met the back of his head causing a small argument that would have made me laugh if I didn't see the exact same one hours ago.
 Dean gurgle with a open mouth but seeing that I didn't react with discust he stopped. Everything happened exactly the same Y/n telling us to hurry up,Dean finding and throwing a bra from the couch,our walk to the dinner. Sitting in the booth even though I didn't say much the conversation carried out the same. "I think somethings wrong." I said as they looked at me. "Today is Tuesday, yesterday was Tuesday." Y/n gave me a weird look. " Dejá vu, man." Dean brushed off as N/n scoffed at him. "What happened? Last Tuesday." She asked as Dean rolled his eyes mumbling this is stupid. "I woke up to Dean's singing,you in the shower,everything that's happened up to this point has been the same. We went to the mystery spot and then I woke up again." That's when Y/n pointed at him. "The mystery spot! Clearly it must have started a loop we just get there and break it easy pezzy." That made sense the waitress came up to our table and we said our orders. When she came back the hot sauce fell off her tray and I caught it.
 Walking down the street to the hotel Dean was trying to argue that this was stupid. "This wasn't part of the case. A missing girl yes not so groundhogs day shit." As we pasted the movers that talked about needed some more tools. "Maybe they went missing because they couldn't break the loop. I mean time must still be passing." Y/n voiced as we pass the barking dog. "Look least just go to the mystery spot at night to get a long look at what's keeping us here." Dean said as I immediately shot that down. "No!" They looked at me concerned. "Let's go now. Gives us more time before the day resets." Y/n looked at me as she pulled me back a bit to walk behind Dean. "What happened between getting to the mystery spot and waking up,Sammy? You're leaving out a chunk of time." She always had a good head on her shoulders. Taking in a deep breath as we got to the crosswalk. "Dean...he got shot and then yo—" The sound of something being hit and the squealing of tires made them look up to see Dean bloody on the road. Rushing towards him the drive the man form the dinner look at us. I got down on the ground as Dean chocked on his blood. Y/n held her hand to her face as she backed away from /he horrific sight. "Oh god." She mumbled as I kept saying Dean's name. Looking at Y/n she backed up a good couple of yards half of her body was suddenly illuminated a truck just hit her. "Y/N!!!" Slayed over the hood vertebrae from her spin putrid from her back as the blood soaked shirt pulled tightly against her skin. The emblem on the truck punctured her throat. The moment the life left her eyes a sharp pain went through me.
 The heat of the moment
 I woke up again Dean on the other bed tying his shoes as the shower was on in the back ground. Everything was playing out the same,but somethings are changing. Y/n walked out of the bathroom the towel she had in her hair next to Dean as she rubbed her neck sorely as she placed her other hand on the small of her back and it cracked loudly. "Jesus,N/n!" Dean said looking at her as she sighed in relief. "Was the couch really that hard? You can have my bed tonight." He said as she shook her head. "No no the couch was fine it just I don't know I got this sudden pain. Like a I got hit by a damn bus." She shook it off as I got out of the bed to check on her shrugging
 Sitting at the Diner I looked up at them."Okay, would you listen to me? 'Cause I am flipping out." I said as Doris walked up to us I don't have time for this. "Are you folks ready?" I quickly cut off Dean. "He'll take the special, side of bacon, coffee, black while she'll have the same with a extra side of sausage. Nothing for me, thanks." My siblings looked at me shocked. As Doris walked away. "Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that." Dean said causing Y/n to giggle. "Quit screwing around, Dean." I said harshly as they both got serious. "Okay. Okay. We're listening. So, you think that you're in some kind of a time loop,was it?" Y/n said as I nodded. "Like Groundhogs Day'" Dean said and I immediately nod. "Yes, exactly. Like Groundhogs Day." I said looking at him hopefully N/n was usually the one that believed in the most crazy logical stuff.
"So do you believe me?"Y/n looked like she was thinking as she bit her thumb nail I was about to ask when Dean started laughing. "It's just a little crazy, I mean even for us crazy, you know, like, uh—" I cut in. "Dingo ate my baby crazy?" I said like he did before. Dean looked skeptical now. "How'd you know I was going to say that?" It like everything I've said went over his head. "Because you said it before, Dean, that's my whole point."
Doris walks back just in time. "Three coffees, black, and some hot sauce for the—whoops! Crap." I catch the bottle without looking and place it back on the tray. "Thanks." Doris said as she sat it down and walked away. "Nice reflexes."  How hard is it for him to understand. "This is a time loop..You're just going to have to go with me on this, I already know Y/n is game,but you Dean, you just have to, you owe me that much!" I started to get worked up. "Calm down–" This made me snapped. "Don't tell me to calm down! I can't calm down. I can't. Because..." This made them look at me concerned. "What?What is it?" Y/n asked. "Because you die, today, both of you." Dean did the pfft thing "I'm not gonna die. Not today. And N/n sure as hell is not gonna die!"
I comb a hand through my hair.. "Twice now I've watched both of you die, and I can't— I won't do it again, okay? You're just going to have to believe me. Please." Dean finally started to understand and nodded with a sigh. "All right. I still think you're nuts, but okay, whatever this is, we'll figure it out."
 Walking down the street again Dean spoke.. "So you think this cheesy-ass tourist trap has something to do with it?" I just nodded my head as I flinched a bit at the barking dog and the blonde chick. "Before Y/n said maybe it's the real deal, you know? That going to the mystery spot trapped us or me and I'm missing in this time anomaly." I said reciving a glance from Y/n she seemed to be deep in thought about it. "We'll go tonight after they close, get ourselves a nice long look." Panic went through me. "No no no no no, we can't." They both stopped to stare. "Why not?" Dean asked but the words couldn't come out. "We die don't we. Die breaking in at night." Y/n said as I nod. "That was the first time." She looked around. "Us dying at the mystery spot must have triggered something." Dean seemed to swallow a lump in his throat.
 "Huh. Okay, let's go now." Dean starts forward about to cross when I rushes after him and grabs him before he runs into the street. The green car zooms past."Stay out of the way!" A shout came from the speeding car as a moving truck past by a second later in the opposite direction.We stare after the car Dean begins to laugh until he sees my face. "Wait, did he –?" He trailed off. "Yesterday. Yeah." He looked at me with a smirk. "Did it look cool, like in the movies?" Irritated I speak "You peed yourself." He looked embarrassed "Of course I peed myself. Man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder? Come on!"
 Leaving the mystery spot we learned it was a fake,but how? "Well, I hate to say it, but that place is exactly what I thought - it's full of crap." Dean scoffed as he walked next to me Y/n infront of us. "Then what is it, Dean, what the hell is happening to us?" I ask him it made no sense. "I don't know. All right, let me just – So, every day we die." He gestures to him and our sister. "Yeah." I said. "Then you wake up,again?" Y/n spoke up. "Yeah." I answered. "Who dies first? Maybe if we know we can be on alert." I point to Dean as she nods. "So let's just make sure I don't die. If I make it to tomorrow then so does Y/n, then maybe the loop stops and we can figure all this out." He mused I looked at hom hopefully. "It's worth a shot. I say we grab some takeout and head back to the motel, lay low until midnight." I nod feeling anxious I don't know what's a threat yet. "How about that Chinese place?" N/n asked as she turned to look at us walking backwards. "I was thinking tacos." Dean said and then got flattened by a falling desk. The mover on the ground is holding a snapped rope as the rushing cog sound echoed in the silence looking up he sees the other half of the rope slipping of of a large pully system and falling down hitting Y/n killing her with the blunt force of it hitting her head straight on creaking her skull. Her body hit the ground with a thud. Why god?
 H̵e̸a̸t̸ ̷øf̷ ̸t̵h̶e̸ ̵m̴o̷m̵e̶n̷t̶
Sitting up I see Dean but my uneven breathing caused me to lay back down. I heard the shower cut off and the sound of pills in a bottle. Y/n must have gotten a headache this time.
At the diner I look at them both in despair after explaining it again. "So, uh ... If you're stuck in "Groundhogs Day", why? What's behind it?" I shrugged "Well, first I thought it was the Mystery Spot. Now I'm not so sure." I said as Y/n look at me with empathy. "Why don't we start changing things now if we go off of what normally happens it might break it."  Dean smiled at that. "Yeah well, nothing's set in stone. You say we order the same thing every day, right?" He asked me. "Yeah. Pig in a poke, side of bacon and Y/n the same with a extra side of sausage."
Doris came with their plates and he took Y/n's extra plate of sausage for his own. "See? Different day already. You see, if we decide that I am not gonna die – I'm not gonna die neither is N/n." Y/n eats the odd pig n a pork as Dean stabs a sausage link with his fork and bites into it. He only chews for a second before choking. "Dean. Dean?!" I said panicked as I look at Y/n who has her head layed down on the table pink form flowing from mouth. Looking into the serving window I saw rat potion box on it's side open.
 Ḣ̷̢̯̤͚̪̥̞̖̔e̴̥̓͐̽̋̀͝͝ǎ̶̧̨͈̗̤̰͖̒̎̎̃̕͜ț̶̗͔̫̟͈̟̞͊͐̓ ̵̧͎̞̺́̒̄̓̾̀̚ó̶͇͎̮͉̹̟͖͒̚͠f̵̛̼̝̜̅̒ ̸͙̱͇̦̞̯̤̠̓̈́̊͂̂̔́̚t̴̨͎͙̪̽͐͒̓̈́h̵͎̆͊e̸̱̘̍̍ ̷̧̪̼͈͖̩̓̎̀̊̉m̷̧̦̰̗̑̃͐ǫ̵̨̛̪̹̖̼̞͕͐̂̀̄m̶͉̟̦̖͕͈͆e̴̢̲̚n̸̡̮̈͋̅̅̈́͘̕̚t̵͕̱͚͛͘͜ͅ
Dean was in the shower as Y/n stood brushing her teeth at the sink. "You mean we can't even go out for breakfast?" He asked from the bathroom. "You'll thank me when it's Wednesday!" I said looking out the window. "Whatever that means you weirdo. Shit!" Y/n said she dropped something. A slick sound followed by a thud sounded in the bathroom a shocked gasp of Dean's name was cut short by a crash.
Ḣ̷̯̤͚̪̔e̴̓͐̽̋͝͝ǎ̶̧̨͈̗̤̰͖̒̎̎̃̕͜ț̶̗͔̫̟͈̟͊͐̓ ó̶͇͎̮͉̹̟͖͒̚͠f ̸̓̈́̊͂̂̔́̚t̴̨͎͙̪̽͐͒̓̈́h̵͎̆͊e̸̍̍ ̷̧̪̼͈͖̩̓̎̀̊̉m̷̧̦̰̗̑̃͐ǫ̵̨̛̪̹̖̼̞͕͐̂̀̄m̶͉̟̦͆e̴̢̲̚n̸̮̈͋̅̅̈́͘̕̚t
Hot pot of coffee was thrown in Y/n's face missing some angry girls boyfriend after Dean intervened in their argument getting bashed over the head with a napkin dispenser.
Ḣ̷̯̤͚̪̔e̴̓͐̽̋͝͝ǎ̶̧̨͈̗̤̰͖̒̎̎̃̕͜ț̶̗͔̫̟͈̟͊͐̓ ó̶͇͎̮͉̹̟͖͒̚͠f ̸̓̈́̊͂̂̔́̚t̴̨͎͙̪̽͐͒̓̈́h̵͎̆͊e̸̍̍ ̷̧̪̼͈͖̩̓̎̀̊̉m̷̧̦̰̗̑̃͐ǫ̵̨̛̪̹̖̼̞͕͐̂̀̄m̶͉̟̦͆e̴̢̲̚n̸̮̈͋̅̅̈́͘̕̚t
 "Does this taco taste funny to you?" Dean asked as Y/n ran to the bathroom her face pale. The sound of someone throwing up came from behind the closed as Dean feel face first on the table chocking on vomit,
Ḣ̷̯̤͚̪̔e̴̓͐̽̋͝͝ǎ̶̧̨͈̗̤̰͖̒̎̎̃̕͜ț̶̗͔̫̟͈̟͊͐̓ ó̶͇͎̮͉̹̟͖͒̚͠f ̸̓̈́̊͂̂̔́̚t̴̨͎͙̪̽͐͒̓̈́h̵͎̆͊e̸̍̍ ̷̧̪̼͈͖̩̓̎̀̊̉m̷̧̦̰̗̑̃͐ǫ̵̨̛̪̹̖̼̞͕͐̂̀̄m̶͉̟̦͆e̴̢̲̚n̸̮̈͋̅̅̈́͘̕̚t
Dean is in the bathroom as Y/n stands as the small kitchen sink. "Damnit!" She dropped her ring in the sink reaching down the drain Dean plugs in his electric razor and gets electrocuted as the garbage disposal turns on causing Y/n to scream
Ḣ̷̯̤͚̪̔e̴̓͐̽̋͝͝ǎ̶̧̨͈̗̤̰͖̒̎̎̃̕͜ț̶̗͔̫̟͈̟͊͐̓ ó̶͇͎̮͉̹̟͖͒̚͠f ̸̓̈́̊͂̂̔́̚t̴̨͎͙̪̽͐͒̓̈́h̵͎̆͊e̸̍̍ ̷̧̪̼͈͖̩̓̎̀̊̉m̷̧̦̰̗̑̃͐ǫ̵̨̛̪̹̖̼̞͕͐̂̀̄m̶͉̟̦͆e̴̢̲̚n̸̮̈͋̅̅̈́͘̕̚t
"Sam what's different about today then last time?" I looked at Y/n away from my laptop at the diner. "The only thing that changes is how and when you guys die. Nothing's never the same,but everything else happens exactly how it's suppose to unless we interfere." I said for what seemed like the hundredth time she asked as Dean eats his greasy bacon. "This must be the work of a djinn but it's making you see a nightmare instead of a dream." Y/n suggest pulling out dad's journal heard that one. "But if this loop is too seamless maybe a trickster they can mess with reality maybe you pissed off the one at the campus." I shook my head. "Tricksters are addicted to sweets there's no way a Trickster is here and kept this up without eating a load of sugar. The things they eat won't be a effect of a illusion either so evidence would be littered everywhere. " I said as I typed away. She looked at me a grin as she brushes her nose with her finger. "Bingo!" Y/n said excitedly "Look at anyone eating anything sweet. Hell hold a child with a lollipop at gun point if you must!" Her words sunk in I've been looking for witches, djinn, but not tricksters as I ruled it out.
It was close to the end of the day the three of us were at the diner at night the only place in the vicinity of where the loop takes place. "What are we even looking for, Sammy?" Dean asked as he shinned a light around as Sam was looking through cabinets and in the trash. "Candy wrappers. Empty pudding cup. A whole thing of raw cookie dough! Anything sweet that can fuel a trickster into making flawless illusion." I said as the lights in the kitchen flicked on and the cook looked at them in shock as he dropped a bag of something glass before anger took over his orbs. A fight broke out between him and Dean. The sound of air whooshing a meat clever came in contact with his chest Dean was promptly pushed to the side as the cook handles the next closest  intruder, Y/n. I try keeping him away from her but he threw me back the back of my head hitting the counter he was dead set on her. Grabbing a handful of Y/n's h/c hair he dragged her to the opposite side of the kitchen in front of me the bubbling of oil almost made me want to scream in frustration. Pushing her face first she kicked her legs trying to hit him, but after a minute her body went limp as she slipped off hitting the floor. She was unrecognizable. I look away and see a glimpse of what was in the trash bag.
Ḣ̷̯̤͚̪̔e̴̓͐̽̋͝͝ǎ̶̧̨͈̗̤̰͖̒̎̎̃̕͜ț̶̗͔̫̟͈̟͊͐̓ ó̶͇͎̮͉̹̟͖͒̚͠f ̸̓̈́̊͂̂̔́̚t̴̨͎͙̪̽͐͒̓̈́h̵͎̆͊e̸̍̍ ̷̧̪̼͈͖̩̓̎̀̊̉m̷̧̦̰̗̑̃͐ǫ̵̨̛̪̹̖̼̞͕͐̂̀̄m̶͉̟̦͆e̴̢̲̚n̸̮̈͋̅̅̈́͘̕̚t
My eyes snapped open. Maple! Getting up quickly Dean looks at me strangely as I hurried to get dress and quickly grabbed supplies. Y/n stepped out of the bathroom with a wet rag on her face groaning. "My face feels like it was set on fire." She muttered her words muffled as she flops on the bed. Dean walked over to her flipping her over I saw a flash of burnt and bubbling skin before it seemed to heal over till all I saw was her face tense in pain. "Stop whining you fine ,N/n we got a mystery spot to invade." He gently slapped her cheeks I could tell she bit her tongue holding in a cry of pain. "You're right let's go." We walked to the dinner as we sit down I look at the five tables that order pancakes one puts only a little and he always uses such a small amount ,the second and third was for children and they drowned them in chocolate syrup and maple making them get scolded by their parents, a women poured some on her blueberry pancakes, but she always did that it wasn't enough to fuel a full town illusion, the last guy didn't even have maple.
I paused he always had maple syrup with his stack of pancakes. Abruptly standing up I go after the man. "Woah! Woah! What's wrong?" Y/n asked as Dean finally got out the booth letting her up too. "Guy has maple syrup for the last hundred Tuesdays, all of a sudden he's having strawberry?" I say as he walks past us in the window. "It's a free country. Man can't choose his own syrup, huh? What have we become?" Dean said sarcastically. "Not in this diner. Not today. Nothing in this place ever changes. Ever. Except me."  I rush after him as they follow. "What's in the bag?"
 I grab the man slamming him into the fence, and put the tip of the wooden stake at his throat. "That what's in the bag." Y/n mumbled to Dean. "Hey!" The guy exclaimed. "I know who you are. Or should I say, what." The trickster faked fear. "Oh my god, please don't kill me." He begged Dean came behind me trying to stop me like he did before. That didn't end well. "Sam, maybe you should—" I quickly cut him off. "No! Y/n told me there's only one creature powerful enough to do what you're doing. Making reality out of nothing, sticking people in time loops in fact you'd pretty much have to be a god. You'd have to be a Trickster." The man started to try and reason with me. I'm tired of the games. "Don't lie to me! I know what you are! We've killed one of your kind before!"
His face stared to morph and my eyes widened. "Actually, bucko, you didn't." We looked at him shocked. "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked Dean and Y/n next to me weapons trained on him. "You're joking, right? You chuckleheads, minus sugar drop over there, tried to kill me last time. Why wouldn't I do this?" He looked at me like I'm dumb. "And Hasselback, did he try and kill you too?" Y/n asked. "That putz? Oh sweetcheeks, He said he didn't believe in wormholes, so I dropped him in one." His laugh rung out at his past actions that drew us to the town. "Then you guys showed up. I made you the second you hit town."
 I was angry. "So this is fun for you? Killing Dean and Y/n over and over again?" I asked he held up his hand. "One, yes. It is fun I mean have you seen the ways Dean dies. Two not so fun with her I kinda like Y/n more then you morons. And three? This is so not about killing them. This joke is on you, Sam. Watching your big brother and baby sister die, every day? Forever?" The pressure on the stake increased. "You son of a bitch! I'll kill you." He puts his fingers in a snapping motion threatening to start the day over. "How long will it take you to realize? You can't save your brother. No matter what you do. How long does it take to understand that you're to busy trying to save him you're killing your sister?" I scoffed. "Oh yeah? I kill you, this all ends now." Blood trickled from his neck. "Oh, hey, whoa! Okay. Look. I was just playing around. You can't take a joke, fine. You're out of it. Tomorrow, you'll wake up and it'll be Wednesday. I swear."
 I wasn't convinced. "You're lying." It can't be that easy. "If I am, you know where to find me. Having pancakes at the diner." I look at my siblings about to answer when he snapped and they day fades away.
"I started a joke which started the whole world crying" The radio blared. I shot up and looked around. "What, you gonna sleep all day?" Dean said from the bathroom as Y/n walked in with a to-go bag with the diners name on it. "Sleeping beauty's finally up." She said with a smirk sitting the bag down. As the music quieted down a bit. "No Asia?" I asked. "Yeah, I know. This station is all sad crap sorry it doesn't have your favorite." Dean chuckled as song played.
"But I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no."
I look at the clock and it read Wednesday thank God. "It's Wednesday!" I said excitedly "Yeah, usually comes after Tuesday. Turn that thing off, will you? I'm ready to watch TV" He said as he walked towards Y/n. I grinned. "What, are you kidding me? This isn't the most beautiful song you've ever heard?" Y/n looked at me weird. "You told me you hate this song?" She said getting boxed food out. "Yeah, How many Tuesdays did you have?" I gave a large sigh. "One to many." Dean was about to open his when I make him stop.. "All right. Pack your stuff, let's get the hell out of town. Now." He look upset. "Right now? Can't we enjoy some breakfast?" I shake my head. "No breakfast. Pack it up."
 Third Person (real quick)
 Dean stands next to Y/n just talking someone's foots steps come from behind them. There was no time to register what happened when a gunshot fired followed by a scream. "Dean! Y/n!" A distant voice shouted rushing outside. Y/n was cradling Dean's upper body as blood pooled on the asphalt. "No, no, no no no, hey, hey, come on, not today, not today, this isn't supposed to happen today, come on!" Sam realizes Dean is dead no heat of the moment no second chance he's dead.
 Sam POV
It's been six months since Dean got shot I dropped Y/n off at Bobby's figuring she'd be safer. I was listening to old voice mails as I sat in a motel room.
10+ voice mails
"'s been two months N/n left after you stopped picking up your phone. She already lost one brother and now she lost the other. Last I heard she handled a nest down in Wisconsin."  She'll be fine.
Message Deleted 9+ New Voice Mails
"Sammy I know you're busy, but we can't just stop huntin because of this trickster." I haven't stopped just more focused.
Message Deleted 8+ New Voice Mails
"Damn you Winchester’s! Answer the phone it's been three months and Y/n was been taking larger cases solo. Get to her before she does a suicide mission!!" S-she will be fine I know it.
Message Deleted 7+ New Voice Mails
"Just took on a hoard of wendigos I didn't know they could nest like vamps. I'm in Yellowstone if you were wondering." She's fine hunting big league Dean is gonna be proud.
Message Deleted 6+ New Voice Mails
"Four months! Y/n hasn't been seen by anyone I've called every number I know and no one has seen her. God boy grow a pair and find her ya idjit!" Hidden from the world she's fine. That sick bastard cant get her.
Message Deleted 5+ New Voice Mails
"Dean is in hell Sammy I gotta get him back this trickster is a dead end and we both know it. I need to get to the boss of hell if I want to get to De...just call me back." She knows what she's doing she's got a good head on her shoulders.
Message Deleted 4+ New Voice Mails
"Sam it's Bobby five months and still no word from either of y'all. I know you not dead yet. Come back here and Y/n will follow." No she won't she wouldn't.
Message Deleted 3+ New Voice Mails
"Bobby has tried calling me asking me to come home, but I can't go back till you do. We only have each other. I'm trashing this phone tomorrow. " I'll get Dean back I promise, n/n.
Message Deleted 2+ New Voice Mails
Tumblr media
"I'm done looking for you cause I know damn well you haven't given me a second thought. Don't try contacting this number. Bye Samuel." She doesn't need me. She's safer away.
Message Deleted 1+ New Voice Mails
"I haven't got a clue where your sister is, but I found him."
Bobby looked around the mystery spot as I came in the older man hugged me ,but got no verbal response. As Bobby went on about a ritual my brown eyes analyzed him suspiciously. "I'll go get it now." I went to leave to get gallons of blood. "No I won't let you kill a innocent person." He hands the knife to me. "Yeah, okay Bobby." The older man turned around as I took out a stake putting the knife at his throat and stake through his back ,but that wasn't the man that raised us. As he disappeared the stake flinging behind me over my shoulder.
 The trickster stood behind me giving a large smirk with the stake in his hand. "I gotta say I'm impressed I guess after a few hundred Tuesdays you caught wind of a trick when you saw one." The shorter man chuckled. "Bring him back." My words laced in a threatening tone. "Who, Dean? Or Y/n? Dean's dead in the dirt six feet under. He ain't coming back. His soul's downstairs doing the hellfire rumba as we speak. As for Y/n running herself into the grave." Sam looked shocked at his words. "Y/n isn't dead only Dean what are you on about!? Just take me back to Tuesday! No. Wednesday" She was on the other side of the country probably in a motel room or faking a story to get into the morgue I just needed to go back to Wednesday to fix everything. "I thought Dean had a thick skull you don't get it do you? There was a reason you were stuck in a loop a lesson to learn. You can't save your brother and you ,not me you, are killing your sister. Poor girl all alone." It seemed to go in one ear at out the other. "Just take me back and I won't hunt you down I swear." The short man rolled his eyes this wasn't even fun anymore. "You want your brother back so bad. Have him." Snapping his fingers Sam woke up.
 "I started a joke which had the whole world crying." Sam smiled as he sat up seeing Dean. "But I didn't see that the joke was on me ,oh no." He looked at the door waiting for Y/n to walk in with breakfast like last time, but in never happened. "Hey where's N/n?" He asked confused. Dean looked at Sam. "She got a different room last night why don't you check on her." He said dismissively. Somethings not right. Getting dressed he walked to her room. This motel room was unavailable on Monday night ,but how did she get it when they didn't get it before. Unlocking the door he looked at the room it looked odd like she was shacked up her for weeks and not just a night. Pictures plastered the wall of the mystery spot then different supernatural creatures. Walking over to the bed he saw dad's journal and opened it a off white paper was hidden in between the old pages.
 "Wednesday,May 14
To Sam,
its been months since Dean has died I came back here almost half a year since last time. I don't know when you'll see this note or if you ever will ,but I'm sorry I'm so sorry. I never thought I'd end up alone it's silly really I always thought that Me, you, and Dean would go down together in Winchester type glory guns blazing, but the glue that held us together was gone and we no longer had each other. I hunted to make the emotionally pain go away hell I sold my soul to the Demon king just to stop feeling everything, but this place brought back all the pain not of Dean's death only the physically stuff my body is in so much pain like I've died a thousand times and it's all crashing onto me at once it hurts so much Sammy I thought not feeling would stop it, but it didn't make me any less human. I want it to stop all of it to stop the guilt, the pain. I'm so sorry I love you so much Samantha.
Y/n Winchester"
 Sam dropped the note as he looked around the room frantically pill bottles from aspirin to morphine littered the bedside tables clothes were scattered around the floor, but everything seemed to be there the bathroom or door was closed trying to turn the handle it was locked banging on the door with as much for as possible it caved, but the sight was horrific. Her skin was pale scars littered her body, but the cause for the lack of completion were the vertical cuts from her wrist to the nook of her elbow one arm was over the edge of the tub while the other turned the cold water a red dark enough the only thing seen was a outline of her body. His scream was earth shattering as if he has never seen her die before, but he doesn't get another chance like before he can't beg the trickster to be merciful and allow her to live to go back exactly to the Wednesday before save them both. Sam would give anything to go back to Tuesday, because this was so much worse.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I never thought I'd be so alone." - Grey's Anatomy
A/n: This shit was depressing, but I wanted to make the lesson evident that Sam cant save everyone.
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the-cute-z-blog · 9 hours ago
Lo digo por experiencia, quizás, estoy en una universidad hasta cierto punto de renombre, pero no mms a qué costo, me he frustado los últimos 5 pinches años de mi vida, he llorado como no tienes idea, me han hundido con comentarios misóginos, machistas de parte de los profesores, me han gritado, me han rechazado, me han sacado de clases, me han reprobado simplemente por ser mujer, gracias a eso tuve depresión, casi me da parálisis en la cara, me enferme, descuide mi salud, osea, me exprimieron a tal grado que ni siquiera tuve vida social los primeros años. Descuide a mi familia, no aproveché los últimos años de vida de mi abuelo, y cuando quise hacerlo, era demasiado tarde.
La verdad no vale la pena, dejar todo por la escuela, al final te das cuenta que la vida se te va en segundos, y no me refiero específicamente de "tu vida" , sino la vida de los que te rodean y que amas.
Quizás, está chingón estar en la mejor universidad, pero la cuestión es ...
...¿A qué costo?
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noctivagaaa · 10 hours ago
Are you okay?
No, every single task overwhelms me. Existing feels lile a chore. There is so much uncertainty in present and in future. I'm losing it.
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socenturiong · 10 hours ago
Cuanto más amor tengo que dar para que me mires a mí, solo a mi. Que sea la dueña de tus pensamientos, de tu mirada, de tu cariño y tu querer; cuánto más, cuánto más amor me costará.
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violetmuses · 11 hours ago
Grey || Chapter 12
@that-stupid-head-tilt-thing - I'm so sorry, Kiki. :(
Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
Once again, corks popped and music thundered by the stroke of ten. I lurked between shadows of dimmed lights. Guests crowded Dionne’s front room, kitchen space, and nearby patio. Even that boating pier should’ve caved with visitors.
I still couldn’t find her yet.
Taking out my burner phone, I sent the first message, hoping that something terrible hadn’t occurred before another celebration here:
Zemo: Is everything all right?
To my relief, she answered just moments later.
Dionne: I know that you’re downstairs. Are you asking to be caught for escaping The Raft?
Zemo: Where are you?
Dionne: Answer my question first. Do you want to be caught in public or not?
Zemo: If I am arrested once more, so be it. Just allow space for me to enjoy myself one final time. Please?
Dionne: Head to the yacht.
Zemo: Why?
Dionne: We need to talk.
Soon after reaching the top deck, I finally noticed her.
As a sarong clasped around her waist, Dionne chatted with a bartender who worked behind this rounded and perfectly designed counter. I’d never seen the man before, so he must’ve been hired for this evening. For once, my jealousy had returned.
Although he had sported a crisp white Polo shirt to outfit his uniform, this dark tattoo marked his left bicep. Yet, I couldn’t detail that ink’s design at my current vantage point. All the while, he crafted drinks by using his right hand instead.
His side profile shadowed on this humid evening, letting curls fall away from the neatness of that onyx, combed-back hair. Light stubble etched his face and laugh lines creased when this man smiled, proving to me that he enjoyed his occupation.
Yet and still, who is this man?!
“Have a good rest of your shift. Say hello to the girls for me.” Dionne finally said goodbye to the bartender and noticed me standing close by, finally walking in my direction.
“Who’s that?” I asked, folding both arms.
“Manuel’s booked with me tonight. He’s got two young daughters, but work has tied him up all season. I’ve just paid his flight expenses so he can visit his girls in the morning and stay home for three months.” Dionne explained, smiling Those brown softened and reminded of her giving heart.
“That’s incredibly generous.” I remarked, genuinely happy about this situation.
“It’s the least I can do for people like him and my staff in the house.” Dionne sounded humbled, just as I remembered.
“I’m proud of you. Most affluent people couldn’t give two shits about their own workers.” I said, noting a bit of truth.
“That’s what my father always did before he passed. Remember the charity auction that took place on his birthday?” Dionne grinned once more, but I knew that her memory had been slightly bittersweet.
“Of course. He donated all of the proceeds for children with special needs.” I recalled as well, knowing better than to touch Dionne despite my own sadness. I knew that even slightest touch of my hand or fingertips still could’ve startled her.
“It was his proudest moment as far as giving back is concerned.” Dionne lowered her eyes.
“I miss him.” I admitted, silently trying not to dwindle my own composure. Raymond Charles stood as one of the few men who I respected. We crafted trust as our bond grew over time and became quite close as I cherished his daughter.
“Me too.” she said, only glancing forward to watch the ocean move in slow fashion.
Dionne lost him after Alzheimer’s captured his brilliant mind, leaving us and her family to grieve daily. By the time we all crowded his deathbed and waited for that inevitable truth, Dionne and I nearly couldn’t watch him take his final breath.
“Where’s your mother?” I asked, gently trying to change the subject and hope for better news.
“Momma’s gone, too. She passed away about two years after Pop gained his wings. As cliche as the phrase sounds, dying from a broken heart is actually true.” Dionne turned away from me, clearly blinking away tears.
“How have you coped since then…” I trailed off.
“I just keep moving, Z. I’m not royalty like you or the Wakadans. No silver spoon bullshit. My parents struggled in Jersey, worked their asses off, and did everything they could to set me up for the rest of my life. This is the result.” As Dionne spoke, she gestured all around the yacht that we stood on. It was quite an example.
“Everyone’s path is different. I appreciate your story.” I respectfully commented and smiled.
“Thank you. Dionne said, briefly grinning once more.
“Why do you throw parties so often?” I asked this question, hoping that she would tell the truth.
“It’s summertime and I'm still a social person. You know better. Life didn’t batter me.” Dionne folded both over the bosom of her swimsuit, another outfit with dark colors. Her usually straightened hair curled after probably using the pool or jacuzzi.
“Very well, then.” Instead of arguing with her for once, I glanced towards my watch and planned on leaving, finally giving her the peace of knowing that I still listen to rules about staying in my bedroom.
“I’ll miss you. It was fun while it lasted.” Dionne mumbled, almost sounding inaudible.
At that moment, I realized something: she knew that I would be caught, but we did not speak our reality out loud. We didn’t need to do that shit anymore.
“Te quiero, Cariño." I stated, proudly using one of her favorite languages once again.
“Te quiero también, Helmut.” she whispered her love and said my name for what could probably be our last meeting.
No more reunions, phone calls, or escapes. My heart shattered, knowing that I may truly never see her again.
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caos-mental-posts · 15 hours ago
Desde que falleciste algo dentro de mi se apagó, te extraño más que a mi propia vida, desearía haber estado en tu lugar...
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mon-ffkcyo · 17 hours ago
Tengo restos de tus suspiros en mi oído y de tus gemidos en mis manos.
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amourmylovies · 18 hours ago
I'm so lonely
But i don't want a boyfriend
I don't even want me?
No one wants me?
Tumblr media
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problematicgoldenchild · 19 hours ago
So I’m moving across the country in less than 2 weeks so we’ve started to pack. Can I just complain about the fact that I’m yelled at for not eating healthy when there’s nothing in the fridge much less anything fucking healthy, also I’m sleeping in a mattress on the floor with a blanket thats too short for my legs. Also all my clothes and toiletries are in a suitcase that I have to dig through everyday. I’ve also packed all of my books so I just lay there in bed at night wishing I wasn’t moving.
ok I’m done, thanks for reading my rant 😊
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