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deadgirlspoetry · 2 months ago
im afraid of being happy, because every time i feel at peace something goes wrong again
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shutmeup0 · 3 months ago
I want to hurt myself again. The first cut is always the scariest.
4:22 am
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blanchettseyes · a month ago
"You left everyone i love died, you left me, you left me alone, you send me away, how could you do that?"
Tumblr media
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lunientaen · a month ago
I'm so f*cking scared to love again
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kilg0 · a year ago
“Does this type of sad last forever? Does it ever go away? Will I ever look at a knife and just think it’s a knife. Or will the urge to hurt myself always be here?”
Source : Me Tillie (Kilg0)
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darkanddeepthoughts · 2 months ago
"I could dissappear forever and it wouldn't make any difference"
- Cassie skins
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deadgirlspoetry · 2 months ago
it hurts to love you
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isittoolateforme · a month ago
What if I am no longer me, but you?
And they love me?
Even you once loved me too.
What if I begin to look like you?
And they stop me on my way and ask;
‘Didn’t I see you, the other night?’
What if my words are not my own?
And ‘That was me!’ is my response?
What if I am no longer me, but you?
And I hurt them?
Just like you once hurt me too?
- isittoolateforme
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lunientaen · 2 months ago
if I'm important to you, FUCKING SHOW ME!
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