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#sae byeok
067supremacy · 2 days ago
Requested by @tcmie. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy <3
Short summary: the reader doesn't think they are good enough for Sae-byeok, but Sae-byeok let's you know how much you mean to her.
Trigger warnings: mentions of self-doubt, insecurities, paranoia.
Word counter: 1800
Tumblr media
"Are you sure that everything is okay?" Sae-byeok asks for the fourth time today as your eyes remain glued to the screen of your phone.
It had been like this for a while now, and Sae-byeok was running out of patience. You appeared to be stuck in your thoughts, something that happens often nowadays. She couldn't put her finger on it; had she done something wrong? Are you annoyed with her? Sae-byeok has so many different thoughts running through her head that she decides to leave you to it and stomps her way up the stairs to the bedroom.
Alone and once again left to deal with the insecurities that lay beneath the surface, you stare at the now blank screen still in your own little world. You couldn't understand what someone like Sae-byeok was doing with someone like you. You were sure that she had some sort of motive "she isn't good enough for you," the voice echoes in your head at the words someone had said to your girlfriend. You knew words could be hurtful, but this had cut through your soul. You didn't stay long enough to hear a response from Sae-byeok, and maybe it was for the better.
You don't know how long you had been sitting there for, but by now, the world outside had gone dark, and the full moon was the only source of light peeking through the window. You had overstayed your welcome is the feeling your mind carries, and with that thought, you gather your belongings before making a swift but silent exit from the home of Kang Sae-byeok.
*The following day*
You wake up to the sound of birds and the sun on your face with a clock that reads 09:34 on your bedside cabinet. Today being one of your uneventful days this week, you decide that you would simply shower, have some breakfast and then open up your scrapbook to draw your feelings away. You can't help but open the very first page where you find the sketch you did of Sae-byeok purely on muscle memory. You stare at it for the longest time as your memories of the past rush back, all the time you had spent together, all the dates, the laughs. Maybe it was all a lie.
Anyone with a set of eyes could see how much Sae-byeok cared for you, but your mind just didn't want to allow it. You continue to shut your girlfriend out for this day and the one that follows, but the morning after next brings a very impatient and also determined Sae-byeok back into the fold. Your phone rings for the twentieth time since you last spoke to her, and this time, something inside you tells you to answer. You couldn't just ignore her forever.
"Y/N! What the fuck? I've been worried sick about you... Where have you been?" She asks with a voice laced with urgency and worry. However, your laidback response does little to calm her. If anything, you added more fuel to the fire. And this time, she wasn't walking away; this time, she demanded answers.
"Come round to mine when you are free. Because we need to talk." Is all she says, but already your mind had made the story in your head become more prominent. This is it; she wants to break up with you in person. Perhaps that person she was speaking to that day was able to change her mind after all.
You begrudgingly get your things together and make your way through the pouring rain towards the home of Kang Sae-byeok. That little voice once again returns as you look at your reflection in a car you pass by. "She isn't good enough. She isn't good enough," it repeats over and over again until you finally arrive at your destination.
The moment you arrive is the moment your heart beats faster than life itself. Possibly the last time you will see the girl of your dreams, someone you believed was way out of your league. Someone who only took pity on you and never really wanted to be with you..... how wrong you were!
You knock three times, and eventually, the door opens to reveal Sae-byeok, who was sporting a messy look; she looked sad and worried. Something you hadn't experienced in your time spent together.
"Hey." Your girlfriend says softly while moving to the side as an invitation to enter her home. The place is dark and has no curtains or blinds open. It's a dull atmosphere that makes you feel like something is off.
You followed her into the living room, where she had a blanket set in the couch with an evident dip of her location for a while. "Have I done something wrong? You've been ignoring me for ages now. Please talk to me." The need in her voice is recognisable, and to say you were shocked would be an understatement, but your mindset doesn't allow you to take this on. You simply stare forward at the blank tv screen.
She patiently waits for you to respond, giving you time and space, but she needs to hear your answers.
" what is going on in that mind of yours? Please, just let me in." Saw-byeok begs. Her brave walls crumble, and for the first time, you see the vulnerability seep through.
With a single tear rolling down your cheek, you chance a look at your girlfriend, who is still waiting for you to say something.
"I feel like I'm not good enough, like you're going to leave me, and you don't want me anymore." You sadly express your feelings. You let the tears fall at your revelation.
Sae-byeok places her hand on your knee, and the other comes up to wipe away your tears. "Why do you think that? Come on; you know that I L.. I would give up anything for you."
"I overheard you talking to someone; they said I wasn't good enough for you. I guess I let it get to me." You reply to the concerned girl in front of you.
"And did you hear what I said afterwards?" Sae-byeok replies with a slight smile bracing her perfect face. You shake your head no, which brings a little chuckle from Sae-byeok.
"I may or may not have threatened her.... I also said that I- I love you.." and there it was. Something that the two of you hadn't said to each other yet, god knows you've wanted to say it so many times. But the worry of rejection was far too great to release your feelings.
The room goes quiet, but it's not uncomfortable. You realise just how stupid you have been these past couple of days.
"You love me??" You ask quietly but just loud enough for the girl beside you to hear it. Sae-byeok looks you dead in the eyes with your head between her hands and says it once again.
It hadn't even been a possibility in your mind, let alone a reality that Sae-byeok loved you. This sort of thing only happens in romance movies and love novels. But the reassurance of this moment is her eyes searching yours, not once breaking the contact. Eventually, she leans in and presses her soft lips on yours; it's calm and gentle the way your lips move in sync with hers. It's a familiar dance routine that you've practised hundreds of times with this girl, and not once have you gotten tired of it.
You eventually break the kiss, and you stay in the same position with Sea-byeok’s hands on either side of your head while she rests her forehead against yours. Lightly whispering, “you are perfect. You’re always good enough.”
The comforting feel of Sae-byeok’s fingers brushing through your hair and the closeness that the two of you share makes the bliss of this situation far too great; things couldn’t possibly get better after this.
“I want to show you something; follow me,” Sea-byeok says before grabbing your hand and dragging you along to her bedroom. She places you on the bed and bolts to her wardrobe. On the top shelf inside rests an old shoebox that had been there for as long as you remember. It hadn’t even crossed your mind as something important, but as she reached for the box and brought it over to you, your intrigue was heightened.
“So,,,,, this is yours. It’s mine, but I mean it’s dedicated to you..” she says nervously before handing the box to you. With the anxiety of wanting to know its contents, you lift the lid to be met with plenty of different muddled up papers and items. You soon realise that these weren’t just any items, but ones you had gifted her. They weren’t just any pieces of paper, but they were receipts of previous dates the two of you had shared, but one stuck out in particular. One that made your jaw drop and your eyes water.
A Polaroid picture that had been stapled to a ticket. The first date you ever went on with Sae-byeok. The date where she took you to the aquarium miles away from where you both lived, but that didn’t matter, nor did the expense. One of the greatest days of your life and this picture is attached to the ticket as proof. Your eyes were filled with life and joy, the smile on your face is as genuine as one can get.
“I- uh. I kept anything that had to do with you. I made sure that if we went to the movie theatre, I would keep my ticket as it served as a reminder of the amazing times you have given me.” After a short pause from her, Sae-byeok continues.
“Y/N, my life hasn’t been easy, and you know all about me and my past. You respect me for who I am and not who you expect me to be. I wasn’t living much of a life until I met you. This box is dedicated to you because you are one of the most important people in my life. Seeing you so down recently has been heartbreaking, and I just had to let you know that I love you, and you are the person I want.”
You didn’t know what to say, you were simply overcome with emotion, but through all this, you realised the most important thing. You had yet to say it back to her, and god knows you love her more than anything.
“I love you too, Sae.”
Once again, just want to say thank you to @tcmie!! Go show them some love <3
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iluvsaebyeok · 2 days ago
still dreaming
words: 0.3k
LIPS LOCKED AND hands roaming freely, you tried your best to breathe as sae-byeok practically devoured you, savoring the heat of the moment as her tongue fought for dominance in your mouth. you arched and withered every so often, craving more of your girlfriend each second. she broke the kiss and stared at your for a moment, breathing heavily while she kept firm eye contact with you. you always thought about how passionate and carefree the two of you were, making love as if your youths were eternal.
"i would love to finish this, but cheol is in the other room," sae-byeok breathed out, breaking the kiss between you two. "to be continued?"
you nodded tiredly, also trying to catch your breath after your heated make-out session. "to be continued."
sae-byeok rolled herself off of you, allowing you two to be face-to-face laying down in bed. within seconds you found yourself in wrapped in sae-byeok's arms, your face so close to hers that your noses were practically touching. you began to feel the feeling of tiredness overcome you, and frequently you yawned even though you told sae you weren't tired at all.
"just go to sleep," sae-byeok said after you were practically fighting to keep yourself awake. you shook your head no and mumbled, "i don't wanna lose this feeling."
"what feeling?" sae-byeok asked in confusion, genuinely not knowing if you were saying things out of fatigue or if there was actual meaning behind it.
"sleeping in your arms... still dreaming," you slurred in sleepiness before finally allowing slumber to overcome you. "goodnight sae."
sae-byeok chuckled to herself, then pressed a soft kiss on your temple before turning off the night lamp. "goodnight y/n."
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mistresskate101 · 2 days ago
In Her Arms
Genre: Fluff, Very Slight Angst
Pairing: (Squid Game) Sae-Byeok x Gender Neutral Reader
Warnings: None just me being a simp for Sae-Byeok
Word Count: 170
Description: A short drabble where Sae-Byeok tells you she loves you while you're half asleep.
A/N (Author's Note): Hello my lovlies, this is another Sae-Byeok thing I'm writing about and my apologies for it being so short but I just dreamed of it and typed out what I could remember! It was a very stormy night and I needed comfort haha ^^ Plus I wasn't planning on posting this on Thanksgiving but here we are- Happy Thanksgiving everyone <3
Tumblr media
You drowsily turn toward Sae-Byeok and start rubbing her back lovingly. She's tired and is barely keeping her eyes open. One hand draws shapes on your skin while the other pets your hair. You groaned, tugging on her loose shirt. "What baby?" You sigh in content at the nickname, intertwining your fingers in her hair. She smirks and leans down to kiss your forehead. "Go to sleep babe I know you're weary." You frown and huff, getting ready to stand up for yourself but her hands manage to make their way up to your lips, shushing you. "I'm right here just fall asleep." She snuggles down a bit more in bed, getting down to your level, and kisses your lips. Your eyes start to get heavy and your body feels like it's been drowned in sleep but before you drift off into dreamland, she whispers three important words into your ear. "I love you..." You eventually relax in her embrace and soon enough, you're asleep. But most importantly, in her arms.
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bloominflowers · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sketched my faves from squid game, because this show is all I have on my mind right now 🦑
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huyandere · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i just really like this photo
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quibbs · a month ago
Tumblr media
i always like exactly what you would expect me to like
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its-emimi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Squid Game as an 90's anime (video), art by me 🦑🎨
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