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#saeyoung choi

I have been busy on this quarantine drawing.

Enjoy some mystic messenger fan art with my OC Sano.

I do have commissions open and am taking them. If anyone is interested please message me for more info on what I offer and prices.

Eventually I will post about it but I need the time…

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Fandom: Mystic Messenger 

Bio: Enchanted AU! What happens when your bride-to-be disappears in the middle of the day and turns up in another world? What happens when you chase after her? What happens when you start falling for the guy that helped her? What happens when she does too? What happened when your brother chases after you? These questions and more to be answered inside this strange fairy tale. 

Characters: Saeran Choi, Saeyoung Choi, Lila Lancelot (OC), Minji Cho (OC), Judas (OC)

Length: 9000


I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you have a lot of run reading this! 

If there was one thing that stood to be true throughout the sands of time, it was that life worked in very mysterious ways. Growing up, he and his brother were abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. He thought he was going to be a beggar to save his brother from peril, but as it happened, Saeyoung had the fortune of meeting a young prince.

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 (luciel choi/ 707 / saeyoung choi)


(о'∀'о) smut (о'∀'о)

tried to make this the most gender neutral as possible (so if you’re a guy you’re a bottom)
may be cause of quarantine but seven do be hitting different

waning: oral, clothed sex (kinda), dirty talk, use of the nickname kitten and master, religious references, exhibition kink sort of (phone call during sex) 


It had now been 4 weeks since you’ve been forced to stay inside due to the current pandemic. For your boyfriend, it wasn’t a big deal since he stayed inside all day anyways, only going out for the RFA parties or if he needed anything he couldn’t get online but for you, you were starting to get bored out of your mind, already have organised the entire apartment, watched all the movies you wanted to see and done all the work you needed to do, hell you even wrote an essay about how Saeyoung’s theory on making the longest cat would be impossible. 

So you decided to fill the boredom with quality time with your boyfriend, even if he was working. 

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Could I get a Mysmes Highschool AU please? Including Jihyun and Saeran if you don't mind  (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

yes!! this is such a cute idea~ for the sake of it let’s assume all of the mysme gang go to the same high school :D


* He’s the kid that’s always friendly and bright when you approach him, but he’ll never come up to you first; he’ll always shout out a ‘good morning!’ when coming into the class each day, and he’ll have his own little raggedy friend group (that majorly consists of guys-he’s just too shy around girls!)

*People always say he’s nice and sweet but…that’s pretty much it. No one knows his favorite colour, what he wants to be when he grows up, if he gets along with his family…

*Well, MC decides to approach him-they’d always been friendly with him but at a distance, and something in his eye makes them want to bridge this gap between them.

*Turns out, he’s actually an absoloute sweetheart like everyone says, but he’s also so much more than that! He’s funny and bright, but beats himself up a lot-he’s a good student but lazy, and without someone to cheer him on and push him to keep up a scedhule he gets lost.

*So MC takes it upon themselves to convince him to have weekly study dates with him, rewarding themselves with cold sweet milkshakes after a job-well done; neither of them would admit it, but they’re absoloutely falling for eachother with each meeting.

*Yoosung would NEVER confess so-he’s so scared! All his friends at school tease him and ‘threaten’ to tell MC themselves if he doesn’t, but he just grumbles an excuse and leaves when they do-how could he possibly ruin this thing he has with MC because of his stupid feelings?

*Well, someone eventually spills the beans to MC because duh, it’s a high school, word gets around faster than you can say ‘pop quiz’-so MC takes it upon themselves to confess in their next study date.

*They don’t become the cutest couple at school or anything, but their friends are all very happy for them-and even teachers turn a blind eye if they catch Yoosung giving a quick kiss to MC during breaks, because well, that’s young love for ‘ya.


*Yes, yes, he’s the hottest guy in school (for this AU let’s say he never dropped out but he did leave his home, so he’s living on his own and works part time jobs and gets whatever acting gig he can whenever possible).

*He’s a bit of a…semi-deliquent? He’s the guy you’ll find smoking under the bleachers, be it cigarettes or weed, but he’s not a junkie nor a bully-he’s actually a very gentle and caring guy, smart too-he doesn’t study much but when exam season rolls around he tries his best to at least get semi-decent grades so he can have a good CV when looking for jobs later on.

*No one knows about his family situation-he’s kind yes, but he keeps everyone at a distance, scared of letting them get too close. 

*Jumin does know about Zen, mainly because Zen’s friends with V who’s the type of guy people just tell everything to-and Jumin tries to help Zen, often just by shoving money to Zen’s face which…really doesn’t help.

*Well, MC meets Zen once outside of school when they start working at the convinience store he also works at! They’d never talked to him at school-girls would constantly flock around him and fawn and whilst MC thought he’s attractive sure, they just never made the effort to talk to him.

*Turns out, he’s actually a hilarious guy with a temper-do NOT get him started on how much he hates ‘capitalist-loving pigs’ as he so calls them, and the curses he throws out whenever their manager isn’t looking are enough to make MC snort with laughter.

*They become fast friends, and whenever Zen sees MC at school he’ll wave and come their way to talk to them-which gets them both a lot of weird stares and glares. It’s not like anyone will come and bully MC for talking with Zen or anything, this isn’t the movies, but people are constantly asking how they know Zen, which they never grace with an answer-their extra-curricular activities are not something everyone should be privy to.

*One night they both work later than their shift ends, busy stocking up and running the monthly checks, and by the time they’re done it’s well past midnight-and they have school tomorrow.

*Zen offers MC to stay at his place for the night-he lives a five minute walk away from the store, and he’d hate to leave his friend alone to walk back home when there’s fewer buses and trains at this hour.

*So this is how MC discovers Zen lives alone-they don’t pry, but he tells them everything anyway, finally giving in and letting himself trust MC-and this is also how the two get together. 

*One minute they’re on Zen’s couch laughing over one thing or the other, the next they’re kissing, Zen’s hand cradling MC’s cheek.

*The next morning when they both go to school, MC wearing one of Zen’s t-shirts as an undershirt to their school uniform…well, let’s just say there’s a LOT of jealous people around lmao 

*(But still, no one dares say anything to MC-Zen is NOT known for his patience, and if anyone hurts his beloved then one glare from Zen is enough to send them to an early grave really)


*She’s the quiet kid-you know the one. She’s always buried in her books, sits in the front of the class (not by choice, not really-she just has bad eyesight lmao), her hair’s short because she thinks long hair’s a hassle, and has one or two superficial friends but that’s pretty much it.

*Well, one day she comes into class during a break only to find MC holding back tears as they look down at a book on their desk.

*Jaehee cautiously approaches and notices MC’s struggling with a math equation-one of the ones their teacher had assigned as homework, she reckons.

*With a soft smile she asks MC if they’d like Jaehee to sit with them-no ‘i can teach you’ or anything, she merely wants to sit beside them and cheer them on, and only offers her help if asked.

*And that’s how the two become friends. Jaehee’s not used to the affection MC shows them, how they’ll sit with them during breaks and bring them their favorite drink or snack from the cantine, how they’ll often invite them out after classes and wrap their hand around Jaehee’s shoudlers-she’ll never admit it but she was fast to develop a crush on MC, and her feelings terrify her.

*One day they’re at a park by MC’s place, sitting on the swings talking about their future. MC talks with bright eyes about all the plans they have after graduating, some completely absurd, others attainable with hard enough work and dedication.

* “What about you Jaehee? What do you want to do after graduating?” MC asks, their focus on Jaehee as they snap her out of her trance.

*What Jahee wants…? She thinks of her dream, the little coffee house with music and laughter, the smell of fresh grinded coffee beans and her behind the counter with an apron on and her hair long and tied into braids, how she’ll have regular customers she knows by name, how she’ll have someone she loves beside her-someone like MC-

* “I’ll just be an office worker I guess” she shrugs, avoiding MC’s bright gaze. That makes MC pout, getting off of the swing to sit in front of Jaehee on their knees, their hands on Jaehee’s lap, holding her own palms tight.

*MC tells Jaehee to think of what she truly wants, how she should never settle when she has dreams to follow and work on, how she owes her future to no one but herself-and maybe MC had more to say, but Jaehee will never know; for in that moment a surge of courage pushed them forward, leaning in and kissing MC mid-speech.

*They seperated quick enough, Jahee’s eyes wide, her mouth agape-would MC hate her now? Would they get up and leave? Would they-

* “That was wonderful” MC said with a grin, “but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from this conversation.”

*Anyway this is a long winded way of saying the two become the sweetest freaking couple their school has ever seen lmao


*He’s…also a popular guy, but for all the opossite reasons than Zen.

*People say he’s cool and mysterious, handsome to boot and richer than the queen of england. There’s all sorts of rumors surrounding him that he never adresses, which only add fuel to the fire.

*Some girls even start calling him ‘Mr.Grey’ after *that* film comes out, which makes him really confused. He doesn’t even like the colour…? Has he ever worn a grey tie he doesn’t remember?

*Anyway, he’s secluded yes, and quiet, his only friend that’s by his side at all times being V, who’s honestly equal parts mysterious as he is handsome.

*The two emit an aura that makes them unapproachable, so people just…don’t try to get close to them, and that’s that.

*MC’s one of those people, until one day, their art teacher splits them into groups of three people to create a photography project-something about light or whatever, MC wasn’t really paying attention. They’d already turned their head towards their friends with a smile and a wink, knowing they’d spend their ‘study time’ playing and gossiping…

*….until their teacher announced they’d be seperating people into groups themselves. And lo and behold-MC had ended up in a group with Jumin-yes, just Jumin since their class was an odd number. Their teacher said they’d have more time than the others since they were only two, but there was no changing groups, that was their definite rule.

*So after class ended, MC timidly approached Jumin-who was…way more polite than they’d thought. He greeted them with a handshake of all things, and told them to meet him at his home that very same day in the afternoon to discuss their ‘plan of action’ as he called it.

*He was odd, that much was sure, but there was a sort of cuteness to his actions, like a child trying to imitate an adult.

*Well, going to his home was…an experience. It’s everything you see in the movies and more, from a massive gateway to bodyguards taking MC up to Jumin’s study hall, to a maid coming by to ask what the two would like to drink and eat.

*Jumin’s nice enough, albeit cold and distant, but there’s something about this whole situation that kept bothering MC. With a small frown they quietly asked “Jumin, are your parents home?”

*He seemed taken aback by the question, his facade fading momentarily before he schooled himself back into a neutral expression. “I only have a father, and no, he’s not home at the moment.”

*MC nodded. “You think he’ll be home soon?” they asked. Jumin seemed…irk at the question, his lips tugging downwards.

* “I’m not sure. He’s a busy man, it might be a few days before he returns home. Why do you ask?”

*Their next words shocked Jumin to hsi core, his eyes wide as he looked to the timid person across of him. 

* “It’s nothing I just…I’m worried you seem lonely.”

*Jumin never adressed the comment, merely carried on working on their plan for their art project, but it stuck with him-and it was in fact, the reason he allowed MC to slowly get closer to him.

*When they decided on what their project would be-the different ways sunlight hits trees from morning until evening, they set out on a camping trip that very same weekend, which showed MC a whole new side to Jumin-the man beneath the suits, the teenager who wore jeans and shirts, who knew how to light a fire with sticks, who was awed when he learnt what smore were and ate so many he gave himself a stomachache.

*That night in the forest as they awaited sunrise to take more pictures, Jumin poured his heart out to MC-his fears, his relationship with his father, how he worries he’ll grow up to be just like him, how he values family in a way his father doesn’t seem to share-and before he knew it he was resting his head on MC’s shoulder, their fingers intertwined just as their lives had become.

*His life would never be the same after meeting this person with their keen eyes and gentle heart.


*Again, for the sake of this HC, we’ll assume Seven lives with Saeran and his mom who neglects them, and goes to the same high school as the rest of the RFA-he knows about hacking and does it as a part-time job to gather money, but he’s not an agent (yet..?)

*He’s a very weird guy-one moment he’s bright and cheerful and the next he’s solemn and cold, which doesn’t leave him with many friends, and even less people who actually care and want to find out what’s wrong, if he’s okay or needs any help.

*He’s often seen huddled with his twin-the two are practically inseperable, even though they’re in different classrooms, it’s rare to spot them away from each other druing break times, and they always seem to linger when school’s over, as if they dread going back home.

*Well, MC isn’t the type of person who’ll leave someone like that on their own. They’re concerned, no, more than that, they’re worried and need to know if Saeyoung’s alright, if he needs any help-there’s something about him that just puts them on edge, and they want to figure it out more than anything else.

*Well, trying to get close to Saeyoung is about as hard as Hercules’s trials; he’s friendly enough sure, sharing memes and joking about, but the moment a conversation becomes more serious he vanishes, finding some flimsy excuse to disappear before he needs to open up about anything. 

*But MC is relentless, and the more they learn about Saeyoung, every little bit of himself that he dares share-from his favorite colour (orange, he says, like the sunset), to his little quirks and habits (he bites his nails, he speaks so fast he stumbles over words, he’s genius to a fault but has a hard time reading-words seem to get jumbled up-), all the little things that make Saeyoung himself just swell up and fill MC’s heart and before they knew it-they’re in love.

*Saeyoung’s no fool, he knows MC likes him-and that makes him push them away all the more. Saeran notices his brothers conflicting emotions but says nothing, worried he’ll only make things worse.

*One day he snaps. MC confessed to him, and rather than saying ‘I don’t like you back’, he said ‘I can’t do this’, prodding a myriad of questions from MC.

* “Why? What is it you can’t do-Saeyoung, what are you hiding-”

* “Everything!” he yells-his hands are balled into fists, his back trembles, his eyes swell with tears; this person in front of him, the one he loves back, that’s so close yet so far-how can he drag them down into his own hell? “My family’s a fucking mess, my dad would rather have me dead, I’m barely surviving and-I’ve been doing fine, I’ve been coping but then you came along and put everything into your own unique chaos and-and I should push you away, I should I should but I can’t-”

*MC held him as he broke down in the empty school courtyard, his head resitng on their chest as he cried himself into fatigue. MC protected him from stray gazes of students finishing their EC activities, glared at whoever tried to approach them.

*They kissed his forehead, running their hands through his hair as he sighed at the action. “I’ll protect you Sae. Both you and Saeran, I promise-I’ll do everything I can to help you. No one will ever hurt you two. No one.”


*Similar to Saeyoung, he’s a weird character, and one few people dare approach. He seems cold and distant, and unlike his brother doesn’t joke around even for pretense’s sake. He’s rumored to have beat up people more than once, some even saying he’s a hired mercenary, although that’s a fat stretch of a lie at best, and a malicious intent to spread gossip about Saeran at most.

*In truth-he’s none of those things. MC knows, because his gentle eyes had caught their attention since day one, and they’ve been noticing the little bits and pieces that make him the Saeran they bid as kind and gentle-how they’ll cower their head at loud noises, how he’ll trail his fingers over leaves and petals of the courtyards’ plants as he walks by-they even saw him watering them once, but were pretty sure he’s not in the gardening club-they were the head of that club after all.

*With that in mind, MC had eventually gathered up their courage and approached Saeran, who seemed frazzled at their sudden approach to his desk. They introduced themselves as the head of the gardening club and asked if he’d be interested in joining them with a bright grin.

*Saeran was wide eyed and tense, but never graced them with an answer-at that moment his twin brother Saeyoung came to the classroom’s door and called out to Saeran, who graciously took the chance to hop out of his seat and leave before MC could utter another word.

*Only then did MC notice they had caught the attention of the entire classroom, only when the twins left and the chatter returned in the room had they realised how quiet everyone had fallen when MC approached Saeran.

*That evening at the gardening club, MC was restless, their hands fiddling with the water hose they’d been using to water the trees around the garden. Had they been too straight-forward? Too intense? They only wanted to befriend the guy, not scare the heebie jeebies out of him….

*They were shaken out of their thoughts when a timid knock came to the door, a familiar pair of golden eyes looking to them with a furious blush on pale cheeks.

*Saeran stood there, his fists trembling. “Um-I’d-I want to join…?”

*MC hates to admit it, but they were so shocked they forgot they were holding an open wate hose-so they turned with such force and excitement they ended up losing control of the hose, dousing themselves with tons of water before a giggling club member turned it off and took it from their hands.

*Even soaking wet and cold, they merely shook water off of their hair as they waltzed to the door, extending a hand towards Saeran.

* “Welcome to the gardening club!” they cheered, and just like that-Saeran graced them with a small little smile that was enough to melt glaciers off of the North Pole.


*V is the epitomy of ‘gentle and handsome’. He’s the president of the class, firm yet gentle, his smile hiding a menace, each word calculated and cool.

*MC…they didn’t know how, but they knew this was a facade. They knew it. He was nice enough, never giving them a reason to think he’s not who he seems, but there was something twisting in their gut whenevr Jihyun smiled at them, something that said not all is as it seems.

*In the next class elections-Jihyun had been elected president once again, and surprisingly, MC had been elected vice president, which meant they’d be working closely with Jihyun, having to frequently meet him after class to discuss plans and class budgets.

*For their first meeting, he suggested MC comes to his place, since it was the closest one from school, and he had the necessary materials there already since he’d been class president plenty times before already.

*Seeing Jihyun outside of school, at home-seeing him greet his father with cold hard eyes, that gave MC the confirmation they needed-that Jihyun isn’t all that he seems to be.

*As they silently worked on the class budget, MC saw something in the numbers that made them frown.

* “Um, Jihyun-don’t you think our budget for art supplies is really low? Surely we can increase it a bit no?” they asked.

*Jihyun looked up from his papers with wide eyes, his facade cracking before he laughed, rubbing at his eyes as MC stared on in confusion.

* “I’m sorry, it was mean of me to laugh-but increase the budget for art? It’s such a useless thing-there’s no need for it. Besides, no one’s complained about it before.”

* That only made MC’s confusion grow, their frown deepening. Jihyun must’ve caught on as he moved his hand across the table to gently rest over MC’s knuckles.

* “Don’t worry too much about it-if we see there’s an increased demand for it, wihch I doubt, we’ll cut a bit from the rest of the supplies and icrease that. Okay?”

* MC nodded, but remained cautious. The way he looked down on the arts-was he always like this? Something felt…off. They knew deep in their bones that Jihyun couldn’t-wasn’t a bad person, but there was something tying them back, a grudge, or so it seemed…and they were determined to find out.

-this got very out of hand and the final stories almost developed into full fledged fics lol, I’m sorry for the sharp ending! If you’d like to see more, or individualised fics for each character-you can send in another prompt, or consider comissioning me for a lengthier fic (rules/info here) <33

-Send me a mystic messenger headcanon for character reactions!-

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What about an Enchanted au? Saeran and Saeyoung are from the fairytale universe, Rika's the evil stepmother, and Vs the father (who ended up stranded in the real world years ago). Saeyoung fell through the portal after Minji, who was found by Judas, who's dating Lila. Saeran is sent after Saeyoung, but meets Lila and falls for her. Judas falls for Minji, and she for him, and then Saeyoung finds them and Judas is like 'shit hes hot too-' Judas and Lila both agree theyre better as friends.

Enchanted is one of my favorite movies, oh my God. 

Minji is a fairy-tale wonder, she’s probably a saint with animals and everything around her all around. Saeyoung is easily smitten with her and she’s just such an active girl, I’m sure she started to explore somewhere they told her not to go and that’s how she wound up taking a tumble. Saeyoung realizes that something is very wrong and he runs after to save the day. 

Minji, probably confused as ever, trying to figure out where she is and how the heck is the world is so strange. Probably bumps into Judas, a guy who’s just gotten out of the life of trouble and gone straight-laced, he’s got enough money to cost for the rest of his life, and he’s got a sweet girlfriend who somehow tolerates his antics. 

Minji is confused and lost, and Judas, being somebody who helps others, decides to go out on a limb for her and she winds up really capturing his attention with how sweet she is. Like, she’s an angel. She looks at him with earnest stars in her eyes, eager to learn what she can. He feels this spark with her and he just doesn’t feel this… spark. 

Like, they enjoy so many of the same things, and he loves dressing up and going out with her but it doesn’t feel… light. Judas is smitten and he spends a lot of time trying to help Minji get back to where she came from and he’s confused when they can’t find it…? Like, is he hiding from something or? 

Since he spends a lot of time trying to help Minji, Lila winds up on her own for a good portion of the time. She feels a little left out. Color her surprised when she finds herself pumping into Saeran when she’s out and about in the park, he’s a little strange, but he compliments how lovely the crown of flowers she’s weaving is. 

They get to talking and Lila feels so comfortable with him for some reason after only a couple of hours. There is a… warm feeling? Which is odd. She’s supposed to be happy with Judas… but… it’s gotten so… hard lately to be together. So, that’s a thing. 



Minji glances at him, “Ooh! It’s Saeyoung!” 

Judas, looking between them, “Oh my god, they know each other and they’re both attractive….. what if we got closer… haha unless…?” 


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Im an absolute slut for angst so im just sitting here trying to come up with the absolute cruelest/most effective thing Seven could have said to Judas, and let me just say that it hurts. Could I request some sort of a make up or fluffy scene for the poly trio, with a focus on Judas and Saeyoung? Not even related to their current situation, I just want someone to give Judas a hug now.

Lemme tell you, there are a lot of things that Seven could say to Judas in the heat of the moment if he was really trying to push him away like that. A lot of those things wouldn’t be very pretty, and probably can’t be repeated in polite company. 

Seven and Judas have this dynamic where they push each other to be better but even they make mistakes. It’s not easy to be two guys who have walled themselves off from feeling their emotions in such a delicate way. Undoing the glue that they put on themselves takes time. It won’t heal right away, not in the way you think. 

Seven has to confront his many demons during the events of Deep Route, but Judas doesn’t deal with any of his during that time. One of his biggests fears is letting himself love somebody again and having them rip the rug out from underneath him again. This would continue to haunt him, even after the poly trio started collectively going out. 

Saeyoung had said a lot of things that he regretted. Judas had said a lot of things that he regretted. They both had had a big spat after Saeyoung stole his brother from the hospital and went into hiding in his bunker. Judas knew why he did that, but Saeyoung didn’t message Minji OR him for nearly a week or two after that incident. 

They feared for the worst. 

When Saeyoung finally did come around, Judas had stormed over to his place in the middle of the night without Minji, fed up with her frustrated tears at this situation, and determined to get an answer out of him for this. Judas opened his mouth and just let him have it. How mad he was at him, how pissed he was to see Minji cry, how much it hurt him that Saeyoung was ignoring him! Ignoring Minji of all people!

The angel! 

If he was ignored, so be it… but not Minji. 

Some of his word choices had been… wrong. He realized that as his chest heaved and his mouth couldn’t stop those words from coming out of him. How he basically likened Saeyoung to the very man that had used him for fun and then thrown him away. 


He just was so lost in his pain for his brother, so tired, so upset, so hurting, that he couldn’t stop himself from lashing back out at Judas. 

“No wonder they all left you behind! No wonder they didn’t want to be around you! You’re like a fucking puppy that doesn’t know what to do without his master! You spent so much time as their whore that you don’t know how to do anything but get laid! I’m trying to help my brother, and all you’re worried about is how important you are?!” 

It had been something to that regard. 

Saeyoung knew that he had fucked up when he saw that Judas was actually crying. He had never seen him cry before, but this… this was horrible. 

And the reason for those tears? 

All his fault. 

Saeyoung had been spending so much time trying to work on his brother’s health that he was spending long hours away from everyone, his friends, his partners, the RFA, you name it. It was simply what he felt like he had to do to make amends with everything that happened. It wasn’t that he wanted to be away from any of them. 

It was just that… Saeran couldn’t deal with this in the hospital where their father could find out that they were alive. 

That was too dangerous, and he had just gotten his brother back, he wasn’t going to lose him again. Saeran didn’t make it very easy on him, either. He put up a fight the entire time and the yelling, shouting, and screams that he had to go through to help his brother get through a rough patch were starting to wear on him. 

He had managed to make a breakthrough, after WEEKS, of trying to talk to him and help him understand what had gone wrong. Saeyoung felt tired, worn out, and like he was going to collapse any second but this last straw had felt like he had finally gotten through to Saeran. It wasn’t much but it was a start. 

The path of recovery wasn’t going to be an easy one. 

Saeran wasn’t trying to fight him, or run away anymore. Which was the good news about all of this, and knowing that his brother was going to stay put and safe, gave him the first chance to leave his bunker for just a little bit. He hated to leave Saeran, but he wanted so badly to see Minji, or to see Judas, either one of them. 

It would be a quick trip. 

Minji was in the middle of work and couldn’t get off during the rush. Judas, however, was free since his work was nothing like hers was. The two of them had been staying in the apartment together since Saeyoung told them that he needed to work with Saeran alone. 

They respected that, and they did video calls every now and again. At least, Minji did… Judas didn’t pop in very often. He would be there but he wouldn’t address anything. He would just clamp up and put on a show for Minji, but that look in his eyes was painful. Even Minji knew that something had happened, but she couldn’t bring it up.

She was worried about him and Saeyoung. 

Saeyoung just wanted to make things right.  

After promising Saeran that he would be back within a half-hour, not getting a response from him as part of the reason that Saeyoung had gotten him to be so complicit is that he hooked him up with a line to Lila… who was still stuck in the hospital after that mess. 

He would have taken her too, but Lila could exist without worry… and he feared that the two of them together, in a volatile state, might have been too dangerous. That, and the fact that the RFA wanted to make everything up to her after she had been forced to go through all of that alongside Saeran. It was the least they could do. 

No way he would have gotten away with that one. 

Either way, he left to go and visit Judas as fast as he could. 

The apartment was familiar to him. It was where everything had started and where everything began to get better. It was better to drop by without saying anything at all. If Judas knew that he was going to drop by, then he might have ducked the area. He pressed to fist to the door and gave it a few knocks before it opened. 

Judas was standing there, wearing one of Minji’s hoodies, since she was a good bit taller than him and her clothes hung off of him rather simply. He got one look at him, and started to shut the door, and Saeyoung caught it with his foot. 

“Judas,” he said, softly. “I know that you don’t want to speak to me right now, but I want to apologize.”

“Oh? You want to apologize?” Judas countered, those blue eyes of his staring up at Saeyoung in disdain. “After all this time, darling? What? Did you come to get a cheap lay? Is that what this is? Going to treat me like the whore you think I am?”

He deserved that, and he knew it. 

Saeyoung winced.

“No… I just… I know what I said was wrong. I knew it was wrong when I said it to you. You’re not a cheap whore. I don’t love you for that. I love you because you never gave up on me no matter what was happening. You have the right to be upset with me for what I said. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hated my guts right now. I want you to be upset with me for this. What I said wasn’t right… and I should have known better then to get upset with you like that. You were just worried about me… and Minji… and…” 

Saeyoung found himself trailing off, trying to find the words to make things right. He wasn’t sure if they would be right again. “You don’t even have to hear me out. Shut the door if you want. I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you like that. When I saw you crying… I…” 

His own face felt very wet. 

Judas wasn’t looking at him now, he was looking at the floor and his bangs had covered much of his upper face so he couldn’t see what he was feeling. 

“I know… I know you don’t want to get hurt anymore. You never deserved that, but I’m sorry that I broke my promise of never hurting you like them. We really aren’t all that different… huh…? I’m sorry for bothering you, Judas. I’ll… go.” Saeyoung murmured. ‘

He turned and started to head down the hallway but the sound of a latch being undone echoed in his ears and the next thing that he knew, there were arms wrapped around his waist. Saeyoung stiffened in his hold. He didn’t want to make things worse. Judas just embraced him for the longest moment as the small sound of sniffles came through muffled fabric. 

“You’re not like them,” Judas croaked. 


“They never apologized or even tried to chase after me. I know you care, Saeyoung… I’m just so scared of letting myself love you so hard… but I do. I love you so much. It hurts. I know that if I let myself love you as strongly as I do then I’m opening myself up to that pain again. I’m sorry about what I said to you. I know you… I know you care. I just… I got so scared… I don’t want to lose you, darling. I’ve never wanted somebody more in my life.” 

Saeyoung turned around so that he was facing him. He cupped his face in his hands and gazed down at him as Judas peaked through his bangs. “Don’t… don’t look at me…” he whispered, “This is the least attractive I’ve ever been in my entire life.” 

“No,” Saeyoung murmured. “You’re perfect, even right now. We both said things we regret… can we try to work past this? I know I’m a mess… and I’m still learning how to love you, and Minji. I want to get better at this together.” 

“Even if I make mistakes like that?” Judas mumbled. “And I hurt you?” 

“Yes,” he said, with confidence. 

They settled into each other’s embrace for the longest time. So long, that neither of them wanted to move or break the moment. It wasn’t until Minji came out of the elevator and sighed at the sight of those two crybabies that they realized that time had passed at all. “Guys? If you’re going to cry it out, could we at least do it in the apartment where I can make cocoa?”

Saeyoung opened his arms even wider and gestured to Minji to come in for the hug. She sighed, and laughed, only to throw her arms around both her boys. 

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Mystic messenger RP discord server

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for people who want to join a Mystic Messenger RP server. It will be on discord, it won’t be strictly NSFW but we still prefer to have only 18+ since nsfw stuff will probably be written.

The characters that are currently still open are:

  • V
  • Vanderwood
  • Saeran
  • Jumin
  • Zen
  • Yoosung
  • OC/MC

If you’d like to join please send me an ask of a message so I can invite you to the server!

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Today 707 got a Fairy dress send by carrier baloon, but he still prefers his AS getup (designed by yours truly). He will however keep it around to give to Yoosung should the blonde somehow stray from his righteous path and end up on Lollipop.

He also found a changing room, so now he can host 80s Clothes changing montages for whoever drops by. Should it be Saeran, Vanderwood or Yoosung.

We’re excited!

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