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He was the guy that you could talk for hours without even thinking he doesn’t care or he doesn’t want to hear. When you were with him you felt safe and that everything is going to be okay.


Originally posted by getlayd

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5.27.20 wednesday

post 27

as some people may know there is a woman named sophie miriam herold who is collecting personal information on lgbtq members. as an lgbtq member i no longer feel safe and will temporarily stop posting text posts.

i need as much personal information as i can to myself. i know i haven’t been posting much, but this may be my last post. 

things are getting really scary and i don’t need someone posting all my personal information for people to use to find me.

i’m really sorry, but i need to do this to keep myself safe from her. if by chance she comes upon this post, i will be prepared.

i hope you all have a good day.

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I match you with

Josuke Higashikata!

  • You’re almost a full foot shorter than him so you can guarantee you’ll be in his arms at least 50% of the time
  • He can and will beat the shit out of anyone that makes you cry
  • He also loves cute romantic stuff and animals! Just not reptiles though
  • He’s pretty extroverted as well and loves to make you laugh
  • He loves late night laughs as much as you do! He’ll laugh at literally anything he’s though so all you have to do is whisper ‘butt’ in his ear and he’s laughing hysterically
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I hadn’t had a panic attack in such a long time until today. But I felt my breath catch as I read that text. I wasn’t taking in oxygen any longer. The walls were closing in. I could hear my sister yelling at me. She kept telling me I was okay. I didn’t feel okay.

I exhaled loudly and frantically dialed the number of my therapist’s office only to realize it was a holiday. People have panic attacks on holidays too!

My sister took the phone. I heard the ringing on speaker phone. My best friend’s voice filled the line. She kept telling me to breathe. Inhale and exhale. Those are your only worries.

She didn’t know. That text. That was a big worry.

My brain was trapped in a panic response. I don’t remember when I finally came out of it fully, but I was finally able to explain what happened. My best friend talked me down. She is good at that. Six years is a long time of talking someone down.

She told me, “You’re safe.” We don’t say you’re okay because that’s a lie. Safe is real. Safe is true.

So let me pass it along to you: you’re safe.

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🇹🇹 @caesarsarmy AM Beach 2020 was lit! 🔥🇹🇹 #Ground #Wine #SocaMusic #TriniCarnivalRocks #TriniGirlsRock #Vibes #Dancing #AlwaysReppin #TrinidadAndTobago #Covid_19
Video Credit : @plan_tnt
PLAN TNT uses large, comfortable air-conditioned buses to shuttle the crew to & from events. They are driven by #safe & #reliable #localDrivers that know the best routes & are able to get you as close to the entrance of the event as possible.
Traversing #Trinidad with locals & also in groups offers you the added security & confidence that you are safe. Local liaisons attend all events with you and will be readily accessible throughout your stay.
🇹🇹#EASE of booking accommodation
The PLAN TNT Team secures your accommodation allowing you to pay as finances become available. You don’t have to be continually checking on 3rd party sites or paying additional finders fees for hotel rooms sold on the ‘black market’
🇹🇹#Local Liaisons
You will be attending all #fetes with local liaisons. Your PLAN TNT Liaisons stay at the PLAN TNT selected #hotels & #guesthouses to ensure you have ready access to them as & when required. You become their #family & they look out for you throughout your time here ensuring that you have a stressfree, #wonderful, #epic #experience 
Your liaisons help you with off-the book requests and recommend the best places to eat, buy souvenirs or even pick up extra glitter, gems or carnival stockings if needed.
You tip your favourite liaisons directly.👍🏿
🇹🇹#FLEXIBLE Payment Schedule
We offer you the option to pay for your package in full up front or in portions as you can. The PLAN TNT Trinidad Packages can be secured by payment of a minimal deposit.
🇹🇹#OPTIONS for finding #similarMindedTravelers to share costs among.
Joining a travel group allows you to share the cost across the group giving you savings.
🇹🇹Email us at, to secure your spot for #TrinidadCarnival (at Tyrico Bay)

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In questo periodo particolare, chiediamo la TUA collaborazione.
Per venire in allevamento ti chiadiamo di fissare un APPUNTAMENTO, così potremo accoglierti in totale SICUREZZA.
Grazie Amici!
Lidia 3355212368
#staysafe #covid19 #covid_19 #safe #safetyfirst #clean #disinfectant #amuchina #puppets #puppies #puppydog #cuteanimals #funnyanimals

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