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lullabylyssa · a day ago
Hi little one! Did you finish coloring your picture? That’s wonderful, sweetie! Do you want to show it to me? You did a great job sweetheart. I love all of the colors you used! I think we need to display this work of art on the fridge. Aww why don’t you want to display your art? You’re worried it’s not good enough? I think it’s wonderful. You’re so talented my sweet little baby. I love all of your artwork so much. May we please display it on the fridge, baby? Thank you so much! Why don’t you pick a magnet to use to hold it up, okay? That’s a great choice! I’m so proud of you my little artist.
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cuddlybubbabear · 3 days ago
tips for new caregivers on how to help your partner regress - long distance ˎˊ˗
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
• more details about this post
I’m making this specifically for caregivers whose partner regresses in a different type of way than what’s usually shown. sometimes regression is not always about the physical aspect of acting like a child, sometimes it’s purely the emotional aspect of having the mentality of a child.
some people may never act like a child physically, they may only be in that type of headspace. sometimes in this headspace, it’s not always a bright and happy thing. they may only need you to guide them and take care of them like you would a child whose maybe going through some hard things.
they don’t want toys or to play dress up or to have childish things all around, they just want company and for someone to help them function / help take care of them while they’re in this strange headspace.
[ 🧴 ]
• ✩ go slowly, okay? sometimes the biggest mistake people make when starting this type of relationship, whether it’s platonic or not- is moving too fast. if they want to regress, there’s no need to automatically change your entire demeanor straight away, talk with them for a while, slowly start to say more things that would indicate that you are starting to help them regress / you are starting to show your cg space!
• ♡ give them little tasks to do / ask them simple questions. meaning- tell them to go try and get a snack or something to drink! or ask them to go brush their teeth / ask them if they did brush their teeth. this one is one that can help a lot- ask how they are feeling. see if they can tell you their emotions at them moment [ maybe see if they are feeling more regressed or see if they are stressed or calm, etc ] it can help you identify if you are doing the right thing.
• ✩ checking in with them is important / can make them feel more comfortable! this can go with the last one but asking them about how they are feeling or what they are feeling can help you read the situation and can help them see that you are paying attention / involved in the situation. you can ask them how small they are feeling or if they are feeling small at all, etc. this is also important since you guys are long distance, you can be there to read how they are truly feeling.
• ♡ here’s some more examples of what you can ask them since the emotional / verbal aspect will be at play more than the physical aspect, meaning there’ll be much more communication and verbal cues :
“what are you feeling, sweetheart / any pet name?”
“can you tell me how small you’re feeling?”
“what color is that, bub / any pet name?”
“are you feeling okay, hun / any pet name?”
“can you try and drink some water, bub / any pet name?”
anything like that! and you can follow up by praising them “good job, little one” and if they aren’t able to answer / do the task, “that’s okay, bub. thank you for trying, etc”
• ✩ make them a little self-care schedule. that could be just even having them decorate their own little list of written self-care steps or you both can make one so you can have it as well. just things like having them brush their teeth, wash their face, take showers, etc! you should not punish them for not getting these things done unless that’s something you and your partner decide that’s what they want / need.
• ♡ understand that this is not just roleplaying and you’re not just playing some fun game - even some age regressors themselves get this wrong and so many other do as well, they forget the reality of all of this and think they are just playing pretend and roleplaying some fanfic, sounding fantasy. if that’s how you wanna role, then okay but that’s not how this usually is half the time and you need to be aware of the reality whether you’re living it or not. you need to be educated on the dangers and the things that could go wrong. you need to understand the reality of emotions you are playing with if you do choose to ignore the not so pretend side of things.
• ✩ understand that your partner might not regress like all the stereotypes. they might not babble, baby talk, be energetic, be clingy, want attention, be whiny, want to color / do other child like activities, might not even be so verbal. I’ve seen people be in little space and they don’t show any signs of really behaving like a child that you would imagine, they are in a headspace that just makes them more vulnerable to things and they may feel the mindset of a child but might not act it out. they might just need you to literally take care of them, be gentle with them, help them do simple things and talk to them as simply and softly you would a child. that could be their regression as a infant or baby, or it could not have a direct age or it could be older, that’s just their headspace.
• ♡ make sure to also be taking care of yourself and take needed breaks. It’s important that you don’t forget you’re human during this. If you need a break, you take a break. If your partner cannot understand that, then you need to revaluate your relationship. you as a caregiver is just as important as an age regressor.
reblogs and likes are appreciated!
do not claim as yours / do not take credit for my content.
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wyn-terwonderland · 2 days ago
Today’s kind of hard for you, huh, little one?
That’s okay, how about we go to a quiet room or maybe outside if it’s not too cold. We’re just going to take a quick break. Thanks sweetheart. Now let’s do a few things together:
Unclench your teeth and give your jaw a soft little massage if you need to.
Take a big, deep breath and hold it in your chest for a few seconds. Now breathe out nice and slow.
Roll your shoulders a few times and give them a quick little squeeze.
Give yourself a big hug! Wrap your hands as far around your back as they will comfortably go and sit like that for a few seconds.
I know today can feel very overwhelming, but remember honey, just take it one step at a time. You’re doing so well, and I’m very proud of you!
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safteycorner · a day ago
AgeRe - making your room cozy
fairy lights
night lights
fluffy blankets
pillow fort
glow in the dark ceiling stars
bubble blowing machine
glow sticks
sound machine
bean bag chair
coloring book station
lava lamp
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tarotbee · a day ago
Hi :D i like your worship posts a lot and I was wondering if you could do one for Freya?
Ways of Worshipping Freyja
(Thank you for your patience, I was in the hospital for a while)
- cat, falcon, goose, hawk, pigs, horse, rabbit, cuckoo, oxen, ladybug, swallow and boar imagery
- cat whiskers and flaws (ethically sourced)
- rabbits pelt and rabbits foot (ethically sourced)
- feathers (ethically sourced)
- bones (ethically sourced)
- animal blood (ethically sourced such as: from packaged meat products)
- wear her associated colours (yellow, white, green, red, pink and light blue)
- use colour magick when getting ready (this is the act of wearing coloured clothes associated with what you want out of the day, ie: red = confidence)
- use glamour magick! (This can be done by drawing sigils on the bottom of perfume bottles or drawing sigil and runes with your primer or foundation etc)
- offer her affiliated plants: Almond, Arnica, Bedstraw, Benzoin, Bird Berry, Clover, Cypress, English Daisy, Hemp, Henbane, Holly, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Opium Poppy, Primrose, Rose, and Strawberry
- her associated scents/oils/incense: sandalwood, Myrrh, birch, rose, cedar and cypress
- food offerings such as apples, barley, bread, edible flowers, honey, fresh fruit, chocolate and pork
- drink offerings such as ale and mead
- write or find love poems and read them to her
- adopt or foster cats
- feed stray cats
- involve her in your witchcraft practices (if you practice)
- S3x/s3x magic as an offering
- wear jewellery (particularly in gold if you can)
- listen to girl boss music
- pour your heart into singing, scream them if you want
- listen to love songs
- dance like nobody is watching!
- dedicate a form of divination to her
- study runes and use them to commune with her
- embrace your feminine side, it is powerful (even if you are masculine presenting/identifying)
- learn the phases of the moon
- meditate at night
- grow flowers for the bees!
- dedicate Fridays, especially Friday the 13ths to her! (13 is a sacred number to her)
- set a place for her at the table or burn her candle while you eat
- support pregnant people and pregnant animals
- support victims of SA or DV
- practice self care
- create a self love spell and use it as an aid to work of self love
- honour the dead
- graveyard dirt (ethically sourced)
- clean graves or cleanup graveyards
- research! Go to school, study a new topic, learn more about your favourite things!
- study up on Freyja and the Vanir
- inner child work
- Age regression and caregiving
- learn about blood magick
- write or read smut and romance novels
- be yourself! Authentically you, do not conform to social norms or peoples ideals
- learn self defense ie: going to the gym, taking self defense classes and carrying self defense tools
- her associated gems: Amber, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Citrine, Pink Tourmaline, Emerald, Red Jasper, Jade, Malachite, Moonstone
- have a dedicated scared space/altar for her
- candles of gold, white, red, black, green and silver
- knives/athame and weapons/weapon imagery
- trophies, medals and ribbons or a list of your goals! Even just a checklist of things you want to do that day
- statues of lions
- learn to work through your hard and intense emotions with her, offer your pain, frustration and anger to her
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happylittlekitty · 2 days ago
I'm looking for sfw/non-sexual age regression blogs. Reblog if you fit the description!
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lillesbunny · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i love lalaloopsy dolls so so much!! i'm so glad they're back i wanna try to get some they're so cute!!
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gummybeanbear · 20 hours ago
Cg: Honey, tell me, what time is your bedtime again?
Little: .. 10pm..
Cg: and what time is it now?
Little: ..half past eleven
Cg: will cuddles convince you to come to bed with me?
Little: ye :D
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cgio170 · a day ago
Tired little baby ~🍼
Baby : *yawns + struggling to keep eyes open*
Caregiver : aww is my little one feeling sleepy?
Baby : nu uh I'm not tired yet!
Caregiver : hmm well okay little one just 5 more minutes alright then it's bed time
Baby : *not even a minute later already asleep*
Caregiver : alright let's get you to bed then
Tumblr media
Kiddo note ~ hewo! I hope everyone is good the difference between this and the other post is I'll be adding me and my mama when it's a blog about us *but can be used by anyone else too* and baby with caregiver is for everyone!
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lullabylyssa · 12 hours ago
You look so cute coloring while sucking on your favorite paci, sweetheart. Aww why are you hiding your face? You’re embarrassed, baby? Why are you embarrassed sweetie? You shouldn’t be embarrassed about using your paci. It’s only me. I don’t think you having a paci makes you weird or gross. If it’s something you love, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. Please don’t ever feel embarrassed about using your paci or being smol around me. You should never ever feel embarrassed for being yourself. I love smol you just as much as I love big you. I pinky promise that I love you for you. You’re so adorable my sweet little one.
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cuddlybubbabear · a day ago
ways to comfort your little if they suffer with chronic pain - ldr version ˊˎ-
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
• more about this post
i personally suffer with ankylosis spondylitis which is a form of rheumatoid arthritis which stems from my spine, it affects many other things including- how my stomach functions, my moods, other joints in my body, how fatigued I am, and many other things and I say this because I just want you to know that I’m fairly experienced with chronic pain and different ways it can affect your life outside of just physical pain. i’m writing this with most experience coming from my own illness so not all of these may help certain people but some can! you need to communicate with your little one about their pain and how it affects them so that you can know which tips can help.
• ☽ ask them about their chronic illness / chronic pain - this will help you to understand what different things may help them over others.
• ✧ research their illness - educate yourself on what they deal with all the time, it can help you understand what they are feeling and lead you in the right direction on how to make them feel better sometimes.
• ☽ if they take medication for their condition, try and make sure they remember to take it - that can be by just asking them to set alarms or you could even set alarms for when they need to take it so you can remind them.
• ✧ be patient with them - having a chronic illness can take heavy tolls on people, we all react differently to it but personally, sometimes my mood gets so bad that I can’t really respond to messages, etc. your little one might do that or other things and the way to understand it is by communicating with them. ask them to just let you know if they aren’t able to message a certain day, etc.
• ☽ listen to them, whether it’s them venting about their pain or frustrations - just let them, okay? sometimes not everyone understands the impact that a chronic illness can have on someone and not everyone wants to understand. them being able to let things out and knowing you’ll listen, can help them feel comfortable.
• ✧ make a little notebook - write down things they tell you about their illness and write down ways you can help! people can call it silly or overboard but it’s something that can just help you feel a bit more organized, especially if you have adhd or something like that and can’t always remember things, etc.
• ☽ if you aren’t able to get them things / send them things, send them links to cute & cheap things that can help them during flare ups, etc - there are cute heating pads that are made to look puppies and other things on Amazon, even just sending them cute stuffies that can bring them emotional comfort is a good idea! they don’t need to buy them but it helps them to know that you care and are actually listening to what they say.
• ✧ let them do things even if it might make their pain worse - this sounds evil in a way but for many people, they feel so much grief because of what their illness stops them from doing. they feel angry and they just want to be able to do stuff everyone else can so by you telling them to not do something, it might just make them more upset. just be there for them if whatever they did does make their illness worse, make sure to comfort them and be there for them.
• ☽ find activities for them to do when having a flare and while regressed - the activities should be limited and should not include too much movement, stuff like coloring or watching a movie or reading them a story!
• ✧ make sure to also be taking care of yourself and take needed breaks - you don’t have to be in caregiver mode 24/7, you are human and are allowed to put your own needs first sometimes. just make sure to communicate that with your little one.
I hope this can help someone!
reblogs and likes are appreciated!
asks and messages are open!
do not take credit / do not post as your own.
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wyn-terwonderland · a day ago
I know you've had a long day, little one.
*Lights fairy lights
*Turns on Studio Ghibli Lo-Fi
*Gathers all your stuffies
Come rest a while. You deserve it.
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(Image Description: a GIF of white wildflowers against a mossy stone as bumblebees gently buzz around them.)
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safteycorner · a day ago
Tumblr media
me: sees a stuffie laying in an awkward position
me: okay…, that can’t be comfortable…
me: adjusts stuffie to a more comfortable and healthier position
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