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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#safe place
ecsile · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
now there's no holding back,  i'm making to attack,  my blood is singing with your voice,  i want to pour it out.  the saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound.  i hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallowed ground.  like some child possessed,  the beast howls in my veins.  i want to find you,  tear out all of your tenderness.  and howl,  howl,  howl,  howl  ( ... )  if you could only see the beast you've made of me.  i held it in but now it seems you've set it running free.  the saints can't help me now,  the ropes have been unbound.  i hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallowed ground
open the door;  and walk away.  never give in to the call of yesterday.  memories that made those days sublime,  these ruined halls entomb stolen time.  reach for my hand,  i'll soar away.  into the dawn.  oh, i wish i could stay.  here in cherished halls,  in peaceful days.  i fear the edge of dawn,  knowing time betrays
and it echoes when i breathe;  until all you'll see is my ghost,  empty vessel,  crooked teeth.  wish you could see.  and they call me under.  and i'm shaking like a leaf,  and they call me under.  and i wither underneath in this storm.  i feel it.  and they call me under,  and i'm shaking like a leaf.  and they call me underneath to this storm
i was looking for a breath of life.  a little touch of heavenly light.  but all the choirs in my head sang no.  to get a dream of life again,  a little of vision of the start and the end.  but all the choirs in my head sang no!  but i only needed one more touch,  another taste of heavenly rush.  and i believe,  i believe it so.  and i only needed one more touch,  another taste of devouring rush.  and i believe,  i believe it so.  whose side am i on, whose side am i?  whose side am i on, whose side am i?  and the fever began to spread,  from my heart down to my legs;  but the room was so quiet oh.  and although i wasn't losing my mind,  it was a chorus so sublime.  but the room is too quiet (oh, the fever).  i was looking for a breath of life,  a little touch of heavenly light,  but all the choirs in my head sang no (I believe it).  to get a dream of life again,  a little vision of the start and the end.  but all the choirs in my head sang no!
all the people living in, living in the world today;  reunited by our love, reunited by our pain (ooh).  all the things that i've done and i've seen,  still i don't know,  don't know what it means to be human.  still, i don't know, don't know what it means to be human,  a real human being.  i like to think about how we all look from afar.  people driving fancy cars look like beetles to the stars.  the missiles and the bombs sound like symphonies gone wrong.  and if there is a god,  they'll know why it's so hard to be human.  to be human.  still,  i don't know,  don't know what it means to be human, a real human being
it's not the waking,  it's the rising.  it is the grounding of a foot uncompromising.  it's not forgoing of the lie,  it's not the opening of eyes.  it's not the waking,  it's the rising.  it's not the shade, we should be past it.  it's the light,  and it's the obstacle that casts it.  it's the heat that drives the light.  it's the fire it ignites.  it's not the waking,   it's the rising.  it's not the song,  it is the singing.  it's the heaven of a human spirit ringing.  it is the bringing of the line.  it is the bearing of the rhyme,  it's not the waking,  it's the rising.
tagged by:   @sithstolen​ ​
tagging:  @sheresists​, and you but tag me in it but seriously bc i wanna see ur music ♥
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inkykeiji · an hour ago
babe i’m absolutely in love with your toya nii-san smuts! you portray him so well and the recent one with natsuo included IM SCREAMING ... it’s so good so thank you for that fan service 💗 and it’s nice to know that there are other people who are obsessed with getting railed by a todoroki brother, lol
okay hope you are well and taking care of yourself <3 thank you again <3
aaaah thank you so much!!!! <33333 i’m so so so glad you enjoy my work!! YES HAHAHA touya and natsuo (but especially touya obv hehehe) live rent free in my head, assaulting my mind all day every day <33
oh ehehe thank you sweetpea, i hope you are as well!! and thank YOU for reading and supporting my work, and for stopping by to leave such a cute lil ask!! <33
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gaygent-three · 2 hours ago
Bable bable oh yea bable time
#hi idk why ur reading this. I mean I ain’t saying anything bad or venting. I’m just babbling.#so yea I’m not super happy with the way things are going on my tumblr and I kinda wanna restart#but I don’t wanna abandon this place#i don’t wanna sound cheesy but god this account has so many memories#from my early days where I would post memes and art to the voltron fandom#or when me and the like 5 other Kiu fans would get excited over the smallest things#my early days of splatoon when I was just some agent 3 simp#amd now what’s going on with coro of ikea#I mean hell you can litterally see the progression of my art in my art tag#and there’s all these little things that I don’t want to just toss away to time#I did that with my personal insta and still beat myself up over it#plus I just feel safe with this little community of friends and mutuals even if I have only talked to like 25% of the people#what I kinda wanna do is I like. a refresh#a change of user name some clearing of followers hell maybe a reintroduction#and idk if that’s extra but I just can’t bring myself to log off this account#with that being said I’m experimenting witht some friends to better find the type of vibe I want of that makes sense#they’re the same ones that eases me into my pronoun situation and now they’re helping with my name dilemma jdjdjdkdj#(and about the vibe I think I’m presenting myself a bit harsher then I want to? bsjssjdjssj#realistically if u where to mention my interests I would go little kid mode nsjdjfnf listens to nothi by but what ur saying and then#proceed to pass the room babbling and flapping my hands every five seconds JSJDKDKRKKR)#I’ll get a solid answer soon enough but for now imma keep up what I have going on in here#ok yes that’s me typing out my thoughts#chill session with three
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skyfulloflarry · 3 hours ago
400 followers, what ?? Oh my, mutuals I love every single one of you 💖💓💞💗
Tumblr media
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afancyfawn · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
This bird made a nest in my door swag. It's slowly becoming accustomed to me.
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cosmojjong · 12 hours ago
decided that whenever someone sends me something about jjong in the asks i'll just use #blinger talk as hashtag... seriously need to discuss him more cause that makes me happy 😌
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yiaah · 12 hours ago
I want to be alone I want to be alone I want to be alone I want to be alone I want to be alone I want to be alone-
*knocking on door*
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littletinyidiot · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I thought surviving 2020 would be the end of my lingering sadness, but no, 2021 is testing every limit I have. I feel like a drone -- constantly working and worrying about money, my loved ones, my friendships.
I never have the time to just be human.
Sometimes I just want to leave this place, find a field with a small pond nearby. I want to sit by the pond, eat apples, and listen to the soothing hum of nature. For now I am trapped in the system and forced to struggle through. One day I will escape it.
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itsa-copyofacopyofacopy · 18 hours ago
Hi, you don't know me, but I know how you feel. There are difficult days and the only thing left for us is to move on. It's difficult, I know, but not impossible. Come on get up and carry on. I want this account to be a safe place for you, you can trust me. Besides, I suppose there is no better advice than that of a stranger, 'cause that isn't how it's judged. If you need to talk with someone, I'm available.
This account is not only about Louis Tomlinson, it's also about being heard.
It doesn't matter if you aren't from the fandom, it doesn't matter your preferences, your tastes, your skin color, where you are from, your religion... We are all the same and we deserve to be listened to and advised.
Tumblr media
Hola, no me conoces, pero sé cómo te sientes. Hay días difíciles y lo único que nos queda es seguir adelante. Es difícil, lo sé, pero no imposible. Vamos levántate y sigue. Quiero que esta cuenta sea un lugar seguro para ustedes, pueden confiar en mí. Aparte, supongo que no hay mejor consejo que el de un desconocido, porque así no se juzga. Si necesitan platicar con alguien, estoy disponible.
Esta cuenta no es sólo sobre Louis Tomlinson, también es para que seas escuchada o escuchado.
No importa si no eres del fandom, no importan tus preferencias, tus gustos, tu color de piel, de donde eres, tu religión... Todas y todos somos iguales, merecemos ser escuchados y aconsejados.
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jiangchengspsychiatrist · 20 hours ago
Thinking about how I gave a tired bumblebee on the sidewalk some of my soda today...human kindness 🥺🥺🥺
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orangerosebush · 21 hours ago
ALSO when I reblog/post things with the word 'queer' in it, I always tag it as "queer usage", as I know LGBTQ+ people who are left out when it is tagged as "q slur", just as I know LGBTQ+ people who are left out when it is tagged as "q word". This tagging system is my personal attempt to accommodate the myriad 1) relationships people have to this language and 2) history of the language itself. If the way I tag doesn't accommodate you and your needs, please send me an anon, and I will find a way to update my tag system accordingly.
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holyexuberance · a day ago
so much devastating news this week...just heard that parts of the University of Cape Town’s library has burned down from wildfires 💔
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youmegravity · a day ago
Hello does anyone want to lie under a blanket and watch anime with me and pretend we're not adults
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drunkmiraak · a day ago
You've been visited by the random OC question fairy! :D ~☆
Is your character more of an introvert or an extrovert? If they're an extrovert, how do they act when they don't have enough social stimulation? If they're an introvert, how would they react if they're suddenly invited to a large social event that *must* be attended?
I'm gonna answer this for Daro bc even if he's not a "main" character I love him,
Daro is very much an extrovert, he enjoys being around others, though that likely stems from coming from a very close-knit community. He gets restless if he doesn't have that good Social Stimulation, sort of like a kid trapped inside bc they're out sick and too ill to be able to get up and play :(
(That being said tho, he Still isn't fond of super large gatherings with strangers. Among other Reachmen is cool, if not a bit nerve wracking, but with others it's just Stressful and he Hates It.)
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