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metamorphesque · 2 days ago
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Safia Elhillo
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feral-ballad · a month ago
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Safia Elhillo, from Home Is Not a Country; “Boys”
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deformititties · 5 months ago
my loneliness grows teeth i feel them chewing at my stomach
Home Is Not a Country, ‘42: Alone’ by Safia Elhillo
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addastra · 15 days ago
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...rage often is a surface level emotion, hiding more than the eye can see...
seventeen going under - Sam Fender / "Home is not a country; Haitham" - Safia Elhillo / google images / Sophia Lornie, - Flatline / Fallen Angel - Alexandre Cabanel / Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling / rite - Lukifer Aurelius / “The Five Stages of Grief” - Linda Pastan / K.K Kozik /seventeen going under - Sam Fender
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wintryblight · 8 months ago
hi! first of all, thank you for doing all that you do!
do you have any pieces on communities?
hi anon & thank you for reading my blog! your support means a lot. here are some poems about communities for you--many of them are about the diasporic experience since i find that they speak very beautifully about belonging & displacement from one’s community.
Wang Ping, “Things We Carry on the Sea“ | And we carry our mother tongues / 爱(ai),حب  (hubb), ליבע (libe), amor, love / 平安 (ping’an), سلام ( salaam), shalom, paz, peace / 希望 (xi’wang), أمل (’amal), hofenung, esperanza, hope, hope, hope
Joy Harjo, “Remember” | Remember you are this universe and this / universe is you. / Remember all is in motion, is growing, is you.
Joy Harjo, “Perhaps the World Ends Here“ | Perhaps the world will end at the kitchen table, while we are laughing and crying, eating of the last sweet bite.
Muriel Rukeyser, “Poem (I lived in the first century of world wars)” | We would try to imagine them, try to find each other, / To construct peace, to make love, to reconcile / Waking with sleeping, ourselves with each other, / Ourselves with ourselves.
Yehuda Amichai, “In the Middle of This Century” | Lovely is the world rising early to evil, / Lovely is the world falling asleep to sin and pity, / In the mingling of ourselves, you and I, / Lovely is the world.
Safia Elhillo, “Ode to Sudanese-Americans” | i crowd smoky bars alongside ladin / & shadin & majid & linda & nedal / atheel & amir & elkhair     & mo & mohammed & mo 
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therapysword · 4 months ago
“i bleed & can’t stop bleeding / i speak & my mouth is my biggest wound”
- The January Children, 'application for the position of abdelhalim hafez's girl' by Safia Ehillo
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semantiques · 7 months ago
When Safia Elhillo said "Did our mothers invent loneliness, or did it make them our mothers? Were we fathered by silence or just looking to explain away this quiet?" and when Hannah Green said "Mother, it is lonely to be inside a body that is such a violent thing. How have you done it for all of these years?"
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april-is · 9 months ago
April 2, 2021: For My Friends, in Reply to a Question, Safia Elhillo
For My Friends, in Reply to a Question Safia Elhillo
after David Ignatow
I’m okay. And, of course, I’m not, but I go through the motions. I wake up to the alarm’s howl, even when the word in my body is no. I dress in livid colors. I blacken the hairs of each eyebrow. I bake & braise & pickle. I write & read & lose hours to the blur of the television. I sit for hours in the bath, my skin puckering. I don’t know if I’ll ever go home again. I don’t know who I’ve seen for the last time. The Arabic comes back to me in streaks of paint, verb forms & vocabularies I may never again have occasion to use. My days smudge into one another & it’s not that I am afraid. It’s as if I am watching it all happen below, & I am somewhere above the room, wondering if the rice is burning. I am somewhere above the room, watching my new aches, watching the news as if I am reading it in a novel. I look up the names of people I knew in childhood, learn their new & angular faces, their faraway lives. My grandfather pixelates into a smile & I work my creaking muscles to replicate it, I do not ask if we will ever meet again, I do not ask him to read to me, or for anything that will make me long. I dull it with sugar & oil, with cooking shows, with sleep. I sleep twelve hours each night & in my dreams I am fleeing a war, in my dreams I am touching the faces of my friends, we are each one of us touching, & even in the dream we are afraid.
Today in... 
2020: The Conditional, Ada Limón 2019: Dorothy Wordsworth, Jennifer Chang 2018: A Small Needful Fact, Ross Gay 2017: What We Need, David Budbill 2016: Husky Boys’ Dickies, Jill McDonough 2015: Why Some Girls Love Horses, Paisley Rekdal 2014: The Fox, Faith Shearin 2013: You Can’t Have It All, Barbara Ras 2012: Road Trip, Kurt Brown 2011: Onset, Kim Addonizio 2010: February, Margaret Atwood 2009: Domestic, Carl Phillips 2008: A Birthday, W.S. Merwin 2007: Words for Love, Ted Berrigan 2006: At the Trial of Hamlet, Chicago, 1994, Sherman Alexie 2005: The Waking, Theodore Roethke
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thethirdbear · 2 months ago
i am so tired.  i just want to go home.  i just want.  i am so full of wanting.
safia elhillo
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nofatclips · 6 months ago
History's deadliest king: Leopold II of Belgium - Lesson by Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja, directed by Héloïse Dorsan Rachet
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feral-ballad · a month ago
Tumblr media
Safia Elhillo, from Home Is Not a Country; “Haitham”
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springwithcherrytrees · 3 months ago
self-portrait with yellow dress
by Safia Elhillo
i believe that sometimes              we do not die
i will not believe that to be housed in a body
that is black       is to be dressed always
in black for the funeral                 we live forever
our mouths open & a song falls out           thick
with a saxophone’s syrup               & all our dead
in the ground make this land ours             & all
our missing fathers make us everything’s child
today i did not dress for a funeral       today i wear
the yellow dress        & laugh with all my teeth
today my lost ones are not lost to me     they live
in the wind that gathers my skirt
today this is my country        today i say their names
& the all holes left behind            shaped like blackgirls
& blackboys        are lit up by hundreds of faraway stars
today i woke up & was not dead         & tomorrow
might be different but tomorrow       does not yet exist
so i hold my mother’s hand & kiss          the brown valley
between each knuckle        my brother opens his mouth
to laugh & the light pours in          through the gap in his teeth
& no one will ever again say my eyes are too serious
i press my body to a man that i find beautiful      & sway
to a song that knows us                i live forever
with my feet in my grandmother’s lap
&                                                        i live forever by the water
with the sun spilled over me       remember me this way
& when they come for me            play the song i love
into the space i leave behind
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deformititties · 4 months ago
i bleed & can't stop bleeding / i speak & my mouth is my biggest wound
The January Children, ‘application for the position of abdelhalim hafez’s girl’ by Safia Elhillo
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grayrea · 6 months ago
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Vocabulary by Safia Elhillo
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superaredivos · 5 months ago
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Safia Elhillo, “Ode to Swearing"
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treacherousdiaz · 2 months ago
Crys my beloved! Out of all your amazing soul-crushing edits, what are some of your favorite quotes from them?? :D
I think it would be safia elhillo, from home is not a country; “the airport”? I really love it 🥺.
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softsoliloquies · 8 months ago
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i imagine her this other girl bright & alive
& i ache to have been born her instead.
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erisolympia · 9 months ago
                                verily the ghosts will not leave her alone verily when asked how she got her name          if telling the truth           she will say          [a woman died           & everything                                        wants a home]
from asmarani makes prayer by Safia Elhillo
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feral-ballad · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Safia Elhillo, from Home Is Not a Country; “The Stranger”
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