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🍭Astrology Observations🍭(Personal Experience) pt. 2

🍭 Venus in Capricorn men often are players when they’re young because the influence of Saturn requires the native to learn how to “perfect” the art of relationships.

🍭If you’re looking for a “freak” in bed, then Capricorn Mars is what you would want.

🍭Libra risings make friends very easily. It doesn’t matter how different people are because they always find a way to charm and appease them.

🍭Pisces suns are hard to forget because they’re so loony. (Think of a Pisces sun right now—were they slightly off their rocker? Ok, case closed.)

🍭Gemini placements take everything personally. They don’t mean to, but they just become too stuck in their heads.

🍭Moon in the 7th feels unfulfilled without a relationship. This placement may be especially tough on earth venuses/ Venus in the 8th, 10th, or 12th house because they’re too damn closed off.

🍭Fire & Air venuses strive for control in a relationship. Whether that means control of themselves or the other party.

🍭Air Mars natives tell little white lies a bit too often.

🍭A Capricorn Stellium individual usually manifests as someone with a kind of humor that you can only understand if you know them.

🍭Taurus Mars natives are very passive aggressive.

🍭Jupiter in the 7th makes someone attract a lot of admirers. Pluto in the 7th natives attract envious people.

🍭Mars in the 12th forms irrational fears. This is a placement that gets paranoid and scared easily. (They likely don’t appreciate horror films.)

🍭Cancer Mercurians tend to speak to their friends in a caring tone. They likely have terms of endearment for their good friends.

🍭People with Capricorn/Aquarius in Mercury often speak with a tone of authority. Whether they mean to or not, they exude an air of ‘I know what I’m doing, so don’t question me.’

🌺🌸Note: Sorry if I didn’t get to you before, but send in a placement that you want to be included in the next observation. If you want to request an analysis on anything, feel free. 🤙🏾🌺

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Taurus is likely to feel a little left out! Pisces and sag are gonna be more open to talking about their feelings and trying new things where as a Taurus might be a little scared to open up! I would say that after time you would be totally super close but make sure that the Taurus knows they are in a safe space. But if you are the Taurus try and challenge yourself to open up more and try things you normal wouldn’t!

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If I were to create a group chat based solely on zodiac signs on Snapchat would anyone be interested in joining?

I know this’ll sound crazy but the thought occurred to me

Everyone always wants 12 people (including themselves) for zodiac group chats

I want to raise the stakes a little

35 people (36 including myself) - 3 people from each zodiac

Aries - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Taurus - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Gemini - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Cancer - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Leo - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Virgo - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Libra - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Scorpio - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Sagittarius - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Capricorn - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Aquarius - 1 guy, 1 girl (and I’m your designated enby Aquarius 😅)

Pisces - 1 guy, 1 girl, 1 enby

Feel free to dm me if you’re interested!!!

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During this time it’s hard to get a grip on reality. Things are moving faster than ever and it’s hard keeping up with time. We have 6 retrogrades in place right now! Joining us in the past week Mercury and Neptune. Rulers of Communication and Creativity. There were two eclipses in June which is another abnormality that happened, reminding us there are shifts happening in waves right now. The energy around can feel very dense and you might be more sensitive than usual. Feeling more claircognizant and clairsentient to your surroundings. We may have even felt thrown off our feet lately or ready for a change. We may have felt tired or unmotivated. There is purpose in all emotions. Jupiter is making way for expansion in Sagittarius, opening our minds to deeper beliefs. Saturns energy is in Capricorn helping give us the discipline to move forward. Venus in Taurus reminding us that love is our natural spirit, allowing love to ignite or way. Pluto bringing in transformation and a new perspective shift. We are being asked by the universe during times of uncertainty to lead with unwavering strength and faith.

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Aries: Sometimes you’re gonna be the villian in someone’s story. Doesn’t mean you are a villian. Doesn’t mean you are a bad guy. But you are their bad guy. You have to let it go, let them make you a monster. I’m sorry

Taurus; Be safe. You are on the right side of history. You are helping in a just cause. Just please be safe. We will need you when the dust clears. We have to rebuild from scratch, and we will need people like you.

Leo: You don’t always have to push so hard. You don’t always have to be the best. Sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a break. Sometimes competing it is enough. Sometimes even you’re allowed to just breathe.

Gemini: You have to chose. You have to chose to stay or to leave. Because once you chose you stop being trapped. It’s no longer a cage if you want to be there, right? So pick a choice and own it. You have to own it.

Pisces: You can’t run far enough way to forget. You can’t dig out the past and who they were. What they did to you will be there forever. So learn to accept. Learn to live. Learn to use the bodies they buried in your garden to thrive.

Cancer: Your head is lying to you again. I promise it is lying. I promise you are loved and special. You have to fight the demons in your head. Because we need you. We all need you.

Capricorn: Get sober. Get your life together. You are so much smarter then all of this. I still believe in you ya know. I still have faith you are more then this. But please. Get clean.

Virgo: Sometimes you have to walk past people you use to love. Some people you use to call friends. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is keep walking. Don’t look back. Don’t question why. Try to pretend you won’t dream about them again.

Saggitarius: You need to be careful. You lost all the connections you came back to fix. You are not alone, as much as it feels like it. When this all crumbled I promise you are not alone.

Aquarius: You don’t need to keep looking over your shoulder. How many years and how many miles before you realize they can’t hurt you? The only one here to open your wounds is you. You can’t heal if you keep holding the knife they gave you.

Scorpio: Breathe. Just stop for a second and breathe. Are you sure? Are you really sure this time? Before you burn and build more bridges think. Is this really what you want?

Libra: eventually you have to stop counting. Eventually the bodies grow to high. Too many dates. Eventually you have to let it go. Eventually you have to stop going home and drinking in memory of the friends and family lost every other day. I know. I’m sorry

-this weeks horoscope

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Your Yearly Horoscope

Aries: Black Lives Matter

Taurus: Black Lives Matter

Gemini: Black Lives Matter

Cancer: Black Lives Matter

Leo: Black Lives Matter

Virgo: Black Lives Matter

Libra: Black Lives Matter

Scorpio: Black Lives Matter

Sagittarius: Black Lives Matter

Capricorn: Black Lives Matter

Aquarius: Black Lives Matter

Pisces: Black Lives Matter

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