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saturnrevolution · 17 hours ago
random facts about your Mars and Venus sign (how relationships work for you)
has a very attractive vibe
is attracted to those that allow them to take the lead
can be really impatient
starts relationships with passion
they might be slow to open up emotionally
knows what they want in a relationship
seems chill, but might want something serious
very flirty
attracted to a mixture of wit and adventure
actually wants to get to know you
might not like the idea of commitment
always up for spontaneous things
needs to build a deep bond with their lover
craves attention
dual with their emotions, which can be confusing
their playful side comes up in relationships
is driven by long term passion
likes being taken by surprise
can have trouble communicating their feelings
they prefer to be private with their relationships
enjoys building something lasting together
amazing at practical love
they can lack initiative at times
sees relationships as team work
does not shy away from long term
but can be cold
good communicators when in the mood
needs someone that supports their goals
highly emotionally understanding
does not talk about their relationships that much
can get overly comfortable in relationships
is really curious in relationships
might have unconventional views on love
needs to be listened to and appreciated for their talents
can overthink relationships
does not follow society's way of love
values equal give and take
independent, but really sensitive in relationships
is not overly emotional
active listener in relationships
creative ways of showing love
loves to be shown affection through compliments
can have a hard time being present
is really understanding in relationships
shows so much love and care
needs someone that's there to listen to them complain
might ideals of love that are too high
needs intensity in relationships
needs to be with strong personalities
balances independence and dependence nicely
can have really emotional reactions
believes in strong and long lasting love
can be responsible in relationships
falls in love quickly and then takes things slower
can get overly attached
driven by deep understanding of their partner
needs space
is attracted to bubbly personalities
fluctuating periods when they are either very in love or emotionless
the ones that really believe in love and usually get it
loves receiving random acts of love
does not have clear boundaries in relationships
is consistent throughout the relationship
can get into their comfort zone
might change after a while into the relationship
quite adaptable, but can also be dual
sun and moon here sun and rising here moon and mercury here moon and venus here
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sagigirlie · 2 days ago
What every sign had learned from the previous one
📌 Aries had learned to focus on themselves more and not neglect themselves while focusing on others like Pisces, to use force when needed and go after what they want in a direct and assured way, whithout passive-aggressiveness or vagueness, to be more decisive and actively go after their dreams rather than lose themselves while dreaming about them.
🪁 Taurus had learned to be more patient and take things slower and be less impulsive than Aries, to think before they act and be more sensitive towards others, to seek more peace and harmony as an instinct rather than violence/aggression.
📌 Gemini had learned to be more open-minded than Taurus and see things from different perspectives, to be more chill about decisions & less stubborn and go with the flow. also to focus on the mind more rather than the body.
🪁 Cancer had learned to be more emotionally driven rather than logically, to pay attention to their feelings more and how they affect them, to be more sensitive to others’ feelings as well and be more compassionate/gentle with others than gemini.
📌 Leo had learned to get out of their shell more than cancer, be more confident and not be afraid to express who they fully are to the world, to be in the limelight without shame and not be afraid to cut things from their life that affect them badly.
🪁 Virgo had learned to be less selfish than Leo, to pay attention to others’ needs a lot and serve them, to put others first sometimes and to focus more on giving rather than receiving. To be more realistic than idealistic.
📌 Libra had learned to be more chill and less anxious/anal about things than Virgo, to not force help on someone & let others be even if they don’t agree with their ways, to be more gentle/open-minded and less obsessive when criticizing/judging.
🪁 Scorpio had learned to look at things beneath the surface, to be less superficial and more deep than Libra, to focus on one thing for a long time and attach to things more without being flighty.
📌 Sagittarius had learned to see things from more angles, to be less obsessive and more open to things than scorpio, to see different points of views even if they don’t necessarily agree, to be more open & free-minded, to take things less seriously and not over-attach to things.
🪁 Capricorn had learned discipline, to be more responsible and grounded than Sagittarius, to look at the little details and focus on them too rather than only on the bigger picture, to be more patient and persistent and put their focus on one thing for a long time rather than many things for a short period of time.
📌 Aquarius had learned to pay attention to others and the community more, to be more human oriented than goal oriented Iike Capricorn, to be more open minded and less structure and routine seeking, to prioritize individual’s freedom & contentment more than tradition, to think more out of the box.
🪁 Pisces had learned to be more emotional and focus on every individual’s feelings rather than the community in general, to do things more gently and sensitively than Aquarius and be more open-hearted and less afraid to show vulnerability, to pay attention to their own feelings as well and be more connected to their softer side and not run away from it, to be less robotic about things and pay attention to their inner world rather than the outside world.
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loveemagicpeace · a day ago
🦋Astro Notes🦋
✨Libra Risings people are very strong , they do a lot for other people and are very generous
💋Venus has the most impact on what we love about others , in what we find beauty , what we value the most. What attracts us and what we love about a relationship.
🔥Sagittarius Risings are fun, loud and honest maybe too much,they have exstra style( a lot of colors) , spiritual people, optimistic, wild af haha
🪐Capricorn Risings come off just as intimidating as Scorpios. In my opinon lotas people confuse them. I am cap rising and a lot of people think I am scorpio. They come forward as very serious and masters of bitch faces. They can be very cool and open about things. Different from Cap suns.
❄️Pluto in your house tells you where do u transform the most, where u have power , your rebirth , the truth, secrets, your destiny, your depth. For example: Pluto in the 8th house your power is your secrets, u are good at hidding things. Lots of emotional and inner transformation.
❄️Pluto in your 1st house your power is you! It gives unrivaled personal strength. The process of shaping your personality is marked by a complete change. Lots of changes in appearance.
💥 Wherever in your chart you have taurus you will have a very personal relationship with or u will value this the most. Taurus especially like beautiful and expensive things. But at the same time, they don’t like changes and like to be in their comfort zone. Also taurus represent music and food!
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kxllakxm · 9 hours ago
love languages for the signs
aries: i want to do this with you
taurus: let me share this with you
gemini: i can be myself with you
cancer: i feel like i've known you forever
leo: i would do anything for you
virgo: i can rely on you
libra: you're my best friend
scorpio: i choose you
sagittarius: i want to travel the world with you
capricorn: i can do that for you
aquarius: i want to transcend with you
pisces: i dreamt about you
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fvckastrology · 2 days ago
rising sign mood
the bitch is back! feel free to check your sun/moon/mars too! comment your crush’s sign if ur brave 🥴
Tumblr media
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moonpronouns · a day ago
some of my astrology theories ♥︎
people with capricorn 4H, 11H/12H containing saturn, & scorpio 2H may place a great value on ancestry/family
venus △/☌/sextile ascendant = fashion trendsetters
venus/jupiter in 4H = came up in money (depends on the aspects though)
celebs with sun ☌ NN/MC = successful transitions into public eye
leos are people-oriented in a performance way, aquarians are people-oriented in a communal way
i notice a lot of mercury-saturn aspects in songwriters’ charts
jupiter in 3H = manifestation via writing
maybe chiron in 1H/5H could indicate someone who hates their birthday (party), or also possibly sun in 8H/12H
jupiter in 12H = escapism
neptune aspecting 1H = depending on how its aspected, u can either be completely overlookable to people OR people are confused by your presence
virgo’s perfectionism is a service to others, capricorn’s perfectionism is a service to themselves
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imagineastrology · a day ago
💐 Hope everyone is well! Apologies for the gaps in posting but I’ve started Uni so I’ve been busy!
🌸 Anyway, we have a Libra Mercury Retrograde coming up on the 28th September so just some things to remember if you don’t have time to read my whole post:
☿♎︎ → Be gracious about thinking things over and looking at things from a different perspective.
☿♎︎ → Be concise and clear in your communication to avoid miscommunication.
℞ Retrograde meaning in Astrology: ‘Moving backwards in the sky’. From an Astrological point of view, It is a ‘slowing down’ and stagnant energy of the characteristics of the planets. The planet in question turns into a resting or sleeping state.
℞ This Retrograde period reminds us to relax our expectations, not take things for granted and observe what is really going on around us.
℞ Keeping track of Retrograde planets allows you to increase your productivity and alleviate some of the frustration that comes with true Retrograde fashion.
℞ → M E R C U R Y R E T R O G R A D E → ℞
℞☿ Expect issues surrounding all forms of communication, Technology will become slower & short journeys will become frustrating.
☿℞ Expect listening, reading, speaking, researching, editing, negotiating, selling and buying to be thrown into the air and muddled up. Anything to do with transport, computer codes, short travel and journeys will become difficult and lost in the abyss...It’s almost cruel that I started University last week...😂
→ Double check everything.
→ Back up computers or any other devices.
→ Take chargers or power banks with you!
→ Be prepared for things to take an unexpected turn.
→ Have a slow and deliberate approach.
❌ Move houses.
❌ Make decisions as they will be subject to change.
❌ Anything related to communication- launching a magazine or website.
❌ Sign any new contracts or agreements.
❌ Have surgery or work done on yourself. Especially areas such as the chest, the skin, the gall bladder, the nerves, the arms, the hair and the lungs.
❌ Avoid mailing important information if you can.
❌ Don’t be vague in your language, remind yourself to be clear and concise as possible as to avoid miscommunication.
Reminder: If you have to do these, make sure you double check everything beforehand.
🕵️‍♀️ Retrograde Mercury Shadow period
I have found a great description of this online: written by Camille Michelle Gray
‘During the post-shadow period, Mercury is also direct but slow in the sky and traveling over the same degrees it retrograded over before. The post-shadow tends to be a time of incorporation, where the foibles of the Mercury retrograde can not only be smoothed over but become part of your personal curriculum going forward. You changed your password and can log on but are now thinking of ways to never deal with such hassles again — you set password update reminders and back up your inbox to a personal drive’. 📝 Credits to Camille Michelle Gray
💜🌸 Thank you for reading people and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about this Mercury Retrograde transit! 💜🌸
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unusual-influence · 2 days ago
My sibling has Sagittarius Ascendant. This makes so much sense since he has me as a sibling. Jk.
He eats and sleeps well. He’s also nice so everyone just wants to buy him stuffs, especially my parents. He never complains too. That’s how he appears to be fortunate.
He’s older but I don’t know why I’m always buying too.
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seafoamreadings · a day ago
week of september 26th, 2021
aries: perhaps mercury's retrograde in libra *does* bring exes out of the woodwork in that classic way, but the real powerful influence of your week is more likely to be mars opposite chiron, spurring you to heal relationship wounds/or traumas, and occurring on that same aries-libra axis.
taurus: as mercury goes retrograde, your ruler venus trines neptune and then squares jupiter. your daily routine might get thrown off for a wonderland/looking glass scenario of googoo-eyed romantic strangeness. watch quietly for signs but avoid dramatic overtures until at least the square with jupiter passes or, better, until after mercury goes direct again.
gemini: with mercury going retrograde this week you might feel some kind of block in your creativity or vitality, or even some romantic issues even if they're not directly tied to your partnerships. by the end of the week mercury also squares pluto, which can force you to face traumas or power struggles.
cancerians: maybe you're really in your feelings this week. there's a lot of watery astrology at the moment. but there's also a grand air trine and it involves a retrograde mercury; logic prevails but not at the expense of your emotions which, always remember, are sacred.
leo: it's likely that during this retrograde phase of mercury your communications (and perhaps electronic devices) are extra scrambled; this trait may dominate over other retrograde stereotypes like ex lovers and so on. so, think before speaking, and act with compassion.
virgo: this mercury retrograde is in your money/values house. so do be careful financially. but people forget a lot about the "values" nature of the second house - this isn't just financial value but your personal integrity, what really matters to you. be careful with that too.
libra: your sign is very much the center of attention this week as very nearly every major aspect that takes place involves you one way or another. so my advice for you this week, really, is simply to watch the transits and brace yourself for (fortunately constructive!!) chaos.
scorpio: this particular week's brand of venusian activity, in your sign, with mercury retrograde for a background and squaring your chart ruler, can feel like a weird time indeed in terms of love, pleasure, and sacred aesthetics. i would advise pretending you're a pisces for just a little while. a pisces in recovery - avoid your known triggers (more than usual.)
sagittarius: flighty and energetic as you can be, it's not every week you get to feel like the stable one in the room. and yet, being relatively unaffected and detached from what is going on astrologically this week... you may need to be a bit of a rock for the people in turmoil around you.
capricorn: this mercury retrograde could be more uncomfortable for you than they usually are, largely due to pluto involvement and the fact that it's in your 10th house. it's a good time to revisit and then conduct a thorough evaluation of your legacy, status, public image, brand, etc.
aquarius: early in the week is a grand air trine and the kickoff of mercury retrograde and all of this should be at least a little bit empowering to you. it's a good time for spiritual and philosophical endeavors.
pisces: venus trines neptune in your sign this week. it's easy to get carried away with someone who might sweep you off your feet. and it's okay to enjoy the butterflies in your stomach! as long as you put your feet back on the ground before you forget your worldly incarnate form.
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astrosoeur · 23 hours ago
the signs as notions on hell
Aries: “Hell isn’t other people. Hell is yourself.“ - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Taurus: "Let heaven exist, though my own place be in hell." - Jorge Luis Borges
Gemini: “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” - John Milton
Cancer: "What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.” - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Leo: “I am still blazing in my golden hell.” - Sylvia Plath
Virgo: “There is some wisdom in taking a gloomy view, in looking upon the world as a kind of Hell, and in confining one’s efforts to securing a little room that shall not be exposed to the fire.” - Arthur Schopenhauer
Libra: “I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.” - Arthur Rimbaud
Sagittarius: “And the hell is not the torture of pain! It is the torture of a joy.” - Clarice Lispector
Scorpio: “Hell is—other people!” - Jean-Paul Sartre
Capricorn: “Each of us bears his own Hell.” - Virgil
Aquarius: “Life to them was a rat's hell—they could flee it only with each other.” - Julia Kristeva
Pisces: “Hell has enlarged its soul and opened its mouth without any limits.” - James Joyce
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snarkywrites · a day ago
Tarotscopes From September 26th through October 2nd
Tarotscopes From September 26th through October 2nd
Tarotscopes From September 26th through October 2nd. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign, and Moon Sign Aries – Claim your power this week as the Emperor Reversed appears in your reading. Abandon those doubts and step your game up, you can accomplish a lot more this Libra season if you just focus on the positive. Taurus – You have many opportunities opening with the Three of Wands. This…
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werelivingarts · 7 months ago
beginner’s guide to astrology
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hiiii, it’s werelivingarts. I’m back with another beginner’s guide to astrology! ☺️ 
Astrology is not 100% scientific but it is an art of interpretation on movement of celestial bodies when you were born. You may not fit in well in your sun sign because you have so many other signs that also may affect your personality! 🌌
More resources if you are interested: Creating Birth Charts with Astro Seek App - Co-Star
What’s your sun, moon and rising sign?  I’m Libra 🌞with a soul of Gemini 🌚 and put the mask of Scorpio ⬆!
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starsandsuch · 4 months ago
Your Reputation Based On Your Midheaven Sign 💫
Tumblr media
By now, you probably know your Midheaven Sign in your birth chart, also called the “MC”.
This is the part of you most on display to the world, and the sign of your Midheaven has the strongest influence on crafting your public persona.
Here’s how your reputation is perceived by the public based on your Midheaven sign:
ARIES MIDHEAVEN: you lead, people follow. Pioneer, trendsetter, leader. People see you as someone who is bold and brave . You often find career success at a young age, which other people can envy. Speaking of envy, you can cause a love/hate affect on people with your reputation. Either way your maverick energy is what people really respect, whether they like you or not.
TAURUS MIDHEAVEN: a real class act. People see you as someone with a sense of taste, style and class. Many people can know you to be very beautiful. You’re like that person who is called “goals”. People can see you as a muse. By default you can be seen as talented, artistic and charismatic. You’re seen as someone who is seen as wealthy even if you’re not.
GEMINI MIDHEAVEN: the talk of the town. Your someone people have a lot of conversations about. You can be perceived as witty, funny, Intelligent and versatile. Even a little bookish too. People may see you as someone who is a bit mixy, unpredictable or playful. You’re known for your words, ideas or art.
CANCER MIDHEAVEN: the sweethearts. Let’s be honest people just have a soft spot for you. You’re that person where if someone brings up your name everyone’s like “aww I love them”. People see you as someone who is relatable and kind. You effortlessly leave a lasting impression on the public and people you meet. Genuinely unforgettable.
LEO MIDHEAVEN: the it girl. You’re seen as someone with high status. People naturally respect you. They find you entertaining or magnetic. Can often be known as being the “best” at something in your career. A natural authority figure. You’re the fan favorite. Popular without trying.
VIRGO MIDHEAVEN: ms/mr perfect. You’re seen as someone who is righteous, moral and just. You can do no wrong in the public’s eyes. People see you as someone who is inspirational or noteworthy. People learn a lot from you, just by you existing. You have a healing effect on people. Seen as intelligent, skillful, and studious.
LIBRA MIDHEAVEN: baddie alert. People see you as someone who is elegant, refined and poised. You can be known for your fashion. You’re that person everyone thinks is pretty. You have a harmonious reputation and people see you as pleasant and likable. You’re the person most likely to be on someone’s mood board or Pinterest inspo.
SCORPIO MIDHEAVEN: the public’s obsession. You’re seen as someone powerful and mysterious. You’re that person people can hate on or spread rumors about, but they still watch your every move. “Keep hating, but still watching.” You’re very influential and set many trends even unknowingly. People see you as their “guilty pleasure”.
SAGITTARIUS MIDHEAVEN: the guru. People might not know what to make of you at first. You have this effect on people where they automatically see you as someone important. People can see you as reckless, funny, bold, or daring. The things you say or do have a lasting impact on people. You can be misunderstood at first, but achieve legendary status for something in your lifetime.
CAPRICORN MIDHEAVEN: not bossy, the boss. You’re someone people hold in high esteem. They automatically view you as an authority figure. You’re seen as someone with status and importance. You’re known as the pioneer, leader and CEO. You break barriers and receive respect due to your boldness.
AQUARIUS MIDHEAVEN: doing what hasn’t been done. You’re seen as someone radical and unpredictable. The game changer. Oftentimes you shock people with what you accomplish or do publicly. You have this compelling effect on people. Effortlessly influential.
PISCES MIDHEAVEN: the double take, You’re someone people see as an anomaly. People might be confused about you at first but they are enticed anyway. You have a way of leaving an enchanting effect on people. People can see you as otherworldly and magical. You’re known to be talented and persuasive.
- starsandsuch ✌️💕
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