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my observations ✿𝆬
↳ Please note that these are my own observations and that these are all from my experiences !! <3
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Tumblr media
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𓂃 ִֶָ︰I've noticed how many people use the element of their rising sign as a coping method. For example: When someone has a pisces rising (water), they might like to take a bath or a shower when they feel stressed. Or if someone has a taurus rising (earth) they prefer watering their plants, looking at flowers,...
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Can we all agree that gemini risings are so charming? Like just a single glance makes me feel so many emotions I didn't even know existed
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Individuals with many taurus placements are such fashion icons tbh, oh and DEFINITELY if the venus is in the second house, GOSH I'M SUCH A SIMP FOR YOU
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Virgo Juno's are so easily jealous bro it's genuinely concerning
𓂃 ִֶָ︰A very challenging placement to have is definitely aquarius moon. It's hard to love someone with an aquarius moon because they tend to push their emotions aside alot.
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Individuals with leo in the 7th house are such givers in relationships (I also have leo in 7th house :’)) they may experience one-sided love as well :(
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Women with gemini venus might have partners who are younger than them.
𓂃 ִֶָ︰No matter who you are, if you have a water moon you're incredibly emotionally intelligent. Like seriously, no matter which sun sign you have, having a water moon makes you so emotionally intelligent and it's genuinely frightening (in a good AND bad way)
𓂃 ִֶָ︰12H stellium can be a very difficult stellium in a chart, but you can learn many many MANY life lessons from it.
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Many conjuctions in someones birth chart can make them a very direct person, theyre very honest.
𓂃 ִֶָ︰What I've noticed is that capricorn venus’ are very domestic in relationships, they always remember small details about someone <3
𓂃 ִֶָ︰I've noticed that people with a scorpio moon often like dip sauce with many herbs in them
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Many individuals with aries placements tend to move their head alot while talking or listening (probably because aries rules the head)
𓂃 ִֶָ︰You need to be prepared for whats about to come when you want to love a scorpio venus. it's the biggest ride or die experience ever.
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Why are all the gemini moons I know such good liars??? like it's genuinely concerning
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Virgo moons are often people pleasers, please take care of your own needs too because some of you are just too good for this world </3
𓂃 ִֶָ︰I personally really adore gemini 5th house, people with this placement are so playful and can usually get along with kids wel~
𓂃 ִֶָ︰I feel like taurus placements are really really secretive. more secretive then scorpio's.
𓂃 ִֶָ︰Cancer moons give such nice hugs!!!!! i love them smmmm <3333
↳ a/n : That was it for now!! I'll probably make a part 2 when I find more <33
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Tumblr media
A neurotic brat who need character development.
At least it’s accurate 🤷🏻
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🏘🎨Astro Observations XX🏘🎨
The ruler of your 9th house and 12th house can show you how you go to abroad countries for first time (9th house = foreign countries, 12th house = distant land). For ex, ruler of 9th house in 2nd house means that you go to abroad from your job (job trip). Consider the placements in your 9th house and 12th house too
7th house Venus natives may attract a lot of pretty people as their friends or in their circle. They can also be considered pretty by people. This native indeed tend to be known by people
It's 7th house stellium natives that often get desired romantically or sexually by people in mass
Aries Suns esp women with some Aquarius or Sagittarius/9th house placements tend to be cycle breaker of the family. They can come from conservative family or family with no exceptional background but these natives have really wide social circle and may be able to enter upper social circle. Usually these natives also have Taurus placements. Aries being exaltation in Sun give natural confidence and charm to the natives and combined with Taurus, they know how to socialize with upper class since refinement is what Taurus likes and they also pay great attention to their looks
The degree of your Chiron may be the age where you experience the most Chironic experience (illness) or it can also be where you experience the most healing (tap into spirituality at first, learning about herbalism, etc). The house of your Chiron give you insights as to in what area you do healing the most
Water/fire placements (signs or houses) do the best in romance through rationalization approach which means rather than indulging in their emotions or desire, they should see romance through logical way. Meanwhile air/earth placements (signs or houses) sometimes need to tap to their emotions as they tend to push their emotions away
Mars oppose Mars synastry tend to create the feeling of dislikeness between two parties esp at first since these Mars have different approach of facing situations. For ex Aries Mars vs Libra Mars. The feeling of pissed off may also happen here
A lot of Pluto aspects in synastry tend to create instant obsession eventho the Pluto person may haven't know the inner planet's whole personality
Venus-Mars aspect where Venus is represented by woman and Mars is represented by man esp if the woman has Venusian placements (Taurus/2nd house, Libra/7th house) and the man has Martian placements (Aries/1st house, Scorpio/8th house) may create traditional feminine-masculine attraction or relationship
You may have hard time to let go someone who represent your Venus, Mars, 7th house, or even Juno since you subconsciously see them as desired partner. Bonus if they form aspects to those placements esp 7th house
Pay attention to people who have their Saturn conjunct your Sun, Moon, Mercury, or DC. Those people may cause a lot more restrictions in how you express yourself in truest and happiest form (Sun), your emotions (Moon), the way you speak (Mercury), and your worthiness of partnership (DC). Venus conjunct Saturn in synastry however can go either good or bad
Saturn conjunct DC can cause Saturn person teach a very valuable lesson to DC person about relationship, either by the Saturn person teach DC person right away or DC person learn by themselves through behaviors of Saturn person
Chiron-Asc which makes Chiron-DC is one of the most painful synastry since Chiron-Asc can make Asc person feels ugly in front of or for Chiron person and DC person can experience a lot of trauma flashbacks in the presence of Chiron person. The tendency of becoming defensive or wanting to do emotional dump may be apparent
It's Mars in water house overlays (esp 8th house or 12th house) that make both parties involved understand what each other want in bed
Mercury conjunct Mercury is the best synastry to have between student-teacher, boss-worker, and else cuz the easiness of understanding is gained. Moon conjunct Moon and Ascendant conjunct Ascendant is great for long term friendship since both of the natives have similar approach in viewing emotional events and similar time in regards of pivotal life theme
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Aries: Sometimes you leave scars you can’t fix. And that’s okay. Sometimes people give you scars they didn’t mean to. And that has to be okay in its own way too. I’m so sorry for all the ways you got hurt by people not realizing they were holding a knife.
Taurus: There’s something beautiful in being yourself and finding recovery. There’s something amazing about growing into your own person isn’t there? I’m so proud of you.
Gemini: It’s time to use that backbone. Time to learn to stand up just a little bit straighter. You’ve more then earned the right. It’s going to be okay.
Cancer:At some point you have to love yourself enough to forgive them, and you. You have to let go of the anger and rage to hold onto something so much better. Good things are coming.
Leo: Sometimes you don’t mean to hurt things and sometimes you need to learn to walk away. I know making the bigger decision is harder but you can do it.
Virgo: The unknown is terrifying but it’s got to be better than this. Something new and scary is hard and fills you with dread but is absolutely the best thing for you. I promise.
Libra: You can’t heal when you keep retracing your scars. You can’t heal when you’re still fucking around with them like it’s a past time. You have to break ties and end patterns and learn to live again
Scorpio: You are not a passive creature in your own life. You are not some broken china doll on the shelf my dear. Stand up and move. Make waves. Change things. I believe in you.
Sagittarius: It’s okay to say you made a mistake. It’s okay to walk away from what you thought would make you happy. It’s okay to be different, I swear.
Capricorn: You are so loved and so special. You have to stop being so wishy-washy and decide to plant yourself somewhere. You’ll never grow when you uproot yourself daily
Aquarius: the trauma didn’t make you stronger the trauma didn’t make you period. You took all that pain and made it into laughter and kindness all on your damn own. I’m so proud of you
Pisces: Sometimes you have to stay. Even when it sucks. Because you and I both know it’s the right thing to do. I’m still sorry it’s happening.
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week of may 15th, 2022
aries: if there was ever a week to avoid spending too much or taking out a new line of credit it's this one, with this lunar eclipse. simultaneously mars hanging around neptune makes everything strange and probably confusing. no need to understand at this time, just take notes on what happens to review later.
taurus: the lunar eclipse is in scorpio with the sun in your sign. so this is about your relationships, especially the committed partnerships even if they are not romantic ones. classically that includes your enemies! regardless of which specific relationship(s) it means, expect some serious upheaval throughout the week if it hasn't begun already.
gemini: if you want to work *with* the eclipse instead of struggling against it as many will do, it may benefit you to consider your 6th-12th house axis and how it centers on service. make the mundane sacred and do something nice for other people, and then you may be kicking off gemini season more smoothly.
cancerians: eclipses will always affect you. be prepared to be quite emotional, if you are not already feeling that way. and as you deal with that, keep in your mind that this is not a bad way to feel, even if it is inconvenient somehow (feelings often are, aren't they?). remain kind and compassionate towards yourself, and try to extend some grace to others.
leo: lunar eclipses can always have you thrown off kilter and this one is likely in a tense aspect with some of your natal planets/points. fortunately the start of gemini season will take the edge off. talk out your feelings with a kind friend.
virgo: mars on neptune makes relationships almost impossible to navigate right now. better to hold still for a moment and let the mists settle. with the eclipse also occurring, this is like being lost in a swamp during an earthquake. but it is temporary, and behind the scenes there are forces working in your favor.
libra: the big eclipse advice for you is to be careful with money, your own money and also loans, credit, gambling, taxes, etc. but with that taken care of, the shift to gemini energy this week is good for you as an air sign and you can already feel your mind freeing up.
scorpio: this eclipse season wraps up with the full moon in your sign and, of course, a great deal of upheaval. you have some adjusting yet to do which will be ironed out later in the year for the next eclipse season. meanwhile, take your specialty depth-approach to emotions and relationships, in hiding/private if you must, but be sure not to stuff anything down, lest it volcanically emerge later.
sagittarius: unavoidable as the lunar eclipse is, affecting your day-to-day life and the subconscious realm for you, it is also the start of gemini season this week. this brings your relationships/partnerships into play. these things are inextricably linked; your subconscious affects the way you act day to day which affects the quality of your partnerships.
capricorn: sandwiched between the big scorpio eclipse and the ingress of the sun into gemini there is a trine by the sun to pluto, who of course is in your sign. and this acts as a bridge from the eclipse, which is naturally fairly plutonic, to that ingress, which is much lighter. and while you may be sick to death of pluto, note that this bridge is better than the shock of going from intense diamond-making pressure out to the rarefied air of the high atmosphere. the obstacles you face now are, believe it or not, helpful.
aquarius: this very fixed-energy eclipse gives a fixed-vibe to the whole week. sure, the advent of gemini season suits you as an air sign, but it is somewhat stifled by the steady stillness of all the taurus-scorpio energy. on the other hand, no eclipse is truly stagnant, especially with uranus in taurus. hold an ear to the ground; what tremors beneath the earth do you hear? they are your omens.
pisces: this is not a calm time. but, oceanic creature that you are, you are no stranger to storms at sea. you feel them, crash some waves about, raise some sea monsters if necessary, and return to the placid blue-green you are famed for. of course, you also know that deep below the surface, even in the greatest tempest, there is a still, calm safety.
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🎸How signs express their emotions🎸
🎶My opinion on how signs express their emotions and how they put their emotions in music🎶
🌊Pisces express their emotions in music and in general through a dreamlike way. Emotions are expressed through illusion, escape, confusion. Pisces is inspired primarily by dreams. Pisces like to fantasize, so their emotions are often presented in this way. But they want to show their emotions through painting and art. In some artistic and visual way.
🦋Scorpios express their emotions through music and generally cruelly, painfully, realistically, through the soul. Pain is the big part of their life. They express their emotions best through the pain. Emotions can be quite dark and deep and also angry emotions. Many times you can feel the anger they show through music. Many times they talk about their wounds and cruel things and also about death. There is a darkness in the scorpios that they express through music and especially when they present their emotions.
🌼Virgos express emotions through anxiety, nervousness. Maybe even illness can be a big factor many times why they choose to sing or share their emotions with others. Virgos are minimalist and detailed persons. Therefore, their emotions are expressed in detail. They are pragmatic beings and focus on the remedy for the emotion they are experiencing rather than the emotion itself.
🤍Cancers often express emotions through their safety. When they feel insecure or abandoned. I think their biggest motivation for writing songs is breakup. Or something family related. Emotions are expressed passively, distinctly. Their sadness can also be very noticeable.
🩸Aries express emotions through anger and aggression. Their motivation is usually when they lose themselves. Possibly a loss in general because aries are very driven and competitive. Aries can also express their emotions in a very impulsive and vindictive way.
✨Leo express emotions through ego, pride, aggression. In music they will emphasize when they feel powerless and unmotivated. Emotions, however, can also be expressed in a very dramatic way and also noticeable. They bring their emotions and needs to the fore.
🥶Aquarius expresses his emotions through coldness, rebellious, different way. They are usually associated with the fact that they look as if they do not belong to a certain group of people. They will describe their well-being as being an outsider. They can also do a lot of political songs.
💘Sagittarius expresses their emotions directly, brutally honestly. Their faith, travels, experiences can be a great motivation for them to do the music. In music, they can also describe their happiness and how they experience it. Their motivation for sad music is primarily a loss of meaning.
🧁Taurus express their emotions through stubbornness. Emotions are often shown in a practical way to do something special for the person they love. Many times in the song they can emphasize money, material things. Or they mention nature. Maybe create even song about food.
🧃Geminis express their emotions through communication or writing. Emotions can be complex, talk about others, or their personalities. Emotions can also be riddles or ambiguous. Music can talk about their mentality and just like with a virgos, the reason for motivation for music can be illness, health.
👄Libra express their emotions neutrally, with understanding and with lots of romance and compliments. Libra describe how to understand the feelings of others. Relationships can be a reason to write a song. Many times, however, the reason for the song can be dishonesty, injustice.
🛼Capricorns express their emotions in a strict, hard way. It can also be in a very cold way of feeling. It can also look like they don’t care at all (but they do).They can describe their early childhood, adulthood, lessons. Songs and their emotions can be similar to Scorpio only that theirs can be more cruel and realistic and not involve so many emotions. Fall in career, dad can be the occasion for songs.
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the signs as actual things said by the actual mario
ARIES, LIBRA: Mama Mia! I’ve always wanted to get slimed! TAURUS, VIRGO: Ah, that Charles Martinet. Nice Italian boy. GEMINI, LEO: Pizza! Pizza who? Pizza the heck out of me! CANCER, SCORPIO: Aw, come on. Open up, Luigi. Share your feelings. SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN: Mario’s got to be fiscally responsible! AQUARIUS, PISCES: Why, there’s a great big world out there! And as big as the Earth seems, it’s just a speck of dust in the universe. Beyond our galactic system are more stars... billions and billions of stars!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sagittarius. (november 22 – december 21)
“Long ago I was so scared of life. Now I grab it by the throat tightly.”
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Tumblr media
Sagittarius A*
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ivegotdimpleswhenismile · 2 days ago
Whenever I see sign compatibility posts and see that I, an Aries, I'm the most compatible with the other fire signs, I always get so so so so so mad like- have you ever seen a Sagittarius? A Leo? The only Sagittarius I stand are two of my university mates but the rest of them UGH, and LEOS? No.
The only Leo I could make an exception for is
Of course
Taika Waititi:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Because of course.
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amoonalls · 2 days ago
Saturnian Women: Hypergamy Influencers or Practicing Hypergamy
I have paid attention that Saturnian (Capricorn or Aquarius) women majorly practice hypergamy. They date and marry men who are financially and socially upper than them and they have no hesitate in teaching their daughter how to marry one and educate as many people as they can
It's said that Saturnian women esp Capricorn have traditional approach on dating but I never truly see the practical form of this until I see the practice of hypergamy. It's said that Saturnian women esp Capricorn take much considerations of their potential partner esp their work, income, social status, and else to ensure the quality of the partner which is exactly the point of hypergamy
Hypergamy has been practiced for centuries esp 1800s or before that since women at that time have much less freedom than we are. They didn't have formal education and most of their lives were spent at home. Social mobility at that time was so strict unlike now that can be gained much easier with money that's called as new money and the only option for social mobility at that time was through marriage. Marriage at that time consider all factors starting from family to money and not just the sake of love
Jane Austen again as Capricorn Mars woman really wrote in her entire series of novels about considering men's fortune either through family or man's own income and state her opinion to not jump into marriage when the man barely make fortune that's enough for himself, let alone for two and for future children.
Saturnian women have practical approach of romance and considering financial and social status are really one of them. They don't just consider love as the only way to marry someone. Too many people stuck in marriage or even have divorce cuz they abandon financial situation and future prospect. This is just a proof of Saturnian women's practicality
Also a lot of them born in quite financially difficult situation and most of the times, they just don't wanna to continue such things. Thry tend to experience financial difficulties in early life and career especially. Money is so scarce for them that they really want to change such circumstances. This is more prominent in Saturnian women with Venus influence (Pisces, Taurus/2nd house, Libra/7th house placements). Hence why thriving for a better life through various ways even through marriage is being pursued
I think a lot of times the manifestation of placements can come into things that we didn't connect earlier
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The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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Tumblr media
🚩Stop, wait. Think about it 🤔
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the-wolf-and-moon · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
M24, Star Cloud Of Sagittarius
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˚  ❀     ⊹           ·  *    ✧    ⋆    · * . · .          · . ˚ *  *     ⊹  ˚  .      . ⊹  ·  ✧    *    * .     ⊹  ✦    ✵       * * .   · .      *
❅ : hi everyone <33 sooo my first post on my persona chart observations is for soon! in the meantime, here’s the 10th part of my astrology observations! i’ve noticed that you like this type of content, it makes me happy and gives me motivation to do even more!!🫶🏻
❦︎ virgo venus men are actually not even picky but they tend to want to be and seen as perfect for their lover. they really enjoy helping their partner. also, they will remember every single detail about you..
❦︎ capricorn placements (esp. moons) tend to really hate makeup on them. this is something i have noticed in many women with this placement (including my mom) and they tend to judge a lot women who love makeup.
❦︎ people with their ascendant at a cancer degree (4°, 16°, 28°) tend to have round cheeks, rounder face and similar physical features as their moms. that’s sooo cute and beautiful!
❦︎ it’s sadly common for capricorn moons to have really bad mommy issues. again, that’s something i’ve noticed a lot since the moon is in detriment here.
⋆ ࣪ ᖭི༏ᖫྀ ⋆ ࣪ and natives with capricorn moons typically prefer their dad over their mom.
❦︎ lilith in 1st house are naturally very suspicious people, especially towards men. these women are also seen as sexual objects and they often want to hide their shapes at all costs. they know they don't go unnoticed.
❦︎ water placements (esp. moons and mars!) are terrifying. they are, obviously, very kind, empathetic and compassionate but you should never dare to upset them. they take time to really get angry since they are reserved about their feeling but when they do, it’s enough for you.
❦︎ a lot of libra/pisces placements are pathological liars, they will lie about the most random things like what they did ate for breakfast lmaooo. it’s the same when they tell stories, they tend to change certain details to make the story more interesting.
natives with aquarius placements, sun-uranus aspects or uranus-ascendant aspects are as impulsive and easily irritated as aries placements. those placements hate being told what to do and are extremely rebellious.
⋆ ࣪ ᖭི༏ᖫྀ ⋆ ࣪ if you have sun square uranus in your chart, your dad might have been distant and somewhat cold. you probably haven't seen him in years, or even never saw him.
❦︎ libra midheavens might have wanted to be lawyers at some point in their lives. justice is important for them and midheaven (medium coeli or simply the 10th house) is our career since this house is ruled by capricorn.
❦︎ venus-mars aspects (mostly venus conj. mars) are insane to have in your birth chart. they can literally attract the people and things they desire the most with ease. it‘s possible that they have always had what they wanted since they are amazing manifestors.
❦︎ pisces venuses are so fucking sweet. they love with all their heart, it's something uncontrollable and they can't detach themselves from the people they love. they still often think about their past relationships.
❦︎ natives with scorpio in 3rd house are just excellent at dirty talks idc, idc. it’s because the 3rd house is ruled by gemini and mercury (mercury = how you think and communicate) and scorpio is ruled by mars (sex drive and your sexual desires).
❦︎ okay, we all know that scorpio placements are incredible obsessive stalkers but have you seen virgo sun men?? they observe everything, in a very meticulous and calculated way.
❦︎ scorpio risings are able to change their appearance in a few period of time. they may be unrecognizable after only a few months and that’s because scorpio is also ruled by pluto, the planet of change and regeneration.
❦︎ that’s common for every pisces placements but istg pisces moons tend to hesitate a lot when they are talking to someone. they often start their sentences with some "hmm...", i can confirm as a pisces moon !
❦︎ taurus risings and libra risings are both ruled by venus, the planet of love but i’ve noticed that they are very different but similar at the same time (?). taurus risings tend to be more sensual and love to be seen that way while libra risings are charming.
❦︎ the toughest thing about being an air moon is that they are overthinkers. their heads are so messy and they struggle with really bad intrusive thoughts, like very very bad so it can cause them severe migraines.
❦︎ aquarius/pisces in the 11th house tend to ghost their friends a lot. a little mistake and they will never talk to you again. they will simply act as if you did not exist, as if you were dead.
❦︎ natives with aries moons don’t hold grudges and when they get angry at you, it’s possible that they even forget why they were angry at first.
⋆ ࣪ ᖭི༏ᖫྀ ⋆ ࣪ while cancer placements hold some terrible grudges and absolutely never forget what you did to them.
❦︎ little synastry note : if you have a celebrity crush, it’s possible that you have sun conjunct midheaven aspect in your synastry chart! (it’s sure.) as a fan, you might love their vibes, appearance, personality, talent.. but you still know they are not easily accessible.
❦︎ cancer moons can be the most ruthless people when they stop caring about you. they love from the bottom of their heart, so it’s possible for them to hate you in the same way.
❦︎ one of the best mars sign to have is capricorn. these people are incredibly ambitious and will not give up when it comes to their career. they will always work hard to succeed and they will always remain humble about it.
❦︎ there’s that stereotype about virgo placements being overly organised and stuff when in reality the ones i know irl are the messiest people out there (even me, a virgo rising). their minds are as messy as air moons minds.
❦︎ here’s another synastry note : if your mars falls in their 1st house and vice/versa, the partners both feel intense sexual attraction and connection for each other.
❦︎ natives with neptune in the 1st house are so freaking ethereal. dreamy eyes, mesmerising body and absolutely sweet personalities. i can’t help but be jealous of how angelic they look. many celebrities have this placement and they are seen as an unattainable dream.
❦︎ every single thing about aquarius in 6th house tend to be seriously unstable or chaotic. their routine, love life, studies..
❦︎ a person with a sagittarius venus might experience very short relationships, it’s like their relationships end as soon as it started. in addition to that, they tend to not be on good terms with their ex at the end of the relationship. as a sag venus, this theory is true for me.
❦︎ the house where the moon and cancer are placed in your chart are the areas of life you tend to be most emotional about. ex: if you have moon in the 7th house, you might be emotional about your partner and relationships. if you have cancer in the 11th house, you might be overly emotional about your friends.
❦︎ natives with asteroid eros (433) conjunct ascendant have such a sex appeal. like fr.
❦︎ natives with a capricorn venus tend to not have many past relationships since they have high standards and expect a lot from their partner. they just can't be in a relationship with someone just for fun, love is very serious.
❦︎ i really love being around natives with sun conjunct jupiter!! it’s very easy to make them laugh. they are extremely joyful and generous. i feel very happy when i see someone with this aspect in a chart, probably because i’m a sagittarius sun but still.
❦︎ popular kids at school tend to have leo in the 3rd house (leo is all about fame and popularity while the 3rd house is about school). oh !! and if you have venus in the 1st house or venus trine, sextile or conjunct ascendant, you might be a lot of people’s crush.
❦︎ i have moon square pluto and my brother has moon opposite pluto. yeah, we can confirm at 100% that our mom is fucking obsessive and intense.
❦︎ it’s often said that aquarius moons are detached from their emotions but i will first deconstruct this lie. first of all, their biggest problem is that they can’t express their emotions and feelings verbally because they tend to rationalised them but people with aquarius moon in the 3rd house CAN express their feelings verbally, and easily.
here is another good example : aquarius moons with moon-neptune aspects (esp conjunction). these people do not correspond to the stereotypes that surround aquarius moons natives because they are also sensitive & dreamy.
❦︎ all this to say that astrology is not only made up of signs, but also aspects, degrees, houses.. you can't say something only with the sign it’s in, it's much more complex. seeing people saying that gemini venuses are only cheaters makes me so mad, like girl stfu ‘cause yk absolutely nothing about astrology.
˚  ❀     ⊹           ·  *    ✧    ⋆    · * . · .          · . ˚ *  *     ⊹  ˚  .      . ⊹  ·  ✧    *    * .     ⊹  ✦    ✵       * * .   · .      *
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thee-achilles · 22 days ago
🍊.| astro observations & drabbles pt. 3
orange edition because i have been on a KICK
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“lee, the second one is a grapefruit, not an orange” FYL🤬🤬🤬‼️‼️‼️‼️ didn’t ask, don’t care. plus your feet STINK. anygay 😒🙄
💥. | these are only observations i have made. please take them with a grain of salt. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE OR POST ANYWHERE ELSE. if there is anything you’d like to add, let me know! <3 |💥
🐅.|made by a libra sun, libra rising, and leo moon :)
🍊mercury doms tend to pick at their skin a lot and if moon is aspecting their mercury or they’re also moon dominated, it can be a coping mechanism.
🍊you cancer risings are quickly climbing up my ranks. i’m interacting now with a lot of you guys and- y’all are syrupy sweet. also y’all could easily manipulate anyone you wanted with that charm of yours. but you didn’t hear that from me. 👨‍🎨
🍊gemini venuses/placements really like collarbones. also they’re the people to notice your new earrings and compliment them. everyone shits on gemini venuses, but their attention to detail in love is insane 😒
i have a gemini venus friend who every time i where something that shows my collarbones, she always complements them or stares at them 😭😭 and she bought me earrings for my birthday and noticed me wearing them the first time i wore them too. 🧍
🍊you earth doms love to take personality quizzes for fun huh 🤨 is it cuz you don’t know yourself or because you’re bored out of your mind? which is it 🤨 imma make ‘em say both 😻❣️
not only that, but you’ll take them as many times as it takes UNTIL you get the result you want. accept it. you are not hange. you’re yelena. i understand that you are mentally ill, which is why one day i am going to open up a hospital-
🍊mercury square mc 🤝 people telling you that you explain things well 💪 i get this a lot and it’s one of the best compliments ever tbh
🍊virgo mars like tattoos. whether it be getting them or people with them, it’s just something they’ve always found to be attractive.
🍊earth placements are so good with hair and makeup?? like i know we talk about taurus being good at it, but virgo and capricorn too?? they have such an eye for detail and color coordination, that they’re just so amazing at it.
🍊sagittarius placements/degrees are so fluid?? and we don’t talk about it enough. like zoë kravitz. it’s insane how fluid she is.
🍊“i’ve always had trouble shitting.” -my virgo stellium bestie <3
🍊leo placements are/were scared of the dark. they just constantly need some sort of light in order to sleep. it’s that sun ruler ship speaking 🙄😒
🍊moon in 9H/sag placements may have felt out of place growing up, but find their people overtime. also y’all are so smart 😻😻
🍊aries & sag risings & fire suns, air moons (or vice versa) CANNOT hide their expressions. you say some weird shit? their face gonna be like 😟
🍊aries rising, aries mercury, mercury in the 1H, mars-mercury aspects/dominance have BOOMING voices. i’m talking fee fi fo fum type shit. y’all just be talking and then someone is like “why you yelling 🤨” and in actuality you’re just speaking 😭😭
🍊harsh jupiter aspects (square, conjunction, opposition) with venus or ascendant & jupiter in virgo can’t tell if they’re hungry/full, so the sometimes just eat a lot or not at all.
🍊⬆️going off of that, harmonious venus-mars or venus-jupiter aspects have a fast metabolism.
🍊venus-jupiter aspects?? since no one said it: ⌛️
🍊mercury-neptune aspects 🤝 being great fantasy authors or absolutely hating the genre depending on the aspect.
🍊fixed placements like nice cars and have the NICEST cars. put love & care into them.
both of my grandparents are leo suns. my grandpa has an aquarius moon and they have such nice cars. and a LOT of them too. they even have this bright yellow truck 😭😭 how flashy can you get?
also scorpio placements are super knowledgeable on car mechanics. they love to see how they work!
🍊moon-doms/moon-mars/moon-jupiter aspects 🤝 their feelings taking up the ENTIRE room and literally changing everyone else’s mood. 😰 if you ever seem em in the forest with a grizzly bear... HELP THE BEAR‼️‼️
🍊moon-jupiter aspects could’ve had the bigger room while growing up or had a lot of things.
🍊it’s true what they say about you not liking your 8H sign 😭 my brother’s band directors are both taurus suns and he does NOT like them. my cousin is a taurus moon and i haven’t always really trusted him. it’s not that he’s a bad person and i do love and care for him, i just can’t bring myself to trust him. 🧍 my brother and i are both libra risings❤️
of course, if the 8H placement is cancelled out by other placements, you’re good. it’s happened to me plenty of times. my cousin just has a lot of my 8H sign’s influence.
🍊y’all can always catch a person with their mercury in detriment (pisces, sagittarius) with allergy issues. y’all be STUFFY and allergic to EVERYTHING. especially is the person is mercury dominant‼️
🍊taurus mars individuals really got their own speed. 😒 the world will be burning down and they’re like “well, i GOTTA put my shoes on first 🙄” and then put them on. as. slow. as. possible. it’s the venusian effect on mars i swear.
🍊this is just a personal observation, but virgo venus individuals LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE scorpio venus individuals. i’ll be minding my own damn business and a virgo venus will come up to me and dedicate their whole well-being to me. literally. like. i’ve got a plutonic venus why are you doing this 🧍 very very sweet though and SUPER caring. literal soulmate venus signs. gotta be one of my favorite genders 🙏
🍊if your moon falls into their first house or your mercury sextiles their moon, expect that person to laugh at EVERYTHING you say. you’re like the funniest person in the world to them and they actually understand your behavior. vvv validating.
🍊i think the funniest and most accurate thing i’ve heard from a moon in the 6H is “she’s just... too chatty.. and kinda slow...:” (she was describing her cousin btw 😭😭) moon in the 6H like their peace and quiet and common sense 🙄❗️
🍊i think... virgo placements have their own way of speaking. like when a virgo placement speaks (especially mercury or mars) i’m like 😲 oh okay! they’re so funny and kinda have a high-pitched ending to their sentences and could have their hands near their mouth when they speak.
🍊9H with some 8H synastry could have the same views on taboo things. i hung out with this dude who had the same view on s3x as me and we talked about it for HOURS. we both wanted to be extremely experimental. then, i checked out synastry and we both had venus in each other’s 9H. shoutout to that dude🙄‼️
🍊taurus mercuries are INSANNNNNNEEEEEEEE‼️ the SMOOTH TALKERS of the mercuries. you guys make me feel like i deserve ONLY the best. okay! kiss me!
🍊back to gemini venus..... very VERY good with their hands. got me like 👁u👁. and mix that with a little bit of cancer placements... oh em gee. me like a lot.
🍊whenever the turn of a zodiac season happens or when the moon is in full, new, or half waning/waxing, i’ve noticed a lot of people get allergies?? they just get all sniffy. i started noticing this a couple of months ago, too.
🍊(h58) waldemath lilith rules over big feelings and how we express ourselves at our worst. i noticed in my birth chart that i have it in 29° scorpio in my 2H. i ALSO have asteroid # vangogh at 29° scorpio in my 2H. when i was at my lowest, i created a lot of art and, specifically, wrote a LOT of songs based off of my experiences. go check out @brielledoesastrology’s post on it. it’s amazing 😋
🍊the last name asteroid of my first love conjuncts my saturn and sextiles my sun 🧍 the big impact is showing 🙄‼️
the asteroid sextile my sun: “what’ve you done 😨”
the asteroid conjunct my saturn: “😏 aaaaaaveeeeee 😌 mariiiiiiiiiaaaaaa 😩”
🍊i’ve been on an (#20000) asteroid varuna kick as of late. she’s a mix of neptune, uranus, and jupiter i think. she stands for long-term fame. i have her at 17° in my 9H conjunct my mc at 2° orb 🙄‼️ literal slay monster.
🍊i know this girl who has super curly hair and the most intense eyes. like when she’s intently listening to you as you speak her eyes are just... 👁👁 i think she’s got her (#149) asteroid medusa PROMINENT in her chart. woman’s intuition 🙄🙄🙄🙄
🍊(#1388) asteroid aphrodite making positive aspects to your personal planets could be what people think is “perfect” about you.
ex: i have aphrodite conjunct my moon and people that were close to me have told me they always thought that my tatas were the perfect size. 🧍
🍊(#10985) asteroid feast might show our eating patterns/our favorite foods.
i have feast in 8° of scorpio in my 1H square my saturn and trine my uranus. the foods i like now that are my favorites have been my favorite foods since I was really young, but they’ll probably change in my older years. i’m also really experimental with the foods i try! :)
Tumblr media
oh em gee. it’s a been a huge glucky second, party people. i never forgot about you hoes‼️‼️‼️‼️ thank you so much for reading. would make out with every one of you. just be vaccinated though cuz... a girl got places to be 🙄🙏‼️
©thee-achilles 2022
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ex0skeletal-undead · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zodiac signs by exellero: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius
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princessastrology · 25 days ago
writing astrology notes at 12:00 am 。゚✧
venus in gemini/3h & venus aspect mercury :
Sweet talkers. The charmers. Talking about art and beauty. Having an artistic way of speaking. Indicator of having graceful handwriting. Having a love for reading, learning, books & words. Indicator of having beautiful, well - liked & popular siblings. Becoming popular because of the way you communicate. Thinking about relationships. Disliking to argue. A mind for art and beauty. Smooth talkers. Having a way with words. Having a soothing or pleasant voice. Possible careers could be orators, bibliophiles & linguists. Flatterers. The ability to talk to anyone. Negotiators. Social networking. Appreciating the beauty of language. Liking to run around town doing errands. Keeping an art journal. Speaking out for peace and fairness. Giving people pet names. Calling people honey, sweetie, babe, sugar, love, etc…
sagittarius placements and their amazing art/drawing skills >>>
Those scorpio rising & 1h pluto/mars bitches are always GLARING in their pics. (i’m 1h pluto/mars bitches)
water signs talk about “ feeling the energy and feelings of others ” more because they are more focused on emotions in general as a core part of their personality, so they innately look for it in others as a key indicator of self.
gemini + pisces influence in one's chart = amazing poets, fantasy writers & imagination.
I love 3h synastry because y’all will literally never run out of things to talk about. It's basically the two of you having meaningful and deep conversations that neither of you want to end and sometimes it almost feels like they never do.
🤝 - edition -
air venuses 🤝 finding love through the internet.
leo risings/sun in 1h 🤝 the main character's.
8h venuses 🤝 loving the bad boy/girl types.
moon aspect mercuries 🤝 writing to get feelings off your chest.
earth placements 🤝 getting back with their exes.
fire signs (aries, leo, sagittarius) really have the biggest hearts !!
Cosmetology, dermatology, skincare, skincare products & face masks all falls under the 6h.
Did it hurt ? when the air sign you were falling in love with began to take longer to respond and started gently sending mixed signals.
12h = bed pleasures, check your 12th house sign.
An astrologer on Twitter once stated : mercurials (gemini & virgo placements) are good at mimicking & matching peoples’ humor styles… this helps people feel comfortable with them bc they meet them where they are. as a gemini venus that is soo true lol.
12th house/pisces placements :
You create an image of yourself as a person who has suffered. You come off as a loner. You make people aware of your pain. Your interest in otherworldly experiences is apparent to other people. Experiences of grief and loss shape your outlook on life. You undermine yourself by associating with people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Feelings of sorrow and loss influence the way you dress and style yourself. You look sad. Helping those in need is at the forefront of your concerns. You have trouble dealing with everyday reality. You bring imagination to your appearance. You want to merge with everything.
For chiron aspect mercury natives, pain is associated with the way you speak, write or other forms of communication.
Women with cancer placements may have been interested or have/had a love for the " babydoll, dollette, lolita, coquette " aesthetic.
taurus placements and their love for soft & cozy fabrics >>>
5h stelliums never run out of energy !!. Like they could be tired as hell but they could keep going if they wanted to, especially if it’s to go to a party lol.
Why do people with aquarius placements always end up inspiring someone and being their muse ??
Take care lovesss 💋
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selfloathingvirgo · 13 days ago
Astrology Notes (Part 2)
Hi everybody! These are based on my own placements and those of people around me, so please don't get mad at me if you don't agree!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔶 If you are a Cancer ascendant then you’ll have Saturn as the lord of the 7th house which results in attracting relationships with people who have a serious outlook towards life. Your spouse would be someone who is much older than you, mature, traditional & conservative. Since the lord of the 7th house is Saturn, which is the slowest moving planet, you are probably going to be married in your late 20s or 30s.
🔶 Pisces/12th house/neptune in the 1st house/neptune-ascendant/neptune dominant energy at its worst could manifest into addiction. They need to learn how to ground themselves instead of living in a fantasy world. They're heavily into escapism and would rather avoid their problems instead of facing them. These individuals must find a healthy outlet to express themselves whether it be painting, singing, dancing, writing, or doing anything they're passionate about.
🔶 Johnny Depp is going through his second saturn return (karmic lessons) happening in his 7th house (the house of partnership & marriage), encouraging him to take responsibility for his relationship karma and honestly, it makes perfect sense???
🔶 Usually, natal mercury-pluto aspects mean that people around you (mercury) are more likely to reveal their secrets or even sex life (Pluto) to you. Somehow they just know you can be trusted.
🔶 Natal sun-mars aspects 🤝 Inability to listen to authorities or be put in an inferior position
🔶 Most of the time, venus-saturn aspects are labelled as doomed. Although it can cause a lot of frustrations regarding venusian matters, but more positive expressions of this aspect may include taking love very seriously, stable relationships, long-term love, faithfulness, timeless beauty, the ability to overcome possible obstacles in relationships with ease and of course, getting more and more beautiful with age!
🔶 People with Capricorn mercury/mercury in the 10th house/mercury-saturn aspects/capricorn on the 3rd house cusp tend to have monotonous yet authoritative voices. With other aspects to mercury, the results may vary.
🔶 Natal venus conjunct mars people attract a lot of attention effortlessly. They have this huge sex appeal which others can't help but to notice. Tell me what it feels like to be everyone's crush?
🔶 With Chiron in the 6th house there is a possibility of contracting serious illnesses or developing certain phobias. Also, you may hate some parts of your body and have problems with food. Chiron = our deepest wounds and insecurities / The 6th house = health, diet, disease
🔶 Scorpio personal placements/8th house placements usually had parents that were emotionally abusive. They may have had turbulent, dark childhoods because of this and are more likely to experience the loss of loved ones early on in their lives.
Tumblr media
🔶 If you have your mars in the 4th house or Aries on the 4th house cusp, your home may not be a peaceful place at all! Also, one of your parents (more likely mother) is/was probably very dominant or agressive. Because of this, mars in the 4th house people often move out at a young age, looking for a safer and more nurturing place.
🔶 For people with Pisces/Taurus/Libra on the 2nd house cusp or Neptune/Venus in the 2nd house, any form of art can be a source of income. Neptune & Venus = artistic talents / The 2nd house = material possessions and income
🔶 I've noticed that many Scorpio suns have big foreheads or at least the ones I've met were like this.
🔶 Taurus placements much like Cancers are known to have weight fluctuations throughout their lives. As they get older, their weight may change drastically. Both of these signs tend to stress-eat or eat when they're bored. They're also not one to exercise regularly.
🔶 The degree of saturn in your chart shows the age when you had to grow up. For example : Prince Harry has saturn at 12° & Prince William at 15°. These are the ages they were, when Princess Diana died. People with saturn at 0°, where you at?
🔶 Unpopular opinion but plutonian relationships are my favorite! Like, of course I wanna go to the underworld with you & let you discover my deepest, darkest secrets. Sounds fun!
🔶 People with Gemini saturn/saturn in the 3rd house tend to have small, delicate hands. The 3rd house rules hands and arms & saturn tends to make things look smaller. Does this mean those with Cancer saturn/saturn in the 4th house have small boobs? Idk.
🔶 Scorpio on the 11th house cusp/pluto in the 11th house natives may have a tendency to stalk others (their crushes, exes, someone they've lost contact with, or even strangers) on social media (11th house rules social media). Another thing about them is that they rarely post something about themselves. The type of people who've been on Instagram for a decade but still have 0 posts.
🔶 Virgos (esp. virgo mercuries) are the meanest earth sign due to how observant they are. They'll pick apart every flaw, every insecurity. They'll bring up random things from your past just to destroy you.
🔶 Leo moons/moon in the 5th house natives are the most emotionally dramatic bitches you'll ever meet.
Please do not copy or reword these. Thank you so much for reading!
Credit : @selfloathingvirgo
Tumblr media
Image credit : @domsli22 on Instagram
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