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The beginning point of the circle of the tropical zodiac is the vernal point, which has been used to mark 0° Aries since the 2nd century CE.

In the 5th century BCE, Meton of Athens located the vernal point at 8° Aries.

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Feeling offended is a fucking choice. The moment you let somebody else’s words upset you, you’ve let somebody else defeat you. And, who the fuck wants to lose a battle to an opinion?


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ok so i saw this girl on tiktok do this thing where she made a spreadsheet of all of the people she knew and their sun signs and then rate her personal experiences with them so she could rank them so i did that. disclaimer this data is entirely subjective. (for reference, i am an aries sun aquarius moon aquarius rising). 

ALSO if your sun sign is ranked low, this does not apply to you unless I know you!! I have had good experiences with all 12 sun signs! there were some where I just had more common bad/good experiences with.

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the earth is literally a speck of dust in the universe. we will all be dead one day, (maybe soon if don don gets re-elected.) in 1000 years no one will care that you dyed your hair lime green. seriously just do that thing you can’t stop thinking about. paint your room crimson red. wear literally whatever the fuck you want to school. split-dye your hair. make a plan to achieve your biggest goal and actually do it, because you CAN. romanticize your own life because you’re literally the main character in your own movie. do things out of pure impulse that will bring you joy. let out your inner sagittarius and do things because you can. don’t listen to stupid conservatives/highschool imbeciles that are gonna judge you for being happy. don’t waste your precious time on this speck in the universe trying to live up to society’s pretentious fucked up standards. nothing is real and we will all be dead someday.

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Have you heard of digital nomads?

This kind of people have no fixed homes and are known for traveling around the world, living and exploring new countries and cities as long as they can have a steady internet connection.

Working full-time while exploring the world might sound like a dream come true, but as it turns out, not everyone is well-suited for this particular line of work.

If you’re wondering if the life of a digital nomad is right for you, keep reading, as we’ve listed the zodiac signs that are capable of thriving in such a career.


January 20 - February 18

Fluid and adaptable, those born under this sign are well known for being comfortable both on their own and surrounded by others, which is an excellent quality to have in this line of work.

Aquarians will be able to juggle their work-life with their personal-life, enjoying the freedom of being a digital nomad without risking their effectiveness in the “workplace.”


March 21 - April 19

This fiery sign is known for living in the moment and enjoying everything that comes their way.

Adventurous at heart, they won’t back down from a challenge, even if that challenge involves going to a country they’ve never even heard of before.

Though this recklessness can get them in hot water here and there, it’s also ideal for digital nomads, as it means they’ll keep moving forward no matter the problems or eventualities that might surface.

They may not be ideal for this lifestyle, but this lifestyle is ideal for them.

Aries are known for getting bored easily and craving constant change, which is a given when you don’t have a fixed home or workplace.


May 21- June 20

Sociable by nature, Geminis may find it hard to deal with the isolation innate to this lifestyle, but they’ll have absolutely no problem making new friends.

Language barriers are no barriers at all for those born under this sign, and their innate intelligence and curiosity will make navigating new countries and environments almost second-nature.

Geminis will face some problems being digital nomads, but their ability to communicate with others will help them overcome them in no time.


February 19 - March 20

Sensitive and family-oriented, Pisces aren’t the first sign to come to mind when thinking of digital nomads, but it’s this sensitivity that makes them so well-suited for this kind of lifestyle.

Traveling always involves unexpected problems and complications and Pisces incredible empathy and outside-the-box way of thinking are powerful tools that will help them power through just about anything.

Creative and kind, not only will Pisces have no problem making new friends anywhere they go but they’ll also find it relatively easy to step outside of their comfort zone and take in each unique experience as they come.

They’ll also become the talk of their social circles and family, as they’ll be happy to share those experiences with those they love!


November 22 - December 21

Sagittarius were born to be digital nomads.

They love challenges, new experiences, the opportunity to meet new people, and change.

They’re also not known for being particularly attached to people or possessions, so they’ll have no problem packing up their things and leaving to a new city or country as soon as things start getting stale or boring.

Few signs dislike the feeling of being tied down as much as Sagittarians, which makes them uniquely suited for this kind of lifestyle.

Just give them a laptop, an internet connection, and a lot of freedom, and you’ll be surprised by what those born under this dynamic sign can achieve!

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