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#sagittarius sun
l8veletter · 9 days ago
disclaimer: this simply just an observation based on people within my surrounding + celebrities/influencers I keep up w so it may not be applicable to all!
tw/cw: mentions of ed, anger issues, trauma, age gap, p*edophilia + narcissism.
Tumblr media
pov: you're on lunch date with your astrology enthusiast significant other and they won't stop infodumping you <3.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chiron in the 12H culture is randomly having "I didn't realise that took a toll on me" moments.
libra risings + libra/7H placements in general struggle w being perceived as flirty when in their personal defense, they're more focused on being nice and polite.
aquarius moons tend to have very narcissistic mothers who often times try to mask such trait.
having a lot of taurus + aries placements in your personal planets could indicate a lot of anger issues.
tips for people w said placements; read into your mars + mars house because it could really help you express/deal with your anger in a healthy way w/o taking too much toll on you or the people around you.
people like to speculate/assume leo and libra placements (especially venus) sexuality and would often assume they are queer due to the way they express their love for others; both being very flirty and overly-affectionate w platonic loved ones.
disclaimer: behaviour =/= sexuality. do not assume someone's sexuality based on their love language or the way they carry themselves. generally, do not assume sexualities unless it's explicitly stated.
leo venus focuses more on the thoughtfulness of a gift rather than its price or grant-ness. sure, a grant gift is preferred but an extravagant/expensive gift w no emotions/thought is an insult to their love language.
mars in leo/cancer/4H/5H may struggle with much older people being attracted them and if it is a hard aspect, it could be a serious problem for them in their younger years.
on the flip side, it could indicate they may find themselves attracted to those who are way younger than they are.
people with virgo and libra placements together in their chart tend to make them very health conscious to the point it could cause ed.
sagittarius moons are more flighty than sagittarius suns.
having taurus/gemini/libra placements in your personal planets may make you notice everything but not say anything.
your MC sign may show/indicate your reputation at the workplace; your MC degree, however, may show how you carry yourself socially in the work environment.
for example, you could have MC in cancer but at virgo degree; despite being remembered for your motherly/nurturing energy, you may find yourself behaving very critical, practical, and logical within the work environment.
if you're looking to see what works for you in improving your self-care routine, check what sign falls in your 6th house.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if you're looking to pursue in your north node, focus on your north node house. the house is how you're meant to achieve the north node.
disclaimer: i've stated this before on my last astro observation [♡], but it specifically focused on those w libra rising. the observation itself is not restricted only them ofc!
for example, you may have aries nn in the 6th house, internalising the virgo mindset/lifestyle will help you to move towards your nn.
pisces nn/virgo sn + virgo nn/pisces sn struggle to differentiate reality vs the fantasy world because both are followed by uncontrollable pessimistic thoughts/experiences.
gemini nn may constantly have to struggle w scams (usually financially) throughout their entire life to teach them the importance of facts/datas rather than simply going based on their personal perception of things.
do you have strong traits/behaviours that can't be explained by your personal planets/influential planets¿? try checking out your sn because it could be things you picked up from your past life.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
north node conjuct rising synastry are a 50/50 if you do not have other placements to make it work.
this is because the south node falls in the descendant— which may play a more significant role in how you navigate yourself in relationships rather than your ascendant. this could cause descendant person to possess more traits that could hold back nn person rather than help them grow.
however, it is a good placement if you're looking for a "accept me for who I am" relationship.
disclaimer: bonds take time and effort regardless of the synastries/compatibility. anything can work if you're willing to make it work :)
if someone's personal planet falls into your 12th house; you may "feel" a soul connection with them even if there isn't necessary is one.
venus x ascendant/midheaven synastry with hard aspects could cause a superficial/shallow relationship which focuses on image/idealisation.
venus conjuct 6th house synastry may make the house person feel "the mundane day-to-day routine is more bearable because you exist".
pov cont.: "...and that's just my thoughts on it ya know!" your significant other smiles, done with their ramble, eyes gleaming at you, "so what do you think?"
[♡] more astro notes!
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rattaemin · a month ago
How the signs fall in love; Pt.3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pt.1 | Pt.2
check your venus sign
Tumblr media
The zodiac circle is being splitted in three categories: ‘the babies’, ‘the teenagers’ and ‘the adults’. The last part will only be talking about our precious ‘adults’ of the zodiac circle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"If our love could be explained in two words, it would be us and a luggage cause both of us know this is not just a relationship, but we are actually each other's companion"
We are going to get deep on this one cause your girl here has this placement and honestly i love it too much (if we get the venus 8th house out of the way OFC cause that shit makes me very needy, greedy and jealous out of nowhere SO PLEASE). My sag venus babies, ik very well that most of us dont just want a relationship but rather a companionship, where we will grow together with the person we are with. We have a very childlike personality sometimes. We like the fun and we sure like to experience new stuff with our lover. For someone to make sag venus fall for them, ik that a person who is confident in themselves is one of the biggest turn on. Someone that knows who they are and have totally embraced their image and personality. A sag venus loves when they see the person around them believing in themselves, when the person is very positive and optimistic in nature but also very hopeful for the future. I know very well that when we start having feelings for someone, we may sometimes start building plans for the future. In my opinion, many times i feel that venus in gemini with venus in sagittarius is very similar cause these two just hate it when things get less entertaining. Both of them want a partner in crime, a best friend, a teacher, a psychologist and then a lover. With no mind stimulation, sex will never be a fun activity and believe me even though sex is bonding for sag venus, it should always come with the fun. Dare to challenge a sag venus oftenly and you have their freakin heart. These individuals love the teasing as they are very playful
"Complaining about the way i show my love to you, instead of appreciating what i actually do for you, is making it easier for me to leave you and find someone worthy of my time"
Oh dont you dare make a capricorn venus feel that their actions and time are not appreciated nor worthy. You will see a side of them that you would regret unleashing. To attract a capricorn venus, the feeling of safety, trust and mutual devotion needs to be visible. They like to receive back what they give and if they feel like they give more than what they take, doubts and insecurities will arise for the emotions their lover has for them. A sharp mind is so important to attract a cap venus, they like feeling that they can ask their lover for advice and receive a thoughtful and logical response. I know most cap venus are prideful in anything that has to do with admiting their emotions but if you ever see them actually word an apology, boi arent you a special one? I will personally give you an award for making a cap admit to their mistakes openly, as they can realise when they are wrong but dont ever admit it to others HAHAHAHAH. As out of nowhere as it will sound, i have met quite cap venus where each one of them told me that something that made them like me was my imagination and optimism. So i have to a conclusion that cap venus really like people with a brain that is very different from theirs. A mind that will make them get out of their pessimistic thoughts and travel to a whole other world where it will refresh them, it will get them motivated that they can be hopeful. Capricorn venus love people that encourage them, but not the encouragement at a situation that both of you would know will not be saved. They appreciate honesty above all but you should not bring them down even further when they are in a moment of weakness. They are already too hard on themselves, they dont need your harsh words in their head as well.
"I demand my privacy but that doesnt mean i forget about you. Its actually the exactly opposite; i just need my time to process how more i can love you"
Caring and affection is expressed quite differently with you guys. Its very hard to explain cause you can change the way you express your affection BUT ALSO YOU STRAIGHT UP DONT HAVE ONE TYPE. You see each person as an individual so it really depends on a specific trait that oustands on each person that will make you feel attracted to them. Aqua Venus fall in love with people that have their own identity, as different and unique as that identity will be, they just have an instant liking in people that embrace their own self and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. An Aqua venus never understands when you send them hints that you like them and honestly so do they to others. Like its a very questioning situation cause you are the type of people that one day will make the other person feel so sure that you feel something for them and then next day you just disappear out of this world and the other person stays in thin air, leaving them empty handed right when they got sure of your emotions. The people that get involved with you need to understand that many times you need time to reflect and regain all your energy back on your own. Aqua venus are surprisingly so straightfoward and blunt with with their love language, they can be very affectionate when they feel like it but also very helpful in other ways. They are the people that can show all kinds of love language to their partner, it depends on their mood. As i said, there is not a specific way to attract an Aqua venus. They just like original people, people that are not trying to be sth other than themselves.
"Love is a drug i CANT quit. No doctor could help when im love sick" yeah i just did that so what- HSHSHA
Boy, you are from my favorite venus sign and i know even more people adore tf out of you. If a person looks for unconditional love, affection, passion, imagination and creativity, you are the venus sign they have to aim for. Most pisces venus i have met love to have people around them that accept their touch. Pushing them away when they are about to show you a warmer side of their personality, will make them so insecure and uncomfortable around you. Weirdly enough, i have noticed that most of you prefer partners that are not as clingy as you but rather just accept your touch and dont give that much love back. Pisces in general is just a giving sign, very selfless and they dont wait to receive back the affection they give, it just comes out naturally to give as much as possible to others. As much as i dont want to bring you guys down, i will cause you are one of the signs that could get easily in love with the wrongest of people. Whatever red flags you see in someone, you just jump in the opportunity of breaking your heart by getting involved with them-ZJENWK. Nonetheless, when you mature, people with a kind heart, that like to help others wifh their actions and have a sensitive side that will be expressed only to you, is one of the ideal types a pisces venus likes. They dont fall in love slowly, they know right away if the emotions they feel for someone are romantic or not. They love and they love hard. They just have to feel and see that they will be accepted by you. Thats what pisces venus looks from others, acceptance.
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saintzjenx · a month ago
— Signs in the 12th house & whats underneath the Sea
for more quality posts check my masterlist I & II ⭐️
Tumblr media
This transformative developmental process is completed by the Twelfth House and its natural governing planet, Neptune. We also link Pluto as the leader of Pisces with soul-centered esoteric astrology and therefore, with the processes of death and change, as the slow growth of awareness and the subsequent alignment of soul/permanence evolve intimately. The Twelfth is called by many astrologers the 'House of Karma' and the house of self-undoing. These names are not accurate, however, as all the houses of the astrology have components of the whole life karma. It is also worth pointing out that many karma are also benefits and wealth, not just problems and penalties. For the "self-unloading," a capacity to unlock the bottom self and create room for the Higher is one of the best gifts we can give. This is done via the spiritual journey.
Karma unique to the 12th house relates to the collective to which we belong, in which we respire, and with which we have our being. The Twelfth House signates the synthesis of the astrological wheel, other life cycles, such as the cycle of reincarnation, and it indicates this through the symbolism of the zodiac's 12 houses. Thus, the 12th is the place where our secret treasures are stored and the experience we get by accumulating them. This astrological house has all that was excellent and noteworthy about us as well as everything we accomplished with our oceanic power and energy reserves. Actually, the 12th is our reservoir of "good" karma.
If you do not believe in reincarnation, the 12th House may not be of interest to you. However, the Twelfth House does inform us about the obstacles that we will face during our lifetime, and this is a significant responsibility in and of itself. One or more of our secret riches may be revealed at the Twelfth. We return to the Ascendant after we leave the Twelfth, where we arrived for the first time. The love and light that we have contained inside us through spiritual discipline will allow us to boldly proclaim, everything is interconnected.
Tumblr media
Aries on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
When the Ram is on the verge of the house, it indicates that a person's personal confidence must be concealed or controlled. This is the type of person that is most effective when working behind the scenes. From a positive standpoint, this combination represents a smart approach since their effect is not visible, but it is genuine. While it is hard to speculate on the importance of the complete natal map, Aries on the Twelfth is an example of someone who performs the role of "the one behind the throne." When bad, this stance can lead to emotions of victimization or, opposite, becoming someone else's karma. The Ram is unafraid of confrontation and will go ahead, ignoring anything that gets in its path. The forceful techniques of Aries struggle to triumph in the watery and scattered environment of the Twelfth House. Their entire predicament is indicated by Mars's location in the birth chart by sign, house, and aspect.
Taurus on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
When the Celestial Bull holds this position, the conditions are considered very favorable. Taurus on this cusp represents a reservoir of unique qualities, talents, and wealth that can be drawn on when times are tough. In addition, it might be a sign of a second sort of riches, the wealth of common sense, enabling one to see through many aspects of life's scenarios. Taurus can see “all the way through to the heart of the matter” and isn't easily misled by the subject. Money problems might result if a person is reckless or dishonest with their money. Care must be taken to avoid participating in illicit financial transactions. This posture is useful for the growth of plenty as it indicates that the individual has "universal supply" connected to them. Truly amazing! Significant aspects of the Twelfth House may be found in the location of Venus in the natal chart.
Gemini on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
Another thing to keep in mind is that, as you would expect with this placement, there is a strong dualism in the subjects that are discussed in the house. Communication in all forms must be treated with considerable caution, even when it is honest and constant. Because of Neptune's impact on Mercury, it may be determined if a person likes to communicate in an honest or dualistic manner. This is true for many people born under the sign of Gemini in the twelfth house, who strive to be all things to all people. It is possible to interpret this location in the horoscope as an indicator that the individual possesses all of the "missing links" in any social context. That individual has an instinctive understanding of how things should be connected and how they should work.
Cancer on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
Someone with this position may be highly compassionate, eager to help and protect people who are in need of their assistance. However, the disadvantage of this point of view is that it may encourage people to become involved in personal problems that are completely out of their league. To put it another way, attachment occurs when it is most necessary to be apart. This placement emphasizes the ability to care for and nurture other people. It's possible that if Cancer is placed on the cusp, it would indicate a desire to be a mother figure to everyone and everyone. Depending on where the Moon is located in the natal chart, it can predict whether or not a person will be an excellent or poor mother, as it is determined by the presence or absence of Neptune and/or Venus. Taurus and Cancer are similar in that they each hold a hidden store of earthly wealth on the cusp of their respective signs. Cancer is continuously looking for ways to save money for the inevitable rainy day that will definitely come.
Leo on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  
Leo, by their nature, is a demanding zodiac sign, and that is all they want: to be acknowledged for one accomplishments. It is also the least personalized of all the astrological houses, the Twelfth House being the most personal of them. In this instance, the lesson is to how to incorporate personal expression (and recognition) into a larger context where these two things are less prevalent. This sign/cusp combination, therefore, enables the appearance of events that inspire humility and self-sacrifice, no matter the person. Some astrologers believe that the sign of Leo on the twelfth signpost indicates an individual with enormous willpower, but this is not allowed to be made obvious. Potentially, this may result in a highly manipulative person developing. Inspire a desire to be powerful yet unassuming, helpful but modest, and forceful yet subtle. Astrologers claim that once the Sun enters Leo on the twelfth degree, it will boost its significance and extend its influence throughout the whole chart.
Tumblr media
Virgo on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
When Virgo is in this position, healing and service is favored. The individual that demonstrates the aptitude to use numerous applicable strategies and approaches to meet various perplexing conditions have abundant capacity. If you compare it to going through the Universal Toolbox and obtaining a treatment for nearly every ailment, it's almost like walking through with that universal toolbox on your back. People who work in hospitals and institutes where healing abilities are necessary typically bear this sign and cusp combination. This position is difficult since the individual in it is indiscriminate and chaotic. Finding a remedy for everyone, as well as a space to hold the many aspects of life, is physically impossible. Care must be taken here to prevent tangling up in the spool and to maintain a single strand of thread. Neptune's location in a natal chart has a lot to say about how Virgo on the twelfth will impact a person's external existence.
Libra on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
Even when Libra is in this position, it is impossible to be certain about the level of intimacy that exists inside a close  relationship. When considering the surrounding conditions, one may feel too far from the other person, yet when considering the shared experiences, one may feel a deep connection with the other person. There is a significant danger of idealism toward others when Venus is influenced on the cusp of Libra, as it may be by Neptune. There is also a propensity to see relationships through rose-colored glasses when Venus is affected on the cusp of Libra by Neptune. During favorable Venus/Neptune alignments, these spiritual talents are at their peak, and this is especially true during the month of August. When prejudice is put aside, all persons are regarded as siblings, and a strong desire to be a peacemaker arises from among them. Additionally, the combination of this sign and the cusp that it forms might be indicative of hidden relationships. It would be necessary to examine the entire chart in order to determine whether these "hidden pals" are beneficial or detrimental to one's life.
Scorpio on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
This placement has the ability to provide significant emotional and spiritual growth, but it also presents significant challenges. Much of how a person interacts with his or her want nature depends on him or her. The position of Scorpio on this cusp demands that one clearly identify one's desires and requirements. The individual is imprisoned by a constant ocean of unsatisfied wants if this orientation is uncontrolled. What causes unrequited? The idea that desire cannot be sated is what propels the Law of Karma. However, if the principles that are inherent in the traps of the desiring nature have been taught and altered, then there is no part of the self that is more equipped to aid in the process of healing. To choose the latter route, one must locate the "universal catalyst" — that aspect of oneself that liberates one and allows one to refine expression on progressively more subtle levels. In order to find out more about this situation, an astrology student needs check to see how these three planets are linked: Mars, Pluto, and Neptune.
Sagittarius on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
A person with a strong interest in metaphysics and the occult may also be present based on this combination, since there is usually a strong desire to discover universal truth as a result of this combination. In concrete terms, a person may get new insights about a situation that one was previously ignorant of. Extra-personal knowledge is discovered while Sagittarius is in control of this house. Once this gateway has been constructed, we will have access to the "collective encyclopedia" of the human mind. This ability can be discovered in every person, although it is not possessed by everyone at the same time. With Sagittarius in the twelfth house, he is likely to produce a know-it-all, or someone who is utterly devoid of knowledge. On the spiritual path, the cultivation of the discipline of one-pointedness is essential for the advancement of knowledge and the development of insight. An astrologer should look at Jupiter's position in the natal chart in further detail if they want to learn more about it.
Capricorn on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
As a result of Capricorn's placement in the natal chart, there is often a need to distinguish between those who truly hold actual power in any social context. The idea that one's own authority may be jeopardized by persons or circumstances outside one's control is a common source of anxiety. It might be claimed that, in essence, this attitude appears to represent the idea: "Controlling or not controlling, that is the question." Because of this, Capricorn on the Twelfth is particularly vulnerable to deception. Even while this combination of sign and cusp has the potential to be a wealthy source of hidden riches and resources, it is also conceivable that difficulties may arise in the future. In certain cases, it may symbolize a person who has gained knowledge on how to create mental structures that will lead to the growth of various businesses, non-profit organizations, and financial gains for oneself and others. Understanding the ramifications of Saturn's position demands a thorough examination of the planet itself. This is highly significant in the context of Saturn and Neptune's swap of positions. When the situation is favorable, the individual has the ability to liberate themselves from restrictions and constraints; nevertheless, when the situation is adverse, the individual has a tendency to get extremely perplexed.
Aquarius on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
Individuals with a high level of familiarity with everyone and limited experience with new events will have this placement in their chart. The definition of this type of person is someone who is in tune with the global collective flow of life that is flowing through every individual. When the sign of Aquarius appears in the horoscope, the excitement will expand. When the characteristic is applied to the Twelfth House, a more diffuse type of diffusion arises, as idealism and humanitarian speculation lose their self-focused quality and become more dispersed. If one's attention is diverted from reality by excessive socializing and daydreaming, then one's hopes, desires, and objectives will not be grounded in reality. Even while discernment and discriminating must be integrated into everyday living in order to realize that we are all one on a global scale, these folks are strikingly different when it comes to making distinctions on a more personal level in their daily lives. Due to the fact that the position is founded, it leads to a clear humanitarian point of view on the value of human life. A willingness to assist others is an additional characteristic of this personality type. Aspects of this orientation are indicated by the positions of Uranus and Saturn in the natal chart, according to astrological literature, which are major indicators of its character and aim.
Pisces on the cusp of the Twelfth House:
Considering Pisces on the 12th, a person born under this astrological placement is likely to be someone who has a deep spirituality and an innate desire to be of service to humanity. Orienting oneself in this fashion fosters a huge sense of inclusion as well as a massive reservoir of personal compassion for the rest of the world, which is really beneficial. Although caution must be used in order to avoid becoming entangled in unseen currents and hidden depths, caution is also necessary. It is critical to be able to flounder in a world of dreams and illusions. When this appear together, they provide hints as to which individual is most likely to follow the spiritual path. The aquatic environment of the swimming-upstream Pisces is represented. The sign of Pisces on the twelfth represents a person who, like the rest of us, suffers from addictions and habit patterns. It is possible to gain a better understanding of the fish's dualism and how one is likely to behave in the flow of life by analyzing the placements of Jupiter and Neptune, particularly as they relate to the Sun and Moon. This is accomplished through the use of astrology and the analysis of the positions of Jupiter and Neptune.
Tumblr media
Thank you guys for making it to the end, I hope you have as much fun reading as I did writing these. Sending you nothing but love and light:)
saint jenx🪐
© 2021 Saintz Jenx All Rights Reserved
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d4rkpluto · 4 days ago
𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔬 𝔬𝔟𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰 𝔱𝔴𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔢
Tumblr media
❦ people with many scorpio and virgo degrees are very good lie detectors.
❦ people with sun and moon in the twelfth house tend to be the most secretive and people barely know about them. like barely.
❦ people with taurus in the eighth house tend to get hurt by words a lot.
❦ cancer in the 8th house, MUMMY ISSUES! add the scorpio moon, MUMMY ISSUES 10000X!
❦ when libra/7h placements aren't self-aware they might revolve their lives to love, and it might be the main thing they talk about, thus making everyone around them bored.
❦ remember my astrology eye sanpaku theory? well i remembered that pisces is also ruled by jupiter, so pisces risings are most likely ones to have sanpaku eyes as well, least like if they have it in other angular houses like 4th, 7th and 10th.
❦ uranus aspecting venus culture is literally saying the random thing and people falling in love with it.
❦ the lowest degree planet in your natal chart shows you what you have to work on, for example i have uranus in 2 degrees, and have it in the third house, so i have to work on the way i deliver things, (can be seen as very blunt, straight-forward and cut-throat) and stop talking so fast.
❦ people with libra in the third house can be seen to have very delicate/pretty voices.
❦ people with mercury aspecting neptune might be seen as people who lie a lot, or do lie a lot. while, their voices are dreamy.
❦ having aries in the fourth house can equate to potential generational wealth.
❦ people with mars in the second house might like very spicy/hot food and people with neptune in the second might like a lot of sea food.
❦ neptune in the fifth/eighth house = shower sex.
❦ a lot of sagittarius risings have the bratz doll look, (and no i'm not doing this to boost my ego) but look!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(mila kunis, lailisa manoban and anne hathaway)
❦ and it's mainly because their eyes are big, one of the biggest features on their faces along with their plump lips, their eyebrows are arched and they have a doll-like head shape too.
❦ people with lilith in the 7th house can have a rebellious and bitchy fandom (being a bitch is the way!)
❦ the sign in your ascendant indicates what kind of characters you might favour, i have sag rising and i realised i like characters who have bow and arrows, e.x, alec from shadow hunters, allison from teen wolf and hawkeye from avengers.
❦ majority of the times, pisces risings are hard to identify because of their scorpio in the tenth house, (if they dont have gemini in their fourth).
❦ check where your neptune is, the aspects its making, what is in your 12th house and where pisces is for you to know what tv shows you actually like. (neptune represents visual communication)
❦ for example, i have neptune in the second house and i realised that i like shows that give me comfort, or i have a lot of comfort movies or series where the characters are very rich; with scorpio in my twelfth i like shows/films that include sci-fi, tarot, gore, horror etc. i have pisces in my third, and i like to watch shows with other people around me and have funny commentary on it, and one of the aspects i have is neptune trine lilith, implying my like for very dark and brutal visual theatre that got to do with women empowerment, like salem.
❦ where the ruler of your first house is, is where you're most protective over. for example, ruler of the first house in the fourth house could imply that you're protective over your family or mother; ruler of the first house in the eleventh house could imply you're protective over your friends and your community.
❦ like i said in my aries in the first house post, a lot of aries risings have diamond head shapes.
❦ folks with mercury aspecting lilith are most likely to say words that surprise people in a way it disgusts them, if it's the aspecting person's intentions. they really know how to use their words to bring out a reaction from someone.
pluto ❦
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bratz-kitten · 16 days ago
 — if you have no planets in the third house, look at the ruler of the sign cusping your 3rd house. aries is ruled by mars, taurus and libra are ruled by venus, gemini and virgo are ruled by mercury, leo is ruled by the sun, cancer is ruled by the moon, capricorn is ruled by saturn, sagittarius is ruled by jupiter, scorpio is ruled by pluto (modern, in traditional astrology it’s by mars), aquarius is ruled by uranus (modern, in traditional astrology it’s ruled by saturn) and pisces is ruled by neptune (modern, in traditional astrology it’s ruled by jupiter)
— SUN: This relationship can be filled with arguments, where both parties fight for their individuality and there can be a lot of ego clashes – you fight with each other over who’s the best, and you can be very defensive and reactive to the others’ words. Growing up in this environment can manifest in you being very defensive when you think someone is trying to insult you. It can be very easy to rile the other up. The lesson you learn with age is generosity – you learn to share everything with the other: clothing, food, secrets. This can be a relationship where both act like total opposites yet are similar to the core, something you both try to deny when someone points it out. It’s giving me “You were born an egomaniac!” “Who do you think taught me to be like this?” Two sides of the same coin, whose goal is to fight for their freedom and strength. The oldest one can be very responsible and ambitious, while the younger one aspires to be just like their sibling. You inspire the other to do better. One gets hurt, the other starts a war; you can become very defensive when anyone tries to come at your family. You take teasing and playfighting as a love language to the next level lmfao. You can be extremely good at seeing through the others’ façade, whenever your sibling is lying you just know, you can smell their bullshit from a mile away. You can even try to start a business together because you see each other as very ambitious, cunning and resourceful.  You might’ve made up a language that no one but you and your siblings understood in your childhood, you could’ve enjoyed making other people feel stupid for not understanding it and you could’ve played a lot of tricks and pranks on others, you are partners in crime.
— MOON: You intuitively feel what your sibling is feeling and you can be very emotionally dependent on each other. Problems between the both of you can cause a lot of emotional turmoil and distress and even affect your health. There can be emotional manipulation present here and you can wake the other’s toxic behaviors without even realizing it. You might’ve come from a difficult upbringing and your parents might’ve had a complicated relationship, your mother figure might’ve depended a lot on your emotional support for her mental stability – there can be a feeling of duty towards the mother figure that feels like a burden sometimes, she can even make you feel guilty for wanting to be more independent. Because of this, it might be difficult for you and your sibling to put boundaries with other people, you might have had friends or romantic partners who took advantage of your caring nature. You might’ve been very emotionally hurt in the past and your sibling was the one to comfort you, to tell you everything is going to be alright. The lesson you learn through the years is independence, you and your siblings stress a lot on the importance of keeping your privacy and individuality, and you can learn to give the other support without smothering them. You can be both deeply private people but if there’s one person who you open up to, it’s your sibling. There might be a lot of family secrets and people can freak out when they hear the stories you have about your family, they can feel like you live in a novel. You can be very affectionate with your sibling and you can bond through listening to the other’s problems.
— MERCURY: Communication is either the biggest strength or barrier in your relationship, and this can fluctuate a lot. You can find it difficult to open up to each other and this brings a sense of frustration and alienation, or the communication between the both of you is so strong that you feel like each others’ best friend. One of the parties can be much more inclined to wanting small talk, constantly bickering and afraid of the conversation being anything but lighthearted, while the other one, perhaps you, yearns to have deep, soul bonding conversations about the past and what you went through. It can take a long time before you both learn to understand each other. Intelligence might have been something you both bonded over, perhaps you two were prodigy children with high expectations placed on your shoulders, and there might even have been a sense of rivalry over who’s more intelligent. You can tease the other just for the sake of fighting over who has the best banter and comebacks. You might’ve developed a sharp tongue always ready to snap due to the constant bickering your connection always had. The older one can give the other a lot of advice, pep talks, even sometimes preach about things that they don’t necessarily do – “do what I say, not what I do” typa thing. You can truly learn a lot from their experiences and what they went through, it can feel like it’s a constant learning curve when you’re together. You can have a dynamic where you’ll be fighting and coming at each other’s scalp but 5 minutes later you’re ordering pizza like nothing happened and everyone goes like “wait, what? Weren’t you two mad at each other?” The lesson you learn is to actually apologize and fix your issues instead of just ignoring them and pretending they didn’t happen.
— VENUS: This can be a very supportive connection and you might be each other’s number one supporter. The older one stresses a lot on the importance of communication and compromise, willing to do anything to make sure the other is safe. One of you can feel like the other is too spoiled, like your parents are too lenient on them when they certainly weren’t with you; your parents might’ve found it hard to say no to the both of you so you learned how to get whatever you wanted just by saying you wanted it. You can be very affectionate towards each other and tease the other as a form of showing you care, you might help them a lot in their education. The younger one can look up to the older one like they’re the best person in the world, the older one can really be a role model for them. You can bond through material comfort, like constantly buying the other food, clothes, gifts, things to keep in the home for both to use. You can inspire each other’s style and way of carrying yourselves, perhaps you noticed how they copy certain mannerisms that you do. You can feel very proud of them at any little thing that they do lmfao, like they properly bake a cookie and tears are coming out of your eyes like “damn my sibling really is a tiny genius”. You both rely a lot on the other and you know that no matter how many disagreements you have, you’ll always be there for the other. You might constantly manifest balance and harmony in your family life because when there are problems and arguments, it brings you a lot of emotional distress.
— MARS: Found family. People with mars in the 3rd house really hone in on friends who feel like family and are very protective of them, because they might feel very ostracized from their family. You might have a very complicated relationship with your sibling, in the younger years, there might’ve been a lot of fighting and even physical abuse. You and your siblings might’ve had constant arguments and it was difficult for you to agree on things. You might’ve had completely different life experiences that led you to have wildly different opinions, and your parents might’ve really focused on you both being active by enrolling you in physical activities like sports, running, etc. Your siblings could be very protective over you to the point where it felt suffocating, the older one might be terrified of the other getting involved with bad influences. They can be very strict with you, and in your younger years, the younger sibling might’ve followed the older around like a puppy, imitating their behavior and striving to be just like them. You could have shared a lot of things from a young age – clothing, food, and if you didn’t come from a financially stable household, you could also share each other’s bedroom. The older one might have taught the younger self-defense and how to scare people away so they wouldn’t get hurt. You might’ve bonded through a pet that was very important for both of you. One of you might see the other as someone very strong and intimidating, undefeatable, so the other can feel scared of opening up to them in fear of appearing vulnerable and shattering the other’s perception of their strength. It’s very difficult for you to be truly intimate with each other because your instinct is to build walls between you and everyone else. The lesson you learn is to trust.
— JUPITER: Most times, this relationship actually starts off as very rocky and hurtful. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so it also makes the problems between the both of you escalate very quickly. Your relationship might be very important for you and take a lot of space in your heart, to the point where you can feel emotionally dependent on them, feeling very hurt whenever there’s a problem between the both of you. There might be a lot of forgiveness involved due to the rocky start, but once you’re close to each other, there’s no breaking you two apart. This bond might be filled with physical affection, a very open need for communication where you tell the other what’s wrong as soon as it happens, a strong sense of trust and making the other feel safe. Even if you’re typically reserved and you hate people seeing you vulnerable, they’re the one person who you can cry around. You two might be constantly going out, doing fun activities and taking care of the house, and you might even be involved in the others’ social circle. You can start to grow closer when one of you moves out, distance is really the key to treat each other’s presence like a blessing, not a duty. You can manifest the other’s happiness and feel like when you’re together, things start going right in your life, and just their words can bring you hope in the face of despair. You can constantly brag about them and everyone in your life knows everything about your sibling even if they never personally met them because you’re constantly talking about them, you can both be each other’s pride.
— SATURN: Your sibling can be very popular and this can feel overwhelming at times, you might feel like you live in their shadow or always strive to be on their level. Others can be afraid of messing with the younger sibling because everyone knows and is intimidated by the older one lmfao. You might’ve been raised in a very strict environment where you had a lot of enforced on you, there was a feeling like you had to fight for your freedom. Parents might’ve been overworked and barely gave attention to you because of the time they spent at their job or fulfilling their responsibilities, so you might’ve grown up in a household that rewarded being cold and punished being emotional, there can be a lot of pain and repressed memories. For this reason, it’s difficult for you and your siblings to share physical affection and have deep conversations, and there was likely a lot of rivalry and competition to gain the parents’ affection, parents who taught you to fight for their love or who placed impossible expectations on your shoulders. The oldest one took it upon themselves to raise the other, and this relationship can be bound by duty and responsibilities in the earlier years. It’s very, very difficult to break the distance between the both of you and to heal from past wounds, to learn to be more affectionate and communicative, but once you get there, this bond can be stronger than anything else in the world. Your sibling can be very harsh on you and attack you for no apparent reason, in their mind it can be a way for them to “toughen” you up so that you’ll be prepared for the real world, in a “I can insult you however I want but if anyone else does it, they won’t live to tell the story” kinda way.
— URANUS: Very on-and-off relationship, it can be hard for outsiders to understand the bond you share. You might be very close and act like best friends in one day and the other, like you don’t even know each other. Physical intimacy could come with difficulty, you might’ve been raised in an environment where you weren’t taught the importance of affection, and it can be hard for you to openly communicate your feelings. You could show the other that you care through indirect acts of affection like silently taking care of each other, attending to the others’ needs – you know how they like the coffee so you prepare it for them, they know you don’t have a drivers’ license so they drive you wherever you need without you even asking. You might intuitively feel what the other is feeling. This connection can be filled with teasing, playfighting, comfortable silences, and a lot of unconventional ways of showing the other you actually care. There can be a sense that things are always unpredictable between the both of you, like something is always happening that disrupts the sense of a peaceful connection, and there might be a lot of family secrets that you find out through the years. The older one can be someone with a different or progressive lifestyle that can be controversial for those who are outside your family to swallow, you or they might’ve faced a lot of discrimination and prejudice over it – if it was them, you spent your entire life having to defend your sibling from the way people treated them differently. One of you might’ve been the rebel, shocking everyone with the life direction you/they chose to follow. They inspire you a lot to pursue your own individuality and they can be the person who you respect the most in the world.
— NEPTUNE: There can be a lot of miscommunication present here. Your sibling might feel like someone who you barely know past the surface, they can be very secretive, distant, too out of your reach to grasp. This indicates a lot of family secrets that you discover through the years, it can even mean discovering the existence of a sibling you knew nothing about. Your childhood might feel like a blur and you might have repressed memories that were painful for you, and your relationship with your sibling in the younger years can be difficult for you to understand. One of you might’ve suffered from substance abuse or perhaps your parents did and it was something you both had to deal with growing up. One of you might be an artist, someone who had to go against your family’s expectations of them and who had to fight for their independence, your or them might be the “disappointment of the family” and your family treated you like they had no expectations for you, no hope for your success. You might’ve clung a lot on the other for the emotional support you didn’t get from your parents, the older might’ve sacrificed a lot to protect the younger one. You can have a lot of disagreements and different perspectives on life, a feeling that you both were raised in completely different circumstances but one thing you can feel connected by is your taste in music, in art, in the media you both consume like tv shows and books. You might write a lot about them or they write about you, and this can be an attempt at understanding them and their motivations better. You feel a strong need to break the distance between the both of you and to understand them on a deeper level because you might’ve been raised in an environment where you were never understood.
— PLUTO: The relationship with your siblings in your earlier years could have been very turbulent, filled with resentment and hatred, repulsion for each other – you might’ve felt like your parents pitied you against each other, causing a sense of enmity between the two. One was the golden child, while the other was the disappointment of the family; you could have been the black sheep, always hearing how you should be more like your sibling. You might’ve felt like your parents were too hard on you and too lenient on your sibling, and you two might’ve argued a lot. As you both grow, you start becoming much closer to each other, you feel a strong need to protect them from your parents and in school, you can even make it your job to raise them, feeling like you must guide them and be their role model. This sense of protection is fierce and can be overwhelming at times. You intuitively feel what the other is feeling, this can be a “I would die for you on the spot but I would never share the middle part of the toast with your ugly ass” type of connection. A feeling like it’s you two against the world, you’re very prone to trauma-bonding over what you both experienced in your childhood. One of you can be very manipulative and try to control the other with their words, and this can give rise to a lot of power struggles and a feel like you have to physically distance from each other so you won’t feel controlled by them – it’s like you wake up each other’s survival instincts, it can be unsettling how you make the other’s reactive and destructive subconscious behaviors resurface. The lesson is to use the way you bare the other’s soul for healing, not for mutual destruction. 
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saturnian-venus · a month ago
astro notes pt. i
☽ mercury in the 12th house is seen in people with psychic abilities and having prophetic dreams alongside mercury in the 8th/4th house
☽ mercury in the 9th house people could have siblings with a different religion than them
☽ mars in the 3rd house might mean fighting with their neighbors or living in a dangerous neighborhood
☽ aries midheaven is a placement for athletes
☽ cancer midheaven is a placement for pharmacist/nutrition specialists
☽ capricorn midheaven is a placement for architects/civil engineers
☽ saturn conjunct part of fortune can mean having good luck working with the father or having support from him or authority figures in the work field
☽ mars in sagittarius is a good placement for athletics
☽ venus conjunct saturn = tough love
☽ venus square pluto = fears being changed by love 
☽ mars conjunct uranus = unpredictable behavior
☽ sun conjunct uranus = constantly changing
☽ sun square uranus = craving change but fearing change too
☽ jupiter in the 4th house brings expansion to the family or home (having a lot of relatives or living with them)
☽ sun in the 4th house could mean being raised by a single parent probably the mother
☽ moon in the 10th house could mean being raised by a single parent probably the father
☽ we all agree capricorn is a sign known for being hard working people guess what aries/cancer/libra too it's the cardinal energy 
☽ uranus in the 6th house might indicate making friends easily in the work place
☽ venus opposite/square uranus people have unique faces ex: Diana Ross, Jimi Hendrix, Denise Richards, Adrien Brody, Zendaya & Robert Pattinson 
☽ venus opposite/square saturn culture is thinking that love is off the cards for them
☽ leo placements are seen a lot in children book writers ex: Judy Blume (leo moon) E. B. White (leo mercury) Julia Donaldson (leo venus) C. S. Lewis (leo mars) & Lewis Carroll (leo north node) 
☽ north node in the 9th house could mean being religious or their life mission is to find god
☽ moon conjunct vertex their biggest supporters are women and women having a big imbact on their life
☽ listen not only aquarius and capricorn moons have a hard time expressing emotions aries and scorpio moons are like that too
☽ moon in the 7th people are really close with their grandparents 
☽ if you see someone cute who resemble a squirrel or a rabbit high chances they have gemini ascendant
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jojoangelley · 13 days ago
Neptune Aspects - The theme of your dream
Note: I'm posting again because my neighbourhood is now under quarantine due to one positive covid case so I don't know how to fathom the news 🥲
Neptune aspects to the planets in your personal chart could give you a hint what you often dream of in your slumber.
Easy aspects: conjunct, trine, sextile
Hard aspects: conjunct, opposite, square
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neptune – Sun aspects
Easy aspects:
Dream of being famous, earning recognition, being admired, becoming a leader/king/queen/authority, being someone’s source of happiness, healthy relationship with your father, male figure that you idolize, creativity, confidence.
Hard aspects:
Being anti, arguments with your colleagues, someone talk shit about you, being humiliated in front of everyone, ruined reputation, becoming arrogant, unhealthy relationship with a male figure, emotionally immature father, overthrown, insecurity.
Neptune – Moon aspects
Easy aspects:
Getting married to the person you love (you or someone you know), pregnancy or giving birth (you or someone you know), family gathering, being emotional towards an event, a good relationship with your mom, nature, domestic activity, female figure that you idolize, security, gentleness, being taken care of.
Hard aspects:
Divorce, miscarriage, being disowned by your family, depression, unhealthy relationship with a female figure, emotionally immature mother, being unable to control your emotions, unexpecting pregnancy, broken family, arranged marriage.
Neptune – Mercury aspects
Easy aspects:
Having conversations with your loved ones, nailing a test, the lessons you have learnt, becoming a singer or get invited to perform with a celebrity, receive compliments for your work, speaking a new language, intelligence, writing or becoming an author, diplomacy.
Hard aspects:
Being mute, no one listens to you, failing a test, being considered not intelligent, disappointment for teachers/school/homework/friends, arguing with your loved ones, misunderstand, being clumsy, criticism, lies, people misunderstand your words.
Neptune – Venus aspects
Easy aspects:
Having a lover, being confessed to, being admired, becoming well-known, designing, falling in love or having a crush on someone or a celebrity, fairness, healthy relationship, being loved by anyone, charm, gaining new skills, harmony, beauty, seduction, wearing clothes or accessories you like.
Hard aspects:
Breaking up, being underestimated by someone or a celebrity, rejection, unfairness, fighting your loved one, one sided love, heart broken, unhealthy relationship, possessive or toxic partner, insecurity, cheating, chaos.
Neptune – Mars aspects
Easy aspects:
Winning a fight, concuring something, being admired, working out, achieving your ideal body, short distance travel, summer theme, healthy competition, becoming healthy, strength, motivation.
Hard aspects:
Being burnt, fire, arson, losing a fight, being looked down, hard criticism, argument, someone/something piss you off, war, injury, accidents, unhealthy competition, weakness, demotivation.
Neptune – Jupiter aspects
Easy aspects:
Becoming rich, money, long distance travel, making new friends, abundance, growth, business growth, new ideas, being talented, eating delicious food, pursue higher education, being enlightened, meeting the divine (Jesus, Buddha,…), publishing articles, charity.
Hard aspects:
Poverty, bankruptcy, stagnancy, unlucky things happen, transport accident, starvation, dropping education, rejection, disrespect, cultural appropriation.
Neptune – Saturn aspects
Easy aspects:
Becoming authority, discipline, achievement, being hard working, investment, success, taking responsibility or being responsible, new milestones, maturity, plans, long term goals, being trusted, karmic reward.
Hard aspects:
Dealing with law or authority, laziness, no one listens to you, restriction, limitation, delay, cancelation, childishness, falling out of plans, toxic environment, being late to school or work, running away from your responsibilities or dealing with irresisponsible people, karmic payback.
Neptune – Uranus aspects
Easy aspects
Changes, creation, being seen as a genius, cyberpunk, travel to the future, travelling, being acknowledged, innovation, humanitarianism, revolution, visiting museum/aquarium/gallery, making history, meeting historical figures or mythical creatures.
Hard aspects
Being rushed, messing up the timeline, inconsistency, no one acknowledges you, being seen as weird, being boycotted or bullied, clumsiness, acting without thinking, being chased, being abducted by alien, natural disasters.
Neptune – Pluto aspects
Easy aspects:
Discovering new things, attaining power, becoming rich, transformation, being looked up to, successfully solving a case, success, rebirth, healing, relying on someone, seduction.
Hard aspects:
Murder, crimes, becoming criminals, becoming guilty, scary scenes from horror/thriller movies, becoming a victim of a crime, being shamed, destruction, going to hell, possessive partner, being haunted, paranormal activities, destruction, demolition, being sexualized, drugs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© @jojoangelley all rights reserved
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saintzjenx · a month ago
some astro fun facts #2:
— random notes from jenx
for more quality posts like this, check here 🦋
🤎 sanity is ruled by Mercury. I have Mercury in the 10th conjuncts Saturn in Gemini, I'm the most sane when I'm being rational, focused and mentally active.
🤎 sarcasm is ruled by Mars, Mercury, Uranus and Scorpio. Explains why these placements are kings and queens of dark humour now doesn't it;)
🤎 can't sleep? check where transits or natal Aries, Mercury, Moon is at in your chart. I have Aries 9th house and whenever the Moon is in Aries I'm extra restless.
🤎 wanna see what your enemies managed to get from you at the end? check your 6th house. I have 6th house in Sagittarius, when I cut someone off from my life, they took a little bit of faith from me.
🤎 wanna know where you're the most "innocent"? check your Venus. Venus rules over innocence and the location of it can show you the you if things were easier at times.
🤎 wanna know where one's loyalty lies? check their sun & jupiter locations. I have Sun in the 11th and Jupiter in the 11th, i'm a firm believer of sacrificing myself for the common goods.
🤎 wanna know someone's out look upon life and the world? check their first house aka rising sign!! or any planets that conjunct their ascendant. also check their 9th house, however, these are more so the moral rules they're likely to stand by and defend. eg: aquarius first house believes in equality and harmony for all. treasure partnership and value commitment (libra 9th house)
🤎 scientists often have major Uranus energy, Aquarius, Mercury, Virgo or 12th house in their charts. ie: Albert Einstein has his 12th house in Gemini (Mercury), he was destined to figure things other can not contemplate.
🤎musical scales are ruled by different planet:
C [Do] — the Sun
D [Re] — Saturn
E [Mi] — Mercury
F [Fa] — the Moon
G [So] — Mars
A [La] — Venus
B [Ti] — Jupifer
🤎 one's next life is ruled by the 9th house while one's past life is ruled by the 5fth house. eg: I have Aries 9th house, 9th house ruler is Mars in Cancer 11th house -> I'll live a fairly exciting life in my next life, surrounded with friends but can also force to grow independent pretty early on. 5fth house in Sagittarius, 5fth house ruler is Jupiter in Cancer 11th house -> my past life was very well off thank to the environment I grew up in. Fortunate in business.
🤎 north node can show you your life purpose but so does your 4th house and the Moon. look into the aspects its making and look into the positions. in fact, in Vedi astrology the Moon is considered as one of the most important factors.
🤎 wanna be a lawyer? see if you have Jupiter, 9th house, Sagittarius or Mercury dominant in your chart. a lot of successful lawyers have these as their dominant placements.
🤎 wanna know more about your offspring? check your 5fth house, where you Sun and Leo are placed along with hour Venus and Moon. ie: my mom and dad have Leo in the first/the fourth in their chart, Gemini Sun, Moon in Sag/Leo and I'm a Cancer/Leo/Gemini Dominant.
🤎 want to understand more about your insecurities? check your Uranus placement. I have Uranus in the seventh squaring my MC and literally relationships is the one thing I hate looking weak in.
🤎 besides checking your Moon signs to figure out how you are when intoxicated, check your 12th house/where Pisces and Neptune is in your chart also.
🤎 Wanna check for flavours?
Sun — Sweet, pungent
Moon — Odorless
Mercury — Cold, mildly astringent
Venus — Warm, sweet
Mars — Sharp astringent, acids, pungent odor
Jupiter — Fragrant, bland
Saturn — Cold, sour, astringent
Neptune — Subtle, seductive
Uranus — Cold, brackish, astringent
Pluto — So called aromatic flavours, extreme flavours.
🤎 rock and martial music is ruled by Mars, electronics is ruled by Uranus, cultural music is ruled by Neptune, harmonious and romantic music is ruled by Venus, rhythmic music is ruled by the Moon, religious music is ruled by Jupiter.
🤎 wanna know what kind of gossips are said about you? check your Mercury, 3rd house, where Gemini is in your chart. I have Mercury/Saturn/NN in the 10th in Gemini, 3rd house in Libra. People talk about how I look a lot, how I deal with the public and my professional life.
🤎 wanna figure out how to make someone tick? check Moon and Saturn for inhibited emotions. check 2nd house for inner emotions. check 5fth house for pleasurable emotions. check 12th house for secret of unexpressed emotions.
🤎 you're more likely to get hired by people that you have good synastry with in the 6th or the 10th house. or where their Virgo is in their chart falls in your 10th house or 6th.
🤎 ever wonder what kind of co-worker you are to others? check your 6th house or where Virgo lies in your chart. I have 6th house in Capricorn, Virgo is in my 2nd house -> I'm seen as a goal-oriented and hard working co-worker to others, however, they might think I have ambitions others can't comprehend and I'm working for the bag only (2nd house)
— I wrote this in literally an hour and this post was unplanned, yet I know you guys love surprises:) Lemme know if you guys resonate and whether or not you prefer more educational post like this in the future💗 I love you all pretty<3 Have an amazing dayy
© 2021 Saintz Jenx All Rights Reserved
Tumblr media
saint jenx🪐
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toastmyrolls · 3 days ago
Weird Astrology Notes🧜‍♀️✨
(Please don’t take any of this personally, with love❣️)
Tumblr media
Virgo Ascendant/Risings: I’ve noticed that Virgo risings tend to have bigger or more narrow ears than most. Not a bad thing, but it’s weirdly common with Virgo’s.
Heavy Taurus Placements tend have internalized anger issues and they’re great at portraying how calm and grounded they are. Also smoke lots of 🍁
Taurus Moon/Risings: I’ve noticed that Taurus moons and risings don’t really like PDA. They may be uncomfortable with being touchy in public and most of the time, their love language is physical touch.
Aries Ascendant/Risings: an Aries will make it known to you that their uncomfortable. Not just by expression, but their energy will make it known to you and you’ll feel that shit from a mile away.
Capricorn Suns: I’ve noticed that Capricorn suns don’t really smile all that often. They seem to always have a resting bitch face regardless of the situation. Same can go for Cappy Risings.
Leo Moons: These are the type of people who blast music at 7 am for everyone in their house to hear. I said what I said.
Aquarius Moon/Mercury: they can literally say the most insensitive shit and won’t even realize how insensitive it sounds until someone tells them. ✨Major God Complex✨ some of the funniest people you’ll ever meet.
Aries Ascendant/Risings: these people say the most random and profound shit at any given time really. They also tend to have an intense gaze with their eyes and it’s interesting.
Sagittarius Mars: these are the type of people who have a playlist for literally anything. Their music taste is 🔥 tho.
Gemini Sun/Moons: these are the type of people that will call you at 12am just to tell you about a thought/scenario they just came up with. “Guess what I did bestie🌚” type of energy.
Cancer Ascendant/Risings: people with a cancer rising tend to be more curvy/busty and always seem to have beautiful hair. They could also dye their hair a lot or change styles frequently.
Gemini Ascendant/Risings: random, but these people tend to have slim and beautiful shoulders.
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mercurytrinemoon · 12 days ago
Trying to describe each sign's appearance but just complimenting them instead...
Consider this partially a "sign characteristics appearance-wise" post or something but with me being edgy with my hot takes
I've recently saw yet another list of "the most beautiful signs" and, surprise, surprise, Libra took the first spot *yawn yawn*. Listen, I know you guys are all about Venus-ruled signs and stuff but this really ticks me off a bit. It's as if it was a default feature for them to be pretty or whatever and NOT for other signs. Beauty has all shapes, sizes and incarnations, stop associating it exclusively for Libra and Taurus. Soooo I've decided to elaborate on the appearance of all signs while pointing out their strong assets. Not to come off a bit shallow but I just want to show some appreciation for other signs because each of them has something unique about their looks or the way they carry themselves. This may apply to both Sun and ascendant (actually, most people look like a mix of both).
Also note: just because something is characteristic for one sign doesn't mean other signs can't have that as well... or that you HAVE to have it if you're that sign. We all look different after all. Just sayin so we're clear. These are not strict rules and, as I always say, nothing should be looked at in separation from the rest of the chart.
*Also, if I see this article reposted somewhere, I’m gonna be real mad. Have some respect for people’s hard work
ARIES: I love their sharp features and strong bone-structure. Flushed skin is a common thing for them - its Mars' burning influence. Hair can have a ruddish tone as well. Okay and THE CURLS *deep breath*. I swear, seeing Aries men with curly hair does things to me. They're like lil lambs. Women with this placement tend to have a tougher look to their faces, sometimes even somewhat androgynous, which honestly I find super hot. Tomboy vibes big time. With Aries just overall, think strong brow bone (and often bushy or sharp, angular brows) that's pushed a bit forward (so the eyes are more on the deep-set side), bigger or wider forehead, often defined jawline with a square chin. Nose can be prominent in some way: a bit rounded or with bulbous bridge. Faces are usually square-ish and with a serious look to them. 
They often walk around with their head tilted forward - they’re a ram after all, always ready to charge ahead. They may look like they could punch you but once they smile you see how of a sweet cartoon characters they are with their warm big smiles. They can be such goofy dorks. They usually have a lot of energy so it may be hard for them to sit still, their bodies are full of excitement. Because of that, they have the tendency to hurt themselves, especially in the head/face area so that may leave some scarring. It's funny how Aries are painted as the aggressive ones while in reality, they're labradors on crack.
Aries Sun: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Daisy Ridley | rising: Bryce Dallas Howard, Brie Larson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Sun + rising: Heath Ledger
Tumblr media
TAURUS: I think both Venus-ruled signs just have pleasant features. I don’t think it’s common for them to have striking looks (unless, of course, there’s other aspects involved). I feel like they're just there looking hella fine. I’ve noticed that Taurus folks seem to have a heavier stomp or just kind of a heavy presence. It’s as if they needed more space to maneuver? Their movements are slow and elegant. But doesn't necessarily mean they're slow pokes! Because Taurus, as an earth fixed sign, has a good understanding of their own bodies and building their strength & stamina. It's just that their movements are well thought out and controlled. 
They tend to have nice, long, elegant necks... or alternatively, very stocky, prominent ones. And is it just me or do they like wearing turtlenecks? Or scarves? Small ears are a thing as well. When it comes to face features, sometimes their noses can be a bit flattened or with wider, flared-out nostrils - kind of bull-like. I've noticed their eyes tend to be more deep-set, downturned or even smaller, with brow bone kind of covering them/pushing them back. Really cute and pretty smiles, often sensual gaze. Great, thick hair, sometimes curly or wavy - they look great with retro hairstyles imo. Usually very stylish and even if they’re not up to tends, they pay attention to quality of fabricks and the way the clothes fit as they need to feel comfortable and cosy.
Taurus Sun: Cher, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Penélope Cruz, George Clooney | rising: Rita Hayworth | Sun + rising: Robert Pattinson
Tumblr media
GEMINI: oh their restless energy. I love how vibrant they are with their spirit. And they're just cute-looking: squishy cheeks, often with dimples... very much a youthful look. But also a bit mischevious. I love how of a smiley & bubbly jokesters they are. Very much cameleons in that regard, they adapt easily to their environment and it also shows in their looks and manners. They use hand gestures a lot when they talk, sometimes they can be a bit (or a lot!) fidgety overall, especially if they’re anxious (and that’s something airy mercurial restless energy may struggle with). Expressive faces. Their gaze is always quick as if they were investigating the room, with sparks in their eyes.
I was once looking at photos of random people with Gemini rising specifically, and noticed an interesting pattern and it was that a lot of them had this beautiful light blue, almost grey eye shade. I've never seen anyone talk about this, maybe that's a Mercury thing? (Because I’ve also seen lots of Virgos with blue eyes). Their features are usually more noticeable - strong jawline (sometimes wide), often long pointy chin; face can be more narrow. Apparently they also have longer or slender hands and fingers? 
Gemini Sun: John Cho, Tom Holland, Alanis Morissette | rising: Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew McConaughey
Tumblr media
CANCER: honestly such classic beauts. Cancers are the epitome of beauty & grace. Very friendly faces with welcoming aura. Just like with any water sign, having eyes light in color is common. Personally, I've noticed that sometimes Cancers have more of a bone-y faces and really sharp jaws and chins - as if they were sculpted. Cheeks are usually prominent, sometimes they sit lower on the face. Okay, the Moon face? It may be round or more fleshy and that’s why Cancers are known for having a baby face? Also, it may have something to do with their tendency to water retention. I personally think they sometimes look like a crescent Moon from the side: their chins and browbones tend to go forward a bit so that it makes their face look somewhat sunk-in from the side (so kiiind of like a crescent Moon?).
Just like any water sign, they're a lot more prone to being influenced - with Cancer, it's the influence of their own emotions or upbringing. This has its effect on their appearance as well. They can be very soft and natural, yes, but I've noticed that Cancers really like to dabble in colorful palettes - I often see them with colorful hair, bedazzled clothing, rainbow accesories or, alternatively, being emo or goths. It's all about outward expression. But overall, their ruler, Moon, is the most sensitive and changeable of them all so, especially in their case, it's very important to pay attention to where their natal Moon sits because that will color the way they look and carry themselves.
Cancer Sun: Olivia Munn, Robin Williams | rising: Angelina Jolie, Lisa Bonet, Kurt Russell | rising + Sun: George Michael
Tumblr media
LEO: charm and cheeky. Smize. Beautiful broad smiles. They have twinkles in their eyes and are very giggly. Rounder faces, softer than Aries. Button noses, flatter or wider nose bridge that connects to their brows. Deep blue or green eyes are common as well. Hair really IS prominent - whether it's short and cute or long and full. If it's long, it's usually very blown-out or wavy. I've also noticed that they won't let just anyone take care of their hair because they almost treat it like something sacret. They also tend to like to lighten their hair a bit, no matter the gender, so that it has golden highlights (it's all about gold tones, you know?).
I always say they're the least loud of fire signs because they're just too cool for that - they have the most swagger out of all the signs. They carry themselves with pride and have cat-like yet confident movements. Very welcoming and warm people, they have this inner light within them. They also seem to tan nicely (or easily so this can go south pretty quick), it’s as if the Sun was there to beautify them even more. I feel like they literally radiate gold.
Leo Sun: Michelle Yeoh, Viola Davis, Jason Momoa | rising: Robert Downey Jr, Selena Gomez | rising + Sun: Jennifer Lopez
Tumblr media
VIRGO: okay first off, can we stop the Virgo stereotype? People say they're boring and conservative with their looks (and with their personalities as well, but it's not what we're discussing here). Have you looked at a Virgo? They straight up look like dolls. Omg so pretty. They have big downturned or round eyes, delicate features, always put together. Their chins are usually more pointy and their facial features seem so chiseled. Noses are sometimes very straight or with a longer point. Idk their faces just seem tiny and cute. Faces tend to be oblong with pointier chins. I wouldn't necessarily say all of them are modest in their looks but most Virgos I know would NEVER wear something that fits bad, looks bad, has a crooked stitching etc or, not to mention, something that should belong in the laundry.
They may not be as bubbly and goofy as a Gemini (tho they're just as witty!), especially if we're talking about a Virgo rising, but they have this light, almost stoic aura to them. They're somewhere in between the cuddliness of a Taurus and coldness of a Capricorn. A bit reserved in their approach as well.
Virgo Sun: Zendaya, Shirley Manson | rising: Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Olsen, Donald Glover | Sun + rising: Keanu Reeves
Tumblr media
LIBRA: I've noticed Libras often have these amazing high sharp cheekbones. Sometimes even a naturally foxy eye look. It's like they had permanently contoured face, no matter the gender. Of course, Libras are also known for (seemingly) symmetrical features. Or at least well-proportioned and pleasant. Plump lips are common as well, they're very smiley and fun and approachable people. Chin dimples? Usually brown eyes, I've noticed. Now, I've seen Libras that look like they don't know what a shower is, but if they are REALLY tapped into that venusian energy, they typically have a clear vision of what they want to look like and how they want to present themselves. The mix of air and Venus makes it very coherent, thought-out but also very effortlessly appealing. You know, Libra artists will be the ones to make a full-on concept album that has a certain aesthetic or even create a character for it. I feel like that's the energy. Great at doing make-up, they’re very creative in that regard & they know how to bring out the best assets - not just in themselves but in others as well.
Bonus unpopular opinion: Libra Suns are better looking than Libra risings (soz). You guys seem to like to read biased astro observations, well that's mine lol. It's just because whatever Sun sign you have, it's natural for you, it's just in you, whereas the rising sign is where you may sometimes try too much (but that’s a topic on its own).
Libra Sun: Will Smith, Halsey | rising: Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Branch | Sun + rising: John Mayer, Doja Cat
Tumblr media
SCORPIO: a LOT MORE lighthearted than people paint them to be. There may be certain intensity about them - I feel like resting bitch face can very much be a Scorpio thing but, similarily to Aries (and they have some other things in common), once they smile, they show their sweet, softer side & you see their warm energy - reserved, yes, but still somewhat warm and shy. They probably won't open up themselves but will sure make you do that. I feel like that's something worth mentioning here, even tho I'm focusing on appearance here, but I'm just hella tired of Scorpio stereotypes of being mYstEriOuS aNd sExY.
They can give you a death stare tho lol. They have a piercing gaze. I always say that Scorpios look kind of like eagles - I call it the concerned look - the focus point on their face is between their eyes and on the nose, which, by the way, tends to be hooked, eagle-like as well. There's a tendency to frown - again, it's all about that focused look. Their appearance just usually looks striking. Whether it's extremely pale skin (or a lot lighter than their parents' because this can apply to black and brown people), lots of freckles, blemishes and birth marks (just like with Aries, their ruler Mars leaves scars), a bald head or big round eyes, intensely light or blue in shade - it's just striking. Such unique individuals. And they can be just as weird and experimental with their looks as an Aquarius.
Scorpio Sun: Tilda Swinton, Joaquin Phoenix | rising: Chester Bennington, Chris Evans | rising + Sun: Julia Michaels, Björk
Tumblr media
SAGITTARIUS: I feel like I should just give you the never-ending list of Sagittarius Suns & risings and that would explain itself. Sadges have playfulness, swag and sexiness all mixed together. They're just cool & chill and usually SO unbothered. Their sense of humor carries through their body language. Something that is distinguishable for a Sag is a jolly broad smile and a loud laugh. Being carefree and funny, not being afraid to make a dork out of themselves - hella attractive. Very clumsy tho. Legs for days. Glossy & dreamy doe-like eyes that can become lively and full of passion and excitement in a matter of seconds. Hair is prominent as well, just like with Leos, but more wild and harder to tame. Idk I feel like sometimes Sadges look like some mystical forest creatures or low-key mythical roman gods (I mean... I guess it's the centaur thing).
And yeah, our faces DO look like horses a bit, like, let's admit that. It's all about elongated, exaggerated (Jupiter) features: noses and chins can be a bit longer and more prominent/sharp; face that’s oblong; teeth that's a bit bigger; sometimes the root of their nose/glabella area can be a bit broader and flat, which is interesting, but I did notice that among many Sadges (including myself lol). Face features are overall softer & more round compared to other fire signs.
Sagittarius Sun: Britney Spears, Lucy Liu | rising: Brigitte Bardot | rising + Sun: Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, Jimi Hendrix
Tumblr media
A classic type of graceful beauty. I wouldn’t say they have distinguishable traits, their faces are usually just very balanced with nice cheekbones. It is often said that their skin looks somewhat dry and matte. Their facial features look sharper and more defined with age and it’s when their amazing bone structure really starts to pop. I think Cap risings in particular, especially in younger age, can experience a lot of insecurities and issues with self-acceptance, but honestly they age like a fine wine, such timeless & versatile beauty. I think there's a reason a lot of top models, old Hollywood starts or even a lot of iconic rock stars have strong Capricorn influence in their charts. There's something in those folks that makes them become sort of a blueprints of the ideal - and that expands beyond their looks of course, it's all about their legacy. It's probably thanks to a mix of Saturn, their cardinal nature and grounded earthy influence.
They have a style that’s either very comfort-driven and with an earthy natural touch (but less clean-cut than Virgo) or very modern yet still elegant. Serious look, there's something cold and sophisticated about them - like in a refined way. While Cancers are known for their baby faces, it’s said that Capricorns tend to look very mature from a young age - or rather, they carry themselves like that. 
Capricorn Sun: Jared Leto | rising: Sophia Loren, Zac Efron, Monica Bellucci, Lenny Kravitz | Sun + rising: Dave Grohl
Tumblr media
AQUARIUS: there is certain beauty in their quirkiness. Personality-wise, yes, but also appearance-wise. They are known for unconventional looks and somewhat disrupted proportions - something most would call a flaw but I love this about them. Flaws are cool and unique. Assymetrical face? Super cool. Lil crooked tooth or crooked nose bridge? Super cool. Eye color that is hard to define? Even more cool. Speaking of which, their eyes are the first thing you’ll notice about them, usually they’re crystal-like and sparkly or very striking in color. 
But despite their unusual nature, there's something classic about them as well - thanks to Saturn's influence. Their beauty is timeless, YET distinguishable. This may sound weird, but when I think of Aquarius, I think of faces that you can find on an ancient coin obverse: roman or more pointy noses; smaller, sometimes pushed-back chins (but with a defined jawline); high cheekbones but still softer and rounder features. Lips are usually smaller and thinner. But unlike the other Saturn-ruled sign, Capricorn, there's something dainty and elusive about them - since, obviously, unlike the former, they're an air sign. 
Fast-moving airy nature may make them more experimental with their appearance. They can easily tap into futuristic themes - they look great in neon blues, oranges, modern cuts and are great at bending gender norms when it comes to fashion. Interestingly, ethereal (air sign) or classic retro (Saturn) looks suit them really well too.
Aquarius Sun: Yoko Ono | rising: SZA, David Bowie, Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah, Henry Cavill
Tumblr media
PISCES: their soft gaze! And dewy skin! And pouty lips! They may look innocent but I think first and foremost, they kind of blend with whatever's around them... which also means that their features aren't as noticeable. They're like lil cameleons in that regard. They love nature and I feel like they like being in tune with that and it shows in their looks as well. So whatever flows for them and feels comfortable... Natural, effortless looks, minimal makeup. Or alternatively, as a mutable and watery (aka very changeable & adaptable sign), they like to play with different looks and become a character of themselves - it’s as if they treated themselves as a canvas for an art piece. 
Teeth are usually small and cute (I literally saw astrologers calling them fish teeth lol). Their smiles are genuine and shy, although they can be very smiley people and as jolly as a Sadge. Beautiful light or blue eyes are common among them. Their faces can be either a bit rounder and fleshy or a bit sharper but still with small, delicate features. Their heads are almost always in the clouds so they may look contemplative or even sad, deep in their thoughts, with their eyes staring into the distance. Overall, they may seem very ethereal. 
Pisces Sun: Kurt Cobain, Elizabeth Taylor, Lupita Nyong'o | rising: Bruno Mars, Billie Eilish, Gwyneth Paltrow
Tumblr media
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astral-lunatic · a month ago
astro observations
i love these posts, and, having few observations myself, i decided to do my own post! hopefully this won't be the last, but tbh i can never guess what my gemini stellium is gonna do next so 💀
Tumblr media
aries suns love electronic music. not that they don't like anything else, but any kind if electronic music is the best for them, they enjoy that energy a lot!
aquarius is deeply connected to music. i thought this was quite obvious but i've never seen in around here well, maybe that's why i haven't seen it lol . i've been noticing this a lot, there's almost no group i know that has no aquarius, which doesn't mean this limits to making music, because i'm also including dancing here, even just knowing about music.
there's a lot of aqua venus who are athletes. this is a new one, i realized this doing research and, tbh, i have no idea why it happens but there's that.
people with pisces placements are amazing lyricist (specially if in big three, mercury or a stellium). virgo and gemini have a big influence in writing in general, so musicians with said placements may have fun writing them, but not only i feel like water placements like composing a lot but pisces placements create super deep and meaningful lyrics.
capricorns share that golden quality that leos have. not a lot to add here, but i do want to say this is super personal (specially knowingly i have a cap moon); i told this to my mom (a leo rising) and she told me she sees capricorns as grey and blue.
leo placements have a tendency to wavy/curly hair. this is personal to the people i know who have leo placements, they all have curly hair
leos and capricorns exude boss energy. that's it, that's the tweet.
taurus mars/sun/venus makes you really pretty but at different levels. you'll see what i mean in a post soon.
aquarius venus people are beautiful, and, yet again, you'll see what i mean sooner than later, but i do want to add that if you're inexplicably attracted to someone (even though you probably shouldn't be), they most likely are an aqua venus, though they also could be scorpio venus.
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baddiedaddy7 · a month ago
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕙 ℍ𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖🛸💙
The Eleventh House is an interesting house. It indicates what type of friend you are, signs that you attract(that you’re probably better off friend zoning) or date a lot, cliques you may have been in/are in and even side jobs/interest/hobbies so let’s jump into it.
you’re the friend that stands up for friends, and probably ready on sight lmao. you will always be protective over your friends. might playfully insult your friends. may befriend boys more or ppl with masculine energy. may attract/date mars/aries placements a lot, but should probably just be friends. hobbies may be working out, watching sports, dancing etc. side jobs/interests may be a personal trainer,soldier,fire fighter, etc. Clique:Jocks/Athletes, Popular Kids, Troublemakers
friendships are stable. you’re a reliable friend. friends may be basic, or lazy. friends may have crackhead energy tho lol. may befriend girls more or ppl with feminine energy. you give good advice, and your friends know you’re always there. may attract/date taurus/venus placements a lot, but shouldn’t turn serious. hobbies may be netflix(my bsf has this placement, and they’re engaged😂),binge watching, cooking/baking, makeovers, relaxing(baths, candles, etc), singing, chilling w/pets and shopping. side jobs/interests may be architecture, MUA, real estate, singer, chief, etc Clique:Preppy/Basics,the Chill/Shy kids, or Normals
Gemini/Mercury 🌻
very social. friends can’t be boring/serious, gotta have the same humor. mood can be affected if your friends are in a bad mood. may gossip. most likely not good at keeping secrets lmao. may attract/date gemini/mercury placements a lot, better off as just friends. hobbies may consist of hanging out with friends, writing, watching yt, being on social media in general, going to parties, gossiping, and learning. Side jobs/interest may be journalism, teacher, designing, etc Cliques:Multiple/Floater,Intellectuals,Mean Girls
another placement that may befriend girls more or ppl with feminine energy. might have/be a family friend. has overprotective friends or they are overprotective of their friends. friends can be jealous tho, or even emotional messes. usually counts friends as family, and may value them as much. caring, and probably can be “maternal” towards their friends lmao. may attract/date cancer/moon placements a lot, but better off as friends. hobbies may be baking, babysitting, being surrounded by family, knitting, and watching emotional/drama movies/shows, maybe even history lol. side jobs/interests may be a babysitter, pediatrics, nurses/doctors, work from home, real estate, social worker, culinary arts, judge, etc Cliques:Emos, Preppy, Shy Kids, or Normal
the friend that likes to party. may show off or be shown off by friends. usually gives off good vibes/most ppl just wanna hangout with you. loves to socialize, might be extroverted. likes to introduce friends to other friends. might be a rlly supportive friend. might be friends with guys more than girls or ppl with masculine energy. may attract/date leo/sun placements a lot, but probably better off as just friends. hobbies may be partying, gossiping, being on social media, watching kids, etc. side jobs/interests may be acting, hair stylists, dancer, model, entertainer, host, cardio surgeon, etc
Clique:Popular, Preppy, maybe Athletics, Mean Girls
the friend that’s good at listening. can be unfriendly lol, or just reserved. wants the vest for their friends tho. the blunt friend 💯. does care abt their friends a lot. may also like to gossip lol. may attract/date virgo/mercury placements, but should just stay friends. hobbies may be reading, watching yt, learning, trying to improve health, gardening, chilling w/pets, cleaning/organizing, etc. side jobs/interests may be nursing, doctors, health in general, maid, janitor, vet, yoga instructor, etc. Cliques:Normals, Preppy/Basics, or Nerds
friends may like to gossip a lot, esp abt their crushes lol. charming, but may be fake or have fake friends. doesn’t like quarrels between friends, and probably prefer to make up fast than hold grudges. if their friends argue, these ppl are unbiased. may attract/date libra/venus placements a lot, but better off as friends. hobbies may deal with beauty(doing makeup just for fun, hair, shopping, etc),taking a nice bath, etc. side jobs/interests may be MUA, hair stylist, model, judge, selling art, lawyer, etc
Cliques:Popular Kids, Preppy/Basics, or maybe even Floaters
knows atleast a few secrets abt their friends. trustworthy friend. friends may be backstabbing or jealous so watch out(this honestly goes for all water signs in this house). private friend. loyal to friends. friends may be a bad influence or you just might be yourself😭. chill tbh. may attract scorpio/pluto placements, but probably shouldn’t have anything serious with these folks. hobbies may be observing, masturbating & sex in general, watching true crime, astrology, tarot, thinking of conspiracy theories, etc. side jobs/interests may be investigator/detective, sex therapist, paramedic, psychologist, etc. Cliques:Shy Kids, Normals, Goths, or Emo
the friend with crackhead energy. funny friend, and probably doesn’t take too many things seriously. can be reckless lol. straight to the point/blunt. never boring. may take you on a vacation with them. may attract/date sagittarius/jupiter placements a lot, but probably better off as just friends. hobbies might be hanging out, learning, learning abt other cultures/countries, giving out advice, comedies, etc. side jobs/interest may be travel agent, flight attendant, teacher, philosopher, pilot, etc.
Cliques:Class Clowns, Jocks maybe, Stoners, or Hippies
might be the dad friend lol. might be serious/not outgoing. standoffish. very loyal tho, and honest. great listener. wise friend. laidback. can be funny. protective of friends. friendships may last for years/since from childhood. may attract/date capricorn/saturn placements a lot, but probably better off as just friends. hobbies may be reading, making plans, spending time w/family, etc. side jobs/interests may be Architect, Engineer, Land Dealing, Dentist(capricorn does tule teeth lol), Construction Worker, etc.
Cliques:Band Kids, Normals, Shy Kids, or Nerds
the friend w/crackhead energy. always knows how to lighten up the mood lol. weird(but in a good way). unique, very fun to be around. observant. might be detached, atleast at first. open minded. understanding, esp when it comes to friends. friendly. might actually like to party lol. has friends from all walks of life, so some of there friends may no get along with one another. very chill. may attract/date aquarius/uranus placements a lot, but better off as friends. hobbies may be video games, being on the internet in general, socializing, activism, astrology, tarot, etc. sides jobs/interest may be acting, graphic designer, electrician, anything w/electronics, inventor, Astronomer, etc.
Cliques:Multiple/Floater, Nerds, Shy Kids, or Stoners.
very sweet, esp to friends. values friendship as much as romance, maybe even more. sensitive. makes sure nobody feels left out. attracts toxic friends/bad influences. forgiving. friends come to them to lean on/great listeners. naive. really chill. can also have crackhead energy tho lol. may attract neptune/pisces placements a lot, but are probably better off as just friends. hobbies may be daydreaming, sleeping, binge-watching, crying, giving advice,hanging out, drawing/painting, listening to music, singing, etc. side jobs may be acting, psychiatrist, doctor/nurse, musician, photographer, marine, etc Cliques:Artsy Kids, Shy Kids, Normals, Hippies or Stoners.
don’t take this post too seriously, and i hope you like it. i rlly love you guys, and have a good day today bad bishes⚡️💗
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findingmyselfatm · 23 days ago
Astro notes again (I feel inspired)
Disclaimer: I am no professional, so take this with a grain of salt. Also, if you see one of your observations mentioned or reworded here, don't be afraid to tell me, I'm not doing it with intent. I'll immediately change the post's content.
Pisces sun + Leo moon: you're all a bit artsy aren't y'all? All Leo moons I've met have liked art more than science. Combined with a Pisces sun...very artistic people! They see the beauty in many things and have a good eye for aesthetics! More likely to dress well too.
Aquarius sun + Pisces moon: one of the best people to confide in. Aquarius is a pretty objective sign by default, and tbh not as cold as everyone makes them out to be. With a Pisces moon, sheesh the loving side of them comes out more easily!
Aquarius sun + Capricorn mars: I am scared of you.
Bonus points if you have an Aquarius/Capciorn mercury
Okay so ant other Libra placements absolutely loving candles?
"Behind every great girl-boss" a Virgo/Capricorn venus "There's a very supportive man-wife" a Cancer/Taurus venus. Smh if they love you, they're the most supportive people ever, not only physically, but emotionally as well :) Meanwhile Virgo and Capricorn, very supportive as well, don't get me wrong, but I feel like they're more the type to push you to become the best version of yourself. If I see a couple with either of these venus sign combos I immediately go "goals"
Maybe it's my Taurus IC, but I said it once (a couple of times-) and I'll say it again: Taurus placements (especially sun) have my heart.
Btw, mercury risings (virgo&gemini) and their beauty 😤. I have a gemini rising friend: best sense of style I'm out. Both of em have a very, how can I put this, a very intriguing, playful energy. Like their mind is always running.
Sagittarius moons have wavy hair I noticed? Capricorn moons too!
If you have Gemini saturn, your mind is probably quite unique! I haven't encountered much of this placement, but the few ones I talked to are so so smart for real-
Quick question for my moon in the 12th people: are you healed or are you just repressing your feelings subconsciously again? It's important to know the difference
If you have Jupiter in Aries, I feel like you'd benefit a whole lot from exercising, even a little. I noticed taking care of their body improves their mood SO MUCH
Taurus sun + Aries mercury: your way of talking is very grounded, but also stubborn. All is chill until you are asked to change your opinion lmao- but I love talking with y'all. So straight-forward, and usually very honest
I feel like Chiron-Jupiter aspects, Jupiter in the 1st and 12th house have the craziest stories about luck in their lives
Random thought that might not resonate with everyone: Sagittarius North node is meant to embody the energy of the "jack of all trades" I really associate Sagittarius with movement, travel and learning. They're a mutable sign, and most importantly, a fire sign. I'm feeling like Sagittarius north node people are also meant to expand multiple aspects of themselves, not let themselves get stuck on one point of their lives.
Do virgo/6th house placements love sudoku?
Juno-north node aspects probably feel a very powerful connection towards soulmates on this life time
Dear Aquarius risings: it's not lame or arrogant to embrace your weird side. I have an Aquarius rising myself, along with a good friend of mine, and sheesh don't we both shy away from showing our quirks. Of course, you don't have to force yourself, but don't ever feel ashamed for not going along with the crowd.
And done! This was kind of short, but I hope you enjoyed. Feedback is welcomed!
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saintzjenx · a month ago
Have you ever heard of the Joys in Hellenistic Astrology? Can you explain please Jenx?😭💛
Hi gorgeous,
Ofcourse<3 I'll be more than happy to explain to you about the Joys, these informations are based off my own study along with the amazing work fron astrologers Chris Brennan! Do check out his book if you are interested in Hellenistic Astro love🤍
the Joys in Hellenistic Astrology
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Between the first and seventh centuries BCE, astrological literature published in the Mediterranean region often allude to a method for connecting each of the seven classical planets with one of the twelve "houses" or "places." Each planet's connected home was supposed to be the area where it "rejoiced" or enjoyed its "joys." These assignments as the planetary joys system according to Chris Brennan along with other astrologers.
According to most authors, the joys of the planets are as follows:
• The Sun has its joy in the 9th house.
• The Moon has its joy in the 3rd house. • Jupiter has its joy in the 11th house.
• Venus has its joy in the 5th house.
• Mars has its joy in the 6th house.
• Saturn has its joy in the 12th house.
• Mercury has its joy in the 1st house.
The joys appear to have served as the foundation for a convention in which some of the houses were given names. Instead of referring to these houses by their number in relation to the ascending sign (e.g.,ie: "5th house"), they were occasionally referred to by a particular name. In Hellenistic tradition, the popular names for the houses connected with the Joys are as follows:
• The 9th house is referred to as the “place of God” or simply “God” (Theos).
• The 3rd house is referred to as “Goddess” (Thea).
• The 11th house is called “Good Spirit” (agathos daimōn).
• The 5th house is called “Good Fortune” (agathē tuchē).
• The 6th house is called “Bad Fortune” (kakē tuchē).
• The 12th house is called “Bad Spirit” (kakos daimōn).
• The 1st house is called the “Helm” (oiax), as in the helm of a ship.
The other houses were occasionally given names as well, however they are not directly linked to the Joys because no planets rejoice in them:
• The 2nd house is referred to as the “Gate of Hades” (Haidou pulē).
• The 8th house is referred to as the “Idle” place (argos).
• The 10th house is referred to as the “Midheaven” (mesouranēma).
• The 7th house is referred to as the “setting” place (dusis).
• The 4th house is referred to as the “subterraneous” place (hupogeion).
The names of the tenth, seventh, and fourth houses are merely descriptive of their astronomical position. The names of some of the other houses, on the other hand, do not appear to be astronomical in character, but rather appear to be linked with the planet that is believed to have its joy in each of those houses. The 9th house, for example, is considered to be the home of God, while the 9th is said to be the house of the Sun's joy. Opposite that is the 3rd house, which is known as the Goddess house, and this is the home where the Moon finds delight. Venus and Jupiter, the two benefic planets, are linked with the two fortunate houses, the house of Good Fortune and the house of Good Spirit, respectively. Mars and Saturn, on the other hand, are connected with the two malevolent planets, which are the houses of “Bad Fortune” and “Bad Spirit,” correspondingly. This strong similarity between the meanings of some house names and the astrological meanings of planets that have their pleasures in the same locations appears to indicate a link between the two ideas.
This link is supported by the 4th century astrologer Firmicus Maternus, who writes in the introductory material to his Mathesis that the 5th house is known as the "Good Fortune Home" since it is the house of Venus. Similarly, he claims that the sixth house is known as Bad Fortune “...because it is the house of Mars.” Later in the same century, the astrologer Paulus Alexandrinus referred to the third house as the "house of the Moon," the fifth as the "house of Venus," the sixth as the "house of Mars," and so on. The connection between the joys and the names of the houses is important because it provides us with a crucial piece of information when trying to date the joys and determine how widespread their usage was in Hellenistic astrology.
In order to do this we will assume that anytime the names of the houses are mentioned that the doctrine of the joys is implicitly referenced as well, since the two concepts appear to be intertwined. The pleasures occur quite early in the Hellenistic astrological tradition that has survived. The first datable allusions are found in the works of Thrasyllus and Manilius, two contemporaries who published their works in the first few decades of the first century CE. Following Thrasyllus, virtually every Hellenistic astrologer whose work has survived addressed the joys in some way, either explicitly or indirectly by evoking the names of the houses connected with the joys.
Manilius, on the other hand, is the sole ancient source who detailed an alternate system for the joys, in which Venus rejoices in the 10th rather than the 5th, and Saturn in the 4th rather than the 12th. 11 Unfortunately, because Manilius' text is the sole one with this different pattern, it is uncertain whether his arrangement represents a real variant tradition, an error in textual transmission, or his own unique addition. Various academics have presented arguments for and against accepting Manilius' variation as valid during the last two decades. 
This is just a simplify idea of the Joys, there are so much to it and for this I highly recommend you to check out the hook!! I hope this helps you baddie<3
saint jenx🪐
sources: one two three
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artsandthe-craft · 22 days ago
Astrological sun sign observations based on people I know:
Aries: Usually the ones who are skeptical about astrology or spirituality in general. Tend to be practical and straight forward in style and tastes. Low tolerance for bullying and good at keeping up with fashion trends.
Taurus: Insecure about weird things. If you leave them alone for too long they create masterpieces. Great for one on one philosophical conversations. Usually blunt introverts that get adopted by blunt extroverts.
Gemini: The blunt extrovert. They tend to cultivate a bad reputation with people that don’t know them well, and great reputation with close friends and relatives. Really fun to be around. Into weird art and have very distinct laughs.
Cancer: Yes, they are the mom/dad/grandparent friend. Great at giving gifts. Conservative at heart and very concerned about friends who make bad choices. Instant mood swings but don’t hold grudges.
Leo: Opinionated, self confident, and into politics. Really good at starting controversial topics without making people hate them. Often include people who would have otherwise been left out. Loyal, but hot tempered.
Virgo: Perfect on the outside, turmoil on the inside. They are good at remembering small details about people which makes them very like able. Dark sense of humour, get along well with the elderly.
Libra: People pleasing and dramatic. Gets labeled as the “hoe friend” regardless of sexual experience or activities. Blend in with most groups but awkward in front of authority. Obsessed with astrology.
Scorpio: Friends with everyone, likes no one. Lots of different hobbies or hyper fixations. Loves to cook for other people and show you podcasts. Also has mood swings but good with apologies.
Sagittarius: Stoic but friendly. Like to pretend they don’t love being in charge. They like dark music or metal and wear a lot of black. Obsessed with Dr. Pepper.
Capricorn: Focused and hard working but they have the most hilarious sense of humour. Will usually bond with one particular teacher and become the favorite.
Aquarius: Really niche tastes and very moody. Always have the best memes and are really good at video games. Really casual in their relationships and weirdly good at decorating.
Pisces: Extremely emotionally affectionate with friends. Always seems like they are on another plane of existence. Insecure in their friendships but very secure in their spiritual beliefs. Really great writers.
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eclecticqueer · a month ago
Sun Overlays in Synastry
What house does your Sun land in their chart?
What house does their Sun land in your chart?
Sun in 1H:
The Sun is appreciated and supported in the 1H, it expresses itself freely and without judgement
This is likely a very physical relationship, instant attraction and fast beginnings are possible
Sun in 2H:
The 2H wants to provide for the sun and support their foundations, while the Sun's expression aligns well with the 2H's values
This couple could likely make a lot of money together in order to indulge in their creature comforts and maintain that lifestyle
Sun in 3H:
The Sun finds the 3H familiar and easy to be around, they likely flow well together and had similar childhood themes
These two stimulate each others minds and perspective, they could likely have/work with children or early development
Sun in 4H:
The 4H compliments the Sun with their nurturing energies, these two can balance the ego/intuition well, they may feel like each other's "other half"
This can be a very family oriented couple, perhaps they would like to build something together, they could resemble each other's parental-figures
Sun in 5H:
This is the natural place of the Sun, in the 5H their expression of self is protected and embraced
This couple likely enjoys each others physical and emotional company, they find each other stimulating and comfortable to be around
Sun in 6H:
The 6H gives a place of structure and guidance to the expression of the Sun, this may feel restricting but it's usually built in good intentions
This couple is likely kind and productive together, their feelings are genuine, though they should be mindful of excessive worrying/over bearing towards their partner
Sun in 7H:
This placement has the potential to be a very happy one, these two are likely very attracted to each other and feel comfortable in their presence
The Sun feels understood by the 7H's efforts for balance, though the Sun should stay mindful to not overshadow the 7H's wants/needs
Sun in 8H:
The 8H is attracted to the Sun in this placement for their ability to think deep and withstand emotional intensity
These two are likely very physically/mentally attracted to each other, perhaps they hold some sort of intuitional bond
They should stay mindful of losing themselves in the relationship and using the intense company of each other to escape hard thoughts/feelings
Sun in 9H:
This placement has potential to be very fun and enlightening, both identities are embraced and supported
These two likely share similar values/beliefs, they pursue the same routes towards fulfillment, perhaps they're very similar though different at their cores
Sun in 10H:
In the 10H, the Sun is given social restrictions and consequences, this can be either limiting or a learning experience for the Sun
If under developed, the 10H can attempt to place restraint onto the Sun's natural expression, this relationship should stay mindful of superficiality
When well developed, the Sun can learn these traits slowly from the 10H, in a nurturing and understanding way
Sun in 11H:
The Sun placed in the 11H can make for a very friendly and stimulating relationship, these two genuine feel for each other and wish to explore them
The 11H welcomes the Sun and gives them a place to express themselves, the Sun is attracted of the 11H's open mind and diverse knowledge
Sun in 12H:
The 12H is the deepest part of the soul, the Sun's expression can either illuminate this or get lost within it
This couple likely has an intuitional/psychic bond, the 12H gives the Sun an opportunity to integrate their dark thoughts/feeling, though this could result in overwhelm and anxiety
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da-babyface · a month ago
astro observations pt.2
thank you all sm for the love on my first obsv post!! let’s dive into the next one, round two, here we go! same rules apply! please keep in mind that every aspect, degree, house, and sign placement is unique and even though you may have the same, it still may not apply. take what resonates and leave what doesn’t ❤️‍🔥 the red theme isn’t intentional i’m just really feeling the color rn
❤️‍🔥 tw: mentions of sex, bullying, depression, & body dysmorphia ❤️‍🔥
also 18+ for this one bc spicy cursing 🥴
Tumblr media
❤️‍🔥 mercury in 11th are the top tier peacekeepers! they always know what to say, how to say it, and when. they can talk to anyone about p much anything and usually have soft voices esp if it is in libra or pisces!
❤️‍🔥 hot take but cap moons are literal babies dressed in well tailored suits. no shade to them at all bc i’m just as much of a baby sometimes but i see straight through that wall they put up. i had a friend with a cap sun and moon and it was like she knew i knew how much she was feeling. she cried around me very often and liked expressing her stress and frustration through it! if anyone, i was the emotionless one in the friendship, and i think i only let her see me cry once after knowing her for a year
❤️‍🔥 imo water and air moons clash way harder than water and fire moons. the way air moons analyze and compartmentalize how they feel can be difficult for a water moon to relate to. their usual natural reaction is to comfort, which is not always what an air moon wants, but fire moons love that shit. *cough* aries moons *cough*
❤️‍🔥 leo ascendants command attention without them even having to try. they just walk in and people have to take a second look! they posses this air of confidence that is so captivating and at times enviable. ily hotties, y’all bad asf 💋
❤️‍🔥 it’s really true that someone’s pluto falling in your 8th house can make you envy them to the point of your own destruction. an old friend of mine had her pluto in 1st in my 8th and sweet baby jesus what a toxic friendship that was! everything that pluto embodied i felt hidden within me while she had it on display, front and center, and it made me so jealous. i’d always wanted to be seen in the way that people saw her and her energy was so powerful and alluring, that when we were out together people barely even acknowledged me! after a while, i began to resent her so badly that i was just waiting for her to fuck up so i could cut her off. eventually, she did, and i did just that; but i can’t help but kick myself for even staying in a friendship that deep down, was never a friendship to begin with (on my end) 😕
❤️‍🔥 mars in 1st are such blunt and boisterous people, usually not in a bad way, they just don’t see the point in beating around the bush. they will not make themselves feel small for any reason and it doesn’t matter what their big 3 is, mars is at home in the 1st, and he will take control. they have a laughter that is loud and joyful with very lively and energetic spirits! however, their aggressive side is extremely powerful and not to be provoked
❤️‍🔥 taurus suns are the most fun earth sign, and as a virgo i hate to admit it, but it’s true! they really know how to enjoy the moment when necessary and highly value a good time. the type to have a company meeting at 6pm and leave for a party straight after😂 and they def had their outfit on under their work clothes
❤️‍🔥 aquarius/11th placement natives are so friendly!!! not at all like they are so stereotypically painted out to be. many of them possess so much warmth and love for other people and are truly some of the best friends you can have! they’re the ones to remember tiny details about you or to surprise you with something you’d been keeping an eye on. very conscientious natives with large hearts (and by conscientious i mean in the areas of activism or politics)
❤️‍🔥 if being pursued is something that you want, do not expect a libra mars to do it! they most likely will not take action because they can feel restricted in this area. if they do, it was after hours of contemplation and weighing pros and cons. once they’re committed though, they are very romantic and intentional
Tumblr media
❤️‍🔥 this is only a theory! but! something i’ve noticed with scorpio ascendants is that they can be keen on giving people nicknames that stick forever (good or bad). with their 3rd house usually falling into the sign of aquarius or capricorn, the names they call people can be very original and also hilarious! an old scorpio asc friend of mine used to call this girl in our class by a nickname that stuck throughout our entire high school career 💀 i felt kinda bad for the girl even though she wasn’t the greatest
❤️‍🔥 sagittarius venus/venus in 9th natives take a lot of interest in people who appear to be very well-rounded and educated! they usually prefer to associate with those who have a thirst for knowledge like they do to bounce philosophical facts off of. also there’s a good chance they are multi-lingual and/or are wanting to learn a new language
❤️‍🔥 to piggyback off the last tid bit, sagittarius placements/degrees in general can indicate an interest or natural ability to learn languages! sagittarius is associated with the expansion of knowledge and love for culture so it is very likely that a person with a sag placement will be interested in these things. my mom has sag mars in 1st, is fluent in spanish and sign language and she goes on multiple trips every year!
❤️‍🔥 gemini with pisces placements (esp sun/moon/asc/merc) can make someone very emotionally and mentally erratic. like they are a walking contradiction 24/7! prominent earth placements can add some stability but that sporadic energy is still felt regardless. they also might have a lot of trouble going to sleep and/or staying asleep
❤️‍🔥 i’ve been seeing many people mention that virgos/virgo placements have a thing for making people feel horrible about their appearances and as a virgo raised by a virgo i have to chime in. it’s true. it’s sooo fuckin true it hurts. i even recognized that the way my mother would judge what people wore or how they looked was starting to bleed into my way of viewing the world. not only that, but i can’t remember a single day when she didn’t make a comment on what i looked like- and i mean every day. some were better than others, but it was extremely difficult hearing my mom say these things to me, especially when she thought she was being helpful. as a self-conscious, self-restricted, and insecure saturn in 1st baby trying to grow up, the things she said heavily contributed to my depression and body dysmorphia. it’s a daily battle but being aware and correcting the judgements i make of myself and others, and staying consciously open-minded, has helped A TON. virgos can be cut throat and their tongues are sharp as knives. there are ones that use those tongues for good and others for bad, and sometimes their intention is good, but the delivery can be severe in the most subtle of ways. but virgos are not the only ones who will tear your confidence to shreds! my libra sun granny is the most judgmental yet the least judgmental person i’ve ever known and it’s so infuriating??? (she deserves her own post tbh) also i had a cancer friend who’d literally never let me have a moment of peace if i wore something around her that she didn’t like, but she was just toxic as a whole 🤣 but yeah that’s my two cents, there are a lot of virgo placement people who are so terribly judgmental but there are plenty of gems out there who are working on their shit or have gotten it together! but psa, and i don’t care what your sun sign is, you never have the right to make someone else feel like shit for the way they look. and if you feel as though you do, there is a very special circle in hell for you ol’ buddy xoxo
Tumblr media
~ i hope you all enjoyed this post, and once again if something resonates, please share! have a lovely day besties 💋
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saintzjenx · a month ago
hello! This is just for fun but what about placements that want intimacy but are afraid of it? Thank you!
Ooh this is interesting to think about! 🥳
Hmm people would normally think of air/earth placements first but I think it's actually fire and water placements? I'll brush through all of them and elaborate on everything🤎
Personally, I think Sagittarius placements in particular can be extremely stubborn when it comes to "giving in". Being a fire sign, they have plenty of fire within them yet being a mutable sign, they find it very hard to genuinely be pinned down. Their emotions can be extremely variable and very fast-moving. Sagittarius Moon can feel SO MUCH but can switch their "attention" just as fast. It's not that they're not stable, it's more like they crave it yet the idea of having that fire CONSTANTLY burning can be very very scary. A relationship with loads of fun and stimulation will be good for them. I think Sag placements generally crave intimacy a lot, but they're very selective with it. And they have this mindset where "Oh as long as I'm good with A, then its good. I don't care abt what others think tbh"? Haha especially Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising. Aries can sometimes be like that but its more about how they know they can give A LOT into relationships with people, therefore they play it off playfully. As for Leo placements they take it very seriously though. Leo placements seem like playful dramatic people but they lowkey hates too much inconsistency in relationships. And I don't think Leo & Aries placements fear intimacy the way Sagittarius placements fear it. Sagittarius placements will literally RUN away the second they feel something. They don't know how to process it and especially if they have no water influence or earth influence in their chart, they won't know how to ground these raging emotions.
As for Water placements, its very different. Cancer placements don't crave intimacy, they need it, but they need it from a number of people only rather than needing everyone's attention. Cancer are usually very protective of their feelings too so it makes sense that they fear intimacy. Because the idea of showing what's underneath it all, underneath their tough shell, is not only terrifying but traumatizing. Cancer placements usually grew to become this way actually. As a child they were more open to intimacy in my opinions. They also are terrified of their emotions being weaponized against them, this is so similar to the Sag placements' dynamic. Pisces generally are more perceptive and open to their emotions more than the other 2, Scorpio & Cancer. Especially if the Pisces placements are combined with some good Air or Fire, they are very fearless and will go to great length to achieve what they want. Scorpio placements are just.. Scorpio haha. They're not stupid. They're calculated and can be so similar to Aquarius placements when you rly think about it. Feels everything yet barely shows anything. Scorpio Moon, Rising and Mars often do this more than other placements.
As for others, I think most earth placements are like that. Everyone of us has a natural fear of intimacy, because we know it will strip us down and we'll feel so naked and raw infront of others. Earth placements and Air placements HATE vulnerability. Air placements will make light of it by cracking a joke or two, but Earth placements, if not communicating well with their person, will simply leave or their feelings would stay hidden for years. They both don't want to look "stupid" because the situations sometimes don't make sense and theres "no point". Their logic is their greatest weapons yet can sometimes be their downfall. But I guarantee you, once you genuinely open these people up, they'll stay with you til the end of days.
I hope this helps baby;)Here are some of my thoughts🤎
saint jenx🪐
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