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bajablastwrites · a day ago
Haha. Very funny.
Saiki x reader
Readers gender isn’t specified
Saiki’s powers always have some sort of disadvantage and he just found a new one using clairvoyance or so he says. —————————————————————————————
sometimes you laugh at saiki. But it’s for a good reason. A very good reason let me tell you— it’s not mean I swear! But since you’re dating the man you know about his powers and it explains why he would cross his eyes at random moments or just do weird shit sometimes (sometimes cuz he’s weird in general but that’s ok because we love him anyways). So you got to see him use his clairvoyance from up close. And then you laughed at him.
It’s just one of those things you like to tease Kusuo about, there’s no malicious intent when you giggle at him using his powers. When you first laughed he was so confused trying to figure out what was so funny, until he realized you were laughing at him using his clairvoyance.
“What are you laughing at?” “I’m sorry it’s just that you look so funny using clairvoyance.” “…how? I’m just crossing my eyes- ok I see the problem now, but it’s not even that funny, I just look weird.” “Which is why it’s funny, Ku!” “It really isn’t.” “I still think you look super cute either way!”“You’re such a pain, you know that.” “And you’re even worse, but I still love you!”
It’s just funny watching someone as stoic as Kusuo cross his eyes and watching him react to whatever he sees from a third person’s point of view. It’s funny but cute, I mean look at him! Sometimes you smooch his cheek when he’s using clairvoyance and it throws him off because he was so focused at whatever he was looking at.
Another thing is that your thoughts about him distract him. You think he’s cute, handsome and all those wonderful names in the book, and he just can’t focus when you think such nice and wholesome things about him. Stop being nice to your emotionally constipated boyfriend >:(! (Don’t stop. Never stop) Can’t you see he’s in the middle of spying on his friends!
At this point he just pulls you to his lap and holds you while he does his thing. He’ll tell you what he sees and narrates what’s going on as a way to include you in his spying— I mean monitoring. Sometimes he’ll just randomly teleport into your room just to tell you about what he sees using clairvoyance. As you place kisses on his face.
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stannienight · 6 months ago
omg okay so, saiki with a crush whos vvv chill like almost to the point where it’s concerning.
swear they could just have a near death experience and be like “oh well. at least i’m still alive🤷‍♀️”
HELLOOO I LOVE THIS ASK SM!!! let’s go (sorry i’m soo late :(()
saiki x apathetic!reader (?)
- the first time saiki meets you he’s very taken aback
- your brain is just a constant of “eh. that’s cool i guess” for EVERYTHING
- you’re as apathetic as he is and he feels so... understood
- your thought process is the same as his except you don’t even have powers so he lowkey admires how unconcerned you are
- countless times a day he is star-struck just by how little you care
- your brain: “oh it’s raining and i don’t have an umbrella... whatever it’s just water i guess” “teruhashi’s dating someone? cool” “that super popular boy in a2 likes me? eh ok” saiki: marry me
- you also get caught up in his gang somehow (the bonding power of nendo) and your reaction to everything is the same as his
- kaidou: *goes on and about the dark reunion* everyone: *makes fun of him* you: does it matter lol you do you kaidou 
- while you may seem emotionless, you do let some parts of yourself slip when needed, like when you find chiyo crying over a boy and you resignedly buy her a cupcake to cheer her up, or when you give your lunch to mera when you see she doesn’t have any
- perfect. you are the perfect balance. saiki is definitely in love
- you give 0 shits about appearances or love lives, yet you try to compliment as many people as possible and reject confessions kindly
- one time you were walking on the pavement and a car nearly ran you over but saiki delayed your movement just by a second
- saiki: wtf are they doing they just almost died you: wo. that was fast. anyways saiki: ???
- he’s a little concerned for your safety so he tends to hang around you more (that’s definitely the only reason)
that’s all! i enjoyed imagining this a lot (though i wish i could’ve written more *sigh) so thank you for your ask <333
send me asks for hcs, oneshots, or anything in general, even if it’s unrelated to anime or writing!! saiki k and haikyu for requests but maybe go through my profile before requesting for haikyu <3
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horrorhot-line · 11 months ago
(v.) subdue or silence (someone).
➵ pairing: saiki kusuo/reader
➵ word count: 3k
➵ genre: smut, nsfw
➵ warnings: over stimulation, penetrative sex, edging, biting, lap sex, desk sex, unprotected sex.
➵ summary: You head to Saiki’s dorm room after you complete an assignment, thing start to get heated very easily.
➵ masterlist  (requests are open)
➵ previous post - lethargy
Tumblr media
important: let’s establish that saiki is indeed asexual. i did a lot of research before deciding to write nsfw for saiki because of this. asexuality is a spectrum and every asexual person is different. i feel saiki would be intimate with someone he was in a relationship with for multiple reasons. one, because i feel he would only be attracted to someone in that sense if he couldn’t use his x-ray on them. two, because he knows that intimacy plays a big role in relationships and three, he would only be willing if he had a very strong bond with the person he was going to be intimate with. just letting you know.
notes: i apologise for the long hiatus i’ve been on. the gif in this post is not mine. you can find the original here,  it was made by @bishonenlover​. this post was requested by anon, here. i know a lot of you have been looking forward to this one, so i hope you enjoy!
➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵       ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵
Leaning back in your seat, you groaned as you stretched your arms up towards the ceiling until you heard satisfying cracks. Your hands rubbed at the sides of your neck as you tried to ease the ache you felt bubbling under your skin. The chair you sat on in front of your desk creaked beneath your weight as you slumped back onto it.
The sense of gratification you got after you submitted your assignment before the midnight deadline consumed you, bringing a small smile to your face. A job well done called for a celebration, no? Your right hand reached out to pick up the mug on the surface of the desk, and you brought it to your lips to take a sip of coffee, grimacing when you realised it was cold.
Turning down the brightness of your laptop, you picked up your phone to go through your notifications. After finding nothing interesting to do on the device, you again checked the time at the top of your device. Despite it being the late afternoon, the sky outside had gotten darker. The sun had begun to set an hour ago.
Would it be a good idea to head to the store to grab some snacks? Your university dormitory was located in an area where there were multiple supermarkets close. Contemplating your choices, you decided you would pop into Saiki's room to check in with him before leaving campus grounds. He wouldn't mind, would he? Who were you kidding? Of course, he wouldn't.
As you stood up from your seat, you groaned. In pain or relief, you had no idea. Sitting in the same place for hours was painful. You grabbed a jacket off of the coat hanger on your door. Shrugging it on, you walked over to the full-size mirror on the wall in your room to give yourself a once over. After concluding that the sweatpants and baggy top you had on would suffice, you headed over to the doormat.
Slipping your feet into some sliders after grabbing your key card, you left the room. Even though you were fully clothed, the air in the hallway was much colder, causing you to shiver slightly as you made your way through the building to Saiki's room on the floor below yours.
Once you made it to your destination, you stood outside the door before lifting your fist to knock on Saiki's door. A few seconds passed in silence until you heard a faint click. You pulled down the door handle softly and entered the room to find your boyfriend sitting in front of his laptop. Was he working on something? He had opened the door with pyrokinesis, hadn't he? It didn't look like he had gotten up from his chair.
"I'm studying for the upcoming exams." Of course he was. How could you forget? It was exam season, after all. Working tirelessly to keep your grades from slipping had taken everything out of you. You were sure you only had a few functioning brain cells left. You walked further into the room, already familiar with the layout from having visited the place so many times.
Dropping yourself on Saiki's comfortable bed, the mattress dipped under your weight. The sound of him typing away at his keyboard was the only thing that filled the silence. "Can I stay here?" You knew his answer would most likely be that along the lines of yes, but you wanted to be sure anyway. The last thing you wanted to do was hinder his progress if he was in the 'zone'.
Saiki halted, his hands hovered over his laptop, the typing stopped. "Why would you need to ask? ...Stay as long as you like." The grin that spread across your face was a big one, causing crinkles in the corner of your eyes. God, you loved this man. With your soul, heart, with your all.
You sprawl yourself across his sheets, laying on your back as you decided to scroll through your phone. Saiki's choice of design for his room was minimal. A bookshelf, a desk, a bed, a rack of his clothes and little to no mess. It suited him. You gazed up at the ceiling before looking at Saiki. He was upside down at that angle, and you turned to lay flat on your stomach when your eyes began to strain to stare at him.
"Have you done all your work?" You perk up when Saiki speaks first, breaking the silence. Watching the back of his head, you replied, "I finished it just before I came here." He hummed, his face still facing forward. "You wanted to go to the supermarket, didn't you?" Sometimes you completely glazed over the fact that he had telepathy.
"You read my mind-" No pun intended, "-I'm just waiting for you to finish." Gesturing with your hand at the computer, you dropped it when you realised that no, Saiki did not have eyes in the back of his head, so he would not see what you were signalling at. Was it bad that you wanted his attention? He was working on his assignments, though...
There was no harm in at least asking, right? "...Can I sit on your lap?" The question came out hesitant, something you weren't proud of. Saiki was your boyfriend of 3 years, after all. You should be more confident. Saiki turned his head to the left, staring at you over his shoulder.
A moment of silence passed before he turned back to his laptop. You were sure he was going to refuse, until he placed his hands on the edge of his desk to push his chair back. The sound of wheels sliding across the smooth wooden floor filled the room. He turned to face you on the chair, and you watched him curiously.
You had to bite down on your lip to hold back your smile when Saiki patted softly at his thighs, beckoning you to come to him. A clear invitation, one you took up without a second thought. You slipped off the bed, standing to walk over to him.
You came to a halt in front of his desk, your back facing his laptop. You thanked the lucky stars that his chair didn't have any armrests- that would feel painful. It was the default chair the dorm provided, he was still waiting on the one he ordered to come through.
You carefully took a seat on top of him, placing your hand on his shoulder for support. Saiki's palms found purchase on your hips, a feeling you wouldn't admit out loud, still gave you butterflies. You hoped the little sigh of content that left your lips went unnoticed by Saiki. It obviously didn't, but you were grateful he didn't mention it. Saiki only gave you a look before he returned to his work once you settled on his lap.
You wrapped your arms around his neck as you blankly stared at the door of his room. Every time you were near Saiki, your mind would, without fail, go blank. The sound of him typing away didn't even register in your mind. How could it? The only thing you could focus on was his body warmth.
Saiki was yours, after years of pining for him, the two of you ended up together. Though he wasn't the easiest to understand because- let's be honest- the guy was an enigma, you two made it work. Lost in your thoughts, you absentmindedly ran your hands through Saiki's hair.
Despite looking spiky, his hair was soft to the touch. You often wondered what conditioner he used. Tresemme? Loriel? He should think of being a model for a shampoo company.
Fidgeting every now and then, you squirmed on top of Saiki as a means of getting comfortable. How peaceful. It was the quiet moments like these that you enjoyed thoroughly. And then... well, you made the mistake of letting your mind wander. Into the gutter that is.
Saiki didn't mind intimacy, but he was hesitant at first. Vanilla in every sense of the word, and you accommodated. Never pushing him to do something he didn't want to. When he got more comfortable with the idea, you told him about the things you were into, and then it was him who decided to adjust to your needs.
At some point in your relationship, you were sure he started to experiment and enjoy, but if you asked, he would deny it. Though he didn't look it- Saiki was a dom, hands down, and nothing could convince you otherwise. He'd always get this look in his eye, and you swore that they would darken in colour when you submitted to him.
Lost in thought, you didn't notice that Saiki had stopped typing, listening in on your not so PG thoughts. You only snapped out of it when you felt him touch your leg. He moved his hand up further, resting his fingers on your inner thigh, causing you to suck in a breath. You internally cursed. He had to have noticed your sharp intake. Saiki was observant, a fact that was undisputed. Still, you were hoping he hadn't picked up on the effect he was having on you.
"You're horny."
His bluntness practically knocked the air out of you, leaving you speechless. What were you even supposed to say? You were in a real bind. "You're wet." Your arms tightened slightly around his shoulders and you were tempted to bury your face further into his neck.
"What- that's not-" You were tripping over your words at that point. Saiki cut you off, "You wouldn't mind if I checked for myself then, would you?" You couldn't even protest, you had landed yourself in this situation after all. You and your dirty mind. You leaned back slightly to allow his hand to reach in between your bodies, he didn't even need to tell you to move.
While one hand reached past the waistband of your sweatpants, the other crept under your sweatshirt to trace lines on your back. You were hyperaware of how close he was to where you wanted him to touch but he teased you instead. Tracing circles an inch above your clit before reaching down to check how turned on you were.
There was a pause as Saiki looked into your eyes, and you shyed away from his gaze before he rubbed his thumb into you. You breathed in sharply, cursing under your breath because, fuck, you were sensitive. Saiki pulled his hand from your underwear and spread his fingers to show you how turned on you really were. He raised an eyebrow, "I've barely touched you." He put his fingers in your mouth and you sucked without being asked to.
"What now, Y/n?" You're embarrassed, no matter how many times you've asked for sex, being put in this position by Saiki was not helping. It took a while for you to spit it out. "...I want you." And that was all the confirmation he needed. You didn't want any foreplay, you didn't want him to use his hands, because you knew unless he was inside you, you wouldn't be satisfied. You were turned on enough as it was.
Saiki pulled out his dick from his boxers and to no one's surprise he was hard already. He lifted himself up slightly off the chair to pull his pants down which lead you to get off of him so he could move more easily, and when his jeans bunched around his ankles you moved to sit on him again, your own pants discarded on the floor. Your mind clouded by desire and lust, you didn't waste a moment.
You rubbed his dick against your pussy, making sure to lube him up. Lowering yourself onto his cock, you raised yourself up and then went down, repeating the motion because you couldn't take him in one go even if you wanted to. One of your hands tightened its grip on his shoulders while the other lead Saiki's hand to your hip. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." When you finally made it all the way down, that delicious burn you always felt in your gut was there.
"Stay quiet. The walls are paper thin and I don't want my flatmates getting the wrong idea." Saiki whispers, one hand on your hip and the other wrapped around your throat to make sure you knew he was serious. It took all of your willpower to hold in all the noise you so desperately wanted to make.
The sound and smell of sex filled the room, and you let out whimpers of utter bliss because fuuuuck it felt so good. Biting down on your lip, you threw your head back when he hit a spot inside you that had you seeing stars. Your slick covered your thighs as well as his and no doubt his chair too.
You rode his dick, chasing your own high because damn you'd missed the feeling of having him so deep inside you. Your legs started to burn from the motions and Saiki took that as his sign to take lead. His arms wrapped around you, and you sat still on his lap.
There was a momentary pause before he started to fuck into you and you couldn't help the moans that escaped your lips. "Cover your mouth, Y/n. You're too loud." You did as he said, clenching your eyes shut. He was so fucking deep and you couldn't think of anything else, your mind going completely blank. The idea of Saiki using your body is what got you off the most.
Saiki's eyebrows furrowed, his breath slightly heavy, the only indication on his face that he was fucking you. You clenched around him, the feeling of him hitting your cervix making your eyes roll back into your head. Your hand slacked and a few moans fell past your lips. Saiki stopped abruptly. "Bend over the desk. Now."
His deep voice sent shivers down your spine, and you whined when you got off him at the loss of being so full. Saiki used his telekinesis to move the items on his desk to the floor. The cool surface against your face was a sharp contrast to how warm you felt. The anticipation nearly killed you when you felt him stand behind you.
Saiki raised your hips slightly using his hand before he pushed into you with one thrust. You didn't even get a chance to moan as he leant over you, his other hand going to cover your mouth. The sharp edge of the desk pressed into your pelvis but you couldn't even register the pain because you were so far gone. The pleasure was the only thing on your mind. The pace Saiki set was brutal, the sound of his hips slapping into your ass filled the room.
The only thing you could do was take it. Saiki pulled your sweatshirt to the side so he could bite your shoulder, the feeling sending you into overdrive. It was too much, and you fucking loved it. "You're tight, Y/n. Feeling good?" You couldn't even answer him.
'Can I touch myself? Please, please.' You think at him. If you try to get off without his permission, he'd punish you. You're well aware of that fact. "Fine." With that, you reached beneath you to touch your clit. Saiki grunted lowly when he felt you tighten up. You rubbed yourself, desperately chasing your high. It doesn't take long for you to come close to cumming.
"Stop." Your eyes shot open at the command and you sobbed, your hand stopping because you couldn't go against him. A few fast and deep thrusts later, he told you to continue. You followed his order, and then he told you to stop right as you were about to cum. That's when you realised that he was intent on edging you until you were a mess.
Saiki rose, going to stand as he fucked into you. He started to hit deeper than he did before and you cried out, his hand no longer there to keep you quiet. "Cover your mouth, Y/n. Don't make me tell you twice." You did as you were told, and when he told you to touch yourself, you did.
This time around he didn't stop you from cumming, and you did. He didn't stop thrusting, going harder when he felt you clench around him. Every nerve in your body felt like it was on fire, in a good way. Your muscles tensed as you came and you couldn't help but moan even louder as he fucked you through your high.
Your hand went slack as you continued to take his dick. "Who said you could stop?" You should've known it was coming. Of course, he was intent on overstimulating you until he came. You were so fucking sensitive, jolting every time you rubbed your clit. You sobbed, it felt too good.
Saiki leaned over you, speeding up before he finally came inside you, groaning as he did. He thrust a few more times before his hips stilled. You took that as your cue, removing the hand that covered your mouth, realising you drooled over it. "Fuck." It took a while for your breathing to calm down.
Saiki pulled out and you put your hand over your crotch to make sure yours and his cum didn't drip onto the floor. You tried to catch your breath.
"Get on the bed. Flat, on your stomach. I'm not done with you, yet."
Oh, boy...
➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵       ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵
You gestured from the bed at Saiki, telling him to come closer. He already knew you wanted to cuddle, and after he was done using a wet towel to clean you, he joined you. Sliding under the covers, he pulled you closer to him.
A beat of silence followed, as you rest your head on his chest and let your fingers draw random designs on his body. "...I love you." Of course, post nut clarity for you meant being clingy. You became a total simp after you'd gotten the horny out your system. Saiki looked down at you, and you didn't know how to react to the softness you witness in them.
"I love you too, Y/n." Even after all these years, you couldn't help the happiness that built up in your chest at his words. You could go to sleep like this. That is until you remembered, your eyes shooting open.
➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵       ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵
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next part - agape (coming soon!) 
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celamoon · 6 months ago
Omg saiki in his cat form getting dotted on by his crush. His crush not knowing it’s him giving him lots of kisses and affection, and having saiki purr up a storm🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Pronouns: None used (Second person)
Cat Saiki is so cute
but that Neko punch...
that Neko punch...
Cat Saiki's very careful with what he does and how he touches a human
You probably catch cat saiki on the road and you're like
huh, you look like Kusuo
and takes him in
You probably help him up to your chest or like legs
And you start petting him
Saiki at this point is like hNNg? AFFECTION??? ???????
And he starts purring
wait no he wasn't supposed to purr-
omg cat purring? Cat??? Kusuo-looking cat???
You keep petting him, and eventually you start kissing him all over bc he's just so... cUTE ARGHH
Saiki's panicking at this point bc
first of all itS YOUUUUU HnG????
second of all
he's hngg? ?/???????//// affection??? N??Sd?S???/
Saiki's malfunctioning
And eventually you take him home and fall asleep next to him
and he like teleports home back as a human
and the next day you wake up like where'd my cat go-
and you ramble to Saiki abt it when you walk with him
and you don't even notice how his ears are burning red
Saiki's not telling you that was him even if he was about to die
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blackweebtrash · 8 months ago
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ'ꜱ ɴᴏᴛᴇ: I love Saiki K so have some headcanons for him ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: None!  ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ: Gender Neutral  ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: Fluff <3
Tumblr media
Saiki isn’t your typical boyfriend
Besides having the whole psychic powers
He’s a very sporadic type, always thinking about you at weird or random times
He’d be looking at the street and thoughts of you pops up in
Thus leading him to randomly teleporting to your room to tell you his thoughts
And he doesn’t really care what you’re doing
He just appears, lays down on your bed, and starts talking
“(Y/n) I was thinking about rocks and it reminded me of us”
Of course, you were confused so you look at the pink-haired boy
“Ku, did you hit your head on something?”
“Of course not (Y/n), I’d never get hurt”
“Then what are you talking about”
“I saw a rock on my path walking home and it reminded me  of you”
Convos like this happen back and forth until you realize what he means
Baby isn’t the most social so sometimes he just comes over and lays his head onto yours
Saiki is just one big cat
He loves going on cafe dates with you
He likes the quiet moments with you
Where he can just cuddle you in silence (well not really because of your thoughts)
He loves smiling at your internal thoughts
Especially at the ones that talk about how cute he is
He’s always smiling at you
He thinks you smiling at life is the cutest thing ever 
He’ll never TELL YOU of course 
But he thinks of it often
And he loves you, even if he doesn’t show it as much
Tumblr media
Tagging: @megurulvr @solar3lunar @rosetheshapeshifter​ @melaninatedyaoyorozu​ @melanin-baddie​ @h4zydreams​ @katsuphobic​ @fuckasslesbian​ @reihara​ @dragonsdreamoffire​   @minruko​ @katsumiiii​  @luvmiaa​ @hood-nami​ @royalelusts
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lotsoffandomimagines · 2 months ago
~ who cares about first kisses anyway? ~
Tumblr media
saiki kusuo + letter K from the fanfic alphabet for anonymous
pairing: saiki kusuo x reader
theme: first kiss
warnings: adorable awkwardness
fandom: the disastrous life of saiki k
Saiki truly didn’t understand what the big deal was. For whatever reason his parents and those morons he reluctantly called friends were always asking him the same thing. “Have you and [Y/N] had your first kiss yet?”.
The answer at present was no but Saiki truly couldn’t comprehend why it was relevant. If he was being honest Saiki didn’t approach romance the same way other people did so maybe that was why he didn’t think too much about sharing his first kiss with you.
On those rare occasions when he did consider it he was pretty sure his reaction would be to shrug it off. It wasn’t that special of an experience after all. You were pretty much just swapping spit. Nothing more, nothing less.
At least that’s what Saiki assumed until your most recent outing. You had gone to the movies together to watch the theatrical remake of one of the video games he liked. Now Saiki was walking you home after what felt like a casual date.
“Thanks Saiki, I had fun” you grinned, earning a small nod from Saiki once you two were standing on your front doorstep.
There’s an awkward pause where you just stare at him. Saiki thought you would have walked inside by now and instead you were shifting from toe to toe as if debating if you should do something. Before he can ask what’s wrong he’s taken aback.
Without warning you randomly lean over and peck him on the lips. Saiki, who typically wears an indifferent expression, finds his eyes go wide at your boldness. “S-sorry, I’ve just been wanting to do that for a while” you bite your lips shyly.
“It’s fine,” Saiki replied bluntly. After granting him the kiss you’ve been staring at your feet shyly. With his reassurance you look up and you blink in surprise when you see that Saiki’s cheeks were as pink as his hair. Was he… blushing?
Saiki wasn’t sure why you had started smiling so bright out of nowhere. For whatever reason he didn’t know how hot his face was but he didn’t question you. “I’ll see you later, Saiki” you giggle happily before rushing into your house. Meanwhile Saiki is still left standing on your porch.
He’s not sure how long he had been standing there frozen but eventually Saiki raises his hand to brush his fingertips across his lips. Somehow he can still feel your kiss lingering there. Wow… he can’t believe he’s saying this but Saiki is starting to understand why people were making such a fuss about kisses.
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prince-rukatinaka · 3 months ago
Hello! Can you headcanon an energetic Y / N who loves to hug Saiki kusuo! However, if a person speaks badly or looks badly at Saiki K, then only Saiki can stop him from committing murder! Thank youiii
Hey ho hey ho
Literally me lol
Ooooooh another request done- LOOK AT ME GOOOOO
Saiki K Masterlist
I hope this is what you wanted & you enjoy reading!
Kusuo Saiki x male! reader
Tumblr media
Headcanon: having an energetic & protective boyfriend
It's probably not going to surprise you to hear that Kusuo isn't exactly fond of his boyfriend's energetic nature
But honestly, he doesn't exactly hate it either
(Y/N) can pretty much only attack Kusuo with his affection when Kusuo allows it, being able to read his mind and all
So, when he's rlly not in the mood for a hug (or more simply, when him and his boyfie are in public) he simply dodges him lol
If (Y/N) gets all pouty and sad about it tho, Kusuo makes up for it one way or another, claiming his pouting is annoying or attracts too much attention
But Kusuo actually feels kind of bad for him since he knows how much he likes to hug him
(Y/N) shouldn't expect any hints of those thoughts tho- Kusuo would never dare to let him know about that-
Now, what makes Kusuo sigh out internally the most is when his lil puppy of a boyfriend turns into a barking guard dog once someone says something bad about Kusuo
Calm down-
Get your murderous aura under control-
Kusuo rlly feels the need to put (Y/N) on a leash sometimes
He takes (Y/N) by the arm and walks away in most cases, just hoping he'd calm his nerves-
He just couldn't understand how (Y/N) would get sooooo angry when someone dropped a rude comment about him
Kusuo doesn't care when people are rude to him, so (Y/N) doesn't have to react this way
(That is before he witnessed ppl talking shit about his boyfriend- He rlly went "Aight, Imma woop their asses-")
That personality trait of (Y/N) is kinda interesting in a way-
Kusuo keeps asking himself how such a lovable little chunk of energy can turn into a barking lil bean of wrath lol
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bytez4life · 3 months ago
Could you do domestic life fluff with Saiki K and a gn reader? Maybe married life as adults or something ^-^
saiki x gn reader
tw; none
a/n; of course!, i hope you enjoy! + requests r open :)
wc; 271
Tumblr media
damn it, what did i just put into the bowl?
the pink haired man frowned at the sight before him, the kitchen counter cluttered with various ingredients and tools. letting out a defeated sigh, he waved his hands to send everything to the right place.
he just wanted to make your morning special for once, as today was one of the rare days you both were free. he foolishly thought he could make pancakes on the first try, and now he was contemplating just buying food before you woke up.
his thoughts were interrupted by your humming, lifting his head to meet your face. giving him a tired smile, you walk behind him placing your chin on his shoulder.
"good morning darling, whatcha making?"
good morning, and pancakes.
"oo, that sounds good."
dipping your pinkie into the runny batter, you bring it to your lips before saiki could stop you.
wait love-
letting the batter sit on your tongue, your face scrunched up in a pained smile.
"ku, dear, i think you used salt instead of sugar."
i knew i missed something.
giggling under your breath, you grabbed his hand guiding him to sit at the dining table.
"don't worry about it, ill make breakfast today."
i just wanted to make your morning special...
"and i appreciate the effort love, but instead of the breakfast how about i let you make the dessert for dinner?" you smile at his now renewed energy.
coffee jelly it is.
you laugh and turn to grab a bowl from the cabinet, preparing to make another, hopefully less salty batch of pancakes.
"anything you want ku."
Tumblr media
@BYTEZ4LIFE - do not plagerize/copy
aln: i have too many ideas and not enough time
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duckymcdoorknob · 3 months ago
This is gonna be the first time I request from you and I hope you don't mind :))
An emergency request pls. So, i have this tendency of talkinga a lot, principally when its about something I really enjoy, one thing that is normal to happen when I talk too much is people interrupting me out of nowhere and never letting me finish, any time someone does that I just feel like crying honestly, and of course that happened today and no one seemed to notice. Could I have a scenario with Saiki where his partner normally suffers with that?
It's okay if you don't want to, have a great day :))
Hi of course you can!! Thank you for requesting!
Sorry about the long wait lmao I have a couple (like 10) of these in my inbox
CW BELOW THE CUT: Reader is ignored :(
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐾𝑢𝑠𝑢𝑜 𝑆𝑎𝑖𝑘𝑖
Saiki had begun to notice how your demeanor changed quickly.
But he didn’t exactly know why.
Yes, he could read your mind and it could all be over. But he wants to try to be an “emotionally attached” boyfriend.
So he waited for you to come to him.
Except… that didn’t exactly happen.
Fortunately, you were both sitting at lunch together, friend groups merged.
Kaido and Nendo had found themselves talking to some of your friends about some nerdy movie they were all into.
Kuboyasu and Toritsuka had engaged in a board game with two more of your friends.
That just left you and your boyfriend.
While you were content with just talking to your lover, you had recently gotten something you were very excited about.
“Guys look!” You chimed, pulling the item out of your bag.
Everyone turned their attention towards you, eyes seemingly interested in the object.
When you held it up and displayed it with a proud look, they let out a few ad-libbed reactions.
“Yep! It’s something from my favorite show.” You cooed with a beaming smile.
From that point on, you began to explain the major plot points of your favorite show. Hitting every interesting fact about it.
Your face was simply lit like a Christmas tree as you enthusiastically explained every aspect.
“And then the main character had to-“
“Hey did anyone take Sensei’s quiz earlier? I totally got a 55!” Kaido chirped suddenly, resulting in laughter from the group.
You immediately snapped your mouth shut and sunk back into your seat, lazily prodding at your lunch.
Ah. This again.
The group was chattering away happily without you…
“Well? Then what happened?” Saiki asked in a monotone, resting his chin on his knuckles.
“You never finished your synopsis.” The pinkette continued, “And you seem quite invested in it, so fill me in.”
“It doesn’t matter, Saiki.” You replied with a forced smile, “It’s just me blabbering like I always do.”
“Your passions aren’t blabbering. I want to know what else happens, since I might watch this show.”
You sigh and shake your head, “I promise it’s just me ranting about the show. Nothing you can’t look up on the internet on your own.” you mumbled out the last part and turned your face away from him.
“(Y/N), hey. Look at me,” Kusuo demanded, gently taking your hand.
You return his gaze with tear-pricked eyes. “What, Kusuo? They don’t even care about what I have to say. They don’t even know I’m crying right now, I bet you.”
“It doesn’t matter what they think; you have me. I will always be invested in the things you tell me. My life is pretty boring, so your little quips about things I don’t know about are my favorite thing about you.” Kusuo said softly, rubbing his thumb along the base of yours.
“So please, continue your story.” He said with a slight smile, “There’s no need to feel ashamed in sharing the things you love. Those things make you special, and I love to hear about them.”
You shook your head with a smile, wiping your teary eyes.
Soon your eyes returned to their prior sparkling form, finishing your rundown.
Saiki was actually entranced too!
At first he was just giving verbal reassurances. Your classic “yep.” “Yeah” and “uh-huh”s
But then? It switched to “No way.” “Wait seriously” *gasp*, “oh my god.”
He most definitely knew what you two were going to do for your next date.
Tumblr media
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 3 months ago
Giving Them Chocolate
Including: Saiki Kusuo, Kaidou Shun, Aren Kuboyasu, and Riki Nendo
Tumblr media
Genshin edition | Saiki K edition
Tumblr media
Saiki Kusuo
Good grief, the amount of chocolates he's gotten today from his friends and girls who have crushes on him is unbearable.
Oh, these are from you? Maybe one more box isn't too bad. Getting something from you feels more special than pity gifts or gifts from people he doesn't like.
Maybe you two can hang out at his house and play some trashy video games? Of course, no promises that his friends won't show up to annoy him.
"Thanks [Name], happy Valentine's day."
Tumblr media
Kaidou Shun
Did dark reunion set you up for this!?
He doesn't really believe you when you give him the chocolates, nobody has ever done this for him before. Which is crazy, why aren't people praising THE jet black wings!
He's so excited when he does get them. Do you really like him? Now he wants to play roleplay games with you all day, please say you will!
"You..you really got these for me? OfcoursethatsokayImthejetblackwingsIgetgiftsfromfansallthetime-"
Tumblr media
Aren Kuboyasu
Really? You want a delinquent like him?
He's surprised to say the least but grateful nonetheless. He definitely eats them with you while you watch cheesy horror movies.
If you do get scared he can always hold onto you.
"Thanks [Name], oh and for our date tonight. I got a few movies prepared but if you have some suggestions I'm glad to look some of them up."
Tumblr media
Riki Nendo
He doesn't really care, sure it was a nice gesture but he doesn't see the big deal about it.
Probably eats them with you and his friends, he loves his friends and you so why not share the chocolates on a love date with the people he loves?
Tonight you two can go get ramen by yourselves, but during the day you should hang out with him and his friends.
"Thanks, buddy let me go get Saiki and the gang so we can eat these together!"
Tumblr media
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michu-writes · a month ago
Imagine your fictional crush singing “Good little girl” from adventure time to you <3
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bajablastwrites · 3 months ago
Sorry I’m dropping my love and affection for you all over the place!
Saiki x fem! reader
A pretty wholesome (mostly) relationship between you a Kusuo. Nothing wrong here!———————————————————————
you’re honestly surprised Kusuo hasn’t left you with how much you like to tease and harass him. Just a tired boyfriend and his hyperactive girlfriend. You basically go “time to harass my boyfriend Kusuo!” He stopped questioning you about it and he just lets it happen now. Not like he did anything to stop it before.
You like to flirt with Kusuo, but the way you do it is by writing him one of those “do you like me” notes with yes and no at the bottom of the paper. It’s not all the time, it’s just a thing you like to occasionally do especially when you’re extremely bored.
Kusuo knows when you’re planning on giving him a “do you like me” note because of his powers and because you always say something like “ah man, I really hope that the pink haired guy with green tinted glasses and “hair clips” accepts my totally full proof and very well thought out confession that I have written on this sheet of paper!” Sometimes he’ll humor you and play along and actually give the paper back to you with ‘yes’ circled and it never fails to make you smile.
As much as he acts annoyed with you when you would leave them at his desk he does finds them endearing (yes even if you rigged it) he’ll look at you and just go “ok but we’re already dating.” Folds the note up and puts it in his bag or pocket. You never questioned why he puts them away— you always just assumed he’s going to throw them away when he finds trash can or something and don’t think much about them. But he actually does keep them somewhere in his room, and to make it even more wholesome ‘yes’ is always circled on every single paper that he’s kept. If he’s not playing along and giving the notes back to you he’s keeping them stashed in his room.
I feel like Kusuo keeps a lot of the things you give him— especially if they’re made by you. You could give him a doodle of you and him as stick figures that you put little to no effort in and he probably still has it some where. He may have a hard time expressing it but he genuinely does love you.
One of your fondest memories was when you weren’t in the best state of mind and Kusuo slid a note to you that said “do you like me? Yes, Yes but in red” long story short he made you cry, but it was out of happiness rather than sadness. You both spent the day cuddling, like Kusuo you kept the note and you treasure it.
If you look closely you can see a faint smile on Kusuo’s face when you playfully hit on him. As much as you say you’re surprised that Kusuo hasn’t left you because of how “annoying” you are, he’s actually the one that’s genuinely surprised you’ve tolerated him for so long and haven’t left HIM because of how “emotionally unavailable” he is. Which you always call bullshit on because you know he’ll do everything in his power (both literally and figuratively) to make sure you’re happy, which sounds pretty emotionally available to me idk about you.
Once in a blue moon Kusuo will flirt back in response to your flirting, except it’s not so wholesome as you think it would be. He goes all out, lets not forget that he’s a bit of a sadist and you’re not exempt to this either. Next thing you know you’re bright red and your neck is getting special attention from Kusuo via kisses and hickeys. But that’s for another story for another day ;)
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stannienight · 5 months ago
in s1 e22 (saiki k), at the end of the second part, a wild boar almost attacks toritsuka and chiyo. chiyo expects toritsuka to save her but he runs away, terrified. the scene cuts, and saiki narrates that "kaidou is the one who saved her and her feelings towards toritsuka completely disappeared."
so you’re telling me kaidou fought a wild boar in the show canonically (and won) and i didn’t get to see it???
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gay-dorito-dust · 2 months ago
Hello! Could I request a Saiki x Reader where they get into an argument and Saiki teleports away to think, only to come back and find that the reader got mugged in the time he was gone? Hurt/comfort please? Thank you.
Tumblr media
No relationship is without their arguments. Friendships, relationships, your gonna have an argument at some point but usually both individuals come out stronger then they were prior and have a stepper understanding of one another through reconciliation. Then there are those that make you question everything, question if you truest knew them at all and if the person you knew was nothing more then a mere subconscious projection of who you believe them to be. You and Saiki were no exception, your relationship wasn’t at all easy going or as perfect as you once lead yourself to believe.
You accepted the fact that he wasn’t the most emotionally involved in the relationship nor the most physically affectionate either, especially in public, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care about you in any other way; Far from the truth. However you at least wanted him to tell Teruhashi to piss off every now and then seeing how the furrow in his brows only worsened whenever the blue haired narcissist was near but he says nothing. You knew Saiki hated to have attention put on him more then he would like but it would’ve been less of an inconvenience to at least set some boundaries up for his own benefit. It then gradually became something that peeved you off and offset insecurities within you that made your confidence in your relationship began to waver. The more you let your mind linger on it, the worse it seemed to got that it started to become too much for you to handle that it all came ahead one day in the worst possible way.
“I thought you trusted me.” Saiki said, trying his hardest to remain calm as he possibly could without harming you with his powers but even a simple task as that became increasingly hard when your significant other has started to distance themselves from you in fear of their insecurities becoming real and questioning everything within your relationship when the possibility of communicating through the issues was an option your significant other chosen to ignore. He could hear your thoughts on the matter and the fact that you didn’t come to him about them only made it worse. It made Saiki believe that you didn’t trust him enough to help with your inner demons and that hurt him the most. “I THOUGHT I DID SAIKI! I THOUGHT I DID BUT HOW CAN I BE SO SURE WHEN I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR HEAD HALF OF THE TIME!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms up in defeat, “RECENTLY IT SEEMES TO ME THAT YOU SECRETLY LIKE THE ATTENTION TERUHASHI GIVES YOU ON THE DAILY! AM I NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU ANYMORE SAIKI? IS THAT IT? IF SO WHY DONT YOU SAY IT INSTEAD OF BEING A FUCKING COWARD ABOUT IT!”
Several glasses nearby shatter into fragments the size of specks of dust, causing you to flinch at the suddennesses that when you looked back at Saiki you could tell by his eyes that he was mad, upset and a tad betrayed at the accusation. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you but this time you weren’t so certain that was the case anymore but yet you remained steadfast in your anger, refusing to back off unless he told you otherwise. “Is this what it has come to?” He said almost too calmly before practically exploding, “I can’t control your insecurities y/n that’s not my problem! You could’ve come to me and talk about this civically but I guess that didn’t enter your mind did it because it was too focused on being left alone again! If I knew this was how it was going to be I wouldn’t have perused you in the first place. What a inconvenience.” You weren’t able to let out another word pass you lips as Saiki teleported out of the room, leaving you alone to retrieve the dustpan and brush to sweep up his mess and dump it into the bin before feeling as though you were an out of place object within his room and decided that it would be best to pick up your stuff and leave the house, teary eyed and all.
Saiki had teleported to the closest place that gives his mind ease. The park bench where he’d first admitted his feelings for you and where your first date was held. Though now it only made him feel bitter the longer his mind lingered on the fight. He wasn’t stupid, he knew a fight was going to happen at one point but still it hurt him in ways that he couldn’t describe. Saiki knew you both would overcome this hurdle but that didn’t mean everything was going to be resolved, he knew that right now the best solution was to give you space and time to calm down but with how he left things off he wouldn’t be surprised if you thought it’d be best to go your separate ways. He loves you very much, it was something he had been avoiding telling you for a while now, not knowing how you’d react despite being able to read your thoughts. He wanted to at least make it special, he had everything planned out and the final step was for him to ask you for an evening out to your favourite cafe where he would then bring you here and tell you that he loved you. It wasn’t something he’d do for just anyone as they’d probably though he was possessed by one of Torisuka’s ghost pals.
The sensation of a teardrop landing on the back of his hand, brought Saiki back to reality as he realised how late it had gotten. Quickly he wiped his eyes before anyone he unfortunately knew saw him like this before deciding to teleport back home to his room where he noticed small droplets of crimson leading from the doorway onwards towards the closed door to the bathroom. So naturally he teleported into the bathroom ready to confront whoever was inside for intruding, only to stifle his gasp when he saw that the intruder was you patching a nasty gash you received on your side with a damp cotton pad of saline solution. You haven’t noticed him yet and the obvious nervousness in your hand wasn’t helping the process move along any faster so Saiki took the pad from your hand and began to dap your wound gently. “What happened.” He said softly as he grabbed a cloth to wipe away at the dried blood near the gash, paying close attention to your sharp inhales and gasps of discomfort and adjusting the amount of pressure he was applying to avoid causing more harm.
“I got mugged.” Was all you aloud yourself to say as you picked up another cotton pad and began to treat the scratches that littered your face after riding it of the dirt and rubble before tossing it in the bin in favour of watching the pinkette now place a gauze over your wound with one hand whisky reaching for the bandages with his other hand. “I’d consider myself lucky I got out with just these.” You tried to joke but saw how eerily silent Saiki was and decided it would be best to keep your mouth shut for the time being. “Your something alright,” Saiki finally said, “only you would try to make light of mugging even if it is at your own expense.” He finished bandaging you up, making sure it was secure before leading you out of the bathroom and to his bed where he laid you in under, fluffing up the pillow behind you and then pressing a light kiss against your forehead where his uneven breaths fanned against your skin. “You scared me, I thought I was going to loose you one way or another. I’m so sorry I haven’t been as physically or emotionally involved in our relationship but trust me when I say this but the days where I’m at my best is because your in them, by my side no matter what. I was scared for what that meant in the future but then I realised you are my future y/n.” Your eyes began tearing up at his heartfelt confession, feeling really disgusted with how you treated him moments prior.
Saiki pulled back and shot you a soft smile, using the pads of his thumbs to wipe away at your tears, “don’t cry, we were bound to have our first fight anyways whether it have been today or tomorrow. Let’s try and be more open with one another next time instead of getting ourselves mugged alright?it seems a tad dramatic.” You laughed lightly at his attempt of making you smile, “as long as you share your coffee jelly.” You teased, bopping him on the nose cussing him to scoff, “your crossing a fine line y/n.” You knew he was bluffing as he disappears downstairs towards the kitchen because he reappeared with two coffee jellies and a couple of movies in hand.
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celamoon · 8 months ago
Can I have saiki with a crush that’s really platonically affectionate with his friend group but not with him because they think he doesn’t want to be touched. Like they greet kuboyasu, kaido, nendo and everyone else with a hug but just verbally greet saiki and leave it at that. They love him too but they don’t want to cross any boundaries
Yes you can <333
Tumblr media
Pronouns: they/them
Ok so I'll start with headcanons
You love hugging people
it's like
I LOVE YOU!!!! and affection is incredible
like everyone is reduced to a blushing mess when they first meet you
However! You never hugged Saiki
not even once
Saiki's like 'is this discrimination-'
No it's just you being considerate
You like stared at him and went 'yeah this man does not like hugs'
Kuboyasu liking hugs caught you completely off guard
big?beefy?man? likes hugs?
Yes he does bestie
So you greet everyone in the morning with a hug
and this man is absolutely ready to riot.
oh and let's be honest, this man wouldn't ask for one even if he was dying
You call everyone nicknames and Saiki is left out
But then one day Saiki peers into your mind and finds out that you actually have a crush
Saiki confesses to you
you hug him on the spot and Saiki has never been so happy
now only if he had coffee jelly-
You're holding one up in front of him
Which was what Saiki was supposed to say but he was reduced to a stuttering mess instead.
You two dating? Yes.
You're clinging onto him one way or another.
back hugs! front hugs! Hugs!!
"Ku! Love! Ku my beloved!"
Saiki is reduced to a mess inside because of you
and no this man wouldn't admit that even if he died.
Blurb (that I wrote bc I was gonna make this a fic but then didn't know how to go about it)
"KAIDOUUUUUUUU-KUNNNN!!!!!" You crash Kaidou in a hug, and cling onto him. "Good morning!!!"
Kuboyasu raises a brow, and you grin before getting off of Kaidou to hug him. "Good morning Aren-kun"
"Good morning Y/n," He smiles.
"Bestie!" You hug him too, and you grin at Saiki. "Good morning Saiki-san!"
Saiki's expecting a hug.
He does not get one.
"Teruhashi-san!" You hug her, and the envious glares from the others in the room go unnoticed by you.
The teacher walks in, and class starts.
Sitting on your seat, Saiki peers into your thoughts.
I kind of want food... or actually maybe I should go for ramen with Nendou and the others after school....
Saiki sighs, and he stays in your brain for a little bit longer.
OH OH!! Maybe I'll go coffee jelly shopping with Saiki!! Or... I don't think he likes my presence that much... maybe I'll just go have ramen with Nendou.
Saiki nearly tells you that he doesn't find you annoying before something catches him off guard completely.
mmm but he's my crush... is it bros before hoes or hoes before bros... bros before hoes I guess... NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP-
Saiki jumps in his seat, and blinks in realization.
Holy shit you like him back
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farfarawayinthelandof · 9 months ago
includes saiki, teruhashi, and aiura
warnings: none!
Saiki Kusuo
- he fucking loves you
- saiki is so happy when you let him taste test things
- you’ll text him “hey, just made this great cherry chocolate cake, wanna come over and try it?” and before you put your phone down he’ll be there
- extra points if you aren’t afraid of bugs
- think of that one tik tok audio: “sorry, i thought i saw a wasp” “do you… love me too?” “excuse me?”
- at that point you’re literally his dream s/o
- always wants to go to your house instead of his. (you always have great sweets, and his parents aren’t there to interrupt)
- he’ll take you all over the world to try different bakeries and learn about new “items of confectionery” 🥲 he just wants you to develop your passion and saiki feels he needs to do more than eat the stuff you make.
- the treats isn’t just the reason why he’s with you, though. you’re, to him, a very kind and charitable person, and that is what makes him stay.
Teruhashi Kokomi
- when kokomi first met you she was insanely jealous. you were what she couldn’t be on the inside.
- the best way for you two to adjust to each other was to just date 🙄 obvi
- she tries not to eat to many sugary things, but she can’t resist when you make it.
- whenever you make something just for her, she’ll give you the most genuine smile she has
- she definitely has like one food that you make that is her absolute favorite, and so you’ll make that the most for her <33
- teruhashi wants to learn how to bake better, so when going over to that saikis’ doesn’t work, she’ll take classes so she can make something perfect for you.
- you two definitely participate in every bake sale you can because you two have so much fun baking together
- in cooking class everyone wants to join you and teruhashi’s group. literally everyone. even saiki.
Aiura Mikoto
- you two had very similar personalities, trying to help everyone (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡ and make the world a better place and shit like that
- she used to be all into that “opposites attract” rhetoric but when she met you her heart just melted
- she loves baking with you. aiura isn’t as good as your are, but with some guidance from you she does a great job
- mikoto loves to make something and give it out to people.
- like “oh we made a ton of extra cookies? lets hand them out to people tomorrow at school! none for toritsuka, though.”
- movie dates where you both sneak in a whole ass cake 😭
- omg i feel like aiura would love picnics. she would want to make the food with you, enjoy it at a pretty park, and take tons of cute pics.
Tumblr media
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thusspokeleena · 4 months ago
𝙘𝙝𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙢𝙖𝙨, 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙧𝙪𝙥𝙩𝙚𝙙 ; 𝗌𝖺𝗂𝗄𝗂 𝗄𝗎𝗌𝗎𝗈
Tumblr media Tumblr media
saiki kusuo x gn!reader — saiki just wants to spend christmas alone with you.
Tumblr media
merry christmas everyone! and happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate! i hope everyone has a wonderful day <3
cw / tw | fluff, ooc saiki if you squint probably?
word count | 1.4k
Tumblr media
Crickets chirped a happy tune as you and Saiki sat together in a comfortable silence, the crisp winter air a low moan as it blew through trees on its way to envelop your warm cheeks. You were unaffected by Mother Nature’s attempts at freezing you solid, however; just as the cold wind entered your shared atmosphere, the warmth emitting from the boy beside you dulled it into a comfortably warm breeze.
Saiki insisted the two of you spend Christmas away from his home, free from the grasp of his insufferable friends and family. He’d decided he wanted his first Christmas with you to be spent alone with you so he could ensure it would be perfect.
Although the stars were few, obscured by the dark clouds that filled the night sky, you admired how they shone through the thick shroud, occasionally pointing some particularly bright ones out to Saiki. The boy in question, however, was not paying attention to the sky or listening to the crickets sing—he was looking at you, adoration painted thick on his features as he listened intently to you and your thoughts.
Saiki didn’t even realize when a small smile made its way onto his lips at the sound of your voice, and when you finally turned to look at him, you felt your cheeks heat further upon looking at his expression.
He’s smiling, you thought. He’s smiling at me.
Saiki fiddled with the small, wrapped box that sat in his pocket, suddenly becoming overwhelmed with a feeling unknown to him—he was nervous.
Why was he so overcome with anxiety? He’d given you gifts before and you’d always liked them—he would be able to tell if you didn’t, of course—but why was this different?
Saiki didn’t have time to ponder the unfamiliar feeling as he was interrupted by a voice all too familiar to him ringing through his head.
“Gah, it’s cold; I should have brought warmer gloves. I wish I’d listened to my mother, but why did she have to yell at me in front of Aren and Nendo? Ah, so embarrassing. Why did-”
Saiki suddenly stood, taking your hand as he hoisted you up along with him. You didn’t even have a chance to question his sudden outburst before he pulled you flush against his chest, his arm wrapped securely around you. You were overwhelmed with a feeling you hated—nauseousness overtook you as you squeezed your eyes shut, gripping the boy’s scarf for dear life.
Saiki knew you hated teleporting—he’d become so used to the feeling it hardly ever bothered him anymore, but each time he saw the sick, dizzy look on your face after teleportation, he would remember that the feeling isn’t a pleasant one to those who aren’t accustomed to the aggressive means of travel.
“What happened?” you asked, your iron grip loosening slightly as you regained your balance.
“I heard someone.”
You sighed as you finally let his scarf fall from your grasp, instead intertwining your fingers with his. You never understood his aversion to his friends, although he would never in his life refer to them as such.
You looked around and realized you were now surrounded by bright lights and bustling streets, a stark contrast to the serene park you’d resided in just moments before. Saiki noticed your somewhat confused expression, pursing his lips.
“I’m sorry.”
His voice was quiet as it sounded in your head, the gentleness of it prompting you to look at him. You offered a small smile, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.
“It’s okay,” you reassured, nodding. He led you away to a quieter part of the busy town square, glancing over at you every so often and listening attentively to your thoughts in case a store caught your eye or wanted to stop at one of the nearby vendors.
Eventually, the two of you took refuge outside a coffee shop, a slightly disappointed sigh escaping your lips as the red ‘closed’ sign flashed brightly back at you. Saiki insisted that you find another shop, one that was open, but you reassured him that you didn’t need the caffeine that badly.
Only a few moments passed before the two of you heard multiple gasps come from the large group of people before you, Saiki knowing that they could only be for one person—Teruhashi.
Couldn’t he spend one day away from these people?
You knew what was coming from the look on Saiki’s face, and as you held onto him once again, he said a quiet apology before zipping the two of you away from the area.
This time when you opened your eyes, you were surrounded by a warm, familiar space that you knew to be Saiki’s room. You sat down on his bed as you weren’t in the mood to collapse from dizziness, the boy sitting down comfortably beside you.
His gaze landed on the box that sat on his desk, your gifts to him: a year’s worth of dessert vouchers for his favourite restaurant and a brand new video game which you’d somehow managed to get before its official release. He then remembered the small box in his pocket, and as his eyes settled back on you, he realized that now was as good a time as ever to offer it to you.
Pushing his nerves aside as he pulled the box out into the light of his room, he placed a hand on your knee, pulling you out of your thoughts and back into reality. You blinked once, twice, your gaze flicking down to the gift in his hands.
He handed it to you silently, itching to see your reaction. You said a sweet thank you as you carefully tore open the wrapping paper, putting it aside before opening the small box.
Your eyes sparkled with delight as you laid your eyes on the heart-shaped locket that sat neatly in the box, a smile spreading across your features as you looked up at Saiki with delight.
“Open it.”
You obliged, your smile only widening as you examined the small photo of the two of you tucked securely away inside of the pendant.
The gift was cheesy, clichè, even, but Saiki remembered how you’d once mentioned in passing how you wanted nothing more than a heart-shaped pendant with a photo of you and your lover inside so you could “always keep him close to your heart.”
“Merry Christmas,” he said with a small smile.
“Kusuo, I…” You looked up at him, beaming as you enveloped him in a tight hug. “I love it. Thank you so much.”
A smile crept onto his own features at your pure happiness, pulling away from the embrace after a few moments to take the necklace into his own hands. He instructed you to turn around before draping the jewelry on your chest, clasping it gently in the back.
You turned back to face him, smiling at him for just a moment before you leaned in, pressing your lips against his in a sweet kiss. You smiled against his lips as you felt his hand settle gently on your waist, your own going up to gently caress his cheek.
Much to your disappointment, a few moments later he pulled away. Before you inquired if something was wrong, you heard his front door open, along with the familiar voices of the people Saiki put so much effort into avoiding that night.
He sighed, and you smiled, standing as you offered him your hand.
“I suppose we should go entertain your guests.” You stifled a laugh at the return of his annoyed expression, and even as you led him downstairs and greeted your friends with a smile, he didn’t let go of your hand.
Saiki sat through the borderline intolerable conversations of the night—you would never tell him, but you noticed the smile that made its way onto his face unbeknownst to him—all the while staying next to you.
Saiki would often look over at you, wondering how you were always so social with these people. Whenever his gaze landed upon you, he saw your fingers playing delicately, mindlessly with the necklace you adorned. He listened as you and Teruhashi gushed over the pendant, how you told her you loved it so.
Maybe Saiki was selfish for wanting to spend Christmas alone with you, but when he saw the way you smiled while speaking to Aren and Hairo, how you laughed at Nendo’s obliviousness, he realized you were truly happy when with everyone, and when you looked over at him with a look of pure bliss, of happiness, Saiki decided he would push aside his feelings and enjoy the night.
He would do anything to bring you happiness.
Tumblr media
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cornfarm · 9 months ago
afterschool digression
Tumblr media
saiki kusuo x reader
word count: 2.2k
synopsis: you and saiki screw around afterschool
cw: n/a
genre: fluff, sfw
reader is gender neutral!
none! just kissing!
Saiki's leg bounces up and down, foot tapping rhythmically against PK Academy's linoleum floors. He was going to do it.
School isn't about learning anymore, it's about waiting. Every single second spent not getting a chance to be around you was another second Saiki spent trembling in anticipation. You're so cruel, making him feel this way.
He has the ability to peer into your thoughts, and read your deepest desires. He knows what you yearn for, what you want from him, the occassional carnal thoughts that would rack through your brain.
He suspects his nerves lie in the execution of your domestic wishes. He'd certainly be lying if he wasn't intrigued by them; you've always been imaginative, much more than himself, but you think about simply just kissing him. He finds himself with a cross expression on his face, his hand covering his mouth with his index finger extended over the bridge of his nose.
He shouldn't be referring to your thoughts as your desires, they've penetrated his mind, and refused to leave. They're his as well. Has he been so starved that the simple vision of domesticity sends him into a frenzy?
He doesn't have an answer, he's never been so discomposed in his life.
He is going to do it. It will be easy. As soon as the bell rings, he'll wait for you, and you'll walk to the shoe locker together, and he'll slip out a subtle "hey, my parents are out of town, want to come over?" and then you'd come over.
It's a bulletproof plan as long as nobody gets in the way.
Kaidou peers a few seats away, watching Saiki's face contort in discomfort. He's never seen him fidget so bad before, he lets out a small breathy chortle and smirks. He wonders what's got his friend so antsy.
Saiki frowns even more at his amusement. Can't Kaidou see he's suffering? That's precisely why he's laughing.
It's not like Kaidou knew about you. Nobody did, except perhaps Aiura, but if she knew, she would have made a big deal about it by now.
You were his little secret, and he wanted to keep his secrets to himself. He winces at the thought, mentally rapping his knuckles with a ruler. He can't believe he actually thought something so gross about another person. His stomach continues to do somersaults.
Yet the sentiment was true, he does want to keep you to himself, but it's also only been a week since he asked you out. He's not ready to share his new relationship status, which you were very compliant in his wishes. You're very nice to him.
He keeps finding himself stiff in the shoulders, and his hands keep shaking, and all when you look at him, all the thoughts in his brain scatter, and he can barely come up with ways to continue conversation.
He looks up at the clock, only another ten minutes. Perhaps it's too soon to ask you to come over? He shouldn't mention how his parents are gone, he doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. Not yet, at least.
He's very troubled.
But he can't help but feel giddy, and a infuriatingly pleasant simmer in his stomach. He can't shake it, everytime he forces his focus back to the chalkboard, his thoughts quickly reassmble to think about you. You're a monster. He knows you'll accept his offer, and you'd come over with that stupid smile on your face, and it's sending him over the moon.
The bell rings, shooting Saiki out of his daze as he grabs his stuff. Reel it in. Take a breath.
You're seated a few seats adjacent to him, so you're closer to the door. You quietly pack your things and exited first, glancing back at him as he followed. You stilled in the hallway for a brief moment before he caught up with you.
Neither of you say anything.
Head turned down, you stare at the floor a little nervous. He can tell, you're carrying your bag extra close to your body, a bit more than usual. Both hands wrapping around the strap on your shoulder- typically it was only one.
Your tongue poked out to wet your lips, and you turn your gaze a bit upward, meeting his eyes. You look up at him like you want something from him.
He feels like he's been shot.
"Is something bothering you? You seemed really uncomfortable in class today."
You noticed? Of course you did.
His face finally broke from his deadpann, a subtle look of shock raising his brows and parting his lips, yes, I'm fine.
Awkward. Despite the physical pronunciation of his words not being an issue, his words seem to always come out clunky and stiff. his phrasing was weird, he kept speaking too formally.
"Um," you begin, but Saiki cuts you off prematurely.
Do you want to come over?
"Huh? Really?!" You exclaim, his hand comes and clasps over your mouth.
Be quiet! I don't want anyone else knowing. You know how they are! It's a, a- you know, after all. His voice is a bit urgent.
"Sorry, I just didn't expect you'd ask me, I thought I'd have to plan all of our, our-" you cut yourself off this time. He knows what you're trying to say, and he's a bit thankful you're so timid and can't push the words out.
But he doesn't want you thinking he doesn't care. Curse his shyness, how can he communicate that he also thinks about going on, on- you know- as much as you do?
I won't make you do all the work.
You smile, "do you think about that sort of stuff a lot?"
He supposes so.
"I won't bite you, you don't have to feel nervous around me."
He frowns, I can't help it. He doesn't want you one-upping him. He takes a step closer to you, arms awkwardly bumping as your eyes cast down once again. He's a bit too close to you.He gets it, you're blushing.
What, he begins, smirking, nervous?
you begin to pout, "not really."
His composure returns only because of a few students passing you while you cross the halls. If he wasn't reminded you weren't alone, he doesn't know what he would've done. Pause- Where the hell was he getting this confidence?
Turning down the stairwell, you reach the second floor landing. You pause. He pauses too, turning to meet your gaze, which you're barely keeping.
"I'd like to come over," you're still pouting, "if the offer's still up."
Why are you looking at him like that? What do you want?
You take your lip between your teeth and gnaw at it. He watches as the skin breaks, pricks of blood rising and staining your tongue and teeth.
He reachs over. Stop that, you're hurting yourself, his hand comes up to your lip, gingerly pressing it against the breakage. He seals the wound, skin closing up as the bleeding stops, not without noticing the small gasp that escapes your lips.
You pray to yourself that he didn't hear. If he hadn't, he'd known you done it anyways- your thoughts don't conceal much.
Yeah, the offer's still up, he finishes.
You nod to the best of your ability. Saiki glances around, you were so attentive, he wonders why. Both sides of the staircase were empty, nobody was coming down, and the halls were relatively quiet.
That was strange, school just got out-
It hits him. He lead you to a back staircase. It wasn't on purpose, but you wound up alone, back pressed against the small landing wall, with Saiki's thumb still gently resting on your lip.
That explains the panicked frenzy of dialog in your head.
He feels hot, that simmering, bubbling feeling sitting in his stomach.
He really shouldn't, anyone could come this way and spot the two of you together, and he'd have to deal with the humiliation of being caught doing something like this at school. He should stop, he should pull his hand away, take a step back, and continue walking down the stairs with you trailing behind.
He just doesn't want to. His hand moves, the back of his index finger brushing away the flyaway strands of hair that covered your face, tucking it behind your ear.
He shouldn't. He jostles his bag up a bit higher so he can let go of it. The hand holding onto it came up to cup the other side of your face, thumb right under your eye.
He was blinking rapidly, resetting his xray vision so he can properly see you. Your skin is so soft. He wonders if you're always this warm.
Oh, you're blushing all the way to your forehead. This is new.
He takes another slight step forward, his torso finally meeting yours and pressing against your chest. he can feel your heart pound, a loud thump against his own body.
He flushes when he realizes you can also probably hear his.
He should be reading your mind right now, but even if your thoughts were coherent, he wouldn't be able to focus on the words.
"Saiki?" Your voice is nearly a whisper, it's trembling and small.
He remembers where he is. He shouldn't be doing this.
Can I?
You nod with haste, your hands coming up to rest on his shoulders.
He presses into you, putting a bit of his weight on your chest as he leans down just a bit, his lips meeting yours. Your arms wrap around his neck and hold him tighter.
For a moment, it's quiet. Your lips are soft, slotted perfectly in between his own. His heart flutters, his heart beat synced with yours, you exhale together. Sparks run down from the back of his neck to his tailbone. You taste sweet, must be from the bit of chocolate you had eaten with lunch.
He's lightheaded; he didn't think that kissing was so pleasant. He wishes he had spent the last two weeks kissing you instead of just thinking about it. It was tranquil, he wasn't wearing his ring, but everything was silent. His senses, each and every one of them, is focused onto you.
He feels warm, a pleasant hum in his chest; he's so happy.
He pulls away, resting his forehead against your own, his fingers threading through your hair. You tilt your head up again, he leans back down, a content sigh escapes his lips as they meet yours. He feels like he's floating, and when your knees bump his own awkwardly, he realizes his center of gravity has shifted.
He pulls away to realize the two of you are floating, literally. He must have lost grip of his powers, your books and pencils in your tote bag floating a few feet in the air above the two of you, his own cellphone and bag rising upwards.
You're off your feet, arms clinging around his shoulders, you haven't seemed to notice, you're still just staring up at him, waiting. He presses his lips against yours again, a small yelp escapes your own. Multitasking when using his powers wasn't ever too much of an issue, but right now, it'd take a lot of mental energy, and he almost doesn't care.
But he has to, so he manages to push through his mental fog to use telekenisis to put everything back into place, gently landing both of you back on your feet. Landing a bit away from the wall, he leans on you again, causing you to stumble back. Your back hits the wall, and upon the collision, your lips part a bit, and his teeth bump into yours.
He pulls away, lips staying parted to mutter a "sorry" under his breath.
He adjusts his left arm, bringing it up against the wall, forearm pressed firmly against the concrete. His hand flexed into a fist.
He leaned back down, your hands coming back to press against his chest.
"Saiki, someone will-" he cuts you off, another sigh leaving his lips as they touch yours. The little gasp you let out sends shivers down his spine. He pulls away to take a breath, "we can't," your hand comes up, fingers tentatively landing on his lip.
"Someone will catch us, we shouldn't."
You- he cuts himself off.
Your eyes are watery, and that look of want on your face hasn't gone away, in fact it's more prominent, and God it's killing him. But you're right, every second where you two aren't spotted is a second closer to being seen. He pulls away, taking a few steps back and giving you space.
Your legs are trembling, how cute.
He begins his decline down the steps, making sure you're following closely behind.
Was it okay? he asks, turning around to meet your gaze.
You nod, "yeah, it was good. You're good, really good."
He lets out a shaky exhale, one he didn't know he was holding.
You still want to come over?
"Will you kiss me more?" You're practically out of breath.
He flushes, but manages to nod. You beam at him. God it's so embarrassing. He turns his back to you, briskly walking to the shoe lockers.
How cute.
Toritsuka jogs behind you two, and nudges Saiki when he catches up, "you two screwing around on the staircase?"
"Huh?!" You leap back
He burst out into laughter, "well I'd be damned, who would've thought you'd get some action before me! At school too? You two shared your first kiss at school?! Freaks-"
Toritsuka is promptly sent flying.
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misschxrry · a month ago
read your mind - k.s.
character: kusuo saiki
word count: ~1592
a/n: kusuo is aged up (18+) :)
content warnings: AFAB reader, smut, lewd talk, heavy teasing, light breeding mention, unprotected sex (pls don’t do this) mild pet-play, tummy bulge (blink and you’ll miss it), overstimulation, maid lingerie, daddy calling, light aftercare, quite vanilla, kinda bad story tbh, not proof-read
Tumblr media
you waited as kusuo took forever to get back home from the café after school. getting coffee jelly after university was normal for him, but he never took this long. it was nearing 7:00 when you started to get worried.
“yare yare, don’t worry” you heard his voice echo in your head.
you told yourself you would get used to him in your mind, but you still haven’t. smiling happily, you went to the front door to greet your boyfriend. the door swung open as he stood there, a bag in his hand with his school bag hanging off his shoulder as he strolled in the door.
“hi ku! how was class today?” you asked, following his lead like a puppy.
“same old. i brought you a gift.” he spoke.
he only used his actual voice when the two of you were alone. this was his way of letting you know you’re different from everyone else, that he loves you.
“oh really? you didn’t have to!” you said excitedly, reaching for the delicately wrapped box in his outstretched hand.
he sat on the couch and gazed at you while you unwrapped it. you sat next to him and completely unraveled the gift to find... lingerie?
“o-oh... kusuo?” you stuttered, completely taken aback.
it was a skimpy maid costume. you lifted it up and fully examined it. it was a very short black apron with white ruffly lace details on the hem and bust. the underwear was mesh black with matching white lacy ruffles. there was also a black headband adorned with pink and white dog ears. lastly, there was white lace thigh high socks and a pink thigh garter detailed with a heart.  the set was adorable, and truthfully, lingerie has always been of interest to you, you just never thought kusuo was into it.
“i know you’ve been eyeing some lately, and i thought we would both enjoy this set.” he softly stated.
is he reading your thoughts?
ku always puts his ring on when he’s home alone with you, again, it’s his way of showing his love to you. you looked over to his hand, and unsurprisingly, his germanium ring was on.
you peered back toward kusuo, and noticed his hands were shaking. you’ve never seen him so nervous, actually, you haven’t seen him anxious at all. you placed your hand over his and caressed it.
“ku, baby, thank you! i was just— speechless. i wouldn’t have ever expected that from you. but again, thank you, i love you, and we can try this out whenever you want.” you said sweetly and rested your head in the crook of his neck.
this shaking eased and you felt him get up.
“put it on. now.” he demanded, and casually walked to the bedroom.
you gulped and watched him strut away in the darkness of the hall. but, you obeyed him. immediately stripping your pyjamas and dressing in the slutty maid ‘uniform.’ you were thinking about kusuo’s demands though. sure, he was blunt and straight to the point, but between his tone and the gift, something must be up. you fasten the garter to the sock and look in the mirror. of course, it was the right size and fit perfectly. you looked at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes until you heard him grunt from the room, snapping you out of your head.
“you look fine y/n, now come here. don’t leave me waiting any longer.”  even with his ring on he can read your mind, he just knows you too well.
you walked into the dimly lit room to find kusuo sitting on the edge of the bed, his blazer off and his tie loosened. he motioned for you to come over, and you obeyed. you stood a bit in front of him, until he took your hands and led you closer to him. with his legs parted, you stood between them as his face was right in front of your stomach. he looked up at you with those slanted, determined eyes and moved his hands up and down your thighs. he went back down toward your knees and forced them to buckle, making you land on his lap, straddling him. then, he continued to feel on your ass and thighs, it was arguably his favourite part about you. he knew you were a bit insecure about them too, so he always made sure to give them extra love.
kusuo leaned in and kissed you. he started sucking on your tongue and lips. the kiss was heavy, messy, and wet, just how he liked it. he ran his cold hands up your uncovered back, causing you to shiver. he gripped your waist and held you down even firmer In his lap, your aching core pressed right above his cock, radiating heat and making you leak even more. you started to grind on him, pressing for some friction, desperate for contact. ku laughed at your attempt and leaned out of the kiss.
“my baby is that needy for my cock, huh? you want me that bad?” he purred in your ear, kissing and sucking on your neck.
“yes, ku. i need you.” you muttered back, rolling your hips more into him, searching for more of him.
“fine then, my needy little pup.” he peeled you off his lap and laid you out softly on the bed. his figure lingered above you, standing, as he quickly made work out of the rest of his clothing, leaving his boxers on.
“you look beautiful, Y/N.” kusuo reassured, climbing on top of you. smiling prettily, you looped your arms around his neck and pulled him in close, kissing his lips sweetly. as he went back to sucking on your bottom lip. he moved his knee up to your soaked panties, teasing you even further as you leaked on the bedsheets underneath. hearing your whimpers only made him quicken his pace and press firmer on your poor cunt.
finally, he lifts his knee up and pulls out his throbbing, aching dick, precum drooling all over his tip. he continues to rub it up and down your now unclothed  slit, teasing you even further.
“k-ku, i can’t take much more…” you warn, moaning out. he simply nods and stirs at your entrance, lightly teasing your hole before pushing all of himself in with a low groan. he lifted your leg up on his shoulder to get a better angle, and caressed your calf as he stroked in and out of you.
“you always feel so good to me, baby.” kusuo moaned out, quickening his pace and reaching down to your belly. he pressed at his cock buldging in your tummy as he went in and out. the new-found pressure makes you start to moan even louder, turning into high-pitched whines.
“yea? you feel how deep i am in you? i’m going to fill you up love.” he moaned, his own voice wavering at the overwhelming sensation of you clenching down on him and sucking him even deeper inside.
“keep doing that, and i’m going to put a b-baby in you.” he stuttered.
“d-do it, cum in me ku. w-wanna feel you more.” you whined out, and ku knew you were close. he moved his hand from your stomach and moved it to your clit.
“come on, cum for me darling. i want you to cum all over my cock.” he leaned down and whispered in your ear. this was enough to send you over the edge and release. you felt kusuo start to throb and come undone in you, and you hummed in satisfaction, thinking it was over.
“you thought that was it, pet?” he smirked, flipping you on your stomach.
“be a good little puppy and wag your tail for daddy, hmm?” you wordlessly obeyed and arched your back, grinding your ass against his already hard again dick. he chuckled and forced your face down even deeper into the pillow. without any further words, he thrusted himself into your overly sensitive cunt again, with little regard for your current touchy state. ruthlessly pounding into you from behind, giving you no time to coome down from your previous high. riding out your high in a very fast, aggressive maner made you feel the band at your belly tighten. you tried to warn kusuo about it, but only nonsense babbled out of your mouth.
“shhhh baby, i know. don’t you worry darling, all daddy wants you to do is feel good, okay?” you couldn’t even reply, so you just moaned louder in response and felt yourself start to cum, a lot. you felt him thrust sloppier, signaling he was close behind you. to kusuo, feeling you cum all over him, convulsing tighter around him, made him release in you once more, holding your hips tight against his with a firm grip. finally, he pushed your hips down and collapsed next to you, breathing heavily and sweat rolling off his pale body.
“was i too rough sweetie?” he asked, caressing your things gently.
you smiled and nodded sweetly, still unable to speak. kusuo wordlessly got up to grab you a towel, water, and some snacks. he hummed lightly as he cleaned you up carefully, then placed the water and snacks on your bedside table. kusuo climbed into bed and pulled you into his chest, singing softly as he stroked your hair and sweaty skin.
“i love you.” was the last thing uttered between you two before drifting into a deep, romantic, and comfortable sleep.
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duckymcdoorknob · 2 months ago
Hello! I'm here for another order, if isn't too much!
I would like a dark chocolate in oval form, with ganache, oreo and raspberry creme fillings! With Gold Foil (Saiki himself). Have a great day! :)
I WILL be having a great day now, I wish you one as well.
So you better have one (ง'̀-'́)ง
This one’s a specific scenario! Oopsie he’s a little OOC here, but oh well.
𝑇ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑏𝑜𝑥 𝑤𝑎𝑠 ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑓𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑏𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠 𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑙𝑦 ❤︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Slamming your pencil down on your desk for the umpteenth time, you raked your head through your hands. While scanning the room, you noticed your peers easily scribbling away at the test paper in front of them. Curse these stupid standardized tests…
Eventually, you gave up and just decided to Christmas tree the rest of the exam. You finished with an hour to spare, excusing yourself to another room to “finish a project.”
When you reached your destination of an empty classroom, you shut the door behind you and sit against the opposing wall. Holding a hand over your mouth, you begin to feel tears brim at your eyes in frustration.
Why did it feel like you constantly failed at your studies? This test didn’t account for anything, yet you still felt like you’d disappointed your teacher above everything else.
You rested your forearms on your knees, hanging your head in between your legs.
You tried to fight back your tears, but they just continued to burn in your eyes.
“Damnit” you cursed in a low voice, “Why am I not good enough?”
A gentle rapping at the door of the classroom interrupted your thoughts. Covering your mouth with wide eyes, you curled more into the corner.
“(Y/N) I know you’re in here, I’m coming in.” An all-too-familiar voice noted.
Averting your gaze, you closed your puffy and teary eyes. The last thing you wanted was to tell him what was happening…
The door opened and you were met with Kusuo, who was clearly taken aback by your condition.
“Woah, hey are you crying?” Before his mind caught up, his feet had moved to your side and he was standing there patiently
“It’s the dumbest thing in the world, Saiki. No need to worry about it or me…” you grumbled in reply, shifting to turn away from him.
“If you say so…” he replied suspiciously, turning toward the door.
“Wait I-“ your voice broke, “I didn’t mean it. Please don’t leave me…”
“I wouldn’t dream of it. So please tell me… What’s going on?” Saiki asked gently, kneeling down and placing a hand on your shoulder.
You sniffled loudly and leaned into him, “I’m just so tired of not being good enough, Saiki. I’m so… I’m so jealous of you. Jealous of our peers. Jealous of those who are naturally adapted to school.”
“We’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses.” He replied in a hushed tone, gently running his hand along your back.
“I just can’t figure out what mine are… I’m failing everytime I try a new thing that I don’t remember what doing well is like anymore.” You mumbled, sniffling once more.
“Well I can tell you a few.” He began with a little tinge of amusement in his tone, “You’re a brilliant debater. You always present such amazing research to support our in class discussions, your projects are always really thorough and well thought out, you always know the answer to the questions in class…”
Saiki continued to list all of the things about you that he just adored: how you always were on top of your lessons, how you never were scared of challenging a wrong answer, how you would help him with questions that even he didn’t know sometimes.
He did this while casually holding you close to his chest and running his fingertips among the lengths of your arms.
Eventually, you had stopped crying, and were just shooting the breeze with your friend. Chatting about anything and everything would soon become your new normal.
You didn’t know how Saiki had knew where you were, it was almost like he was psychic…
Regardless of the reason, you sure were glad he did.
❣︎𝑉𝑎𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑒’𝑠 𝐶ℎ𝑜𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝐸𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡❣︎
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