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#sailor moon

I never shipped Reinako but in PGSM..well that’s another story

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When the sensei get older their uniforms will change into something that will look less like a sailor fuku.

(fanart source, used with permission)

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Various pics from the many different versions of Sera Myu, the Sailor Moon musicals. Have you seen any of them? Do you have a favorite?

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「 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie Trailer 」| Sailor Mars

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Ugh, Toei should be ashamed…

I’m so disappointed by this…

They literally animated one of the most progressive anime of the 90s (Sailor Moon with its representation of queer characters, both in canon and not) as well as the remake.

It is so disheartening that they are acting this way.

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A little Sailor Moon fanart!

I deleted the previous post because I noticed a little mistake, so here it is again

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This is one of the early art of Myself (though it is late).

2021. 01. 27.

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