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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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GOT characters in Naruto. Boruto era. Hear me out.

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie are Genin team mates! Arya crushes on Gendry and makes a mistake trying to impress him.

Jon is an ANBU

Robb is being considered for Jonin instructing a team.

Sansa is a Chunin but isn’t the most active for a hidden reason.

Bran is going to be a scientist

Rickon’s in school.

The Starks are a lesser clan who were overshadowed by guys like Madara and the first Hokage.

Jon is dating the last targaryen. Daenerys. Her family once ruled as unbelievably powerful rivaling the Uchiha and the Senju. But madara and hashirama pushed the Uchiha and Senju so far ahead. When it becomes times to form the leaf they refuse. Madara later kills most of them. A few survive. It isn’t unti the remaining are killed during the 4th great ninja war. That Dany is brought to leaf as a young girl. Where she meets Jon. Becoming fast friends and rivals.

Robert was team mates with lyanna stark and rhaegar targaryen who left behind there new born when they died fighting to protect Naruto during the war. Lyanna becoming legendary for her actions.

But back to Gendrya!

So Arya’s dream is to join the ANBU like her favorite brother.

Gendry wants to find a family of his own

Hot Pie wants to be the worlds best ninja who can also cook!

Trained by Syrio a young but impressive man recently given the rank of Jonin per Sakura herself requesting it.

So the context is. I have this image with Gendry and Arya constantly trying to impress each other.

Once more this is why I don’t post at 3 in the morning before work

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I was thinking

I quit my job and currently unemployed and I didn’t have much to do. I’m trying to improve my English language skills and my healing process is going well, why don’t I take request for multisaku fan fiction

Do you think it’ll work out

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Gravity Waves - Meet Princess Tiana
Tetsuo: Whoa, hold it! Hold it!
Princess Tiana: Who, who are you?
Tetsuo: Nobody knows.
Sakura: Just us. They are Tetsuo and Bartholomew and I'm Sakura.
Princess Tiana: Oh. I thought you were somebody else. I thought you were following me.
Tetsuo: What? No.
Princess Tiana: What are you doing out here?
Bartholomew: We're lost and we're looking for something to eat.
Sakura: Yeah. We're kinda hungry.
Princess Tiana: Oh, well, um, I've got shrimp and an crab food and.....
Sakura: So, your name's Frida and you ran away from home.
Princess Tiana: How did you know?
Sakura: Your name is on your necklace.
Princess Tiana: Oh! Yes. It's Princess Tiana. I'm not afraid, I don't have a home anymore. I…I'm a princess. My father died when I am 19 years.
Sakura: What about Naveen?
Bartholomew: What happened to him?
Princess Tiana: My prince was on an expedition climbing in the mountains when the snow gave way in a, a...
Tetsuo: Avalanche?
Princess Tiana: Uh-huh, and he was the most wonderful prince in the world. He had his own special place just for the two of us, and...
Sakura: And that's where you were going?
Princess Tiana: Uh-huh, and to get away from Master Squid. He's not really my uncle, just my guardian, he's taken over the house, she moved my room to the attic and gave my room to her Chow-chow dog, Takara Rock.
Tetsuo: Takara Rock?
Princess Tiana: Master Squid was always calling me princess. She even stole my necklace and threw it out the window, but I climbed down and found it...
Sakura: And kept on running.
Princess Tiana: As fast as I could, and I'm never going back.
Tetsuo: Oh, smart, real smart, princess. You got a roof over your head, three strong meals, one day and a warm bed.... Who wanna leave that?
Sakura: I hate to admit it, Tiana, but Bailey's right. You never know what you're missing til you don't have it.
Princess Tiana: You don't know Master Squid. He seems extreme, but underneath he's big, real mean cyborg!
Bartholomew: Ah, c'mon. I'll bet he's frantic looking for you.
Tetsuo: Oh, sure! She's crying her eyes out for you right this minute…
Iron Golem: [He arrives at the Thug Tug, and notices soap on Bailey's footprint.] Hmm... [He blows the soap, forming a bubble. Images of Tetsuo, Sakura and Bartholomew giggling appear in it. Suddenly, all of the mobs appear]
Enderman: Hey! [Iron Golem turns around] You may not know it, cowboy, but we got a rule around here about blowing bubbles. [Snaps his fingers and all of the mobs say the rule]
All Mobs: All bubble-blowing babies will be beaten senseless by--
All Mobs: [Enderman crashlands into the Thug Tug. The Tug tilts back and quickly sinks off over a cliff. Iron Golem drives away as the mobs watch in fear.]
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