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Can you please write something on the trope enemies to lovers for haikyuu boys (SUNA OFC, kuroo, atsumu and sakusa) where both characters are still at the "enemies" stage but then someone flirts w the reader and the boy gets jealous and then what he does👀 ALSHQKHS i read something like this somewhere and straight up combusted and i wanna read smth like that for haikyuu in your writing 😩
thank u heheheh
Tumblr media
✧ characters : suna rintarou; sakusa kiyoomi; miya atsumu; kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader ✧ genre : uh slightly suggestive (especially in atsumu's part, and kuroo's); angst if you squint ✧ warnings : um a lot of cursing and the boys being stoopidly jealous ✧ a/n : nonnie bby i absolutely lOVED writing this sjakjsk thank u sooo much for requesting lovely, i hope you'll enjoy (not proofread)
Tumblr media
✧ SUNA was pissed. with the way he was quietly sitting, arms crossed, his eyes fixed on something, someone - you - and looking as deadpan as he usually did, no one could actually tell that he was mad. he couldn’t describe what was irking him so much. maybe the way you were smiling so brightly at that stupid guy who has been eyeing you since you’ve stepped into the bar? or, perhaps, was it because you kept leaning into that asshole while batting your lashes and looking so fucking pretty? suna had no clue. but what he was so sure about was that he’d gladly punch that random fuck square in the face, right here, right now, when he saw his arm looped around your waist.
and the way you didn’t look bothered by it had him clench his jaw in annoyance. he hated, hated, hated the way anything you did or said affected him so greatly. suna was no fool. he knew what was hidden behind these feelings - what they meant. he just refused to see them, admit them to himself. maybe he was too proud; perhaps his ego was a tad bigger that it should be or it might be just the fear of what would happen if he bared himself to you. but suna, as stubborn as he was, refused. he rejected the idea of loving you out of everyone. yet when he saw you in the arms of another, smiling for someone else, showing unwavering attention to someone who wasn’t him, he felt emotions he never knew he was capable of.
they were a strange, unfamiliar mix of hurting and anger; sadness and annoyance. was this jealousy? was it jealousy that drove him to stand up from his seat and walk your way, not even thinking through it? or was he just an absolute idiot who thought gripping at the arm of the stranger next to you would be a good idea? whatever was the right answer, suna didn’t care about it because your pretty eyes were finally on him - glaring - and he felt smug satisfaction flood his chest.
“let me go, suna!” you yelled at him, writhing as he dragged you out of the bar and far from who could have been a little date. saying you were angry would be an understatement. you were beyond pissed when suna pushed you against a wall and even more mad when he leaned into your personal space. with a victorious smirk, he pulled you into a short kiss. but it was long enough for you to feel the soft touch of his skin, the tender way he cradled your face and all of it felt so different from your usual arguing and screaming and backlashing. and it left you breathless, almost chasing after his lips for more - but you didn’t get any after that one. “i don’t like it when you stray away from me,” suna mumbled against your lips and went back inside, leaving you confused and dazed, anger long forgotten. ✧ SAKUSA had murder on his mind when he saw you and another bastard - some guy you met a few days ago - he didn’t even know of. he actually never wanted to see you in the first place and liked to think he never did. running into you at the mall was a complete coincidence. he was clueless of what he was supposed to do, simply staring at you and wondering what would happen if he approached you. but that was until you lifted your head up from your phone, offering one of your dazzling - what? - smiles at a figure walking your way and sakusa scowled. who even was that person? sakusa, eyebrows furrowed, watched as you two conversed happily and his chest hurt at the sight.
his heart clenched and he felt a stinging pain in the depths of his chest but he couldn’t get himself to look away from both of you. a part of him, as little as it was, wished he could be the one you’d smile up at the you did. that he’d have the chance to see your eyes glinting with mirth as you poke fun at each other. but he was painfully aware of how impossible it’d be for you to feel the same way he did. so the next time he saw you during a night out with your mutual friends, he couldn’t help himself. he blamed it on the few drinks he had when he sat next to you and blamed it on the fuzziness in his brain for getting closer. he couldn’t help it when his hand found yours and his breath hitched in his throat when he met your burning gaze.
something about the darkness and the hate swirling in your eyes had heat pool at the pit of his stomach and he wondered what the fuck was wrong with him. “what?” you asked, slapping his hand away and sakusa fell for you all over again. he didn’t know what to say. he wanted you all for himself and hated it when your attention wasn’t on him and him only. maybe that was the reason why he loved to get on your nerves, to push your buttons with the simplest of actions. he loved the way you got smart-mouthed with him, all proud of yourself when you saw the tiny frown on his face when you talked back. little did you know it only made his want - his need - for you grow bigger.
so the next thing he did might not be the best decision in his entire life but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. not when you looked so unfairly pretty and especially not when a certain bastard was looking your way from the entrance of the bar. “don’t look the other way,” sakusa breathed out after parting away from your lips pulling his mask back up but you caught a glimpse of his unnerving smirk. you didn’t know what he meant by that, didn’t bother to ask what he was talking about. you just wanted to melt under his touch, feel more of him, already growing addicted to his taste and you hated the thought of wanting him as much as you loved it. ✧ ATSUMU’s blood was boiling. if looks had the ability to kill, the moron beside you would have gone through over ten deaths by now. atsumu was clenching his glass so tightly in his hand the bartender was afraid he would crush it into countless pieces. waves of wrath were drowning down the pang of hurting he felt. atsumu ignored the sadness and the clenching of his heart, channeling his focus on his ongrowing annoyance and his anger instead.
and, as if you sensed the whirlwind of emotions a few feet away from you, as if to add fuel to the fire, you let your hand travel to the back of the man’s head. he looked surprised yet seemed to like your actions, leaning his face closer to you and you stopped yourself from grimacing at the feel of his hot breath fanning over your skin, bile rising up in your throat at his alcohol-filled breath. atsumu didn’t seem to notice your discomfort yet he still had enough from the show you were putting on. so, slamming his drink on the table and spilling some of it around, he stood up, gripped your wrist and pulled you out of the nightclub.
his patience was running thinner that it ever had in his twenty-three years of existence and, still not thinking straight - because when does he ever? - he slammed you against a wall outside, in an alleyway not too far from the club and leaned to your height, face close to yours. your breath hitched in your throat from the sudden impact and at the flames burning in his honey-colored irises and you felt heat pool in your stomach. but you didn’t let your desire show, deciding to glare up at him instead which seemed to only anger atsumu even more - perfect.
lips slammed against yours with force and you choked on a whimper when atsumu’s tongue grazed yours, when his lips teeth nipped at your bottom lip and when he sucked at the skin of your neck, leaving trails of red and purple on the delicate skin. out of breath, he leaned his hand next to your head, lips brushing over yours. “look at me,” he breathed out and you were confused at his words because your eyes were already glued to his. with a final bruising kiss, atsumu brought you both back to the club, smiling smugly when he saw the shocked look on the moron’s face when he caught a glimpse of your neck littered in hickeys and bite marks. ✧ KUROO’s laugh failed to bring your attention towards him and he clenched his fist under the table while he rested his chin on his other hand to listen to what kenma had to say. seated in a booth at the back of the restaurant, you, kuroo, kenma and a friend of you were eager to introduce the long-haired one to - not kuroo though, the bastard invited himself - were animatedly chatting about whatever. you didn’t pay actual attention to the conversation, only stifling giggles behind your hand when the men were laughing and throwing a few flirtatious remarks to your friend.
the moment you knew kuroo would come, you made it your goal to rile him up. you felt a little guilty to use your friend this way but the variations of reactions you got from the idiot - as you loved to call him - were really interesting and even easier to catch as he sat right in front of you. when you leaned towards the man beside you, kuroo’s fist clenched and when you rested a hand on the other’s forearm, his jaw tightened. and when you whispered something in his ear that had his cheeks turning a pretty rosy shade, kuroo’s glare was so dark it sent shivers down your spine and you felt delightful when his burning gaze met yours.
as soon as the two others were gone in the restroom, you took it as your opportunity to test kuroo’s patience even more, taking a seat beside him and resting your cheek on your hand while staring at his face. “why do you look so mad?” you asked in faux-concern, smiling up innocently at him. you could tell that his patience was slowly exceeding his limits by the way he stared down at you, eyes all dark and his face screamed danger with how close it got to yours. you expected him to tease you back, turn the tables, ignore you - whatever the fuck that wasn’t that. you expected anything but finding yourself trapped under him on the booth, hands gripping at his shoulders to push him off because goddamnit kuroo, we’re in fucking public!
but kuroo didn’t care whether people watched or not. kuroo didn’t give two flying fucks if your stupid little friend was back from the restroom or not. actually he was glad that he got to see you under him, squirming and flustered. you looked so cute trying to act all angry and mad when you were pulling him in and you were so adorable with how you groaned in annoyance when your eyes were begging for a taste. so kuroo indulged you. he pulled you up in a sitting position, locked lips with yours while keeping his glare set on the man behind you, licked into your mouth possessively then parted away. “keep your eyes on me, yeah?” he said, chuckling when you nodded eagerly, already chasing for his lips.
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reblogs are highly appreciated!
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I think I like drawing eyes
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haikyuu boys as my favorite lyrics from love songs pt 1
a/n: honestly writing fluff for myself at this point LOL but i wanna do a pt 2 because i just love sharing my random ass music taste!
“and i’d give up forever to touch you / ‘cause i know that you’d feel me somehow / you’re the closest to heaven that i’ll ever be / and i don’t wanna go home right now” from iris by the goo goo dolls
SAKUSA, asahi, iwaizumi, kageyama
“this right here still feels like a honeymoon / when you say my name, nothing’s changed / i’m still a boy inside my thoughts / am i meant to understand my thoughts?” from pluto projector by rex orange county
oikawa, OSAMU, nishinoya, semi
“a heart that yearns is always young / but you can’t love just anyone / it’s been a while since 21 / i still feel the same” from home by bruno major
atsumu, SUNA, tanaka, yamaguchi
“look at the stars / look how they shine for you / and everything you do / yea they were all yellow” from yellow by coldplay
tsukishima, KENMA, bokuto, kuroo
“can we write a novel too? / something beautiful and new / tales of glory and of truth / a grander story of me and of you” from can i have the day with you by sam ock and michelle
akaashi, HINATA, sugawara, aone
“my cherie amour / pretty little one that i adore / you’re the only girl my heart beats for / how i wish that you were mine” from my cherie amour by stevie wonder
kita, DAICHI, aran, matsukawa
“i know you could hurt me / but maybe you’re hurting / has anyone asked you if you’re okay? / ‘cause i know you mean no harm / can i hold you in my arms? / i’ll try my best to take away the pain” from loved like this by tatiana manaois
kyotani, TENDOU, ushijima, terushima
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cripplingaddictions · a day ago
Hello Stays and haikyuu stans
I now stand for the perm jeongin as sakusa agenda:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · a month ago
Tumblr media
hq boys that grab your face, nod your head and make you repeat their praise back to them when they're fucking you dumb. "you look pretty like this, hm? mhm. say it."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi + kyoutani + oikawa + atsumu + osamu + suna + daichi + sugawara + ukai + kuroo + sakusa + tendou + ushijima
Tumblr media
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lausterdomyamong · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah feel my pain bby ❤
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sakusa likes to recharge between your thighs—
He comes home from an awful practice? Parts your thighs and lays with his face smushed in the fat, taking a deep breath of your scent and taking comfort in the warmth that radiates from you into him.
His manager and PR have been on at him about being more open to the public? He sits on the bed, watching tv in complete silence with your legs either side of his ears, your fingers cading through his curls, wrapping them around your finger before letting the bounce back to his scalp. Pretty eyes fluttering shut and falling asleep in a gentle nap
Sakusa is angry? Angry at atsumu for winding him up all practice? Your legs are being pinned to the bed, thighs stretched and wide as your pretty pussy flutters at him and he decides this is how he wants to let our his tension. Messily and angrily spitting on your cunt and tongue fucking your tiny hole until you’re unravelling and gripping his curls and pushing your hips to meet his eager mouth. Strong fingers gripping your thighs until they’re sore and shaking with pleasure.
He’s tired from overly training and too many matches in a short amount of time? There’s an insane amount of lube being squeezed between your thighs that press together, one hand squeezing your ankles in the air as the other hand guides his leaking cock between the fat. This way he doesn’t have to be careful— he can fuck the stresses and pressures of his life away without hurting you, without hitting your cervix. Instead he can let the head of his cock catch your clit and drag through the lube and Precum that covers your skin until he’s shooting ropes of hot cum against your stomach and throbbing clit. Sturdy fingers dropping your thighs and gathering the cum as he rubs messily on your clit until you’re cumming too, body a mess and wrecked from his strength
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
WARNINGS ⨾ PDA, implied!semi-public sex, semi-public handjob, grinding, nudes
a/n ⨾ I really wanted to test these banners out so ig today’s the big heart aesthetics debut!! Also, hi I’m back from my hiatus ♡
❥ haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝔟𝔬𝔨𝔲𝔱𝔬 𝔨𝔬𝔲𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔲
♥︎ He’s right where you agreed to meet him
♥︎ 6’2” Bokuto isn’t at all hard to spot
♥︎ Immediately, your eyes trail to his big hands that were covering his crotch area
♥︎ He looks… uneasy
♥︎ “I have a problem.”
♥︎ He quickly lifts his hands, letting you take a peak and you notice how big of a problem it is
♥︎ The thick fabric of his sweatpants barely did anything to hide the outline of his erection
♥︎ “Kou, it’s okay,” you assure him, standing in front of him as you help him hide his print away from any onlookers
♥︎ “Can we please take care of it?” He asks sheepishly
♥︎ “Of course! Where’d you park your car?” ♡
Tumblr media
𝔦𝔴𝔞𝔦𝔷𝔲𝔪𝔦 𝔥𝔞𝔧𝔦𝔪𝔢
♥︎ You lay your hand on top of his thigh, squeezing it hard whenever a scary scene pops up
♥︎ It doesn’t matter whose idea it was to watch this movie
♥︎ Because he has since abandoned all hopes of following the plot
♥︎ All he could think of is you and how dangerously close your hand is to his crotch
♥︎ … and how much tighter his pants are getting
♥︎ “Fuck.”
♥︎ “Haji? What’s wrong.”
♥︎ What with the only light source being the dark theater screen, you can barely make anything out of his expression
♥︎ But you can see that his hand is balled in a fist and he’s pressing it just above his thigh
♥︎ Taking advantage of the dark, your fingers immediately latch on to his zipper
♥︎ “What are you doing?” He asks, eyes darting left and right to see if anyone’s watching
♥︎ “Shh.”
♥︎ Luckily, the cinema isn’t packed
♥︎ He unbuttons his jeans, swiftly wriggling his pants and boxers just a tad lower, allowing you enough access to his warm cock
♥︎ You’re only able to pump the upper half of his cock with your fingers
♥︎ If you asked him, he’d much rather have you on your knees right now, but this’ll have to do
♥︎ And hell does your hand feel good
♥︎ “Fuck,” he says under his breath, chest heaving up and down as he tries his best to keep a straight face
Tumblr media
𝔨𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔬 𝔱𝔢𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔲
♥︎ He feels guilty for not having seen you all week
♥︎ Even cancelled on you once or twice because he had to work overtime
♥︎ He’s wondering how he can make it up to you
♥︎ Surprising him with lunch in his office takes the worry off his back
♥︎ He really really appreciates the gesture
♥︎ But why did you have to wear that
♥︎ When he comes to greet you, your eyes immediately trail to the building strain on his pants
♥︎ “My office,” he says, planting a kiss on your cheek before grabbing your arm
♥︎ He locks the door behind you, shutting the blinds before crashing his lips onto yours
♥︎ “You little tease.”
♥︎ “Heh, I’m gad you noticed. You brought me here for revenge then?”
♥︎ He gently pushes you to lie face down on his table, brushing your panties aside as he strokes your folds with his thumb
♥︎ He tilts your face to look at his. He smiles at what he sees, ready to make up for the entire week that he spent without you
♥︎ “No, I brought you here for lunch.”
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔞𝔨𝔲𝔰𝔞 𝔨𝔦𝔶𝔬𝔬𝔪𝔦
♥︎ “Omi, are you… I can feel you—”
♥︎ “I know, stay still.”
♥︎ You stop by the railing in the middle of the mall, overlooking the passersby on the first floor
♥︎ He rests both hands on the railing, trapping you in between his arms
♥︎ His hard-on is pressed and subtly grinding against your ass
♥︎ Trying his best not to make any big movements
♥︎ “Your fault,” he says, nostrils flaring as he buries his face in the crook of your neck
♥︎ You teased him too much in the car while he was trying to park
♥︎ Tracing your fingers along his thighs, then his zipper right when you were already where you needed to be
♥︎ He felt that it could wait so he brushed it off
♥︎ But he suddenly remembered what you did
♥︎ “We could cancel dinner and order takeout? What d’ya say?” ♡
♥︎ “Fine. I’ll get you later when we get home.”
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔲𝔫𝔞 𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔲
♥︎ You’re minding your own business by the bleachers, busying yourself scrolling through your phone as you wait for him to finish training
♥︎ You fail to notice the tall figure creeping up from behind you
♥︎ The back of his hand brushes along your spine
♥︎ Like always, Suna loves to come to you after training
♥︎ He would wrap a lazy arm around you, dried sweat and all before he hits the showers
♥︎ “Go shower,” you tease, not even sparing him one glance as your eyes are still glued to your phone
♥︎ He was about to
♥︎ But then something on your phone caught his eye
♥︎ Three or four mirror shots of you, wearing his jersey
♥︎ Wearing only his jersey
♥︎ And the shots were from an angle you’ve never sent him before
♥︎ “You’re coming with me.”
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ Boys + their viral tweet
alternatively, hq boys as tweets on the TL lol
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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haikyuuublog · a month ago
Have this dumb little meme I made BDJXKCKC
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ch0s0 · 2 months ago
hq guys when you fall asleep on the couch
Tumblr media
[with: iwaizumi, atsumu, kuroo, oikawa, sakusa] [warnings: mentions of them picking u up but that’s all] [a/n: these men... istg kuroo has me by the tail, i’m whipped]
Tumblr media
-> IWAIZUMI sighed, eyes flicking open as he patted the spot next to him, hands grasping at empty air, trying lazily to find you. it isn’t until he drags himself out of bed, wiping the sleep out of his eyes that he finds you, curled up on the living room couch half covered by a too small blanket. “come on lets get you to bed” he mutters, scooping you up carefully, trying not to wake you. his hold is tight on you, hands finding purchase wrapped under your arms and legs, the pads of his thumbs rubbing soothing circles on the exposed skin in an attempt to keep you from waking. “almost there darling, just gotta get you through this- doorway” he grunts, angling his body so you both go through in one quick motion. warmth pools in his chest as you sleepily snuggle closer, causing him to squeeze you tighter before softly laying you down onto the bed. “sleep tight babe” he murmurs before pressing a sloppy kiss to your forehead, tumbling into bed beside you.
-> ATSUMU it’d been a while since you and atsumu had been able to spend some time together, and to be honest you missed him. and you said you’d just close your eyes for a second, but seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into a few hours so that by the time the door creaked open accompanied by a jangle of keys, you were well asleep. “darlin? you still up” atsumu whispers, inching towards the couch as he sets his gym bag down, a smile stretching his lips as he watches you sleeping peacefully. “i guess that’s a no then huh? if you can just scooch over... yeah like that” he grunts, having sandwhiched himself between you and the couch cushions, the only thing actually keeping you on the couch is his steady grip around your waist. carefully, he slides you on top of him, resting your head on his chest, before nuzzling his head against yours, finally taking a breath “now ya don’t hafta to spend the night by yerself doll, i’ll see ya bright n’ early” dw he doesn’t smell, he showered at practice
-> KUROO frowned the moment he walked in the door, seeing you curled up on the couch, head hanging over the edge, throughly exhausted from your day. quietly, kuroo sets his things down before grabbing a blanket, carefully tossing it over your sleeping form. “hey now” he coos “don’t wake up pretty please... here-” he yanks off his shoes, almost falling over in the process causing you’re eyebrows to knit together at the sound, face twisting at the commotion. slowly, he lowers himself down on the couch, pulling you against his chest as he tucks the blanket in around you both. “there now, i can’t have you sleeping without me?” he chuckles at his words, eyes softening as he looks down at you, one arm securely wrapped around your waist as if someone would try to take you from him. “see you in the morning, love you hun” flash forward to the morning when you both have terrible neck cricks :/
-> OIKAWA “easy does it, here- yeah, now the other leg” oikawa grunts, sliding your half asleep figure onto his back. he couldn’t have left you to spend the night all alone on the couch now could he? you have to sleep next to him, that’s a given or else he’s doesn’t plan on getting any sleep, period. slowly, he stands up, situating you on his back before heading to the bedroom, thumb rubbing circles on your thigh as you snuggle closer into him, inhaling a scent mixed of shampoo and aftershave. lowering you down on to the bed, oikawa does his best to tuck your splayed out arms against your body, pulling the blanket up to your neck before stepping back to look at his handy work. “there” he mumbles, leaning down to place a chaste kiss to your temple, only to see your eyes lazily blink open as he pulls back. “you missed a spot” you mumble, half delirious, a loopy smile stretching your face. “i did?” “you did” nodding you point to your lips, flailing your arms towards him “oinks” you pout, successfully grabbing him, pulling him down, his lips meeting yours. his mouth is soft against yours as you pull him deeper towards you, only letting go to catch your breath “that’s more like it”
-> SAKUSA didn’t like the idea of you sleeping on the couch by yourself, but he also didn’t want to accidentally wake you up moving you into the bedroom, so that’s how he ended up with a makeshift pallette on the floor beside the couch. “your lucky i love you babe, i’m risking a bad back on this” he mutters, pressing a kiss to the knuckles of your hand that’s dangling off the couch, before relaxing on to the ‘bed’. “are you sure you’re asleep or are you just messing with me?” he mumbles, taking your silence as a yes, he props himself up on his knees, resting his head near yours on the couch, soft eyes scanning your face. “stop staring at me like that while i’m sleeping you creep” you mumble after a few minutes, opening an eye as you push his face away with your hand. “so you were awake you little brat... come on we’re going to bed” sakusa hoists you over his shoulder, walking into the bedroom before tossing you down onto the bed in a fit of giggles “that was adorable you know. i didn’t think you’d actually sleep out there with me” “shut up”
Tumblr media
masterlist requests open join my taglist here
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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tameshrimp · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy belated birthday! @kiyoomis 
This edit is wholly dedicated to you.
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miyamartina · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
trying out a different render. Xhhdbdgchdbd
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anyanary · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The last drawing was too soft looking for me to NOT turn it into sakuatsu, the brainrot continues
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adoringhaikyuu · a month ago
sakusa x gn!reader
Tumblr media
sakusa pouts as you coat your lips with lip balm, running the stick over your top, then your bottom lip, over and over. he watches the stick go from left to right almost resentfully, but still entranced nonetheless. you can sense his stare on you in the back of your mind, but you're too preoccupied, focusing on the task at hand.
he huffs when you still haven't put the lip balm away five seconds later. he's being dramatic, he knows. but it's for good reason.
"don't you think you've put enough?" he practically mumbles out aggressively, "maybe even too much?"
that makes you pause, your hand in the air, lip balm still on your lip. you look over at him questioningly and hesitantly. "...what?" you put the cap on and put it away, slowly rubbing your lips together.
his eyes catch on the movement of your lips and he gets temporarily distracted before he sighs and bites the inside of his cheek almost sheepishly as he looks to the side.
you tilt your head, eyes scanning over him as you try to figure him out. "you don't like when i put on lip balm?"
he shakes his head, like a child and you can't help but find it cute.
"why not?"
he hesitates for a few seconds before speaking up. "cause you don't let me kiss you till it dries off."
when he glances over and notices the smile growing on your lips, he clenches his jaw and crosses his arms, looking even more like a small child that didn't get their way.
you scoot closer to him and coo, "aww omi––" his shoulders sag and you can tell he regrets ever opening his mouth. "tell you what, i'll give you a free pass this time, kay?"
he hates himself for this, but your words make him perk up immediately, he's that whipped for you.
he tries to appear nonchalant as he turns to you, eyes flitting up to yours as he uncrosses his arms at the soft touch of your hand, urging them open.
he may be completely whipped for you, but as you press your lips against his and let out a content sigh, sinking further into him, one hand on his shoulder, the other in his curls, he realizes he doesn't care one bit. he slides an arm around your waist and tugs you closer. if he's only getting one kiss, he's gonna make it count.
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Bestest bois getting bestest headpats ❤
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neoheros · 3 months ago
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sakusa's never liked being alone.
he appreciates the distance from everyone, and he's certainly a firm believer that space is as good for the body as food is, but being completely alone, all by himself? that, he's never enjoyed.
that's why komori being by his side as they both grew up was so important to him, that's why he loves playing in a team, and that's why, no matter how much he "hates" spending time with the idiot three (miya, bokuto, hinata) as he likes to call them, he never does turn them away whenever they ask to hang out.
but right now - a party going on inside - and he's here, alone and away from everyone else as they have their fun, he's suddenly very reminded as to why he hates being alone again.
"hey, you."
and he knows that voice all too well to even wonder who it is.
sakusa looks up, expressionless eyes watching you as you sit next to him in the cold outside, two glasses of what seems to be champagne in your hands.
another thing sakusa didn't like about being alone, is that somehow, you always did manage to find him in the depths of it.
you always find him, no matter where he hides.
and two months ago, sure, he would've loved to be alone with you - but now - now, you're dating miya atsumu, and, well, he just about hates that idea as much as he hates his own solitude.
"shouldn't you be in there?" you sit next to him, subtly pointing to the building behind the two of you, "celebrating with everyone else?"
and sakusa shrugs, taking the wine glass you hand him, but making sure to keep a respectable distance between you both, "i don't like parties."
"i know you don't," you nudge his side, "but, it is your party too."
sakusa changed his mind.
he doesn't hate being alone as much as he hates being alone with you.
this is all he's allowing himself to say, because he knows damn well, that even now, he can't bring himself to say that that “something” he truly hates is you.
of all the people in the world, miya atsumu had to date, it had to be you?
"you look upset." you say, and he blinks, not realizing that he's been keeping your glance this entire second.
he looks away, but he still feels your curious eyes on him.
you tilt your head, and he hears a smile in your voice. "more than usual."
he shrugs, keeping his attention onto himself, and he takes a quick sip from the glass you've brought him.
you scoff, shaking your head as you nudge him again, and this is your own little way of letting him know that you probably won't leave him alone until he actually tells you what's going on.
sakusa looks at you, "you should go back inside."
"i wanna stay here." you say back, shrugging, making yourself even more comfortable on the bench next to him.
and he tells you again, firmer this time, "go back inside."
"i'm not gonna go back in there," you shake your head, "no matter how sternly you look at me."
it's a cold evening.
winter is starting to pick up again and whilst there no clear snow storms in the future, the winds are getting colder and colder by the second.
its a big deal that neither of you are inside the big warm building, and its a big deal that you're choosing to sit next to him right now than be back there with everyone else.
this party - this stupid party to celebrate today's victory in a match - yet, sakusa is far from a celebrating mood.
"omi." you call his name, and he immediately looks at you, "what's up with you?"
sakusa takes another sip, and he sighs, because he knows that you probably won't be leaving him alone until you actually get what you want.
"okay," his shoulders fall, and he lets his glance fall straight ahead, "i’ll tell you, but you don’t say a word of this to anyone."
you drag your fingers across your lips as if you’re zipping them up and flicking away the key, and he rolls his eyes, but he feels better that you did that anyways.
"the team and i — i'm not as close to them as they are to each other, but i always could talk to hinata or bokuto or even..." and he pauses.
the champagne is really starting to have an effect on him, and he'd be lying if he says that doesn't make him nervous.
the last time he got drunk, he ended up at your house, hungover to wits end.
and now, now he can't shut up again.
"i have a problem." he sighs, and he resists the urge to let his hand run through his hair, "and i can't tell them."
its true.
if he tells anyone on the team what his "problem" might be, he won't come off as the good guy here.
instead, he'll come off as the idiot guy who's selfish enough to admit that he likes you when you're already dating someone else - miya atsumu too of all people.
he takes another sip.
and you look at him, "so tell me."
"no." he smiles, shaking his head as if that would be the most ridiculous thing he could do tonight, "i can't tell you either."
you tilt your head, the smile on your face turning curiouser and curiouser, and he looks at you.
"it's..." there's still a hint of a smile on sakusa's face, "i can't tell you."
"then," and you think for a second, "how about i pretend that you never told me?"
whatever you're trying to say now, sakusa knows it's a bad idea.
he's had almost this entire glass of alcohol, and he's still unsure if he trusts himself when he's alone with you, but he hears you out anyways.
"you can say it to me now — whatever it is that's been bothering you — and after that we both get back in there, and i pretend you never said anything to me at all."
it does sound like a bad idea, but as he takes another sip of his drink, it doesn't sound as terrible as he thinks.
you smile, and it's unfair, because sakusa can't ever deny your smiles, "and when we go back in there, i swear to you, it won't fix things, but it'll feel a whole lot better."
"i can't," and he doesn't look at you anymore, "i really can’t say this to you."
and you look at him anyways, "you can say anything you want to me."
so he brings the glass up to his lips one final time, downing the rest of whatever was in his cup, and finally, he just sighs, resisting the urge to walk away.
the only thing he hates more than being alone is being alone with you, and that’s because every time he is, all he can think about is how you’re dating someone, and that someone isn’t him.
"you shouldn't be with atsumu." his voice is quiet, "you should be with me."
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oholive · 2 months ago
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introloves · 5 months ago
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sakusa fucks his fist to the thought of you + male masturbation + soap used as lube (not in a cringey way i promise) + mentions of guilt + implied mutual pining + roommate! reader + gn! reader
— word count; 1k
Tumblr media
there were many wrong turns sakusa had taken over the course of tonight, and of all the time he had known you. but the worst mistake he had done thus far was letting you in, letting you share the rent and share a space with him-
something that should have helped the shared stress of trying to make it through the young adult lives the two of you had just begun, but this only meant he couldn't get away and simmer in the deep attraction he’d built up for you, settling heavy in his tummy during nights where you were sleeping just a couple feet away- separated from him by a door and a wall.
it was nights like tonight where the still lingering need for you topples over- finding just a moments reprieve in the loneliness he presents himself with, locked away in the bathroom from you, the one place he knows you won’t chase after him and unknowingly tempt him further.
the water starts hot, running down his body- curls slowly played down onto his forehead, he hangs his head while he stares with a palpable distaste for his hard cock settled between his legs. his hair tickles him, but there’s no willingness on his end to do anything while his hand makes a shaky path downward and finding the patch of wet curls settled at the base of his swollen cock.
you hadn’t even done much tonight, just looked so pretty and soft- easy to imagine what the heat of his palms would feel transferred onto your skin.
sakusa grunts, openly for the first time, alongside the first pass of a calloused hand over himself. not patient enough to wait it out, not willing to reach over and turn the cold water on, wanting to indulge in the small fantasies he’s built up in his head over you.
it starts easy enough, not attaching the feeling of a warm tug to you just yet- that comes secondary, when he closes his fist just a little tighter- precum already dribbling down his swollen head, thats when he pins all he’s feeling to the thought of you.
the sight of you splayed out before him, body responding to every drive of his hips into you with overstimulated twists and pleads for more- he wonders if you’d cry, wonders if you’d cling to his body, mark him up with a feverish and swollen mouth, tongue laving up his neck because you want more, want him to cum inside and warm you…
he has to stop now, letting himself indulge just a bit too much is always dangerous.
swaying on both legs, shaky and unsettled- placing a wide palm against the tile of the shower wall. breathing in so heavy tufts of air burn his lungs because, fuck he almost came. just seconds of him passing his fist over his cock and that pretty thought of you nearly made him cum all over his hand, so he stops to try and regain composure and some dignity.
seconds more pass before he cant take it anymore, throwing his head back to let the, now warm water, trickle down his face, onto heated cheeks and swollen bottom lip from biting it to stifle out moans.
there’s just a moment of regret, like always- before sakusa reaches over for a bar of soap and lathers the hand he’s about to use in your stay.
if he’s going to be filthy and fuck himself like this, to your image, he might as well be productive and offset the dirtiness that is his mind.
in his indulgence, he closes his eyes once more and starts fucking himself- no build up planned. shaky breathes tumbling freely while his hand squeezes so tight around the tip of him.
red and glistening, from precum and the water- soap letting every pass glide just a little more easier, disguising the roughness of his fingers and palm and slipping into the image of you bouncing over his cock again and again.
his knees are weak, and its near shameful in how you could do this to him with just being you- smiling, laughing, giggling at every thing he does and once more he wonders if you'd be the same person he sees on a daily basis while cumming so prettily over and over while he splits you open.
time and time again wondering if there’d be a need to prep you in anyway, wanting to know if he could build you up to a mess that only wants him right then and there.
sakusa knows he’s tall and big, and he also knows he’d put all of that to good use to pin you down, all in an effort to make you as he is now.
stars blinking back with every inch he comes closer to squirting cum all over himself, letting himself indulge more and more- no longer biting back any noise, your name falling free.
the sharp slaps of his wet and foamy hand meeting his hips were already too loud, and he isnt stupid.
he knows you can hear, the shower isn't that loud- and he is, by choice because sakusa is a dirty man and wants you to know that you being there in this shared space with him makes him think of ways he can ruin you.
and he gets what he wants, the second your name falls- all while he feels the tight heat uncoil and coil over and over in his tummy and balls and he see’s spurts of cum fall freely onto the shower wall and onto his hand, trickling down white knuckles from his grip- you hear it all.
legs shaky, just barely able to support yourself while you walk and walk, until youre face to face with the bathroom door, throbbing with heat and something close to shame for listening in to him, wondering if it'd be okay to ask him if he wanted you there instead.
while you stand there unsure, sakusa stops the water, pulling the curtain away and stepping out, water dripping down his body- watching with interest, the shadows of your feet stand at the door, waiting for you to knock.
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this is probably my fav angle of his stupidly pretty face
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