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#sakusa angst
minejiro · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“kiyoomi don’t touch that please,” you sigh as you take a left turn.
“sorry,” sakusa slurs, giggling as he moves his hand to poke your cheek instead. “you have really cute cheeks ya know,” he offers you a dopey grin, and you roll your eyes and fight back a smile of your own.
“okay, omi.”
“that’s a cute nickname,” he mumbles, reclining his seat all the way back and laying his arms behind his head. the clock reads 1:59 AM, and you have work in the morning, but sakusa’s always been one to skip drinks in favor of spending nights with you, so you think you’ll let him off the hook this time. he deserves a night out.
“but you always seemed to hate it,” you smirk, looking over at him as you approach a red light, noticing the way his curls fall perfectly over his forehead, cheeks a bit rosy from all the drinking, and you try not to stare at the small bit of skin that shows from his shirt riding up. he’s pretty, you think, and he’s yours. and only you get to see him like this, drunk in your car—even though he’s a bit annoying at the moment.
“just pretending,” he says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “huh.” you giggle, shaking your head as you reach over and smooth a few curls back from his forehead, swiping your thumb over his moles.
“i’ll remember that.” it’s silent for a moment, and then he’s waving his hands, suddenly excited at the thought that pops into his head.
“hey, hey,” he ushers for your attention as you turn, making you look back at him. “guess what?”
“’m not single anymore,” he says proudly, eyeing you with a toothy grin. raising an eyebrow, you drive off as the light turns green.
“oh yeah?”
“yeah. my best friend’s in love with me. pretty cool huh?” you bite back a laugh.
“yeah, omi,” you snort. “real cool.”
“uh huh,” he nods, and this time, he looks out the window, a happy little smile on his face as he thinks about you—though he doesn’t realize you’re right beside him. “‘s like it’s straight out of a movie.”
and your eyes soften when they fall on him again. it’s been a long few years for both of you, pretending the sparks and the lingering touches and the longing gazes and the subtle hints weren’t there. but they were, and finally, sakusa is yours, and you’re his.
“yeah, you got quite the love story there,” you play along. “wish i had that.” he’s smug as he nods to himself, and you fight the urge to pinch his cheek.
“maybe one day you will,” he says. “but i doubt you’ll be as cool as me and y/n,” he adds, and this time you do reach over and pinch his cheek. “hey! i’m a taken man, watch it.” he warns, holding a finger up at you. stifling a giggle, you turn your attention back to driving home.
and he dozes off not long after, and you sigh as you realize you’ll have to battle with him to wake him up soon, but he’s worth it, you suppose.
pulling up to your apartment, you smile softly to yourself as you cup his cheek, tracing over the soft skin that’s still a bit dusted with a pinkish hue. sakusa leans into your palm in his sleep, a grin stretching over his lips as you cradle his face.
“i love you, kiyoomi,” you whisper, and with a kiss to his moles, you can’t help but steal a few more moments with him like this before inevitably starting the task of lugging him up to your apartment.
Tumblr media
a/n: reposting from my old blog bc it’s one of my favs i wrote
Tumblr media
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queenelleee · a day ago
A Love That He Only Knows
Tumblr media
Relationship: Sakusa Kiyoomi x gn!reader
Summary: Sakusa Kiyoomi only knows one thing on how to love and you proved to him that his kind of love is the one that stands the test of time.
Content: fluff and angst
Word Count: 0.84k words
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi is the type of person who loves quietly. The kind of love that focuses on depth and not on volume. The love that is expressed through acts of service and whispers of sweet and simple nothings. He doesn't do grand gestures or flowery pronouncements. His love makes you feel safe and comfortable and never once did you doubt his feelings for you.
Your relationship is also built on extended trust, openness, and respect. When problems arise, both of you talk it through with patience and understanding, so nothing builds up and festers. In this world where we link love to the explosion of words and feelings, Kiyoomi's love for you does not crave an audience and is shown only when you are two. It's not like he is ashamed of you; it's just that it's the only thing he knows how to do.
You were never a fan of grand gestures, though sometimes, you still make one or two surprise parties for Kiyoomi together with the people you cherish. You were also not a fan of lavish dinners and receiving expensive gifts, but he sometimes spoils you because he thinks you deserve it. You are each other's safe haven, and that's what's keeping the flames of your relationship alive even after so many years.
Sakusa Kiyoomi, even after all the things that both of you went through, still thinks that you are too good for him and that he does not deserve you. He isn't like the other men who shower their partners with gifts and purple proses. For him, you are such a wonderful and loving person that he thinks you are not getting what you deserve and still chooses to be stuck with him.
"Are you happy with me?" Kiyoomi said out of the blue.
You quickly tore your gaze away from the mini garden you and your husband made. "Where is this coming from, Omi?"
"I don't know… I just feel like you deserve more than being stuck with me. I always know that I am an emotionally constipated person. However, here I am… spending almost three decades of marriage with you and still feel like I'm not giving you the love you deserve. I'm sorry because this is the only way I know how to love."
You move closer to your husband; every inch towards him feels like your heart is shattering into tiny pieces. You were happy with him, you are still happy with him, and you will always be happy as long as you're with him. You know that he is open to you about his feelings, but you also know that there are times where a dark cloud just looms in your mind and consumes your thoughts no matter how positive-thinker you are.
You stand in front of your husband and stare at his face. You cupped his cheeks and linger your gaze at him and memorized every feature as if he was going to disappear. You kissed his forehead, where wrinkles are starting to appear, and his twin moles are also located. You ruffled his curly hair that is now starting to turn white. You kissed and stared at the onyx eyes that shine with love that is within. You see home, a glimpse of the eternal and serene divinity.
You understand what he just said. It's not hidden from your knowledge that some people find your relationship with Sakusa Kiyoomi too dull and stagnant. He does not post your pictures on his social media, he is not a PDA-type of person, and your friends rarely hear him say the three words to you. But even though that was the case, you did not waiver. You accepted Sakusa Kiyoomi, not just the shallow parts of him; you accepted his soul and whole being. What others say does not matter; heck, you would even have married him with just paper rings or no rings at all.
Both of you stare at each other with teary and loving eyes. Kiyoomi knows you. He knows that you love him more than anything in this world, even without saying it out loud. You still utter the words as if you are in front of the altar and is once again saying your vows.
"I love you. All of you. And I couldn't be any happier with you."
It was all it took for Sakusa Kiyoomi to know that he is more than enough for you. With your forehead on his, the two of you savor the silence of the surroundings and listen to the sound of two people’s hearts beating as one. 
In this age of noise and grandeur, the quietness of his love is often mistaken as nothingness, but it is actually the opposite. Your quiet love is connoted with 'somethingness.' It's not the kind of love that one can perfectly articulate despite what the movies tell us. It is the moments where love, even if it is tucked in the corners, is not clamoring to be heard but is nevertheless felt.
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toorusplant · 13 hours ago
synopsis: suna wants to confess to you, he really does. wants to finally get off his chest how much he wished you two were more than just ‘best friends’ for all these years. but what happens when a certain ex, sakusa kiyoomi, finds his way back into your life?
Tumblr media
chapter fifteen
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
atsumu (and basically everyone else) has always thought there was something between y/n and suna, but osamu was the only one suna told
the twins are probably secretly devising a plan to bring them together now
the coach yelled at sakusa and atsumu the other day and told them to figure it out
@kozuken-ma @rintarovibes @darlingimawitch @coconut-dreamz @eitaababe @markeu-lii @erinoikawa @littlemochi @ghostlyarcanum @whorefornoodles @hard-to-get-by-just-upon-smile @stars-in-line @blueowl51 @kac-chowsballs @suzuyamitsuki @kageyamas-whore @witcherydotcom @kind-lost-soul @kurcrow @togesslut @dazzlingakaashi @ahnneyong @c4ndyrushh @sumebreaks @shookykookie30 @creepykawass @am-3-thyst @cigs4himeno @stargirl2898 @momoinot @bakugouswh0r3 @mitskitadori @sebariaman @kenmaslov3r @pikachowoo @amarinthe @fairywriter-oracle @sunarinluvv @hanabihwa @marinarihearts @milks-writings @someoneovertherainboww @revrse @loveinhaikyuu
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planetrin · a month ago
𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮, 𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 𝐤𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢 & 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨 𝐰/ 𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 // hurt/comfort (there’s no actual breaking up)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 // mentions of insecurity and cyber bullying
☄︎ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐬 // hi!! this is my first post omg !! how exciting :D hopefully u guys like it <3 also omi’s got long sorry !
part two !!
Tumblr media
the feeling of dread fills your body once more. the comments on your boyfriend’s post— a picture of both of you. faceless accounts calling you rude name after name after name.
naturally, you knew what came with dating one of the best pro athletes in the entire country, but after time, the things people would say would start to affect your own self image.
you knew how to let it slide. after all, you and atsumu had been dating for so long, you were unfortunately used to the abundance of mean words, opting on putting up a facade for your boyfriend. but it was one comment that made your strong resolve crumble quickly.
i still don’t understand what THE miya atsumu is doing with this person ??? he literally deserves so much better wtf !!!
you always knew he was too good to be true. a handsome prince that just so happened to fall into the palm of your hand. but to have someone actually think so was extremely upsetting. were you really not good enough for him? obviously not, right? if everyone thinks so?
the overthinking led to you sitting on the bed, legs crossed and thumbs twiddling as you wait for him to come back from practice. when you hear the door slam shut and him call for you, you take a deep breath in and prepare yourself.
“baby!” he cheers walking into the bedroom to see you, a big smile on his face like there’s nothing wrong. “missed ya s’much,”
“atsumu,” you breath, trying to contain your tears. you practiced it 30 times without crying and even still, your watery eyes threaten to spill.
he cocks his head, confused, a frown replacing the once bright smile, “atsumu? what happened to tsumie?”
you look at your lap, avoiding eye contact with his honey brown eyes. you need to get it over with, “we… we should breakup.”
he chuckles, awkwardly, waiting for the punchline in this twisted joke you’ve got going. when he notices the tears dripping from your face, his smile quickly fades and his eyebrows furrow. his body fills with panic.
“w-what? why?”
you sniffle, unable to look him in the eye. you twiddle your thumbs feeling a sense of guilt.
you hand him your phone, opened to the several instagram comments, shuddering out, “y-you deserve so much better, tsum… it’s best—“
he scoffs, turning off your phone and tossing it to the side. “yer the best— i already have the best.” he tilts your head up, cupping your cheek. he takes the pad of his thumb, swiping your tears. “i don’t care what any of these people are sayin,’ yer my pretty… the love of my life. who’s gonna put up with me if yer not around? who’s the one that makes sure i have somethin’ to eat at practice?”
he doesn’t realize it, but there are tears sliding down his cheeks, too, and you give him a wobbly smile.
“ya can’t leave me, i think ‘ll die.” he chuckles, breathily.
you nod, sniffling, “‘m sorry…”
he shakes his head as if to say, don’t apologize. he wraps his arm around you, pulling you in close and squeezing your body tightly. “i love ya, no one’s gonna change that.”
kiyoomi has always wanted your relationship to be private because he hates people pestering him about all of the personal things in his life. especially you.
there are no photos of you on kiyoomi’s social media accounts. at all. and for the most part, you’re okay with it. you understand why he doesn’t want to be seen in with you in public, even if it does hurt a little.
you know your boyfriend wants the best for you, and the best means that you two are limited to at home dates and disguises in public. you hate it, honestly, but you love your boyfriend, so you tough it out.
it’s all fine until you’re at an MSBY game (that ended in victory, of course) and you run down the stands to give him a hug in excitement. adrenaline rushing throughout his body, he barley has time to process before camera’s start flashing in your direction.
the drive home with kiyoomi is silent. you can’t tell if he’s angry at you for being so reckless or if he’s angry at himself for not stopping something from happening. regardless, you knew he was mad, but you didn’t want to upset him any further, so you left him alone for the night. you muttered a soft goodnight and secretly hoped it’d all be over tomorrow.
that’s definitely not what happened because when you woke up and checked your phone to see dozens of twitter mentions with pictures of you and kiyoomi from the game, you were very confused.
sakusa kiyoomi apparently dating some person named @y/n !? yikes…
have you guys seen that MSBY player’s s/o… he looks he doesn’t even like them ???
your eyes burn at the other hateful tweets you’d found, every doubt you ever had about your relationship with kiyoomi now creeping back into your brain.
you should’ve seen you coming, though, right? why else would he keep you a secret? he was probably just embarrassed of you is the conclusion you came to.
when you walk downstairs, you see him sitting on the couch with a mug of coffee and his phone in his other hand. he perks up immediately at the sound of you.
“kiyoomi… we should break up.” you frown, your breaking-heart pounding in your chest. “i mean, these twitter people are right, i’m not up to your standards and there are a lot of people in the world that you’d look a lot better with.”
kiyoomi shudders, the thought of another person in his life, he couldn’t possibly.
“and… i know you’re embarrassed to be seen with me, i don’t blame you—“
he abruptly cuts you off, “don’t… do that. don’t talk down on yourself because of something that was completely my fault.” his sigh is heavy, like he has so much to say. “you’re so amazing, don’t you get that?”
“it’s kinda hard to tell when you don’t want to be seen with me. really, kiyoomi, it’s fine. let me help you make this easy.” your voice is cracking. it’s the last thing you want, but if it’ll help him, then so be it.
he groans, putting his mug and phone down on the table in front of him, walking over to shake your shoulders, vigorously. “listen, i’m not embarrassed of you! i love you! more than anything. i just wanted to avoid people talking about you. you don’t deserve to be called things like that. you’re gorgeous and loving and kind and i couldn’t bare losing you to someone else who probably does deserve you.” he says in what feels like one breath.
you look at him in awe, “you mean that? you really think i deserve better than you, the sakusa kiyoomi?” and he nods, avoiding your eyes. “i beg to differ,”
a soft pink blush dusts over his cheeks, “no more hiding,” he mutters. “i’ll show the world that you’re my beautiful s/o every day for the rest of my life if i have to.”
suna rintarō believes that you are his light. he adores you, your beauty, your personality, the way you love him endlessly— he loves it and he isn’t afraid to let it be known.
although rin is a professional athlete, that doesn’t stop him from spending every waking second of free time by your side. he likes to make sure you don’t doubt him. ever. he loves you and you love him.
there’s also his instagram, which consists of candid photos of you (and thirst traps of himself that you keep telling him to delete) or just photos of the two of you together.
you just so happen to be stalking the account late at night with rintarō’s dead asleep body right next to you. it never occurred to you to do so, but you figured you’d take a look at his comments, half expecting them to be comments of his friends making fun of him for being so mushy and some teenage girls making heart eyes at him.
but what you weren’t expecting was for there to be comments degrading and talking down on you.
your smile quickly fades, turning into a pout. you spend the next hour obsessively going through his comments on the pictures of you or the two of you together.
suna, pick me, im so much more attractive than them!!!
soon, you realize you’ve had enough, feeling drained of life and love. you impulsively shake your boyfriend awake, not stopping until you hear his annoyed groans. “what is it, baby?”
you don’t think much about it be fore you say it, “we should break up.”
“no, now goodnight.”
he exhales, lifting up and propping his body up with the help of his elbow. “what brought this on?”
“i’m not good enough for you…” you say meekly, face heating up. “all of your fans think so… you’re so handsome and successful and i’m just… me.”
“yeah, you’re you. crybaby-cuddle-me-now-bratty-Y/N. and you’re also, the kind, loving Y/N that pranks atsumu every time he pisses me off. you’re the love of my life.”
you’re shocked that he can say that all so nonchalantly because you’re definitely holding your breath, trying not to cry at his words.
“‘m not a crybaby,” you grumble, that pout still etched onto your face.
he smiles, brushing his knuckles against your cheek, “yeah, you are, but i love that about you.”
“shut up.”
he chuckles, leaning in to kiss you, “i love you.” he whispers softly against your lips. “no more looking at my comments, you’re way too hot for that.” he joke, smirking at you.
“i love you, more.”
he shakes his head, “impossible. now get your ass to bed.”
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @planetrin 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
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saintmanjiro · a month ago
Tumblr media
the water is running in the shower, and sakusa laughs melodically into the crown of your head, his arms wrapping tightly around you to keep you in place. his thumb rubs circles into your hipbone as you take a moment to steady yourself.
“you okay?” he grins, his dimples showing through. it’s foggy in the bathroom, the heat of the shower encompassing the both of you, and his hair is damp against his forehead, but you think he still looks beautiful, all things considered. reaching over, you poke his left dimple, watching how carefree he seems to be around you with a soft grin.
if only he was yours, you think.
“yeah,” you mumble.
“did i rock your world that hard?” he teases, chuckling when you roll your eyes and look away. “can’t seem to use your legs properly.” he can practically feel the heat radiating off your face.
“i think you can call me kiyoomi,” he interrupts. “we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” he winks. and you’re confused where this side of sakusa kiyoomi is even coming from, how after months and months of being a brooding and grumpy man, he could flip the switch and become so unfiltered.
but he’s magnetic like this, he draws you in and leaves you hungry for more. you want everything sakusa kiyoomi can give, want to decipher everything he means, want to learn everything he ever was, is, and will be.
and last night was a drunk mess, you’re not sure where it quite started or how it ended, but you know you woke up in a mess of bare limbs and tangled sheets, on a warm chest littered with moles you’d like to spend the rest of your life mapping. sakusa offers you a shower, and you take it as an invitation to see a glimpse of who he is underneath his mask—inside and out.
“geez, when did you get so confident,” you mumble, letting go of him to balance on your own. his hands keep their place on your hips nonetheless, thumb still rubbing circles into the bare skin.
“i’m not confident,” he shrugs, handing you body wash. you raise a brow at the brand, exotic and hard to pronounce, and no doubt incredibly expensive. “it’s just easy to be myself around you,” he murmurs. and you can make out the small bit of blush on his cheeks from the confession, taking in the sight of him flustered instead. but his eyes are hopeful, and your heart is in the air doing leaps.
“oh, is that so?” you hum. he nods, smiling when you lean a bit closer to him. it’s softer, and as you get closer, you realize sakusa kiyoomi’s eyes hold more depth to them than you’d initially realized. “i didn’t know you had dimples,” you mumble. “you should smile more.”
“well, you should make me,” he raises a brow.
“with your mask off,” you add. “otherwise it’s pointless.”
“ah,” he grins, spinning you so your back is against the cool tile. “that’s only for you.” he takes a deep breath before adding, “if you’ll have me, that is.” and it’s not exactly how he wanted to ask, but he’s been waiting months for this moment, and he deems this moment good enough. smiling brightly, you tilt you head closer, pecking his lips sweetly.
perhaps he’s been yours all along.
“i’ll have you,” you agree. “if you’ll have me.”
Tumblr media
this is a repost from my old blog. even though this post is sfw, i am still a nsfw blog so minors don’t not follow me !!
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kybabi · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[8:23 PM]
“daddy, why do people break up?”
kiyoomi pauses, crouched over the bed awkwardly, large frame too bulky to fit on his daughter’s small mattress.
he sits anyway, a hand reaching over to brush her curls out of her face.
“why do you want to know, sweet pea?”
she shrugs, dark eyes wide with eager curiosity.
“aiko says her mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore. she said that they don’t like to talk to each other now,” she tells him, and kiyoomi sighs, trying to find the words to explain.
“it’s hard to say.”
he sighs again.
“well, it’s different for everyone. some people break up because things just don’t feel the same as they used to. some people break up because they’re too different. some people break up with their partner because they don’t feel loved,” he tells her, pulling the blanket up to her chin and fluffing up her pillow. she looks up at him silently, eagerly, and he looks away.
“you know, your mommy and i went through something like that once.”
her little eyebrows furrow, and she looks confused. kiyoomi pats her head reassuringly.
he swallows, looking down.
“well...” he starts, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly. “mommy did everything for daddy. mommy went to his games, she ironed his shirts, she stayed up and waited for him every night when he would come home late, and she would make him soup when he had a cold.”
“the one with the mochi?” she perks up, grinning, and he chuckles, gently flicking her forehead.
“yes, the one with the mochi. mommy did lots of things to show daddy that she loved him,” he smiles at her softly. it dims slightly. “but sometimes daddy was too busy to notice those things. he would stay at work until late in the night and forget to have dinner with mommy. he even stopped kissing mommy goodnight.”
she gasps softly at that, personally offended at the thought.
kiyoomi looks down, brows furrowed.
“sometimes he would say mean things to her. he would get upset at her for forgetting to clean the dishes, or other small things. he would snap at her and say things that he didn’t mean, and he hurt her feelings.”
her eyes sadden at that, and kiyoomi holds her hand to remind her that he’s there.
“mommy felt like daddy didn’t love her anymore. she always worked hard to show him that she loved him, but he never did the same.”
she starts to cry, and his eyes widen, hand coming up to wipe her tears away.
“hey, hey. what’s wrong?” he whispers gently, and she sniffles sadly.
“i don’t want mommy and daddy to break up!” she sobs, and kiyoomi sighs, climbing into bed behind her and scooping her into his lap.
“oh, sweetheart. mommy and daddy aren’t going to break up, okay? i haven’t even finished the story yet, baby.”
she turns and buries her face in his chest, silently waiting for him to continue. he smiles.
“see, there’s a happy ending. once daddy realized that mommy didn’t like the way he was treating her, he changed his ways. he made sure to kiss mommy goodnight every day and started helping her make dinner every evening. he even tried to make soup for her when she was sick.”
she laughs, the sound watery, and looks up at him. “i bet it wasn’t as good as mommy’s.” he laughs heartily, kissing her on the forehead and pulling her in.
“definitely not. but then you came along, and i got to test my soup-making skills on you,” he narrows his eyes, and she cringes.
“eugh,” she mumbles, and he chuckles. he slips out of bed and tucks her right back in, all the way up to her chin.
“goodnight,” he whispers, kissing her temple softly, and she blinks at him sleepily.
he’s about to leave when she calls for him again.
he sighs patiently. “yes, baby?”
“i’m really glad you and mommy didn’t break up.”
he smiles at her gently. “me too.”
he’s surprised to see you standing just outside the door when he leaves, eyes wide and glossy, lip wobbling. his own eyes widen, and before he can say anything, you’re dashing into his arms, clinging to him like you’re scared to let go.
his eyes start to fill up with tears as he buries his face in your hair, breathing you in and exhaling. how on earth did he get so lucky?
“i love you, and our little family,” he whispers, just in case you need to hear it again. you nod against his chest, sniffling.
“and i love you.”
the two of you stay like that for a while, breathing each other in and just being for a second.
“she was right. your soup sucks,” you mumble, breaking the comfortable silence, and he smacks your ass lightly, laughing.
“shut up.”
Tumblr media
(a/n: this was totally not my style at all but i had an idea and it kind of just wrote itself idk😭anyways
i just left little sakusa unnamed :)) open to the imaginations of my dear readers !! hopefully this was okay hehe)
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luvbub · 4 months ago
hi theree! i’m obsessed with your writing!! i was just wondering if i can request a hurt/comfort with any of the haikyuu boys (pls include atusmu) that they forgot about date night? thankss x
forgetting date night
Tumblr media
feat. MSBY boys (Sakusa, Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu)
♡ warning: hurt/comfort sorta (I’m a bit rusty forgive me hehe)
Tumblr media
Date night was a rare occurrence for you and Sakusa, since you two usually opted for impromptu stay at home dates. But tonight was different- or at least it was supposed to be different.
Glancing at the time, you note how it was half past six. He was ineffectively 30 minutes late to the restaurant the two of you were supposed to meet at. You did send him a text an hour ago, asking whether or not he was out of practice yet. But you got no response.
You kept waiting at the restaurant, ignoring all of the side glances towards you, and constantly telling the waiters that your boyfriend would be here soon.
But when your phone lit up, indicating that Sakusa had texted you back, you expected some sort of apology of tardiness. Maybe some sort of confirmation that he was indeed on the way. Instead,
omi: hey I'm home from practice, where are you?
You blinked at the message a couple of times- trying to understand whether or not this was actually something he had said. Maybe he was messing with you? No, he truly had forgotten about the date. Because if he had remembered, surely he wouldn’t have left you waiting for half an hour- especially without some sort of warning in advance. You sigh, getting up from your table, typing away on your phone.
you: heading back home now
The ride back home was dreadful. There was something about forgetting about date night that made your stomach uneasy. Because there were times where Sakusa had to reschedule, but he always let you know ahead of time. And during these times you were always understanding and accommodating of him.
But forgetting? What did that mean for the two of you? Were you just no longer important to him that he forgot something like this? Date night was a special occasion for the two of you, so if he forgot something like this, what exactly did that mean for your relationship.
While you had initially thought you’d be okay, your own doubts and insecurities plagued your mind, and your mood darkened quickly. You didn’t want to confront him, but at the same time, how could you not be worried and upset? Despite your constant anxiety, you decided to let the whole situation go and pretend like none of this actually happened.
When you walked through your front door, the first thing you noticed was your boyfriend, lounging on the couch with his phone in hand. He took note of your outfit- you were certainly more dressed up than normal.
“Oh, did you go somewhere earlier? You look amazing” he smiles before flickering his eyes back to his phone.
You slowly nod, still standing in place. He still had the same loving gaze towards you, everything with him felt the same- but why did everything still hurt? No, it was no use in trying to pretend like this didn’t just happen. You knew you had to remind him.
“Yeah... I was at the restaurant waiting for you” you softly reply, watching as Sakusa’s eyes dart back up to you, and back to his phone as he quickly checked the date.
He sat up as soon as he realized what he had done.
“I- Y/n I’m so sorry it didn’t occur to me that it was tonight oh m-”
“Omi, it’s fine” you interrupt, putting a small smile on your face. “No really it’s fine...”
But Sakusa wasn’t having it. He got up to walk towards you, slowly cupping your face so that you wouldn’t avert your gaze.
“It really isn’t-we hardly go out as is, and for me to forget... please I’m so sorry Y/n.” Sakusa pleads. He gives you a small kiss on the tip of your nose and sighs. The last thing he wanted was to make you feel like he didn’t care anymore- because that really wasn’t the case.
And when he feels you slowly wrap your arms around his waist and pull him in for a hug, relief washes over him.
You two would be fine. Sakusa could say that with 100 percent confidence. Despite this mistake, your boyfriend knew that he would be able to remedy it and make things better. Not only does he make up for this, but in the future Sakusa makes sure to go above and beyond any expectations set.
Because why wouldn’t he do all he can do, especially if it's for you.
If it’s one thing Bokuto was adamant on in your relationship- it was that he would always make time for you. Excusing the fact that he just loved spending time with you, he knew it was important to have that sort of regular bonding with his s/o.
And because of that, weekly date night became an event for the both of you. Date nights varied- while Bokuto wanted to continuously lavish you and spoil you silly, most of the time they were just small and casual outings. Given that he had such a hectic schedule due to volleyball, weekly date night was just a way to unwind and spent quality time with your boyfriend.
However, things were admittedly a bit tense between the two of you. You two recently got into a heated argument over the lack of communication that had been occurring lately. Big fights like this were very rare, but usually those were resolved quickly. This one was still ongoing, so you were treading lightly, unsure of what to do.
So when date night came, to no surprise nothing happened. You figured this would happen- who would want to go on a date with their s/o in the middle of a fight? Instead of doing something cute with your boyfriend, you just stayed home, doing light cleaning. No doubt Bokuto was probably staying at practice late- he had been doing that the last few days.
You walk over to the couch and collapse onto it. It was exhausting being in this situation. All you wanted was for this animosity to end, to be able to cuddle with your boyfriend normally. Perhaps when he got home, you would try to talk to him again and sort things out. This fight went on away longer than it needed to.
As if on cue, the front door swings open and tumbling in was your boyfriend, out of breath and panicked.
“I- date night- I forgot” he held up his hand to catch his breath, and when he wasn’t heavily panting he spoke again.
“I totally forgot about date night Y/n I’m so sorry” he says, pulling out his phone and checking if there were any restaurants open this hour. There weren’t, so he started to head to the kitchen to scour for food.
But as he was doing this, you still sat on the couch, confused. Slowly standing up, you made your way to the kitchen, watching your boyfriend frantically put together sandwiches.
“What are you doing Kou...” you ask, unsure of what to make of the situation.
Bokuto stops what he’s doing to stare back at you, equally confused.
“Well, all the restaurants are closed, so I thought we should go on a nice midnight picnic! I’m sorry I forgot today... practice was intense today” he announced, turning his attention back to the sandwiches.
You still stood there, the awkward tension you had with your boyfriend still bothering you from your fight. Maybe now was the best time to bring it up.
“I.. I didn’t know that you forgot about tonight. I just thought you didn’t want to have a date tonight because of... you know... yeah” you murmur, averting your eyes away from him when he looks up in surprise.
Bokuto puts down the ingredients to walk over to you, pulling you in for a hug.
“I know. But isn’t that all the more reason why we should be having a date night? Regardless of what stupid fight we’re in, I still love you and want to spend as much time as I can with you Y/n, alright? We can talk about it after our date, is that okay?” he asks, and when he sees you nod his goofy grin returns to his face. He plants a kiss on your forehead before returning to the food.
“Perfect. I’ll finish up the food and snacks, do you think you can grab a blanket and a couple of hoodies?” he asks.
“Yeah of course! Oh remember to pack drinks!” you call out, already making your way to the closet.
That night, the two of you go on your last minute picnic date, which consisted of stargazing, chatting about your days, and accidentally solving any issues that the two of you were having. Bokuto also managed to reaffirm is absolute love and adoration for you.
Leave it to Bokuto to be the one to completely mend your relationship and strengthen it all in one night.
Hinata was always on top of things when it came to your relationship. You honestly couldn’t fault him for how attentive he was.
So you couldn’t help but feel surprised when forty-five minutes had passed and you were still sitting alone at the restaurant you were supposed to meet your boyfriend at. You kept staring at your phone- you didn’t want to ask him where he was because you trusted that maybe something had stalled him. Surely he’d walk in within a few minutes explaining that he couldn’t leave practice early or that maybe there was traffic.
Now what you did not expect was for your boyfriend to trod inside, alongside his teammates. You glance over your shoulder to confirm it really was him and when you saw his unmistakeable face you whip your head back, unsure of what to do.
Knowing that your boyfriend had forgotten about date night stung, but you definitely didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. All you wanted was to quickly escape the bar and hurry back home.
Hinata and his four friends walked right past you, sitting at the table right in front of where you sat. Fortunately for you, your boyfriend (and Bokuto) sat with their backs facing you. Sakusa and Atsumu, on the other hand, saw you from where they sat. You quickly shook your head and motioned them to stay quiet and they subtly nodded. It didn’t take long for them to realize that it was your boyfriend you were waiting for.
You quickly call the waiter for your check- even though all you ordered was water. Once you quickly took care of your bill (or lack thereof), you knew that all you needed to do was turn around and scurry out of the restaurant. Then you could just forget that this night ever happened.
But of course it didn’t turn out the way you expected.
Because as you were talking to the waiter, your boyfriend had turned his head to look behind him- and there he saw you. Sitting alone.
You looked up from your table and saw your boyfriend staring right at you, already starting to get out of his seat. But you urged him to stop, motioning him to stay and have fun with his teammates. You quickly stood up and hurried out of the restaurant, hoping that if you were fast enough, no one would notice your tears.
But you were a fool for thinking Hinata would just return to his friends and let you go back home after this. He quickly caught up with you just outside the restaurant, wrapping you in his arms.
“Go back Sho,” your voice was muffled from the embrace, “it’s fine I’m gonna go home and chill”
Hinata loosens his grip on you so you could face him properly.
“You say you’re fine but you’re clearly crying Y/n. Now please listen. I’m incredibly sorry that I forgot about tonight. Look- even if you say it’s fine, it still wasn’t cool of me to not tell you that I’d be heading out tonight.” Hinata kept his apology short and straight to the point- he knew that it was the most effective way to get his words across to you. However, on the inside, his feelings were a mess.
To him, forgetting date night was already the worst thing he could have done- but seeing you all alone waiting for so long? And the slight look of betrayal written on your face when you saw that he was out with his teammates? Hinata never knew you could have such an expression on your face but he knew that he never wanted to see that again.
“Y/n, I need you to know that I love you so so much, alright?” he asks, and when he sees you nod, he presses a quick kiss on your lips, smiling when he sees the corners of your lips turn up.
“So let me make it up to you right now, okay? Actually, that’s not even a question. We’re going out right now c’mon” he says, holding your hand and intertwining his fingers with yours.  
At the end of the day, as hurtful as that experience was- it was just a silly mistake made that would be easily solved. And knowing Hinata, he would go above and beyond to make up for it.
You had been looking forward to tonight for a long time. You and Atsumu had made reservations to a fancy restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and you were just beyond excited to go.
Especially since as of lately, Atsumu had been becoming busier and more occupied with volleyball. He would come home late, exhausted from practice. Atsumu would try his best to spend some quality time with you, but it wouldn’t be long until he had to go to sleep because he knew he’d have to get up in the morning and repeat the day.
So hopefully, this date would give him his much needed rest and relaxation.
While getting ready, you kept glancing at your phone. Atsumu hadn’t come home yet. Well maybe if he rushed the two of you would make it to your reservation on time.
Another fifteen minutes passed. Now at this rate, there was no way for Atsumu to come home and get ready on time. In fact, it was getting really close to your reservation time and the restaurant had a strict policy with showing up on time. You had to pause- were the two of you supposed to meet up at the restaurant? Normally, the two of you went together, but this time you weren't sure if the plans had changed.
You called Atsumu to make sure. The phone ringed a few times, but he didn’t answer. So you called a second time.
“Hey babe, sorry I just got to my phone now, what’s up?” your boyfriend answered the phone, and at least you knew he was okay.
“Hi ‘Tsumu, I was just wondering if you were gonna stop by home or if we were going to meet up at the restaurant!” you ask, looking back at the clock.
“What restaur...” you hear Atsumu’s voice trail off in confusion. And then it was silent for a few seconds before you heard your boyfriend curse under his breath.
“Y/n I’m so sorry I for-” he was starting to apologize but in a panic you hung up the phone. You didn’t know what to feel really.
You couldn’t feel angry at your boyfriend, mistakes happen and you knew that he had been so busy with volleyball- of course it’d be easy for him to forget! But still, you couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in your eyes from sheer disappointment.
Because you were really looking forward to tonight. And it hurt knowing that the person you loved the most forgot what was supposed to be a special date. You sigh to yourself. Hanging up on him was not the best way to react to this, so you shoot him a quick text.
you: sorry about that! anyways it’s fine! we can always call and make another reservation. love you!
That should clear things up for now. But since you weren’t going out for dinner anymore, you started to slowly change back to your comfy clothes. Dressing up and looking all nice was fun while it lasted. Plus the two of you would be able to  dress up next time. At the very least, you decide to warm up some leftovers for dinner. Well, it wasn’t the fancy meal you were hoping for, but it would do.
Right as your dinner finished heating up, you sat down at the table to eat alone. But as you sat, Atsumu rushed through the front door, a bouquet of flowers in one hand, a box from the nearby dessert shop in the other.
You didn’t even have time to open your mouth- Atsumu was already babbling away.
“God Y/n please I’m so sorry that I forgot about tonight I know you were looking  forward to it and I messed up badly. I called the restaurant and the earliest they could squeeze us is next week so I reserved that and set a million alarms. I also got you these....” he hands you the flowers and the box, and when his hands were empty he twiddled with his thumbs, unsure of how you’d react.
“’Tsumu.. it’s fine, really. Although I do wish we could’ve gone today, it’s really not the end of the world. I know you’re sorry and you’ve already done more than enough to make up for it. So will you please calm down and join me for dinner?” you chuckle, putting your boyfriend’s nerves at ease.
The rest of the night went by like that, at home with leftovers and a cute dessert. You two were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company- somehow tonight’s ruined plans still made for a memorable date.
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elysianslove · 4 months ago
Hi I have no clue if this is the request box but may I request Suns and Sakusa sort of taking it too far in degradation with their s/o? And like they comfort them after, thank you :) :)
you’re in the right place my love! <3 and sure i’d love to!!
includes: suna rintarō & sakusa kiyoomi
content warning: heavy degradation, use of safe words, description of a panic attack in suna’s, choking and slapping in sakusa’s, but lots of aftercare!!!
find iwaizumi and bokuto’s version here.
Tumblr media
your boyfriend was, for lack of better words, made for degradation. that’s not to say he doesn’t excel at praise too, because if asked, he‘ll deliver perfectly. but once he’s given the okay on, well, being mean, he truly falls into the role, knowing exactly what to say to make your mind blank, exactly how to say to make your body go lax and numb.
and of course, you love it. there’s no other reason why you’d put up with it. and suna knows you do; he sees the way your body reacts to his harsh words and jabs, feels the way you clench down on him tightly whenever he degrades you, hears the moans and whimpers and heaves and begs. if it’s not for that, then what else would he do it for?
you‘d thought it was what you’d needed after such a long day— to be put out of this draining, tiring headspace, to give up control, to let your boyfriend use you however he’d like, have his way with you, be harsh and mean and put you in your place. apparently, you’d needed the exact opposite, because all it feels is fucking awful. as he fucks rough into you from above you with your body spread beneath him, on your stomach, and your face buried in the mattress, he spits filth at you, calling you name after name after name.
“good for nothing whore,” he hisses, pressing a hand on your back right where it meets your neck, keeping you down firmly, unable to move. usually, this arouses you. usually, his treatment and words make you dizzy with lust.
so why do you feel like absolute shit?
his fingers dig into your skin as he smacks at your ass with his free hand. “this is what you’re meant for,” he continues, and a sob wretches from the back of your throat, muffled by the blanket. he mistakes it as a sob of pleasure, his hand landing another hit on your ass. “to be used and fucked stupid. think i give a shit ‘bout anything else? think you matter for anything else?”
you cry out again, hands fisting the sheets. this doesn’t feel good, not in the slightest. your body’s bouncing with every thrust of his, the sound of skin slapping against skin ringing loud in your ear. his words— his words hurt. they hurt so bad. they’re mean and awful and hearing it in his voice, with that tone, makes it so much worse.
he’s continuing however, oblivious to your state, “you’re a fucking dirty— dirty— slut.” something wet lands on the middle of your back, and with the heavy blanket around your brain, it takes you a second to register he spat on you.
it hits you suddenly, right after the realization— the tightening of your chest, the numbness of your palms, the lightheadedness overtaking you. you’re panicking, awfully, and it’s halfway through him mentioning how he knows you wouldn’t mind being used by his teammates that your hands flail around, reaching behind you and crying out in a broken voice, “red! red, red!” you can’t stop crying, can’t stop sobbing and heaving and panicking, even when the weight of suna above you disappears, even when the pressure between your legs vanishes, and you don’t quiet down to sniffles and shivers and hiccuping cries until there’s a shaky hand resting warm against your hip.
“baby?” suna calls out to you, voice quiet and careful. the warmth of his hand disappears suddenly, as if he’d caught himself redhanded. you’re still laying on your stomach, trembling in your place, but with the slight tilt of your head and the flutter of your eyes, you spot him, sitting a small distance away from you. he visibly sags in relief when his meet yours, and he reaches out for you again, slowly, waiting to be given the okay. “hi lovely— hi,” he sighs.
you sniffle again, unable to speak, but he doesn’t chastise you for it. when you don’t react negatively to his approaching hands, or to when his hands settle on your skin, he turns you over, slowly.
“hi beautiful,” he repeats, one hand reaching over to smooth your hair back. “can i clean ya up?”
it takes you another minute to process, a few seconds to nod, but he doesn’t mention it. he’s patient, waiting, and when you give him an answer, he smiles softly, almost proudly, before crawling back, pressing the cloth between your legs and wiping you down. it’s quiet for a few moments, before he speaks up again. “i don’t—“ his voice breaks, staggers and wavers, but he pauses, breathes deeply, and continues. “i don’t think any of those things about you.”
your breath hiccups as you sniffle again, turning your head to the side. suna sighs, but not impatiently. sadly.
“i’m sorry, baby,” he says. “i’m sorry that i didn’t— realize—“
“s’not your fault,” you whisper.
he’s silent for a few more moments, focusing on cleaning you up, before he pauses again, clenching the cloth tightly in his fist. “it is. but i— you— you mean a lot to me,” he admits, quietly. “i’m sorry i was mean.”
and suna’s never really been good with words, it’s evident with the way he struggles to comfort you by speaking.
so instead, after stuttering through another apology, after mumbling about how much he loves you as he presses a needy, broken, breathless kiss to your forehead, he rushes to the bathroom, filling the bathtub up with water. and when you’re settled in, eyes puffy from crying and muscles aching, he sits behind you, outside of the bathtub, scrubbing and washing and massaging at your hair.
“feel good?” he asks, as he lathers up your hair with shampoo. when you hum appreciatively, sinking deeper into the bathtub, he chuckles lightly, leaning forward to press a kiss to your temple. “good. only the best for my baby,” he mumbles against you, before reaching for the shower head again.
and after, he dresses you in his clothes because it’s easier than speaking, and he makes you some calming tea because he doesn’t know how to put it into words, doesn’t know how to express that he’s truly sorry and that he won’t be able to sleep that night with the guilt so heavy in his chest.
but he still finds it in him to say i love you when you’re half asleep in his arms, and promises to never hurt you the way he did earlier.
Tumblr media
when you’d fallen into your lover‘s arms after a long, stressful day, you’d asked, “help me forget, please,” and now that he’s delivering exactly what you’d wanted from him, you realize your mistake. it’s easy to miscalculate, of course, because as much as you loved and reveled in the way he praises you throughout it all, you’d believed there was no other way to properly distract yourself, properly make you forget everything that had made today as bad as possible, than to be fucked dumb.
again, a miscalculation. but that’s what safe words were for, as well as all the signals you and kiyoomi had thought up for all possible situations.
if only you could just say it. or do it. whichever.
you’re stuck in this god awful feeling, where your heart’s in your throat and you can’t seem to move. kiyoomi’s words are ringing loud and clear in your ear, his fingers digging into the sides of your throat, holding you down as he thrusts into you. your legs are spread open for him, helplessly laying on the bed, twitching every once in a while.
this did feel pleasurable, at first. it really did. the sting of his words made you shiver, his teasing fingers pulled you apart at the seams. you’d welcomed the insults and the harsh words, as well as the sting of his palm slapping against your thighs as punishment. he really had been doing all and more than what you asked, helping you forget, even if just for a while. it’s what you figured you needed.
but when his hand had traveled higher, wrapped around your throat like a vice, and when he’d sneered down at you, eyes dark and words like venom, “this really is all you’re good for, huh?” he’d scoffed down at you, thrusting sharp, knocking the breath out of your lungs. it’s not that he hadn’t said similar words before, even in that degrading, terrible, belittling tone, it just has never felt so— real. it had felt like he’d meant it, that he really thought you were useless, that all you could offer him was your body and apparently you couldn’t do that well enough because his next words were “oughta fuck someone else—”
and you don’t hear the rest, a sob dying in your throat as tears well up in your eyes. you’ve heard this shit before, had been able to retort with teasing grin and “no one could fuck you this good,” but you can’t, because you’re too lost in the possibility of his words being true. that he could easily just discard you, having been fed up, finding no more use for you.
when the hand around your throat lifts up to slap at your face, it’s when you finally cry, unable to hold back your tears. your hand finds its way around his wrist, squeezing tightly and digging your nails in. you can’t speak, can’t signal, but you pray that your trembling frame and the sight of you weakly, just barely shaking your head would warn him enough.
you’ve never felt more relieved when his face softens, his eyes widening worriedly.
“oh no,” he mutters. “no, i’m so— shit.” shaky hands land on the mattress on either side of you as he shuffles back, pulling out and sitting up. “sweetheart,” he starts, reaching out for you with the same, trembling hands. he cups your face gently, slowly, being careful of your reaction to him. you only flinch slightly, but with a deep breath, and patience from him, his hands settle warm on your cheeks. his thumbs brush away at your tears, his hands so gentle that they feel featherlight against your skin. “can you breathe okay?” he asks.
your chest feels slightly tight, your breathing a little ragged, but now that the pressure of his hand isn’t so terrifying, that his figure above you oozes comfort rather than intimidation and his eyes read warmth rather than harsh cold, you breathe a little easier. still, however, you struggle with words. “i– i’m—“
“it’s okay,” he’s quick to shush you, thumbs stroking against your cheeks again. “it’s okay, you don’t have to speak.” one hand leaves your face to trail upwards to your hair, and he brushes through it soothingly, his smile a little wobbly when his eyes meet yours. “let’s take a shower, hm? then i’ll make you some tea. maybe a snack. and we can— we can just sleep, yeah?”
your nod allows him to breathe easier, relief coursing through him. you’re clearly not in any good state, but it’s better than when you’d been staring up at him with so much fear and hurt in your eyes. he relaxes a little when you lean into the hand still on your cheek, pressing a soft kiss to his palm.
gently, he leans down, presses a watery kiss to the tip of your nose. “i love you,” he promises, kissing your cheek next. there‘s a lot more that he wants to say, wants to reassure you with, but for now, i love you will be enough.
Tumblr media
BYE I HATE THIS SO MUCH sorry for absolutely butchering this <//3
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fsrintaro · a month ago
what they need to hear from you
## ft. miya osamu, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji, kuroo tetsuro
## a/n. sometimes they just need a little love <3
Tumblr media
MIYA OSAMU just feels exhausted. setting his cap down on the shoe cabinet, he trudges with heavy feet to your shared room. upon seeing his fatigued state, you beckoned him over from the bed. osamu fell on his knees onto the floor, his head resting on top of your thighs while his hand drew small circles on your soft skin. "it's okay to be tired, love. take it slow, one at a time, hm? can you do it for me, sweetheart?" nodding his head against your thigh, the coolness of relief washed over him. it was scary to be vulnerable but over time, you helped osamu learn that he doesn't have to be strong all the time.
MIYA ATSUMU’S favourite way of cooling down after a long was laying between your legs, letting your fingers roam through the blonde tousles of his hair. sometimes, atsumu just wants to hear someone tell him that they are proud of him. not just because he was the top scorer of the game, but they want to be someone's pride for working hard to where he is. "you worked hard, 'tsumu. it's okay to rest, there is nothing wrong with that." a small contented hum sounded from atsumu's chest as he lets his head lull to the side to rest against your thigh.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI just isn't feeling himself today. nothing is going right for him and he is on the edge of losing it. as you looped your arms around his waist from behind in an attempt to comfort him, you noticed that he flinched at your touch. in that moment, he feared that you would be offended. he feared that it will come true -- that everything is his fault. "i'm here if you wanna talk, omi. i'll always be here for you, ready to listen." there it was, someone that was willing to listen. tears stung sakusa's eyes at the thought of being worth someone's time.
AKAASHI KEIJI ran his fingers through his disheveled hair for the umpteenth time. the pressure on his chest magnifying, taking a toll on his morale by the second. workload after workload, it didn't seem to keiji that he is clearing anything. the little clatter of a cup of tea interrupted keiji's spiral, making him peer up from the hands that were previously dragging down his face. you reached your hand out to weave your fingers through his hair, smoothing it to the sides to tidy up his tangled hair. hands settling at his cheeks, you pulled his forehead to your lips. "you're almost there, keiji. i'm proud of you." you whispered against his forehead, his eyelids falling to relax in your hold as he exhaled shakily.
KUROO TETSURO released a long sigh, leaning back into his office chair. eyes bored into the ceiling, his thoughts drifted to you. have you eaten lunch? did you miss him? kuroo's hand shuffled through his drawer to pull out his phone, its screen lighting up to show a picture of the two of you on a food date the previous weekend. a small ping from his phone had him shooting up from his seat, hands scrambling to open your message. a small smile crept onto kuroo's face as he stares at the picture of you holding a cute bowl of your lunch, along with the caption, "tetsu!! look at my lunch!! i can't wait to see you tonight, i miss you <3". god, he missed being around you.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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rinstars · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING : Suna Rintarō x Reader. Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader.
GENRE : Angst.
TAGS/WARNINGS : NSFW. Fake Dating. Unrequited Love. Profanity. Enemies (not really) to Lovers. Friends with Benefits. Not very canon compliant.
SYNOPSIS : You have been in love with your best friend Sakusa Kiyoomi for as long as you can remember. The problem? He is in love with somebody else. And for you to snag even the tiniest bit of his affections, it seems like you would willingly go through drastic measures.. Even if it means teaming up with his lifelong rival, Suna Rintarō
PLAYLIST + sunayn texts + sunayn crumbs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 2 months ago
arguing and making up
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa, ushijima, sakusa
genre : angst to fluff ; hurt + comfort
warnings : gn!reader
a/n : if tumblr doesn't mess the queue and posts this, everybody say thankyou <3
Tumblr media
— oikawa
"I can't do this anymore." Those were the last words he heard before you locked yourself in you bedroom. It was fine, really. You both are fine. You'll come out soon, he'll apologize. Everything will be back to normal. After all, you didn't mean what you said, did you?
Even after multiple turns of self assurance, oikawa can't seem to put his heart at rest. An hour passes, then another, followed by the other. No sign of you. He paced around the bedroom door for hours on empty, thinking about you, and the words he should say when you'd finally step out. However, the silence was overwhelming, making it harder and harder to breathe. And so he opened the door. The sight of an empty bed didn't help him.
At this point, tears were already prickling his eyes, hands rolled in a fist as his nails dug in the skin of his pans. The guilt of unbearable. But where did you go if not in the bedroom? That was until you stepped out of the washroom, stretching as if you just woke up from a sweet nap. Your puffy eyes were the pang to his heart.
The next second, you found yourself in his arms, head in the crook of your. "I'm sorry." Only an apology feel from his tongue, voice cracking as his hands tightened around your waist. "Please tell me you didn't meant it." Because a hundred rounds of self assurance never stood upto one 'I'm not going anywhere,' from you.
You smiled, warm breath against his shoulder while your fingers found their way to his hair, brushing them gently as he always preferred. "Of course, I'm not going anywhere, Tooru." However, you broke the embrace, much to his disappointment. "But," You looked into his eyes, hands cupping his cheeks. "Please consider my opinions too, yeah? It takes two to make a relationship work." He knew where this was going.
You always talked about how volleyball was a game of six. No single person can set and spike and then block, all by themselves. And just like that, in a relationship, no single party can make decisions and tag them as right or wrong without the other's opinion. If he didn't learn the second part earlier, he did now.
Oikawa nodded, beaming a goofy smile before hugging you once again. "By the way, what were you even doing for three hours?"
"Oh, I fell asleep."
And oh boy, he was offended. "I was worried to death and you were sleeping?"
"Serves you right, though."
Well, it did.
— ushijima
"Try to understand—"
"No, you try to understand, Toshi! If this is how we're going to live then I think we should just end it here!"
You wished you never had to say that. It was painful for you too, truly. Ushijima, on the other hand, he didn't know what just happened. He was trying to process — repeating your words over and over again. How did we get here? A moment ago, you both were fine, and then you started arguing. Now, you wanted to break up.
So instead of wasting another second over some words that were spilled out of anger ( and maybe, you didn't mean it. he hoped you didn't ) he straightaway followed you outside the apartment, his feet escorting him to the nearest park — the one he proposed you at.
A sprint worth five minutes and there he could see you see you sitting on the park bench. The one where you both shared your first kiss. He took a seat beside you, the fragrance of his sweet cologne filling in, you know it was him. However, you never spared him a glance.
"Do you really, you know, want to—"
"No," His eyes travelled to your face. Unfazed as always, you looked calm yet the fear swam inside your eyes. I didn't mean it, you wanted to say, but the words never left your mouth. He understood your thoughts, though. "But I meant everything else I said. About you being inconsiderate with our relationship, not caring about the planned dates, forgetting important occasions, taking me for granted, everything."
He wished he could deny those accusations. A silent "I'm sorry," was all that filled the silence between you two. "I'll try. Would you like to go on a date tomorrow? Let me take a leav—"
"No, Toshi." And for the first time in the past fifteen minutes, you looked at him with your teary eyes that still had crumbs of hope floating around inside them. "I don't want you to give up on one thing to have another. I love watching you play, you know it. Just, don't put our relationship aside for volleyball. Or volleyball for the relationship, please. I know you can balance them together, we can do it. Trust me a little more, please?"
Amidst this, he didn't realize when his hands slid over yours, grip fastening with every word you spoke. Now that you put it in clearer words, he realized how much it must've hurt. No one deserved to be treated that way, especially you.
His lips curled into a smile — an apologetic smile, to be specific — before planting a soft kiss on your temples. "I will. Thanks for giving me another chance."
And you nodded. "Let's go back? It's getting old and none of us have our sweaters on." You stood up, offering him your hand, just the way you did when he asked you out. 'Let's go back? I don't think we want out friends to catch us like this.' — This was what you said back then. He thought it was childish. Why would a grown man hold hands with a grown woman?
The Ushijima now, however, finds comfort when his fingers intertwine with yours. "Sure."
— sakusa
"I'm done."
And you hung up. Sakusa stared at this blank phone screen, standing near one of benches, in middle of packing his stuff. An argument — he knew it was his fault. He hated it. Within no time, he was driving towards your apartment, worry evident on his face as he dialed and re-dialed your number, hoping you'd pick you.
The sight of an empty home didn't help with with the situation. Did you really leave? He didn't want to believe it, but your slippers weren't around either, neither was your phone. Your family was out of city for a week so there was no way you went to them. Anxiousness overwhelmed him and it was making his skin crawl.
That was until he heard the front door open, the sound of you humming a song filling in the living room. "Omi? You're early tod—" He didn't even let you finish the question, cutting your off with a tight embrace.
"I thought you left."
You chuckled, pulling away. "I went to grab your favorite ice cream. Thought you'd like a little ice cream party after that heated conversation we had over the phone."
He frowned, pulling you closer once again as your foreheads rested against each other. "I'm sorry for that."
"It's okay. I was responsible too."
The next few minutes swam by in silence. Just the two of you in middle of you living room and the scent of home filled inside your hearts. And then you whispered, "i love you.
"Love you too, omi."
"By the way, the ice cream,"
Tumblr media
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minejiro · a month ago
Tumblr media
sakusa is rich, it comes as no secret, and that’s why you tell yourself this was never bound to work. and you’re pretty sure he’s got plenty of trust fund family friends that are after his heart anyway, so his options are plenty open.
he’ll do without you.
yet, why he’s incessantly knocking on your door, you can’t seem to figure out, the pounding sound ceaseless as he stays persistent. you’re nearly at your wits end after thirty minutes, stomping over to open the door and face him.
“kiyoomi,” you growl, glaring daggers his way, but he only shoots sharper ones at you through his eyes, piercing you with the obsidian orbs you know all too well.
it feels like he can read right through you, and you hate yourself for letting him get so close—letting yourself get so attached.
“what’s your issue?” he presses.
sakusa is probably the most stubborn, hardheaded, determined, and pettiest individual you’ve ever met. and it’s not exactly a surprise, you’ve learned he’s the youngest and wealthy, so it makes sense, but still. you’d never expected someone as stoic as him to be so borderline bratty at times.
“my issue? i’m not the one pounding on a door at eleven pm with no pause. what’s your issue?”
“you’re ignoring me,” he pouts.
and there it is, the look that made you really realize how smitten you truly are for the man before you, and how far from your reach he really is. you’ll never fit in with sakusa’s crowd, and you’re pretty sure he’ll never understand yours, and the inevitable heartbreak seems more crushing later rather than sooner.
so, with the utmost self control you never knew you could demonstrate, you force yourself to pull your eyes away from his face—that’s too handsome to be fair—and look at your feet.
“kiyoomi, listen,” you begin, and his face falls immediately. and so does your heart, all the way down to the pit of your stomach at the look.
“you don’t like me anymore?” he asks almost like a child. “but…i did…i thought i did all the right things. the movies…it worked in the movies,” he insists.
“what movies?” you ask, face twisting in confusion. he looks down bashfully, face a light shade of pink as he clears his throat.
be still your beating heart, you think, at the sight.
“i…i’m not really good at this,” he admits. “i thought…j-just you know, i did…some…research,” he finally blurts out, voice strained.
and if it weren’t for your current predicament, and the fact that you know yourself well and you know you won’t pull away if you lean in, you would’ve kissed his lips senseless at this very moment.
“romance movies?” you grin slightly. he huffs, turning his face to the side as he shifts on his feet.
“yes, romance movies. we were pursuing a romantic relationship, and their genre is romance. it makes sense,” he mutters. and despite the way your head screams to end this conversation before you’re too in deep to let yourself pull away, you chuckle, smiling bigger as the flush of his cheeks only darkens.
“that’s cute,” you mumble to yourself. “really, really cute,” you admit.
“so then what’s the issue?” he raises a brow. and it all comes crashing down again, making your smile drop—and he notices, he notices right away.
sakusa kiyoomi may be a bit sheltered, but he’s quick on his feet, he’s perceptive, and he’s a fast learner. he’s learned all your signs and quirks faster than you could hope to teach him. all on his own.
“look,” you sigh, deciding to rip the bandaid off, no matter how bad the wound might sting. “my background isn’t like yours. i’ve never had to use more than one fork and i’ve never had a bread plate.” he crinkles his brows, staring at you bewildered.
“so? i’m dating you, not your forks.” groaning, you rub your temples, mentally rolling your eyes at how dense he can be.
“kiyoomi. your friends and family probably expect you to bring someone home that grew up like you, don’t you think? someone who’s from a bit more wealth?” he ponders your words for a moment before shrugging, nodding at them as though they were any normal topic.
“yeah, they probably do expect that.” you blink.
“well i’m not that, am i?” you ask bitterly, flashing him a pained smile. it finally dawns on sakusa what you mean, his eyes widening a fraction before he quickly steps closer to you.
you should pull away, you really, really should—but you missed his warmth so much. indulging in one more moment with him couldn’t be so bad, you think.
“yeah, you’re not. but they never gave me anything even with all that money. nothing like what you give me anyway,” he shrugs. “i like you. a lot. i think…i think i might even…you know? love you?” he asks the last bit in a quiet voice, almost like he’s asking himself.
and under any other circumstance, you’d raise a brow at a man questioning his love for you, but it’s not like that with sakusa. you know him, and you know he’s trying to navigate what love feels like, he’s trying to find the warmth of its embrace in your arms.
it makes your heart skip a beat.
“what?” you breathe. and despite the palpable fear in his expression, sakusa presses his forehead to yours, staring at you with a hard determination you’ve grown to admire.
the same one he sports during games, and practice, and watching recaps to find his mistakes. he gives you that same passion, if not more.
“i think…no. no, i do. i love you,” he whispers. and sakusa kiyoomi is a star athlete, he’s got a car that’s worth more than your entire life savings at the moment being, he’s got trust funds waiting for him, and he’s got a snobby rich family back at home, but he’s got barely anything if not nothing at all without you.
the words knock the air out of your lungs and steal your breath.
“is this you trying to be like the movies?” you murmur.
“i wanna be better than the movies,” he whispers back. “but i kind of need a love interest for that.” the watery chuckle you let out makes his heart un-tense, the relief rolling over him in waves.
he knows it’s a good sign. he knows everything about you. and even if you’re scared, you can’t help but trust him blindly.
“okay, omi. let’s be better than your stupid romance movies,” you grin. “i love you too.”
and you’re glad he’s not starring in a film, you don’t think you ever want to share the stupidly handsome smile he gives you with anyone else to see.
Tumblr media
i know he lives in japan and the forks and bread plate reference was a bit unrealistic but this is a fiction drabble so don’t fucking bring it up or i’ll block you. enjoy it or leave. k thanks <3
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sunatea · 3 months ago
what i want, part two
Tumblr media
read part one | wc: 2858 | gn reader | arranged marriage au | warnings: alcohol mention, divorce mention, toxic parents | angst, fluff | read part three
6 months ago
"about your game tomorrow..." you nervously pushed the food on your plate around. "i could come and watch. it's supposed to be a tough one right?"
seated across from you, kiyoomi barely hid his annoyance at your suggestion. he took another sip of his wine and exhaled.
"yes. but your presence won't be necessary,"
a heaviness fell over your heart as something bitter began to take root. why? why was he doing this? what were you doing wrong? you desperately wished you could bring yourself to ask him, but just being under his scathing and intense gaze was too much. you bit the inside of your cheek and nodded, praying your voice would be steady when you replied.
kiyoomi stood, grabbing his plate as he made his way to the kitchen. "and don't bother waiting up after, i'll be out with the team."
"okay, good luck." was all you managed to say as his figure disappeared down the hall.
fighting to control the trembling of your shoulders, you waited until you heard the soft click of the bedroom door closing before you buried your face into your hands and let out a quiet sob.
six months. it had been six months and nothing had changed. that was only the second dinner you two had shared since the wedding and it still wasn't any easier to talk to kiyoomi. if anything, things were even worse.
those hopeful and comforting words of reassurance his siblings had given you almost a year ago were fading.
the warmth you felt on your wedding day never returned. there was only cold. he was always cold.
you didn't know how much more you could take.
you quickly came to your senses and tore your eyes away from kiyoomi to look down at the floor. somehow you had managed to knock three glasses off of the shelf, their fragments scattered all across the kitchen floor. slightly panicked, you looked back up at kiyoomi who was already making his way toward you.
"stay still, you're barefoot."
you nodded, not trusting your voice. for some reason, you wanted to cry all over again.
unbothered by the glass crunching under his shoes, kiyoomi extended his arms out to you. "here, grab on."
you looked at him dumbly for a moment before complying, taking a hold of his arms so he could lift you up and away from the glass. you tried to remember the last time you were so close to him, almost gawking as he set you down on one of the kitchen stools. the smell of cologne on his neck took you back to your wedding night- that was the last time he initiated any form of contact with you.
kiyoomi cleaned up the mess in silence as you sipped on a glass of water he got you. you watched, staring at him with no shame. you honestly couldn't help it, in your whole year married to him, you'd never had a single interaction like that before. he hadn't even so much as scowled at you yet. he didn't even look slightly annoyed like usual.
"i thought you left."
he shook his head. “your friend stopped by. they didn’t expect to see me here.”
you almost felt guilty. as bad as everything was between you and kiyoomi, ghosting him would have always left a bitter taste in your mouth. a small part of you felt relieved after your confrontation earlier.
“what about training camp?”
“it was postponed.”
not sure how to respond, you stared down into your glass. when he finished cleaning, kiyoomi leaned against the opposite counter and slowly let out a deep breath before breaking the silence.
“y/n, if you want to leave...i won't stop you. but i would like to offer you some kind of explanation first. i believe i have...misjudged the situation.”
you tilted your head. “i don't understand.”
he nodded, looking almost…ashamed? you couldn't exactly decipher the expression taking over his face. it felt like your head was spinning, coming up with endless possibilities of what he could have meant.
“about what you said earlier, it’s true that i didn’t want this… to get married. i never did,” your heart sunk at his words. you shouldn’t have been surprised by his confession but still, having your fears confirmed hurt. he was never in it like you were. you really had been wasting your time. your feelings.
he seemed to think carefully for a moment before he continued.
“my family gave me a choice; i was to either get married or be disowned and removed from my team. i-”
“wait what?”
kiyoomi frowned. “i already let you yell at me earlier. don’t interrupt.”
you shrunk back into your seat, mind racing as you hung on his every word.
“as you know, my family is wealthy. they have substantial influence as well. it would take a mere snap of my mother’s fingers to get me removed from my team." you didn't miss the bitterness in his voice.
"volleyball is the only thing i’ve ever worked hard for. it’s my life. so, i was left with no choice but to obey. for a while, i was able to ward off every potential matchup in the hopes that my parents would give up hope. then, your family came along and my plan was ruined. it was like nothing would get rid of you.”
your eyes blew wide as his every word stung you to the core. overcome with embarrassment and sadness, you found yourself replaying every interaction with him over the past year and a half, wondering if you had come across as some desperate, lovestruck idiot. all the while he was being manipulated and pressured by his own family with the one thing he truly loved. of course he hated you. you were the living embodiment of his lack of freedom, his parent's total control over his life.
“so after we got married, i decided to just continue on with my life as if nothing changed. you got a marriage and all this,” he gestured around the penthouse. “while i could continue to play volleyball and appease my family. i thought that was what everyone wanted, so your outburst today genuinely caught me by surprise. i di-”
"you thought i knew."
kiyoomi's eyes widened, caught off guard by how small your voice sounded. you looked absolutely gutted.
“but...what about whenever i tried to get you to just talk to me? or spend time with me? let me support you?" your voice shook as you tried to hold it together, tears of anger and sadness threatening to spill over your cheeks. "you thought all of that was just some act?” he had never wanted to take back his words so badly. in that moment, all kiyoomi wanted was for the look on your face to disappear. he'd never cared enough to offer comfort to anyone before, but as he watched you crumble in front of him all over again, he was cursing himself for not knowing what to do. all he could do was give you the truth.
“i did, i'm sorry, y/n. i can see now that i was wrong. no amount of apologies will make up for how i treated you, but i am truly sorry. if i had known your intentions were genuine well... i really don’t know. you don't have to forgive me, but whatever you need from me now, i'll help you with.”
it was true. all afternoon kiyoomi had been trying to convince himself that you really were the person he had built up in his head- the person that just wanted into his family and conspired with his mother to ruin his life and threaten his career. he wanted to believe that you never cared about him. but when he kept remembering that look on your face as you screamed at him, he knew he was wrong. if anything, he had been the one ruining your life all along. and now, he would do anything to make up for it, to prove that he's not like his parents. he doesn't hurt the people that care about him.
you were at a loss for words, mind reeling as you tried to make sense of everything and where to go from there. somehow, the entire situation seemed worse than before.
you shook your head. "i need... i want a drink right now, to be honest."
kiyoomi blinked, taking a moment to process your words before turning to open the fridge. "uh, there might be some beer. i don't really drink liquor so-"
"the bottom cabinet over there." you pointed. "there should be a few bottles."
he raised a brow but didn't question you, already knowing the answer. with how badly he treated you most days, who wouldn't need a drink? the thought of you drowning your sorrows alone unsettled him. as he filled two glasses with an amber liquid, he remembered his father, who would do the same thing after long, frequent arguments with his mother.
he was going to make this right. he wasn't going to be like his mother, and you wouldn't be like his father. kiyoomi would free you both from the wretched cycle of his family tree. starting with signing those papers first thing tomorrow. for you, and him. he'd just have to face whatever consequences his family threw at him. it would be okay as long as you weren't sad because of him ever again.
"thank you," you visibly relaxed after taking a sip of your drink.
kiyoomi sat next to you and took a sip as well, his eyes never leaving your face. now that everything was out, he had a million things on his mind. he wondered about the real you. the you that he had refused to see underneath his hostile assumptions. he thought about all the times he wanted to ask you about things like your job or a book you were reading but before he could utter the words, his resentment for the situation would hold him back and he would ignore your existence all over again.
“so why did you want to do it? get married, i mean. i know your parents didn't make you.”
you groaned, not wanting to talk about it. but since he had opened up and apologized so sincerely, you couldn't bring yourself to just brush him off. it wasn't like it really mattered anymore. deciding to leave out a few embarrassing details, you tell him.
“well,” you cleared your throat. “i thought i didn’t care about being alone. and for a long time, i really didn’t. i was always fine with it until one day i just wasn’t anymore. i mentioned it to my mom on a whim and the next thing i know was meeting you.”
kiyoomi didn’t try to hold back his chuckle. you frowned before staring at him in disbelief, soaking up everything about his laugh and engraving it into your memory. it was a rare, beautiful sight.
“yeah, yeah. maybe it was silly. you were scary looking, by the way. well, you still are. but...” you trailed off, looking into your glass.
"but what?"
"i don't know, i just really liked being near you." you laughed lightly, already feeling slightly buzzed. "and speaking to your siblings really sealed the deal for me. they’re very fond of you, you know?”
he seemed to sober up a bit. “i didn’t know you had spoken to them. we aren't very close.”
“well, i had to learn about you somehow. you certainly weren’t helping. they told me how you were a really good person and that i should be patient with you. because its worth it. i don't have siblings but if i did, i hope they would talk about me like that.”
kiyoomi shrugged and brought his glass to his lips."i was trying to scare you off. most of my matches usually got annoyed with me and didn't make it to the second date."
you nodded solemnly. "i'm sorry too though. if i had known... i wouldn't have let you go through with it. i guess i should have suspected something was wrong."
"no need," kiyoomi shook his head. "besides, i was the one too scared to say no to my family."
you rolled your eyes, resisting the urge to curse his parents right in front of him. who does that to their own child? you stiffen as you come to a realization. what would they do to him?
"what will happen now? with your family?"
he finished his drink before responding in a thoughtful tone. "i don't know. nothing pleasant that's for sure, but i'm prepared for it. i imagine they'll have a few words for you though. sorry about that."
honestly, you weren't worried about yourself anymore.
just twelve hours ago you wanted nothing more than to be as far away from kiyoomi as possible, leaving him and the painful memories of the past year behind you. yet as he stared down into his empty glass, so unsure, so alone- you knew things were different. maybe you weren't so lovestruck anymore but you definitely felt like an idiot for not wanting to go anywhere without him. and despite not knowing the real circumstances of your marriage, you felt somewhat responsible and didn’t want any part in taking his career away from him.
dammit, you thought.
you reached across the counter for the bottle of whiskey and refilled both of your glasses. "fuck. okay. okay."
after downing your drink in one go, you turned to face a confused kiyoomi. "what's wrong?"
"i'll stay." you said.
you nodded.
"but..why?" he looked at you incredulously.
"so you can keep playing. so your parents won't take what you love away from you."
kiyoomi's eyes went wide, he ignored the fluttering in his chest as he tore his gaze from yours. "you don't have to do that just because you feel sorry for me, y/n. this isn't your problem."
you couldn't deny that some part of you pitied what kiyoomi had to go through with his parents. coming from a home full of love and support, it was hard for you to imagine what he must have gone through with parents who only saw him as a pawn and siblings too old to relate to him. but a larger part of you simply just wanted to be by his side, even if you would never have the marriage you envisioned. it was still better than going back to before. back to being alone.
"i don't want them to do anything to you, kiyoomi. i don't care about before, i just want to help you."
he sighed. "you shouldn't waste any more time here with me. this isn't what you want. i don't want it either. so just go."
in an instant, the somewhat friendly atmosphere went cold as a familiar silence enveloped you both. the kind of silence that made your ears ring and your throat tighten.
he didn’t want you there. he didn’t want you. you were better off alone. again.
with a nod, you slid from your seat and tried your best to keep your expression neutral.
"alright. i'll be gone by tomorrow morning then."
for the second time that day, you were walking away from kiyoomi. but before you could make it three steps, he stood and caught your wrist in his hand.
"that's not what i... i don't want you to hate me, y/n." he breathed, eyes frantically searching yours.
it suddenly dawned on you that you never addressed those sharp words you threw at him earlier.
"i didn't mean that." you shook your head. "i don't hate you, kiyoomi. i never did."
he looked slightly relieved at your words but his grip on your hand was still so tight. "but i.. how do we do this? i don't know how-"
as he stumbled over his words, you pulled your wrist from kiyoomi's grasp and extended your hand out to him with a grin. "you don't know how to be friends with someone, kiyoomi?"
he looked down at your hand. "friends?"
"yes. ever heard of a platonic marriage? we can play nice while we figure out how to deal with your psychotic family."
he raised a brow but was clearly amused. "that sounds like a horrible idea."
you didn’t disagree.
"maybe." you shrugged. "in return, i only expect VIP tickets to all your games and maybe a new car."
kiyoomi laughed at that. "y/n, seriously. it's okay."
he expected you to just drop it there, but when you furrowed your brows and continued to hold your hand out to him, he knew you were serious. even after everything, you still cared so much about him. he wasn't used to anything like it. he didn't think he even deserved it.
but still, he wanted you to stay by his side. he wanted to know you.
"let me, kiyoomi."
with a small smile, kiyoomi finally relented and reached out.
“alright, y/n.”
fitting perfectly with his own, he wondered if your hands had always been so warm.
Tumblr media
A/N: wow i am so very sorry for the super long delay with this part two! i hope you all enjoyed it! there will be a final part to put a nice wrap on everything. fingers crossed it doesn't take me ages! i just want to thank everyone for giving the first part so much love because it really motivated me and made me incredibly happy.
please do not copy/repost.
Tumblr media
taglist! those I couldn’t tag are bolded
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joyaphoria · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
to her monster.
part 0/0 - a case reawakened
pairing: various x f!reader
© 𝘫𝘰𝘺𝘢𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘢
Tumblr media
directory | previous | next
Tumblr media
On October 13, 2019, Y/N went missing.
It was an anonymous tip, a female voice that had called in and informed the police that her friend had been missing.
Police tried to investigate the case, but there were no school records, work records, no birth certificate, and most of all, no witnesses.
Nobody seemed to know who this young lady was, or that she even existed.
Due to lack of evidence, the case was buried, and a few days later, all files disappeared, completely wiping her out of being.
Two years later, on the same day that y/n had supposedly gone missing, four men came forward, one at 6 am, one at 12 pm, another at 6 pm, and the last at 11:59 pm — just before midnight.
They each claimed to know a woman that had gone missing two years ago, and just now received a sudden urge to speak about her.
Two days later, these four men were then brought in for questioning.
The transcripts of all four interviews were edited and put together, the most important information as one.
(Keep in mind that all of these interviews were held seperately; As far as the detectives are aware, none of these men know of each other, or of their connected relations to the missing female.)
October 14, 2019 — The Interview
[Interviewer]: Before we begin, please be aware that this interview will be recorded. We ask that you speak the truth at all times, and be as detailed as possible.
[Bokuto, shrugs]: There’s nothing to lie about.
[Interviewer]: We’re relieved. Can you begin by stating your name?
[Bokuto]: Gotcha! My name is Bokuto Koutaro, though I’m sure you already know that.
[Oikawa, scoffs]: Oikawa, Oikawa Tooru.. You’re literally interviewing me, don’t you already know?
[Suna]: Suna Rintarou.
[Sakusa]: My name is Sakusa Kiyoomi.
[Interviewer]: Wonderful, thank you, Sakusa-san. Now do you mind us asking what your relationship was with Y/N?
[Sakusa, uneasy]: We were... Friends — with benefits... kind of...
[Bokuto]: She was kind of a friend? She was there for me, gave me advice, but I had feelings for her.. I dont know, it was all kind of confusing.
[Suna]: We didn’t exactly have a label.. We really hated each other, but she just understood me, more than anyone else ever did.
[Oikawa]: She was my — Well, I had a girlfriend, and I was seeing Y/N... who wasn’t my girlfriend… you get what I’m trying to say?
[Interviewer, eyebrows raised]: So you were cheating on your girlfriend, with Y/N?
[Oikawa, flustered]: It’s kinda — Y/N had my heart before [Redacted] did.. I was only dating [Redacted] because my family would absolutely hate Y/N. Still, [Redacted] never meant nearly as much to me as Y/N did.
[Sakusa]: What kind of person was she? Well, Y/N was —
[Suna, sighing]: A spawn of the devil — that woman was crazy. She believed she could play God.. she was a fucking narcissist — and she was violent. That woman was so goddamn violent.
[Bokuto]: She was quiet, and even if she didn't talk much, she’s been through a lot. She’s so undeserving of all the wrong committed against her. I wish I could’ve protected her against whatever she was fighting.
[Sakusa]: A puzzle — so confusing, and twisted.. and wrong. She was so wrong, but in a way.. I can’t, I can’t explain it… She was so, like, neutral? Either I just couldn’t read her, or there was nothing to read.
[Oikawa, whistling]: She was so fucking bad, I swear I would’ve thrown my entire life away for her.. so fucking badass.. and her body? Her body is like fucking—
[Interviewer]: Not at all necessary, please keep it to yourself.
[Oikawa, chuckling]: your lost, my friend.
[Interviewer]: And when was the last time you saw y/n?
[Suna, dazed]: The last time?
[Interviewer]: Yes, the last time you’ve seen her or spoken to her.
[Witness #3 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Suna]: Last night.
[Witness #4 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Sakusa]: Last night.
[Witness #1 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Bokuto]: Last night.
[Witness #2 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Oikawa]: last night.
The four witnesses were later dismissed, as police scramble through the information that was given to them.
All of the men seem to have very different opinions of Y/N, much to the point where police were convinced that they were each thinking of different women.
The only thing that made it clear that their cases were indeed connected, was that oddly, all of the witnesses now had employments in the volleyball industry, and back then, had still been pursuing them; That, and the fact that this faceless Y/N had clearly made a significant impact on all of their lives, and seemed to still be pulling their strings from behind the scenes.
Tumblr media
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valentaro · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
sakusa's not just gonna waste another night over petty arguments, he wants to solve them. he isn't ready to let go.
W/C: 783 PAIRING: sakusa kiyoomi x gn!reader
TAGS: angst, vulnerability, hurt comfort vibes
Tumblr media
this was not what sakusa intended to happen on your night out together. then again... he was wondering when things would spiral out of control sooner or later.
what he wasn't expecting, though, was for you to storm out of the diner mid-argument, without another word said. and when you didn't return after five long minutes, it was sakusa's turn to run out and find you.
he didn't know where you went, but you couldn't have run far. sakusa's legs taking him farther and farther away from the diner, not noticing the rising pace of his speed as he searches the streets.
spotting you on the other side of the glass in the seven-eleven, crouched down piling packets of snacks into your arms. relief flooding through his veins as he enters the store, long strides towards you.
"hey," he voices, causing you to spin around and face the male with a cold look that sent arrows into his heart. "i've been looking for you,"
"hmm, that's a first." you remark, moving past him to head towards the register before dumping your items on the counter. trying your best to keep the composure which you struggled to maintain the second he walked through the door.
you were so frustrated, tired, and upset with everything. all you and sakusa have done in the last couple weeks was fight, and argue over whatever petty topic or discussion arose.
nothing seemed to get better over time,
you wanted an out.
grabbing the plastic bag from the counter, sending a quick 'thank you' to the cashier before exiting the store – sakusa following behind like a lost puppy.
catching up to you, stopping you from walking any farther. his hands finding yours and holding them in his, those obsidian eyes looking at you with an emotion you've never seen in them before.
"what do you want kiyoomi?" you sigh, pulling your hands away from his to cross them over your chest. "i just want to go home,"
then it hit him. the scratch in your voice, the frustration and distress seeping through. you wanted to leave, for good this time. "what?" sakusa choked out, eyebrows pinching together, "no."
"no?" repeating the word, confused, "what do you mean, no?"
you could never read him, sakusa has never been the sensitive type. almost always keeping to himself, detaching himself from any exposure of vulnerability that may threaten to escape from under the surface.
that, however, doesn't mean that he doesn't want a relationship. having relationships are meaningful to him, it's unfortunate that he's only realising this now.
after one hundred fights and multiple storm outs from the apartment, sakusa wants to solve these arguments instead of starting them.
"i mean," he says, searching his mind for the right words – heart racing as he stares at your unimpressed appearance in front of him.
"kiyoomi, i can't– i can't do this anymore." cutting him off, a hand tangling itself in your hair, "all the fighting and arguments – it's tiring." doing everything you could to stop yourself from crying and breaking down in front of him, "and– it's-it's like you don't even care anymore."
sakusa takes a step towards you, causing you to drop the plastic bag in your hand to the floor. his hands cupping the sides of your face, with wide eyes that are desperate to hold on for longer.
"don't say that," he says, voice cracking. "i do care, i do." shaky hands and glossy eyes, "i know– i know, i've fucked up and i fuck up a lot. but, i do care – and i'm sorry i'm so shitty at showing it."
"omi, i don't understand–"
"please, listen to me." sakusa interrupts, "i say a lot of shit, and i know our relationship is pretty fucking confusing sometimes." the first tear escapes and they never stop, "but i don't want things to end just yet. i don't want to spend another night alone without you, i don't want to let go of you."
and in those couple months you two have been together, you never realised just how pretty sakusa looks when he cries. a choked laugh and small smile, your hands reach up to wipe away his tears.
pulling him towards you and pressing your lips against his. sakusa's lips so soft, melting and floating, weightless and void of gravity. it's so sweet, the mix of salty tears and overflow of emotion that's been pushed behind the surface for what feels like years.
breaking apart, fingers laced in his black curls. assured, sakusa's arms wrap around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest, burying his face in your hair.
"let's not waste anymore nights together, yeah?"
Tumblr media
a/n: it's been a while since i wrote something, so here's this! i live for being on the receiving end of vulnerability and i love seeing vulnerable sakusa :)
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adoringhaikyuu · 3 months ago
Hi! So I was wondering if you could please write something for Sugawara, Atsumu and Akaashi where the reader takes off her wedding ring after a fight (for whatever reason) and the boys just lose it because they assume the reader wants to end their marriage? Thank you so much, your writing is incredible and I love reading your works ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: timeskip!akaashi + atsumu + sakusa + sugawara + (gn!reader)
warnings: none just a lil sad :(
notes: wait i love this idea and ur so sweet thank you <3 another request asked for something similar w sakusa so i added him too.
Tumblr media
★ akaashi would just stare at your bare hand silently for what seems like minutes to him but is really only a few seconds. all the thoughts running through his head make it feel like much longer. all the anger and frustration he felt only moments prior now turn into fear and sadness. "i promise i'll do better but...please don't leave me." even after you reassure him that you don't want to end things, just the mere thought of hurting you so bad that you'd want to leave him scares him. he will hold you so tight that night as you're both falling asleep.
Tumblr media
★ atsumu almost starts a whole other fight, it's just that he's freaking out and he doesn't know how to respond. "really y/n?? one stupid fight and you're ready to pack your bags and go??" his brows are furrowed and his face is slightly red, but by the way his voice threatens to crack at the end shows you that he's masking his hurt. after you clear up the confusion, he's still huffy and pouty. "never take that ring off again...please." his eyes never leave your hand as he rubs it with his thumb and brings it up to his face to kiss your ring finger every now and then.
Tumblr media
★ sakusa feels sick when he sees the ring on the kitchen counter practically mocking him as it shines in the light. he can't even speak and it takes him a second to notice you walking into the room. he starts to say something, eyes locked on the ring but as soon as you put it back on your finger he lets out a relieved breath he didn't even know he was holding in and wraps his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your shoulder. "m'sorry, i'm so sorry."
Tumblr media
★ sugawara honestly feels like crying when he finds the ring on your dresser. he practically runs to where you are, lips wobbly as he holds it up and looks at you with questioning, saddened eyes. "are you leaving me?" when you let him know that you aren't, you just forgot to put it back on, too distracted by the fight, he sighs and pulls you in for a hug, apologizing for the things he said during the fight, while breathing in your scent and holding you tight. "i love you so much."
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 11 months ago
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ atsumu, sakusa, and oikawa
part 1!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i have a couple asks to post but i just wanted to post this one prompt today!!
anyways i feel like if i were in a relationship (PLS i’ve never been in one before *cries in commitment issues*) i’d definitely be too clingy so i wanted to write for this one. anyways it’s a lil angsty but there’s happy endings for each of the characters😌
um. also. these are literally SO CHEESY like you won’t even understand until you read it so feel free to click off if it’s too much😀)
Tumblr media
atsumu had woken up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason
he barely said anything to you in the morning and was ignoring your texts all day
when he finally got home, he was the same
you figured that maybe he needed some cuddles or positive affirmations
so you climbed into bed next to him and put your head on his chest
“‘tsumu, are you okay?”
he just rolled over on his side, pushing you off him
“why can’t you tell when i want to be alone? god, you’re always so clingy.”
after that, he said nothing to you, leaving the two of you in silence
you realized you were always this way, and you felt insecure, as touch was one of your love languages and you hadn’t realized how annoying that must have been
the two of you slept with your backs against each other that night
it’s the next day, and atsumu seems to have forgotten the things he said to you while he was in a bad mood last night.
when he wakes up, the bed is cold. it’s a saturday, and he’s looking forward to just staying in for the day and spending some time with you. he gets up to find you in the kitchen, making some sort of food. he walks up behind you, about to put his arms around you and wrap you in a hug, but you dodge him, moving to the side swiftly. he figures it’s nothing (this dumb bitch i swear)
“hey babe, we should go to the store today and pick up something for dinner,” he notes, checking the refrigerator.
“‘kay,” you reply, plating both of your breakfasts.
when you get to the grocery store, he expects you to tug on his sweatshirt like always, steering him into the aisles you want to go into, but instead you walk in front of him. the behavior is strange, but he shrugs it off.
after dinner, you suggest a movie, and you let him pick for the two of you.
you settle in, situating yourself on the left side of the couch and pulling the blanket over yourself. atsumu sits in the middle, expecting you to join him with your head on his shoulder like usual.
he waits.
and waits.
but you stay on your side of the couch, resting against a pillow instead of your boyfriend. now atsumu is picking up on your behavior, but he’s not sure why you’re acting this way. he decides he’ll ask you after the movie.
when you’re in bed later, he joins you, sighing contentedly. you look over at him and smile sleepily. now he figures you’ll give in and crawl over into his lap, since you’re stupidly affectionate when you’re sleepy. but you roll over on your side, scrolling lazily through your phone. now he knows something is up.
he’s about to ask you why you’re being this way, but then he suddenly remembers the things he said to you last night before you went to sleep. he feels terrible.
he pokes at your side miserably. you turn to see him staring at you with wide, guilty eyes, and you sit up.
“what is it, baby?” you whisper, gentle. he pushes his face into your chest, and sighs.
“‘m sorry,” he mumbles quietly. “i didn’t mean what i said last night. please be affectionate with me again, okay?”
the thought that he wants you close to him makes your heart swell, and you can’t imagine a time where you weren’t in love with this man.
you sigh, threading your fingers through his hair soothingly.
“‘s okay. i love you.”
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
you’ve always been the more affectionate one in your relationship
kiyoomi is not one for physical contact, nor people in general, but for you he might make an exception
but the differences between your personalities often lead to disagreements and furthermore, arguments
a couple days ago, you had fought because he hadn’t texted you to tell you where he’d been for hours and you were worried sick
he wasn’t in the mood to talk and you were making it worse
“kiyoomi, you can’t just—”
“y/n, i’m tired of you being this way all the time. you’re so fucking clingy. it’s like every time i try to do literally anything, you HAVE to be overbearing. it’s exhausting.”
you were hurt that he’d called you that, as you cared deeply for him but he’d only interpreted that as annoying :(
you continued to fight until neither of you had the energy and called it quits, half-assed apologies forced out of each other
now the two of you are okay, but what he said stuck with you, and you’ve decided that maybe he’s right
today was not sakusa’s day at all. people were getting on his nerves left and right, and he was just tired out of his mind. he was just looking forward to coming home to you and snuggling in bed after such a long day.
he gets home and walks into the kitchen to see you making dinner and sighs tiredly. you can tell something is up with him.
“you doing okay, omi?” you ask gently. he shakes his head no, and you realize he must’ve had a bad day.
“‘m sorry, baby. can i do anything to make you feel better?” you ask, tossing something into the pot your stirring.
he sighs again, knowing he’s absolutely terrible at asking for things like this.
“could we— could you just—” he stutters, muttering. you stare at him patiently; expectantly. he stares back at you.
usually here, you’d end his suffering and ask him if he wanted to cuddle, but apparently you’re not picking up on his cues or something, because you stay silent, waiting for him to say something.
at some point, sakusa just gives up, mumbling under his breath and sulking over to the couch. on most days, you would walk over to him and ask him to talk to you, but for some reason it seems like you’re really not paying any attention to him. he knows he’s being dramatic, but he feels neglected and just a bit touch-starved. he would never say it, though.
after dinner, when both of you have showered and you’re waiting in bed for him, he looks over at you. you just look so warm and soft and he wants more than anything to cuddle with you. trying to be subtle, he asks, “is something up with you?”
you shake your head. “no, i’m doing okay. how are you feeling?” he shrugs, not wanting to talk. but you interpret this as him wanting distance from you, so you decide not to prod any further.
now he’s getting impatient, fingers itching to just grab you and hold you close, but you’re not giving him anything.
then he remembers how he hurt you last time, calling you clingy and saying the way you cared for him was annoying. his shoulders droop, and now he realizes he can’t blame you for giving him space. but space isn’t what he wants right now.
so he wraps his arms around your waist and rolls you over, ending up with you lying flush on top of him, and you look up at his face in surprise.
“please don’t be away from me right now,” he mumbles quietly. “i want you here, okay?”
your eyes fill up with tears at his honesty, kiyoomi in such a vulnerable state you’ve never seen before. you bury your face in his chest and sniffle.
Tumblr media
oikawa has always had a problem with his personal boundaries
he’s never known when to stop; when enough is enough
so when you found out that he was still overworking himself a few days ago, your own frustration bubbled over
“tooru, this HAS to stop!”
both of you knew it was true
but in oikawa’s head..
“god, of course you wouldn’t get it. you’ve never wanted something so badly in your entire life that you’d do anything—”
“I WANT YOU, TOORU. how many times do i have to tell you this to make you understand?”
he’d scoffed at you, sneering
“you know what? fuck you. i don’t need you. all you do is hover over me. GOD, you’re so fucking clingy! no matter how hard i try to get rid of you, you just won’t leave!”
you were crying at that point, and while normally you would’ve stayed and tried to calm him down, this time was different
you were too hurt to stay, so you grabbed some of your things and left, slamming the door
he had regretted the words the second they left his mouth, but it was too late anyway
he’d called you 14 times and left too many messages to count, and when you came home he got up and ran to you, wrapping his arms around you tightly, scared to let go
and while you knew he didn’t mean the things he said to you, you also knew he wasn’t all that wrong either
so from that day on, you decided you would be better
today was terrible.
honestly, everything was going wrong. you were getting into arguments with people at work, the traffic was terrible, and it seemed like the entire world was against you.
and while all you want is to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him, the very last thing you need right now is another argument about how clingy you’re being.
oikawa is already home when you open the door, and he stands up to greet you. he notices something is off about you today, and you look even more tired than usual.
he walks over to you and tilts your chin up with his hand. you look like you’re about to cry.
“oh, baby. what’s wrong?” he asks, his voice soft and sweet. but you’re just so overwhelmed, so you start to sob. his eyes widen in alarm and then droop with sympathy, and he tries to wrap his arms around you.
no matter how much you want to succumb to his embrace, you know you’ll only regret it in the long run, so you push him away and walk towards your bedroom, closing the door behind you.
outside the door, oikawa stands there dumbfounded. it’s so unlike you to refuse his comfort, especially through touch. he knocks on the door softly before opening it.
you’re laying in bed, pillow clutched to your chest, sobbing on your side. the sight breaks his heart, and he wants to make you feel better, but he doesn’t know how.
he sits on the bed beside you and puts his hand in your hair, but you shrink away from him. his heart sinks.
“baby, please let me be here for you,” he says soothingly. you shake your head. “why?” he asks, soft and sad.
“y-you’ll think i’m be-being clingy again,” you sniffle, clutching the pillow tighter.
tooru thinks back to the argument the two of you had, the way he called you annoying and clingy and desperate when really he can’t think of anything he’s ever needed more in his life than you.
he gets into bed beside you and puts his arms around you, holding you tight against him. you fight him for a second, but then relax, giving in and turning towards him. you cry harder, sobbing into his chest and gripping his shirt.
“hey, hey. you’re alright, baby, i’ve got you,” he whispers. “i love you so much, okay? i love how affectionate you are with me and i love everything about you.”
you’ve calmed down a little bit, hiccuping and sniffling against his chest.
“i’m sorry for making you feel like i wasn’t a safe space for you to come home to. i didn’t mean a single thing i said to you that day. and then you left and it scared me and i was exhausted and insecure and i just—” he cuts himself off. “i need you, y/n. that will never change. okay?”
you look up at him, smiling softly. you really, really love him, don’t you?
“okay,” you whisper, falling asleep in his arms.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 7 months ago
heyo, can i request something angsty with the prompt “we’re gonna be okay, right?” for omi, oikawa and suna? maybe they fucked up really badly and know that their relationship is hanging by a thread that’ll snap if they don’t fix up? up to you if you want the end to be fluffy. thank you!!
“we’re gonna be okay, right?”
Tumblr media
feat. Sakusa, Oikawa, Suna
♡ warning: hurt/comfort
♡ a/n: ahhh I hope I did this justice
 ♡ part two
Tumblr media
“Y/n, please, I don’t have time or energy to deal with you” the words had slipped out of Sakusa’s mouth unintentionally, but the moment he said that he knew it wasn’t the right thing to say.
“Wait no I didn’t-” it was too late. Your eyes were already filled to the brim with tears and you shook your head at him. You silently made your way to the bedroom, leaving him alone on the couch.
Certainly he could have phrased that better. He meant to say that practice had worn him out and all he wanted was to rest instead of listening to you scold him about some mistake in which he was clearly in the wrong for. He just wanted to talk about the issue later, but with his own frustrations and lack of energy, the sharp words came out easily to him.
The two of you were already having what he would call ‘small disagreements’, but at this point he had to be honest with himself. Your relationship was hanging by a thread. How many times this past week have the two of you been arguing back and forth each night, he lost count.
It was tiring, and surely brushing everything off wouldn’t make it better.
And Sakusa knew that the longer he waited on the couch, the worst things would get.
He got up, walking towards the bedroom. Peeking in, he saw you curled up, hugging a pillow and bawling your eyes out- the sounds muffled by the pillow.
Sitting on the other side of the bed, he took a deep breath before apologizing.
“Hey, I’m sorry for what I said. I was just already in a bad mood and I didn’t mean to say what I said. I wanted to brush off the... discussion for another time..”
Your cries came to a halt, and you sat up, facing your boyfriend.
“I understand that you didn’t intend to say that” you reply, your breaths still deep and spaced out in order to calm yourself down.
“Yes, I’m so sorry about that. But we’ll be okay, right? Because-” his words were cut off by your own.
“But that doesn’t make the intent behind your words okay Kiyoomi. I know these arguments are annoying to deal with and they’re certainly not enjoyable but wanting to brush them off hurts even more because it gives off the impression that you’d rather settle our problems later..and that the state of our relationship isn’t at the forefront of your mind.”
Sakusa took a moment to take in your words.
“So no... we’re not okay right now”
You watched your boyfriend’s eyes slowly widen, suddenly grabbing your hands in his as if he was afraid you’d up and leave.
He never considered what you brought up. But there was truth-and fear- behind your words. Because yes, the fights seemed endless and it’s not like you enjoyed bringing them up to him after work. After all, you knew how incredibly tired he was from his work. But the moment he stopped wanting to argue and brush it aside was the moment you were scared for the most. To stop arguing made it seem like he just didn’t care anymore. That’s how you saw it at least. 
When it seemed like the crying was about to resume for you, Sakusa brings up one hand to his lips, giving them a soft kiss to calm you down.
“I see what you mean.. And I want to clarify that I just wanted to talk about it tomorrow- if you didn’t mind of course. But I need you to know right now. No matter how many fights we are in, I still love you and have no intent on giving up on this relationship, okay?”
That one simply sentence was enough to reassure you wholly. You gave him a small nod before inching closer to him and wrapping your arms around him. The tears you tried to hold back poured out again- although this time they were tears of relief. All of the fears you had were beginning to wash away.
And for your boyfriend, now that he knew where your thoughts lay, he certainly knew what steps he needed to take to progress further.
The problems didn’t go away that night. Neither of you expected them to. No progress was made on any sort of compromise for the disputes you two had.
But somehow, things were looking promising for the both of you, and there was confidence that you two would be okay.
It was just another night for Oikawa. He had just finished his practice serves and was heading back home, to where you would be.
The last couple weeks were particularly rough for the two of you. He had a habit of leaving terribly early and coming home terribly late. And so of course you started to feel neglected by your boyfriend. But when you brought this up, Oikawa couldn’t understand why you were so upset. Yes, he knew it was hard to not spend time with one another- even he felt bad about it. But the two of you knew that he was devoted to volleyball, so why fuss about it?
He thought back to the last argument you guys got into- replaying the events in his head.
“Y/n, you know how important this damn sport is to me. You knew that going into this relationship!”
“Tooru, that doesn’t excuse you from being completely absent from this relationship. I support you to the best of my ability only to be met with no effort on your part.... forget it” you had muttered, and like that you made your way to bed with nothing left to say.
Maybe Oikawa should have said something. But he was so sick of the arguing. So he followed you into the bedroom and the two of you went to sleep.
But the last few days there was no fighting whatsoever. You didn't complain about him being gone all of the time. He thought that would be a good sign- but the conversations the two of you had were different. It was awkward- as if the two of you were just acquaintances. It wasn’t the same as it was before the fighting.
By the time Oikawa reached the front door, one thought crept into his brain and that one thought absolutely terrified him. He fumbled with the door lock, in a hurry to get to you.
The living room was pitch black, but he saw light creeping from the bedroom. When he poked his head through, you were the first thing he saw, laying in bed on your phone.
“Hey” you said, looking up to acknowledge him. Your voice was somber, tired- one he’s never head before. You used to be so full of love when you talked to him, when did it change? Why hadn’t Oikawa realized it before, or was it so subtle that he just slowly got used to it.
Oikawa still stood at the doorway, his eyes already tearing up. Was it too late already? Did he mess up that badly?
“..Tooru, what’s wrong?” you ask, quickly sitting up and getting out of bed to check on your boyfriend.
“Y/n... we’ll be okay, right?”
You stop in your tracks- still a few steps away from your boyfriend and take his words in. Because honestly, you had never thought much of it yourself. You just kept living day to day, tired from the fighting, hurt from the neglect. But it had never occurred to you where your relationship would go from there.
You couldn’t deny that your relationship was teetering on the edge. It was bad- but you certainly didn’t want it to be. And looking at your boyfriend, you knew he thought the same.
But still.
“I don’t know....” you sheepishly admit, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.
“I want it to be okay Tooru.. I really do. But you do know things can’t continue the way they are if we want us to last long” you say, carefully watching how he’s react. You’re afraid the same argument will be brought up and nothing would get resolved.
But to your surprise, Oikawa slowly nods at you. You catch sight of few tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Yeah, I know I messed up by being completely selfish and expecting you to follow along and adjust to my life... I can’t say things are going to get completely better overnight, but I do want to do better for you. For us”
Cupping your boyfriend’s face, you carefully wipe the tears away from his face with your thumbs before pulling him in for a kiss.
“I know. We’ll get through it Tooru, but for now let’s get to bed. You’re probably tired” you say, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom.
It was in that moment Oikawa became more determined than ever to repair the relationship. You comforted him, urged him to rest- even though you were already doing so many favors for him in the relationship. Oikawa wanted to be there for you, to repay the favor and be the person you could rely on.
And with that sort of determination, why wouldn’t you two be okay?
It wasn’t everyday that Suna overheard drama when taking the train home from practice. But he couldn’t help but eavesdrop- plus the woman talking on her phone was very loud anyways. Completely justified.
“I’m sick of you not putting in any damn effort into this relationship! It takes two people to make it work you know!” the woman yelled into her phone- causing Suna to freeze for a second.
Because those words sounded all too familiar. You were just telling him the same thing the night before. There was a lot of yelling- mostly from you. Suna would just brush it all off, like he always does. He thought that these were just silly arguments over nothing.
The next words coming out from the woman’s mouth were unexpected.
“THAT’S IT. WE’RE OVER. Have fun coming home to no one” she screamed into her phone, ending the call abruptly.
Suna’s mind blanked out for a second. Because if that relationship failed for that reason- wouldn’t yours? He didn’t actually think that this sort of issue was grounds for a breakup, and given your recent argument, he became more worried that perhaps a breakup was indeed imminent.
The train ride couldn’t have been longer. When he got off his stop, the only thing on his mind was just full of worries that if he did get home, you wouldn’t be there. Just like the woman on the train.
Fortunately, when he opened the front door, he saw you, sitting on the couch.
You looked up, quite surprised at how he had barged in with such urgency.
“Is everything alright?” you ask, watching your boyfriend sigh in relief and taking a seat next to you. He rested his forehead on your shoulder, too nervous to look you in the eyes.
“I was just wondering... we’ll be just fine, right? Our relationship I mean” he took a short pause.
“Because I know that I could be doing a lot better. And that you certainly don’t deserve me and my bullshit. But still, maybe this is me being selfish and needing you in my life, but please let me do better.”
You had never seen your boyfriend so panicked in your life. But his words did strike something in you that made you think about your recent fight with him.
“Rin... what took you so long to realize this?” you ask, already feeling choked up. Suna looked up, slightly in shock that you were starting to tear up. He told you about the instance he witnessed on the train, and that seemed to upset you more.
“It took witnessing a breakup for you to realize that you should be doing more in a relationship? This wasn’t something that you concluded on your own- but something you had to actually see to believe?” you sighed, wiping the tears from your face.
“Don’t get me wrong, hearing that you know you can do better is great and all- but it hurts hearing you say this-especially since you dismissed what I said just yesterday.”
To say Suna felt guilty was an understatement. Because you were right. Even though you had expressed these same sentiments to your boyfriend, he completely ignored you. And he only did something about it when he saw the potential consequence. So surely this seemed like a big slap in the face for you.
Suna pulled you into his arms, he felt you tense up for a second before relaxing into his embrace.
“Yeah- I know. I should have honestly listened more to what you said. And I’m at fault here on so many levels. But please know, I am trying my best because I love you so much” he murmurs, and when he feels you shift and wrap your arms around him he’s finally able to calm down.
Both you and Suna knew he had a long way to go. But the very fact that he allowed himself to be vulnerable and express this side of him was already a big stepping stone for you.
“We’ll be okay Rin” you softly murmur, and like that Suna knew that he would treat this new chance as if it was his last.
There would be no way in hell he’d mess up again and have the same fate as that one couple on the train.
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 5 months ago
you know that the only time they look into your eyes is to search for someone else.
akaashi, kenma, and iwaizumi's part
pt. 2 regret and other cliches kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, suna, sakusa
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x gn reader, bokuto koutaro x gn reader, miya atsumu x f reader, suna rintaro x gn reader
genre/s: angst
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: today i woke up and chose violence. i know i said i don’t write hurt no comfort, but just this once i’m making an exception. this hurt to write. :D
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
kuroo doesn’t like empty promises, so he evades saying “i love you” back altogether. you’ve seen his eyes light up when he smiles at the person he loves as if they captured the stars and bottled them up in his gaze, and he’s never looked at you that way. you make him smile and laugh, even on the worst days, even when he feels like the world conspires against him—but you’ve never made him happy. you choose to ignore the signs every time because if playing the part of someone else is the only way you could be close to him, you would rather be a stranger next to him, than be yourself apart from him. morning comes and you feel as though the ground beneath you shifted overnight. you roll over to your side to marvel at him, you find a pristine softness in his eyes and a smile you were never at the receiving end to see, until now. when he leans to kiss you good morning, he whispers an entirely different name from yours and you feel your heart break inside your chest. realization dawns at you. “you’re still dreaming, tetsuro,” you whisper.
Tumblr media
bokuto koutaro
bokuto likes to give his best at whatever he does, loving is no different. he goes all out like usual. he spoils you with a huge bouquet of someone else’s favorite flowers, so extravagant that you could hide behind it if you tried. the way you hide behind his past lover’s identity. he brings home what he swears is your favorite food after extended hours of practice to make up for lost time. and you swallow it down the way you swallow your pride every day when he mistakes you for someone else. you don’t have the heart nor the guts to say you don’t really eat that. he surprises you with gifts saying “i remember you’ve always wanted to have this, so i got it for you!” but you don’t have it in you to tell him it’s no surprise how he got it wrong again. “no, koutaro,” you wanted to say. “i’ve only ever wanted you to love me the way i do,” you think in your head but you can’t will yourself to voice it out. you fiddle with the ring and its excessively large diamond. he mistakes your tears from that of joy and pulls you in his arms.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
atsumu absolutely sucks at taking care of himself even though he’s an athlete and needs to be in tiptop shape at all times. but he swears he does a better job at taking care of you. he rhythmically treats you like royalty every few weeks or so. he goes out of his way to make sure your fridge and pantry is filled with more junk food than there are healthy options. copious offers of bubble baths and cuddles and back rubs and playing with your hair. when he changes the sheets you assume he’s just being tidy for a change. when the bathroom is stocked with enough pads to bleed yourself to death twice you assume it’s better to be safe than sorry. you don’t assume, you pretend not to notice that your period ended two weeks ago and the reminders he had set on his phone were for someone else and he never got around deleting them. when he tediously picks blueberries out of your food you assume—no, you pretend not to know you’re not the one allergic to them. “you take such good care of people, atsumu.” you mean it with all your heart. he just doesn’t take care of you.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
suna thinks he sucks at expressing his feelings just because he can’t find the words to say, but he doesn’t know he’s pretty good at showing them through little things. he sends you memes and jokes at the ungodliest hours and you laugh. the punchline is that he keeps sending inside jokes he shared with someone else and you couldn’t feel any more stupid than when you try to understand them. he shares his earphones with you every chance he gets and plays the same playlist with all your favorite songs. he hums to the tune and half-expects you to sing along but it doesn’t occur to him that you don’t know the words, you’ve never even heard of it before. he drops off a few hoodies at your place before away games so you don’t miss him too much, that’s what he says. he even sprays your favorite perfume of his so you feel like he’s right there beside you. you get a whiff and you could have sworn you told him you like the other scent better. you’ve never felt so far away from him as you did then. the distance couldn’t be traveled by bus or foot or even when he went home after the games because it's the kind that sets your heart apart. he thinks he sucks at expressing his feelings, but he lets you know just fine that you are the farthest thing in his mind all the time.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa’s love language, despite his germaphobic tendencies, is physical touch. he longs for warmth and contact though he fears it most of the time. so you are patient with him. he shoves your hand away when you try to reach for him, pockets his hand when you try to hold it, dodges your kisses, and evades your touch. you are patient with him even when you notice he avoids you much more than he avoids everyone else. he winces when atsumu offers a good spirited high-five but indulges him still. hinata is big on hugs especially after matches and sakusa doesn’t push him away when he engulfs him into a sweaty one. bokuto tends to lose his sense of personal space but he doesn’t seem to mind even as he drapes an arm over him and talks in his face. as you catch him longingly browsing through old pictures in his gallery where he is being hugged and kissed and smothered by his past lover, you realize how cruel life is. he wants to be held, just not by you.
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kitashinsvks · 8 months ago
you overhear that they don’t like you
characters: sakusa, akaashi
warnings: none 
a/n: hi hi idk what to put here but this is the second part of the first request, you can read kuroo and suna’s below
(kuroo and suna)
(atsumu and kita)
Tumblr media
Sakusa was a very reserved person in general, aside from the fact that he dislikes unsanitary things, he just doesn’t like unnecessary human contact. 
He lives in his own bubble and he has always felt comfortable in it, with no plans to get out of it. But somehow, you managed to get in his very small bubble. 
The spiker actually considered you to be a decent friend, having to look forward to your company. You have always made yourself more presentable as possible whenever you hang out with him. At first, it was to not make him uncomfortable, but then it just became a second skin. And Sakusa couldn’t be more grateful. 
He appreciated the fact that you would willingly adjust just so he can feel at ease with you. 
“Good morning, Sakusa!” Sakusa smiled from behind his mask as your cheery voice greeted him. “Good morning.” It was a routine at this point, having to greet him first thing in the morning before tending to your managerial duties. 
“Ah, right. Good morning, Omi-kun.” Sakusa’s blood runs cold whenever Atsumu teases him when you are out of sight. “Shut it, Miya.” 
When he first entered the Jackals, he remembers the way you accommodate him, as if he were a very important guest. Well, technically, for that day he was. But you made an effort to make him comfortable in the following weeks to a point that he looked forward to your daily interactions. 
“Sakusa-san’s staring at our manager again!” Sakusa hears Hinata whisper to Atsumu and Bokuto who snickered to themselves. 
“Shut up.” Sakusa muttered before getting ready for training. Like always, you stood beside Iwaizumi and took down notes. Sakusa didn’t want to get distracted, but with the way you diligently observed and pointed out improvements. He didn’t know why his heart skipped a beat when your eyes met his and gave him a smile. 
“Ah, Omi-kun is in love.” Sakusa stilled and broke off his gaze as he heard the teasing voice of their setter. 
“Shut up, Miya.” Atsumu laughed at Sakusa’s harsh voice. “You only said a few words to me today and both of them were shut up, hm.. What if I complain to (Y/N)?” Atsumu jokes, not expecting Sakusa’s reaction to the banter. 
“What the fuck does (Y/N) have to do with any of this?” The spiker snapped, the unexpected tone reverberating through the gym walls, causing you and Iwaizumi to stop in your conversation. 
As if by instinct, Iwaizumi turned your back so it was facing the team and called aloud. “You can pine over (Y/N)’s attention on your break.” Iwaizumi covered, making you face him. 
“I mean… you and our manager have been really close. You even let them hug you. Dunno, isn’t that an indication you’re fond of them?” From a distance you can hear Atsumu say to Sakusa, a bit quieter this time. 
But the blonde didn’t know that his voice could still be heard from distances away, neither did the ravenette. 
“Tsk. I let one person touch me and all of you make it a big deal.” Sakusa spat, Atsumu and the others almost cowering away in fear. 
“I mean. It’s (Y/N) that you let near you, don’t you like… have a crush on them or something?” Atsumu seems to throw away everything as he asked this question, he knew that he would face Sakusa’s wrath. 
You stilled from where you were, Iwaizumi was observing every single reaction from you while pretending to note down the actions of the players from his peripheral vision. 
Your heart beat quicker, with your eyes affixed to the ground you were lowkey anticipating his answer.
“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Miya.” You felt your heart drop at his words. 
Of course he doesn’t like you back, what the hell were you thinking? All those daily banter and contact were purely platonic. And it was very idiotic for you to even wish for it to have meaning. 
“Excuse me, Iwaizumi.” You excused yourself before briskly walking away from the scene. Unbeknownst to you, Hinata and Bokuto had their eyes on you as you walked away. They looked at each other and sighed, knowing that the spiker messed up. 
“So. If I ask them out, you wouldn’t care, right, Omi-kun?” Atsumu asked, wanting to see the reaction of the ravenette. 
“Don’t even try, Miya.” Sakusa said with so much bitterness in his tone as he continued his stretches. 
Atsumu sighed with a short shake of head before walking away. 
The next training came to a shock to Sakusa as he didn’t see you waiting for him by the entrance as usual. 
‘Might be busy.’ Sakusa thought to himself as he walked in and began his stretches. 
“Ah, good morning, Hinata!” His head perked up at the way your voice sounded excited to see the middle blocker who replied with the same enthusiasm. 
‘Maybe they just didn’t notice me coming in?’ Sakusa told himself, trying not to overthink the situation. But he couldn’t help it, something felt off. 
You’ve always managed to greet each other regardless of how busy your schedules were. Hell, you’ve even forgot you were helping Atsumu stretch a cramp just because Sakusa walked in one time.  
“Ah, what’s got you staring, Omi?” He didn’t realize that Bokuto was beside him. “Nothing.” Sakusa replied, as curt as he possibly could before standing up and practicing his spikes. 
The whole practice, he couldn’t help but eye you in every chance he gets. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even realize that Atsumu was looking at him with a knowing smirk. 
You went on your day as if there weren’t anything wrong, well honestly. There really wasn’t. 
You just came to a realization that Sakusa wouldn’t like you back, and to prevent future heartache. You decided to start putting distance between the two of you. 
But the Iwaizumi and the MSBY wouldn’t stand by and let that happen. Come on, they’ve been shipping the both of you since they saw you hug Sakusa before a game. They can’t possibly watch any of you fall for someone else!
“Hey, (Y/N).” Iwaizumi called out, you hummed as a response, going through your notes. “Don’t you think Sakusa’s form is off?” 
You barely looked up at your notes before shrugging. “Dunno, you’re the trainer.” 
“Well, you’re my assistant. And I need you to correct Sakusa’s form.” You blinked. “Why can’t you do it?” Iwaizumi shrugged in response. 
“I’m technically your higher up, you have to do what I say.” Iwaizumi teased before pushing you to the direction of Sakusa who was looking at you with an expectant expression. 
“Iwaizumi told me to tell you that your form was off.” You say as passive as possible, not even looking at him but on your notepad that had a blank piece of paper staring right back at you. 
“I don’t think I understand.” Sakusa played dumb. He knew his form was off, he’d been doing it on purpose just so you would finally approach him. 
“Neither do I, but Iwaizumi said so. So.. I dunno.” You responded, before you can turn away, you can feel his hand on yours and pull you away from the gym. 
“Kiyoomi, you have practice!” You try to wave your hand to call the attention of Iwaizumi who coincidentally turned his back on you and began talking to Bokuto who winked at you.
Sakusa paid no mind to your struggles before pulling you away to a good distance from the gym. 
“Is there something wrong with you?” “No.” “Then why weren’t you talking to me today?” You scoffed at Sakusa’s tone. 
“I didn’t know being your entertainment was part of my job description.” Sakusa blinked, not knowing why you were so snappy. 
You knew it was unfair on his part but you needed to distance yourself before things got out of hand. 
“Is that all? I still need to watch over your practice, Sakusa.” “Where did Omi go?” You felt his grip on your wrist tighten as he asked this. 
Sakusa didn’t know what he did wrong, but what he did know is that he doesn’t like how you’re acting and he wants to get to the bottom of it. 
“I dunno, Sakusa. I really need to get back.” You pulled away, only to be pinned by Sakusa against the wall. 
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” Sakusa was getting closer, even going as far out of his comfort zone. 
“There’s nothing wrong!” You stubbornly said, trying to ignore the way your face heats up with the closeness. 
Sakusa only stared at you, the pressure of his piercing gaze made you stutter out before pushing your hands against his chest in an effort to push him away. 
“I just need to set our boundaries, Sakusa.” You say with a small voice with your eyes trained on the ground. 
You could feel his hold against the wall falter, his eyebrows scrunching up in confusion. 
“What the hell do you mean?” 
“I mean, this! I can’t just keep pushing myself on to you when I know you don’t see me the same way I do.” You say, feeling tears build up in your eyes. 
“I like you.” Sakusa said, you snorted at how anticlimactic his confession was before widening your eyes because, holy fuck. Did Sakusa just confess? 
“No you don’t.” You try, ducking under his arm only to be pulled in his embrace. Your heartbeat quickened, pacing in time with his. 
Sakusa didn’t know what came over him. But he knew one thing, he needed to tell you how he feels before you could think otherwise. 
“(Y/N)... I do.” Sakusa reiterates. Your face heats up as you look away, imagining that phrase far into the future. It seemed that Sakusa knew what you were thinking as he smirked. 
“How about we go on a date first before you imagine our wedding, (Y/N).” Your eyes widened. “Omi, shut up!” 
He laughed, putting distance between the two of you before giving you a smile. A smile that you fell in love with. 
“Go out with me?” Sakusa asked, you rolled your eyes with a smile. 
“How romantic.” He scoffed at your statement. “Of course.” You continue, looking at his face only to see his ears turn red. 
“Who knew Omi-kun had it in him?” Both of your heads turn to see Bokuto utter those words to Hinata and Atsumu, who nodded as a response. 
“You-” “Now, now, Omi-omi. I was just walking around because I wanted to ask (Y/N) out on a da-” “Don’t even try finishing that sentence, Miya.”
A clap from Iwaizumi snapped the playful tension that built between the players. 
“Now that Sakusa has a s/o. Will you now go back to practice?” Iwaizumi asked before smirking at you. “And (Y/N), try not to ogle at your boyfriend, okay?” Your face heats up at his words. 
“Shut up, Iwa.” You roll your eyes. “Not even a thank you?” Iwaizumi laughed before walking by you and patting your back. 
“Now, Sakusa. As much as you want to bask in your honeymoon phase, you need to go back to training.” Iwaizumi said before walking away with the other three in tow. 
Sakusa rolled his eyes before turning to face you. “Let’s get dinner after practice?” 
You smiled before squeezing his hand once more. 
“That’d be nice.” 
Tumblr media
You and Akaashi were paired up together in the editing company you worked in. The higher ups thought it would be beneficial and more effective if they paired the both of you up due to closeness in age. 
Luckily, they were right and the both of you hit it off almost immediately. Even going as far as staying over each others’ places whenever there was a pile of work to do. 
Akaashi couldn’t have found a better coworker, the both of you were connected both in thoughts and actions. 
When the two of you worked, it was always in tandem. The both of you found joy in each other’s company. One of your favorite moments is when Akaashi points out a blatant mistake or a hidden innuendo in the text, it even comes to a point that your basis of editing is the amount of innuendos you find amidst the editing. 
You couldn’t help but fall for Akaashi. How couldn’t you? Not only did he understand you the most, but he was also everything you looked for in someone. 
The moment you realized this, you knew you were in trouble. You couldn’t possibly risk telling Akaashi your feelings, because you knew he wouldn’t feel the same way. And you knew that confessing would make things awkward, you couldn’t let the bond between the two of you be put at risk just because of your petty feelings. 
“Keiji! Oh, you have friends over.” You say once you went inside his apartment, you were familiar with his friends, they hung out around the both of you when deadlines were approaching. But Bokuto and Konoha knew when to mind their own business as you and Akaashi chase deadlines down. 
“(Y/N), hey!” Bokuto chirped happily, engulfing you in a hug before pulling away and dragging you to the couch. “Hey, (Y/N).” You hear Konoha say as he goes into your view, handing you a can of beer.
You politely declined, saying that you needed to work with Akaashi because the both of you had a deadline due in a few hours. Konoha nodded before motioning you to the room where Akaashi was working.
When you arrived by the door, you noticed how he looked even more stressed than usual. 
“Help is here.” You made an entrance before plopping down the chair he prepared for you. Akaashi gave you a grateful smile before eyeing the piece that was to be edited. 
“You’re late.” Akaashi lightheartedly said before glancing at you from the side. “Well, traffic was bad and as soon as I came in Bokuto and Konoha were offering me a drink.” You explain, opening your laptop and going over the files your superiors sent you. 
“You seem to have covered most of the part, how about you rest or go join Bokuto and Konoha outside before they raid your entire fridge.” You say, gently pushing him out of the chair. He scoffed before nodding. 
“Just shout or call out if you need help, okay?” Akaashi said and patted your head, you swatted it away playfully. The both of you laughed before you shooed him off, saying that you can handle it. 
Akaashi scoffed once more before giving you one last assurance and heading outside the room. A chorus of “Akaashi!” was heard before the iconic phrase of Bokuto. 
You smiled and shook your head before continuing the section that Akaashi worked on. 
It was around 8pm when you finished editing the piece that was assigned. With a groan, you stretched your back before standing up and walking outside to where Akaashi and the others went. 
From the corridor, you could hear drunken giggles from Bokuto as you hear a beer can hit the floor. 
“Say, Akaashi.” Bokuto started, a drunk lilt in his voice. You hear the editor hum in question, “When are you going to ask (Y/N) out?” You hear Akaashi choke on his drink.
You walked closer to the door, stopping near it just to eavesdrop. You knew that it was wrong, but you couldn’t help but be curious about his answer. 
“Bokuto-san. You’re drunk.” Konoha laughs at Akaashi’s statement. “He is, but for real? When are you gonna ask them out?” Konoha followed up. 
“This is ridiculous. (Y/N) is only a friend.” Akaashi said, leaving no room for argument. 
Okay, ouch. 
You knew that it would take a miracle for him to view you as something more as a friend. But it hurt to hear it in person. Bokuto laughed, too drunk to comprehend what was happening at this point before telling Akaashi that he was stupid to not like you back. 
While you felt grateful for the bicolored male to root for the both of you, you’ve had enough. 
“Uh… Akaashi?” The three of them stopped in their tracks as they saw you by the corridor. Akaashi was alarmed. 
How much did you hear? 
You gave them a smile. “The piece is done. I’ve read through it a couple of times and I think we can submit it now.” Akaashi nodded, still stuck in his thoughts, staring at you as if he saw a ghost. 
“It’s getting late, I think I should head home.” You say, taking your coat from the coat rack by Akaashi’s door. 
“Aren’t you going to stay over?” Konoha asked, as if this was his apartment. 
You shook your head, “I don’t want to intrude.” “You’ll never be an intruder in this apartment, (Y/N).” It was Akaashi who spoke up. You gave him a small smile and a slight shake of head. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Akaashi.” You say, bowing your head in goodbye and closing the door shut. 
A few seconds of silence passed before Akaashi heaved out a sigh. 
“They heard.”
The next day, Akaashi couldn’t stay still. His overthinking kept him up all night, he couldn’t sleep knowing that he caused the unhappy expression on your face as you bid them goodbye last night. 
He knew that he had to do something right before he could possibly ruin his chance with you. With a quick fix of himself, he ran towards the door, hoping to fix this as soon as possible. All common sense leaving his brain as he opened the door and bumped into you. 
“What’s the rush, Akaashi?” You teased, smiling at him but Akaashi noticed how it didn’t reach your eyes. 
Akaashi couldn’t find the words to say, his heart was thumping loudly in his chest. “Oh.. Uh, I was about to go to you, actually.” You raised an eyebrow at his statement. 
“Did you forget that we still had to redo the panels? The higher ups sent us an email last night. But I think you were too drunk to read the email.” You joked before pushing past him and setting your things down. 
“Ah,” Akaashi started. “I actually didn’t drink.” You felt your heart drop. So he was sober when he said he didn’t like you. Why did that hurt even more? 
“I see.” You say quietly, bringing out the laptop from your bag and opening it, wanting to get the job done as soon as possible. 
Akaashi widened his eyes as he saw you plug your earphones in. You never do that. It only confirmed that you knew what he said last night. 
“Hey, (Y/N).” Akaashi tried calling your attention. You barely budged, only focusing on your task. It was as if you didn’t want to talk to him, and Akaashi could understand why.
The editor sighed, knowing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere so he opened his own laptop and began editing. 
After half an hour of silence, he jolted as if he had a brilliant idea. Well, he thought he did. With a quick glance to you, working on a panel and ignoring him, he began ‘editing’ a different panel. 
“Hey.” Akaashi tapped your shoulder, causing you to jolt at the sudden touch. You removed an earphone and looked at him. “I just finished a portion of what Tenma sent me, could you check on it for me?” You noticed the nervous lilt to Akaashi’s voice but nodded anyway. 
When the file was sent to your email, you noticed the file name. 
‘To (Y/N).’ You turn to see Akaashi looking down on his laptop with a small blush on his face. His fingers were on the keyboard, typing what seemed to be corrections but in reality, it was a bunch of keyboard smashes to cover how nervous he was. 
You looked at the file for a few more seconds before clicking it. You couldn’t contain the small smile on your face as a small drawn Akaashi was shown in the document. 
You scrolled down to see his little dialogues. 
‘I like you.’
‘But you heard it wrong.’
‘Bokuto was drunk and you know how chatty he gets when he’s drunk.’
‘So I had to lie. Because I can’t risk you knowing from someone else.’
‘But… I really, really do like you.’ 
‘So if it’s okay...’
You scrolled down further to see the drawn Akaashi with a mini bouquet of flowers.
‘Will you go out with me?’ 
You looked up to see Akaashi looking at you with a shy glance. You smiled at him before nodding. Akaashi then pat the space on the bed beside him, you scoffed playfully but lied down next to him anyway. 
“So… lunch after we’re done? At our favorite brunch place?” 
“Sounds perfect.” 
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