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kitsunekanojo · 20 hours ago
HI MILO i'm back with my request✨ can i ask for sakusa + "i really don't want to lose you, please keep that in mind" from the first prompt list if that's okay? thank you!!💜
first impressions.
feat. sakusa kiyoomi
notes. 1.6k words : enemies to lovers : mentions of alcohol, throwing up (gagging)
Tumblr media
You hated the fact that Atsumu Miya introduced you to his MSBY teammates.
First impressions are everything, that’s what you’ve always been told while growing up. And of course, the first impression to your best friend’s teammates was that of a clumsy person. Naturally you were nervous when meeting them for the first time, which led to a spilled drink on Sakusa Kiyoomi’s lap when you went to introduce yourself.
Between strings of apologies, you’d usually expect a person to tell you that it’s alright. Stuff like this happens all the time, right? But the disgusted look on his face made you rethink that. “No wonder you’re friends with the likes of Atsumu.”
You had to correct yourself - you hated the fact that Atsumu introduced you to Sakusa Kiyoomi.
And yet, you still tried to get along with him. The longer your best friend has been playing for the team, the more they hang out together outside of their practices. ‘Team bonding’  was what he liked to call it, even though it was just an excuse to drink himself silly. 
Even if you had to sometimes pick him up when he was too drunk to hold himself up, you didn’t mind as long as their hangouts didn’t interfere with your own plans. Atsumu and you have been friends since you were kids and if he wasn’t seen with Osamu around, you were attached to his hip instead. As you both progressed into adulthood, you made it a point to hang out every Friday.
And as fate would have it - when the team’s schedule changed, they also had to change their evening’s out. Much to your dismay their only available day fell onto Friday as well, but your best friend had a solution of course - he’s just gonna bring you along!
You got along fine with all of his friends, except Sakusa. It was a fact that bothered you more than the man himself, as you just didn’t understand why he held such a grudge against you over a spilled glass of water. Of course - you wouldn’t be happy over a first meeting like that as well, but in your mind, it wasn’t something you’d want to kill someone over. 
You were adamant to break through to him - if it wasn’t for the sake of your curiosity, you at least wanted to do this for Atsumu. And so it began…
The efforts to get his attention started in subtle ways. You were going to get another refill from the bar? Sakusa was the first person you asked if he wanted one as well. Instead of answering, he eyed you suspiciously and chose to ignore you instead. You didn’t deter though and came back with two glasses, much to his annoyance. 
“I never said I wanted another one.”
“You also never said that you didn’t.”
But Sakusa was not impressed, with raised eyebrows the glass was pushed back into your direction. “No, thank you.”
It seemed like the whole bar fell silent as you just stared back at him with any words of retaliation dying in your mouth, gaping like a fish out of water. Suddenly the two of you were the most interesting attraction at the table and you felt like everyone’s eyes left an imprint on your skin. Your face was heating up, but you didn’t know if it was due to your own embarrassment or the sheer audacity of this man.
The uncomfortable situation was dissolved when you heard Atsumu’s roaring laughter cut through the tension. “Never in ma life would I have dreamed of seeing yer rejected that badly!”
And since you were too busy flicking the forehead of your life’s annoyance while cursing him out, you missed the way Sakusa’s cheeks tinted with the slightest blush.
On the same evening, Atsumu had to basically drag you back to your apartment. You were barely able to walk as you were too prideful to admit defeat and drank both drinks instead of bringing them back to the bar. On top of that, you might have added a few more to numb the feeling of wanting to disappear into the ground.
“‘Tsumio….. why is that guy like that?” Your friend raised a brow at you, asking to clarify who you were talking about.
“Sakusa…… he’s got such a pretty face but runs an incredibly dirty mouth… and personality”, you slurred on as if you were deep in thought, but your frown turned into a pout as you continued to whine. “Why can’t he just be nice like me? Why can’t he just give me a chance so we can be friends?”
Atsumu just rolled his eyes, although he doubts that you saw it with the way your face was buried into his shoulder which you were clinging onto as if your life depended on it. “Well I think that my face is prettier.”
Despite your drunken state, you fake-gagged at his statement which prompted him to think you had to actually puke. He panicked and almost let you drop to the ground, hysterically screaming something about ‘being too handsome to be puked on’.
Although in spite of what had happened on that evening, your resolve to get closer to Sakusa did not falter. Weeks of night’s out have passed, but your determination paid off in the end. He was the first one to fold.
“Why do you insist on talking to me all the time?” Much to your surprise, Sakusa was the first one to initiate your conversation today. You had arrived a bit earlier than usual, so you expected to be waiting alone at your regular table. But what you didn’t expect was him already sitting there.
“Oh? But you are the one that’s talking to me right now?”, you feigned innocence and smiled at him. Sakusa was having none of your bullshit, you could tell that by the way he squinted his eyes at you.
After hesitating for a moment, you sigh. “I wanna know why you hate me so much.”
Once again you had to reiterate: you hated Sakusa Kiyoomi. You hated how much of an enigma he was. 
He looked confused, as if he hasn’t made his feelings apparent for the short time you’ve known each other. “I never said I hated you.”
And not unlike when he first rejected you, your mouth opened in surprise but this time you had a response, even if you stumbled over the words like a toddler during its first steps. “W-Well I also wanna get along with you because… you’re friends with Atsumu.”
Another blank stare with another round of silence.
“I never said I was friends with Atsumu.”
You were going to kill this man.
Even if you felt like nothing had changed since that night, you couldn’t help but notice how he started being more receptive towards you. The vicious banter turned into a more light-hearted one where both of you laughed. The accidental ‘being 30 minutes early’ turned into purposefully arriving ahead of schedule, just so you could spend a bit more time together.
And similarly to you being the first one to warm up to him, you were the first one to ask him out - just the two of you.
If anyone would have asked you three months ago if you’d ever see yourself on a date with MSBY’s Sakusa, you would have just laughed with a ‘FUCK no’ - maybe even accompannied with a gag depending on who asked.
But now you were here, at the front door of your apartment. After dinner, he had insisted on driving you home and during the whole ride you were thinking about how you were feeling towards the man. You couldn’t deny that he has become a person you’ve valued and care for, but how far do these feelings go? It was nerve racking, thinking about how he’d react if you brought the topic up. You’ve worked so hard to get up to this point, could you really bear to lose it in a matter of seconds? Not even Atsumu knew about it, this was the one thing where you were worried that he’d run his mouth a bit too much.
Too lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice that the car had stopped until Sakusa was standing on the other side of the passenger door, holding out a hand to help you out. “I’ll walk you to the door.”
With a nod, you accepted it without thinking much. Your head was still full of thoughts, the solemn look on your face not going unnoticed by the man that was still holding your hand. “What’s on your mind?”
For the first time since you’ve left the restaurant, you looked up to him to meet his gaze. You couldn’t stop yourself from drawing a sharp breath - it was now or never.
You promptly stopped, causing Sakusa to be slightly startled as he turned around to face you. It was only now that you felt the weight of his hand in the palm of your own. Nevertheless, neither of you showed the intention of letting go.
“Before I start”, as much as you wanted to escape his gaze, you didn’t break eye contact with him. “I really don’t want to lose you, please keep that in mind.”
Your words were just above a whisper, but it’s not like you could hear them over the beating of your heart anyway. Letting out another deep breath, you tried your best to not think of the worst case scenarios. The worst he could say was no, right? But then again, he could also tell all your friends about it, you could already see Atsumu dying of laughter before your inner eye. Oh yeah, and he could also-
“I really like you.”
You flinched. 
“What?” The word nearly came out as a scream, prompting you to throw your hand over your mouth a little bit too hard. But instead of starting to feel insecure over your reaction, Sakusa only laughed and looked at you with a soft gaze.
“I’m pretty sure you’ve been thinking about how to confess ever since we left the restaurant, so I thought I’d make it a bit easier for you and take the task off of your hands.”
In reality, you didn’t actually hate Sakusa Kiyoomi - you just hated the way he made your heart flutter in all different kinds of ways.
Tumblr media
likes & reblogs appreciated <3
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oomisluvr · 15 hours ago
omg IMAGINE fiance!sakusa at the bachelor party atsumu planned. the overhead lights dim as the red LEDs come on, a slow, raunchy song playing from the surround-sound speakers. sakusa is livid, thinking atsumu was dumb enough to request dancers, as he had already told atsumu that he has no interest in any event that would put him in a compromising position with you (ie. lap dances from strangers). sakusa is ready to shut everything down, until he sees that its YOU.
CAN YOU IMAGINE?? you, dressed in the skimpiest outfit he could imagine, looking like you stepped straight out of a wet dream. UGH giving sakusa the single most arousing lap dance of his life while his closest friends watch and wish it were them you were grinding on. what a power trip.
bye i have to write this LMAO
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tetsurinsblog · 16 hours ago
Anything for you
Tumblr media
warnings: frogs lol; not proofread :’) got exams coming up 
Tumblr media
Sakusa feels weird malfunction blooming out of his core when your hand graces his toned muscles underneath his shirt. It’s not the first time, both of you cuddling, all coddled up against each other, but sure, he can say this feeling never gets old, and he knows it’s gonna stay the same in the future.
“Omi,”, your soft lazy voice catches his attention.
“Are you even listening to me?”, coming back to life from his own thoughts about you, to the real you in the present sleeping together in one bed, Sakusa thinks about how he has found his heaven on earth with you.
He nods, to your question, sighing,  then his lips touched your temples softly. 
“Yes.... Frog prince. Sparkles.”, his deep sleepy voice answers back.
“So,”, you continued, “if it was the reverse, and if I was a frog princess, wo-would you kiss me?”, you stutter your words, fighting the urge to fall back asleep again.
He stays silent for while, half dumbfounded, half amused with your ability to coax him out from his normal thinking zone every single time, but still in the end, he thinks he could live with it. He’s already getting a little more used to it, than he actually planned, so what else can he do?
“.....Sure.” He nonchalantly gives you a bold answer.
“But you hate them, don’t you? I mean, they’re really gonna be covered with infinite layers of germs??”, you sulk worrying about how he’s going to risk everything for you.
“Anything for my frog princess.”, he states like a prince.
“Awwwwww, you’re so sweet, baby. I love youuu.”, your voice coos, nuzzling your way to the crook of his neck.
He chuckles warmly, eyes closed, pulling you closer to him.
“I love you too, angel.”, he says, kissing you again on your head, anywhere his lips can reach.
Sure, you could be a little weird, but moments like this, you and him together, being deeply in love, Sakusa promises in his heart that he wouldn’t risk it for the world.
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chaoticevilorange · 11 hours ago
MBSY Black Jackals: Friends to lovers
You can find the previous work here
Sakusa Kiyoomi x reader fluff
Tumblr media
Breaking rules
As previously mentioned you're childhood friends
He has some standard rules you know very well, his phobia keeps him away from everything and everyone
As one of his closest friends you know them very well
No hugging
No kissing (his cheeks because he doesn't always carry wet wipes)
And the last but most important of them all, always have 2-3 feet radius of distance with him
But right now he doesn't know what to do, his face looks straight but is panicking on the inside
You're crying in your bed
In fact you've been crying over 10 minutes
He thinks what's the fuzz about, your golden fish decided to leave this realm, but you're crying as if a family member died
Then he ask if you want another and you shook you're head between tears like a child
"Mr Omi" you sob pitifully "you gave it to me for my birthday 3 years ago"
And he remembers, he brought you the fish because you won't shut up about not having pets for your lack of spare time
So you named the fish after him, and Sakusa was quite attached to him as well
"but... Why are you crying so much?" He states looking at you with an unfazed expression but is actually getting stressed
"you won't come over to chill anymore, you liked to watch him swim after rough days" then your eyes start to water again
In an instant he felt something warm on his chest, he thought about all the times he have wanted to grab your hands, lend you his jacket, spend time with you alone
In that exact moment he broke all his rules, he got in your personal space and hugged you
He gave you several kisses, all over your face, kissing the tears away, but most important he gave you several soft kisses pressing your lips tenderly against his
"I'll get you all the fishes you want, but don't ever think I don't want to be around you"
His hands caresses your face wiping some tears
You press your face against his chest sobbing softly
After a few seconds he asks if you wanted to have a proper burial for your fish instead flushing him
He paid for the cremation service for 'mr Omi'
After a month or so got home with a new fish 'Mr Omi 2.0' glared you for your lack of imagination, you had to change the name to 'Omelette'
Yes I'm alive! Thanks for reading 🐨✨💖
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demxnscous · 17 days ago
wc: 0.3k
pairings: timeskip!sakusa x gn!reader
contains: suggestive content, brief teasing from reader, established relationship, gentle love, a desperate sakusa (sexually frustrated), he's a good boyfriend
warnings: minors dni
Tumblr media
Your hands hold his face, jostling him gently. "Big, bad, Sakusa," you coo, mocking. "So mean to everyone; your poor teammates."
He hums, letting you handle him like this, watching as you suppress a smile. Sakusa has you in his lap, leaning against the couch lazily in favor of simply listening to you speak. Practice had been difficult, tiring, his body in pain from the strenuous training.
You touch along his cheek, his temple, pushing aside a black curl. "I'm sorry today was hard."
Sakusa closes his eyes, the weight of you in his lap and how you move your palms along him is a lulling sensation. "Don't apologize, it's not your fault," he tells you quietly, taking your hand and squeezing it, pressing a kiss to the tips of your fingers.
It should be him apologizing, he thinks, for being unable to properly spend these moments with you for the past week. Because with an upcoming match, regimens for drills and workouts have become nothing short of rigorous. He would come home, help with dinner and dishes, before staying awake long enough to eat, then falling asleep on the couch.
Often times, you would wake him with a soft call of his name as you readied for bed, and Sakusa would take a shower, returning to you with partially wet hair.
He's also begun to find himself a bit sexually frustrated. It's why his thumbs brush at the dip of your waist, a subdued question traced into his features.
"You need to rest, Omi," you tell him, though your resolve has already given way to your lover. It's why he brings you closer, settling kisses beneath your jaw, along your throat.
The bends and coils of his hair move against your skin as he lowers his head to your shoulder, hands keeping tighter to you with each longing kiss. "We can rest after," he murmurs, a contentedness to his voice.
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shoulmate · a month ago
"Shut UP Kiyoomi!"
Everyone in the apartment freezes and something clatters to the ground behind you.
You stare up into the cold black eyes, your fists clenched at your side. "I get it. We get it! We're not cleaning up to your standards and the food isn't as good as when you cook it yourself. We know we're in your space and you're freaking out about germs and you would never do this for us but we don't care. You. Are. Sick! You can redo everything once you're healthy again so just shut the FUCK UP and go back to bed!"
You're willing the three big-hearted clowns behind you to stay quiet as you point to the bedroom like you're sending a child to time out. There's silence as everyone holds their breath.
Kiyoomi stares back at you for a moment before turning on his heel and closing, nearly slamming, the door shut.
The four of you collectively exhale in relief and return to the chores doing the best you each can do. Not too long later everything's done: Kiyoomi's laundry is folded, the bathroom cleaned, and the fridge restocked.
"Thanks again, guys. I couldn't have done this without you." You give them a tired smile as they put on their shoes.
"No problem, we're happy to help," replies Hinata with a smile like the sun.
"Yeah, anything to get Sakusa back on the court with us." Bokuto waves as he heads out after his teammate.
Atsumu lingers for a moment. "Delivery from 'Samu's shop will come by later." He glances at the bedroom door that hasn't reopened. "We know how he is, ok? Just let us know if ya need help with anything else."
You nod gratefully and give him a hug goodbye. When the apartment door closes you rest your forehead against it with a thump and muster whatever energy you have left.
A glass of water, some crackers and medicine. You crack the bedroom door and see the back of Kiyoomi's curly-haired head so you tip-toe the supplies to his nightstand prepared to slip back out but a quiet voice makes you pause.
"I'm sorry."
You find him watching you with glassy eyes, half-asleep, as he peaks over the covers. "I know, Kiyo. We all do. Just get some rest, okay?"
You turn to leave but hear his sleepy fading breath whisper "you're wrong, you know. I'd take care of you."
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sciophobia · 2 months ago
sakusa has never been a naturally soft person. his movements alone has always been big — intimidating, along with his words — cutthroat and mean. and he said that so himself, it's one of the few insecurities he had back before when your relationship has even started. he doesn't want you to be acquainted with someone like him, someone who "looks so mean.", someone who's "so arrogant. acting like he's better than everyone else." not that he was disagreeing with them, the whispers and gossips of people around him, it was true. 
but you didn't think so otherwise.
they didn't know him like you do. no one else knows how he'd caress the back of your hand when you start tearing up while watching your favorite movie, how he'd always leave breakfast in your shared kitchen before he goes out for practice or errands. how he'd always so softly kiss the base of your neck after you take a shower, taking in the sweet scent of you. 
no one else will see him like this. pressing kisses to your sweaty temple, body looming above you as he pushes his fingers in and out of your pretty cunt. marveling the way you were creaming around his digits, whispering soft words to your ear, cooing you to not come yet — not as a punishment, not as a sick fascination to make you writhe and cry below him, no. he wants you to fully enjoy the extent of your orgasm, only wants the best for you, his girl — "my pretty girl." as he says.
no one will see, let alone experience the hot breath meeting your skin as he coaxes you to your awaited orgasm while peppering kisses on your shoulder, not caring how sweaty and probably unhygienic it was, only caring for you. telling you that "it's okay to let go now, pretty girl. i'm here. it's fine now baby, it'll feel good. i promise.". only caring how to make you feel even better, pressing a warm and large hand on your stomach, intensifying your orgasm as you shake in pleasure. eyes rolling back because of the feeling, it was so intense and good it was scary, but sakusa was there to ground you — softly so. he guides you through it all, not once being mean or bad to you. only saying soft words of assurance that he's with you, and always will.
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kiyelle · 2 months ago
♡ kiss bound - [sakusa kiyoomi]
Tumblr media
sakusa finds himself smiling softly at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. his skin, from his cheek to his shoulder, is decorated with traces of your love in the form of lipstick marks.
of course when you had done it he gently pushed you away mumbling that there’s no way he’s going into practice with his love sickness written all over him. so he washes them away, all except one. a single mark of the curve of your lips remains on his collarbone, hidden from sight beneath his jersey.
he had never expected himself to fall quite this deeply in love, but now he wouldn’t have it any other way. especially not when he walks out of the bathroom to find you sitting on your bed waiting for him. your eyes light up with his return then dim a little when you notice the missing stains of affection.
“i can’t believe you actually got rid of them, i made your neck all nice and pretty,” you frown, utterly disappointed. kiyoomi rolls his eyes, he was expecting this reaction, “no, you claimed me with your lips,” he says, moving next to you atop of the sheets and pulling you into his arms.
“and i already told you, there’s no way i’m letting those idiots on my team see how much of an idiot i am for you,” he finishes, before hiding his face into your neck. you smile at his words, resting your head upon soft black curls, “but that’s the whole point omi, they all need to know you’re mine.”
he lifts his head up to look you in the eyes, “oh am i?” and in that moment you wonder if this man realises what he does to you, butterflies and all. “forever,” you insist.
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p-antomime · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
DILF 4 u!
𖦹 minors don’t interact. ┊ wc: 0,8K.
𖦹 content: sub!reader, service dom!kiyoomi, unprotected sex, heavy breeding kink, mating press, nicknames, (huge) age gap, mention of pregnancy, overstimulation, impregnation.
𖦹 pairings: dilf!sakusa kiyoomi x fem!reader.
ᥫ᭡. request! ┊ haikyuu masterlist! ┊ taglist!
Tumblr media
"Lemme ask you again, yeah? How old are you?", you curled up against the mattress of the bed trying not to let your breathing get any faster than it already was and answered his question before seeing his eyes return to your face as his hand finished spreading the juices of your pussy across your sensitive folds, "Gosh, yeah, you're so young, when you were entering high school I was already dating girls old enough to be your mother."
You licked your lips watching him bring his soaked fingers to your mouth and let him place them against your tongue to suck on them.
"Is my age a problem for you, Omi?", was what you tried to ask even though you knew he had become interested in you precisely because of your age.
"Oh, my pretty lil’ angel, quite the contrary: your age is perfect", Sakusa replied massaging your thighs and making you moan against his fingers before they left your mouth empty, "Perfect for me to put a baby inside you and make you the next mom of my children."
If you denied that your pussy clenched around nothing in the face of his confession, you would be blatantly lying.
Just the thought of having him fill you with cum already made your head dizzy and your pussy so wet it was embarrassing, but knowing that he definitely wanted to fuck a baby inside you without any kind of protection afterwards made you almost cum again, and it hadn't even been five minutes since he had made you reach that state just by using his nimble fingers.
"I don't think I'm ready to be a mom, Omi", you were talking out of your mouth; he knew this and smiled at your calculated response.
"Be a mom? Angel, that's just a consequence, your too young brain hasn't gotten my message yet, has it?", you looked at him a little confused before intercepting Sakusa pushing your knees against yours tits and guiding you into a mating press position that gave complete perfect view of your pussy while he wasn't burying himself in it.
Perhaps his experience was overriding your urgency and need.
"Fuck, such a young, tight pussy, don't you think this pretty thing here deserves to be breed?", you tried not to let a moan escape, but what ended up coming out was a whimper in the shape of his name that made you want to hide your face in shame, "Oh, it deserves, I know, I know"
He used one hand to place the tip of his dick close to your entrance and you almost forced hips to take him right away.
You were too impatient, your anxiety was screaming louder than the desire to enjoy the moment of finally having the cock you'd been drooling over for months to get.
"Wanna be breed, pretty?", Sakusa asked you and you desperately nodded before answering between deep, gasping breaths: "Yes, yes, please, that's all I've been wanting all these–" and his voice interrupted you with a whisper, "Months? Yeah, I've seen you drooling all over my cock, but you wanna be breed even if your little pussy can't make everything stay inside?"
Again, you shook the head positively, but this time also brought a hand up to your pussy going around his arms pressing your knees against your bust and opened your wet folds in front of his dick.
"Please, Omi, breed me”
That was the last thing Sakusa needed to hear before he slammed deep inside you and made your eyes roll up at feeling him so deep.
He was better than guys your age, especially the way his hands gripped your hips as if they wanted to both mark you as his possession and leave as many fingerprints as possible so that you wouldn't forget whose hand it was that left you like this.
And Sakusa didn't give you a good enough time to get used to his fat girth, so maybe that's why you were reduced to a drooling mess that could only look at him with a fucked-up face and moan his name like it was a holy mantra.
You're such a cutie little thing for him, all fucked up just by being stretched, it even looked like you'd never tasted a cock like his.
His tip kissing your cervix again and again, his cheeks turning pinker and pinker with the force applied to fuck you and balls ready to pour every last drop of his hot, thick cum against your womb with no intention of letting you go home without at least having enough cum to lick the bottom of your panties.
That day, your favorite DILF came deep in you with his head falling back and a loud but hoarse moan escaping his throat; you could even see the veins in his neck standing out as you felt his cum fill you completely and even leak down the sides of your little pussy too small to contain the entire amount.
"But, we're not over yet, little angel, that was just round one, I know you need more of my cum filling your pretty pussy", Sakusa whispered looking back up at you and opening a mischievous grin before slamming back inside you; causing overstimulation for both of you.
Maybe he could now call you a breeding doll, and not a little angel.
Tumblr media
ㅤ🏷 tagging: @festive @inu1gf @mizurimirai @sleepy3 @kuroaka @slut4manjiro @qudvxnkanx @wakasa-wifey @vlyntage @dessceased @goldenmnr @semisgroupie @k-ryuuguji @amaejiki @fuyuus .
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kiyoswifey · 3 months ago
[ 2:02 AM ] – m.list
you cuddle your pillow as a soft blanket covers it. why cuddle a pillow instead of a 6'2 professional volleyball player beside you? you dont know either. well, it felt like kiyoomi needed some space. he was a bit grumpy this week, you tried your best to not be bothersome at the same time care for him. 
but everyday, he keeps getting grumpier and grumpier, some days he just pouts. and every night, you decide to hug your pillow instead of him since well.. you thought he needed some space. but the more and more you give him space, he gets even more angrier.. 
let’s get into sakusa’s perspective. one day, he got home from a bad day. atsumu kept messing with him, bokuto kept nagging him, hinata kept asking questions, meian needed help in receiving balls, everything just went overload. 
so he came home exhausted and a bit snappy. he really needed hugs, no talking, just hugs. but apparently, you didnt give him that. sure, he loves you for readying a warm bath for him, he loves you for giving him water from time to time. but where’s the hug? where are the kisses? 
he couldn’t take this any longer, it’s been 1 week without your embrace. he turns over to you and slips his hands on your waist. you jumped a bit from the sudden contact. you tried looking at sakusa but you were greeted with a kiss on the forehead. “i missed you..” he whispered. 
“i missed you too, kiyoomi” you kissed his cheek. you set the pillow aside, and turned to sakusa in bed, hugging him as you buried your face into his chest. “why didnt you talk to me this week? did i do anything?” sakusa wasn’t the type to just say sorry without knowing what he did. he finds those kinds of apologies as empty and insincere. 
the man would be the type to take a step back, try to figure out why its wrong, go through his actions and realize why its wrong, and that’s one of the reasons why you love him. “well, you were a bit snappy this week so i thought you needed space.” you said softly.
“i appreciate the small actions you’ve been doing but could you give me affection sometimes? well, ill tell you when i really need space.” he pouted. “of course ‘yoomi, just don’t yell or anything and everything will be just fine.” you smiled, giving a small peck on his lips.
again, this 6′2 man wouldn’t be able to live without you.
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ryesei · 4 months ago
kiyoomi + coming home after sitting through a very draining family dinner where they all just invalidated ur mental illnesses and compared u to ur cousins
[ 𝟏𝟎:𝟑𝟎 𝐩.𝐦 ] - 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 𝐊𝐈𝐘𝐎𝐎𝐌𝐈
Tumblr media
"they're stupid," kiyoomi says, taking his shoes off as he walks into the house, "they don't know what they're saying."
you scoff at your husband, following suit and throwing your coat on the couch. "stupid alright," you mutter, glancing down at your jeans. you can feel tears prick your eyes, and you blink them away harshly.
"i'm going to bed," you declare, shoving your hands in your pockets. idiotic fucking jeans, you curse in your head, ignoring your husband calling out your name as you rush into your bedroom and plop down on to the bed.
you groan into the pillows, gritting your teeth in frustuation. it's a repeated occurence—time and again, you open up to your family, only for them to shoot you down. it's exhausting—to be invalidated by the people who are meant to hold you dear—and after this particular night, the bitterness seems to hit you harder.
"here," kiyoomi's voice pulls you out of your thoughts, his tone gentle. you turn around to meet his eyes. he shoves a bowl of ice-cream he's into your hands, sitting down next to you.
"that was one tacky ring your cousin was wearing," he huffs, a small smile creeping onto his face at the giggle you let out. you sit up, eating a spoonful of ice-cream.
"and oh god—did you see the way he was glaring at you?" you say between laughs, shifting closer to sakusa. "think he was jealous of our wedding rings."
"should be," sakusa replies, closing his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder, "of you too."
you hum in reponse, relaxing against his warm touch with a sigh. "i know," you start, playing with sakusa's hands, "i just wish they'd acknowledge me too."
he shrugs, frowning at the softness in your voice. "i'm proud of you, okay?" sakusa confirms, pressing a kiss to your neck to emphasize it, "and i love you—" sakusa's lips graze your jaw, "—just the way you are."
that's all he says—sakusa is a man of few words. but as you can feel your heart lighten, if only slightly, and manage to bring yourself to smile even after the exhausting night you've had. you cuddle into sakusa, melting into his touch as you whipser a "g'night then, omi." perhaps a few words is all you need.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading!
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
sakusa x gn!reader
Tumblr media
sakusa pouts as you coat your lips with lip balm, running the stick over your top, then your bottom lip, over and over. he watches the stick go from left to right almost resentfully, but still entranced nonetheless. you can sense his stare on you in the back of your mind, but you're too preoccupied, focusing on the task at hand.
he huffs when you still haven't put the lip balm away five seconds later. he's being dramatic, he knows. but it's for good reason.
"don't you think you've put enough?" he practically mumbles out aggressively, "maybe even too much?"
that makes you pause, your hand in the air, lip balm still on your lip. you look over at him questioningly and hesitantly. "...what?" you put the cap on and put it away, slowly rubbing your lips together.
his eyes catch on the movement of your lips and he gets temporarily distracted before he sighs and bites the inside of his cheek almost sheepishly as he looks to the side.
you tilt your head, eyes scanning over him as you try to figure him out. "you don't like when i put on lip balm?"
he shakes his head, like a child and you can't help but find it cute.
"why not?"
he hesitates for a few seconds before speaking up. "cause you don't let me kiss you till it dries off."
when he glances over and notices the smile growing on your lips, he clenches his jaw and crosses his arms, looking even more like a small child that didn't get their way.
you scoot closer to him and coo, "aww omi––" his shoulders sag and you can tell he regrets ever opening his mouth. "tell you what, i'll give you a free pass this time, kay?"
he hates himself for this, but your words make him perk up immediately, he's that whipped for you.
he tries to appear nonchalant as he turns to you, eyes flitting up to yours as he uncrosses his arms at the soft touch of your hand, urging them open.
he may be completely whipped for you, but as you press your lips against his and let out a content sigh, sinking further into him, one hand on his shoulder, the other in his curls, he realizes he doesn't care one bit. he slides an arm around your waist and tugs you closer. if he's only getting one kiss, he's gonna make it count.
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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keilily · 4 months ago
hypnotic — sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings; female reader, a bit of degradation, fucking in a bathroom, unprotected sex, fingering, biting, swearing | 1k words
Tumblr media
“mm this is insane.” you breathed against kiyoomi’s lips, trying to ignore the way his hands travelled down your body. “we’re gonna get caught.”
“don’t care.” was all he said before his lips found their place on your neck. ever since you stepped out of your shared bedroom ready to leave he’d been eyeing you. especially since you had the nerve to tease him with such a short dress.
“omi, dinners almost ready.” it was a pathetic attempt to get his attention and of course it didn’t work, he had his mind set on you.
“if you weren’t being a brat earlier i’d treat you like a good girl once we got home.” he mumbled against your skin, slipping his hand up the soft silk of your dress. he pulled your head back a little further, his breath was hot on your neck. “i don’t think you want me to wait until we get home, i wont be nice.”
the stern tone lacing his voice went straight to your burning core and you shifted closer to him unconsciously.
“so, what do you want me to do?” he asked, staring into your eyes now his hand loosely gripped your jaw to make you look at him. thumb running over your bottom lip gently. “choice is yours.”
“don’t wait..”
“that’s what i thought you’d say.” he said before pressing your body against the wall and lifted your leg to wrap around his waist. you whimpered as he kissed you roughly, you dropped your jaw slightly on instinct to kiss him deeper.
your dress slipped up your hips easily, exposing the thin lace thong you wore. kiyoomi toyed with the band for a moment laughing out a laugh against your lips, he pulled at the fabric, and you cringed inwardly when they ripped easily.
“this fucking dress has been killing me.”
he slowly dragged his middle finger through your soaked folds drawing a shake breath out of you. hands gripping onto his shoulders tightly.
“i knew you wore that on purpose, little girl wanted my attention.” he cooed pushing two fingers into your dripping cunt. “why else would you be so wet already? you’ve been thinking about this all night haven’t you. how dirty. with our friends out there too.”
you shut your eyes tightly, feeling heat rise up the back of your neck. he always had this effect on you.
“omi please.” you whined pushing your hips into his hand already desperate for more than the slow curl of his fingers inside you.
he only hummed in response to your plea. despite how he wanted to take his time fucking you, he didn’t have the luxury of that.
“you’re so lucky we’re not home.” he moved your hips up a bit and spread your legs apart with his knew. it only took a moment to undo his belt and push his layers down just enough for his cock to spring free.
sliding the tip through your dripping folds he only pressed against your entrance in a brief warning before pushing inside you.
you moaned loudly and screwed your eyes shut once more trying to adjust to the sudden fullness, it was hard to take all of him at once, but the burn of your stretched cunt felt so good.
kiyoomi waited no time in fucking into you, he was rougher than normal. gripping your hips hard he moved you in sync with his thrusts.
“fuck, you’re so tight.” he groaned against your shoulder, biting down hard to muffled the noises that were threatening to spill from him.
“oh fuck, omi please don’t stop-“ you nearly squealed when his hand slipped between the two of you, fingers finding your clit expertly. he knew every sweet spot you had and used it to his advantage.”
“quiet, babe. don’t want, fuck, don’t want your friends to find us, right?” he whispered clamping his other hand over your mouth tightly. his pupils were blown out wide from the pleasure and the darkness was even more evident now.
“mmfuck-“ your whines muffled now you were getting close. pussy clenching around his cock with every deep thrust, it was overwhelming.
he wasn’t in much better shape, his hips were stuttered from the feeling of you getting even tighter as he fucked you, your slick was dripping down his cock now.
you were desperately grinding against him, and he shifted his hips up, the tip of his cock hit the spot he’d been looking for and you were seeing stars. your cunt clenching impossibly tighter as you came around him, muffled moans filling the bathroom.
you clawed at his shirt to pull him closer, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you felt his cum spill into your cunt. his words fumbled as he moaned your name grinding into you as he came hard.
dropping his head to your shoulder he tried steadying his breathing, that was messier than he thought it’d be. especially when his cum dripped down the curve of your ass when he slowly pulled out.
“lets cover you up.” kiyoomi spoke softly after pressing a small kiss to your lips and helping you fix your dress as best as you could. the softness in his eyes when he looked at your dress now was so different from before. “you okay, sweetheart?”
smiling, you nodded in response leaning against him still, your legs were a little wobbly.
“mmm that was fucking amazing.” you mumbled, still a little dazed.
a loud knock sounded from the door catching both you attention. kiyoomi quickly got dressed eyeing the door thinking for a second, there was no way that whoever was on the other side of the door wouldn’t be able to tell what happened.
“screw it.” he rolled his eyes lacing his hand with yours and opened the door.
of course out of everyone that could’ve found you like this it had to be atsumu, the loudest idiot apartment.
“shut it.” kiyoomi sneered when he pushed passed him, you dropped your eyes trying to avoid atsumu’s stare. “we’re leaving, she doesn’t feel too well.”
“are ya sure? or are ya leaving to fuck again.” you could hear the amusement in atsumu’s voice as he called after you. “oi, is that bite mark on your shoulder, y/n?!”  
you decided in that moment that you’d never wear this god forsaken dress out again.
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demxnscous · 12 days ago
wc: 1.1k
pairings: timeskip!sakusa x gn!reader (reader uses a purse)
contains: neighbor!sakusa, not-so-meet-cute, nervous sakusa (implied pining), tired!reader, bokuto's antics, reader doesn't know much about sakusa (and vice versa), fluff/general content(?)
Tumblr media
It's an early Saturday morning for your new neighbor; for you, it's late.
You're returning from your night shift when you see him, carrying a box atop another box down the hallway to his apartment. He's a large man with dark, curly hair, donning lounge clothing; it's the first you've seen of him.
Quietly, you maintain a polite distance because you're tired, worn from your time in the lab, and not keen to engage in small talk. Though, the carpet scuffs at your shoe and you frown inwardly when he hears and looks over his shoulder to find you at the door opposite his.
"Excuse me," he begins, the cut of his tone softened by the mask he wears, adjusting the boxes in his arms.
You turn, mouth tight in a feigned smile, "Yes?"
And he tilts his head, narrows his eyes as if deliberating what to make of you. The man says, not unkindly, "Never mind, sorry to bother."
The interaction is succinct, brief as you lower your chin and close your apartment door behind you.
To your surprise, it's not the last you see of him. Your new neighbor appears to be quite the early bird.
Often, you find yourself in the same elevator as him when you return from work, and he from using the gym; he's only beginning his day as you return from yours. You see him in passing, as well, scarcely acknowledging one another.
You have no reason to speak to him again until a month has passed since his moving in and you're readying to leave the apartment for work. And, strangely, you can hear another person talking just outside.
"Hurry up, Omi! Everyone's waiting downstairs," says the unfamiliar person.
Omi? you wonder. Is that his name? A nickname, maybe? After all, you had never asked for it.
You look out from the peephole to see the man—an odd combination of silver and black hair, done up neatly, wearing a fitted suit—knocking on your neighbor's door impatiently. Though, for as much as you would prefer to wait until the pair left, there simply wasn't time.
Taking your purse, placing your coat on, you flip the lock and exit your apartment. The man turns immediately, his incessant knocking slowed to poise his fist above the wooden door as he looks to you.
"Evening," he smiles, "you wouldn't happen to know if the guy who lives here has left or not, would you?" He has bright eyes with his primed posture, a confident line to his shoulders as if he could anticipate the world.
You make to respond when your neighbor opens his own door then, swatting the other man's hand away. "Can you not wait a single minute?" he asks. There's a slight shift in his expression when he meets your wary eye.
The other man flits his attention between the two of you, a quick maneuver, before he says, "Is this the neighbor you've been ta—?" His words suddenly bleed into a pained exhale.
Your neighbor steps aside; he doesn't wear a mask tonight. "I hope he wasn't being a nuisance," he says by way of greeting.
"No, he wasn't." You adjust your coat, shaking your head gently.
He's...quite handsome.
The other man steps forward, offering out a hand as he recovers. "I'm Bokuto, I'm a teammate of his." His smile is large, pressing in to mold dimples at his cheeks.
You take his hand, introduce yourself, before you ask, "You said 'teammate'?" And, in that moment, your neighbor looked as if he might groan. Perhaps, you should've kept on your way. "Actually," you give a dismissive gesture, "it's alright, I need to get going."
And as you walk, so does Bokuto, your neighbor falling behind reluctantly. You almost want to laugh at how you've held more conversation with this man than you have with someone who only lives across the way; you continue down the hallway, listening as Bokuto speaks idly.
"Where're you headed tonight?" The question is sudden from him.
"Work," you say, simply. "And you?" Because both are dressed in seemingly expensive clothing, tailored for their bodies, chosen for their complexions.
It's your neighbor who answers, not Bokuto. "A work function," he supplies evenly.
You peer up and over your shoulder, humming shortly as you acknowledge him. He doesn't meet your eye, fussing instead with the watch on his wrist.
Bokuto takes up the conversation again, eager as he tells you, "Yeah, we play volleyball for the Black Jackals. Tonight is just a formal event, but there's gonna be a game next week—"
His rambling extends further and further until you reach the elevators.
"It was nice meeting you, Bokuto," you eventually say, needing to cut the tail of his sentence. "I hope you both have fun at your event."
"You're not taking the elevator?"
You offer a polite expression. "No, I'll take the stairs. I need to get a workout in sometime today anyway." A lie; you didn't enjoy the prospect of being alone with two large men in a confined space.
Bokuto says, immediately, "Oh! You should ask Omi to help you with that, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to."
"What?" You blink, flushing slightly. The elevator pings, indicating that the doors would soon open.
Your neighbor comes to stand beside Bokuto, placing a hand on his shoulder to begin guiding him away. "Have a good night," he says to you, easing the conversation to a close.
"Right...you too." And you watch as he ushers the other into the awaiting elevator. Had there been a blush to his cheeks when he said those parting words?
You step away toward the stairs.
It's dawn when you lie in bed, the dark curtains drawn tightly in your apartment. You're on your phone, thumb hovering over the search bar where 'Black Jackals volleyball' is already typed. You hit enter.
A conglomeration of websites and articles appear: stores selling merchandise, recorded interviews, season highlights, scores, rankings, and, of course, the players themselves.
You rifle through the names and corresponding photos. Then you see that dark, curled hair, with those even deeper eyes.
'Sakusa Kiyoomi,' it states. His picture is a simple headshot; there's no smile, no angle his head tilts naturally towards. The remaining photographs from affiliated websites consist of paid advertisements, photo campaigns, and a few amateur pictures from tabloids.
"Huh," you murmur, only to yourself.
How interesting.
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scandeniall · 7 days ago
front page baby!
A/N: Basically how your relationship gets exposed. Its midnight, I work in the morning but this thought was in my head cause ive been eating the exposed relationship troupe up since i was 15
Atsumu, Suna, Sakusa x famous musician!reader
CW: suggestive!
Suna: A picture of you two kissing was caught.
The two of you had been friends for years before dating. In fact, you’d been close with several known athletes and linked to a few of them over the years. That's why when hanging out with Suna no one really thought much of it. You’d stated that you were single on an Instagram live one time a year ago and never acknowledged your relationship status again. What the public didn’t know was what that status had changed shortly after. 
So imagine the utter chaos when a picture of you and Suna in his car was suddenly plastered online. It had been one of your studio sessions and he had picked you up to go to an MSBY Game and see your friends. Before getting out he had leaned over the console to press his lips to yours. It was meant to be a short peck before the two of you turned on your usual ‘just friends’ facade for the public but it had been about three weeks since he’d gotten the chance to really see you, and he missed you. It quickly turned into a brief makeout session as you both melted into the kiss sighing in pure content. “I really really missed you” The photo had caught his hands cupping your face mid-makeout and there was no denying it. You two were more than friends. Unfortunately for the public neither of you ever verbally confirms the truth, and continue your lives as per usual. However, it wasn’t missed how he’d always sit closer to you than he had in the past
Sakusa: Fan posts/tweets
It had been at your birthday show of the tour. You were on tour and he had also been busy with games but had a 3-day break conveniently that weekend. He (and Atsumu who annoyingly tagged along) caught the first flight possible to the city you were performing at. While there he had stopped to get flowers and those tweets had circulated. Later that night there were tweets confirming the athletes presence at your show. But hey, maybe the two of you (or even you and Atsumu were a thing) were good friends. Or maybe they were just big fans. Blurry pics showed him bobbing his head while his companion sang along loudly (fueling the you and atsumu speculation). However it wasn’t until after the show that jaws dropped. You thought you’d been alone on the side of the venue for sure. Normally fans waited near the bus out back to catch a glimpse of you and the other members of your group leaving. But as you and Sakusa spent the night cuddled in a hotel catching up, that had been wrong. Tweets started with how neither of you had been seen. Then a few glimpses of the two of you hugged up on the buildings side started. Tweets saw you pull the athlete’s mask down for a kiss. They caught his presentation of the flowers and a small cupcake with a candle. They caught how his thumb seemed to trail your lips as you licked some of the whip cream off. And no one probably would have believed it until pictures and videos circulated of you on his back as you waved goodbye heading to to bus citing your shoes absolutely wrecked your feet.
Atsumu: Videos of you two at a party get leaked.
The party was the last place you thought your relationship would have been exposed. It was not only dark but jam-packed with others much more notorious than yourself. It was an exclusive invite-only event and you thought the two of you were safe. After all, that had by no means been the first party the two of you had been at together. However the next morning you were shocked to find yourself and the athlete trending on Twitter.
“Olympic Athlete Atsumu and Singer/Songwriter (Y/N) Touchy At Club”
The tweet from TMZ had been paired with a video of you and Atsumu dancing rather closely. The grainy video showed your backside pressed towards while one of his hands had been glued to your hips. The other held yours as the two of you danced to Miguel’s How Many Drinks.
That could have been passed off as a one-time drunken dance however the thread of videos continued. Another showed you two dancing face to face. Throughout the 30-second video, Atsumu had been caught whispering in your ear, drawing a laugh from you. With your hands around his neck you pulled him in for a kiss and his hands that had been on your waist slipped lower. Even from the distance his shining eyes and large smile could be spotted
The last video, which had been probably the most relationship confirming was the to of you sitting at a table alongside some friends and other known faces. His arm had been thrown around the side of the booth you were on as the table chatted. He had pressed a series of kisses along your hairline before a final one on your lips before bidding you and your friends goodbye as he left with his.
Before you could scroll through the endless tweets, an Instagram notification from Atsumu flashed across your phone. Clicking it you were tagged in a photo.. It had been him holding a copy of your newest EP and wearing some of your merch. In the background was a crooked poster of you he hung up solely for the picture The caption read “Stream my favorite artist”
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semifilms · 2 months ago
sharing a bed for the first time, gn reader, not proofread, reblogs appreciated!
character(s), sakusa kiyoomi
tag(s) 🏷, @kiyelle isa, my beloved! i hope you enjoy<33
Tumblr media
you and kiyoomi had been hanging out for a few months now. yet you’d been officially dating for 3 weeks. most of your guys’ friends assumed you were together from the first time they saw the two of you together. it was nothing but stolen glances and admiring ones.
the two of you have kissed, and held hands, you’d done most of the basic things couples did. so why were you hesitant about staying the night.
kiyoomi proposed the idea to you once the weather outside got heavier. the light rain from before had gotten to be a storm and he didn’t want you driving in this weather. “what would i do without you?” you teased as you bumped his shoulder.
a light chuckle escaped his lips as his lips curled up slightly at the ends. “i’ll go grab you some clothes.” he said as he walked out of the living room and went straight to his room. now that he was out of sight you could visibly freak out. your eyes widened a bit more and you’re mouth fell open slightly.
“oh my god,” you mumbled under your breath. your mind went wild, mainly wondering where you were going to sleep. but not long after sakusa returned with no clothes in and. “i left them on my bed, you can go change. i’ll wait out here.”
at that, you wasted no time getting to his room. shutting the door behind you immediately. your boyfriend was confused at your actions but sat quietly on the couch to wait. it wasn’t long before you came out of the room quietly and tapped sakusa on the shoulder.
he turned his whole body to face you and he raised a brow. “where should i put these?” you ask, referencing the clothes you changed out of. “i’ll go put them in the wash.” he said, rising from his seat and grabbing your clothes from you. “i’ll meet you in the room.” he added as he walked off.
you swallowed hard at his words but headed to his room. you would’ve assumed that since sakusa was so casual about the whole ordeal that it wasn’t a big deal to him.
but that’s where you’d be wrong. once the words “i’ll meet you in the room.” left his mouth, his throat had gotten tight. he’d been freaking out about this just as much as you—if not, more. though he arrived in the room looking as calm as ever.
“where am i sleeping?” you asked upon his arrival. “the bed,” he responded whilst sucking in a sharp breath. “and you?” you added, and he repeated. “the bed.”
that was it, the confirmation you needed. but you chose to act calm about it. it was bound to happen eventually. you reasoned internally. “well goodnight!” you dismissed the conversation, curling yourself up under the covers. “uhm y/n, you’re in my side…” the raven-haired male laughed as he approached the bed. “oops, my bad.” you winced before scooting over to the other side of the bed. you faced the wall in an attempt to avoid him but you felt his skin just barely brush against your own.
“goodnight y/n,” he said as he leaned over to place a kiss on your cheek. the small gesture relaxed you. why were you freaking out over this? it’s just kiyoomi. “night omi.” you smiled to yourself as sleep slowly overcame you.
but by the morning you were surprised to feel your legs intertwined, your head in his chest, and your right arm slung over his torso.
“that wasn’t so bad was it?” the tired voice of kiyoomi greeted your ears.
“i guess not.”
Tumblr media
©semifilms do not copy, repost or translate my works
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sciophobia · 22 days ago
%% 999 𖤐 SAKUSA !! nsfw visuals zZz .. 
Tumblr media
one , two , three , four , five , six , seven , eight , nine oh my god i'm drooling
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folklorebae · 15 days ago
Cast(s)/Genre: GN!Reader & Sakusa Kiyoomi/Fluff(?)
Wc: 295
Warning: Suggestive, reader wears make up(?) no pronouns mentioned tho
Tumblr media
"Omi, look!" You shouted, approaching your boyfriend who was laying on the couch while watching a news show about some political update.
Sakusa quickly took his eyes off the television, putting all his attention to you as he adored the makeup look on your face.
"You look stunning." He commented, looking at your lips then your eyes.
"Oh, do I?" You teased, couldn't help but gave him a smirk.
He was about to roll his eyes but somehow he finally realized something. "Where are you going?"
You shook your head and frowned. "I'm not going anywhere? Just trying some makeup I just bought."
"Cool." He nodded. "I like the color of your lips."
"Really?" You screeched. "I like it too! Plus, it's transferproof!"
He raised his brow, pretending to not understand the last word you just said. "And what is that supposed to mean?"
"It means," The corner of your mouth twitched into a grin as you leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. "No one will ever catch you with my lipstick on your face, again."
At first, Sakusa thought your answer would be something like, "It means, my lipstick won't stain on my coffee cup, duh". So, were you truly being innocent or were you playing with him? He decided to choose the latter thought of his.
Sakusa's expression swiftly changed, a mischievous smile plastered on his face as he brought his fingers to tilt your chin up. A shiver ran up your spine once his warm lips met yours and gently sucking your lower lip. 
After he pulled away, he swiped his lips with his thumb, checking if your lipstick was transferred to his lips. He finally looked at you again when he saw nothing on his thumb. "Well, I guess you're right." 
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heich0e · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
bed sakusa kiyoomi/reader (haikyuu!!) word count: 2.3k tags: literally mind-rotting fluff, drunk bf sakusa being clingy and annoying (affectionate), i want to kiss his lil moles :(
Tumblr media
“It’s dark,” Kiyoomi complained as he stumbled into his bedroom, and you assumed that the ungraceful rustling you could hear was him searching around blindly on the wall for the light switch.
“Well, it is almost one AM,” you replied dryly as he continued to unsuccessfully hunt for the light.
After a few moments more, you took matters into your own hands; easily flicking the light on to reveal that he was about two feet to the right of where he should have been looking for the small switch. He blinked up at the light, surprised by the sudden change in brightness and narrowing his eyes resentfully at the offending fixture, yet somehow unfazed by how far off from his target he’d been.
“Give me your coat,” you sighed, reaching towards your boyfriend’s teetering frame to help him shrug off the article of outerwear, having already shucked your own coat and hung it on the coat rack in the entryway.
Since stumbling in the door to Kiyoomi’s apartment about two minutes prior, you'd only stopped long enough to remove your shoes (and Kiyoomi's at his insistence) at the door, and then to wash both of your hands in the kitchen (helping him lather the soap between his large palms before he took over and diligently cleansed every inch of his skin), before continuing straight through the apartment towards the bedroom.
“Oof,” your boyfriend made a little grunt of effort as you finally managed to pull his arms from the sleeves, and he stumbled back uncoordinatedly in the direction of his bed.
“Lay back,” you said, a bit bossily, tossing the coat that you had just pulled off of him aside. You pushed Kiyoomi gently onto the bed, where he landed with a light thump, and he looked up at you with curious, bleary eyes.
“I’m in my outside clothes,” he complained, and though he still had his mask on you could tell he was crinkling his nose in distaste.
“I’m aware of that, Kiyo,” you said with a breathy laugh, your hands reaching for the expensive belt around his trim waist. You struggled with the buckle to remove it but once you had successfully unclasped it, you pulled the smooth leather from the belt loops and threw it back towards where you’d left his coat. Your fingers then moved to the button of his jeans.
“You’re so hot,” Kiyoomi slurred, the words leaving his mouth in a wanton sort of growl as he tugged down his face mask with a crooked finger, leaning forward to try and kiss you. He missed his mark, his pink lips landing on your face just to the left of your nose.
You laughed loudly, pushing him away again and wiping at the wetness on your cheek from his mouth. His mask slid back up, just under his nose, as he looked at you in confusion.
“I’m not trying to fuck you, Kiyoomi - I’m getting you ready for bed,” you giggled lightly as you shook your head.
He pulled his mask off his ears, tossing it aside, to reveal a pout that had been hidden underneath. With his lips jutting forward childishly, he leaned back as you tugged his tight jeans down his legs.
“Why?” he whined sulkily. “Don’t you find me handsome?”
He blinked two dark, uncharacteristically doe-y eyes up at you, saying something unintelligible afterwards that you didn’t catch.
“How about you ask me again when you’re sober?” you said to him flatly, folding his dark jeans over your arm and turning around to add them to the pile of his discarded clothes. “God, you drank so much. I’m gonna kill Miya next time I see him,” you grumbled, knowing that the bleach-blonde setter had been the one egging your boyfriend on all evening to drink more — he’d told you as much (proudly) when you showed up at the restaurant to pick Kiyoomi up after the MSBY team dinner had ended.
As a result, the dark-haired man currently sprawled across his bed you was the drunkest that you’d ever seen him.
“Well, I think you’re beautiful,” Kiyoomi said pointedly while you were facing away from him, still deep in the process of mentally plotting your revenge on Atsumu. You felt your cheeks flush at his words. “Really beautiful,” he added, furthering his compliment when you didn’t seem to notice the first attempt.
You breathed a short, almost incredulous laugh, placing his folded jeans more delicately aside than you had the other articles of his clothing. Kiyoomi always got like this when he’d been drinking: adulating and soft — and just a little bit petulant. It was so unlike his usual cool, almost brusque, demeanour; and you didn’t often get to see him in such a state. You tucked your hair behind your ear, turning to face him again.
“Shirt,” you demanded of him authoritatively, your hand outstretched expectantly, choosing to ignore his compliment and focus solely on the task at hand.
He struggled to pull his black button up shirt over his head after having haphazardly undone only a few of the top buttons, and you tutted disapprovingly. Kneeling onto the bed, you reached out to stop his sloppy, uncoordinated movements. He stilled, letting you go about carefully unbuttoning the rest of it as you sat poised on your haunches beside him. Once the last small button had been undone, you slipped the shirt off his shoulders. As you did so, revealing the pale skin of his collarbones and chest, dotted with the occasional mole, you felt the same heat flare in your cheeks that had been there a moment prior — your proximity suddenly almost overbearing. You scampered hastily away, clambering back onto your feet with the dark material clutched tightly in your hands.
You folded the shirt neatly like you had his jeans, adding it to the pile on the chair sitting in the corner of his bedroom that seemed to serve little purpose — you’d never once seen anyone sit in it, though you could recall numerous occasions where your own clothes had been hastily thrown in the chair’s direction. Once everything was neatly stacked atop itself, you knew there was no choice but to turn to face the boy whose gaze you could feel burning into the side of your face.
“Do you want some water?” you asked, barely looking at him.
“No,” he said, staring up at you as he lay back on the bed. His head lolled lazily to the side as he looked towards you, now dressed only in his underwear and socks, his curls fanning out around his pretty face as he regarded you.
“I think you’ll regret that decision tomorrow morning,” you said to him warningly, but not without a light laugh.
He continued to stare up at you from where he was sprawled across the bed, his heavy-lidded eyes glued to your face intently.
“What?” you asked him, uncertain as to why you were fixed so unwaveringly in his gaze.
“I meant it, you know,” he said simply, his pink tongue peeking out from his mouth to moisten his lips.
“Meant what?” You quirked an eyebrow.
“That I think you’re beautiful,” he smiled softly, something infuriatingly sweet about the rare, exceedingly fond expression on his face.
“You’re so drunk.” You rolled your eyes, grabbing the pile of clothes you’d stacked atop the chair and turning your back to him, crossing the room towards his closet. You stripped off your own clothes this time, tossing them (and his) into the laundry hamper tucked in one corner, making a note to do a load of laundry first thing the next morning.
You pulled on an oversized hoodie that you found hanging up in the closet. It was long, the sleeves covering your hands and the hem reaching down nearly mid-thigh. Breathing in as you pulled it on, you remarked that the sweater smelled like Kiyoomi; a familiar mix of something distinctly him enveloped you — like sandalwood, dark roast coffee, and the expensive fabric softener he always used — and you knew it would be perfectly comfortable to sleep in for the night.
You flipped your hair out from under the collar of the sweatshirt as you stepped back into the room, moving next towards the washroom where you made what could only be described as a lazy attempt to wash the day from your face with the bottles of skincare product Kiyoomi kept neatly lined up beside his sink. You were brushing your teeth when you realized the man in the other room had been suspiciously quiet for too long, and you poked your head out from the bathroom — toothbrush still hanging from your mouth — to peek at him curiously.
He was still laying in roughly the same position that you’d left him in, only now his eyes were closed and he had one arm bent up above him on the bed. The pale skin of his tummy and chest looked smooth and inviting; pulled taught over his ribs as his volleyball-toned arm was crooked up behind his head. You smiled a little at the sight of him, laughing lightly before returning to the sink to finish brushing your teeth.
You kneeled by his head when you returned to his side, hovering over him.
He cracked an eye open to peer up at you.
“What?” he asked, his voice sleepy.
“You need to wash your face,” you said, holding up a cotton pad you’d soaked with some unnecessarily expensive micellar water. You knew the likelihood of dragging all 189cm of his drunk ass into the bathroom with you was low, so he would have to settle for this and not complain about it the next morning. He groaned a little but let you wipe the drenched cotton over his cheek. You grasped his chin with your free hand, turning his face to make sure you got every inch of his skin as best you were able.
You tossed the cotton pad into the trashcan at his bedside, pulling out a tube of moisturizer that you’d brought with you from the bathroom from inside the pocket of your (his) hoodie. You were gentle as you rubbed the cream into his skin, enjoying the intimacy of letting your fingers graze every part of his absurdly handsome face. Once you were done, you screwed the lid back onto the tube and hopped up to your feet once more.
A quick trip to the kitchen to secure a bottle of water from the fridge was next — he’d said he didn’t want one, but you were willing to bet that Kiyoomi would wake in the early hours of the morning, feeling the effects of his alcohol induced dehydration, and be grateful for the bottle on his bedside table.
Kiyoomi’s eyes were closed again when you reentered the bedroom. You shuffled back towards him, popping the bottle onto the table near his side of the bed, before crouching down at the end of the bed frame where Kiyoomi’s feet were dangling off the edge — you knew all too well how much the boy above you deeply hated sleeping in socks.
Looping your fingers under the material at his ankle, you tugged the black socks gently off before tossing them aside somewhere on the floor to deal with the next day. His toes wiggled a little as you freed them from their cotton confines, and you smiled at the little movement. Pinching your lip between your teeth, you reached up to run your finger lightly down the sole of his foot.
“Stoppppp,” Kiyoomi complained gruffly from the bed as you tickled him, his tone a softly protesting whine that you found exceptionally cute in that moment. He shifted, pulling his feet up away from you, and you laughed before crawling up into bed beside him.
He blinked at you with bleary, tired eyes as you curled up next to him, too lazy to even bother turning off the light overhead. You watched how his dark eyelashes fanned across his cheeks each time his eyes fluttered closed. You were so close to him that you could see every detail of his face; every freckle and line that made him.
“You’re gonna be so hungover tomorrow,” you said to him, reaching out to brush an errant curl away from his closed eyes.
“Will you make me coffee in the morning?” he asked, his pink lips pursed forward in a little pout, while your fingers ran over his cheek - rosy and hot from all the alcohol he’d had to drink.
“I always do,” you laughed. It had become a ritual between the two of you, whenever you would stay over. Usually Kiyoomi was up and already out for his morning run by the time you woke, and you always had a cup of coffee waiting for him when he got home.
You smiled, the familiarity — the routine — of it all filling you with a humming feeling of fondness.
“Can’t wait,” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around your waist and scooching forward to bury his face in your hoodie.
“Can’t wait for a hangover? That’s a first,” you said quietly as you carded your fingers through his soft hair. You appreciated the texture of his curls as you dragged your fingers through them, twisting lightly as you reached the ends.
“Can’t wait to spend the day with you,” he corrected you; his words were muffled by the material of the sweatshirt, but you could still make them out.
Your heart did a little skip at his words, a warmth of like the one you could feel radiating from your boyfriend’s skin blooming in your chest. But there was no alcohol in your system to blame.
“Me too,” you said to him with a hum of agreement, pressing a kiss to the two moles on his forehead as a content smile settled across your lips, “now go to sleep.”
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shiraishi-mai · a month ago
Sakusa Kiyoomi is a methodical man.
He promptly wakes up at 6am everyday. He goes to brush his teeth, gargles mouthwash a few times, and then neatly places his toothbrush and toothpaste back in their designated places. A small, healthy breakfast is enjoyed in utter silence as he knows such quiet will be a rare occurrence in the rest of his day.* At 7:30am, he leaves for practice.
Fridays are days to be spent hiding from the MSBY team and drinking tea while doing sudoku on the sofa. The athletes are given a half day on Saturdays, so he spends the latter half often catching up on errands like grocery shopping. Sundays were strictly reserved for "deep cleaning" the apartment despite its state of spotlessness during the entire week.
He is meticulous in all of his actions. If he must cook, he ensures that he follows every instruction precisely. After all, wasn't intention behind a recipe book? If the team went to an away game, he needed to know the exact itinerary and planned what items he would require for that particular trip.
And, of course, he was most meticulous about his hygiene. He was a professional athlete after all - being healthy and avoiding illnesses should be his top priority. However, this was not only just about wearing a mask or avoiding unsanitary places. No, it encompassed and extended to his system of steps for both his skincare and haircare - all of which he did so that he appeared neat and clean at all times. When Sakusa looked in the mirror, he was content to see a man of discipline and efficiency in the reflection.
The only time there has been a deviation was when he began dating you.
Suddenly, mornings seemed to have a slower start as it became harder and harder to untangle himself from the warmth of your body and the feel of your skin under his fingertips. After he managed to remove himself with great effort, he shivered. Had his apartment always been so chilly? In the bathroom, his toothbrush was still in its rightful place, but tilted at an awkward angle to make room for another one, and the white cap for the toothpaste was only half screwed on. After he's done, he makes his way towards the sounds of the coffee maker in the kitchen. It is quiet as he begins to eat, but it's broken by a yelp and the sound of frantic movement as you shove a bagel in your mouth and attempt to pull your arms through the sleeves of your coat as you bullied your feet into your shoes. He winces when you step on the backs as if they're slippers, leaving permanent crease marks, but is surprised when you are sliding your feet right out of them again. White socks make dull thuds on the floor as they hurry towards his seat and he feels a set of soft lips against his own. There's a wave, another yelp (maybe more so of a screech this time) as you check your watch again, and he shakes his head as he watches you dash out the door. He told you if you stayed in bed, you'd be late again.
The weekends had changed as well. Friday nights were often spent at new restaurants, ones he would have never dared nor had an interest to try. But you with your damn eyes had him from wrinkling his nose to aggressively making reservations. Some of these dinners were even accompanied by other members of his teams.** On Saturdays, he uses a cart instead of a basket at the grocery store, and watches as random items are often haphazardly thrown into it.*** Upon finishing all the errands, he is often coerced into doing some activity after he is told that he is "being no fun".
And while deep cleaning is still not necessary, there does have to be some active cleaning on Sundays. The words "gentle reminder" likes to come up on those days in a tone that you like to point out is NOT gentle.
His hygiene was still of utmost importance, but he does admit that his throat maybe felt a little scratchy during practice once, and it was definitely not because he couldn't resist giving you a kiss when you looked so miserably sick as you watched him leave. Moreover, his skincare and haircare routine continued the same, if anything he inspired you to start one, but when he looked in the mirror, Sakusa didn't recognise the man with a slight glimmer to his eyes and, dare he say, soft expression on his face staring back.
But he forgot that he was accustomed to these things for a part of his life.
Wasn't he always a methodical man? He didn't think he was a person that could alter his schedule and habits for anybody so it was hard to imagine a situation in which he did. There were no traces of such a lifestyle left in his apartment, no souvenirs of your interference in his life. He currently only orders from the few restaurants that he has always order from and will continue to order from and his finished sudoku books are all neatly placed underneath his coffee table. Surely his life has always been organised and simple.
So where did all these memories, bursting with vivid colour and rich emotion, come from as they hit him like a truck and ran him over when you stood in front of him with shaking hands and determined eyes, right before he was going to walk down an aisle with someone else?
Honestly, you thought this would be more like the movies where time would stand still after the dramatic entrance, the background fading as the main couple stands in front of each other and somehow managing to have a conversation with just their eyes. You were, instead, all too aware of the sound of scuffling shoes and excited chatter as people finished taking their seats outside of the room. With every breath, you inhaled the scent of the gardenias that littered the venue and you saw, through the corner of your eye, a clock that hung on the wall - each tick seeming mocking as you literally watched time slip away from you.
There wasn't a wordless conversation. You didn't know what he was thinking at all. Something akin to a panic attack threatened to rise in you as you stared at him. You were here, years later, and still failed to understand what the hell was going on in Sakusa Kyoomi's head.
The reality was that there was nothing going on in Sakusa Kiyoomi's head apart from pure, empty shock.
"Are you really going through with this?" Your words came out clipped as if you were more annoyed than scared. He flinched, not at your tone, but at the fact that he had almost forgotten what the sound of your voice was like.
"The music is going to begin at any moment now," he managed to force out through stiff lips.
"That doesn't answer my question."
"I don't have a choice."
"Oh don't give me that shit Omi." How had he forgotten what your voice sounded like.
"You shouldn't be getting married just because you were told to and with someone who is practically a stranger nonetheless. What about your autonomy? Your happiness? Her happiness? This is for life Omi! Are you actually insane??" You waved your hands in exasperation.
"it's been years," he simply stated.
What he meant to say was - where were you all these years?
"Look, this doesn't even concern us," you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair. "You can't keep going through life saying that you have a duty to do certain things, that certain things just have to be done and in this or that particular way. You have a choice to just not do things Omi. Stop acting like there are some set of bylaws that dictate that you must live your life according to its principles or something. If living a more disciplined lifestyle makes you happy, that's great. in fact, I found it admirable. But is this something that you are truly okay with doing?" You gestured to the air above you as you finished.
He rubbed his eyes and sucked in a small breath. "I don't know anymore. I just-," he struggled to find the words. "I don't know when I ended up being stuck on a loop. I assumed that because I don't care too much about whether or not I get married anyway, I should listen to my parents and make them happy at the very least."
You hesitated briefly in puzzlement before saying with a slightly curious tone, "I thought you liked the concept of getting married? Something about being a traditional family man with the house and the whole doting wife, kids, and dog package."
He wrinkled his nose in a manner all too familiar to you. "I said nothing about a dog."
You sighed. "That's not important here."
"It is though," he said with a soft smile and a slight wistfulness graced his features. "You were the one that wanted a dog."
That was the problem. It wasn't the concept of getting married Sakusa liked. It was the idea of getting married to YOU. The memories he suppressed were a side effect from having to force your existence completely out of his mind during this whole ordeal - he wouldn't have the ability to go through with it otherwise. If he hadn't done it, he would've begun to imagine what you would have looked like in a wedding dress, waiting for him at the end of a path scattered in flowers with the smile that he adored so much. The wedding would have been smaller than this one and you probably would have begged him to have it outside and, despite his repulsion for insects, he probably would have agreed. Because it was you that asked. You'd definitely be cliche and smear cake on his face and he'd "let" you because he knew he'd find the photos of it afterward endearing. And even though he hated dancing, he would have done it all night if that meant he could hear your happy laughter echo in his ear and watch the silver of your wedding ring flash as you placed your hand in his. Anything you asked of him for the wedding, he knew he would have done.
Because he loved you.
Because he loves you.
Everyone will say that Sakusa Kiyoomi is a methodical man, except, when it comes to you.
So he was not surprised, no, he realised he had accepted his fate a long time ago, when he grasped your hand in his and tugged you out of the room so that the two of you could slip out the back of the church. The sudden sunlight that flooded towards you as the door opened had the both of you squinting to adjust to the brightness outside. Sakusa's heart was hammering in his chest. With the feeling of an unfamiliar rush of adrenaline and a strange sensation, as if he were deviating from a script in a movie, he looked up at the clear blue sky and the faint V-line of geese migrating for the winter. He felt light-headed, from giddiness or anxiety he wasn't sure, but he was glad you were holding his hand because he was sure it would be trembling otherwise.
You heard a chuckle and looked at him quizzically as you made your way across the asphalt road. He looked down at you with a slight curve to his lips.
"I missed you."
You bit your lip, afraid to let yourself be too happy yet, just in case this all turned out to be a dream or something like that. But he gave your hand a squeeze and it felt real, and the way his slender fingers tilted your head up towards him felt real, and the way his lips pressed against yours again and again felt real.
Sakusa pulled back from you with a different look in his eyes, as if he too had to confirm to himself that this wasn't a dream. He whispered in a hoarse voice, as if he hadn't spoken in a very long time,
"Thank you."
*see Atsumu Miya
**it is to be noted that Sakusa attempts to cancel these ASAP
***the majority of these will be put back on their respective shelves
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