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#sakusa fluff
terrakiyo · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
“i don’t want to be here.”
your eyes snap open. you look around before turning at sakusa.
he stares at you. you stare back, quickly pointing at yourself, earning a small, almost imperceptible nod from him.
a smile blooms on your face. “me neither.”
sakusa huffs in amusement at your enthusiastic response.
not that he’s surprised about your reaction, really. it is the first time he’s initiated contact with you. after sitting next to you. for half of the semester. yup.
he’s an idiot, he thinks.
it’s not like he’s never wanted to talk to you. he’s considered it (or so he says), he’s just never gotten around to it, is all.
he takes a deep breath. “do you like coffee?”
you glance at the plastic cup sitting in your desk. you look back at him hesitantly. “yes?”
he wants to slap himself. of course you like coffee, he’s seen you come in with a cup of it before class starts.
his eyes widen, face flush in embarrassment. he clears his throat. “i meant to ask if you wanted coffee.”
you raise your brow. you quickly cover your mouth. “but i already have coffee.”
he can hear it. the slight quiver to your voice. he’s heard enough of your rambling for the last months to know you’re holding back your laughter.
he’s going to throw himself into a ditch. somewhere nobody can find him. he’d rather die than deal with this anymore.
he shrinks into himself. maybe this was a really bad idea, he thinks. he should’ve just kept to himself until the semester ended.
he shouldn’t have listened to stupid miya and his stupid advice. so what if he wanted to get to know you better? so what if he looked forward to seeing you sitting next to him?
he may have taken a liking to you, but not enough to make him want to deal with this embarrassing experience.
his body stiffens when you tentatively poke his shoulder.
he turns to you, brows furrowed. he’s glad he’s wearing his mask, that way you won’t see his pout. (not that he’s pouting—because he’s not. he doesn’t pout. he’s such a liar).
you offer him a small smile. he hates that fluttery, fuzzy feeling it gives him. his face is still flushed. (it’s not embarrassment this time, though).
you blink at him. he blinks back. you gently nod at him.
he takes a sharp breath. he wonders if you’re doing this for your own sick amusement.
he’s got half a mind to leave you hanging. to just end his misery right then and there and leave the class and just tell the professor he was sick or something. anything to not embarrass himself further.
but when he meets your gaze he can’t bring himself to do that. because he doesn’t want to be rude to you. or, anymore than he might’ve already been.
he takes a deep breath. his hands are shaking, his heart feels like it’s about to jump out of his throat, and he still can’t look away from your eyes.
“do you want to grab some coffee with me sometime?”
and maybe—just maybe—that moment of distress was worth it. because that smile and the excited nod you give him are enough to make his unease melt away.
Tumblr media
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tartagliasgirlfriend · 2 days ago
msby boys when you kiss them for the first time
a/n hi. drabble(-ish idk) becauseeee yeah!
warnings/tags FLUFFF WOW!! shocking, includes mbsy main 4, sha’s brain malfunctioning, gn!reader, sha being soft for msby
Tumblr media
SAKUSA KIYOOMI stares at you, wide-eyed and shocked. he swore he was dead for a moment—his heart had skipped a few beats. you were just bidding him goodbye after another date, and he was dropping you off at your house. as you both approached the front door, you suddenly grabbed his wrist and gave him a quick peck on the lips. not really a kiss as most would call it—but still, anything you do to him makes his face flush and his heart stop.
“just go home already, it’s cold out here.” he rushes you after you pull away from his lips, trying oh-so-hard to hide the grin creeping up on his face.
MIYA ATSUMU pulls you back in for another kiss. he was secretly hoping for the past week that you’d kiss him first—he wasn’t sure if you were ready to be that close yet. and when you finally do, man is ecstatic. the tips of his ears turn a bright red, and as soon as you pull away, his hands are reaching for the sides of your neck, behind your ear. his lips are warm against yours—a very big contrast to the cold snow falling on top of your heads. not that you would complain, you didn’t really like the cold that much.
“you should’ve kissed me earlier,” he frowned as you waved him goodbye, a slight smile on your face.
BOKUTO KOUTAROU shortcircuits. he’s frozen, as if he was trapped in ice—and when you pull away, he’s in the same position as he was before you even kissed him. “kou?” you raised an eyebrow. maybe it was too cold for him that he froze, you thought that he put on too much scarfs anyway. he realises what just happened, and it’s times like this where he wished that he read that wikihow article on how to kiss your significant other—he thought that he would be a natural at it. but when it came to you, he’s frozen, you make him shortcircuit in the best way possible—he doesn’t know what to do when you’re so close to him.
“i’m sorry, i’m fine, i swear.” he’d smile at you, and you sigh in relief because you can tell he didn’t hate the kiss—the crimson colour on his cheeks tell you everything.
HINATA SHOUYO melts. he literally feels his knees go weak, threatening to make him fall any second. no words can describe how elated this man felt. perhaps he’s being too dramatic, but he felt like he was going to faint when your lips met his. he’d loved you for a long time, and you’d never gotten this close to him before. so when you do, he’s melting away at your touch. you’re lucky he didn’t pass out then and there, if not there’d be some serious issues at the hospital—and how you would’ve had to explain to them that your boyfriend fainted because you kissed him.
“i did not.” shouyo argued as you asked him why he almost fell when you pulled away, refusing to admit that he’s so weak in front of you. you knew that fact too well though, hinata was never good at hiding things.
Tumblr media
I HATE THIS SO MUCH nothing comes up in my head when i try write fluffy stuff…. lmk your thoughts on this tho if yall like it ill try n do more — 051221
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blueparadis · a day ago
➺ Watermelon Sugar 〜 Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
+themes : fluff, comfort,romance.
+cw : soft smut,non-verbal bodyworship,branding
+type : oneshot | 1.1K Special Event Post
+wc :0.82k
+au ' notes : for @s-zu || well because of this. && You wrote that for Sakusa. So, I present you soft-dom, needy Sakusa.
♡ I ⟳ | reviews are appreciated :)
Tastes like strawberries,
On a summer evenin'
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feelin'
It's so wonderful and warm
Sakusa was sitting on his chaise lounge while his swanlike eyes observed you as you hurriedly made your way from one end to the other side of the kitchen. He came back few hours ago from a match, without informing you. It's not his style to have you at his aid as soon as he reaches home.
Maybe it's slipped his mind but whenever he's home after a long tour he likes to eat your hand-bakes. It's a routine so how could you resist the urge to watch his lips curl as he takes a bite from freshly baked pancakes. Pancakes are his favourite.
"Why don't you take a shower?",you said while whisking the cake batter. "Yeah, nice thought!" , he replied and headed towards the shower in his bathrobe grabbing your towel. Your lips part to protest but stops half-way as he says he'll make it quick. Wow! And why's he zoning out AGAIN?
Breathe me in, breathe me out
I don't know if I could ever go without
I'm just thinking out loud
I don't know if I could ever go without
You jolted in a surprise as your nape had a slight exposure to a cold sensation. Sakusa's short low chuckle laced your ears as he wrapped his hands around your waist pressing you close against his chest. He was in his bathrobe,wavy hair strands still dripping wet.
He let out a sigh before resting his forehead on your shoulders making you cackle. He is NOT zoning out. He is actually paving his way in.
Ignoring his gestures your hands became busy again. He cupped your hands as he softly kissed your cheeks. "Hey what's up with you today?" , your voice reached his ears as you turned around to face him. That's what he was waiting for; to turn your gaze at him, to look him in his eye as he makes love to you.
I want your belly
And that summer feelin'
I don't know if I could ever go without
He dipped his fingers in the batter and tasted it. "Tastes good enough!" ,he cooes. I know it does. You shouldn't have said that. As much as he likes your bold tones he can't deny the fact that it taunts him. His slate eyes fixates on you making you aware of his salty mood. He slides the bowl to a distance,his hand still tucked around you while yours rested on his chest.
He swifty places your hand around his neck gaining more acress to your assets. His chest is now pressed against your veiled boobs as he starts to place sloppy kisses on your neckline. Your soft moans bask his ears; he gives in to the reflex and lifts you up on the kitchen table.
Wrapping your legs around his waist you let him run wild as he starts using his teeth against your tender skin. You judder as his bites go too strong. But he immediately uses his slow sucks & licks to ease your momentary pain.
The impulse to use your lips on him becomes too hard to control as he proceeds towards your collarbone. You moan a little louder as he streches your tee. He pulls out to take a look on your face. Being a little greedy, you lean for a kiss. He averts it. He denies it saying,"You'll get your turn."
Before you could say something,he undresses you. Your skin blazes with the sunlight peeking through the window. He abruptly unclips your bra while kissing on the valley of your cleavage.
You're waiting, waiting for his soft plush lips to crash onto your perked nipples yet he simply just gawks at your flesh grazing your skin with goosebumps. His face smears with a smirk as he wraps his arms underneath your thighs. He pulls you so as to make you lose your balance. He hovers over your warm body taking your lips into his.
His fingers trails from your cleavage to your belly & stops just before your feminity. He breaks the kiss to let you breath. Your boobs heave up & down as he follows the same trails with deep kisses along your body making you arch . He shots you a final glare before kissing your navel.
He kisses over your moist feminity. His cold fluffy hair grazes your thighs while his face glazes with a beaming smile.
And, you never knew he could smile like that without strawberries and pancakes.
I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
By @blueparadis :: do not alter and repost elsewhere.
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mindblnk7 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: On a very beautiful day, you come across a small Peach boy. (Momotaro, it is a Japanese Folklore story which is very popular, if you want, please check it out. ) Type: Fluff Warnings: Dad!Sakusa x reader. (a/n): I hope this is up to your standards, and you like it. Requests, asks are open, opinions thoughts or any feedback are appreciated.
Sakusa clenched his phone tighter. His coach had called him, regarding some changes in his routine and some talk about interviews. He had to go outside. He had to leave home.
Normally this won't be a issue, since he has no problem in clearing up things physically. But today, he had promised his 2 year old son that he would take him to an amusement park.
Sakusa had no heart to say that he had to leave right now. His precious son had been preparing for this day for a week. Sakusa had been extremely busy with matches and a lot of shoots to represent various brands along with practice. He barely got to see his son awake and have fun with him.
Every time he would come home, Kiyoshi (his son) (which also means pure), was always asleep or on the verge of sleeping. There were times, when he regretted divorcing his ex-wife, but then it was better for his son and him.
He had arranged thousands of babysitters and nannies, it worked well, because Kiyoshi was not the troublesome kind. He was like his father in some aspects.
Today, his usual nanny had a wedding reception to attend, he tried arranging others, but couldn't find one. With a rock the size of Jupiter kept on his heart, he called Atsumu and Bokuto to babysit his son. He had immense regret and guilt, and he mentally took an oath to make up for the lost time.
He knocked on his son's door. On opening it, he was greeted by a huge hug, well his leg was hugged, he looked down and saw big doe eyes, eager and shining to go to the amusement park.
"Papa!!! Park park!!" His son started chanting, the boy walked to his toy chest and pulled out a stuffed toy, it basically meant that the toy was ready to go too. Sakusa bit his lip hard. He couldn't face his son.
Sakusa knelt down, Kiyoshi wrapped his arms around his father and hummed happily. The doorbell rang.
Atsumu and Bokuto
Sakusa opened the door.
"Hey Hey Hey ! Little Omi Omi!" Bokuto cheered.
"How's ma favr'te neice of all time? Gonna give the greatest uncle a hug?" Atsumu smiled.
"You coming to Park?" Kiyoshi mumbled. He really wanted to be alone with his calm, cool and obviously awesome dad.
"Damn Omi-kun, didn't break the news yet?" Atsumu clicked his tongue in disappointment.
"Shut up," Sakusa seethed, " Listen 'Yoshi...papa has some work.." he started explaining.
"Work? No park..?" Kiyoshi looked absolutely dejected.
"I'm sorry, I really am...I will take you to the park! I promise!"
Kiyoshi didn't want to hear. He was going to spend the day with his not so cool uncles, happened before, will happen again. He let go of his dad and walked towards the Living room, switching on the TV. It was cartoon time.
Sakusa wanted to cry right there and then. He lost face with his own son! How is he going to fix that? No amount of consoling was going to make Kiyoshi wait for his father again.
Atsumu patted his friend's back, Bokuto followed the toddler to keep a watch on him.
"We'll see ya later Omi.."
"Yeah.." Sakusa took one last look at his son, hoping he would cling to his legs or even say a goodbye.
Nothing happened, Kiyoshi didn't even look back. No goodbye kiss then..
After Sakusa had left, Kiyoshi had not moved an inch away from the TV. Being the cool uncles, they decided to take him outside and let him eat food of his choice.
So, dressed in a fuzzy onesie Kiyoshi along with the uncles were outside. Walking aimlessly.
Kiyoshi spotted a feathered suit which was on display. He tugged on Bokuto's sleeve and pointed towards it. They wasted no time to rush into that store. Happy that Kiyoshi was finally out of his sad phase.
You were in a costume shop. Your neice was selected for a play and she wanted a Queen's Robes. Luckily the shop's owner was your friend and she had a huge collection of Junihitoe (what Japanese queens wear).
The door opened and Two huge figures and a small one entered. You didn't pay much attention because who does? You had to find an appropriate costume.
After browsing a bit, you landed back to where you started. Near the entrance. You saw the feathers of a suit ruffle a bit, involuntarily your eyes got diverted to it.
You saw the cutest little boy, he was nomming on the feathers.
You whipped your head and rushed to remove it before he swallowed it.
"Phew. Little guy! You've had enough share of feathers today." You kneeled in front of him. You opened his mouth, picking wet feathers out.
"Listen bubs, if you're hungry I'll give you some food, yeah? Are you alone..." you trailed off. Looking around. You did see a 5'6 guy flapping in an owl costume, not even considering the thought of him being with the kid.
Kiyoshi was already hungry and angry, with all the emotions he started tearing up. You focused back on him when you heard him sniffling. You scooped him up.
"No no no no no, Shhh shhh peach don't cry, I have some Mochi, here, I'm here.."
Kyoshi held you tight. He was so upset with his father, all he saw this entire week was teenage girls putting makeup and old nannies water the fake plants.
You held him close, having a soft spot for kids, take the example of your niece, you couldn't just let him cry and be hungry. You quickly removed some mochis from your plastic bento (you carry it around because sometimes you needed something sweet but were not willing to pay for it).
Kiyoshi ate the mochi, half of it on his cheeks, half inside his mouth. You wiped off his tears. You smiled as you observed the boy. He was the sweetest and the cutest little peach ever!
"Ok, so I believe that some introductions are due, I'm Y/N" you pointed towards yourself.
"Kiyoshi!" he mumbled shyly while gulping down the food.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Kiyoshi! But I'm still gonna go call you peach!" you booped his nose.
Kiyoshi was enjoying the attention you were giving him. Wiping his tears, mouth, smiling, squealing, giving him head pats and kisses.
He was suddenly picked up. You were too slow to notice the man who came up behind the boy.
"Back off lady! Ya stay away from my niece!" Atsumu yelled.
"Yeah! Stay away!" Bokuto chimed in.
Kiyoshi looked at his uncles and then at you. He didn't want to be around two hyperballs of energy! He needed someone soft, and he was loving how soft you were, So he did the only reasonable thing. He whined and reached his closed fist out to you.
"What!? Ya goin' with this strange lady but not me?" Atsumu was baffled.
Kiyoshi whined again, making grabby hands at you, you swiftly placed him in your arms. Kiyoshi happily snuggled into you.
Hah!losers.. you smirked.
You thought as you pressed a kiss to the side of his head.
"Lady, we're his uncles....his father will kill us if ya don't give him back." Atsumu warned.
"Yeah! Our deaths will be because of you!" Bokuto marched up closer to you.
You still didn't know who these guys were,
"Back off, I have a taser with me." you put your hand in your satchel. You didn't have a taser but you did have a pepperspray.
"WHAT ARE YA DOING WITH A TASER!? I STILL HAVE TO GET A GIRLFRIEND!!" ___________________________________________________
Sakusa found out that the next product he had to represent was none other than a soft toy company, he had just signed a contract for the production of his mini-plushies.
The man from the company had agreed to give Sakusa and his son a tour of the factory. This was merely a chance for Sakusa to show his son that he was still the cool dad.
So he called Atsumu to bring Kiyoshi to the company. He heard a lot of background noises, but the phone was cut before he could ask.
An hour later, Atsumu and Bokuto entered the lobby. Sakusa immediately went to them, just to see his son in another woman's arms.
He stopped in his tracks. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS GOING ON?
The two men had somehow managed to convince you to meet the boy's parent, since you were not believing them. (you kept your sister on call at all times.)
Sakusa frowned.
"Why is my son in her filthy hands?" he asked, fuming.
"Umm, Excuse me, I will for a fact ignore what you said about my hands. And I should be the one asking the question, why are you not with your son?"
He knew exactly what you meant. He didn't mean to sound rude, but the way Kiyoshi was clinging to you and laughing with you, he couldn't help but feel guilty and jealous.
"Kiyoshi, I am sorry for not taking you to the park. But I did get the tickets to a plush factory, and I hope that you'll come?" Sakusa apologized properly, as if talking to a man his own age.
Kiyoshi still held on to you.
"Peach, It's okay, see he's saying sorry, " you lean closer and then whisper, " We can give him mochi too."
Kiyoshi sniffled a little at first, then started crying full blown. After minutes of consolation, Kiyoshi finally forgave his father, but only because you said it was ok.
Kiyoshi still didn't let go of you. Bokuto pulled Atsumu and Sakusa to the side.
"Omi Omi, I know what you're thinking, but kids usually like if there are mothers nearby.." Bokuto said.
"She is not his mother. I don't know her nor does she know me. And I arrange female babysitters." Sakusa huffed.
"Babysitters don't always take care of y'ar child like their own. Omi-kun, it took us 40 minutes to convince Y/N that we were his uncles." Atsumu explained.
"She never let go of him, she even fed him! And I thought my sister's mochis were good.." Bokuto said remembering the last time his elder sister cooked for him.
Sakusa frowned hard under his mask. He didn't like the thought of a strange lady feeding his kid, eughh the germs. But, the way you were hugging his son close to your chest, the way he kept smiling and snuggling even deeper, the smile he had only seen in the photos his babysitters sent, he was seeing it now, and boy! was it good to look at.
Maybe, just maybe, that smile can be present always. He shifted his eyes to you.
Y/N huh?.......
Maybe he can get used to two people in the house, coming home to the smell of something other than baby powder and perfume, yeah the of smell home cooked meal. Maybe even arrange for his big large cold as stone bed to be shared....
Sakusa snapped out of his thoughts, when you waved at him , along with Kiyoshi's fists waving at him, Kiyoshi giggled and raised his fists in the air and waved enthusiastically. Sakusa dazedly waved back.
"ohohohoh, Omi-kun's got a crush!!!!" Atsumu hollered.
"Shut up piss head." Sakusa smacked Atsumu's head.
He DID NOT have a crush. He walked over to you. It was time for Kiyoshi to be with his father.
"Ahem~ I think it's clear that you've met his father. So you can leave." he stood up straight, maintaining a reasonable distance.
"Yeah I figured, as much as it hurts to let peach go..I will have to do it."
"His name is Kiyohsi, not peach."
"Mhm, but he'll always be my peach.." you rubbed your nose on the boy's stomach as he erupted into laughter.
"Bye bye my little peach boy" you let his stand on the ground.
"Don't sad, Papa and Kiyoshi will visit!" Kiyoshi hugged your neck and kissed your cheek.
Y/N, you cannot kidnap someone else's child.
But he's so cute!!!!
You sighed and kissed his head. Time to go.
"Wait! *cough* Ahem~ if it is no trouble, then how about a cup of coffee, along with Kyoshi of course!"
You looked at Sakusa, you had to admit that he looked good even with his mask on, and the fact that his son was looking expectantly , was good enough.
You smiled, "Coffee sounds perfect"
Hollers of laughter and chants of 'Omi Omi got a date!' filled the lobby. Passerby staring strangely at the group.
You had no reason to decline his invite, and you were doing it for your peach boy!
hmm well, Peach boy wasn't the only reason.
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I think sakusa would kiss his s/o on the eyelids
Idk why but I get the feeling he would, and he'd do it so softly with so much love and adoration too
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taelia15 · 23 hours ago
IWAY ~ eight: still the one
Tumblr media
pairing: sakusa x f!reader
genre: medical au for reader. childhood friends->lovers->exes->strangers->lovers. angst, unrequited love, slow burn, mutual pining, romance, fluff. few flashbacks.
synopsis: you return to Osaka to complete your residency. all would be well, except you left everything, including a broken heart, behind to go overseas. “you can't live your life for other people. you've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.” that was several years ago. will fate bring the two of you back together or tear you further apart?
warnings: death in patient case file only. first-degree burn. swearing (majority by Kags to Hinata, sorry!). mentions of alcohol only.
a/n: i had to split this chapter because it was becoming longer than it was supposed to be. 
make sure you’ve read the prior chapters (if you remember, you don’t need to) and that you understand the relationship between akaashi & y/n and kageyama & y/n before reading this one and pay attention to both parts. please bear with me for the 2nd part of this, it will explain a lot of things. i may or may not do a scene there later.
series masterlist | seven | eight | eight.five
wc: ~ 13,845 words
Tumblr media
“...67-year-old patient... prolonged chest pain... When admitted... diagnosed with myocardial infarction... also had hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia... a smoker.”
Scanning over the laboratory test results, the text didn’t make any sense. The values were reading as a long line of gibberish. There were too many numbers from the tests and charts. Massaging your temples in an attempt to quickly soothe your migraine, you rested your eyes for a bit. 
Life was confusing as hell. The universe felt like it needed to remind you about everything you wanted to forget.
Every text that popped up on your phone.
Every incoming call.
Every time you saw him.
Even a remotely miniscule thing that was related to him that came up. 
It messed up your plan.
He wasn’t aware of your schedule or days off. It was kept that way on purpose. Not caring about your personal life, working in a hospital, there was never a set one. It was different every week. Sure, it could be requested; it wasn’t set in stone. You did try to avoid being sent home from work. On those days, he was there for some reason. Shirabu and Joey said it wasn’t their doing. You had warned him to not show up randomly at your work again, but he wasn’t one to listen. According to him, it was due to your wellbeing. These happened few and far between when you caught on. He also wanted to check in to make sure you were ‘safe’, as he put it. Safety. Laughing to yourself every time because you were far from it. You truly were a klutz. It was only and always when he was around. It was a mess. Trying to be more cautious and prevent any mishaps from happening, but it backfired and ended up being the exact opposite.
The little interactions gradually became more. It turned into short phone calls that stretched longer over time, even when neither of you said anything. He was just there. Silence is golden, they say. There were no topics that could hold a worthwhile discussion, you thought, at least not without revealing too much from your end. Knowing that he had tons to ask when he hesitates or when the topic drifts to the past. To avoid giving curt responses, you tried your best to make small talk. Too afraid and not wanting to ask what you wanted to know, so you kept quiet.
Knowing he was there on the other end of the line until one had to go was more than enough, like how it was when you first got your phone. Sometimes you wish you changed your number, while the phone itself was changed several times. Texts you could put off answering. Phone calls you couldn’t for some reason. You couldn’t bring yourself to hang up on him either. It wasn’t like you had a spat, where you did hang up on him when you were younger. You were really trying to keep your cool this time around. Thus, you tried to end the calls, but you were always the first to fall asleep. This filled the emptiness in your life for the interim, which was plenty. You weren’t actively looking to fill it though. That’s why others never amounted to anything more after the first meeting. It was the mindset you had that it would end the same way or you would compare everyone to him.
The one subject you knew he could ramble on for hours was volleyball. It wasn’t like you didn’t know what he was talking about, so you lent an ear. Sometimes you don’t pay attention. When you did, your mind always wandered. It felt like the conversations were forced between two complete strangers randomly chosen from the street, not caring who the other was or having anything to say to each other. If you truly did not know him and passed by him on the street, chances are you wouldn’t stop. Except he wasn’t a stranger; you had nothing in common anymore. Both went on separate paths. How is this supposed to be, or was a viable relationship?
There were invitations to attend his practices. He wasn’t expecting you to go, but you only went... Let’s put it this way, you only allowed yourself to go once a week or once every two weeks. It was never planned ahead; it was always a random drop in; enough time for you to stay for a little bit. You weren’t only going to see him. The others were glad to see you. By the time you got through everyone, it was time to leave. The matches were a hard pass. You couldn’t bring yourself to go and stay for the duration of it. Just because you didn’t go in person doesn’t mean you didn’t watch from home or wherever you were. You weren’t going to play favorites. The furthest you’ve gotten is the location, not even setting foot inside. Catching a glimpse of him also had the dangers of being caught. You weren’t afraid of being seen. Nothing that a hoodie or sweatshirt, cap, and sunglasses couldn’t hide. It was how you snuck around with him back then. Always texting him after, whether it was a win or loss.
Days you worked overnight; his day was starting when you went home. You still knew his schedule. How you still knew wasn’t a surprise. It was still the same with a few minor adjustments. Falling back to an old routine... minus you. He also informed you where he would be, whether it was out of town or country. Not sure why he was telling you this. He wasn’t obligated to. You didn’t need to know because you weren’t going to go look for him. Again, the whys aside, just accepting it to not cause a rift.
It wasn’t easy. You were always at a loss when it came to him. Not wanting to confide in Joey anymore, not like you’d want her advice anyways. There were those times you desperately wished you weren’t the oldest, that you had an older sibling to go to for advice. It didn’t sit right with you if you went to Akaashi or Kageyama or any of your other friends. You needed an unbiased opinion from a neutral standpoint. If you figured it out yourself in the past, you’ll figure it out for yourself now.
You missed him, but then again, you didn’t. Individuals are supposed to change the most in their twenties. Was five years of being independent enough? You weren’t a robot incapable of feelings, well, maybe. It's locked away somewhere, out of sight. That part reminded you of ones you would rather not remember. Every time you saw him, hurt and sadness overwhelmed you. You were holding back from falling for him again. Suppressing your emotions was more trouble than it warranted.
“That’s not going to help.” Raising your head to be met with a worried look from Akaashi. “You should take a break.”
“I’m fine.” You stood up to stretch then grabbed your cup to get hot water from the electric kettle.
He knew what you were getting. Just as you were about to press the dispense button, Akaashi asked, “What are you making?”
“Cof... I need caffeine... Te...” Shoulders slumping in defeat, you changed your mind. “Nothing. I’m just getting hot water.” 
Avoid caffeine if headaches are a daily occurrence. Getting your water, you sat back down. 
“I’m going to test this hypothesis of mine,” Akaashi suddenly announced. “If I asked you to go take a nap right now, would you?”
You flat out declined, “No.”
“See? You were also reading in broken sentences.”
“I’m only trying to glean the pertinent information I need from this file,” you reassured him. 
Trying to focus on the file in front of you, whereas your mind drifted back to the paper crane. It was laying on it’s side on top of the papers. Ever since it surfaced, it’s home was in your tablet sleeve. All the ones that were given to you before, you’ve kept them. It was the first thing you retrieved from your parents house when you came back. They were currently in a box, hidden away in the guestroom’s closet. The thought of searching for the other one did cross your mind. Truth be told, you didn’t want to know what the other one said or if you even had it to begin with. It was his last few words to you before you left. These words had been nagging you for the past few weeks, which was probably the source of your headaches.
Snapping out of your thoughts, you blurted out, “It’s done already?”
Akaashi glanced at the kitchen timer. “There’s still half an hour left.”
“Hm, okay. What was the plan for today?”
“The others haven’t decided yet.”
You wanted to stay home. “I don’t think I want to go anymore.”
Akaashi frowned. “I'm not going to force you, but I can only do so much.”
You looked over at the timer again.
“I think it’s your phone.”
Taking a peek at your phone, there was a new text from the person you were trying to steer clear of.
SK: I’ll see you later today, y/n.
Quickly pushing your phone aside, you went back to skimming the case file. 
Akaashi had taken notice though. “You’re not going to answer it?”
You shook your head.
“It’s been a while, y/n.”
"Who’s keeping track?” After a few more seconds, you put down your tablet. Picking up the phone grudgingly, you answered the text.
You: I’m not going today.
“There, I answered him.” 
Was he keeping tabs? 
And back to reading.
“What became of the patient?” Akaashi urged you to continue. 
“I thought you were reading your book.”
“I can multitask.”
“She didn’t make it.”
“This is boring to you. Why are you quizzing me?” Maybe you were spending too much time studying.
It was possible going through it out loud would help.
“Two hours after she was admitted, she had seizures and the first cardiac arrest with pulseless electrical activity...
“There were two more cardiac arrests after that. They were able to get her back the first instance in five minutes with a defibrillator. The second cardiac arrest happened twenty minutes later. The third one was thirty minutes later and that’s when she...”  You lowered your head.
“Cause of death?”
“Blood flow reduced by a clot in the right lung.”
The conversation stopped there when the scent wafting from the oven temporarily distracted you. It was a slightly sweet aroma that transported you back to your childhood days. Summers spent with Akaashi, without a care in the world. It made you reminisce on days the both of you and your mothers spent on baking. The walks the two of you took. As years progressed, there was training camp. The lake near your parents’ house that you always snuck off to, to sort out your thoughts.
“You should take up swimming again.”
“Huh?” Puzzled that he would bring this up. “Why?”
“It’d give you the boost you need. I know you gave it up before junior high for obvious reasons and you took it up again overseas.”
I gave up a lot of things.
You didn’t have time for it anymore. It was easier when you were a kid. Overseas didn’t have strict regulations, i.e. swim cap. Plus, you didn’t want to attract unwanted attention, even with swim shorts and a rash guard. Besides, your cousins had a pool in their backyard.
Watching Akaashi take a sip of his coffee, his eyes didn’t leave the book he was reading. The aroma was so tempting. You wanted to get back at him. “Are you going to come with me?”
He choked on his coffee and set the cup back down.
“Sorry, I’m kidding!” Smiling to yourself, you got up to take a quick stretch again, hoping it’d help. 
You didn’t understand why some desserts used cream cheese in them. It seemed kind of gross, eating a block of it. Per Akaashi, it’s what makes the dessert rich and creamy. This wasn’t a cheesecake though, more like a sponge cake. It would be a question for your oba-san, since it is her recipe after all. Right. You could already hear your oba-san’s voice ringing in your head telling you to not make it. “I’d make my mom’s cheesecake, but I forgot some of the ingredients since it’s been so long.”
Your mother always made it, or let the two of you help, when you were younger. You two would smash and crush the graham crackers for the crust and spoon the cherries on top, but you always...
“I remember you always ate the cherries before they touched the cheesecake,” Akaashi smiled at the memory. “But in this instance, it’d be too messy for me to bring to them.”
Them, the gang. There was a gathering today, but you decided you didn’t want to go at the last minute. Finding any excuse to use to get out of it.
You tried to avoid them, while you had other engagements where the times conflicted. They weren’t important. It was yours to decide how to spend it and it didn’t involve him. It was like a game of cat and mouse; a week or two was the max. There would only be a matter of time before he’d show up, from not hearing a peep from you. Time was never on your side. All offers for lunch, dinner, anything of the sorts with the others, you tried to turn down. It’s not that you didn’t want to, you were afraid of what could happen. You preferred it this way though. No fighting. No arguing. No one breathing down your neck.
A few problems rose out of this. You weren’t necessarily friends. Friends don’t do this to one another. You couldn’t keep those feelings locked away forever. You wished you could have just tossed the key over a cliff or flushed it down the drain. There was also the fact that you didn’t think you could ever get back what the two of you had. You didn’t ask him about his life, which is why you kept your distance. It still feels like he was hiding something from you. You so desperately wished that he or someone would let slip that there was someone else, but you didn’t want to bring it up. Perhaps you were being apprehensive. It was better to be safe than sorry. You didn’t want to bring up the past. You didn’t know how to, but it was inevitable if you’re leaving for good.
Unsure about the States even, as you didn’t have a blast over there. Yes, you’ve made friends, but your life was asking for a major overhaul. It was challenging then to figure out who you are. It still is to this day. If you questioned the relationship then, you would certainly question whatever is going on right now. You didn’t want to let him back into your life, which is why things are the way they are.
“I don’t feel like going to the gala anymore,” you declared. Finally, it’s out in the open. It’s been on your mind for some time actually. Mentally preparing yourself for the conversation that’s about to occur.
“You aren’t one to go back on your word though.” Akaashi thought for a few moments before speaking again. “You don’t want to go because of who you’re going with or is it because of who you’re not going with?”
“Enlighten me.”
How do some just speak without thinking? You were already struggling to say what’s on your mind with Akaashi and he’s firing away, knowing what you were going to say or the speech rehearsed.
“I... didn’t find something to wear yet.” The truth was, you didn’t, but you didn’t even make an attempt. It’s been sitting on the back burner because he was going to be there. The one place you can’t avoid him at. How could that have slipped your mind? Why did you even agree to go to begin with? He never broached the topic; you chalked it up that he had someone else. It was disappointing to say the least. It wasn’t shocking because he was being pushed away. Something this trivial shouldn’t be that upsetting. Yet here it was, bothering you again.
“You always used this excuse when you didn’t want to go then. You’re not one to wait until the last minute. The only difference now is that you’re not in a relationship. Why are you really putting it off this time?”
Keiji, why can’t you just let it go?
“I don’t want to go... because of Sak...” Akaashi coughed. “Why are you doing this to me?”
“It’s fine if I or anyone else calls him that.”
“But he-”
“You owe him that much.”
“Even though I’m doing a friend a favor, these events are his. I shouldn’t be going at all. It’s kind of late to back out now, but yes, my main excuse is I haven’t found something yet.”
It was aggravating too. You didn’t know what to call him. Then there was Akira. She kept calling him that, even after all this time. You weren’t around your other two siblings enough to know what they called him. You never brought him up again with your parents before you left for overseas. What your siblings or your parents called him was none of your business anyway. It seemed that his last name was the safest bet, but...
For a few minutes, there was comfortable silence until you both spoke at once.
Both sharing a laugh, it was fun to let go for once and not have everything be so serious.
“You go first,” Akaashi suggested. 
“Um...” you hesitated, unsure of how to make your request. 
“You know you can always ask or talk to me about anything, y/n.”
There was one other thing bothering you to wit’s end. Joey was still unaware of Sakusa’s answer. Just because you asked him doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going with you to the wedding, right? You needed an answer for this, but who would give a fair one? “It’s not related to this, but I need your opinion.”
“I may not be able to help,” Akaashi replied. “But I’ll give it a shot.”
Taking a deep breath, you asked away. “Joey wanted someone specific, Kiyoomi, to be a groomsman, but she wanted me to ask him. If I did and he said he’s only agreeing because of me, does that count as being my date?”
“That depends.”
I’m stuck.
“If you wanted him to be one or not.”
Dammit, I shouldn’t have asked him.
“I know that’s not what you wanted to hear though.”
You smiled slightly. “Thanks, Keiji.”
“y/n, now I need to ask something.” He hesitated. You looked up to see he was seeking your approval, with your nod, he proceeded, “If you think I’m taking his side, I’m not. But have you considered giving him another chance? He could be the one.”
The one? 
His words confused you.
We never talked about the future. I knew it wasn’t going to last halfway through college with how things were going. It doesn’t matter that I knew him forever, that I grew up with him, or been with him for however long. 
You tilted your head to the side as you stared at him blankly.  
What does he mean?
You sat there, listening, deep in thought as he went on to explain that he always knew that one day there would be someone who’d know you better than he would. He was filling in the shoes temporarily. Pretty sure that that person exists already, whether you accepted it or not. Like how you finally acknowledged Joey wasn’t your true best friend. Deep down inside, you always knew she wasn’t; you didn’t want to admit it. The person just wasn’t important enough to you because you both chose your careers instead. The same person has always been there for you, more so than him. Don’t forget that you were friends first. You could at least give that back to him.
“He’ll do anything for you. I know you wanted him to be happy, but maybe taking yourself out of the picture wasn’t the way to go. The two of you could have just taken a break. You didn’t have to end it. The question is, are you ready to accept it? Think about it.”
Akaashi had never brought up Sakusa, not once. This was the unspoken bond that you shared with him all these years. He knows and understands what you’re going through. To hear this from him, left you speechless for the time being.
After all you were trying to do and considering what Akaashi said, would you?
“I haven’t... considered anything,” you paused. “I’m leaving, Keiji. He can... No, he should’ve moved on and found someone else. This whole situation is the same as before.”
Akaashi sighed. “Listen to your heart, not your mind. What does it say?”
Logic wasn’t always the best, you learned from what Akaashi said, thinking about it for a few minutes, staring at your papers. “I...”
“I’m not going to mention this to anyone. I never did and I never will.”
I know you won’t. It’s not that...
You exhaled. “I can’t go through all that again. We were young. I was stupid to even take a chance.”
“I know he hurt you, but you can’t keep dwelling on the past. You won’t be able to move on. You leaving again won’t solve anything either. You do need to be clear with him though-”
This time the kitchen timer did ring, signaling that it had been seventy minutes. The last cheesecake was done. Getting up from your seat to go to the oven, you grabbed two pot holders. It was a large baking pan, you didn’t think you’d need a mitt.
“Let’s put it this way. If he did come after you all those years ago, would you have stayed with him?”
You opened the door and reached inside for the pan.
Stay with him?
The more you interacted with him. The more you talked to him. The more you saw him. Every time you heard those few words you thought of him.
Dropping the cheesecake pan back on the metal rack when your wrist brushed the pan as you were trying to take it out.
“Ouch.” Enduring the burning sensation, you tossed the holders to the side as you rushed to the sink to stick your arm under the running cool water. Grabbing one pump of the foaming hand soap, you gently washed the burned area. 
“You have to be more careful.” Akaashi got up from his seat and walked over to the sink to inspect your hand and arm, to find the outer layer of skin was bright red. The area was the size of a pinkie. “The affected area looks pretty bad.”
“I’m fine. It’s just a small burn. Could you grab a toothpick and check to see if the cake’s ready?”
“You’re more worried about the cake than your wrist.” Akaashi stepped over to the oven. After a few seconds, he answered, “It’s ready.”
“If they want a brown top, leave it in there for another ten minutes.”
“No burnt.” Akaashi said as he turned off the oven and went back to his stool.
“Do you know when Bo is supposed to be here?”
“He should be over soon. How long are you supposed to run it under water?” Akaashi asked.
“Five to ten minutes. I think it’s been long enough.” Turning off the faucet, you inspected the affected area. Eyeing the hand towel in the kitchen, you shook your right hand to remove the excess water. “I’m going to go see if I have any sterile gauze in my bathroom. Make sure you take the pan out in a few minutes.”
“Keiji, could you see who it is?” you yelled out from your room.
Akaashi went to the intercom, then unlocked the door.
“Akaashi-san.” Kageyama and Hinata said in unison.
“Kageyama. Hinata. What are you doing here?” Akaashi asked. He knew Kageyama was going to show up, but not the latter.
“y/n-san doesn’t know about this,” Hinata said in a hushed tone, stepping into the apartment. “Just play along.”
“I’m not on your side for this one. I came to see if y/n needed a ride. I don’t know why you asked me to pick you up first when you could’ve asked someone else.” Kageyama followed inside.
“There’s cheesecake if you need a snack,” Akaashi said, heading back to the kitchen to remove the pan from the oven. “But I’m not going to lie to y/n.”
“I’m not either.” Kageyama chimed in.
“It’s not lying,” Hinata reasoned. “It’s-”
“I’m not going to trick her,” Akaashi and Kageyama finished.
“Don’t say anything when she asks then. Just leave it to us,” Hinata reassured.
“Us? There’s only one of you right now, moron. I’d like to see her kick you out of here, but knowing her, she won’t.” Kageyama sat on your stool.The tablet, papers, folders, and textbooks that littered across the kitchen island gave him a headache. “Was she studying, Akaashi-san?”
“Yes,” Akaashi replied. 
“Is that why she’s not going?”
“Why doesn’t she want to go then?”
“It’s…” Akaashi changed his train of thought. “I’m worried about her. Studying for the exam is a lot of stress. Let alone, I don’t think she’s getting enough sleep or sleeping at all.”
“Omi-san said she worked with Shirabu. Why won’t he just sedate her?” Hinata suggested.
“Boke! That’s not how it works!”
“Kageyama’s right,” Akaashi nodded in agreement. “Then there’s-”
“Omi-san, right?” Hinata brought up the subject again. “Why won’t she just-”
“Keiji, I couldn’t find any medical tape...” you trailed off when you came back to the kitchen to find Kageyama and Hinata. “What are you guys doing here?”
Oh, no, I forgot to tell him.
Upon seeing you, Hinata exclaimed, “y/n-san! We came to see if you needed a ride!” 
“Ride? Oh, I don’t need one because I’m not going-”
“What do you need medical tape for?” Kageyama asked.
“I... burned my wrist. Since you’re here, I may need you to help me wrap it after I find some tape. Help yourselves to cake. You know where the plates are.” 
You left to go rummage around your desk drawer in the living room for washi tape. The teal roses that sat on your desk were screaming for attention. Not finding any there, you went to the guest room to check.
They were at it again. Kageyama and Hinata. Although this time, it wasn’t their usual squabbles. One was defending you, the other trying to scrounge up any piece of crumb. There were dinner reservations. The plan after was the arcade, billiards, or any thing of the sort. It was a free day for everyone. Kageyama was looking out for you, that you couldn’t participate if it was your right wrist and you may as well stay back. Any injury is still an injury, no matter how big or small. It makes a difference. You weren’t one to sit idly and watch or cheer people on unless it was...
“y/n-san can still go and hang out.” Hinata thoughtfully rubbed his chin. “I’m sure Omi-san will help her.”
Hinata looked up to you and regarded you almost as an older sibling. If he had a choice, he’d side with you. But when approached by someone whom he sees almost every day... He’s helpless, especially when three who are over six feet tower over him. Now, unfortunately, he was a player for the opposing team. Against his wishes. Who knows how he was coerced into this, but he knows for a fact that you aren’t happy with the way things are now. 
Akaashi and Kageyama both know you’re miserable, even if you don’t realize it.  You don’t even need to voice it. Both, really good friends of yours, ten times better than the one you were always around in high school. You don’t say much about Joey around them anymore. The latter knows from your runs together. He knows he can’t help you. He thinks the only way for things to be different is if you went to a different school. If you want to go down that path, you should’ve gone to Akaashi’s high school instead. Akaashi loved the idea. It would’ve been great, but you would’ve been miserable. You did consider it at that time, but something was holding you back. You didn’t know what it was at that time.
Kageyama also had an idea that might solve one of the problems you were dealing with. It would be selfish on his part. It was sort of previously discussed with you, but he didn’t know how you would react to it. He wondered if asked to go to Italy, would you... Not right away. After you’ve gotten your license or else you would have to start from scratch. You only need to learn the language and pass the tests and exams. He was sure you knew a bunch of languages to begin with. He knew full well that you weren’t going to heed his warnings to take care of yourself once he leaves and when you go back across the world. Aware of what Hinata’s reaction would be and what he was going to do with the information, he decided against voicing it with the other two.
He decided to answer by saying, “She needs good moral support.”
As stubborn as you were, whenever you come to terms with yourself, with your feelings, him and Akaashi will support your decision.
“Omi-san needs her support too. He keeps looking for her, but she still won’t come to our matches though,” Hinata fretted. “Help me out! I need something to report back on that was successful.”
“This isn’t a competition. If you want to go down this one too, I know who her favorite team and player is.” Kageyama smiled smugly at him.
“Which team?! Who’s her favorite?!” Hinata asked eagerly. “I’m going to be sad if it’s not us. She needs to come hang out with us today though.”
“y/n’s really competitive when it comes to those things, Hinata,” Akaashi stated. “She’s always been like this. She’s not a sore loser, but she will keep trying until she comes out on top. Who climbed up the tree faster, bike races, running, video games... To have or make her feel like she can’t do anything on her own, won’t sit well with her. She’s very self-determined, likes to fly solo. I just let her figure it out herself.”
“It’s all fun and games-” Hinata started to say.
“Tell that to y/n, dumbass. Did you not hear what Akaashi-san and I just said?” Kageyama scoffed. “What you guys are doing, it’s not fun and games to her. Just leave them alone. Are you just annoying her, so she’ll run back to him?”
“Omi-san knows. He said he takes full responsibility for what we do. We all think she’s just holding back.”
“I’ve heard some rumors circulating around. Would you happen to know anything about them, Hinata?” Akaashi questioned.
“I... I can’t say. He has his reservations about her reaction to all of this, which is why he didn’t ask her to the gala.” Hinata nudged Kageyama. “Who is she going with anyway?”
Kageyama froze upon hearing that question.
“If you put it that way, why is he bothering then? You shouldn’t meddle in their business, Hinata.” Akaashi shook his head. “Any one of you can try talking it through with her, but I doubt she wants to talk to anyone, including Sakusa, unless something drastic happens. She’s not going to fight for it, especially since she’s not st-... Ah, never mind.”
“Akaashi-san, we know. I didn’t want to at first. Everyone else should be here soon. I think I hear her coming back. Don’t talk about it anymore.” Hinata shushed the other two with a finger to his lips.
Having turned the guest room upside down, you finally found the tape inside a craft box. It took a while to clean up the mess before heading back to the kitchen to ask Kageyama to help you dress the burned area. “Kags, could you help me please?”
“Sure. Let me wash my hands first.”
“Thank you for the cake, y/n-san.”
“You’re wel-”
“I’ll get it,” Akaashi offered.
“y/n-san, what happened?”
“I swiped it against the pan in the oven. Not a word of this to-”
“y/n, ‘m back!”
Hearing that unmistakable voice, your head shot up to find Atsumu, Osamu, and Suna. In an attempt to hide your right hand from their line of sight, you grabbed a textbook to use as a makeshift shield.
“You guys too? They must be having a field day downstairs.” People out and about the building were probably wondering what’s going on, if they caught on. You added, “Make yourselves comfortable and help yourself if you want cake. No judging Osamu.”
Osamu chuckled, “‘M sure it tastes fine.”
“My brother left his gaming console if you want to play in the living room.” Looking down to see gauze wrapped around your wrist. “Do you need scissors?”
“Nope. I’m good.”
“Thanks. Don’t wrap it too tight. It needs to be able to breathe. I need to put aloe gel on it.”
“What happened to yer wrist?” Atsumu questioned, as he left the kitchen.
“y/n-san burned herself!”
Facepalming yourself as Kageyama kicked Hinata.
Oh, geez...
“Accidentally!” Hinata added.
"I’ll get it,” Akaashi offered again.
Deciding to go get a cardigan or long sleeve, so it could cover your wrist, but stopped when the person you were waiting for showed up.
“Hey, hey, hey!”
Maybe he can kick everyone out, but he can’t read my signals if I send them to him.
“Bo, hi, you’re finally here.” Stared intently at him when he entered the kitchen, hoping he got your message. 
Bo, please...
“I came to check on you, y/n.” He nervously scratched the back of his neck.
“Check on me?” Your expression softened, turning your gaze to Akaashi. He shook his head, signifying it wasn’t him. “I’m fine?”
I guess?
“That’s good to hear! We all should get going.”
“I’m not...” You scanned the entire living room and kitchen. No one paid attention or answered. All were busy on their phones, conversing amongst themselves, immersed in the game they were playing, or were in the kitchen. “Going.”
“I’ll get it,” you sighed, throwing your hands up in frustration.
Who is it this time?
Not even bothering with the intercom, you went to open the door, blinking in surprise to find Komori standing there. “Komori? What are you doing here? But I never told you where I lived...”
“Hi, y/n! It’s not that hard to find out once you let one person know.” Komori grinned. 
Who’s ass do I need to kick? 
You stepped aside to let Komori in and closed the door. 
Because only two knew. Then it turned to five. Now everyone knows.
Turning around to look at everyone, but they were scattered about your place. Shaking your head, you went back to the kitchen to tidy up your study material.
“I’ll get it!” Komori yelled.
Which one of you will talk?
“Why are all of you here today?” Asking someone, anyone while stacking up your pile of stuff on the island.
“Just followin’ orders from the commander of this mission,” Atsumu answered.
Ha, you? Actually following orders?
Cleaning up was taking a bit. You weren’t used to using your left hand. Putting your tablet back into the sleeve, you muttered a little too loudly. “From who? What mission?”
“From me,” Sakusa announced, stepping into the kitchen. He didn’t miss the newly wrapped bandage. “What happened to your hand?”
Your mouth dropped open slightly upon seeing the last one that had arrived, holding his anxious gaze for a moment. Eventually, your attention is drawn back to your phone.
“Excuse me for a few minutes.” You got up from your stool, grabbing your phone, and dashed off to your bedroom before anyone could stop you. Closing the door, you plopped down onto the bed and screamed in frustration into your pillow.
A look of surprise crossed Kageyama’s face. “She does know this is her place, right?”
Hinata scratched his head. “y/n-san will definitely kick us out.”
“She’s stressed.” Sakusa and Akaashi answered simultaneously. The two silently communicated with one another by exchanging an understanding look.
Everyone outside in the living room and kitchen could hear sporadic noise coming from your room, but no one paid it any mind as if it was a normal occurrence.
“What are we doing today?”
“Better decide before y/n’s done.”
“We could just order in and chill here.”
“Ya cheat!”
“Have to cancel the reservations then.”
“Oi! Don’t eat all the cake!”
“Is she throwin’ stuff?”
“I’m going to go check on her.” Sakusa got a glimpse of the closed door. “You all go ahead. I don’t think she wants to clean up after you all. We’ll meet up with you later.”
“I’m staying back.”
“Me too.”
“Then we may as well all stay back.”
“Ya’ll are party poopers.”
“Make sure she puts some aloe vera gel on the burn. She wasn’t able to earlier.” Akaashi advised.
This is my place. Why am I holed up in my room? I should kick them all out.
Mulling over Akaashi’s words, you had told him not to choose you because you weren’t important enough, not actually thinking he’d listen to you. Maybe you shouldn’t have left so early. Would it have changed anything? Probably not. 
I gave up on him. I know I didn’t give him a chance.
Try again for a few months and then say goodbye? No, it’s too late. If he wants the friendship back, that’s the least you could do.
I need to talk to him.
Mindlessly scrolling through your phone, trying to ignore all the noise coming from outside.
I didn’t think I’d need to move this soon. It was better when no one knew where I lived. This is ridiculous.
Flipping over onto your back, you were about to turn on music.
Knock Knock
Realizing you didn’t lock the door, you frantically tossed the phone under the pillow.
“Go away,” you mumbled. Seeing the door open, you turned to face the window while pulling the pillow over your head to zone him out.
At the sight of you curled up on your bed, Sakusa smiled, lingering at the door to the room. “I know you’re awake. Stop pretending.”
I’m not pretending anything.
With no response from you, he proceeded to the bathroom, pausing midway to grab the vanity stool, before turning on the light in there. You paused, allowing your eyes to adjust to the dim light, and sat up in annoyance. “Why are you here?”
Hearing the water run, you got off the bed and followed him. “What are you doing?”
“You need to treat the burn.”
“I can do it myself.”
“Sit down.”
Forcing a laugh, you turned to leave. “Why do you care? It’s not important. I’ll do it later.”
His voice suddenly sounded from behind, “Because you-” 
Leaning over, his hand found your waist, and drew you towards him to sit you on the stool. “Are not leaving it as is. Now, don’t move.”
“Stop cheatin’.”
“I can’t believe her brother has the latest games.”
“Must be nice havin’ y/n as a big sister.”
“She probably buys him everything he wants.”
“How long is she goin’ to be, Omi-kun?” Atsumu yelled.
Hearing no audible noise, Bokuto said, “At least they aren’t arguing.”
“They’re always bickerin’.”
“Pretty sure y/n was going to kick us out when she saw me.” Komori shrugged.
“Maybe she fell asleep,” Akaashi guessed. “I asked her to take a nap earlier and she refused.”
“Hey, we should go check on them.”
"Is this what you threw earlier?” Sakusa stopped to pick up the bear lying on the floor in the middle of the room. “I didn’t think you’d throw this.”
“Give it back.” You reached out for it, but he had no intentions of handing it over. “Fine, keep it. Take it back with you. It’s the last thing I have of yours anyways. I don’t care.”
He took a step in your direction, hearing your breath hitch. His voice was calm. “Is that so? You don’t care?”
Not allowing his reaction to disarm you, you stood your ground, staring firmly back into that penetrating gaze of his. “That’s right, I don’t.”
He took another step forward, as you took a guarded step back, into something. Glancing over your shoulder to see that you were trapped between him and the foot of the bed. Moving even slightly forward, you would be crashing into him, into his arms; moving back and you would...
“W-w-whaa are you-”
The light touch of his lips against your cheek sent shivers through your nerves.
“If you want me to stop, tell me now,” he whispered. 
Your eyes darted nervously to your left and right, seeing if there was enough room for you to escape, but knowing how things usually went, you’d trip over something, even when the floor was clear. Then making a final stop at the doorway. With his full attention on you, he wasn’t aware of the company. Wanting to see how this would play out, you tried to warn him, but it was in vain. “They-”
Caressing your cheek, he brushed his lips against your temple. “How about now?” 
You tried to keep a straight face after hearing the shuffling from outside. “Um...”
His fingers traced the outline of your ear. “Still don’t care?” 
He did not...
“Or-”  Your eyes widened as his lips grazed yours just as the commotion outside made their presence known.
“Move over!”
“Watch it!”
“Oh, shit!”
The spies and eavesdroppers toppled into the room. All of them wearing sheepish grins. Akaashi, the last one standing, apologized, “Sorry, y/n, Sakusa, I tried to stop them.”
Face flushed with embarrassment, Sakusa turned to glare at them.
All you nosy people... Too bad I have nothing to throw at them.
Snatching the bear back and reaching out to pinch his warm cheek, you whispered, “Mission failed?”
That’s why I don’t trust them.
Irritation flashed across his features, as you snickered, “Smooth. Real smooth.”
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
“Okay, Kags, I’ll think about it. You may as well stay the night before, so you don’t have to drive back and forth. I know it’s a bit much.”
“That’s fine. Since we're already on the subject of tests, have you considered getting your license here? I mean, you already have your license in the States. You just need to take the test.”
“I don’t... It’s not... I mean...” you paused to collect your thoughts. “There’s no point. I’m not buying a car. I’m not staying here. Public transportation is easier for me at the moment.”
You only go to so many places. A license or car wasn’t necessary.
“I guess... that’s fair.” 
There was silence on his end. Honestly, this is why you were on the fence to begin with. Was it necessary for you to? No. Did he have to? Probably. Did you want to go? No. Could you still back out? Yes.
“Is it too late to back out now?” you asked quietly.
“If you can’t find anything to wear, then yeah, you don’t have to go.”
Silently rejoicing, but knowing that he wasn’t happy, you tried to placate him.
“Listen... I think they’re starting to suspect something about the gala. I haven’t told anyone. I know it’s hard for you to not say anything. Just promise me to keep quiet about it. It’s only for a little bit longer.”
“Sure, y/n, it’s... not that.”
You knew what it was. He didn’t want to get caught in the middle. Who knows what would happen when and if Sakusa finds out?
“If he finds out, I’ll deal with it.”
He sighed.
“I’m sorry.”
“You don’t need to apologize, y/n. It’s not even your fault.”
“We just pulled up at the station. I’m going to try to find a dress now. Akira made an appointment for me, so I can’t not show. Again, if I can’t find anything, I’m not going anymore. I’m sorry about that too.”
“It’s fine. Just let me know.”
“I have to find where this place is, so I’ll talk to you later.”
Akira was playing phone tag with you. It got to the point where she took matters into her own hands, which was why you were on the train. It was a spur of the moment type of thing. She texted the name of the place to you the day of, saying the appointment was at 5:30pm and that she would meet you there, since she would already be onsite for a client for a wedding shoot at the photography studio. It was a very tight schedule because they were only open from 10am to 7pm. She did this on purpose, so you wouldn’t have time to research the place and to let them do their job.
You didn’t know why you’d need an appointment to buy a regular dress either.
From work, your phone said it’d take about an hour and fifteen to thirty minutes. No matter which route you looked at, you had to take a combination of monorail, bus, and train/subway, along with some walking. Luckily, there was a route that didn’t have bus as one of the modes of transportation. Now on the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway after two transfers, it was a twelve stop ride. Always grabbing a window seat, so you could gaze out at lights, cars, traffic, buildings, and sometimes the sky. There wasn’t anything in particular you were looking for. It was a chance to soak up the scenery.
Scenery. Kageyama just dropped a bomb, saying if you didn’t want to go back to the States, to go to Italy. It was just a suggestion and would be out of your comfort zone because you knew no one there, minus him. You were already starting to question your career path. A fresh start may be what you need. It would give you a chance to forget everything. This was the one thing you regret. A lot of your friends took trips after graduating college. What you did was far from that. If you are able to take that up now, you would be up for the challenge. For once, it would be a nice change.
Change. This one’s been on your mind for a while already, but you didn’t have the guts to do it. You figured you, yourself, needed to change and to start, it may as well be with your hair because that was the one constant thing in your life. It wasn’t something drastic like chopping it all off. No, you could never go through with that. Sure, you’d get your hair trimmed here and there, but you wanted a new style, preferably one where you could no longer tie your hair up. Maybe a short ponytail, but to something you couldn’t braid anymore, more like a layered bob with highlights. A new look so you can’t be recognized easily.
The timing was bad though because you wanted to dye your hair as well. First choice was maroon. Not wanting fire engine red, something more subtle. You hated the color red and for starters, you had to get over that. Eggplant. Mermaid balayage. These three would be frowned upon though. Even for a balayage or ombre you would need to keep your hair. At least overseas, you could get away with it. Regretting that you didn’t go through with it before you came back.
Finally, deciding on pumpkin spice, it has some hints of red, you were debating whether or not to have it done before or wait until after the gala. If before, you’d stick out like a sore thumb too. You wanted to ask for your sister’s opinion, but knowing her, she’d be against it. Since when did you need anyone’s permission?
The schedule at work was sorted out with colleagues when your sister’s text came through. Even swapping some days, you were still reluctant to go, but determination set in to use this time off for yourself. But after the phone call just now, if finding a dress was a bust, this time off would be for you, by yourself.
Now you were at Namba Station after having exited the fare gate and taken the stairs towards Exit 24. Looking at your watch, it was already 5:15pm. Of course, if you had gone by taxi, the time would’ve been cut in half, but then you’d have to deal with rush hour traffic. Checking your phone, the GPS said:
Head east toward Midosuji.
You followed the GPS cursor on the map until you were situated in the right direction. Looking down at your phone again:
Turn left onto Midosuji.
Turn left at Midosuji Mitsuji Town (intersection).
Destination will be on the left.
Got it.
It was a short walk, about 500m. Not even noticing the front of the space, you took off your sunglasses and entered what you thought was the place.
“Konbanwa, how can I help you?“ the receptionist chirped.
Wrong place. You had walked into a reception area for a photography studio, noticing the wall lettering behind the reception area desk. “Gomen'nasai. I must have entered the wrong store.”
“You’re not here for a photography shoot?” The receptionist studied your face, while clicking away on the keyboard and glancing briefly at the computer screen.
“Oh, no, I’m not. Arigatou gozaimasu.” Turning around while taking out your phone to double check the address, you opened the door to step back out onto the sidewalk. Rereading the map on your phone, this was the correct location.
I’ll circle around the block.
You had barely taken a few steps when the receptionist ran to the door to call you back. “Wait! Would you happen to be Akira’s onee-san?”
How does she know my sister’s name?
You turned around to face the receptionist, as you confirmed, “Yes, I am.”
“I see the resemblance between you and Akira-san. Here, let me take you to her.”
Motioning for you to go inside, you walked back in. “I’m not in the right place though.”
“It happens all the time to our customers. The photography studio is connected to the boutique. You must have come from the other direction.”
Looking at the texts again, Akira had written ‘at’. “I misread it as being nearby from Akira’s instructions. Gomen.”
“I never expected to meet you in person. Akira-san has spoken so much about you. She may be in the hair and makeup area talking to Shiori-san.”
“Meiko-san, did Onee-chan come-” Akira rushed out to the reception area.
Seeing her, you waved.
“Onee-chan, I see you’ve met Meiko-san, but you’re late.”
“Nice to meet you.” You offered a small smile of gratitude.
“Thanks, Meiko-san, I’ll take her over to the other side.”
“Nice meeting you, l/n-san!”
I’m never going to get used to this. So many different names.
There were about ten variations of your name, not including the nicknames your family had for you or what your siblings called you.
Waving goodbye to Meiko-san, you followed Akira down the hallway to the back, taking a sharp right, and down another hallway before coming to a door. 
“I’m not late, Akira.” Looking down at your watch, it was only 5:25pm.
“Oh, yeah? How long did it take you to get here then?” Akira opened the door to an upscale boutique that took your breath away. There were chandeliers, fireplaces, mirrors everywhere. Roses. It was beautiful, spacious, and cozy.
Maybe it was a tad too much.
“Over an hour, but I don’t think this was necessary, Akira. I could’ve just found something at the mall easily-”
This was one that her customers frequented, not expecting to end up in one that also offered wedding gowns.
“And that’s why you have an appointment because you weren’t going to.” A woman walked up to the two of you and bows. “This is Shiori-san. She will be your consultant. Shiori, this is my onee-chan, y/n.”
“y/n-san, it’s finally nice to meet you.”
Why am I the topic of discussion?
Returning the bow, you corrected, “y/n is fine, Shiori-san.”
“If you’re comfortable, then Shiori will be fine as well.”
“On the right-” Akira began.
“Akira, onegai, let me do my job. I let you do yours,” Shiori teased.
“Okay, I’m leaving her in your hands and going back to my client then.” With that, Akira left.
“I’ll give you a quick tour and then let you browse. I know some don’t like being followed around. Shall we?” Shiori motioned for you to follow to where you were supposed to have entered. The wall of flowers caught your eye. Were they real? They can’t be. That’s a lot to change out. Following your gaze, Shiori answered, “I’ll explain when we get there.”
They want their customers to not treat this merely as regular dress shopping, to experience a bit of luxury when you visit. This was the last time you were going to listen to your sister. Shiori must have mistaken you for buying a wedding dress, as Meiko-san thought you were here for a photography shoot. As you informed her you were only looking for a regular dress, she went on to explain, she wanted to give you a sense of the store’s aesthetic, motto. It was getting weirder by the moment. What did Akira say? This was mind boggling.
The flower wall which everyone notices when they first walk in is the highlight of the store. Shiori gestured to the wall you were looking at earlier. They wanted everyone to have a beautiful background to take their dress selfie at, with the perfect mirror for them to stand in front of.
So, that’s what it’s for, but it won’t be necessary.
You nodded in acknowledgement.
This is ridiculous. I don’t even know how I did this back in the day.
“To your left, are the wedding dresses and to your right, are the formal and evening dresses. There’s an accessory nook on both sides as well.”
Walking over to the first display on the left, she went on to state the designer name and price points were listed on top of each shelf to make it easier for everyone. The formal and evening wear are sorted by style: lace, sleeves, sleek, you get the idea. Lots of really pretty styles, she gushed. 
You understand they are trying to have a satisfied customer, but you weren’t hard to please. Never did like going to stores because of this. 
And over there, she pointed behind you and walked over, is one of their try-on locations. They have several of these sections throughout. There are pedestals in front of the viewing mirrors, so everyone can get a really good look of themselves in the dress through every angle.
That wasn’t necessary either, let alone shopping in person for these events, much less trying on, wasn’t a favorite pastime. Now remembering the how... It was Akira. She helped you enough back then, that she knew what you would and wouldn’t wear. She could even pick something out for you and all you had to do was come in for alterations. Could was the key word. It was too late to order something from Saks Fifth® or from Badgley Mischka®. Those were your go to places overseas.
Following Shiori to what you guessed were the fitting rooms, they had a variety. Some that could fit three to four people even. She stepped into a dark room. You were about to ask about the lights, but they magically came on, that one had a chandelier and a pedestal.
More motion sensored stuff. They don’t work!
Walking back out, she continued back to the middle of the floor. Wedding dresses to your right. Formal and evening wear to your left. For those, there are tags that indicate what color the dress is available in. It may or may not already be there. If not, just keep in mind what we have on the floor isn’t necessarily the only color.
Akira majored in cosmetology and had a part-time job as a stylist when she was in college. This turned out to be a fashion show, whenever you asked her, more so for your sister. She can do what she does now and be a stylist if she wants to, with your full support. But being an owner of both and running a store with employees can be overwhelming. 
Maybe for Joey’s wedding. Oh, that was what you were supposed to do. Akira will most likely recommend this place and everyone would come back here. You asked if they offered party packages for appointments. They did offer several VIP and elite packages that included drinks and desserts, and champagne with charcuterie and dessert platters respectively. It depended on the party size too. The elite packages were there if people wanted half of or the entire store closed for the party. 
That’s absurd, closing an entire store... Who would book that...
What did you get yourself into... Not even able to remember if you offered to pay for it, which you were pretty sure you didn’t. No, this wasn’t your responsibility.
Seeing your perplexed expression, Shiori clarified, “All this can be found on our website.”
“Oh, it’s not for me.” You indicated with a shake of your head. “It’s not an excuse, but I’m really asking for a friend. I forgot to mention it to Akira.”
“Akira knows it like the back of her hand. You could ask her if your friend needs more information.”
“I’ll ask her when she comes back.” 
“This is a huge location. I know it’s overwhelming with so many dresses and styles. There’s a dress in here for you. There’s a dress in here for everyone. No matter what style it is you’re looking for.
“Ah, would you like a rose? These all arrived this morning,” Shiori offered, seeing that you kept eyeing them.
“Oh, no, I’m... I’m good.” It made you think of the ones at home. “I’m assuming the ones on the wall are artificial or silk?”
“Yes, they are. The ones spread throughout are fresh and changed daily.” Walking back to the middle of the floor, Shiori went over the last bit of information. “Alright, this is the last piece. I don’t want to take up too much of your time.” 
There was a table with flower clips in assorted colors in a basket. She handed you a blue one. When you go through the dresses and see one that you would like to try on, just add the clip so I know. If your friend does decide to buy her dress here, that’s what those bouquets are for. The signs are for the bridal party to use.
“Any questions?”
“No, I think I got it. I’ll let you know if I do.”
“Okay. Enjoy.” Shiori was off, back to the front.
I’m just going to take a quick peek...
Scanning the signs and each section, you hurriedly went through dress after dress. Lace. Chiffon. Tulle.
“Definitely no feathers or a mermaid one.”
“There’s one for everyone, huh...”
You wonder if they were required to say that.
“Yeah, right...”
“It’s got to be here somewhere…”
The last section you arrived at was by Yumi Katsura. You knew who she was. How could you not? Joey kept raving about her. There was a mix of everything: ball gowns, mermaid, sheath, A-line, fit-and-flare, etc. Every piece was unique. As iconic and renowned as Katsura-san was, you didn’t think you could do any of her masterpieces any justice after seeing them in person. Akira could. Joey... We’ll have to see when she tries one on. If anything, visiting one of their flagship locations was the better idea. They will cater to your request down to the last detail. She’s even written books, but the topic never interested you. 
Now you aren’t sure why you were even on this side to begin with, until a satin one with a refined shine and beaded embroidery caught your eye. Actually, all the ones with shirring or beaded embroidery did.
I wonder if Joey would pick this one...
Yeah, no, not in this lifetime. I’m not helping her pick her dress out.
Reaching out to trace the outline of the beading when a voice made you jump.
“Onee-chan, why are you just standing there?”
Breathing a sigh of relief when you saw it was your sister. “I was just browsing.”
“You know you’re on the wrong side.”
“It hasn’t even been ten minutes. The tour took longer-”
“Let me see what you’re looking at.”
“No, I’m not looking at anything.” Pushing a few dresses over to hide it. “Just seeing why Joey keeps talking about Yumi Katsura. Speaking of which, Joey’s engaged. I told her I’d pay for her hair and makeup and I suggested you-”
“Was this the one you were looking at?” Akira held the dress out.
Ignoring her question, you continued, "Would you though? I don’t want you to be offended if we don’t ask.”
Akira didn’t look at you, as she started flipping through the dresses. When she did speak, it wasn’t what you were expecting. “Tsk. I don’t know why you would offer that, when you could just give goshugi.”
Money. It was the traditional way to congratulate a married couple. Shugi-bukuro is what holds the goshugi. It consists of two envelopes, one outer and one inner, like a greeting card. Depending on the type that is bought, the outer envelope is decorated accordingly, while the inner envelope is where the money is safely tucked away. Then it is wrapped by a fukusa or handkerchief, to protect it until it is given at the reception. 
Perhaps you grew accustomed to the western way of simply buying a gift from a wedding registry. You were going to give a goshugi, but your family said it may be offensive to some due to their culture and beliefs. They may think it’s a bad gift and that you didn’t put any thought into it. Everyone has their own opinion. It may be less personable and unconstructive, but money can buy them what they want or need. But if you did buy a gift, who were you to know if the couple returned it for something else. 
Maybe that’s why Joey didn’t give it much thought because she grew up overseas. You grew up here and went there and vice versa for her.
Money would have been the safest route in this situation, however...
“Hair and makeup would be more than that-”
“Please.” Akira rolled her eyes. “Use your heart for once instead of your brain. Knowing you, you’d give a goshugi too. You don’t need to be that generous with her. And what do you mean we? Are you asking or she is?”
If a random person was asked, right off the bat they would say Akira was the older one. One could even say you weren’t related at all. The two of you were like night and day. Similarities in physical features were almost nonexistent. You were just a tad bit taller than she was. She had an outgoing personality, whereas you were more reserved. You were more book smart. It just wasn’t as important to her. She was always out and about. Her job required it. Even when she’s not working, she won’t be caught dead doing nothing or the same repetitive thing every day.
Although, she can be a little condescending at times, especially in regards to the decisions you make.
“I am asking and paying for it. You don’t have to if you don’t’-”
“I’ll do it for you.” Akira sensed that you were on the fence about the situation and changed the subject. “By the way, you didn’t answer my question. Was this the one you were looking at?”
“No.” Not giving it another look, you walked towards the other side of the store.
Akira ran to catch up with you. “Okay, let me put it this way. If the two of you had to pick a dress out, would you let her have that one?”
“Sure, why not?” You dismissed it. “Why would I need it?”
Akira stopped and watched you walk away, shaking her head.
Knocking out the sparkles and sequins section first, you held up a black full sequin with spaghetti straps and a cowl neckline with a fishtail hem.
“Not you. Thought you didn’t like sequins and glitter?”
A one shoulder gold sequin blouson dress with a tie belt detail.
“It’s not a holiday party. Next section.”
You’ll humor her, for now.
A quick glance at both cards, the other colors available were black, burgundy, midnight navy, eggplant, or forest green.
Now you are in trouble. Kageyama didn’t say what color tie or bowtie he was wearing. Assuming black was the safest route, you’ll forgo all the other colors. At least with black, you would be able to blend in with the sea of suits and tuxedos. The last time you went to one of these was with...
Thinking back to that day, you stayed further away from him. Maybe you should’ve forgone the embarrassment and gone for the kill. Would it change anything though? Why is being selfish every now and then a bad thing? Selfish. The one thing you purposefully omitted. If the two of you were meant to be, you would find your way back to each other again. You didn’t want him to wait for you. Sometimes you can't even explain why you are the way you are. You continuously make the same mistakes over and over. At least, you can’t afford it at this time of your life. He was always a distraction. For better or for worse, you didn’t need it right now. 
It’s the fact that you didn’t like to be toyed with. You thought you made it pretty clear you weren’t playing games. If history was going to repeat itself and conclude with the same ending, you weren’t going to take any risks, not if you can help it.
You were about to reach for a black sweetheart neckline mermaid-style gown.
“Don’t bother.”
Looking at your sister, you were about to blow your top. “What am I doing here then?”
“These are the standards. Everyone’s safe choice.”
“Simple and understated is best. You can’t go wrong, especially with black,” you said to an A-line off the shoulder floor length. Skimming through the sleeves, sleeveless, ball gowns, ones with ruffles, etc., just looking at them made you purse your lips and look down at your hand. “I didn’t put a clip on anything. How did I do this?”
“Just be yourself.”
“y/n, how are you doing?” Shiori appeared beside Akira.
“Not that good... I don’t see what’s the point of this.” You walked further down to flip through several more dresses, speaking louder in a singsong voice so they could hear, “I can probably find one easier at the mall.”
“If I may, Akira, could I show the one that was picked out for her?” Shiori whispered. “The requested color came in with the shipment that arrived yesterday.”
“I was trying to avoid that. You can’t blame her though. It’s partly my fault because I said no to everything. There’s nothing wrong with the ones she picked out.” Akira crossed her arms. “It’s just not her. She wants to stay hidden. He can’t always come to her rescue, but he does.”
“She’s very lucky indeed. You too, to have a brother like him.”
“Yet she doesn’t realize it. Anyone would kill for someone like him, but she keeps pushing him away. She’s going to be angry though, when and if she finds out.”
“Let’s hope she doesn’t then. We just have to get her measurements to make small alterations.”
“Oh, Shiori, there may be one or two that I need you to put away as well.”
“Sure thing, let me know which ones,” Shiori nodded. “I’ll go get the gown.”
“Make sure you take the tags off, so she won’t be able to see how much it costs or what brand it is.”
“Yes, Akira,” Shiori laughed. 
Walking back to your sister, you were going to give it one last shot. If all else fails, you are prepared to leave for the mall. Checking your watch, it was already 6:20pm. “Could I just get one of the black pieces?”
“Go ahead.” She stepped aside.
Returning to the two black dresses, you couldn’t decide. Sequins weren’t your thing. Turning to the other, could you manage to not trip wearing this in heels? Shoes.
Looks like I do have to go to the mall anyways.
“Oh, before I forget, I offered to help with the bridesmaids' dresses and sort of said you’d help.”
Akira snorted, “Sure, but she’s not going to get any special treatment from me or from anyone else here. We’re all going to treat her like a regular customer. She’s your friend to begin with.”
About to grab the mermaid-style gown in your size, when you heard Shiori say, “Akira, y/n, here it is.”
You turned around to be met with a teal halter neck gown with asymmetrical cascading ruffles. When she turned it over, you drew in a sharp breath seeing that it had a low cut back with a large feminine bow at the neck area with a small train.
Brows furrowed in confusion, you responded, “Oh, no, I’m not wearing that.” 
It didn’t matter what time of year it was. You still wouldn’t wear it if there was a heatwave or if the weather was freezing cold.
“Come on, this one’s you, Onee-chan.”
“It’s not me. I didn’t pick it.” You grabbed the gown from earlier. “I’m taking this one.”
“This was the gown picked out for you as a last resort,” Shiori explained.
Even if it’s in my favorite color, I wanted to blend in. Nope, not happening.
You shook your head. “No.”
“I don’t think you’ve ever chosen or worn this color before.”
Because I haven’t.
“You don’t have all night.” Akira checked her watch. “The bow would at least hide your back. Sort of. You can go buy a wrap or something.”
You were silently fuming, that she said no to every dress you picked then pushed this one onto you. Waving aside the words that were on the tip of your tongue, knowing full well where this discussion was headed. It would soon turn into a full blown argument. Akira was your sister, whom Shiori works with. She didn’t need to see the two of you bickering, especially over a dress. 
I have to be the better person.
“I don’t like how it looks.” Turning sideways to look in the mirror, something didn’t sit right with you and seemed to be missing. “The black dress would’ve been better.”
“You’ll be fine,” Akira assured. “You sure you don’t want a picture?”
“Not if it rains that day.” With the summer weather so unpredictable, one can never be too sure. “No, I don’t want one. I still don’t like the back.”
“Chill out. The bow will hide it.” Akira straightened out the bow and the back of the dress.
Starting to make a mental note of the accessories you needed to buy. A clutch...  You didn’t want to buy one, never was a fan of them, but then again, there was always someone who kept your phone for you. Earrings. Wasn’t necessary. It’s going to be tough, but you’ll figure something out. Eyes trailing down to your wrist. Bracelet... 
“I’ll deal with your hair the day of.”
The bracelet… You clasped your wrist. The part of you that’s been missing, that reminded you of him. The missing part that was returned to him and became disconnected from you.
“What shoes are you planning on wearing?”
Staring at your reflection in the mirror, this moment was all too familiar. Always reassuring you whether it was morning, day, or night, that it didn’t matter what outfit or dress you wore because you were perfect the way you were. Always there to rearrange jewelry that you haphazardly throw on or to tuck strands of hair that fell out of place because you were in a rush. Always helping you with whatever you were fumbling or struggling with. Always making sure you were comfortable, when the weather was sweltering or freezing cold. Always made sure you took care of yourself. The only one who’s able to calm you down...
“I can’t... do this...” The ring you didn’t know you were twisting and turning on your finger fell to the ground and rolled to a stop next to Akira’s foot. “I heard you about the hair.”
Hair... Well, there goes your idea out the window. At least for now. Whatever you planned would not go with this color. It would have to wait.
“You probably can pair it with some low heels. I saw a cute pair at Christian Louboutin the other day. Yes, the store.”
Low heels? Who does she think I am?
First off, this dress probably cost a lot. Second, why would you buy a pair of shoes that expensive for a one-time thing. This wasn’t even something that you wanted to attend to begin with.
“Why would I spend a quarter of my paycheck for a pair of shoes?” Totally flabbergasted.
“You can because it’s not like you’re paying for this dress-” She clamped a hand over her mouth before whispering an ‘oops’.
“Wait... what?!” Doing a double take after what you heard, while you fumbled around the dress for tags, but didn’t find any.
“Um... I’ll be right back.” She ran off and returned with Shiori a few minutes later.
“I’m sorry, y/n, this has already been paid for.”
“Did you pay for this, Akira?” you accused. “No, you’re not paying for this.” 
Never have you ever asked or expected your siblings to buy you anything or pay you back. Even if you tried, they wouldn’t take the money. You always had to pass it along to either of your parents to have them return it. Never asked anyone to buy you anything. Still paying your parents back for tuition even. Baffled, you continued your argument, “Akira can’t pay for this. Could you just refund the charge and re-ring it under my card?”
“I’m not able to say who did, due to customer confidentiality, or do the re-ring. I’m sorry, y/n.”
What the hell... All this just to make sure you go?
It’s a lost cause. Give it up. They got their money. Don’t embarrass yourself some more in public.
I’ll deal with you later, Akira. I’ll give the money back to Mom to give it back.
Defeated, you wanted to be done and leave. “Can I change now?”
“Let her do her job first.” She motioned for Shiori to take the measurements and write down the alterations needed.
“I think that wraps it up. You can change now.”
Didn’t need to tell you twice. You rushed to change out of the dress quickly and handed it to Shiori. “Arigato gozaimasu.”
“Arigato gozaimasu, y/n.” She turned to Akira and continued, “I’m going to run this over to the alterations team. If you could keep an eye on the storefront, I’d appreciate it.”
“Yeah, I will.”
After she left, you were still having second thoughts. “Why would you pick something like that?”
“Can you promise me you will pick up your dress ahead of time instead of the day of?”
You didn’t answer my question.
“I’m not making any promises, but I need to go to the mall now or I won’t be home until 9 or 10pm.”
“Give me a few minutes and I’ll drop you off.”
“It’s fine. I don’t need a ride. I think Namba Parks is within walking distance of here.”
“Just wait a bit more,” she pleaded. “I have to cover the reception for Shiroi-san until she returns.”
“Fine.” Popping in your earbuds, you sat down in a chair in the viewing area. Playing some music and pulling up the mall’s website to get walking directions and to map out the stores that you needed to visit.
Hearing the storefront’s alert, Akira looked up. “Onii-chan.”
“Where is y/n?” Hoping that he didn’t miss you, he rushed over as soon as he could, but traffic was horrible.
“She’s in the back.” Akira pointed over her shoulder. “Please take her and go.”
“It’s less than a twenty minute walk. There’s a Louboutin store ten minutes from here too,” you called out. “Do you want to grab din-”
Everything becomes black at that moment, while your vision is obscured. Dropping your phone, you reached up to pry the hands off your eyes. As soon as you make contact, a warmth of familiarity washes over you as fingers are entwined with yours.
No... It couldn’t...
You looked up and stared unflinchingly into Sakusa’s pitch-black eyes. “Let go.”
He slowly cupped your face with both hands as your fingers slid along his forearms, trying to squirm free. His lips were getting closer and your heart skipped a beat.
“I said let-”
He pressed his lips delicately to your nose then forehead, letting go of your face. Your eyes narrowed in an attempt to focus. There was a hint of a smile in his eyes. “You’re welcome.”
Eyes flashing in indignation when realization sinks in of what he had done. You jumped up from your seat and grabbed your belongings. "I never ask you to do this!”
I don’t need you to do anything for me.
“I’m done. Bye, Akira.” You stalked out of the boutique, leaving Sakusa and Akira.
Looking through the storefront window of you taking your phone out, Akira walked up to Sakusa.
“Which side did she look at first?”
Akira did some quick hand motions and turned around. “Our right side, so left when you walk in.”
“It took her this long.” 
Akira glanced at him, a look of determination on his face.
“She misses you, doesn’t even need to say it. She would’ve cancelled at the last minute too, if you didn’t do this...”
She told him you didn’t have the faintest idea on what was going on and that he should’ve seen the reaction on your face. There was also Joey this, Joey that and that you probably would put Joey first before yourself since you seem to have found a few dresses ‘for’ Joey. Maybe even as far as doing everything for her.
“I don’t know what you want me to do with them though. It’d be a shame if Joey picked one or the other.” Dropping an item into his hand, she continued. “Here. She didn’t suspect a thing. It shouldn’t have changed much. Let me know where and when, so Rei and I could meet you there.”
“Do what you think is best.” 
“I’ll ask Shiori-san to put them aside then.”
Grasping the item in his palm, Sakusa met Akira’s amused gaze. “Thanks, Akira, I owe you one.”
“Don’t worry about it. I still owe you, since you helped me out, but I don’t think you even needed me to get it to begin with.” Akira shrugged.
“I’m making some adjustments.”
“Maybe you should give her a rose. I heard she didn’t want one earlier,” she nodded towards the vase. A few seconds later she asked, “What does one signify anyway?”
A long moment of silence draped over them. 
He doesn’t know why he still listens to you after all these years. He’s made a good amount of mistakes as well. The first and foremost was that you were the one that got away. He let you slip out of his grasp. He should have stopped and gave you more attention back then. Missed birthdays, holidays. He also wasn’t there for your medical school graduation. Even with your parents’ urging and Akira’s begging, he ended up not going knowing that it’d upset you. It was recorded and he watched it, but it’s not the same as attending in person.
With the current situation, he knows that anything he says or does will affect you in some way. He wished it didn’t set you off, but it does. Always letting the bad outweigh the good. He knows for a fact that you constantly reject yourself which eventually led to pushing him away. If you think you aren’t good enough, then no one is. You strived to be perfect. No one is or will ever be. No matter how he or anyone looks at it, you’re perfect the way you are. 
Sakusa knows you still care and is seeking the closure that he needs, that he at least deserves, knowing for a fact that you can’t provide one because you didn’t let go. You weren’t finished. He knows he means a lot more to you than you’re letting on and he’ll be damned if he lets you get away again. 
You forgot who you grew up with. 
You forgot who you were friends with. 
You forgot who you fell in love with.
Knowing full well that you didn’t like surprises, but you were going to have to deal with it.
When he answered, it was confirmation of his promise that was made long ago. “She’s still the one.”
“Oh! I’ve been meaning to ask. Why’d you send her fifteen last time? I’ve seen them sitting around her place. I know you spent quite a bit on them because they’re supposed to last a few years.”
He sighed, “It was to apologize because I made her upset. It’s also her lucky number and-”
“Your jersey number!” Akira blurted out, watching you head east towards the mall. “She’s not one to hold a grudge long though, but when it comes to you, that’s a different story. But you better go after her before she actually walks there or wherever she’s trying to go.”
Akira was tired of your indecisiveness as well. “Oh, Onii-chan?”
Sakusa stopped before stepping outside.
“You better succeed this time.”
Tumblr media
notes: don’t kill me, lol. the whole chapter got rewritten when i finally got to this. i may give you something in the next part. idk yet.
i had to bring up the goshugi. i did give one for a wedding, but again, different cultures and beliefs. let’s just say the groom was offended.
i only went into detail with the hair and dresses because it explains some things (chapter 2/4 & 6). sorry if it was boring.
this isn’t an actual boutique/store btw. i know i use them interchangeably throughout. i didn’t want to name it, that’s why there isn’t one. 
i don’t know how some writers can push out content nonstop. major props to you if you’re one of them. this one took me forever even though part of it was written months ago. i may have lost bits and pieces when i wrote some of this when my internet died. i had multiple windows open and didn’t know which draft was which.
cringe fest as i refer back to previous chapters. i may seriously rewrite. this is the best i can do for this part i believe.
Happy Birthday, Akaashi! it’s fitting that he appears in this chapter. 😊
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minejiro · a month ago
Tumblr media
sakusa is rich, it comes as no secret, and that’s why you tell yourself this was never bound to work. and you’re pretty sure he’s got plenty of trust fund family friends that are after his heart anyway, so his options are plenty open.
he’ll do without you.
yet, why he’s incessantly knocking on your door, you can’t seem to figure out, the pounding sound ceaseless as he stays persistent. you’re nearly at your wits end after thirty minutes, stomping over to open the door and face him.
“kiyoomi,” you growl, glaring daggers his way, but he only shoots sharper ones at you through his eyes, piercing you with the obsidian orbs you know all too well.
it feels like he can read right through you, and you hate yourself for letting him get so close—letting yourself get so attached.
“what’s your issue?” he presses.
sakusa is probably the most stubborn, hardheaded, determined, and pettiest individual you’ve ever met. and it’s not exactly a surprise, you’ve learned he’s the youngest and wealthy, so it makes sense, but still. you’d never expected someone as stoic as him to be so borderline bratty at times.
“my issue? i’m not the one pounding on a door at eleven pm with no pause. what’s your issue?”
“you’re ignoring me,” he pouts.
and there it is, the look that made you really realize how smitten you truly are for the man before you, and how far from your reach he really is. you’ll never fit in with sakusa’s crowd, and you’re pretty sure he’ll never understand yours, and the inevitable heartbreak seems more crushing later rather than sooner.
so, with the utmost self control you never knew you could demonstrate, you force yourself to pull your eyes away from his face—that’s too handsome to be fair—and look at your feet.
“kiyoomi, listen,” you begin, and his face falls immediately. and so does your heart, all the way down to the pit of your stomach at the look.
“you don’t like me anymore?” he asks almost like a child. “but…i did…i thought i did all the right things. the movies…it worked in the movies,” he insists.
“what movies?” you ask, face twisting in confusion. he looks down bashfully, face a light shade of pink as he clears his throat.
be still your beating heart, you think, at the sight.
“i…i’m not really good at this,” he admits. “i thought…j-just you know, i did…some…research,” he finally blurts out, voice strained.
and if it weren’t for your current predicament, and the fact that you know yourself well and you know you won’t pull away if you lean in, you would’ve kissed his lips senseless at this very moment.
“romance movies?” you grin slightly. he huffs, turning his face to the side as he shifts on his feet.
“yes, romance movies. we were pursuing a romantic relationship, and their genre is romance. it makes sense,” he mutters. and despite the way your head screams to end this conversation before you’re too in deep to let yourself pull away, you chuckle, smiling bigger as the flush of his cheeks only darkens.
“that’s cute,” you mumble to yourself. “really, really cute,” you admit.
“so then what’s the issue?” he raises a brow. and it all comes crashing down again, making your smile drop—and he notices, he notices right away.
sakusa kiyoomi may be a bit sheltered, but he’s quick on his feet, he’s perceptive, and he’s a fast learner. he’s learned all your signs and quirks faster than you could hope to teach him. all on his own.
“look,” you sigh, deciding to rip the bandaid off, no matter how bad the wound might sting. “my background isn’t like yours. i’ve never had to use more than one fork and i’ve never had a bread plate.” he crinkles his brows, staring at you bewildered.
“so? i’m dating you, not your forks.” groaning, you rub your temples, mentally rolling your eyes at how dense he can be.
“kiyoomi. your friends and family probably expect you to bring someone home that grew up like you, don’t you think? someone who’s from a bit more wealth?” he ponders your words for a moment before shrugging, nodding at them as though they were any normal topic.
“yeah, they probably do expect that.” you blink.
“well i’m not that, am i?” you ask bitterly, flashing him a pained smile. it finally dawns on sakusa what you mean, his eyes widening a fraction before he quickly steps closer to you.
you should pull away, you really, really should—but you missed his warmth so much. indulging in one more moment with him couldn’t be so bad, you think.
“yeah, you’re not. but they never gave me anything even with all that money. nothing like what you give me anyway,” he shrugs. “i like you. a lot. i think…i think i might even…you know? love you?” he asks the last bit in a quiet voice, almost like he’s asking himself.
and under any other circumstance, you’d raise a brow at a man questioning his love for you, but it’s not like that with sakusa. you know him, and you know he’s trying to navigate what love feels like, he’s trying to find the warmth of its embrace in your arms.
it makes your heart skip a beat.
“what?” you breathe. and despite the palpable fear in his expression, sakusa presses his forehead to yours, staring at you with a hard determination you’ve grown to admire.
the same one he sports during games, and practice, and watching recaps to find his mistakes. he gives you that same passion, if not more.
“i think…no. no, i do. i love you,” he whispers. and sakusa kiyoomi is a star athlete, he’s got a car that’s worth more than your entire life savings at the moment being, he’s got trust funds waiting for him, and he’s got a snobby rich family back at home, but he’s got barely anything if not nothing at all without you.
the words knock the air out of your lungs and steal your breath.
“is this you trying to be like the movies?” you murmur.
“i wanna be better than the movies,” he whispers back. “but i kind of need a love interest for that.” the watery chuckle you let out makes his heart un-tense, the relief rolling over him in waves.
he knows it’s a good sign. he knows everything about you. and even if you’re scared, you can’t help but trust him blindly.
“okay, omi. let’s be better than your stupid romance movies,” you grin. “i love you too.”
and you’re glad he’s not starring in a film, you don’t think you ever want to share the stupidly handsome smile he gives you with anyone else to see.
Tumblr media
i know he lives in japan and the forks and bread plate reference was a bit unrealistic but this is a fiction drabble so don’t fucking bring it up or i’ll block you. enjoy it or leave. k thanks <3
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planetrin · a month ago
𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮, 𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 𝐤𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢 & 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨 𝐰/ 𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 // hurt/comfort (there’s no actual breaking up)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 // mentions of insecurity and cyber bullying
☄︎ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐬 // hi!! this is my first post omg !! how exciting :D hopefully u guys like it <3 also omi’s got long sorry !
part two !!
Tumblr media
the feeling of dread fills your body once more. the comments on your boyfriend’s post— a picture of both of you. faceless accounts calling you rude name after name after name.
naturally, you knew what came with dating one of the best pro athletes in the entire country, but after time, the things people would say would start to affect your own self image.
you knew how to let it slide. after all, you and atsumu had been dating for so long, you were unfortunately used to the abundance of mean words, opting on putting up a facade for your boyfriend. but it was one comment that made your strong resolve crumble quickly.
i still don’t understand what THE miya atsumu is doing with this person ??? he literally deserves so much better wtf !!!
you always knew he was too good to be true. a handsome prince that just so happened to fall into the palm of your hand. but to have someone actually think so was extremely upsetting. were you really not good enough for him? obviously not, right? if everyone thinks so?
the overthinking led to you sitting on the bed, legs crossed and thumbs twiddling as you wait for him to come back from practice. when you hear the door slam shut and him call for you, you take a deep breath in and prepare yourself.
“baby!” he cheers walking into the bedroom to see you, a big smile on his face like there’s nothing wrong. “missed ya s’much,”
“atsumu,” you breath, trying to contain your tears. you practiced it 30 times without crying and even still, your watery eyes threaten to spill.
he cocks his head, confused, a frown replacing the once bright smile, “atsumu? what happened to tsumie?”
you look at your lap, avoiding eye contact with his honey brown eyes. you need to get it over with, “we… we should breakup.”
he chuckles, awkwardly, waiting for the punchline in this twisted joke you’ve got going. when he notices the tears dripping from your face, his smile quickly fades and his eyebrows furrow. his body fills with panic.
“w-what? why?”
you sniffle, unable to look him in the eye. you twiddle your thumbs feeling a sense of guilt.
you hand him your phone, opened to the several instagram comments, shuddering out, “y-you deserve so much better, tsum… it’s best—“
he scoffs, turning off your phone and tossing it to the side. “yer the best— i already have the best.” he tilts your head up, cupping your cheek. he takes the pad of his thumb, swiping your tears. “i don’t care what any of these people are sayin,’ yer my pretty… the love of my life. who’s gonna put up with me if yer not around? who’s the one that makes sure i have somethin’ to eat at practice?”
he doesn’t realize it, but there are tears sliding down his cheeks, too, and you give him a wobbly smile.
“ya can’t leave me, i think ‘ll die.” he chuckles, breathily.
you nod, sniffling, “‘m sorry…”
he shakes his head as if to say, don’t apologize. he wraps his arm around you, pulling you in close and squeezing your body tightly. “i love ya, no one’s gonna change that.”
kiyoomi has always wanted your relationship to be private because he hates people pestering him about all of the personal things in his life. especially you.
there are no photos of you on kiyoomi’s social media accounts. at all. and for the most part, you’re okay with it. you understand why he doesn’t want to be seen in with you in public, even if it does hurt a little.
you know your boyfriend wants the best for you, and the best means that you two are limited to at home dates and disguises in public. you hate it, honestly, but you love your boyfriend, so you tough it out.
it’s all fine until you’re at an MSBY game (that ended in victory, of course) and you run down the stands to give him a hug in excitement. adrenaline rushing throughout his body, he barley has time to process before camera’s start flashing in your direction.
the drive home with kiyoomi is silent. you can’t tell if he’s angry at you for being so reckless or if he’s angry at himself for not stopping something from happening. regardless, you knew he was mad, but you didn’t want to upset him any further, so you left him alone for the night. you muttered a soft goodnight and secretly hoped it’d all be over tomorrow.
that’s definitely not what happened because when you woke up and checked your phone to see dozens of twitter mentions with pictures of you and kiyoomi from the game, you were very confused.
sakusa kiyoomi apparently dating some person named @y/n !? yikes…
have you guys seen that MSBY player’s s/o… he looks he doesn’t even like them ???
your eyes burn at the other hateful tweets you’d found, every doubt you ever had about your relationship with kiyoomi now creeping back into your brain.
you should’ve seen you coming, though, right? why else would he keep you a secret? he was probably just embarrassed of you is the conclusion you came to.
when you walk downstairs, you see him sitting on the couch with a mug of coffee and his phone in his other hand. he perks up immediately at the sound of you.
“kiyoomi… we should break up.” you frown, your breaking-heart pounding in your chest. “i mean, these twitter people are right, i’m not up to your standards and there are a lot of people in the world that you’d look a lot better with.”
kiyoomi shudders, the thought of another person in his life, he couldn’t possibly.
“and… i know you’re embarrassed to be seen with me, i don’t blame you—“
he abruptly cuts you off, “don’t… do that. don’t talk down on yourself because of something that was completely my fault.” his sigh is heavy, like he has so much to say. “you’re so amazing, don’t you get that?”
“it’s kinda hard to tell when you don’t want to be seen with me. really, kiyoomi, it’s fine. let me help you make this easy.” your voice is cracking. it’s the last thing you want, but if it’ll help him, then so be it.
he groans, putting his mug and phone down on the table in front of him, walking over to shake your shoulders, vigorously. “listen, i’m not embarrassed of you! i love you! more than anything. i just wanted to avoid people talking about you. you don’t deserve to be called things like that. you’re gorgeous and loving and kind and i couldn’t bare losing you to someone else who probably does deserve you.” he says in what feels like one breath.
you look at him in awe, “you mean that? you really think i deserve better than you, the sakusa kiyoomi?” and he nods, avoiding your eyes. “i beg to differ,”
a soft pink blush dusts over his cheeks, “no more hiding,” he mutters. “i’ll show the world that you’re my beautiful s/o every day for the rest of my life if i have to.”
suna rintarō believes that you are his light. he adores you, your beauty, your personality, the way you love him endlessly— he loves it and he isn’t afraid to let it be known.
although rin is a professional athlete, that doesn’t stop him from spending every waking second of free time by your side. he likes to make sure you don’t doubt him. ever. he loves you and you love him.
there’s also his instagram, which consists of candid photos of you (and thirst traps of himself that you keep telling him to delete) or just photos of the two of you together.
you just so happen to be stalking the account late at night with rintarō’s dead asleep body right next to you. it never occurred to you to do so, but you figured you’d take a look at his comments, half expecting them to be comments of his friends making fun of him for being so mushy and some teenage girls making heart eyes at him.
but what you weren’t expecting was for there to be comments degrading and talking down on you.
your smile quickly fades, turning into a pout. you spend the next hour obsessively going through his comments on the pictures of you or the two of you together.
suna, pick me, im so much more attractive than them!!!
soon, you realize you’ve had enough, feeling drained of life and love. you impulsively shake your boyfriend awake, not stopping until you hear his annoyed groans. “what is it, baby?”
you don’t think much about it be fore you say it, “we should break up.”
“no, now goodnight.”
he exhales, lifting up and propping his body up with the help of his elbow. “what brought this on?”
“i’m not good enough for you…” you say meekly, face heating up. “all of your fans think so… you’re so handsome and successful and i’m just… me.”
“yeah, you’re you. crybaby-cuddle-me-now-bratty-Y/N. and you’re also, the kind, loving Y/N that pranks atsumu every time he pisses me off. you’re the love of my life.”
you’re shocked that he can say that all so nonchalantly because you’re definitely holding your breath, trying not to cry at his words.
“‘m not a crybaby,” you grumble, that pout still etched onto your face.
he smiles, brushing his knuckles against your cheek, “yeah, you are, but i love that about you.”
“shut up.”
he chuckles, leaning in to kiss you, “i love you.” he whispers softly against your lips. “no more looking at my comments, you’re way too hot for that.” he joke, smirking at you.
“i love you, more.”
he shakes his head, “impossible. now get your ass to bed.”
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @planetrin 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
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riniackerman · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: i was craving for something cute sooo… here it is :)
pairing: haikyuu men x gn!reader
featuring: kuroo tetsuro, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu, suna rintaro
tws: none
Tumblr media
♡ kuroo tetsuro 
you would sometimes call him by his last name for no reason. maybe it’s because you two were close friends back in high school days when you used to call him ‘kuroo’. so of course, you had zero intentions behind your words.
but for kuroo, this man would panic and right away look down at you when his last name was heard from your voice. although he would sense relieved when he sees you’re not angry or anything.
but when you call him ‘kuroo’ about three to four times, this is when he would bring you to a private place and carefully ask you; “...did i do something wrong kitten? are you mad?”
“no? why would i be mad at you kuroo?” kuroo would sigh at your words, covering half of his face with his large hand. “th-then why are you calling me kuroo…”
“there’s no reason at all” you smile, making kuroo cover his entire face with both of his hands. “hahhhhh kittennn you’re scarin’ my heart”
Tumblr media
♡ sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa would not answer or look at you if you call him by his last name even after you two got married. you would thump your feet over to sakusa who was doing the dishes in the kitchen and say; “sakusa. look at me.”
sakusa would mumble something under his breath. “what?” you step forward, tipping your toes to hear him clearly. “what did you say?”
“’re sakusa too” you would look up at his pouty face with an absurd look on your face. making him stop whatever he's doing and turn around to you and utter; “ me kiyoomi”
“no i will not, ‘m gonna call you sakusa” you would deny his plea until he is done with the dishes, he would put away the kitchen gloves and cross his arms while he looks down on you. “then there’s no point in changing your last name after i married you…”
Tumblr media
♡ suna rintaro 
“suna-” precisely 0.1 seconds later suna would cut you off. “...rintaro.”
“suna.” you would call him by his last name again, sighing at his greediness. “suna i told you to put the trash away in the morni-”
“i will really do it if ya call me rin” he whispers, leaning his head down between your neck and shoulder, pressing his forehead against your shoulder line, mumbling ‘rin’ over again and again.
“rin” he would instinctively tilt his head up at your voice, somewhat making eye contact with you, smiling slightly. “yes that’s it, i’ll throw the trash away right now”
Tumblr media
♡ miya osamu 
osamu wouldn’t even acknowledge a single bit of you when you call him by his last name. “miya are you ignoring me?” you tilt your body in front of osamu to see his lips pouted and eyes rolling.
“why are you pouting?” you scoff at him, kinda finding it cute to see him all pouty. “there’s two miyas at school, how would i know who y’er callin’?” this is ridiculous. ridiculously cute. you would try your best to not laugh and giggle. “why would i call atsumu now?”
“‘m not miya, ‘m samu.” he would deadass ignore everything you are saying and wait until you call him by his first name. “are ya lips glued? call me samu right now” he would poke your cheek, still having his pouted look on his face. making you giggle and hug him. “samu m’baby i love ya”
Tumblr media
taglist (open) ˚ · . @quirrrky @tendouscheese @cheybabey @tsuki-tsuki-daisuki @uhmkatt @savantsoulfinder @carmillous​ 
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
↻ / ♡ are deeply appreciated !
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luvbub · 3 months ago
(this is a req btw u can ignore this!) // angst
scenario with any of the hq boys where ur bf had to kiss the most attractive person in the room and he didnt kiss u so his friend (who likes u maybe) saves/defends u
“kiss the most attractive person in the room”
Tumblr media
feat. Bokuto, Sakusa, Hinata, Atsumu
♡ note: f!reader
♡ a/n: I have to clarify that your bf in this scenario IS NOT another hq boy!!
♡ part two, part three
Tumblr media
The room fell dead silent. No one spoke a word, but they all glanced at one another, all thinking the same thing.
Poor Y/n.
Your boyfriend was dared to kiss the most attractive person in the room, and in his drunken stupor he stumbled his way over to ex, effectively making out with her. You couldn’t say you were surprised by this- you always did feel like you were just a replacement- a rebound of sorts.
Still, you made your way out and onto the balcony, alone and away from everyone. You heard some sort of commotion inside, but what did it matter really.
And a few moments later, Bokuto comes out to join you, resting his arms on the balcony railing.
“If it makes you feel any better.... I punched him” he admits, and you chuckle.
“As a friend should” you murmur, resting your head on his shoulder. But Bokuto didn’t chuckle back, in fact, he was silent- a rare occurrence for him.
“Kou?” you ask, lifting your head, and you see Bokuto’s sad longing gaze towards you.
He leans his forehead onto yours, sighing to himself.
“Yup, just as friends should” he mutters, staring off to the empty street in front of him. Because as long as you’re still with your jerk of a boyfriend, that’s all Bokuto could ever be for you.
You stay silent for a moment before smiling to yourself, giving Bokuto a small nudge to catch his attention.
“I’m thinking about breaking up with him you know. I mean, I’ve been thinking about it for a while- but I always held on because I gave him the benefit of the doubt. And then tonight happened... so I think it’s a sign” you say, watching Bokuto slowly nod at your words.
“So,” you continue, turning your gaze back onto the street, resting your head on his shoulder once again, “if you ever think we should change our ‘friend’ status to something else.. just let me know”
You don’t see the way Bokuto shakes his head in disbelief, a grin forming on his face. But his hand finds yours, and he holds it tight.
“Alright, I’ll be sure to tell you then”
Sakusa wouldn’t normally go to any party- especially one thrown by your boyfriend. But you had urged him to go so he (begrudgingly) attends.
Fortunately- or maybe unfortunately- he arrived right at the beginning of truth or dare. And within in the two turns, things had gone horrendously wrong.
In the first turn, a girl answered truth. And when she had to name someone she would hookup with, she named your boyfriend. But that could be overlooked.. right?
Well when it was your boyfriend’s turn and he received the dare of kissing the most attractive person, he got right up to kiss the girl who wanted to hookup with him. You stood from where you sat, absolutely in shock of what had just happened. But before you could make any rash decisions, Sakusa holds you back.
When your asshole of a boyfriend turns around, seeing you in the arms of another man, he rushes up to the two of you, ready to confront Sakusa.
“How the hell did you get your driver’s license when you’re that blind?” Sakusa asks, carefully moving you behind him just in case any violence ensued. You hugged him tight, wondering if Sakusa could feel your heart beating hard.
“No but really, like I guess no offense to that girl for trying to get with a taken guy, but her morals are shit” Sakusa says out loud, and the girl becomes red with embarrassment when the people around her begin to laugh. But Sakusa turns back to your boyfriend, getting more pissed off the more he looked at your boyfriend’s face.
“What kind of sorry excuse of a boyfriend would ever think to kiss someone else when they have the most attractive s/o ever by their side? What more do you want from Y/n?” Sakusa asks, his towering height now apparent as he straightens up his posture.
Your boyfriend rolls his eyes, but secretly he did not want to get into any physical altercation- especially with Sakusa.
“Whatever, if you want to date Y/n go ahead” he mutters, effectively breaking up with you on the spot, and turning his attention back to the girl from earlier.
Sakusa escorts you out of the party, holding onto your hand tight. You gave it a little squeeze, catching his attention.
“Thanks.... for defending me back there” you murmur, “I really appreciate it”
He nods at you, and hesitates for a second before leaning down to give you a quick peck on the cheek. You don’t move away or protest, in fact you felt your own cheeks getting warm despite the cool air outside.
“I would’ve kissed you if I got the dare” he admits, his cheeks tinted a rosy pink. Sakusa didn’t want to progress any further just yet,- after all you had just been humiliated and dumped by your boyfriend.
He could be patient and wait for you to be ready. Heck, he’s been patient for as long as he could remember.
There was no rush for him.
You smiled when you heard the dare your boyfriend was given.
Kiss the most attractive person in the room.
You turn towards him, expecting for him to kiss you- but to your horror, he made his way to the other side of the circle, kissing another girl- and for quite a while too. You didn’t know how to react. It was an absolute slap on the face to witness that. And when your boyfriend returned to his seat next to you, he saw the look on your face and shrugged.
“What? C’mon babe, when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss her?” he chuckles, and some of his own friends laugh as well. You were utterly embarrassed, but you didn’t want to make a scene, so you stay put. Tears were threatening to spill out of your eyes, but thank goodness the dimly lit room hid that from others.
“Wait can I get that prompt too?” someone asks, and there’s more laughter ensuing. You look up, recognizing that voice.
“Sure Hinata, go kiss the most attractive person in this room” one of your boyfriend’s friends says, and Hinata nods, slowly standing up.
Without any hesitation, Hinata walks directly over to you, kneeling down next to you. You blink at him in surprise, was he actually in front of you right now? Did he have you mistaken for someone else in this dim light?
“Hi Y/n” he says, smiling softly at you. His voice was enough to get your heart to flutter- something you felt guilty about feeling given that your boyfriend was sitting right next to you. Then again, you just saw your boyfriend’s true colors unfold right before you.
“Hinata what the f-” but your boyfriend is quickly interrupted.
“C’mon man, when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss them” Hinata mocks, ensuing more laughter from the crowd.
Hinata cups your cheek with one hand, “You don’t have to you know, just let me know, and I’ll back away.”
But to Hinata’s surprise, you leaned in first, kissing him. He slowly melted into the kiss, and you felt the butterflies in your stomach fluttering around. You wanted more, but Hinata quickly pulled away. His eyes slightly widen at you and he nervously covers his mouth with the back of his hand. You can barely make out a slight blush forming on his cheeks. He nods at you before returning back to his seat.
You’re still in a daze, not realizing that your own boyfriend has his hand resting on your thigh, his eyes shooting glares at Hinata. Hinata knows better than to fall for someone who’s already taken. It’ll only cause awkwardness and his own broken heart. But he sees the way you snap out of your thoughts. You side eye your boyfriend before shooing away his hand off your thigh. And when the two of you make eye contact, you give him a shy smile.
Hm, maybe, just maybe, Hinata’s willing to pursue this.
Now, you would think when your boyfriend is dared to kiss the most attractive person in the room, he’d choose his own s/o. You would think.
So why the heck was he approaching some girl at the party? Not just that, but the same girl who you told your boyfriend you were uncomfortable with because it felt like she wanted to steal him away. The same girl he said not to worry about.
And when you see the smirk on the girl’s face right before she kisses your boyfriend, you get sinking feeling in your stomach, turning away to not look at the kiss. You wanted to disappear from everyone- you could sense the pity they took upon you.
“She’s B-tier at best” Atsumu hollers out, causing an uproar of laughter. You look up, and you see your boyfriend and the girl, both annoyed at Atsumu’s outburst.
“Dude, tell me why you have the most attractive person on this planet as your s/o and you go kissing the Wal-Mart version of them? As if there aren’t thousands of people waiting to date Y/n if given the chance” Atsumu says, and you feel your cheeks getting warmer with each praises he throws at you.
Atsumu makes his way towards you, and when he’s standing right in front of you, he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close.
“I- ‘Tsumu are you drunk” you ask, wondering where his sudden outburst is coming from. It was already embarrassing for your boyfriend to kiss someone else on his accord, you didn’t want to be further embarrassed by Atsumu’s little performance he was showing.
“I’m not.” he firmly says, his tone was serious. All of the lightheartedness from his earlier spiel was gone. If the music in the room wasn’t so loud, the room could’ve heard your heart beating.
“So many people are heard over heels for you Y/n, including me” he admits, leaning in to kiss you. And to everyone’s surprise, you kiss him back, limiting a roar of cheers from everyone else.
It was a brief kiss- but it felt like forever. And when Atsumu parts lips with you, he can’t help but smile. He pulls you in closer for a hug, resting his chin at the top of your head.
To no one’s surprise, your boyfriend breaks up with you then and there- outraged that you kissed another person. But the rest of the party berates your boyfriend for being a hypocrite, causing him and the other girl to leave the party.
When they’re gone, Atsumu pulls you aside, out of the eyes of others, making sure you were alright.
“Did you mean that?” you ask him, taking him by surprise. You had to make sure, that the little stunt Atsumu had pulled was genuine- that he wasn’t just saying those words as a performance.
Atsumu shakes his head at you, cupping your face to kiss you on the forehead.
“If anything, I didn’t even get close enough to expressing all of my feelings for you Y/n” he softly says, resting his forehead on yours.
And you knew that his words were anything but a performance.
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fsrintaro · 27 days ago
## ft. miya atsumu, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji
## a/n. i just knOW they are doing some stuff on purpose to make you blush
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU likes to stretch in front of you. he just knows that you are always goggling, mouth hung open at the way his muscles ripples at each stretch. atsumu knows that his near-translucent white sporting tee hugged every line of muscle on his back perfectly. “take a picture, sweetheart. it lasts longer.” he chimed over his shoulder, chuckling under his breath when he heard you shuffling away to hide your embarrassment.
MIYA OSAMU knows his portions. who would think that despite years in culinary school, he would still be 'accidentally' making extra portions? you did, but you take his food regardless. truth was, he scoured the internet for recipes, a new one each day with a different savoury taste in hopes of seeing you light up as you munch into it. as osamu cooks, his heart just melts at the thought of you bashfully accepting his food.
KUROO TETSURO likes to keep you close to him wherever the two of you were. his palm would ghost at your waist — the gesture itself was harmless as it provides you a slight bit of comfort. yet, kuroo still manages to get into your head as he draws little circles at the softness of your skin while he holds your waist.
SUNA RINTARO doesn't see a reason why you had to sit so far away from him. sure, a table for two usually has its persons facing each other but he would rather be next to you. you were interrupted from browsing through the menu as you felt a sudden jerk of your seat, the metal whining against the graphite floor as suna dragged your chair closer to his. he snuck a quick kiss to your cheek before pushing you back, your hand ghosting over the spot where he kissed you as you sat in your stunned state.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI, without a doubt, is a tall man — which is why he likes to bend down to until he is eye-level with you, especially when he couldn’t hear what you were saying. he would egg you on with a soft ‘pardon?’ as he tries to stifle his laughter when you were reduced to stammers. sakusa had the audacity to play dumb when his face was dangerously close to yours, mere inches away from kissing you right there and then, just because of how adorable you were.
AKAASHI KEIJI has developed the habit of pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear so that he could have a better view of your face. while your beauty knocks every last bit of breath in his lungs out of his body, his heart can’t help but to thrum wildly in his chest whenever you blush as he calls you pretty under his breath.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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sunkeiji · 20 days ago
7:34 pm + sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
"can i be selfish for a bit?"
you hum as kiyoomi's arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into a hug — one that he needed. taking your hands, he wraps them around the back of his neck, holding you impossibly close to his body.
"everything okay?" you ask, wondering why he's being so uncharacteristically affectionate all of a sudden.
"long day," is all that slips from his mouth. practice was rough. nothing went well in his book. and the constant bickering with atsumu wasn't helping. as much as he loves his teammates, omi needed some time away from the chaos. and the only place he'd rather be was your arms.
and as you play with the curls on the back of his head, his face falls into the crook of your neck, placing gentle kisses here and there.
"you know, you're acting a lot like me right now," you tease. "asking for hugs and being all whiny."
"now you know how i feel," he mumbles, placing another kiss to your cheek. looking into your eyes, he smiles slightly. "not that i mind it."
he looks down at your lips, his gaze lingering. you reach up to kiss him first, and he reacts almost immediately, moving his hands from your waist to your cheeks. and as he pulls away, he leans his forehead against yours.
"i should be selfish more often."
“i wouldn’t mind that.”
Tumblr media
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saintmanjiro · a month ago
Tumblr media
the water is running in the shower, and sakusa laughs melodically into the crown of your head, his arms wrapping tightly around you to keep you in place. his thumb rubs circles into your hipbone as you take a moment to steady yourself.
“you okay?” he grins, his dimples showing through. it’s foggy in the bathroom, the heat of the shower encompassing the both of you, and his hair is damp against his forehead, but you think he still looks beautiful, all things considered. reaching over, you poke his left dimple, watching how carefree he seems to be around you with a soft grin.
if only he was yours, you think.
“yeah,” you mumble.
“did i rock your world that hard?” he teases, chuckling when you roll your eyes and look away. “can’t seem to use your legs properly.” he can practically feel the heat radiating off your face.
“i think you can call me kiyoomi,” he interrupts. “we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” he winks. and you’re confused where this side of sakusa kiyoomi is even coming from, how after months and months of being a brooding and grumpy man, he could flip the switch and become so unfiltered.
but he’s magnetic like this, he draws you in and leaves you hungry for more. you want everything sakusa kiyoomi can give, want to decipher everything he means, want to learn everything he ever was, is, and will be.
and last night was a drunk mess, you’re not sure where it quite started or how it ended, but you know you woke up in a mess of bare limbs and tangled sheets, on a warm chest littered with moles you’d like to spend the rest of your life mapping. sakusa offers you a shower, and you take it as an invitation to see a glimpse of who he is underneath his mask—inside and out.
“geez, when did you get so confident,” you mumble, letting go of him to balance on your own. his hands keep their place on your hips nonetheless, thumb still rubbing circles into the bare skin.
“i’m not confident,” he shrugs, handing you body wash. you raise a brow at the brand, exotic and hard to pronounce, and no doubt incredibly expensive. “it’s just easy to be myself around you,” he murmurs. and you can make out the small bit of blush on his cheeks from the confession, taking in the sight of him flustered instead. but his eyes are hopeful, and your heart is in the air doing leaps.
“oh, is that so?” you hum. he nods, smiling when you lean a bit closer to him. it’s softer, and as you get closer, you realize sakusa kiyoomi’s eyes hold more depth to them than you’d initially realized. “i didn’t know you had dimples,” you mumble. “you should smile more.”
“well, you should make me,” he raises a brow.
“with your mask off,” you add. “otherwise it’s pointless.”
“ah,” he grins, spinning you so your back is against the cool tile. “that’s only for you.” he takes a deep breath before adding, “if you’ll have me, that is.” and it’s not exactly how he wanted to ask, but he’s been waiting months for this moment, and he deems this moment good enough. smiling brightly, you tilt you head closer, pecking his lips sweetly.
perhaps he’s been yours all along.
“i’ll have you,” you agree. “if you’ll have me.”
Tumblr media
this is a repost from my old blog. even though this post is sfw, i am still a nsfw blog so minors don’t not follow me !!
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kybabi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
[8:23 PM]
“daddy, why do people break up?”
kiyoomi pauses, crouched over the bed awkwardly, large frame too bulky to fit on his daughter’s small mattress.
he sits anyway, a hand reaching over to brush her curls out of her face.
“why do you want to know, sweet pea?”
she shrugs, dark eyes wide with eager curiosity.
“aiko says her mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore. she said that they don’t like to talk to each other now,” she tells him, and kiyoomi sighs, trying to find the words to explain.
“it’s hard to say.”
he sighs again.
“well, it’s different for everyone. some people break up because things just don’t feel the same as they used to. some people break up because they’re too different. some people break up with their partner because they don’t feel loved,” he tells her, pulling the blanket up to her chin and fluffing up her pillow. she looks up at him silently, eagerly, and he looks away.
“you know, your mommy and i went through something like that once.”
her little eyebrows furrow, and she looks confused. kiyoomi pats her head reassuringly.
he swallows, looking down.
“well...” he starts, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly. “mommy did everything for daddy. mommy went to his games, she ironed his shirts, she stayed up and waited for him every night when he would come home late, and she would make him soup when he had a cold.”
“the one with the mochi?” she perks up, grinning, and he chuckles, gently flicking her forehead.
“yes, the one with the mochi. mommy did lots of things to show daddy that she loved him,” he smiles at her softly. it dims slightly. “but sometimes daddy was too busy to notice those things. he would stay at work until late in the night and forget to have dinner with mommy. he even stopped kissing mommy goodnight.”
she gasps softly at that, personally offended at the thought.
kiyoomi looks down, brows furrowed.
“sometimes he would say mean things to her. he would get upset at her for forgetting to clean the dishes, or other small things. he would snap at her and say things that he didn’t mean, and he hurt her feelings.”
her eyes sadden at that, and kiyoomi holds her hand to remind her that he’s there.
“mommy felt like daddy didn’t love her anymore. she always worked hard to show him that she loved him, but he never did the same.”
she starts to cry, and his eyes widen, hand coming up to wipe her tears away.
“hey, hey. what’s wrong?” he whispers gently, and she sniffles sadly.
“i don’t want mommy and daddy to break up!” she sobs, and kiyoomi sighs, climbing into bed behind her and scooping her into his lap.
“oh, sweetheart. mommy and daddy aren’t going to break up, okay? i haven’t even finished the story yet, baby.”
she turns and buries her face in his chest, silently waiting for him to continue. he smiles.
“see, there’s a happy ending. once daddy realized that mommy didn’t like the way he was treating her, he changed his ways. he made sure to kiss mommy goodnight every day and started helping her make dinner every evening. he even tried to make soup for her when she was sick.”
she laughs, the sound watery, and looks up at him. “i bet it wasn’t as good as mommy’s.” he laughs heartily, kissing her on the forehead and pulling her in.
“definitely not. but then you came along, and i got to test my soup-making skills on you,” he narrows his eyes, and she cringes.
“eugh,” she mumbles, and he chuckles. he slips out of bed and tucks her right back in, all the way up to her chin.
“goodnight,” he whispers, kissing her temple softly, and she blinks at him sleepily.
he’s about to leave when she calls for him again.
he sighs patiently. “yes, baby?”
“i’m really glad you and mommy didn’t break up.”
he smiles at her gently. “me too.”
he’s surprised to see you standing just outside the door when he leaves, eyes wide and glossy, lip wobbling. his own eyes widen, and before he can say anything, you’re dashing into his arms, clinging to him like you’re scared to let go.
his eyes start to fill up with tears as he buries his face in your hair, breathing you in and exhaling. how on earth did he get so lucky?
“i love you, and our little family,” he whispers, just in case you need to hear it again. you nod against his chest, sniffling.
“and i love you.”
the two of you stay like that for a while, breathing each other in and just being for a second.
“she was right. your soup sucks,” you mumble, breaking the comfortable silence, and he smacks your ass lightly, laughing.
“shut up.”
Tumblr media
(a/n: this was totally not my style at all but i had an idea and it kind of just wrote itself idk😭anyways
i just left little sakusa unnamed :)) open to the imaginations of my dear readers !! hopefully this was okay hehe)
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veenxys · a month ago
haikyuu: the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up ﹠ the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up;
kuroo, osamu, oikawa, sakusa,
KUROO — he does it just because. he loves the way your voice falters and the way your words trail off against his lips and he especially loves it when you recover from the initial surprise and a smile settles on your lips as you deepen the kiss, not letting go even when he tries to pull away. by the time it’s over you’re gazing at each other, breathless laughter escaping your lips
OSAMU — he does it to assure you — because he isn’t sure how else to stop your overthinking and rambling. it’s a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead and he holds your hand and lets you know everything’s going to be alright.
OIKAWA — he does it all the time. when you're talking, he is just in awe of how beautiful you are; he puts his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you into a breathtaking kiss or a light kiss on your lips (there's no between) and then he pretends nothing happened and asks you to continue with whatever you're saying and that he's really going to pay attention now - but you know he'll do it again.
SAKUSA — does this to reassure you or calm you down; sometimes, you may ramble and speak so fast because you’re stressed and/or panicking. or sometimes, he just had a bad day and you think he’s mad at you or something, but he puts your mind at rest by kissing you and letting you know that it’s not because of you.
the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
bokuto, atsumu, suna, kenma.
BOKUTO — you do so because clearly, that’s what he wants. “y/n. y/n. y/n - ” and with a smile, he welcomes your lips on his, melting into the kiss as he cups your cheek, and when you abruptly pull away and say, “now shut up, i’m trying to watch a movie,” he can only pout before leaving little pecks on your temple and cheek and jaw.
ATSUMU — you do so because he’s singing a little too loudly in the middle of the night and when you playfully tell him to shut up, he gets in your face challengingly, saying something about you having to make him, only to have his sentence cut short as your lips meet his, and he forgets to close his eyes for a moment before deepening the kiss by pulling you even closer.
SUNA — you do so because he’s an idiot for not realizing that you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for the past half-hour. and when you suddenly lean in, barely touching, he’s unfazed, pressing a finger on your lips and a playful smile settling on his face, “you weren’t even listening, were you?” he has barely finished his sentence when your lips find his.
KENMA — he can be so clueless sometimes and he gets so lost in his own thoughts and is just speaking so much that he fails to realize you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for hours now. you usually have to take the matter in your own hands and kiss him first.
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adoringhaikyuu · 6 days ago
sakusa x gn!reader
Tumblr media
sakusa pouts as you coat your lips with lip balm, running the stick over your top, then your bottom lip, over and over. he watches the stick go from left to right almost resentfully, but still entranced nonetheless. you can sense his stare on you in the back of your mind, but you're too preoccupied, focusing on the task at hand.
he huffs when you still haven't put the lip balm away five seconds later. he's being dramatic, he knows. but it's for good reason.
"don't you think you've put enough?" he practically mumbles out aggressively, "maybe even too much?"
that makes you pause, your hand in the air, lip balm still on your lip. you look over at him questioningly and hesitantly. "...what?" you put the cap on and put it away, slowly rubbing your lips together.
his eyes catch on the movement of your lips and he gets temporarily distracted before he sighs and bites the inside of his cheek almost sheepishly as he looks to the side.
you tilt your head, eyes scanning over him as you try to figure him out. "you don't like when i put on lip balm?"
he shakes his head, like a child and you can't help but find it cute.
"why not?"
he hesitates for a few seconds before speaking up. "cause you don't let me kiss you till it dries off."
when he glances over and notices the smile growing on your lips, he clenches his jaw and crosses his arms, looking even more like a small child that didn't get their way.
you scoot closer to him and coo, "aww omi––" his shoulders sag and you can tell he regrets ever opening his mouth. "tell you what, i'll give you a free pass this time, kay?"
he hates himself for this, but your words make him perk up immediately, he's that whipped for you.
he tries to appear nonchalant as he turns to you, eyes flitting up to yours as he uncrosses his arms at the soft touch of your hand, urging them open.
he may be completely whipped for you, but as you press your lips against his and let out a content sigh, sinking further into him, one hand on his shoulder, the other in his curls, he realizes he doesn't care one bit. he slides an arm around your waist and tugs you closer. if he's only getting one kiss, he's gonna make it count.
Tumblr media
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melsun · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
+ featuring. atsumu, iwaizumi, osamu, tendou, kita, sakusa, kenma
+ a/n. for those who voted husband!, that'll come soon too, my loves <3 for now take my silly little hcs of my favorite boys as fathers. tbh i find this post so shitty sobs </3
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—ATSUMU whines along with his twin boys when they declare they have to get some ice-cream, three pouty faces staring up at you, noses scrunched and eyes wide (sometimes you wonder if you have three kids, instead of two). It's not that he isn't mature (he's a changed man after having kids- well, a little bit at least)- Atsumu just wants his kids to see him as their best friend instead of an authoritative figure.
—IWAIZUMI is protective of his daughter, glaring at any boy who dare approach her (he's made some five year olds cry with that glance of his). He loosens up when you place your hand on his forearm, telling him to calm down- but no one better steal his precious princess away. He's the type of dad who's scared of his kids growing up too fast.
—OSAMU cooks with his sweet girl (or as she prefers to be addressed- his sous-chef), father and daughter looking oddly similar with their matching aprons, brows furrowed and lips parted as both of them stare at the pot eagerly, waiting patiently for its contents to cook. (you're their taste tester, of course). He loves spending time with her- eyes lighting up when she shoves her nose in the air- demanding to experiment with his recipes.
—TENDOU who makes silly faces at his toddler son when in a restaurant, making the boy giggle at his father- it's a sound that never fails to bring a smile to either of your faces. Even so, Tendou can't help but let tears form in his eyes when his boys grabs his pinky finger between breaths, flashing him a toothless grin while letting out a "a lu-uv da-da!"
—KITA who's kids are always well behaved. you're the subject of envy of every parent around, because your kids (although a little blunt at times) always clean up after themselves, sending soft respectful smiles here and there. Shinsuke often lays his hands on their head to express his pride, ruffling their hair gently- and when they grin at him, he knows he'd love them just as much even if they were a bunch of troublesome gremlins.
—SAKUSA can't help but spoil his princess, buying her the newest toys and prettiest clothes- he even takes her shopping with him, her small legs resting on his broad shoulders and arms secured firmly around his neck. a wide grin stretches on his lips under his mask when his daughter happily twirls in her dress, showing it off to her proud dad- he knows he'd do anything for your family.
—KENMA seldom lets you appear in his streams- not that he doesn't like you there, it's just too distracting. but his year old son is always seated on his lap, waving at the camera while Kenma's glance is fixed on the screen, only occasionally shifting downwards to look at his child. A small smile makes its way on his face when his little boy tilts his head at him, eyes big. Kenma ends up wrapping up the stream early, to cuddle with his baby boy- every single time.
Tumblr media
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minejiro · a month ago
Tumblr media
“omi, hey! omi,” you nudge sakusa with your hand. he stirs in his sleep, blinking as his sleep hazed eyes open one by one to meet yours.
“y/n?” he rubs a hand over his eyes and groans, and the sight of his tousled hair and puffy cheeks makes your heart beat a mile a minute.
“i’m sorry,” you mumble, looking down. he stares at you like that for a moment, propped up on his elbows as he registers your words—and why you’ve said them.
sakusa promptly turns to face away from you, greeting you with the sight of his bare back.
“hmph,” he huffs, and you pout, shaking his shoulder to gather his attention once more. by now, you’ve learned sakusa kiyoomi is a very stubborn person.
and sure, you had yelled at him rather harshly for asking you a harmless question, but you were in a bad mood.
he should’ve known that, he’s your boyfriend after all.
“omi,” you whine, shoving his shoulder yet again, putting a little more force into it than last time. he pays you no mind, and you all but throw a temper tantrum at the lack of attention from him.
“that’s kiyoomi to you,” he mumbles.
yeah, you think, it seems he’s still mad.
you were really hoping he wouldn’t be—the second he’d grabbed his pillow and stomped off to the guest room, you’d known you’d gone to far, but the words had slipped before you could stop them from spewing.
but you and sakusa were cut from the same stone, and you know him better than you know yourself.
he won’t be mad for long.
“omi, said i was sorry,” you pout—and if he’d seen the sight, he’d have given in, you’re sure of it. you curse him for facing his back to you.
smart bastard, you think. he’s done it on purpose.
“well, i never said it was okay. it’s not nice to be rude to your boyfriend after a long day. especially when he simply asked what you wanted for dinner.”
“i know,” you murmur. “that’s why i’m here to apologize.”
“well, too bad. he’s not here,” sakusa says through his own heavy pout, laying on his side with his arms crossed. your hand runs softly over his back, and the hurt feelings from before completely dissipate. you hold that power over him.
“can you tell him for me then?” you grin slightly, making him shrug.
“i don’t know, you don’t really deserve to leave him a message.”
“aww, come on,” you whine, leaning down and placing your chin on his shoulder, hand finding it’s way to rub over his bare abs now. they flex under your touch. “he’s got a soft spot for me, i know he does. he’ll listen to the message.” it’s silent for a bit.
“fine, i’ll tell him,” sakusa mumbles eventually. grinning, you press a soft kiss to his neck.
“well, tell him i love him, first of all. i didn’t get a chance to tell him that before bed. and then tell him i’m sorry, and that i was wrong. i shouldn’t have snapped at my boyfriend after a long day. especially after he simply asked what i wanted for dinner.” sakusa grumbles something under his breath, and it sounds awfully close to ‘not good enough’. you roll your eyes at his stubbornness. “and tell him that he’s handsome—the handsomest. and that the bed’s cold without him,” you mumble the last part softly.
and quietly, he sighs, and you know he’s not mad anymore just from the sound alone.
“he’s asking if you’re gonna make it up to him.”
“i think i can think of a few ways,” you giggle, and a small grin spreads across sakusa’s face, a soft, boyish chuckle of his own ringing through the room.
he turns, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest. he’s warm, and his arms instantly make your eyes feel slightly heavy—sleeping without sakusa by your side is probably your least favorite experience, as evident from your tossing and turning all night.
“you were really mean to me,” he pouts.
“oh, look who’s back,” you tease, poking the tip of his nose. “and i know, i’m sorry baby. i’ll try to be less snappy next time.” tilting your head up, you press a delicate kiss to his jaw.
“and you call me grumpy,” he says—and of course, it’s in a grumpy tone, but you decide not to point it out.
“well, in my defense, you should’ve known i was in a bad mood. that’s your job as my boyfriend.”
“i didn’t sign up to be a mind reader,” he rolls his eyes. and just like every night, sakusa carefully pulls the covers over your body, making sure you’re carefully tucked in before pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead. you smile, a wave of emotion hitting you at his actions.
loving him is so easy, and you can’t imagine ever stopping.
“hey, you never said i love you back,” you pout, poking his chest. he swats your hand away, closing his eyes and tugging you closer.
“go to sleep, y/n,” he grumbles. and, with pure fondness and a soft tone he reserves only for you, he mumbles out, “i love you too. jerk.”
it’s a shame the pettiness holds no exceptions for even you, however.
Tumblr media
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ch0s0 · 25 days ago
hq guys when you fall asleep on the couch
Tumblr media
[with: iwaizumi, atsumu, kuroo, oikawa, sakusa] [warnings: mentions of them picking u up but that’s all] [a/n: these men... istg kuroo has me by the tail, i’m whipped]
Tumblr media
-> IWAIZUMI sighed, eyes flicking open as he patted the spot next to him, hands grasping at empty air, trying lazily to find you. it isn’t until he drags himself out of bed, wiping the sleep out of his eyes that he finds you, curled up on the living room couch half covered by a too small blanket. “come on lets get you to bed” he mutters, scooping you up carefully, trying not to wake you. his hold is tight on you, hands finding purchase wrapped under your arms and legs, the pads of his thumbs rubbing soothing circles on the exposed skin in an attempt to keep you from waking. “almost there darling, just gotta get you through this- doorway” he grunts, angling his body so you both go through in one quick motion. warmth pools in his chest as you sleepily snuggle closer, causing him to squeeze you tighter before softly laying you down onto the bed. “sleep tight babe” he murmurs before pressing a sloppy kiss to your forehead, tumbling into bed beside you.
-> ATSUMU it’d been a while since you and atsumu had been able to spend some time together, and to be honest you missed him. and you said you’d just close your eyes for a second, but seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into a few hours so that by the time the door creaked open accompanied by a jangle of keys, you were well asleep. “darlin? you still up” atsumu whispers, inching towards the couch as he sets his gym bag down, a smile stretching his lips as he watches you sleeping peacefully. “i guess that’s a no then huh? if you can just scooch over... yeah like that” he grunts, having sandwhiched himself between you and the couch cushions, the only thing actually keeping you on the couch is his steady grip around your waist. carefully, he slides you on top of him, resting your head on his chest, before nuzzling his head against yours, finally taking a breath “now ya don’t hafta to spend the night by yerself doll, i’ll see ya bright n’ early” dw he doesn’t smell, he showered at practice
-> KUROO frowned the moment he walked in the door, seeing you curled up on the couch, head hanging over the edge, throughly exhausted from your day. quietly, kuroo sets his things down before grabbing a blanket, carefully tossing it over your sleeping form. “hey now” he coos “don’t wake up pretty please... here-” he yanks off his shoes, almost falling over in the process causing you’re eyebrows to knit together at the sound, face twisting at the commotion. slowly, he lowers himself down on the couch, pulling you against his chest as he tucks the blanket in around you both. “there now, i can’t have you sleeping without me?” he chuckles at his words, eyes softening as he looks down at you, one arm securely wrapped around your waist as if someone would try to take you from him. “see you in the morning, love you hun” flash forward to the morning when you both have terrible neck cricks :/
-> OIKAWA “easy does it, here- yeah, now the other leg” oikawa grunts, sliding your half asleep figure onto his back. he couldn’t have left you to spend the night all alone on the couch now could he? you have to sleep next to him, that’s a given or else he’s doesn’t plan on getting any sleep, period. slowly, he stands up, situating you on his back before heading to the bedroom, thumb rubbing circles on your thigh as you snuggle closer into him, inhaling a scent mixed of shampoo and aftershave. lowering you down on to the bed, oikawa does his best to tuck your splayed out arms against your body, pulling the blanket up to your neck before stepping back to look at his handy work. “there” he mumbles, leaning down to place a chaste kiss to your temple, only to see your eyes lazily blink open as he pulls back. “you missed a spot” you mumble, half delirious, a loopy smile stretching your face. “i did?” “you did” nodding you point to your lips, flailing your arms towards him “oinks” you pout, successfully grabbing him, pulling him down, his lips meeting yours. his mouth is soft against yours as you pull him deeper towards you, only letting go to catch your breath “that’s more like it”
-> SAKUSA didn’t like the idea of you sleeping on the couch by yourself, but he also didn’t want to accidentally wake you up moving you into the bedroom, so that’s how he ended up with a makeshift pallette on the floor beside the couch. “your lucky i love you babe, i’m risking a bad back on this” he mutters, pressing a kiss to the knuckles of your hand that’s dangling off the couch, before relaxing on to the ‘bed’. “are you sure you’re asleep or are you just messing with me?” he mumbles, taking your silence as a yes, he props himself up on his knees, resting his head near yours on the couch, soft eyes scanning your face. “stop staring at me like that while i’m sleeping you creep” you mumble after a few minutes, opening an eye as you push his face away with your hand. “so you were awake you little brat... come on we’re going to bed” sakusa hoists you over his shoulder, walking into the bedroom before tossing you down onto the bed in a fit of giggles “that was adorable you know. i didn’t think you’d actually sleep out there with me” “shut up”
Tumblr media
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sunarent · 25 days ago
before he proposes
characters: bokuto. kageyama. kuroo. sakusa. suna.
genre: fluff
Tumblr media
BOKUTO can’t contain his excitement. he is way more talkative, stumbling over his words and shifting constantly - either in his seat or on his feet. a lovestruck grin is etched on his face, it’s almost creepy how he can’t stop giggling. his eyes are glued on you and only you and if it were him he would pop the question right then and there - and chances are he just might.
KAGEYAMA spaces out. he wants to listen to you, he knows he should, but his mind is overwhelmed with thoughts. will you even accept? isn’t it too early? did he get the right ring size? will you like the ring? oh god, will he mess up? will he make a fool of himself? he won’t - he can’t. he loves you too much, you have to accept, right? and it is when you brush his hair out of his face, looking at him with worried eyes that he knows he is making the right choice.
KUROO looks like he did on your very first date. he is way more flirty, well, he tries to be. but his attempts to charm you are more clumsy than anything - full of shitty puns and jokes he told you over the years. and yet you laugh at them like you heard them for the very first time, shaking your head at his antics. you don’t notice how he mentally curses at himself, wondering why the hell he acts like he’s in high school again.
SAKUSA has always been good at masking his nervousness, opting to fidget his fingers out of your field of vision and simply staring at you as you talk. he can’t help the little smile that creeps onto his lips, his cheeks already starting to hurt. and just as you start to vividly articulate yourself, hands moving to strengthen your point he grabs them like it’s the simplest thing in the world, effectively cutting you off. yes, you‘re the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
SUNA is incredibly touchy and smiley - so much so it concerns you. he can’t wait to pop the question, he can’t wait to see the ring on your finger. he daydreams about the future to come, his fingertips brushing over your skin as you sit beside him, engrossed by the movie playing on your tv, not noticing how suna’s hand lays on his thigh, hiding the little velvety box. it isn’t until he stole one last sweet kiss from you that you finally ask him what’s gotten into him - and that is when he sinks down on his knees.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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