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HI MILO i'm back with my request✨ can i ask for sakusa + "i really don't want to lose you, please keep that in mind" from the first prompt list if that's okay? thank you!!💜
first impressions.
feat. sakusa kiyoomi
notes. 1.6k words : enemies to lovers : mentions of alcohol, throwing up (gagging)
Tumblr media
You hated the fact that Atsumu Miya introduced you to his MSBY teammates.
First impressions are everything, that’s what you’ve always been told while growing up. And of course, the first impression to your best friend’s teammates was that of a clumsy person. Naturally you were nervous when meeting them for the first time, which led to a spilled drink on Sakusa Kiyoomi’s lap when you went to introduce yourself.
Between strings of apologies, you’d usually expect a person to tell you that it’s alright. Stuff like this happens all the time, right? But the disgusted look on his face made you rethink that. “No wonder you’re friends with the likes of Atsumu.”
You had to correct yourself - you hated the fact that Atsumu introduced you to Sakusa Kiyoomi.
And yet, you still tried to get along with him. The longer your best friend has been playing for the team, the more they hang out together outside of their practices. ‘Team bonding’  was what he liked to call it, even though it was just an excuse to drink himself silly. 
Even if you had to sometimes pick him up when he was too drunk to hold himself up, you didn’t mind as long as their hangouts didn’t interfere with your own plans. Atsumu and you have been friends since you were kids and if he wasn’t seen with Osamu around, you were attached to his hip instead. As you both progressed into adulthood, you made it a point to hang out every Friday.
And as fate would have it - when the team’s schedule changed, they also had to change their evening’s out. Much to your dismay their only available day fell onto Friday as well, but your best friend had a solution of course - he’s just gonna bring you along!
You got along fine with all of his friends, except Sakusa. It was a fact that bothered you more than the man himself, as you just didn’t understand why he held such a grudge against you over a spilled glass of water. Of course - you wouldn’t be happy over a first meeting like that as well, but in your mind, it wasn’t something you’d want to kill someone over. 
You were adamant to break through to him - if it wasn’t for the sake of your curiosity, you at least wanted to do this for Atsumu. And so it began…
The efforts to get his attention started in subtle ways. You were going to get another refill from the bar? Sakusa was the first person you asked if he wanted one as well. Instead of answering, he eyed you suspiciously and chose to ignore you instead. You didn’t deter though and came back with two glasses, much to his annoyance. 
“I never said I wanted another one.”
“You also never said that you didn’t.”
But Sakusa was not impressed, with raised eyebrows the glass was pushed back into your direction. “No, thank you.”
It seemed like the whole bar fell silent as you just stared back at him with any words of retaliation dying in your mouth, gaping like a fish out of water. Suddenly the two of you were the most interesting attraction at the table and you felt like everyone’s eyes left an imprint on your skin. Your face was heating up, but you didn’t know if it was due to your own embarrassment or the sheer audacity of this man.
The uncomfortable situation was dissolved when you heard Atsumu’s roaring laughter cut through the tension. “Never in ma life would I have dreamed of seeing yer rejected that badly!”
And since you were too busy flicking the forehead of your life’s annoyance while cursing him out, you missed the way Sakusa’s cheeks tinted with the slightest blush.
On the same evening, Atsumu had to basically drag you back to your apartment. You were barely able to walk as you were too prideful to admit defeat and drank both drinks instead of bringing them back to the bar. On top of that, you might have added a few more to numb the feeling of wanting to disappear into the ground.
“‘Tsumio….. why is that guy like that?” Your friend raised a brow at you, asking to clarify who you were talking about.
“Sakusa…… he’s got such a pretty face but runs an incredibly dirty mouth… and personality”, you slurred on as if you were deep in thought, but your frown turned into a pout as you continued to whine. “Why can’t he just be nice like me? Why can’t he just give me a chance so we can be friends?”
Atsumu just rolled his eyes, although he doubts that you saw it with the way your face was buried into his shoulder which you were clinging onto as if your life depended on it. “Well I think that my face is prettier.”
Despite your drunken state, you fake-gagged at his statement which prompted him to think you had to actually puke. He panicked and almost let you drop to the ground, hysterically screaming something about ‘being too handsome to be puked on’.
Although in spite of what had happened on that evening, your resolve to get closer to Sakusa did not falter. Weeks of night’s out have passed, but your determination paid off in the end. He was the first one to fold.
“Why do you insist on talking to me all the time?” Much to your surprise, Sakusa was the first one to initiate your conversation today. You had arrived a bit earlier than usual, so you expected to be waiting alone at your regular table. But what you didn’t expect was him already sitting there.
“Oh? But you are the one that’s talking to me right now?”, you feigned innocence and smiled at him. Sakusa was having none of your bullshit, you could tell that by the way he squinted his eyes at you.
After hesitating for a moment, you sigh. “I wanna know why you hate me so much.”
Once again you had to reiterate: you hated Sakusa Kiyoomi. You hated how much of an enigma he was. 
He looked confused, as if he hasn’t made his feelings apparent for the short time you’ve known each other. “I never said I hated you.”
And not unlike when he first rejected you, your mouth opened in surprise but this time you had a response, even if you stumbled over the words like a toddler during its first steps. “W-Well I also wanna get along with you because… you’re friends with Atsumu.”
Another blank stare with another round of silence.
“I never said I was friends with Atsumu.”
You were going to kill this man.
Even if you felt like nothing had changed since that night, you couldn’t help but notice how he started being more receptive towards you. The vicious banter turned into a more light-hearted one where both of you laughed. The accidental ‘being 30 minutes early’ turned into purposefully arriving ahead of schedule, just so you could spend a bit more time together.
And similarly to you being the first one to warm up to him, you were the first one to ask him out - just the two of you.
If anyone would have asked you three months ago if you’d ever see yourself on a date with MSBY’s Sakusa, you would have just laughed with a ‘FUCK no’ - maybe even accompannied with a gag depending on who asked.
But now you were here, at the front door of your apartment. After dinner, he had insisted on driving you home and during the whole ride you were thinking about how you were feeling towards the man. You couldn’t deny that he has become a person you’ve valued and care for, but how far do these feelings go? It was nerve racking, thinking about how he’d react if you brought the topic up. You’ve worked so hard to get up to this point, could you really bear to lose it in a matter of seconds? Not even Atsumu knew about it, this was the one thing where you were worried that he’d run his mouth a bit too much.
Too lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice that the car had stopped until Sakusa was standing on the other side of the passenger door, holding out a hand to help you out. “I’ll walk you to the door.”
With a nod, you accepted it without thinking much. Your head was still full of thoughts, the solemn look on your face not going unnoticed by the man that was still holding your hand. “What’s on your mind?”
For the first time since you’ve left the restaurant, you looked up to him to meet his gaze. You couldn’t stop yourself from drawing a sharp breath - it was now or never.
You promptly stopped, causing Sakusa to be slightly startled as he turned around to face you. It was only now that you felt the weight of his hand in the palm of your own. Nevertheless, neither of you showed the intention of letting go.
“Before I start”, as much as you wanted to escape his gaze, you didn’t break eye contact with him. “I really don’t want to lose you, please keep that in mind.”
Your words were just above a whisper, but it’s not like you could hear them over the beating of your heart anyway. Letting out another deep breath, you tried your best to not think of the worst case scenarios. The worst he could say was no, right? But then again, he could also tell all your friends about it, you could already see Atsumu dying of laughter before your inner eye. Oh yeah, and he could also-
“I really like you.”
You flinched. 
“What?” The word nearly came out as a scream, prompting you to throw your hand over your mouth a little bit too hard. But instead of starting to feel insecure over your reaction, Sakusa only laughed and looked at you with a soft gaze.
“I’m pretty sure you’ve been thinking about how to confess ever since we left the restaurant, so I thought I’d make it a bit easier for you and take the task off of your hands.”
In reality, you didn’t actually hate Sakusa Kiyoomi - you just hated the way he made your heart flutter in all different kinds of ways.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
they’re in love!! (with you)
→ feat. atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi || genres: fluff
Tumblr media
KIYOOMI is late to work. and it's not his fault. no, he didn't sleep in. he didn't forget to turn off the stove. he didn't forget his keys. in fact, he woke up at seven am like he always does. but kiyoomi is late to work and it's because of you.
"baby, one more kiss? the last one," you say, lips already chasing after his.
but kiyoomi puts a hand over your mouth. "you said that twenty kisses ago."
"last one, i promise, please?"
and now you're holding onto his necktie, eyes blinking at him, waiting for him to say yes. but kiyoomi is already ten minutes late to work and he knows that if he caves into you he will be even later. so he opens his mouth, about to say no, but then you kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear.
god. he can't say no to you.
kiyoomi kisses you, sighing into the kiss. he can feel your smile against his lips. what a little devil, he thinks. but that doesn't matter right now, because your lips feel like heaven and kiyoomi thinks this is paradise. and kiyoomi kisses you again and again and again until you're both breathless.
maybe he should call in sick today.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU sometimes gets this overwhelming warm feeling in his chest, a feeling that makes him want to almost cry. and it is times like these, as he’s laying in bed sick with a wet towel on his forehead, as you are holding his hand, that he realizes how grateful he is that you chose him. that you wanted to stay with him.
“babe, i love ya, will leave all my fortune to ya."
“tsumu, stop acting like you're dying. it’s just a cold.”
he snorts at your reply, but the warmth of your fingertips on his palms doesn't stop the tears from appearing in his eyes. he can feel his lips quivering, his face growing red (and not from the fever). so he pulls you closer to him, until your face is pressed into the crook of his neck.
“ya know i love ya, right? i love ya so much,” he whispers in your ear.
"i know tsumu, i love you too."
"even when you make me burnt porridge, i love ya a whole lot."
"yes, yes, you big baby," you giggle, lightly smacking his arm, "my big baby."
the night ends with you kissing atsumu's face over and over again until he stops crying (he stops when he falls asleep).
Tumblr media
TOORU knows all good things come to an end eventually. that forever is not a word that lasts, it's not a word that makes sense to him. that one day he will have to let go. but when his arms are tightly wrapped around you as you bask in the afternoon sun, your hair tickling his cheek, he thinks it might make sense after all.
forever is a word that tooru can finally picture and it takes shape in the form of you.
"you smell like me," he says, kissing the top of your head.
"you noticed? i used your shampoo."
"you're also wearing my jersey," he teases, "you like me that much?"
"tooru, you're literally my boyfriend."
he laughs. tooru can't help but tighten his arms around you, still laughing, your face pressed against his. you whine, saying he's crushing you. but tooru keeps you secure in his embrace, kissing your cheeks, your ears, your neck. kissing your lips. and yes, oikawa tooru is your boyfriend. he's yours, forever and more.
"you're soo clingy," you say.
"only for you," he replies.
tooru doesn't think forever is a word that lasts, but if it's with you, he will try. he will try to make it last until his last breath. only for you.
Tumblr media
SHOYO thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your clothes are soaked and you look terribly pissed off because the weather forecast didn't announce it would rain. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and you're squeezing his hand a tad bit too hard.
"our picnic is ruined.”
"it's fine, we could always go tomorrow! and now we can go home and cuddle."
but that doesn't take away the look of disappointment on your face, or how your body slumps, or how smaller than usual you look. so shoyo pulls you towards him, making you drop the picnic basket, his face a mere inches away from yours.
"dance with me?"
and shoyo doesn't even wait for you to answer before he's twirling you around. hands around your waist, pulling your body each time closer to his, until all he can feel is your warmth instead of the rain soaking his clothes. until all he can feel is your heartbeat.
"shoyo, stop, this is embarrassing!" you say, but you're laughing and laughing with each twirl, with each step.
shoyo thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and your clothes are drenched. even now, as the rain pours over both of you and you two are dancing and laughing like mad.
Tumblr media
a/n: tooru’s is inspired by the song forever by lee junhyung!!
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hajiberry · 4 months ago
“you’re so pretty”
“you’re pretty”, you said again, smiling as his cheeks started to heat up.
“Shut up”, he mumbled, throwing his arm over his face, laughing, you sat up, peeling his arm off his face and leaning in closer to him.
“Stop, I wanna see your pretty face”, groaning, he gently shoved your face away from his.
“Stop saying that oh my god”, giggling you leaned down, lightly kissing on his face,
“Naaah, my pretty boy”,
sighing he looked at you, studying your face before softly mumbling,
“I love you”, your face broke out in a huge grin,
“huh? couldn’t hear you?”, glaring at you, he rolled his eyes,
“You heard me you idiot”, reaching for your waist he pulled you on top of him,
smiling you kissed him, before mumbling out “I love you”,
raising an eyebrow he smirked, “huh? couldn’t hear you”
KENMA, sakusa, suna, kageyama, tsukishima
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heartsuna · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI. was a little grumpy for whatever reason; mumbling curses under his breath every few minutes. sighing, you walked over to where your boyfriend was sitting in his chair and squished his cheeks together. “what’s wrong, haji?” “haji?” “yeah, do you not like it?” he finally lets himself relax and leans into your touch. “no, i like it.”
ATSUMU. “you’re so cute, tsum.” feels everything around him stop and he swears his chest might burst from how giddy he feels. tries to play it off, but it’s too late; there’s a boyish grin spreading across his face accompanied by a rosy color on his cheeks. 
SAKUSA. “hi, omi.” completely malfunctions: his eyes widen and a furious red spreads across his pale skin. you can see him holding back a smile as he shyly mutters back a hi.
SUNA. has your phone between his fingers keeping it as far away from you as he can, and no matter how much you try you can’t seem to get it back. “give it back!” “ask nicely and i just might.” “please, rin.” you can see him falter a bit before he finally gives in. “fine, only cause you asked nicely.”
BOKUTO. had fallen asleep on your chest during a movie. feeling some movement, you look down to see bokuto, who’s eyes are filled with sleep. “hi, bo.” smiles softly at your new nickname for him before pulling you closer. “hi baby.”
Tumblr media
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omi-boshi · 4 months ago
kiyoomi strikes me as someone who is oblivious to his own attractiveness and consequently, does unintentional thirst traps. like, he's called over one day by the team's pr manager and told that he has to be more connected to his fans to maintain popularity and that he could do this by posting on instagram more. he just nods, barely listening. he's more focused on trying to get home to you quicker but on his way there, he actually mulls over what he can post. when he comes up short, he asks you for your help and because you have a professional athlete for a boyfriend, you tell him 'why not post some workout photos? you can talk about your regimen too for the people who are curious.'
he does exactly that.
he starts uploading post-workout mirror photos where he's usually wearing a muscle tee and his arms are still glistening from the sweat. sometimes he wears a cap and a mask, sometimes a beanie, other times, his hair is just clipped back.
he posts clips of himself in the middle of doing reps (his most viewed clip is of his shirtless back flexing as he does pull ups, and the second being of him doing pushups as you sit on his back at your behest). all of these are innocently captioned with a detailed explanation of what he's doing, what muscle he's focusing on, and how many sets of reps he did that day among other things.
on his stories, he starts posting the photos you take of him on his phone when he's cooking and photos of the meals he made. and as usual, the caption gives thorough information on his diet and why he made this specific food.
of course, he doesn't only post gym and health stuff. interspersed in his feed are photos of him that he asked you to send to him. all of which very much screams boyfriend. he also starts posting you more on his stories just because he can and he knows that you secretly preen in delight when you see the notification (he's seen you smile at your phone when you think he's not looking.)
and because he has content catered for both the gym and health junkies and the hopeless romantics, all of this results into him gaining over 200k more followers, making his account the most popular amongst the team in just a little over 3 weeks.
he doesn't get it. he doesn't get how he gained so much popularity in such little time and when he asks you about it ('is my workout and diet regimen that good?'), his eyebrows scrunched up and his tone just genuinely lost and confused, all you can do is giggle and reach up to poke the slight dimple that shows up on his cheek when he pouts.
you don't have the heart to tell him that a good chunk of his followers are here primarily because he's hot and so, shrugging, you tell him, 'just keep doing what you're doing.'
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maitani · 3 months ago
characters: sakusa. atsumu. iwaizumi.
Tumblr media
you were aware of how known your boyfriend was — he was the one of the top aces in the country and he was pretty attractive, it was quite easy to take notice of him. however, it doesn’t mean you want people to notice him.
you want them to take notice of his talents, not take notice to the point where they have any romantic interest or motives. just like now, that you’re simply standing with komori and watching a girl step up to your boyfriend in hopes to get his attention.
if his attention meant glaring at her as if she was germ infested then she got it.
“ kiyoomi, you were so good out there! “ she praised, balancing on the heel of her foot. of course she wasn’t wrong and it could’ve been an innocent comment until she landed the final blow, “ plus you looked really good on the court. “
sakusa darts his eyes over to the girl and voices, “ who are you? “
somehow that one question made her beam, assuming that he was interested, “ i’m your classmate in — “ but he proved her wrong the moment she opened her mouth, “ nevermind, forget i asked. i honestly don’t care who you are — excuse me. “
the girl watches sakusa with wide eyes, watching him inch closer to you and he mumbles, “ i want to go home. “
you find yourself grinning at his affirmation, immediately understanding what he meant by that — he doesn’t just want to go home, he wants to go home with you. your hands extend out his towel, allowing him to take it and giving you a nod of appreciation before placing a single kiss on your forehead.
if that wasn’t enough to increase your confidence, your next choice of words were. “ then let’s go home, omi. “
Tumblr media
if there was one thing you hated, it was how insane atsumu’s fans were. either they were legitimate supporters who admired him for his games or they were the obsessors — who only wanted him out of attraction.
meaning his skills? practically an accessory to him.
and you never enjoyed encountering those fans, hence why your relationship was quite private outside of his team and your friends. but moments like these where they parade around him had you wanting to just exclaim that you didn’t like how close they were.
but if there was one thing about atsumu when it came to these people was that he too hated them.
“ atsumu, you were great! “ the same compliment was bombed and he just wanted to find you, that simple but instead he was trampled by the fans. he can feel his irritation increase by the second, all he hears is squealing and he has had enough especially when he’s found the culprit as to why he made a horrible serve during the match. “ atsumu, i was cheering the loudest for you! “ 
his gaze flickers over and he immediately scowls, “ so ya the squealin’ pig that made me mess up? “
her smile falls and she loses the words to excuse herself, more so when he lets out a scoff and retreats towards you who watched from afar. his hard demeanor drops to a pout adorning his features, something very different from his previous features. “ how annoying. “
you let out a giggle at his confession, reaching forward to brush the loose bangs that coated his forehead, “ it’s okay, tsumu … you guys still won. “
he leans into your palm, humming, “ can ya blame me, i’m the absolute best. “ and you couldn’t agree more.
Tumblr media
“ you did great, hajime. “ you commented, mimicking the smile that lines on iwaizumi’s features.
but that expression falters when some girl pushes past you and takes a stance before him to beam, “ saw you out there, iwa. gotta say you were great. “ he cringes at the mention of the shortened surname that his friends only use and he feels guilty when he sees your saddened features.
even more so when you mouth ‘it’s fine’ because he knew that it wasn’t but you don’t have the heart to admit because it made you feel selfish.
times like these was when he’d wish for the fangirls to be attracted to oikawa but unfortunately, he was the star in this random girl’s eyes. but he had to put his foot down once she had crossed the line as if she hadn't already.
she smiles coyly, hand reaching forward to feel at his bicep “ and your muscles —” but he grasps her wrist before she can invade his space any further.
“ don’t touch me please, especially in front of my partner — i’d appreciate it if you apologized to them and if not then don’t bother with me. “ iwaizumi retorted, not taking note of the surprised gazes that you and the girl were sparing him.
as honest and straightforward he was, you didn’t expect that and neither did she. the girl doesn’t say anything so he lets out a short exhale before going around her to meet with you once more, “ are you okay? “
you were, it wasn’t a big deal and yet your stomach did some flips at how concerned he was over a small ordeal. you nod nonetheless to say softly, “ i am, thank you, hajime. “ your arms link with his, thanking whoever was listening to your thoughts for letting you find a sweet boyfriend like him.
Tumblr media
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hanmas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: miya atsumu, suna rintaro, bokuto koutaro, sakusa kiyoomi
notes: repost from my old blog again <3
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 yawns sleepily, head on your chest as you scratched his scalp while you watched your show. kissing his forehead, you turn to him with a soft smile, staring down at him sweetly.
“baby, you should sleep, you’ve had a long practice,” you whisper. he pouts, glancing back at the episode running on your laptop, looking back at you and shaking his head stubbornly.
“no, i gotta know what happens in the episode,” he mumbles, cutting himself off with another yawn. chuckling, you kiss his forehead again as his eyes droop shut slowly despite his claims.
“you can barely finish your own sentence, tsumu,” you tease. he whines softly, digging his head into you and hugging you tighter, sighing contentedly when your fingers return to threading through his hair.
“leave me alone.”
after a few moments, his body grows a bit more limp, breath evening out as his mouth parts slightly while he dozes off. admiring him for a bit, you trace over his features, finger gliding up the slant of his nose, the curve of his brow, the slopes of his cheeks, taking him in as he looks younger in his sleep.
“you’re my favorite boy, tsumie,” you whisper to yourself. “i love you.” he smiles in his sleep, snoring softly as he clutches onto your shirt.
“m yer favorite,” he mumbles incoherently, leaning just a tad bit closer to you.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 glares at his lap with his arms crossed, angrily shaking his head to himself. giggling, you sit down beside him on the couch, leaning on his shoulder as you rub his chest.
“rin-rin,” you drawl sweetly, making him grumble.
“no,” he says firmly. “we’re never letting him back here ever again,” he mutters, making you giggle as you reach up and pinch his cheek.
“aww, rinnie, don’t be jealous baby. i’m sure he was just messing with you,” you say gently, taking his hand in yours. lacing the fingers together, you offer him a soft squeeze. he takes a deep breath, closing his eyes before squeezing back.
“no, he was getting too comfortable with you,” he mumbles. “never inviting my team over again,” suna huffs, glaring up at the ceiling. “you’re mine.” smiling to yourself, you turn to him, leaning up and kissing his jaw, making him melt ever so slightly.
“‘course i am. and stop worrying about him,” you insist, climbing onto his lap. instantly, his hands find their way onto your waist, squeezing slightly and holding you firmly in place. you press your forehead to his, looking him in the eye with a tender smile. “you’re my favorite boy, you know. i love you,” you whisper like it’s a secret, and he inhales sharply. looking away with a blush, he pulls you to his chest so you can’t see his flustered expression.
“yeah, whatever. i should be, i’m your boyfriend.” it’s silent for a few moments before he quietly mumbles “i love you too,” as he rubs your back.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 grins widely when you kiss all over his face, laying on top of him with your upper body propped up so you could look at him directly. grinning, you poke the tip of his nose, making him lean up and press a kiss to the pad of your finger.
“i’m glad you’re back, kou,” you breathe. eyes softening, he rubs your back with one hand, the other cupping your cheek.
“me too baby, i missed you during this game! couldn’t wait for the flight back.” looking out the window, he watches as the rain outside only gets heavier, making his face drop and lips droop into a pout. “but now i can’t take you out like i wanted! the rain had to ruin it,” he mumbles sadly, only to be stopped by your hand smooshing his cheeks together gently.
“hey, that’s okay,” you whisper. “means we get to stay in and cuddle and be lazy. i get to just lay around with my favorite boy and—” your cut off by a happy gasp.
“i’m your favorite? you’re my favorite too,” he grins, spread wide across his face. you roll your eyes, shaking your head as you gently kiss his cheek.
“well i’d hope so,” you pout playfully. “who else would be?” bringing you down to lay on his chest, he kisses the crown of your head, making you sigh to yourself as you listen to his heartbeat.
“you’re always my favorite,” he whispers.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 stops folding his laundry when you walk up to him, making grabby hands to be hugged. chuckling, he puts his clothes down, holding an arm out for you to fall into as he pecks your forehead sweetly.
“hey, love,” he murmurs.
“hiya, omi. stop doing the laundry and do something with me, i’m bored,” you insist, propping your chin on his shoulder. his hand rubs over the small of your back in circles, head leaning onto yours.
“or, i could finish folding first and then do something with you.”
“or, you could do something with me now, you have too many clothes,” you whine. huffing, he rolls his eyes, pulling away before flicking your forehead.
“fine, whatever.” cheering, you kiss his jaw, making his eyes soften as they look at you.
“that’s why you’re my favorite boy, you know,” you smile, making blush spread across his cheeks as he bashfully looks away, pouting at your words.
“favori—first of all, i’m a man,” he corrects indignantly, “and second of all, what do you mean favorite? i should be the only.” squishing his cheeks together, you grin, kissing his puckered lips from your squeezing.
“i think you’re more a baby, but you are my only,” you promise, leaning into him as his arms pull you flush against his chest.
Tumblr media
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granddecoffee · 5 months ago
public displays of affection
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥ with atsumu, sakusa, kuroo, and iwaizumi
❥ note: i had a fun time writing this one!! i’m a fan of pda in all its forms :3
Tumblr media
atsumu — shy is the last word anyone would use to describe miya atsumu. he’s never been shy about himself, and he sure as hell isn’t shy about the fact that he’s with you. so, as long as you’re comfortable with it, he takes every opportunity to prove that you’re his. whether it’s casually keeping an arm around you when you’re with friends or pulling you in for a kiss on the street, the world could be watching for all he cares. 
sakusa — sakusa is just as possessive as atsumu, if not more. however, he prefers his affection to be far more discreet. when you sit side by side at dinner, he’ll keep a hand on your thigh under the table. at parties he’ll stand next to you, a hand on your lower back. the warmth of his hand seeping through your clothes is comforting, a subtle but sure reminder to you and everyone watching that you’re his. 
kuroo — the first thing kuroo does when he sees you is wrap his arms around you, his chest against your back. he rests his chin on the top of your head, leaning all his weight on your shoulders—a perk of being six foot one. sitting or standing, he’ll never pass up hugging you like an overgrown koala. and if it gives him easy access to kiss you (on the neck especially), that’s his business. 
iwaizumi — he would never admit it out loud, but iwaizumi loves pda. he’ll never initiate it, but when you press a kiss to his cheek or put his arm around your waist, his stomach fills with butterflies. he’ll grumble about it, maybe roll his eyes, but there’s no denying the flush creeping onto his cheeks, or the urge to brush aside your hair and kiss your temple. 
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sciophobia · 2 months ago
sakusa has never been a naturally soft person. his movements alone has always been big — intimidating, along with his words — cutthroat and mean. and he said that so himself, it's one of the few insecurities he had back before when your relationship has even started. he doesn't want you to be acquainted with someone like him, someone who "looks so mean.", someone who's "so arrogant. acting like he's better than everyone else." not that he was disagreeing with them, the whispers and gossips of people around him, it was true. 
but you didn't think so otherwise.
they didn't know him like you do. no one else knows how he'd caress the back of your hand when you start tearing up while watching your favorite movie, how he'd always leave breakfast in your shared kitchen before he goes out for practice or errands. how he'd always so softly kiss the base of your neck after you take a shower, taking in the sweet scent of you. 
no one else will see him like this. pressing kisses to your sweaty temple, body looming above you as he pushes his fingers in and out of your pretty cunt. marveling the way you were creaming around his digits, whispering soft words to your ear, cooing you to not come yet — not as a punishment, not as a sick fascination to make you writhe and cry below him, no. he wants you to fully enjoy the extent of your orgasm, only wants the best for you, his girl — "my pretty girl." as he says.
no one will see, let alone experience the hot breath meeting your skin as he coaxes you to your awaited orgasm while peppering kisses on your shoulder, not caring how sweaty and probably unhygienic it was, only caring for you. telling you that "it's okay to let go now, pretty girl. i'm here. it's fine now baby, it'll feel good. i promise.". only caring how to make you feel even better, pressing a warm and large hand on your stomach, intensifying your orgasm as you shake in pleasure. eyes rolling back because of the feeling, it was so intense and good it was scary, but sakusa was there to ground you — softly so. he guides you through it all, not once being mean or bad to you. only saying soft words of assurance that he's with you, and always will.
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michaki · 2 months ago
featuring ⋮ kiyoomi sakusa. koutarou bokuto. atsumu miya.
Tumblr media
SAKUSA’s ears were filled with the cheers and the whistles, coaches announcing that his team won and because of the final blow — they won the game. he should’ve been turning to his teammates, celebrating with them and greeting them and yet he finds himself looking for you in the crowd.
his eyes finally narrow towards the designated seat that you never fail to sit at and to his surprise, empty. head becomes blank, wondering where have you gone but he feels a set of arms and a familiar weight on his back. “ you won, baby! “
his hearing returns, he finally cranes his head towards you in shock but it falters when it meets your beam. the bright beam that blinded him more than the lights to the stadium and they’re now shielded when you press your lips, decorating his features with kisses and he’s sure that the cameras are getting all of this.
but he doesn’t care, he won — not the game of volleyball but the game of life because having you was the biggest win he’s received.
Tumblr media
that one smile — that bright smile that you always mimic when you lay your eyes on it, was now adorning your features right now as they adorned his. you knew BOKUTO’s chest was frantically pounding with adrenaline for the final blow that gave his team the win, something he’d feel all night no matter how long ago the win was.
bokuto was a man of victories and he’s won many games but he knew that he was a winner when he first scored you. no matter the end of the game, you were still that shiny prize that he got to see and take home no matter what.
“ did you see that?! “ he marveled, ambushing you into his arms and he could feel you squirm in his hold — probably because he was sweaty but all he can do is smile as you stared up at him with a pout, “ you’re sweaty but i did, “ you lean up to press a single kiss onto his lips, “ and you were great. “
he was and that’s because of you.
Tumblr media
even though the entire stadium is calling his name, with full of emotion being raw in their voices — he was the one calling after you. ATSUMU knows his teammates are waiting for him but he can’t meet with them unless he hears your voice congratulating him.
“ there you are. “ he hears you from behind, making his tensed muscles relax and a smile makes its way on his face as his eyes finally meet yours. although his entire body was drenched with sweat and his blonde hair was tousled out of its usual combed style, he was still the handsome man you met years ago.
“ did ya see me? “ atsumu beams, reaching for your hands to sit in his. you can feel him squeeze your palms as you nod in confirmation, “ i recorded everything, congratulations ‘tsumu. “
you can feel the attention on you that you’ve grown quite shy but he raises your hand up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss as a reminder that no matter how many wins he makes in his life — you’d be the one he’s most proud of.
Tumblr media
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euphoricimagination · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒅𝒆𝒇𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎
Feat. Sakusa, Kenma, Oikawa & Bokuto
Warnings: Rudeness, timeskip
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were waiting for you boyfriend in the gym after the Jackals won a match. You were always invited to dinner after their games, mainly because it was the only way to make Sakusa go, but also because all of the team like you, so it was win for everyone. You were looking at your phone when you listen loud voices coming closer, making you look up. Sakusa was quick to come to you, hugging you tightly and letting out a sigh of relief when he leans on top of your head.
“You did so good babe” you told him rubbing his back
“Thanks, love. Did you sa-”
“Hi, excuse me? Sakusa-san?” a voice from behind you say. Moving away from your boyfriend, you noticed that the voice belong to a girl, a fan of the team that had a notepad and a pen.
You decided to move away to give them space to interact, knowing that she probably just wanted to talk to him. Everything was going smoothly, Sakusa and the girl having a small talk while he signs the board. It wasn't until they were finishing that the girl said something that caught your attention
“You're lucky that your wrists are like that, without them I don't think you'd have become pro” she says innocently “you’re not as good as the rest here”
You can see the shock not only in your boyfriend face, but also in some of his teammates and the other team, soon that shock turning into more angry expressions. But before any of them could even say something, you move next to Sakusa with an annoyed expression. You weren't going to let anyone talk bad about your boyfriend, or anyone in the team really.
“Ha! You don’t seem like someone who knows a lot about the sport if you think that’s the only reason he´s a pro” you scoff at her smiling sarcastically, each word angrier than the last. Her eyes showed how scared she was by being confronted “Tell me, did you just wanted to disrespect someone for fun? Perhaps you don't really know much?”
“E-ehh… I do know! Kind of! I-I…” she stutters looking everywhere, but you stopped her before she could continue
“Or maybe you’re a fan of the other team, which make this even more pathetic really. If you are going to hate someone, at least do it on the internet, that way you don’t embarrassed yourself too much; because at the end of the day, it’s him the professional player, not you. Now leave before I actually get angry” you say, the aura around you getting colder by each word.
That's all it took for the girl to start muttering apologies before leaving the place, receiving some glares in the way out.
Sakusa grab you by the waist pulling you into his arms, amused look on his face. Apart from the initial shock, he genuinely didn't care about those comments, but he was more than happy to see you speak up for him. He pats your head before kissing your temple lovingly “are you my guardian angel, love?”
“Y/n-chan remember me to never make you angry” says Atsumu once you walk outside, making Sakusa tighten his grip around your hand. He was lucky to have you.
Tumblr media
It's rare for you and Kenma to go out, especially to such a crowded place like the mall. He would much rather buy things online, not only to avoid the crowds and people, but also so he doesn't have to meet any of his fans. He doesn't mind doing it through the camera, but he still gets awkward when it's real-life interaction with them.
Before leaving the place you decided to go and buy some food. He was waiting for you on the table when you notice someone approaching him slowly, and by Kenma's reaction, you assumed it's a fan.
You tried to get back to the table quietly to not interrupt them, which worked more than fine considering that she didn't acknowledge your presence even though your boyfriend did. That alone made you suspicious, but you let it slide.
“Honestly Kenma-san, I'm really surprise someone like you it's dating” says looking at you with an unreadable expression while Kenma frowns “I don't understand it, he's only good at gaming. Is for the money, right? Because you know some volleyball players that are much hotter and nicer than him. You can do so much better”
“Are you done?” you ask her boringly, making her eyes wide by your lack of reaction. You could see Kenma from the corner of your eyes trying to hold back a smile “And just so we're clear; I meet him way before he was a streamer AND a CEO, so I don't really care about his money; and yes, I do know volleyball players, but no matter how hot they are, I wouldn't date anyone else besides Kenma. Anything else?”
She doesn't even bother to answer, making some sounds that only could be described as growling before leaving again. Your eyes follow her for a few seconds before turning to Kenma, who had a teasing look on.
“So... you think the guys are hot?” says raising an eyebrow
“I said so many things about you and that's the part you decide to comment”, rolling your eyes you take a burger
“It's perfect blackmail opportunity, love” taking your hand, he plants a kiss on it as a silent thanks. All jokes aside, he truly appreciated your words, hearing all that makes him feel so warm.
“Fine then, I'm dating Bokuto from now on” you say sticking your tongue out. Banter or not, it was clear the love between you.
Tumblr media
You were walking down the supermarket with Oikawa; just arriving back to Japan for the holidays. Both of you missed your friends, so you were buying some snacks to have a small reunion with them. The time difference however, made him a bit whinier and cuddlier, not that you minded really.
It was much more relaxing here; you have to admit. In Argentina he has a big fan base, so every time you go out you always encounter some fans; but since he didn't play in Japan anymore, the quantity of people recognizing him was much less.
He was back hugging you while you were choosing some ramen when a someone call his name “A-are you Oikawa-san?”
“Um? Ah yeah, that's me” says lazily separating himself. They started having a small talk, so you continue looking at the snacks, completely ignoring the conversation between your boyfriend and his fan. You have experienced this way too much to even care now.
The only reason you started to listen again was when the girl suddenly mentions one of your friends. “I read that the athletic trainer for the Japan team was your friend. Iwaizumi-san?”. The question not only makes you frown, but also surprised Oikawa. Why would that be relevant now?
“Ah yeah, Iwa-chan IS my childhood friend. We are going to see him tonight actually” He answers while taking your hand. He could sense that something wasn't right.
“Oh...it's impressive that he's still friend with you, after all you're a traitor to our country”. And there it was, the sentence that made you turn around to face the ‘fan’. If there was something that Tooru was slightly insecure about was that. It took a long talk with you and Iwa for him to stop overthinking stuff.
“What did you just say? Traitor?” you ask her turning around with a blank expression on.
“He is playing for Argentina instead of Japan!” she exclaims looking at you like you were crazy.
“Do you realize how dumb that sounds? There are millions of people that leave their countries just to be happy, are they traitors too? He went to the other side of the world, put a shit ton of effort just so he can play volleyball with the best out of the best. Explain to me how it's following your dreams being a traitor, because that doesn't make any sense in my head” you say expressionless, a side of you that has never appear before.
“You know what? I don't even wanna hear it. Leave”. With that the girl quickly walks away, leaving you and Oikawa alone once again. When you turn around, you saw your boyfriend speechless, pulling you into a hug. His heart felt like it was about to burst from your love.
“Thanks princess, you shouldn't have… But man, that was so hot” says giving you a kiss.
 “Oh, shut up” you chuckle, the tension disappearing.
“Maybe we should go to the hotel to have some fun before going to Iwa's apartment”. And just like that he pulls you to pay before going straight to your hotel room.
Tumblr media
Dating Bokuto was definitely a new experience for you. You never met someone so confident and outgoing that also was such a sweetheart. And since you were more in the quiet side, both of you complement each other pretty well (in Akaashi’s opinion, you were definitely the brain).
You were walking around with Bokuto, trying to find a spot for the picnic that you had agreed on. He was excited to spend time with you, and everyone walking around you could tell. His smile was beaming while he was talking to you.
A few minutes passed after you started your picnic when you see a dude looking straight to where Bokuto was. This wasn’t something new, however, even if people didn’t know who he was Bokuto always brought some attention to him by his bright personality.
“Hi, you’re Bokuto, right? From the Black Jackals?” he asks arriving to your side. Bokuto, at the realization that he knew him, started to talk excitedly with him, not before giving you an apologetic smile for being interrupted in your date. It’s not like you mind though, you knew how happy it makes him when people recognize him. You weren’t fully listening to the conversation, only hearing some words when you felt Bokuto’s hand squeezing yours; that was until your boyfriend hand became loose.
“Don’t you think that you have too much confidence though?” he asks, making Bokuto´s smile drop ever so slightly “I mean, you´re not bad, but I think you have a little too much confidence when you´re the weakest out of all the jackals”.
You look at you boyfriend, who has an uncomfortable and sad look on his face and knew that he wasn’t going to answers anything back; he was too kind sometimes. But before you could even say something, the dude continues “like, Sakusa is one of the best receivers of the team, Miya is a splendid setter, Hinata has that quick attack…what do you have apart from being the funny one?”
Taking one of the sodas that you had in the floor, you open it before standing to dump it in his head, making him stop talking. Both men, Bokuto and the guy, look at you surprised. “For someone that claims to know about volleyball, you really got things wrong if you think that Bokuto is only the ‘funny one’. Don’t you have anything else to do than come here?”
You can see the guy eyes fill with anger, however, not only he knows that your boyfriend is a muscular, 6,2 volleyball player, he also notices that there are many eyes on the scene. Knowing that he couldn’t do anything against you, he stumps away from the two of you. Once you sit down again, Bokuto grabs your hand again giving you a weak smile.
“Don’t listen to him babe, you’re an amazing player. MSBY wouldn’t be the same without you”
“You really think so?” he asks you, making you nod eagerly. And just like that you can see his eyes start beaming again, happy smile appearing. You always been honest with him, so he knew that if you say that it’s because you really mean it. “Come here baby” says planting a loud kiss in your lips.
Tumblr media
@crystal-lilac @dai-tsukki-desu
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atsumeii · 2 months ago
three's a magic number
Tumblr media
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x fem!reader
cw/tags: 2.1k wc. established relationship, domestic fluff, playful omi!! feminine pet names (angel, darling, etc.) fingerfucking, praise kink, titty suckin', whiny kiyo, oral (m!receiving), choking, cervix kisses, hair pulling (sorry omi), just a dash of cockwarming. couples who cum together, stay together. !! nsfw content, minors dni. 18+ only, i will be checking ages. don't get yourself blocked !!
a/n: this leans towards more omi-centric rather than reader; to which i'm not sorry for because i genuinely do like this heh,, also: this is questionably poetic sex. happy 10 follower milestone, here's to 10 more! (siri, play sexy and i know it by lmfao) /j... /hj.
sakusa kiyoomi simply cannot bring himself to admit how much he adores you. 
it scares him so much to acknowledge how deeply he feels for you but with the way you've intertwined yourself in his life and his bedsheets, it seems he can't escape the endless cycle of you.
quite frankly though, he doesn't want to escape it either. he knows he's been happier these days when he wakes up with you in his arms, instantly pressing his head into the crook of your neck and once you let out a little groan and a laugh, it heals him. 
"omi, get off.. go back to sleep." grumbling, you try to get this giant baby off of you but he has no intention of doing so.
he has no intention of ever letting you go really, but you don't need to know that just yet.
instead, he just presses in deeper, leaving kisses and nips on your neck trailing up to your jaw. he thinks he's so sneaky.
"you think i'm oblivious, don't you?" shaking him off, you face him with bleary eyes as he manages to cage you in his lean arms, a smirk plastered on his face.
"what if i just wanted to kiss you?" innocently stating, his head tilts to the side admiring the little creases your eyes have to offer. "you're the dirty one–"
he's cut off by your sudden movement, pushing him into the mattress as a trade for his teasing. your legs land on his sides as you rest your body lays on top of his abdomen.
"i never said it was dirty hot shot," you said leaning towards his face, ass rubbing unbearably close to his cock.
"just asked if you thought i was oblivious" with your lips so close to his, he might as well flatline with the way his heart is beating.
it's the way you're so witty with him, he's a sucker for it. when you're ready to shoot back what he has to offer, it gets him so excited to be the one to have you like this.
the only one to hold you this close, in this way.
"of course not… i wouldn’t even dare try disrupting your sleep for something so perverted," he tries to keep a straight face. 
keyword: tries because god, he's just thinking in all the ways he wants to please you.
he thinks of all the ways he could flip you right over so effortlessly, pin you down, kiss all your sweet spots to make you give him those sounds he’ll never get enough of. give him another, and another until you're all out.
he knows he's a damned man. you have him wrapped around your finger and he knows this.
a damned man who can't enough of his vice, desperate for another high; another dose of your scent and taste and sound.
he's a damned man who'll gladly go to hell and back if it meant sleeping in your bed come nightfall. he'd do it again and again if it meant being the only one who can make you cum the way he does, only his name coming from your worn-out body. 
you watch him attentively, analyzing his facial expressions going from surprised to smug all in a couple of seconds.
his hands find their way to your thighs and then your ass, caressing your skin back n forth from behind the cloth; eventually slipping his hands in to grip the softness.
he's so worked up with this little contact, that he wonders how he went all these years without needing or even thinking about anything like this.
but he simply guesses it's because it wasn't you—because if it isn't you, then he doesn't want it—there’s simply no other way around it. 
you feel his hands leave their spot on your body, the heat of his fingers dissipating before they find their place behind your thighs; elevating you above him, enough space for him to move fluidly.
with a hand behind your thigh, the other moves past your waistband selfishly slipping a finger through your slit. he’s toying with your clit covered in slick as if this doesn’t affect him too. the sensation of your pussy on his fingertips is almost enough to push him over the edge. 
"did you know you look stunning when you wake up?" his eyes never leave your face, reveling in the change of your face expressions when he pushes a finger into you. his ego is bursting while the words from his lips spill out are covered in love and lust, the praise making you whine.  
your hands land on the headboard, gaining some sense of balance before you fall and crash into him. he’s cocky as he slowly pumps a finger into you, slow and steady wanting to push in as much as he can before ripping you apart.
"...so beautiful. i wonder how i was so lucky to be yours," pushing your shirt up, he attaches his mouth onto you. tongue gliding so smoothly across your chest, he sucks the plump skin with a groan, nibbling on your nipple as you start to feel the subtle vibrations rippling. “ah, fuck–” your back arches, body pushed closer to his mouth and his hand.
"tell me baby, indulge me a bit," your arms feel like weights have been put on them and you lose your balance. he’s pumping harshly when your head lands on his collarbone; your first mistake was moaning directly into his ear.
there’s the sweet sound he’d die for.
what kiyo forgets is that you’re just as sneaky, knowing this little act of yours was intentional; your way of fueling the fire making his cock pulse and balls tighten in need. 
“tell me,” he puts in more pressure and force into fucking you, fingers curling at the perfect angle. unable to catch your breath, he decides it’s time for another finger to fill you up, “tell me how i was so lucky to be the one to ruin you like this.” 
he turns his head in towards you, tongue grazing your ear shell where his hot breath elicits goosebumps on your skin.
“i'm close, so close–” lifting yourself slightly with two hands caging him as he did earlier, you buck your hips back into his hand. omi knew before you even said it by the way your cunt had a grip on him.
he needs you now but… 
kiyoomi would do anything for you; he’d drive any distance to reach you, walk it if he had to. he’d give you everything the world has to offer even if you've never asked him to but even if you did, he would give you everything times two. 
he spoils you each and every time without fail but just for today, he just wants to be a little selfish. 
just for today, he says. knowing it's the greatest lie he's ever told,  just for today he wants you to – “cum on my cock,” whiny and needy like his life source is being drained out of him. 
“darling angel, please cum on my cock.”
you nod quickly, lifting yourself up and off his fingers to find his bulge, painfully restrained before you tug down his waistband. 
every bit of him is so fucking attractive. with his cockhead swollen and puffy, it drips down pearls of precum from the slit. the more you tug down, the girthier he gets; the more you peel it off him, the more he twitches and aches.
your hand takes control, brushing your thumb just  barely  on the spot he needs it most until you find the infamous beauty mark placed on the middle of his shaft. 
it's too perfect. too perfect that it'd be a sin to not kiss him there, teasing the tip with a little peck from your lips. 
an even bigger sin to not swirl your tongue around him, sliding down his shaft while he watches you in disbelief when you kiss that same beauty mark after you come back up for air. 
sakusa kiyoomi is on the brink of lunacy and you're messing with him. he knows he doesn't have it in him to be your sweetheart right now. and he’d apologize for pinning you down on your back with a hand around your neck but it just wouldn't be sincere. 
“you fuckin’ tease,” it comes out dark, intimidating with your hands on his wrist. he rubs the tip all over your cunt and just as it barely peeks through your hole, he pulls away; the beginning of your ruins. 
your cries tinge the entire room dark red, leaving kiyo with nothing more but the idea of fucking you straight. 
“how does it feel, huh? d'you feel good? i can keep going like this–” but before you could ever muster up a proper response, he sheathes himself into you. 
without warning, kiyoomi stuffs you full to the fucking brim. on the first thrust, you feel him punching your cervix with so much speed, you know you'll be left sore. 
"or i could fuck you right. doesn't this feel so much better, gorgeous?” the gravelly voice asks you and by the looks of it, he was right. his pelvis slaps your clit continuously with his violent thrusts.
“fuck fuck fuck, kiyo.” he’s not even listening. eyes too entertained by the way your tits are moving when he fucks into you. 
he feels so high right now, so euphoric that he's getting this dose he’s always craving. 
your mumblings of please omi and it's too much, i can’t go through one ear and out the other before he finally shuts you up with a kiss. sensitive, passionate, and blunt. all the things that make kiyo the way he is, is being translated through his lips once they're placed onto yours. 
your tongue finds his, sloppy and forceful while he eats up all of your words and moans that come from the base of your throat. you’re guilty for loving this so much, the way his hand has a grip on your neck making you feel lightheaded, his thrusts relentless and vigorous as he sees that bump on your lower belly bloom and hides. 
the rubber band begins to stretch before snapping, your orgasm coming to a close. “kiyoomi,” you lift your hips for him and wrap your hands behind his neck, surrounded by dampening curls; his hand lets go of your neck and shifts. one hand on the end of your back as the other snakes its way to the back of your head. 
“i know, i know, i know–” he’s close too. you’re just so fucking hot, squeezing him so tight he thinks you might just dismantle him completely. he should pull out now, he thinks. he should and he would’ve until you spoke so delicately, three words he didn’t know he needed to hear.
“cum inside me,” you whimper into his ear with his forehead placed on your shoulder, “give me everything, omi.” that’s when you throw him off the ledge.
he’s sent flying in the clouds or falling for all he knows. everything else incomparable to this feeling, he swears it.
“do it with me.” omi lifts his head and plants a sweeter kiss on your lips, so different from the last one. his lips like cotton candy, melting once you get a taste. wrapping your legs around his hips, you tug a patch of hair by the nape of his neck and it sets him off like a bomb, the safety pin removed along with all the walls he’s ever built around him. 
“i love you.” 
“i love you, i love you, i love you– fuck, cum for me.” and all it took was one more kiss from him, one you felt a little too deep where the bump blooms.
all it took was one more squeeze from you, one he felt a little too hard where his mind is officially drunk on you, not that he cares anyway. 
spurts of cum spill out of him, warming your insides for the first time with your legs still shaking. you’re both left exhausted, pant after pant filling the room. 
“kiyoomi, baby,” grabbing his face, you see his eyes are half-lidded, lips red with satisfaction along with a little drool, sweat sticking precious curls to his face, and it’s all because of you. “are you gonna pull out?” 
omi's already red but he’s flushed even more, “no, i wanna stay.” his head returns to your shoulder, cuddling closer into your neck; the same way he presses into it every morning. 
he thinks maybe it's selfish to want to stay like this but then again, it's just for today.
Tumblr media
all forms of interactions are loved n appreciated <3 no reposts on any platform!
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nightyl · 2 months ago
"I'm still mad at you."
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi x gn!reader
genre: fluff
warning/s: kiyoomi's still mad at you
Tumblr media
"Omi please. I said I'm sorry."
He doesn't even give you a glance as he makes his way to the kitchen. Yesterday, sakusa got mad when you didn't answer his messages and calls. It was already late and he was beyond worried about your well-being. Sakusa kept asking you about your day when you got home and because you were extremely tired, you snapped at him. 
He's now trying to grab a mug and make his way to make coffee, but he can't walk properly. Of course he can't — because you're hugging his back tightly, preventing him from moving.
"Get away from me, Y/N." You whine when you hear a not-so-loving tone from him — especially when he says your name. "Forgive me please. I swear I won't shout at you again when you're only trying to ask me because you're worried about me. Now, talk to me properly, love."
You even tried to sound more loving than usual, but to no avail, he's still not giving in. "No. You can't even talk calmly, so why would I talk to you?"
"You're actually talking to me right now."
"I'm just kidding, Omi. Come on! I'll make it up to you, I promise. Want cuddles? Want me to visit you at practice?" You keep talking and wooing him with a pout and puppy eyes. He's not looking at you because he knows once he got even a millisecond glance at you — he's going to kiss that pout out of your face and forget that he's mad. 
You sigh and walk your way to the bedroom. You still have to do work that was given to you by your boss. You swear you're gonna make it up to him — after you finish your work. 
You're so occupied with your work that you forget how much time has passed. After typing and reading documents, you're starting  to feel tired and sleepy. You hear Kiyoomi enter the room, but you didn't look at him — too busy with your task. 
When you're about to grab a paper from the side of your table, Kiyoomi suddenly brings down a bowl of your favorite snack, an iced coffee, and some biscuits.
"Omi??" He doesn't answer you, but he bends down to grab the side of your cheeks and kiss your forehead. "Don't stress yourself too much, love." He says while looking away, hiding his blush from you.
He takes a quick glance at you and sees your cute pout and puppy eyes and his heart melts. He, once again, bends down to kiss the pout out of your lips, savoring the sweet taste of you and he can't get enough. He kisses you again and rests his forehead against yours. "Are you not tired yet? You can take a quick break first, love." He talks to you with a loving tone, opposite of how he talked to you awhile ago. It's obvious that he's worried and your heart bursts with so much love.
You gasp and he moves away from you — knowing what's coming next. "You're not mad at me anymore?!" You beam brightly at him. 
He rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue. "Don't flatter yourself. I'm still mad at you."
Tumblr media
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heartsuna · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
KITA. he likes to pick out flowers from his garden and give them to you. his grandma helps them arrange them into a cute bouquet.  put a small bow around them and include a small card full of sweet words from him. he does it often because he likes the way you smile when he gives them to you.  
OIKAWA. will tuck stray pieces of hair behind your ear. he does it because he knows they bother you, but sometimes he gets cheeky and claims its because he wants to see your ‘gorgeous face’. while it may seem like he’s teasing you, his words are sincere.
SAKUSA. when you’re out shopping together he insists on carrying the bags for you. he really doesn’t mind doing it even if they’re heavy. follows you around the store giving his opinion when you ask for it.
BOKUTO. always makes sure he made you laugh at least once throughout the day because he loves the sight of your face brightening up alongside your pretty smile. 
KUROO. a gentleman. holds doors open for you, walks on the side closest to the road, leans the umbrella more towards your side, never interrupts you whenever you’re talking, lets you know he’s listening to whatever you’re saying if no one else is. 
SUNA. has a horrible sleeping schedule and sends you the most random things at 2am with a short text saying “this reminded me of you” or “this made me think of you.” he’d never admit it, but you’re always on his mind. 
ATSUMU. likes to cup your face in his hands and stare fondly at your features before planting a soft kiss on your lips and bringing you closer to him. 
TSUKISHIMA. he’s not good with words, he knows that. he makes playlists for you hoping you get what he’s trying to say through the message of the songs. 
TENDOU. likes to draw small, silly doodles on sticky notes and leave them in random places for you to find. 
IWAIZUMI. paints your nails for you. despite his looks he’s always so gentle when it comes you. scolds you when you move too much or when you mess your nails up trying to do something else. 
Tumblr media
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ichigoromi · 26 days ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝'𝐬 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 | 𝐒𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Ugh! I can just imagine him being all shy and fetching his child so that I can see you!
Pairing: Sakusa Kiyoomi (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her) ft. Junior Sakusa!
Genre: fluff!
Warning (s): none!
a/n - Part two is finally out!
Part 1 | Part 2 — When you fall for your student's father
Wanna join my taglist to be updated? join here!
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Sakusa recently moved into a new neighbourhood after the nasty divorce with his ex-wife.
Luckily, he got full custody of his young son, Roku, the most important.
Since he moved, he had to enrol Roku into a new kindergarten, and there was no time to hire a new nanny for him.
Because he recently became a single father, the kindergarten principal understood his situation and allowed his son to stay until the kindergarten closed.
And on the first day of school, Roku instantly got attached to one teacher, you.
Roku never left your side and disliked interacting with any other teachers.
When his nanny comes and picks him up, you were busy tidying up the classrooms.
There was a day when the nanny was not available, and Sakusa was late too, so you stayed behind after opening hours and waited with Roku.
Sakusa was still in his jersey, straight from his game.
He thought he would find his son whining and crying, but instead, Roku was laughing and playing around with you.
Oh boy, he might have a crush on you already. Seeing how his son interacts with you and your smile made his heart swoon.
After that encounter with you, he started going to the kindergarten to pick his son up and hopefully see you too.
But he didn't get too.
So he had to ask his son about it.
"Roku, do you like your new school?" He shook his head then nods his head.
Sakusa pats the little boy on his head and carried him onto the kitchen counter.
"What do you not like about the new school?" He asked gently, knowing his son's personality.
"Too...many people. No like. y/n sensei, like." When Roku mentions your name, his eyes instantly light up and shows a little shy smile.
Now, he really wants to get a coffee with you and get to know you.
"Hmm, do you want papa to get close with y/n sensei?" Hearing that his father wants to get close to you, Roku interprets it as Sakusa was going to steal you away from him.
His big round eyes tear up and start bawling his eyes out.
"Roku, why are you crying? Did you not like it when I want to get close to your teacher?" Sakusa carries his crying son in his arms.
Roku nods his head and wipes his snot on his father's shirt.
"Don't take y/n sensei away from me!" He whines and starts to calm down after Sakusa rocks him in his arms.
"Fine, I won't. I'm not going to anyways. Papa is just curious as to who is the teacher that gets along with Roku. Let's get you to sleep." He pats the little boy on the back and brings him to his room.
Recently, Sakusa has been dropping off his son at his school just so he could catch a glimpse of you, or if he’s lucky, he could squeeze in a little conversation with you. Sakusa was trying his best to catch your attention. 
But alas, you treated him with professionalism and took great care of Roku. 
Even your colleagues noticed how Sakusa have been dropping Roku off early when you are on door duty and picking Roku up earlier so you can go home earlier. 
It’s all the small details that you missed. 
Even if you are attracted to him, dating your student’s parent is a massive No to your career. 
“Mama~!” Roku wailed after another student pushed him, and you noticed he injured his knees and elbow. 
The other teachers were already pulling the other kids to the other side, and you ran towards Roku first. 
His tiny hands clenched into fists as he leaned against your chest as you carried him towards the infirmary. 
“Roku, this will hurt a lot, but it’s needed. Sensei will be gentle, okay?” 
He took a deep breath as you cleaned his wounds with care and gentleness. You tried to be quick and careful of his injuries to prevent any infections. Now, there are a bunch of calls that you have to make. 
But before that, you need to hear from Roku first. 
“Roku-kun, can you tell sensei how you got into a fight with your friends? Did they say anything?” He gingerly climbs into your lap, and you wrap your arms around him carefully. 
“Mama. They said I don’t have a mama, And they started to push me around….” 
Kids are brutal. 
“Okay, I will call your dad to come and pick you up early.” You got up to get one of your colleagues to call for his father, but Roku holds on to your shirt and his big doe eyes well up with tears. 
“Don’t go….” 
It was as if any moment that you were nearing the door, he would burst out in tears. 
“Okay, Roku. Don’t cry. I’ll stay here with you. Let's wait here until your papa comes, okay?” 
Sakusa was the last to arrive, and when he did, his icy and quiet demeanour intimidated the other parents. 
Before his arrival, they were badmouthing how a single dad like him could bring up a child properly. You covered Roku’s ears and were ready to shut their mouths down, but Sakusa arrived. 
His presence immediately shuts the parents of the kids that injured his son. 
“I just need an apology from both the parents and kids.” He said and brought Roku outside of the office.
They were about to retort, but you butt in. 
“Your kids came out unharmed but look at Roku. He skinned his knees and elbow. Do you have anything else to say?” 
Jaws dropped, both the parents and your colleagues. You were known to be polite and soft-spoken; for you to get angry and talk back to the students’ parents was a first. 
“Sakusa-san! On behalf of the academy, I apologise for letting this happen and getting Roku injured.” You apologised with a deep bow. 
“You don’t have to apologise. I expect one from their parents and the kids themselves. Besides, Roku also agrees with me, right?” The little boy in his father’s arms nodded his head. 
“Alright, Roku, rest well at home. Sensei will see you tomorrow!” You gently ruffled his head and were about to head in back, but he called for you. 
Roku limped towards you, and you squat down to his height. 
“Thank you, mama! Papa has a crush on you!” He whispered the last part. 
Your cheeks turned bright red, and you ran back into the school. 
Sakusa was slightly confused by your actions. 
“Roku, what did you tell your sensei? Why did you call your teacher ‘mama’?” He held Roku in his arms again as they walked toward his car. 
“Secret, cannot tell. Hehehe!” 
Kids and their secrets. Sakusa shakes his head in disbelief and buckles Roku into the child seat.
Tumblr media
Part 2 — here!
Tumblr media
This has been put off for a long time but there will be a second part! I don't know when that's going to come out but there will be one. Hope you guys are doing fine and I am still struggling to use the wonky editor.
Stay safe and take care!
With love,
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moontsuki · 4 months ago
Haikyuu boys saying something hurtful in an argument.
Feat. Atsumu, Sakusa
Genre: Hurt/comfort
Part 1, Part 2
Tumblr media
He's cocky, and a tease and he knows it, but. He loves you, more than anything. He melts in your touch, and wouldn't want to loose you, he can't imagine a life without you.
But it was one of those days, the really shitty ones. So bad to the point when he was at practice, Kita told him to go home and take the night off, despite his protests he goes, he goes home to you. On the other hand, you were in your shared apartment trying to get some homework done so you could take a break from school and just relax.
You were tired of doing your work but knew it had to get done, procrastinating your priorities came common for you but somehow you got it done.
It was 5:30 and you were laying at your desk, pencil in hand, trying to study but you were being unproductive, while you were wallowing in boredom you heard the door open.
You slowly opened the door and shuffled to meet your boyfriends tired eyes. He dropped his bags at the door and kicked off his shoes. He looked like he had a rough day.
"Hey tsumie"
His response was short, it was a small "mm" which was not normal for him. He would usually say "there's ma pretty girl" or "hi angel" but you could tell he was tired, and you just wanted to take the weight off his shoulders.
You began to walk towards him, he was still standing at the front door, putting his keys away. His eyes met yours and began to soften. You grazed your hands against his tense broad shoulders, "Tough day i'm assuming?" He tensed up at the feeling, he normally would melt and that's how you knew... that something was off.
He shook you off and walked to the bedroom, you followed behind him. He sat down on your shared bed manspreading with shaking legs. Elbows resting on his thighs with his hands in front of him fiddling with his fingers. You slowly approached him and sat next to him, you put your hand on his thigh to give him reassurance that you were there for him stopping his movements.
"What happened love" you say in a comforting tone
"I dont want ta talk about it"
"Oh. Could I get you something to get your mind off of it?"
"Any food? I could go to the store and buy you some fatty tuna?"
"no" his tone growing in annoyance
"I could run you a bath?"
"What's wrong?"
"could ya just back off y/n" he said irritably
"No, please just tell me what's wrong so I can help" you plead
And with that, he snapped.
"can ya just shUT THE FUCK UP?!" you responded with "HEY listen. I know you've had a shitty day, but do NOT yell at me for just trying to care for you." That resulted into a small but hurtful argument..
His tone got scarily quiet "Well look at ya now, adding onto ta problem... god ya just don't know when ta be quiet do ya? Have I ever hinted. that I don't need you? That you're easily replaceable?"
-A/n: That was unnecessary atsumu >:(
You felt small, and weak but said "Oh.? Replace me then" and with that, you left the room. Slamming the bedroom door behind you.
He didn't care that you left, but with your absence he had the time to think. To think about how poorly he treated you. How he hurt a person who's only goal was to make him happy and loved. He looks back at the moment you said those words before leaving the room, the look of hurt and disgust on your face. He goes to look for you, to apologize for how utterly wrong he was.
He leaves the room and you weren't there. He checked every room, and even under the couch. You were gone? Is that what you meant when you said "Replace me then." Why did he wait so long before looking for you? Sweat began to spike on his collar, and he began to feel weak.
He goes to call you, going to your contact name "Angel <3" hoping it wasn't too late. You declined the call. He calls again, another declined call. He started to panic, grabbing a coat and opening the door. And that's where he found you.
You were leaning against the door, hugging your knees. Not expecting the door to open you fall back. Now laying on the ground, red and teary eyes looking up at him. Atsumu was too stunned to speak. You quickly sit up and whisper "Im sorry, I really am. I just wanted to help.."
He crouches down and quickly embraces you in a tight hug. "Im so sorry my love." He pulls back to look at you, kissing away your tears. "Never in ma life do I want the fear of loosing ya again angel.."
Tumblr media
Sakusa and you both knew that you loved each other deeply. Though he showed his love for you differently, you knew he cared and loved you with all his heart. You knew how to love Omi, you respected his boundaries and personal space.
Very little people were allowed to get into his personal bubble, to be able to touch and hold him, one of those people being you. You were one of the exceptions, you were able to hold his hand when he would feel compromised by the people around him. You were able to hug him after a game and he wouldn't push you off, instead he would feel safe in the embrace of you.
Kiyoomi is not one to argue, he usually keeps his thoughts to himself unless you pry to know what he is feeling, and he loves you for that. But sometimes he has trouble expressing his feelings towards you.
Today was different, Omi had a shit day and just wanted to be alone. Usually when you are studying he would come and drop off a water and a snack and watch you work. But he didn't this time. You were in the library studying for your recently assigned test and there was no sight of kiyoomi.
You assumed that he was too tired and had to go to practice. So you decided that after your study session, you would go visit him at practice.
Kiyoomi was at practice and everything wasn't come to him easily. Today was a one of those days where he just wanted to be done. Frustration and irritation boiling in his heart.
Of course you didn't know this when you went to visit him, though you wished you did.
You walked into the gym, and exclaimed excitedly "Hi Omi!" his eyes met yours and he quickly broke contact. His eyes were different today, they were dull it seemed. You took at seat at the bleachers and watched him practice. Your eyes followed him and you thought 'how did I get so lucky.'
After finishing practice, he grabbed a towel and began to wipe the sweat off of him. His teammates were doing the same, rehydrating and packing up nearby.
You graze your hands against his back and hug him from behind. He would usually ignore it or give you a peck on your nose but he stiffened and pushed you off him.
"Get the fuck off of me y/n"
His teammates eyes were now focused on the both of you. You quietly try to reason with him
"Omi? Is everything alright"
He starts to pack up his bag and ignores you
"The fuck does it look like, that I'm happy and everything's okay?"
You're confused on the random dick like behavior from him, he's usually cold but rarely ever an asshole.
"Omi? I just want to help, tell me what's wrong"
He begins to walk out the gym and you follow. You quickly say "just say the words and ill leave you alone." And he snapped, not in a scream but a quiet yell. Not too loud but loud enough to scare you.
"Just.." his tone gradually getting louder
"Leave me the fuck alone y/n, why do you always need so much attention. " he turns around with those words as it echo's around you. Fingers rubbing his temple with annoyance. He shouldn't have talked to you like that. He knew better, but why did he do it? He got irritated by the simplest thing, you were just trying to hug him.
He sees you, red of embarrassment with a face of pain and shock. The eyes of his teammates tracking him and you. "Hey.. I don-, I didn't mean to-" cutting him off with "you're so mean sometimes omi..."
When you look back at it, you should have stood up for yourself more. But, you felt like all eyes were on you and just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.
You left the gym, pushing past Kiyoomi while his teammates watched you leave. He just looked at the ground in disappointment in himself, he snaps out of his thinking and realizes the weight of the situation.
He drops his bags and runs after you, you were walking home, tears in your eyes and embarrassed from what had just happened. You were half way down the street and he was running to catch up to you.
From running behind you, he heard sniffles that broke his heart. He reaches for your hand and turns you around, trying to make eye contact with your teary eyes.
You tense up at the feeling, and pull your hand away. "Everything's alright, just-just go." you say.
"Stop it, please look at me." slowly reaching for your chin and lifting it up to look at your eyes. The eyes that always showed so much love and adoration for him, were now teary and hurt.
Now standing in silence, he slowly brushes your tears away with his thumb. After what felt like forever he spoke, "I have no reason to justify my actions..." He stopped, and spoke again now looking into your eyes. "I should have never spoken to you like that, none the less yell at you.. Despite my boundaries, I will only melt in the embrace of you." I thought he would stop there but unexpectedly he pulls me into a tight warm embrace continuing "I love you, with all my heart."
Tumblr media
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rinphoria · 5 months ago
how they show they’re yours !
✸ ft. suna, matsukawa, sakusa, atsumu, & kenma
✸ info & warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
✸ SUNA paints his nails whatever color yours are. he usually isn’t a fan of flashy colors and would normally stick to black, but ever since he started observing your nails and the colors and designs on them, he was more open to trying them out. he makes you tell him every time you’re planning on changing them up so he can chip off his old polish in preparation for something new. it’s a simple, subtle way to match. the pops of color he catches whenever he’s blocking a ball or grabbing a snack never fail to make him smile because his mind goes straight to you.
✸ MATSUKAWA wears a ring you picked out for him on a chain. it’s different than the other rings decorating his fingers. those are only accessories; the one you gave him has much more meaning. he can buy any ring because it looks nice, but knowing that there was thought behind your choice is what makes the one you gave him special. putting it on a chain and wearing it as a necklace means that he can keep it, and you, close to his heart at all times. even though it isn’t serving its intended purpose, it’s one of issei’s most prized possessions.
✸ SAKUSA keeps a polaroid of the two of you in his phone case. he’s a firm believer that being in the spotlight doesn’t entitle others to his private life, your relationship included. that’s why he tries to keep pda and romantic gestures to a minimum. that doesn’t mean he’s entirely opposed to showing you off in his own way. in the picture, he’s standing behind you, arms wrapped around your waist and lips pressed against your forehead. it’s something someone might get a glimpse of, but he doesn’t mind if word of it gets out since it’s not easy to photograph. it is for him, after all.
✸ ATSUMU has your initials tattooed on his ring finger. the only downside about your engagement was that he’d have to take his ring off whenever he was on the court. after pouting about it for a while, he figured there was another way he could bring you with him to each of his matches that involved a needle and ink. it’s the only tattoo he has and he even had you write out the letters so it could be in your handwriting. he wears his band whenever he can, but when he can’t at least he has a little piece of you with him. every time he serves at the beginning of a game, he’ll give the tattoo a kiss in your place.
✸ KENMA keeps your scrunchies on his wrist or in his hair. before you two got together, kenma would use the plain black hair ties to keep his hair up and out of his face. when you became an item and started playfully styling his hair, he took a liking to the scrunchies you used to tie off the little braids. he used to make excuses that he lost his so that you’d lend him yours, but now he doesn’t even bother buying his own because he’d rather keep yours. whenever someone points them out or compliments them, he can proudly say that they’re his significant others’.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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hanmas · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: kuroo tetsuro, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, hinata shoyo
notes: another one mich chose for me to repost
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐊𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐎 pulls out his bento during his break with a softness in his eyes, guilt overwhelming his conscience when he realizes you still packed him his lunch despite the screaming match from yesterday. with a heavy sigh, he picks up his phone, facetiming you before even opening his box.
“tetsuro?” he swivels in his chair with a pout on his face, making you hold back a grin.
“i’m sorry,” he mumbles. you raise an eyebrow, not expecting an apology, having prepared yourself for a pouty boyfriend for receiving “no meat” in his lunch.
“you’re… sorry?” he nods, standing his phone up against the small cup that held his pens, guilt on his face as he begins to open his bento. your eyes widen as you realize he hadn’t seen the inside yet, excitement filling you that you’d get to see his reaction live.
“yeah, you made me lunch and everything even after i was so mean to you last night, i don’t deser—” he pauses as he glances down at what you’ve packed, staring at the plain white rice before him. you snort as his mouth hangs open, trailed off mid sentence from his shock.
“yeah, here’s lunch. enjoy,” you grin, making him scowl at you through the phone. grabbing it, he brings his face closer to the screen.
“you gave me plain white rice? no meat? no nothing? i’d never do that to you, you know. clearly you don’t deserve me,” he huffs, but his lips curl into a pout in disappointment. rolling your eyes, you shake your head before deciding to reveal to him your little trick.
“look under the rice, loser. don’t ever yell at me again, or i actually will give you plain white rice.” he tries to fight it, but slowly, a smile wins over his resolve, spreading across his face as he digs around and finds the meat, just as you’d promised.
“kay, i’m sorry i yelled at you like that, i should’ve been kinder. i love you,” he murmurs.
“i love you too, tetsuro.”
“you mean tetsu.”
“bye, tetsuro,” you grin before hanging up.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 picks at his rice with his chopsticks with a pout on his face, shoulders slumped as you stare at him with a raised brow through the phone. he looks at you with sad eyes, wide and innocent, making you scoff.
“don’t look at me like that. hopefully this makes you think twice before you go around being a grump like last night,” you say firmly. he whines.
“how’ma s’posed ta eat plain white rice? it won’t fill me up the way i need ta play at ma best,” he insists. you snort, making him sag his shoulders even more at the lack of sympathy.
“and did you think about being at your best when we were arguing last night? no. you decided to be at your worst and be a big jerk. well this is what big jerks eat.” atsumu glances down at his bento once more, looking at his lunch for the day with utter disappointment.
“ya didn’t even give a note,” he cries. “no ‘have a good practice tsumie!’ what happened ta that?” you purse your lips to hide the smile.
“you don’t deserve a note.”
“‘m sorry,” he mumbles under his breath. this time, the smile can’t be contained, and you let it appear across your cheeks widely.
“what was that?” atsumu huffs, crossing his arms and looking away from his propped up phone.
“said i was sorry.” with a giggle, you nod happily, accepting his apology.
“good. you should be. now look under the rice, there’s plenty of meat for you to be a big strong setter and play at your best. and when you come home today, you’ll be nice, won’t you tsumu?” he digs into the rice with his chopstick, eyes lighting up when he sees that he didn’t in fact get just plain rice.
“yeah, i’ll be nice. sorry baby, yer too good ta me,” he mumbles, giving you a soft smile through the screen. smiling back, you blow a small kiss at him.
“it’s okay. i love you, see you when you get home, baby.”
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 calls you immediately, eyebrows furrowed and scowl set deeply onto his face, glaring at you as you pick up.
“so you’ve decided after one fight you no longer love me, huh?” rolling your eyes, you look at him deadpan, making him turn the camera to hold at his bento. “look at this,” he gestures at his food with a hand.
“yes, i’m looking. i see food, what’s the issue?” turning the camera back to his face, he scoffs.
“the issue is that you’ve pretty much admitted that you don’t care anymore because of one fight.”
“om—kiyoomi, do you realize how ridiculously dramatic you’re being?” his eyes stare at you in disbelief, expression almost disgusted.
“oh so now you can’t even call me by my nickname? okay, l/n,” he emphasizes your surname on his tongue, making you snort. pouting, he sighs in defeat as he slumps in his chair, staring at his meal dejectedly.
“i don’t wanna eat this,” he mumbles. “it’s boring.”
“well, you got what you deserve. this is why you shouldn’t be snappy with the person that packs your lunch on the daily,” you chide. groaning, he rubs his hand over his face, staring at the ceiling and counting to ten under his breath.
“you know, most people make their boyfriends sleep on the couch or something when they’re mad. this is ridiculous.”
“if i made you sleep on the couch, your back would hurt. i still love you even after a fight, you know,” you say softly, making him sigh before he brings his phone closer and looks you in the eyes.
“you’re worried about my back but not my stomach?”
“pretty much,” you nod. he shakes his head, squinting at you for a moment before clearing his throat.
“i’m sorry, love. i was out of line yesterday.” smiling to yourself in contentment, you nod approvingly.
“good, now look under the rice and eat your damn meat, you ungrateful jerk. and i’m setting your angry face as my new lock screen,” you giggle, making him pause from happily poking at the newfound meat in his bento.
“you took pictures of me through the screen?”
“i’m blocking you.”
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 stares at you with puppy dog eyes, lips pouting and head tilting as he tries his best to convince you. you stay strong, firmly shaking your head no.
“it’s not happening, shoyo. i’m not driving all the way there to bring you a new lunch, you can survive eating this for a day. maybe it’ll teach you a lesson—”
“baby, i learned my lesson,” he whines, looking at you through the screen with a doe-eyed expression. “i learned it really good, i promise, please don’t make me eat the rice alone,” he begs. shaking your head, you continue eating your own lunch, making sure to display the meat for him to see clearly.
“well, learn it some more. if you want to be rude, you have to deal with the consequences, so here they are. you can always drive yourself home if you want to eat it with meat so bad.” hinata groans, face finding his hands as he buries it into them, peeking through his fingers to see if you’ve had a change of heart. you haven’t.
“but coach will yell at me if i do,” he insists. “please, pretty please? i’m sorry, i’ll make it up to you, promise.” pretending to ponder it for a moment, you put your chopsticks down and stare at him through the screen.
“you have to wash the dishes for the rest of the week if i do, do you agree?” quickly, he nods, face breaking out into a large grin as his eyes light up.
“yeah, you got it, i’ll do them for the rest of the week, babe. you’re the best,” he says excitedly, making you smirk to yourself.
“okay, no take backs, got it?”
“got it.”
“okay. but first, look under the rice,” you snort, not being about to contain your laughter any longer. tilting his head in confusion, he pokes at his rice till his jaw drops, staring at the meat in disbelief.
“well, have a good lunch, baby. love you! i’ll leave my dishes in the sink for when you get back,” you say sweetly, blowing him a kiss before you hang up.
Tumblr media
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youta · 3 months ago
‣ sfw. gn!reader. multi character.
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU. your laugh. he can't lie, seeing your lips tug into that well known, soft smile makes him so happy. maybe this is the reason why he always makes lame and cheesy jokes, just hearing your laugh makes him feel a lot better. and, obviously, let's not forget the moments when the two of you laugh so hard together that you can barely breathe.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI. your hands. he isn't too big on physical affection, but he loves holding your hands. sometimes when you're just relaxing, or even out somewhere, he'll take your hand in his and play with your fingers, or rings if you are wearing any. he does it unconsciously now, and you find it adorable.
SUNA RINTARO. your hugs. he would never admit, but he definitely loves being the small spoon when cuddling, or sleeping. your embrace feels so comforting and warm, after a long day of practice and matches, it can make recharge him in seconds. he has fallen asleep in your arms several times before.
KUROO TETSURO. your lips. he lives and dies for your soft kisses, and loves seeing your smile. his favorite thing has to be when you smile mid-kiss, it makes him fall for you more and more each time. whenever you unconsciously smile while doing something, he finds it adorable and catches himself do the same.
Tumblr media
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ughgojo · 8 months ago
ft: suna rintarou, oikawa tooru, sakusa kiyoomi, atsumu miya, & iwaizumi hajime.
synopsis: small drabbles of how i think some of my fav boys show their clinginess.
content warnings: fluff, small manga spoilers in sakusa’s.
notes from the author: this was a draft on my old blog but now i’m posting it on my new blog and i’m feeling good about it! reblogs, comments, and likes are highly appreciated <3!
Tumblr media
usually likes to wrap his arms around you tightly after he’s finished a long practice and is fresh out of the shower. mumbling little things about his day into your neck as your hands stroke his hair, lulling him to sleep. if you try to get up he’ll whine a little, before pulling you closer to him and pressing a kiss to your collarbone before whispering, “let’s stay like this for a little longer, please?” and you can’t help but to accept, his touch being so warm and inviting.
tooru is never shy of affection and makes sure to at least plant a kiss on your temple or your shoulder once a day. but coming home after losing a game usually causes him to be more affectionate. he wants to hold you while placing little kisses across your jawline while letting you talk about your day to distract you from his. the sound of your voice usually puts him to sleep, he’s content with staying with you like that forever.
sakusa tries so hard to be subtle with his craving of your attention and your touch thats it’s honestly comical. like you’ll be sitting on opposite sides of the couch and before you know it he’s resting his head on your shoulder, lacing his fingers with yours. it usually happens more when he’s been away from you for a while, usually when he goes overseas for his games. you never complain though because you’re so in love with him.
it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that atsumu is relatively pretty clingy. he doesn’t limit his affection no matter how much suna or osamu tease him for how whipped he is for you, because he knows how true it is. but he puts you in the most uncomfortable positions, ones where he’s completely comfortable and content but you’re one second away from the lower half of your body falling asleep. he’ll complain if you try to move but as long as he can still feel your skin against his he doesn’t care.
iwaizumi has never been the one to directly express his affection, until he met you. once you’re in his presence, you can barely take another step before he swarms you in his arms and drags you to the nearest couch or bed so you two can cuddle. he always has a death grip on you so you can’t leave. and if you try he’ll mumble some nonsense about how you ‘never want to spend time with him anymore’. he’s definitely a big baby.
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