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Tumblr media
they’re in love!! (with you)
→ feat. atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi || genres: fluff
Tumblr media
KIYOOMI is late to work. and it's not his fault. no, he didn't sleep in. he didn't forget to turn off the stove. he didn't forget his keys. in fact, he woke up at seven am like he always does. but kiyoomi is late to work and it's because of you.
"baby, one more kiss? the last one," you say, lips already chasing after his.
but kiyoomi puts a hand over your mouth. "you said that twenty kisses ago."
"last one, i promise, please?"
and now you're holding onto his necktie, eyes blinking at him, waiting for him to say yes. but kiyoomi is already ten minutes late to work and he knows that if he caves into you he will be even later. so he opens his mouth, about to say no, but then you kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear.
god. he can't say no to you.
kiyoomi kisses you, sighing into the kiss. he can feel your smile against his lips. what a little devil, he thinks. but that doesn't matter right now, because your lips feel like heaven and kiyoomi thinks this is paradise. and kiyoomi kisses you again and again and again until you're both breathless.
maybe he should call in sick today.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU sometimes gets this overwhelming warm feeling in his chest, a feeling that makes him want to almost cry. and it is times like these, as he’s laying in bed sick with a wet towel on his forehead, as you are holding his hand, that he realizes how grateful he is that you chose him. that you wanted to stay with him.
“babe, i love ya, will leave all my fortune to ya."
“tsumu, stop acting like you're dying. it’s just a cold.”
he snorts at your reply, but the warmth of your fingertips on his palms doesn't stop the tears from appearing in his eyes. he can feel his lips quivering, his face growing red (and not from the fever). so he pulls you closer to him, until your face is pressed into the crook of his neck.
“ya know i love ya, right? i love ya so much,” he whispers in your ear.
"i know tsumu, i love you too."
"even when you make me burnt porridge, i love ya a whole lot."
"yes, yes, you big baby," you giggle, lightly smacking his arm, "my big baby."
the night ends with you kissing atsumu's face over and over again until he stops crying (he stops when he falls asleep).
Tumblr media
TOORU knows all good things come to an end eventually. that forever is not a word that lasts, it's not a word that makes sense to him. that one day he will have to let go. but when his arms are tightly wrapped around you as you bask in the afternoon sun, your hair tickling his cheek, he thinks it might make sense after all.
forever is a word that tooru can finally picture and it takes shape in the form of you.
"you smell like me," he says, kissing the top of your head.
"you noticed? i used your shampoo."
"you're also wearing my jersey," he teases, "you like me that much?"
"tooru, you're literally my boyfriend."
he laughs. tooru can't help but tighten his arms around you, still laughing, your face pressed against his. you whine, saying he's crushing you. but tooru keeps you secure in his embrace, kissing your cheeks, your ears, your neck. kissing your lips. and yes, oikawa tooru is your boyfriend. he's yours, forever and more.
"you're soo clingy," you say.
"only for you," he replies.
tooru doesn't think forever is a word that lasts, but if it's with you, he will try. he will try to make it last until his last breath. only for you.
Tumblr media
SHOYO thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your clothes are soaked and you look terribly pissed off because the weather forecast didn't announce it would rain. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and you're squeezing his hand a tad bit too hard.
"our picnic is ruined.”
"it's fine, we could always go tomorrow! and now we can go home and cuddle."
but that doesn't take away the look of disappointment on your face, or how your body slumps, or how smaller than usual you look. so shoyo pulls you towards him, making you drop the picnic basket, his face a mere inches away from yours.
"dance with me?"
and shoyo doesn't even wait for you to answer before he's twirling you around. hands around your waist, pulling your body each time closer to his, until all he can feel is your warmth instead of the rain soaking his clothes. until all he can feel is your heartbeat.
"shoyo, stop, this is embarrassing!" you say, but you're laughing and laughing with each twirl, with each step.
shoyo thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and your clothes are drenched. even now, as the rain pours over both of you and you two are dancing and laughing like mad.
Tumblr media
a/n: tooru’s is inspired by the song forever by lee junhyung!!
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Tumblr media
sakusa had a new girlfriend exactly 3 hours 10 minutes and 55 seconds after you broke up. he moved on so quickly it’s hard to believe that he ever loved you, or that he wasn’t cheating thought your whole relationship. you heavily believed that he was, so you set out to make his life a living hell.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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makeout sessions w haikyuu men pt2?? with sakusa, osamu, daichi, & whoevet else u want. only if ur comfy with it!!
Tumblr media
FEATURING : osamu, sakusa, daichi, ukai, tsukishima, and ushijima x female reader
CONTENT WARNINGS : suggestive content, 18+, grinding, mentions of oral (m receiving), nudes
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with osamu are long. it’s 8;45, and onigiri miya closes in 15 minutes, but you can bare another moment without your mouth on osamu’s. you pull him in by his collar, wrapping your hands around to his grey roots. they’re sweaty from being up since six in the morning, but you don’t give a fuck. his eyes widen, flickering up to the door where there were no signs of customers. his hands find purchase on your waist, pulling your body flush against his. you whine, needy for him as you rub your tongue against his. he growls against your mouth, pulling away much to your dismay. ‘gimme a sec’, he grunts, stepping away from the counter and walking over to the front door. he flips the electronic ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’, making his way back over to you. he could close 15 minutes late for you.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with sakusa are possessive. he wants you and only you. some may think his greatest pleasure was scoring the final point in the men’s v league grand final last year, but sakusa knows it’s only in second. his greatest pleasure was feeling your lips slide against his, hearing your small groans of pleasure. his fingers are long and wrapped around your throat, eyes squeezed closed. the feeling of rapture gushes throughout his athletic body, making his heart pounder faster than it would after a game of volleyball. he’s cradling your face, thumbs stroking at your cheeks as he presses his growing erection against your stomach, giving you the hint that he needed you now.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with daichi are breath taking. he treats you like you’re made of glass, so careful not to hurt you. it doesn't take much for you to succumb to his touch, only a mere palm on the back of your neck has you moaning into his mouth. his lips are soft and taste like vanilla lip balm as he rests his hand on the wall where he has you in a kabedon. his other hand cups around the back of your neck, pulling you in impossibly closer. his thumb hooks under the angle of your jaw, tilting your head up with a simple press. he's hooked onto you, taking a brief moment to pull away and admire your flushed face. he’s got an unreadable expression on his face, maybe, coy? you don’t waste another second wandering about it as you flex onto your tippy toes and press your mouth back against his.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with ukai are merciless. you’ve been sending him naughty texts all day, even sending a scandalous photo of your upskirt once. you hear the door slam when you come home, heavy footsteps quickly making their way to your bedroom door. you lay down your book, and you’re not even able to utter a word before keishin grabs your wrists, pinning them above you and pressing his crotch down onto yours. he takes a second to admire the fear and shock on your face, ahead of pressing his lips down onto yours, compelling his tongue into your mouth. fervently, he tongues every inch of your mouth, grasping at your tits through your shirt, grinding his cock down onto your crotch. he pulls away, watching your wide eyes and open mouth as you struggle to catch your breath. he takes the opportunity to spit inside of your mouth, reaching up and closing your jaw. ‘your mouth shouldn’t open unless it’s to put my cock in’, he says, rubbing his thumb over your lips as you swallow.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with tsukishima are unfair. he teases you endlessly, refusing to bend down to reach your lips. you pout, looking up at him. your puppy dog eyes make him give in, arching down you press his lips against yours. you sigh dazedly, allowing him to glide his tongue into your mouth. precisely as you’re about to start sucking on it, he pulls away and stands back up to his regular height. you look up at him, a perplexed look crossing your face. he leans back down, tricking you into thinking he was going to continue. he stops when his mouth reaches your ear, smirking internally when he hears your breath hitch. ‘if you want more, you gotta work for it’, he whispers in a low voice, slender fingers coming to your head and pushing you to your knees.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with ushijima are impatient. you knew when he slipped that ring on his finger, his training hours were long and you would only see him during the night and on the weekends. you often found yourself craving his touch throughout the day, but you knew better than to touch yourself without him. when he finally opens the front door at 8:15, you’re throwing yourself onto him, slipping your tongue into his mouth. he gently reciprocates, sliding his hands down your hips. your hands snake under his white tank top, feeling across his sweaty abs. this truly was the best part of your day.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! likes, reblogs, follows, and general feedback are all appreciated! 💜
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sakusins · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
sakusa thinks he’s sick—which is odd in itself because sakusa never gets sick.
but he’s sick, he’s sure of it. otherwise, why else would his cheeks flush with so much heat, and why else would his skin get sweaty from nothing, and why else would he feel so dizzy? he’s sure it’s something serious, but komori insists it’s not—but what would komori know?
komori has a god awful sleep schedule, he skips his annual flu shot, he always forgets a jacket, and he uses a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. sakusa kiyoomi is not going to take health advice from someone who’s as out of tune with taking proper care of themselves as his know-it-all cousin. but komori makes one (and only one) valid point—sakusa seems to only feel this way when you’re around.
and that’s crazy. you’ve been his friend since high school, you’ve helped him pass math class for all of college, you’ve taken criminally unflattering photos of him mid-serve for countless MSBY games—you’re his best friend. he thinks it’s rather ridiculous that komori’s trying to insinuate that you’re detrimental to his health.
but then you laugh and god, sakusa swears he’s just experienced cardiac arrest.
“i’m starting to think i’m allergic to you,” he mumbles, watching as you raise a brow and take a bite of your (his) french fry. you claimed you weren’t hungry—which is never true, so now he’s stuck sharing.
“well, that’s rude. i share my food with you all the time, no need to be stingy—”
“that’s not what i meant,” he rolls his eyes, lips curving into scowl, “but you definitely don’t share as often as i do.” you giggle at the way he stares unimpressed, watching you take more from his pile.
not only do you make him sick physically, but you also make him sick in the head. sakusa kiyoomi is the youngest in his family. he’s been spoiled since the day he learned to walk, he hasn’t had to share since he first learned how to spell the damn word itself. komori never gets french fry stealing privileges—and yet, somehow, you’ve twisted his brain into giving you privileges after another willingly.
“you sound crazy, kiyoomi. well…crazier than usual,” you snort.
“i don’t usually sound crazy,” he grumbles.
“that’s what a crazy person would say. now tell me why you’re allergic to me—that’s still really rude, by the way. share your drink with me to make it up,” you make grabby hands for his sprite, and he swats you away, glaring at you as you pout.
“you have your own drink.”
“i finished it,” you pout deeper, batting your lashes at him pleadingly. and now he’s starting to think this is serious—maybe he really should see a doctor. why on earth are his hands getting sweaty?
“too bad, this is mine,” he scowls, grabbing the french fry your reach for just to spite you. he fights back a grin as you glare at him, taking a victorious bite as he stares right into your eyes to rub salt on the wound. “every time you come around, i seem to get sick.”
“huh? sick how?” you tilt your head, and his heartbeat speeds up. then it does that weird clench, and he’s trying to figure out if cardiac arrest this often at his age is bad for his career as an athlete. he’s sure it has to be.
“either i’m allergic to you, or you’re just bad luck. every time you come around, my hands sweat and i feel like i’m gonna throw up and my chest tightens—oh, and i have trouble speaking sometimes. this can’t be healthy—”
“i take it back. you’re not crazy, you’re stupid.”
“hey,” he hissed, pulling his french fries out of reach with a soft pout, “what’s that supposed to mean?”
“is this a joke? or are you seriously this clueless,” you ask, and there’s an edge of seriousness in your tone, something close to doubtful—maybe even the slightest bit insecure. he frowns, brows furrowing as he shakes his head.
“no, i’m serious. it only happens when you’re around and—”and suddenly, he gets cut off by the sound of you letting out a breathless chuckle before he feels the side of his face be cupped as you kiss him.
you kiss him out of nowhere—and right on the mouth too. with not even so much as a warning.
sakusa kiyoomi has known you since high school, which means he’s less than shocked by anything you do anymore. he’s endured your teasing of his neon green school jersey, he’s sat through your same old rant about your history professor over and over again, he’s watched you try (and fail) at figuring out how to change the tire of your first car, and he’s let you rope him into carrying all your boxes when you move into your new apartment. but never, ever, has he prepared for your lips to touch his.
“kiyoomi,” you let out a breathy laugh, laced in disbelief, “you’re really something else.”
he sputters, staring at you with a bright red face and eyes widened by miles.
“w-what was that—”
“i love you too. you clueless idiot.”
and as of today, sakusa kiyoomi realizes he really is sick—sickeningly in love with someone as annoying as you.
Tumblr media
idk what the fuck this is lmao bye
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shoulmate · a day ago
The number of people who have hugged Sakusa Kiyoomi can be counted on one hand.
And most of those hugs happened under the age of ten.
Everyone even his fans know and respect his personal space, the bubble that exists around Sakusa. There are precisely three exceptions:
Komori who, as Sakusa's best friend, is welcome within that bubble but never wants to make his cousin uncomfortable so they don't hug. Proximity is enough for him.
There's Sakusa's Mom who's included for obvious reasons. She doesn't want to make her son uncomfortable but she'll ask for hugs when she really needs it.
And finally...Because ever since Sakusa joined MSBY a certain terribly-blonde-hair-dyed-setter has disregarded the bubble and doesn't care about Sakusa's reactions...Miya. Miya Atsumu.
The human equivalent of stepping on a nerve who's talented enough that Sakusa tolerates his existence. The person whose personality is so large that it fills the entire gym.
It terrifies Sakusa.
The only thing that terrifies him more is when Miya informs the team the day of that his best friend is stopping by to say hi.
Sakusa cannot imagine what kind of person would be best friends with this cretin and he internally panics, overthinking and dreading every moment of practice until Atsumu leaves the court to meet you at the door and walk you in and oh god you're a girl he didn't expect that and you're so beautiful and he can't stop staring and he prays to whatever gods exist that he's not blushing because Atsumu's doing introductions and you're hugging everyone and you're hugging him--
You're hugging him.
There's a woosh of calm.
Your arms wrap around him and you squeeze. It's a gentle squeeze... somehow the perfect amount of pressure that quiets his proprioceptive system.
It leaves space for all the other details of this moment to set in: your warmth, your smell that's not overpowering and surprisingly inviting.
He doesn't hug you back but he doesn't react; he lets you hug him, almost disappointed when you pull away.
You smile and say you've heard so much about him and it's so great to meet him. He can only gulp and nod in reply before you're moving onto the next person.
His eyes follow you but you're leaving as quickly as you came, reassuring everyone it's because of a prior obligation and it was such a delight to meet everyone with a promise to return soon.
Sakusa watches you go, longing for a goodbye hug.
Yes, longing.
And is relieved when Atsumu doesn't give him a hard time when he asks when you'll be back.
"She's great, isn't she?" Atsumu grins knowingly and says he'll let Sakusa know as soon as he does.
Now there's a fourth exception.
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shiraishi-mai · a day ago
Sakusa Kiyoomi is a methodical man.
He promptly wakes up at 6am everyday. He goes to brush his teeth, gargles mouthwash a few times, and then neatly places his toothbrush and toothpaste back in their designated places. A small, healthy breakfast is enjoyed in utter silence as he knows such quiet will be a rare occurrence in the rest of his day.* At 7:30am, he leaves for practice.
Fridays are days to be spent hiding from the MSBY team and drinking tea while doing sudoku on the sofa. The athletes are given a half day on Saturdays, so he spends the latter half often catching up on errands like grocery shopping. Sundays were strictly reserved for "deep cleaning" the apartment despite its state of spotlessness during the entire week.
He is meticulous in all of his actions. If he must cook, he ensures that he follows every instruction precisely. After all, wasn't intention behind a recipe book? If the team went to an away game, he needed to know the exact itinerary and planned what items he would require for that particular trip.
And, of course, he was most meticulous about his hygiene. He was a professional athlete after all - being healthy and avoiding illnesses should be his top priority. However, this was not only just about wearing a mask or avoiding unsanitary places. No, it encompassed and extended to his system of steps for both his skincare and haircare - all of which he did so that he appeared neat and clean at all times. When Sakusa looked in the mirror, he was content to see a man of discipline and efficiency in the reflection.
The only time there has been a deviation was when he began dating you.
Suddenly, mornings seemed to have a slower start as it became harder and harder to untangle himself from the warmth of your body and the feel of your skin under his fingertips. After he managed to remove himself with great effort, he shivered. Had his apartment always been so chilly? In the bathroom, his toothbrush was still in its rightful place, but tilted at an awkward angle to make room for another one, and the white cap for the toothpaste was only half screwed on. After he's done, he makes his way towards the sounds of the coffee maker in the kitchen. It is quiet as he begins to eat, but it's broken by a yelp and the sound of frantic movement as you shove a bagel in your mouth and attempt to pull your arms through the sleeves of your coat as you bullied your feet into your shoes. He winces when you step on the backs as if they're slippers, leaving permanent crease marks, but is surprised when you are sliding your feet right out of them again. White socks make dull thuds on the floor as they hurry towards his seat and he feels a set of soft lips against his own. There's a wave, another yelp (maybe more so of a screech this time) as you check your watch again, and he shakes his head as he watches you dash out the door. He told you if you stayed in bed, you'd be late again.
The weekends had changed as well. Friday nights were often spent at new restaurants, ones he would have never dared nor had an interest to try. But you with your damn eyes had him from wrinkling his nose to aggressively making reservations. Some of these dinners were even accompanied by other members of his teams.** On Saturdays, he uses a cart instead of a basket at the grocery store, and watches as random items are often haphazardly thrown into it.*** Upon finishing all the errands, he is often coerced into doing some activity after he is told that he is "being no fun".
And while deep cleaning is still not necessary, there does have to be some active cleaning on Sundays. The words "gentle reminder" likes to come up on those days in a tone that you like to point out is NOT gentle.
His hygiene was still of utmost importance, but he does admit that his throat maybe felt a little scratchy during practice once, and it was definitely not because he couldn't resist giving you a kiss when you looked so miserably sick as you watched him leave. Moreover, his skincare and haircare routine continued the same, if anything he inspired you to start one, but when he looked in the mirror, Sakusa didn't recognise the man with a slight glimmer to his eyes and, dare he say, soft expression on his face staring back.
But he forgot that he was accustomed to these things for a part of his life.
Wasn't he always a methodical man? He didn't think he was a person that could alter his schedule and habits for anybody so it was hard to imagine a situation in which he did. There were no traces of such a lifestyle left in his apartment, no souvenirs of your interference in his life. He currently only orders from the few restaurants that he has always order from and will continue to order from and his finished sudoku books are all neatly placed underneath his coffee table. Surely his life has always been organised and simple.
But where did all these memories, bursting with vivid colour and rich emotion, come from as they hit him like a truck and ran him over when you stood in front of him with shaking hands and determined eyes, right before he was going to walk down an aisle with someone else?
Honestly, you thought this would be more like the movies where time would stand still after the dramatic entrance, the background fading as the main couple stands in front of each other and somehow managing to have a conversation with just their eyes. You were, instead, all too aware of the sound of scuffling shoes and excited chatter as people finished taking their seats outside of the room. With every breath, you inhaled the scent of the gardenias that littered the venue and you saw, through the corner of your eye, a clock that hung on the wall - each tick seeming mocking as you literally watched time slip away from you.
There wasn't a wordless conversation. You didn't know what he was thinking at all. Something akin to a panic attack threatened to rise in you as you stared at him. You were here, years later, and still failed to understand what the hell was going on in Sakusa Kyoomi's head.
The reality was that there was nothing going on in Sakusa Kiyoomi's head apart from pure, empty shock.
"Are you really going through with this?" Your words came out clipped as if you were more annoyed than scared. He flinched, not at your tone, but at the fact that he had almost forgotten what the sound of your voice was like.
"The music is going to begin at any moment now," he managed to force out through stiff lips.
"That doesn't answer my question."
"I don't have a choice."
"Oh don't give me that shit Omi." How had he forgotten what your voice sounded like.
"You shouldn't be getting married just because you were told to and with someone who is practically a stranger nonetheless. What about your autonomy? Your happiness? Her happiness? This is for life Omi! Are you actually insane??" You waved your hands in exasperation.
"it's been years," he simply stated.
What he meant to say was - where were you all these years?
"Look, this doesn't even concern us," you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair. "You can't keep going through life saying that you have a duty to do certain things, that certain things just have to be done and in this or that particular way. You have a choice to just not do things Omi. Stop acting like there are some set of bylaws that dictate that you must live your life according to its principles or something. If living a more disciplined lifestyle makes you happy, that's great. in fact, I found it admirable. But is this something that you are truly okay with doing?" You gestured to the air above you as you finished.
He rubbed his eyes and sucked in a small breath. "I don't know anymore. I just-," he struggled to find the words. "I don't know when I ended up being stuck on a loop. I assumed that because I don't care too much about whether or not I get married anyway, I should listen to my parents and make them happy at the very least."
You hesitated briefly in puzzlement before saying with a slightly curious tone, "I thought you liked the concept of getting married? Something about being a traditional family man with the house and the whole doting wife, kids, and dog package."
He wrinkled his nose in a manner all too familiar to you. "I said nothing about a dog."
You sighed. "That's not important here."
"It is though," he said with a soft smile and a slight wistfulness graced his features. "You were the one that wanted a dog."
That was the problem. It wasn't the concept of getting married Sakusa liked. It was the idea of getting married to YOU. The memories he suppressed were a side effect from having to force your existence completely out of his mind during this whole ordeal - he wouldn't have the ability to go through with it otherwise. If he hadn't done it, he would've begun to imagine what you would have looked like in a wedding dress, waiting for him at the end of a path scattered in flowers with the smile that he adored so much. The wedding would have been smaller than this one and you probably would have begged him to have it outside and, despite his repulsion for insects, he probably would have agreed. Because it was you that asked. You'd definitely be cliche and smear cake on his face and he'd "let" you because he knew he'd find the photos of it afterward endearing. And even though he hated dancing, he would have done it all night if that meant he could hear your happy laughter echo in his ear and watch the silver of your wedding ring flash as you placed your hand in his. Anything you asked of him for the wedding, he knew he would have done.
Because he loved you.
Because he loves you.
Everyone will say that Sakusa Kiyoomi is a methodical man, except, when it comes to you.
So he was not surprised, no, he realised he had accepted his fate a long time ago, when he grasped your hand in his and tugged you out of the room so that the two of you could slip out the back of the church. The sudden sunlight that flooded towards you as the door opened had the both of you squinting to adjust to the brightness outside. Sakusa's heart was hammering in his chest. With the feeling of an unfamiliar rush of adrenaline and a strange sensation, as if he were deviating from a script in a movie, he looked up at the clear blue sky and the faint V-line of geese migrating for the winter. He felt light-headed, from giddiness or anxiety he wasn't sure, but he was glad you were holding his hand because he was sure it would be trembling otherwise.
You heard a chuckle and looked at him quizzically as you made your way across the asphalt road. He looked down at you with a slight curve to his lips.
"I missed you."
You bit your lip, afraid to let yourself be too happy yet, just in case this all turned out to be a dream or something like that. But he gave your hand a squeeze and it felt real, and the way his slender fingers tilted your head up towards him felt real, and the way his lips pressed against yours again and again felt real.
Sakusa pulled back from you with a different look in his eyes, as if he too had to confirm to himself that this wasn't a dream. He whispered in a hoarse voice, as if he hadn't spoken in a very long time,
"Thank you."
*see Atsumu Miya
**it is to be noted that Sakusa attempts to cancel these ASAP
***the majority of these will be put back on their respective shelves
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tsukina · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
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Tumblr media
to say you were scared for what was to come was an understatement, but it was something that needed to happen. whether it took place before practice, or after, you knew that this day was the day you finally let go. to take the advice of those around you, letting your soul out of it’s locked cage beneath the seals you’ve so desperately placed at each layer.
and who would have guess? after so much time, it was pointless. something you believe that served a purpose to protect your life was doing damage instead. years of built up trauma begging to be let go, only to be covered up behind your award winning poker face.
sometimes you pondered on how it was possible that those in your family or friends refused to see behind the faux smile you wore so dearly, or perhaps it was just that you were that good of an actress. throughout time, with the blessing of the boys who refuses to leave you alone with their love, you realized that wasn’t the case. no, you were not a good actress, not in the slightest. and maybe it was your fault for thinking it in the first place; but what would your friends think if they heard you blaming yourself yet again?
it wasn’t your fault. and maybe you felt the need to avoid blaming others along the way of being the bigger person, but not in this case. because men you’ve known for just the summer were able to see the true you, when those around you for years failed to. conceivably, there was a chance they did know and they just didn’t care. either way, this was something that needed to happen.
the time couldn’t move by slower as you prepared the indoor court for your days worth of sports, and as each minute passed, you wondered if anything was going to happen at all. you didn’t necessarily regret the night before, you refused to disagree with actions you once wanted, but also because it landed you in the exact moment you were living.
as your insecurities grew, within time shoes were squeaking on the gym floor as the boys were once again split up in a practice match. standing aside, you watched their improved game due to the outside court. a smile plastered on everyone’s face, ones you refused to forget as they warmed you up so delicately. the feeling of being cared by them making you melt at the small side glances bokuto gave you in a search for your approval on his latest spike, or hinata yearning for a thumbs up from you as he received yet another famous ushiwaka hit.
and you couldn’t miss the small cheers from the setters asking if you witnessed their perfect set, accompanied by an amazing point on their side. the taunting creating music to your ears as they egged each other to get better, to be the very best.
but the day was today. you couldn’t let yourself be distracted by the support surrounding you. and right on time, it was easily stopped by a voice saying your name before hoshiumis serve, “Yn, can we speak outside?”
upon looking over your shoulder, your eyes widened at the sight of sako standing firmly. it wasn’t sako that shocked you though, but the way his gaze seemed to go right through you by standing behind the comfort of the one person you loved most. your father.
“I-“ you couldn’t finished, you were completely baffled by the sudden intrusion. the look sako shot over your fathers shoulder told you all you needed to know.
though you quickly regained your composure, you knew this was to come. the reassuring words repeating from the night before fueling the anger within you, this had to happen.
“Let’s speak here.”
“No,” he shook his head, “We must speak outside.”
“Okay,” you gave him a closed eyed smile, “Can you keep score for me, Sako?”
“Actually, he’ll be needed as well.”
the concerned looks from the athletes stayed on you, the small lift of your hand trying to ease their worries but was ineffective. the silence was deafening, especially when the room was full of laughter and play just moments before, “Practice just started. Can’t it wait?”
he doubled down once again, “I’m afraid it’s urgent.”
“See what I told you, sir?” your fiancé whispers loud enough for you to hear, the men behind you felt their annoyance rise as the man spoke.
“What did you tell him?”
“This isn’t professional, Yn,” your father persisted even more, “Please follow me.”
“No,” you sighed, watching his shoulders tense slightly. there was never a moment where you refused his orders unless it was a more serious situation at hand, “Professionalism was always what you went off of, but somewhat hypocritical when you realize your business is family, no?”
his facials dropped in defeat, the furrowing in his eyebrows becoming evident with irritation running through his veins. you were an obedient child growing up, but the more you age the more he realizes you take on specific after him; being obstinate.
“Fine, you want to speak about it here?” his footsteps inched closed to you, yet his disappointing features did not diminish, “I’m afraid i’ve made a grave mistake, which was believing you were ready. Sako has told me about the things you’ve been doing, and how you aren’t doing your job correctly.”
“She’s been doing quite fine in my opinion.”
“Please,” you briefly looked back at the blonde setter to let him know you did not need his help, “do you have proof of his accusations?”
“I don’t need any,” he glanced over at atsumu with a disgusted look, “I feel as if it’s clear now. Sako will now be in charge of the entire seasons participants, including yours.”
“What?” he held his hand up swiftly, silencing your protest.
“You will be working alongside Mika.”
the drastic setting was something you had not prepared yourself enough for. maybe you were too busy giving your father the benefit of the doubt, assuming he would be lenient with your sudden actions that hinted at your pull from the engagement. the embarrassment and animosity radiated from your stance, did your word mean anything to him?
“Professionalism,” you shot him a shocking grin, “You call this professionalism? You are nothing but a hypocrite of your words. It means nothing to you, and I know this is not the first time you’ve heard this.”
“Yn, It’s for the bett-“
“For the better? No, I am done.” you felt your hand run through your hair with stress, pent up feelings suddenly being released, “I am done watching my own father dismiss my needs for a man that brings me nothing but misery.“
he walked closer to no avail as you stepped back simultaneously, his hands reaching out as if he wished to comfort his distressed child, “I’m doing this for you.”
“For me, right,” your dry chuckle quietly echoed in the empty room, “what a bold lie. You’re doing this for yourself. To carry the dignity you have left after mom decided to leave.”
the feelings within you subsided any doubt for making the situation as deep as it became. years of wanting to speak about what was disregarded suddenly arising. the look in his face was heartbreaking, but it didn’t matter. the man before you, the one you loved so dearly, was invalidating anything you’ve done up to this moment. if you had learned one thing over the last two months, it was that the only one to truly understand yourself, was you.
“You know, you always raised me to believe blood is thicker than water, as much as she hated it,” the name you owned was being whispered behind you in an attempt to calm you down, but was dismissed by your hateful words, “but I recently learned that it’s not true at all. A mere myth. By the looks of your companionship, maybe you can find yourself to agree.”
“Please, kuʻualoha, let’s finish this conversation in my office.”
“There’s no need, because I quit.” your eyes connected with the teams, silently telling them to remember what you had said the night before. walking past the regional manager at the doorframe, you stopped briefly before dealing the final blow.
“Oh, and Sako? Here’s my ring.”
Tumblr media
fun facts:
— “the time couldn’t have moved slower” was originally going to be hinting at the series original name: “Time Moves Slow” before it was changed
— kuʻualoha in english means “my love” or “my dear”
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omiisangel · 3 days ago
Hi everyone! If anyone is interested I’m opening up commission for selfshipart! In need of some quick cash for minor bills at the moment!
I can do from these anime: Haikyuu, AOT, JJK, Tokyo Revengers, KNB + more
Feel free to share if you guys can! Down below is the breakdown! Feel free to DM with questions!
Black and White Headshot + Shoulders : $25
Colored Headshots + Shoulders: $30
Black and White + Chest Up: $30
Colored + Chest Up : $35
Below are some examples!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mavrintarou · a day ago
Wipe Your Eyes [prologue] - Sakusa Kiyoomi
I'm afraid I'm getting ahead of myself and too excited but I want to share this. This is another series - I know I need to complete the others and I promise you... I will. Lol.
Warning: angst; mean & hurtful Kiyoomi; Note: this is in 1st POV but the rest will be in 3rd. How I usually get inspired to write - is listening to songs. I'm naming this series after one of my favorite songs: Maroon 5 - Wipe Your Eyes
It was normal for married couples to argue.
Sure, you and Kiyoomi had disagreements and such moments…
Most of the time it always resulted with you ending the argument because it was going nowhere and Kiyoomi was apparently never wrong.
Three years into your marriage and you begin to notice as of late that it was always arguments, over and over and over…
They say, by your third year of marriage it’s either make it or break it…
You were persistent in making the marriage work.
However, you begin to doubt Kiyoomi.
“I don’t need you to nag at me all the time. You know I’m always at the gym. Ask Miya if you don’t believe me.”
“It’s not that I don’t believe you, Kiyoomi.” You said his full name which had him raising a brow at you.
“Well,” he crosses his arms, “it sure sounds like you don’t believe me.”
You were tired, exhausted of always trying to make sure you weren’t accusing him when it came to talking to him.
“I’m not accusing you. I’m just asking why you haven’t been home right after practice or a game? I barely see you nowadays. You come home and you’re in bed already.” You inhale sharply, “you don’t spend any time with me anymore.”
“I’m already married to you, what more is there to it?”
It was your turn to accuse him. “Well, it sure doesn’t feel that way.”
And that explodes the bomb in him.
“Doesn’t feel that way? Well, sorry for always putting up with your shit and making sure your needs are taken care of! Who is the one bringing the income home? Who is the one supporting your lame career that you can’t even find make a decent living from it? Everything is always about you!” he shouts in your face, making you flinch. “I’m so tired of it all! I’m tired of you, this place, my fucken job! I can’t even come home and just breathe without you being so fucken annoying!”
You inhale sharply, so sharp that it punctures your heart also. Tears burned your eyes, and you dare not blink in case the tears would fall.
Instantly, Kiyoomi’s face soften, and he takes a deep breath. Regret is written all over his face. “I – I didn’t mean – “
You look away, blinking and wiping your tears away. “I see.” Your legs move but not fast enough for him to catch your wrist, stopping you. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, tugging and twisting your wrist out of his grip. “I just... I just need… some time alone. It’ll be good for us…”
Kiyoomi knew better than to try and stop you.
Every time you two fought, he would say something hurtful. He knew that he should let you go so you both could cool off.
“Okay.” Was all he could utter.
You walked into your shared room and grab your outdoor backpack that Kiyoomi hated that you would leave in the bedroom and stuff your essentials inside.
“Stop leaving your dirty backpack in our bedroom. It’s full of germs.”
Changing into your gear, you grab your hiking shoes and move to head out.
“Where are you going?”
Usually, he never questioned, just letting you do what you need to do to cool off.
>>> @callmeraider @amarinthine @chaotic-fangirl-blog @eadyladlegard @wolffmaiden
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bbyatsumu · a day ago
hello! i love your work and was wondering if you could please give us a snippet of an upcoming fic? maybe for haikyuu? thank you!
here you go anon! this is for sakusa and I'm super excited for this fic! if anyone would like to be tagged please lmk :) it should be out tomorrow!
He doesn’t exactly recall how his third night in Brazil ended up like this: you - his sweet, innocent best friend - standing in front of him, shyly pulling off your top as you face him.
“Teach me?” you ask, eyes wide and desperate as you corner Sakusa on his bed. 
“We can’t do this,” Sakusa breathes out, voice tight with a restrained emotion that you can’t quite place.
“Teach me,” you implore, swallowing thickly as you move to unbutton your shorts. The nerves are all-encompassing now, your anxiety threatening to swallow you whole. However, you can’t stop now - there is no fight in you to stop.
“You - you’re my best friend,” Sakusa manages to get out, dark eyes latched onto every inch of skin you expose for him. Adrenaline buzzes through his veins, feeling thick as electricity as the tension builds between you. 
“I respect you,” you begin, closing your eyes tight as you pull your shorts off. Letting the denim pool at your feet, you smoothly step out of them, standing in front of Sakusa in just your lingerie. 
At the sight of the dark lace adorning your body, the tall man tightens his grip on his white bedding, chest constricting with a desire that’s been hanging thick in the air for days. Seeing you make your way towards him, timid in your steps but confident in your actions, has Sakusa’s breath hitching in his throat.
“(Y/N)...” he trails off, eyes tracing along your nearly bare body with a thinly veiled lust. 
“I respect you,” you interrupt him, finally standing directly in front of him. Even with Sakusa sitting on his bed, he is still so much taller than you, but you can’t bring yourself to feel shy. 
Even though his words hold warning, his legs spread for you when you come to stand between them. You don’t miss how Sakusa’s gaze darkens, tongue coming to lick his lips before his teeth catch onto the bottom one. 
“As my best friend…” you start off, voice timorous as his large hand comes to cup your cheek. His palm is warm, fingertips slightly calloused as he caresses your cheekbone. It makes you shiver, leaning into his touch as your eyes fall close. “You..” you try to begin again, distracted by his addicting presence.
“As my best friend, I respect you,” you state, nuzzling into Sakusa’s warm palm as his thumb brushes across your lips. 
“I respect you, and - “ a gasp escapes you as Sakusa’s fingers pull down on your bottom lip, causing arousal to flush through your body. His lips are parted, greedily taking in every word and action that you give him; Sakusa feels light-headed, and you’re sure the room is spinning. “- and you make me feel safe.”
Your admission has Sakusa leaning closer to you, his hand moving to the nape of your neck to pull you to him. You stop a mere centimeter away from him, his hot breath fanning across your face and lips as his other hand grasps onto your hip. He nudges his nose against yours, lips just barely grazing each other’s as he takes a shuddering breath.
“Tell me,” his strong voice urges, begging you to tell him what he so desperately wants to hear.
“So,” you say quietly, attempting to finish your plea before getting too distracted. “Teach me.”
And Sakusa feels as if all the air has been stolen from his lungs as his composure finally snaps, pulling you towards him and embracing you with a searing kiss.
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justmywriting1313 · 2 hours ago
Aggressively affectionate (sakusa x reader)
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi seems like the kind of partner who would aggressively baby you especially if he deems you as someone who isn't very good/ capable of taking care of themselves. The entire time he would be shaking his head, a perpetual frown on his face as he tucks you in and mutters under his breath, “silly girl... going and making me care for you and then love you only to be a complete idiot... You can’t go make me love you and then be incapable of keeping yourself alive... smh”
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose gut has been twisting in worry for the past couple of weeks because he has watched you overwork yourself to the point of complete incoherency. He hasn’t said anything yet because so far you have always been the one to remind him of his limits but even that has been mild because lets face it, omi-omi is a fairly balanced person. However you guys are still new to this and the boundaries haven’t been placed so he doesn’t know when and where he can step in.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who borders on speeding when he gets a call from your co-worker wondering if he could come pick you up since you kind of blacked out for a while. For the first time he feels angry when he walks up to your table, gathering a listless you into himself and practically carrying you reassuring your boss and friends that he has this handled.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who settles you into his car, getting into his own seat and slamming the door shut. For a minute or two there is silence as he takes a moment to gather his thoughts while you did everything to avoid looking at the seething man next to you. He finally turned to you, dark eyes glistening with unreserved care and concern as he grabbed your chin with a firm, not forceful grip,
“I have tried to be patient... I really have... I have tried to do this the easy way for many reasons... we are still new to this and you are kind of a flight risk with relationships but I’m over it... I care about you too much to see you overwork yourself... so we are going to go home, you will stay over with me where I can keep on you and you are going to listen and do everything i say Y/N L/N... Am I clear?” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who ignores your grumbling about his use of your full name. Once he gets his agreement he is placing a kiss on your pouty lips before driving of to his apartment. His movements are firm and a little rough but not forceful as he drags you in by the upper arm. Sitting you down on his couch and placing painkillers for your headache, a much too large bottle of water and a couple of granola bars in-front of you. Before putting on a show for you, something lighthearted no matter how much you wanted to watch greys anatomy.
“I am going to fill a bath for you and set out some clothes... if the water and granola bars aren’t finished by the time I’m back...” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who sets his entire house up, filling the bath up, setting a set of his own clothes out for you, getting some of the prep for a good meal done as he waits for you to finish what he gave you, his observing eyes never leaving you for too long. Just this took the little energy you had gotten in the car out of you as Kiyoomi carried you to the bathroom. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose actions become oh so gentle as he gently stands you up on two feet as he raises your arms for you. Soft voice as he calls you all the nicknames under the sun when your eyes get a little teary and you beg to just lie down on the floor and go to sleep, even if it is in the bathroom. He gets down on his knees and looks up at you with soft eyes as he watch you sob. Even as he helps you out of your skirt and panties. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who gets you into the water and with gentle strokes he washes your hair for you. Even as you sob into your hands and knees. Every cry bringing you closer to exhaustion. Kiyoomi would just sit and hear it all as he moves you into different positions, scrubbing your back and arms for you. Hands gliding across your stomach and down your legs as you loll your head back to look at him as he rinses you of. 
“‘M sorry ya had to take care of me Kiyo-kun”
“sweetheart wether you like it or not I’m here... and I’m not going anywhere and that means i get to take care of you and its something I want... You will never have to be sorry for it... cause its what I want to do”
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you up in a fluffy towel and takes you to bed where he dresses you up in his shirt that was one size too big. The collar dropping making you swim in it. He pulls one of his boxer briefs up your legs since his sweats were too big and falling off. Your Kiyo-kun who sits you down on the edge of the bed and rubs moisturiser into your legs as you grip a pillow in your arms. He lets his lips trail up your calf as he does so.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who drags you to the couch sitting you on the floor in between his legs as he uses a towel and then hair dryer to dry your hair. Smiling softly when he watches your head lol onto his knee as you almost fall asleep. Before he gets up to get your food for you. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who suddenly goes back to angry when you refuse to eat. His eyes getting fiery as he ignores your whines that make false promises about eating when you wake up. Instead grabbing the chop sticks and feeding you himself. His face is still angry but inside he is chuckling a little as you pout all through the meal, huffing into your hands as you chew the bite of rice and meat he had forced you to eat. Once again a little teary eyed and red cheeked. You really were a cry baby when you were tired but Kiyoomi was far from upset with that discovery. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who leads you back to the bathroom where he sits you up on the counter handing you a toothbrush as he takes the fastest shower of his life not wanting to leave you too long. He comes out of the glass cubicle only to see you having fallen asleep while brushing and all he can do is sigh as he brushes his own teeth and changes before finally letting the both of you collapse into bed. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you and himself up like a burrito before finally taking a deep breath of relief at finally having you back in his arms knowing you were well taken care of safe. His mind wandering to all the ways he never wants this to happen again as he presses kisses to your temple as he breathes you in. The soft glow of the night light he thought it best to leave on, highlighting your dark circles and sallow complexion that had his heart plummeting. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who airs out his grievances about how annoying you could be like this through whispered grumblings against your skin as he relaxes at finally having his missed intimacy with you. He also whispers out all of his promises about how when you failed to take care of yourself he would always step up no matter how annoyingly incapable you were because you are his to love and care for and he knew he could learn to be the best at that just like he was the best at Volleyball, 
“You are annoying... You are annoying and a cry baby and clumsy and careless with your safety and rash and reckless and I’m still shocked you have come this far alive somehow... You in all your delicate easily hurt yet having to do everything glory are annoying... But you’re still my person and if you are going to fail oh so miserably at keeping yourself alive thats fine... i’ll do it... cause you are all of these things but most of all you are mine... mine to care for, mine to love and mine to look after...I swear to god though, if you ever let it get this bad again I swear I will actually buy you one of those tracking apps and hound you all the time like a helicopter parent”   
This is very much trash and a good example of what happens when i’m rushed by anyone for something... even by myself but I have been in soft Kiyoomi hours for days now so here we are 
enjoyyyy and as always please comment, like and request stuff
okieee bye <3
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rinslutz · a day ago
Tumblr media
sakusa had a new girlfriend exactly 3 hours 10 minutes and 55 seconds after you broke up. he moved on so quickly it’s hard to believe that he ever loved you, or that he wasn’t cheating thought your whole relationship. you heavily believed that he was, so you set out to make his life a living hell.
Tumblr media
the air is thick between you two. you’ve been sitting in an awkward silence since you arrived at his apartment 5 minutes ago. you’re not sure what to say and neither is he.
this was the first time seeing him and being in his apartment after everything happened. over text you two seemed to be okay, but in person it was different. now, it was time for the much-needed conversation that you’ve been waiting to have.
“you can go first,” kiyoomi speaks up.
your eyes dart up from your folded hands in your lap up to his face. his facial expression is soft and relaxed. a small smile, almost unnoticeable, splayed across his lips.
you fidget with your hands while contemplating what to say.
“i-um, well first i want to apologize for everything i did while we were broken up-“
“hey, no you have nothing to apologize for. i can’t blame you for what you did. you had every right to be angry. you still deserve to be angry.”
kiyoomi interrupts you, his hand quickly grabs yours. he notices what he did and begins to pull his hand from yours, not sure if you want him touching you.
confused, you pull his hands back into yours.
“i’m not angry anymore.”
you’re sincere. to be completely honest you haven’t been mad since that conversation that you had with him about the truth. finding why he did what he did instantly washed your anger away. obviously, you were still disappointed with him. he should have talked to you. he shouldn’t have decided to put your future career above everything else, above your love for him.
silence fills the room as you two hold comfortable eye contact. you missed these moments where you two could just soak in the love that you have for each other.
kiyoomi’s eyes drop from yours to your bare necks. you watch as the gleam that he once had in his eyes disappears. his fingers come up to rest against your naked collarbone.
“you’re not wearing your necklace.”
his voice is somber, low, and laced with sadness. your eyes widen in surprise. you haven’t worn it in a while. though you’ve forgiven kiyoomi you haven’t been back to your dorm room to retrieve the necklace.
“i let it in my dorm, i haven’t been there since i’ve been back.”
you’re hoping your explanation is enough to calm him. your prayers are answered when he visibly relaxes. however, he then closes his eyes almost as if he’s in pain.
“can i please kiss you now? it’s been months since we’ve been this close and i don’t know how much longer i can contain myself,” he almost whines.
you let out a light chuckle before pulling him by his collar to smash his lips against yours. as soon as his lips touched yours you felt your face heat up and it felt as if your heart was on fire.
his arms wrap around your waist. he grips your shirt and pulls you closer to him, so close that you have to move your legs on either side of him. your hands move from his collar to around his neck.
“i missed this so much. i missed you so much.”
his voice is muffled by your lips. he continues to pull you impossibly closer. you moan quietly into the kiss. you quickly stop when you feel something damp against your cheek.
you pull away from the kiss, the disconnection of your lips making a lop pop noise. your heart falls to the depths of your stomach when you see his face. his eyes are bloodshot red, tears uncontrollably falling. your hands instantly cup his cheeks in comfort.
“hey, hey what’s wrong baby?”
your voice is not much above a whisper. you know he heard you when he squeezes his eyes closed in shame.
“i just can’t believe i tore us apart,” he chokes out.
kiyoomi is not one to cry much, but anytime he has cried it was around you. he tells you that you’re the only one he’s comfortable around enough to cry.
your thumbs caress his damp cheeks, hoping to soothe him.
“it’s okay, we here together now.”
you start to feel your throat burn and tears fill your eyes. you don’t want to cry, that will only make him cry harder.
you settle on pulling him into a hug. your chin rests on his shoulder, your hands run through his hair.
“i love you so much. i won’t let go of you ever again.”
“good, because i won’t let you.”
Tumblr media
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iwaijimes · a month ago
hq boys when their kids are possessive of their mom
ft. iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, ushijima wakatoshi x f!reader
warnings: time skip!, fluff, suggestive on kiyoomi’s part, iwaizumi has twins, sakusa has four boys, ushijima has three daughters, not proofread 
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI loves his two daughters a lot, so much that when both of them were born he cried so much that finished a whole pack of tissues. the twins were his carbon copy, the same hair colour, the same eyes, and sometimes for his own dismay, the same personality. after a rough and tiring day at work he decided to lay in bed with you, for iwaizumi your presence was so comforting and so relaxing, sometimes the way you touched his hair or just the way you treated him daily like he was the most fragile thing in the world, made him fall for you all over again. however, the silence that was once reingning on your room was interrupted by the sudden burst of you twins. “DADDY NO” the oldest shouted meanwhile the younger ran and placed herself between the two of you “dada no” she wrapped her tiny arms around you, placing her head on the crook of your neck “mommy is ours”. Iwaizumi sighs while making some space for the oldest stay at your side too “daddy don’t take us wrong but mama is more cool than you”, both of you smile at your daughters’ words “yeah, I think mama is cool too”. 
SAKUSA the day his first son was born he felt the happiest man in the world, he never thought that he could love you and his son so much, this same feeling kept growing after his second, third and fourth son, in all your pregnancies kiyoomi was the most supportive husband that you could ever ask for, even if your boys had some of your features and attitude they were the carbon copy of their dad, it was like if kiyoomi multiplied himself for four. however, as your family grew so did your privacy, and it wasn’t any surprise that sometimes, when you and your husband tried to have some time alone, one or even the four would interrupt and tag along (probably that’s why you bought an extra king size bed). it was Saturday when you and kiyoomi decided to lay on the couch while your kids where taking their afternoon nap, you felt your husband hands roaming from your shoulders till your lower back meanwhile his other hand was placed on your thigh, he started placing soft kisses on you neck until he found your lips, everything went smoothly until you heard a high pitched scream followed by a sudden crying. your three younger sons were making the show of their lives, meanwhile the oldest was just there looking at his younger brothers antics, they were acting as if they had just witnessed a murder, you could hear a mixture of “PAPA YOU CAN’T KISS MAMA” “PAPA MAMA IS MINE” “PAPA YOU’RE UGLY YOU CAN’T BE WITH MAMA”, you could see how a vein popped on kiyoomi’s forehead with the last words of his third son “oi kid, don’t say I’m ugly when the four of you look exactly like me”, instead of relieving the crying it just increased, you pinched kiyoomi’s arm while you tried to calm your three sons, “mama I think that you should make some space for them on the couch because they won’t stop until they’re with you” your eldest son said calmly. with a sigh you took the three boys in a way that they could all be more or less by your side, meanwhile kiyoomi was just at the end of the couch with crossed arms and a heavy pout. it seems that you will have to make it up for him. 
USHIJIMA wakatoshi and his lovely three daughters, what a lovely sight, people often say that girls tend to be more closer to their dads, well in wakatoshi’s case, his three daughters adored their mother a lot, don’t take me wrong, they love their dad too, but well, momma is a different case. it was Wednesday when wakatoshi happened to finish early practice, so he decided that instead of you going to pick up the girls it would be him. he arrived at home with your three gremlins, and before you could think the three of them jumped on you to greet you, their voices mixed as they tried to explain you how school went and the things they did. with a smile on his face ushijima approached you and greeted you giving a quick peck, something that didn’t go unnoticed by his daughters who went silent, before he could ask the younger one started saying “dada, from now on, you are forbidden from kissing mom”, the middle one nodded at her younger sister words, “dada has to ask us every time he wants to kiss mama, since he spends with her a lot of time” the oldest said with a determined look in her eyes. Ushijima laughed at her daughters words and with a defeated sigh he agreed with those “terms”, even if he knew he was aware of his daughters’ passion for you that didn’t stop him from spoiling and agree to everything they said, after all they took this possessiveness after him.
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heartsuna · a month ago
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI. was a little grumpy for whatever reason; mumbling curses under his breath every few minutes. sighing, you walked over to where your boyfriend was sitting in his chair and squished his cheeks together. “what’s wrong, haji?” “haji?” “yeah, do you not like it?” he finally lets himself relax and leans into your touch. “no, i like it.”
ATSUMU. “you’re so cute, tsum.” feels everything around him stop and he swears his chest might burst from how giddy he feels. tries to play it off, but it’s too late; there’s a boyish grin spreading across his face accompanied by a rosy color on his cheeks. 
SAKUSA. “hi, omi.” completely malfunctions: his eyes widen and a furious red spreads across his pale skin. you can see him holding back a smile as he shyly mutters back a hi.
SUNA. has your phone between his fingers keeping it as far away from you as he can, and no matter how much you try you can’t seem to get it back. “give it back!” “ask nicely and i just might.” “please, rin.” you can see him falter a bit before he finally gives in. “fine, only cause you asked nicely.”
BOKUTO. had fallen asleep on your chest during a movie. feeling some movement, you look down to see bokuto, who’s eyes are filled with sleep. “hi, bo.” smiles softly at your new nickname for him before pulling you closer. “hi baby.”
Tumblr media
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omi-boshi · 2 months ago
kiyoomi strikes me as someone who is oblivious to his own attractiveness and consequently, does unintentional thirst traps. like, he's called over one day by the team's pr manager and told that he has to be more connected to his fans to maintain popularity and that he could do this by posting on instagram more. he just nods, barely listening. he's more focused on trying to get home to you quicker but on his way there, he actually mulls over what he can post. when he comes up short, he asks you for your help and because you have a professional athlete for a boyfriend, you tell him 'why not post some workout photos? you can talk about your regimen too for the people who are curious.'
he does exactly that.
he starts uploading post-workout mirror photos where he's usually wearing a muscle tee and his arms are still glistening from the sweat. sometimes he wears a cap and a mask, sometimes a beanie, other times, his hair is just clipped back.
he posts clips of himself in the middle of doing reps (his most viewed clip is of his shirtless back flexing as he does pull ups, and the second being of him doing pushups as you sit on his back at your behest). all of these are innocently captioned with a detailed explanation of what he's doing, what muscle he's focusing on, and how many sets of reps he did that day among other things.
on his stories, he starts posting the photos you take of him on his phone when he's cooking and photos of the meals he made. and as usual, the caption gives thorough information on his diet and why he made this specific food.
of course, he doesn't only post gym and health stuff. interspersed in his feed are photos of him that he asked you to send to him. all of which very much screams boyfriend. he also starts posting you more on his stories just because he can and he knows that you secretly preen in delight when you see the notification (he's seen you smile at your phone when you think he's not looking.)
and because he has content catered for both the gym and health junkies and the hopeless romantics, all of this results into him gaining over 200k more followers, making his account the most popular amongst the team in just a little over 3 weeks.
he doesn't get it. he doesn't get how he gained so much popularity in such little time and when he asks you about it ('is my workout and diet regimen that good?'), his eyebrows scrunched up and his tone just genuinely lost and confused, all you can do is giggle and reach up to poke the slight dimple that shows up on his cheek when he pouts.
you don't have the heart to tell him that a good chunk of his followers are here primarily because he's hot and so, shrugging, you tell him, 'just keep doing what you're doing.'
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tsukina · a day ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
previous — series masterlist — next
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fun facts:
— hoshiumi fights more with atsumu than kageyama, contrary to belief
— sometimes, kageyama and hoshiumi will join forces to bully atsumu
— sakusa likes when that happens
a/n: CHECK OUT MY UPCOMING SMAU!!! (i have no self control!)
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luvring · a month ago
— when they're asked about you in an interview
gn!reader | timeskip bokuto, kenma, atsumu, osamu, suna, sakusa note from nia: oh to have a famous boyfriend who's hopelessly in love w me even on camera for the world to see o)-(
✧* BOKUTO's eyes light up (even more than usual) at the chance to gush over you. "is it safe to assume you're excited to go home to your partner after this win? how's our favourite couple doing?" he grins and his grip on the mic tightens a little, "i am! we're doing super great and i still love them as much as usual, which you probably know by now." the crowd laughs a little at his comment, but he seems to ignore them and the camera flashes while he continues with a love-struck gaze, "i miss them and eating dinner together and seeing them when i wake up and, y'know, just being with them. they texted me after the game you know?" bokuto looks up suddenly. his eyes flicker between the cameras, "baby! i know you'll see this eventually so i just want you t'know i love you! i promise i'll treat you to something when i come back!"
✧* KENMA blinks, "my—? ah, uhm...we're alright, yeah." to be honest, all he wanted was to be home with you right now, but he's never been super vocal about your relationship—he kept most comments and news to streams where fans might see your head pop in sometimes. he's gone through enough interviews that he doesn't usually slip up on it, but sometimes they'll ask about something specific and he can't help himself. "in your recent stream, i saw you guys were talking about them playing with you and some other pros. are you excited about it?" a soft smile forms on his lips at the thought of your face when he proposed the idea, "yeah, we wanted to do something like a charity stream, maybe. we don't usually get the opportunity to do something like this together so i hope you all look forward to it."
✧* ATSUMU may love talking about himself and how well he spiked the ball near the end of a match, but talking or thinking about you is second to nothing. "my partner? they're as great as they usually are. still bringin' me lunch and kissing me goodbye before practice, thank god," he sighs dramatically, grinning when he's met with laughter. "lucky catch, huh, miya?" atsumu's never been the best with words, but he wishes he could tell everyone on the planet about how right the interviewer was, "the luckiest." and he knew not every interviewer had honest intentions—that they were just doing their job—but atsumu couldn't help but mentally thank them for what he got to do at the end of the interview each time. "babe! ya better be ready to give me a dozen kisses when i win this next match, alright? love ya!"
✧* OSAMU has a hand on his hip while the other scratches the back of his neck, "well, they're not in right now, but sometimes you'll catch 'em helping me out around the shop." he doesn't know how many times he's talked about how you got together and what opening the restaurant was like, but he never minded small questions about you. "better than having to talk about my idiot brother," he'd say while leaving a kiss on your temple. the interviewer says "they must be lucky to have you and your onigiri, huh?" and he lets out a small laugh, "oh yeah, they better appreciate me and my craft." his smile softens as he turns to glance at the store front, "but, uh, no, i'm the lucky one. don't know where i'd be without 'em, to be honest." he takes a mental note to save some of your favourite for dinner tonight.
✧* SUNA reaches for the bracelet on his wrist at the mention of your name, "mm, i've been away from home for a while now, to be honest. i just hope they haven't started stealing and using my things more than they already do." his lips quirk into a smile when he thinks of you watching, probably doing exactly what he says he fears the most. he hopes you can tell it's a lie by his voice and the way his eyes flicker to your initials on the bracelet you gave him months ago. "what are you going to do when you finally see them again?" suna's mind seems to hesitate, trying to choose between making another joke or being sincere. ultimately he lightly sighs and leans back before responding, "just drag them to bed so we can sleep, probably. i miss that more than any of the other stuff."
✧* SAKUSA is quick to respond, "we're doing fine. i'm happy with them." your relationship isn't something he's afraid to talk about—sakusa just enjoys his privacy and is always looking out for your own safety. his teammates look at him but he refuses to meet their gaze, knowing full well they'll try to tease him given the chance (though he can feel their stares burning holes through him.) the interviewer only continues, "their birthday's coming up soon, isn't it? will you make it home in time to see them?" he hesitates for a second, not because he's unsure of his answer but because he suddenly remembered he has to check on your gift. sakusa nods, the only thing on his mind being your smile when you see what he has planned, "that's not even a question—of course i will."
@devilgirlcrybabiey :) [waves] HLEPL
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iwaso · a month ago
uhm, hi!! i have a request! So, know how there are hcs where the haikyuu boys walk in on the reader changing, right? But what if it was the other way around?? The reader walks in on them changing!! please ignore this if your busy or don't wanna do it, no pressure!!
Tumblr media
featuring: various
genre: fluff | wc: 500+
warnings: a couple of swears, that's abt it
notes: i finally got around to writing this 💀 thx for the req anon, this was fun! (barely proofread beware lmao)
Tumblr media
ღ THE SCREAMER; this is a genuine reaction. maybe he mistook you for a serial killer, or he's really insecure about his body, or perhaps he's just shy. the only thing for sure is as soon as you walk in, a shrill, almost girly shriek bounces off the walls and reaches your ears, followed by a loud "get out!" from the boy in front of you. an alternative name for this group: the cover-uppers.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE FLIRT; he has no shame. you walk in on him changing? that's an opportunity—a gift, actually, for him and for you. as his eyes meet yours the expression on his face is smug, and he takes his sweet time discarding his clothes. he flexes what he can; his abs, his biceps, anything, just to see you all flustered. consider it his guilty pleasure (except he's not ashamed at all).
"like what you see? come on, don't be shy now."
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE ONE WHO DOESN'T CARE; you could barge in on him doing anything and he would not give a shit. who cares? he's just changing—it's a part of human life. is it that big a deal? sure, internally, his stomach does a flip (just one; singular) but no one needs to know that.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE CONVERSATION STARTER; branches from the previous category. he's casual—opts to just go about it like he's making his morning coffee. why get shy? there's nothing wrong with his body. then again, he's a little unaware of how good he looks. that, or he's very aware and he's casually teasing you with his assets. either way, a fucking menace.
BOKUTO, SUNA, matsukawa, kunimi, FUTAKUCHI, daichi, konoha, aran, OSAMU
ღ THE ANNOYED ONE; he's freaking out a little—mind going blank, his breathe getting caught in his throat—but under no circumstance would he ever admit it. he puts up an irritable front and shoots you a glare, as if to ask you what the hell it was that you wanted. he urges you to get the fuck out as he returns to changing, but as soon as you leave, he malfunctions in the silence; shoots an arm through the neckline, misses a couple buttons, forgets his shirt is inside-out... he hates that you have that effect on him sometimes.
TSUKISHIMA, shirabu, daishou, SAKUSA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE "PLAY-IT-COOL" TYPE; he freezes when you walk in, but only for a moment. "hey," slips past his lips, and his voice is level and cool. the only thing that betrays him is the flush of his ears—something you're quick to notice and something he accepts he can't hide. he goes about his changing while making light conversation, but you know his mind is running a couple of miles.
ennoshita, yamaguchi, KAGEYAMA, AKAASHI, semi, IWAIZUMI, kenma, KYOTANI, yaku, KITA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ "FUCK DON'T COME IN" ; self-explanatory. alternatively: the one who rushes to the door. as soon as he hears the door creaking open he jumps to slam it shut. he yells out an apology in case he hurt you on accident, but he swiftly follows it up with, "don't come in til i say!" why? "my pants are down right now!" just listen or else he'll yell again. louder.
TANAKA, nishinoya, SUGAWARA, hanamaki
Tumblr media
— i have just been informed that the third pic above (right) says "fuck your mom" in chinese 💀 if anyone is offended by this kindly send me an ask n i'll change the pic accordingly. thank you <3
feedback & reblogs are always appreciated!
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iwaizumis-bitch · 2 months ago
when he’s lovesick
content warnings: mentions of pregnancy, drinking, lovesick men
word count: 907
featuring: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, ushijima wakatoshi, & suna rintaro
notes: i haven’t written fluff in forever omg, also suna is slowly becoming one of my favs🤤
Tumblr media
miya osamu
good with kids. kids loooove osamu. when a small family comes in during a quiet afternoon, osamu is all smiles at all of them. truth is, he’s thinking about you and him being like that one day in the future. when he’s taking their order he’s like, ‘aaand for the little fella?’ and it’s just so 🥺🥺🥺. he’ll see the boy has a buzz lightyear shirt on and will just entertain him with questions about toy story, making little jokes now and then, and the parents are loving it!! when their order is ready he’ll scribble a little mr and mrs potato head in sharpie on the brown paper bag and hand it to them. his heart melts when he hears the kid babble about how they should come here everyday as the three of them leave. but the best part??? he didn’t even know you were watching until he turned around, seeing you sat in a corner booth witn a dopey grin on your face and dried tears running down your cheeks.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
everything learning new things. if someone had told hajime a few years ago that he would be an expert in hair braiding, he would’ve scoffed and thought nothing more of it. now, he’s a master at braiding, so much so he can braid your hair whilst his eyes are on the television. and when you come home that night with the braid he tied in your hair that morning still in, but wispy and looser, he loses it and goes red as a tomato. he’s also super gentle with your hair, even after all the years of you saying it’s ok if he pulls a bit, but he wouldn’t dare even try to hurt you. also!!!! he paints your nails on your non dominant hand and he’s always so focused with the brush, tongue poking out between his lips in concentration as he tries not to make it splotchy, but you would wear it either way.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
know his priorities. kiyoomi only had 3 priorities in life. you, himself, volleyball, in that order. you were his number one priority, and he made sure everyone in his life knew that, especially you. no one would question where sakusa had disappeared to, training wasn’t supposed to end for anothed 45 minutes! he sighed, declining another call from shoyo as he unlocked the door to your apartment. ‘omi!’, you exclaimed, running to him to give him a hug. ‘you’re early’, you said, voice muffled as you hid your face in his shoulder. ‘mmm, we got off early’, he said, crossing his fingers behind your back. it was just a white lie, it’s not like 45 minutes of practice would really make him a better player. oh yeah, and whenever a game finishes, he’s off looking in the front row of the grandstand for you. in that moment he didn’t care about anything except for you. no tabloid headline ‘stone faced volleyball star in love?!’. no atsumu calling him a simp, just you and him, he thought, pulling you in for a kiss with a small smile in front of everyone.
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
becomes domestic. it warms your heart every single night when you hear the front door click open around 7:30. you smile to yourself hearing his footsteps come to the kitchen, where you’re currently stirring a pot of pasta. ‘welcome home wakatoshi’, you hum, feeling his big arms circle around your waist. ‘dinner’ll be ready in 10, go have a shower, ‘kay?’, you tell the 6’4 sleepy giant, who just gives you a kiss on the top of your head and nods. it still doesn’t feel real, you think. you look down at your stomach, remembering the words of the sonographer you saw a few hours earlier. ‘you’re two months along, congrats!’, he smiled at you, handing you the photo of your baby. you poured the pasta into a seperate bowl, mixing the sauces around as you hear the shower turn off upstairs. you’re cleaning up the pot when you hear wakatoshi stop at the bottom of the stairs. ‘love?’, he says, concern laced in his voice. ‘yes?’, you reply, turning around to see him with a positive pregnancy test in his hand, a tear slipping down his cheek when you nod at him, coming to hug him.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
becomes absolutely enamored with you. whether it’s in real life or on social media, he’s always so happy to brag about how he has the best fiancé in the whole wide world. his instagram feed is just filled with photos of you, all captioned with some lovey dovey quote. the twins comments of calling him a ‘lovesick loser’, never phased him in his second year when he was pining after you, nor does it phase him now. if he hears anyone say shit about you, he’s so ready to defend you with his whole life. when he’s drunk, he’s bawling his eyes out to anyone who will give him the time of day about how in just a few months, he gets to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. atsumu and osamu have sent you countless videos of rintaro hunched over a bar, tears falling from his cheeks onto the sticky counter as he drunkenly babbles about how perfect you are and how he doesn’t deserve you. he’s so clingy, and he kisses your ring finger every night, counting down the days until you share the same last name.
Tumblr media
likes, reblogs, follows, and feedback are all appreciated 💗
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luvbub · 2 months ago
can I request tsukki suna and sakusa maybe where the reader finds out that the character used to hate them before they dated :( pls?
learning that you didn’t like him at first
feat. Tsukishima, Suna, Sakusa
Tumblr media
“Can we please talk about it,” you sigh, following your boyfriend into the living room.
“What’s there to talk about? Yamaguchi accidentally revealed that you actually used to hate me back in high school,” Tsukishima says, plopping down on the couch. You find yourself standing in front of your pouty boyfriend, your arms crossed. It seemed ridiculous to be upset over such a frivolous detail.
Yet here you were.
“Well hate is a strong word......” you respond.
“Alright, then if you didn’t hate me, then how did you see me?” Tsukishima asks, the gaze in his eyes growing solemn.
“I just thought you were kinda smug back then. And it didn’t help that you're so tall- it adds to the intimidation!” you explain to your boyfriend. But still, there was a bit of sadness in him.
Obviously Tsukishima knew that it was all just a first impression- but surely it didn’t feel good to know that others quite possibly thought of him like this. He knew that he could come across as arrogant to others, especially in high school. And that reputation continued to follow him throughout his years. But they couldn’t be further from the truth.
He wasn’t the smug bastard people had painted him out to be. But he did keep his guard up around others, which would only amplify the rumors about him. Of course he had a soft side to him, one that was insecure and longed for companionship. But Tsukishima couldn’t have it both ways, and by shielding his emotions, he had to deal with the consequences. Still, it was far easier to keep others to see him like that instead of letting himself become vulnerable to others. 
And when it came to you, someone he’s liked for the longest time ever- he couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit discouraged hearing that you believed in the facade that everyone else saw.
You cupped his face, snapping him out of his daze.
“Still, that didn’t stop me from trying to get to know you better and look at us now. I’m dating the very boy I was initially intimidated by! I got to learn more about you and fell for you hard Kei. And if others don’t want to take the chance to get to know you better than that’s their loss!”
Tsukishima couldn’t help but smile at your words, leaning into your touch. He mouths a ‘thank you’ to you as he finds his words uplifting him, as they always do. He finds his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you down onto the couch with him.
“You know, maybe it’s a good thing people don’t discover what an absolute sweetheart you are. That way I can have you all to myself,” you giggle, pressing small kisses all over his face.
And Tsukishima had to admit, even though there were and would be many people who would misjudge him- you were the only one who’s opinion really mattered to him.
“I heard a little secret about you tonight” Suna says the moment he steps through the front door. He had just come back from a boy’s night with his former volleyball team, and based on the sly grin on his face you knew it was a big deal.
Suna walks over to where you were on the couch, leaning down to kiss your forehead.
“Hmm, what could you have possibly have heard from your friends that you don’t already know about me?” you ask, pulling him down so that he was sitting with you.
“Atsumu said that you didn’t like me in high school” Suna says, raising an eyebrow at you for confirmation.
“Damn Atsumu- can’t tell him anything” you murmur under your breath.
“Oh so it’s true?” your boyfriend pulls you closer so that your face was just inches away from him.
“…Yeah… I thought you were kinda stuck up back then before I got to know you” you admit. It wasn’t like you hated him— the only thing you knew about him were based in the observation of others. It wasn’t until after graduation when you became acquainted with him and learned he was far better than what the rumors had suggested.
“Well for the record, I thought you were pretty cute back in high school” Suna smirks at you.
“You what? Why didn’t you ask me out then?” you ask him. Honestly, you didn’t think you had such a strong impression back in high school- and you certainly didn’t think you could catch Suna’s attention.
“How could I? You hated me back then!”
“I- you didn’t even know this until a minute ago!” you scoff, rolling your eyes at him. Suna only chuckles, surprising you with a quick kiss before giving you a bit more space.
“Okay, fair point. Although you know… we could’ve had a great enemies to lovers type situation” Suna muses.
“You act like I hated your guts when really I just thought of you as this cute smug guy” you lift your hand to poke his cheek. But before you can, Suna grasps your hand.
“You thought I was cute too? Well Atsumu didn’t tell me that,” Suna smirks at you once more, and it was hard for you to tell whether you wanted to kiss him or slap him. Maybe a combination of both.
“Surprise surprise I thought my boyfriend was cute. Let’s not forget that you also thought I was cute” you remind him.
Suna takes your hand, kissing the palm of it.
“I know I know. But I’m allowed to be happy knowing that my s/o thought I was cute before we dated” he tells you. And it was true, even if you were dating now, knowing that fact made him the slightest bit giddy.
He was always like this when it came to you- and he’s glad that you got to see this side of him too. It definitely beats being known as stuck up.
You know, you adored Komori. He was one of your closest friends and the reason why you got to meet his cousin- your wonderful boyfriend.
But after he came over today, you sincerely thought about kicking him out of any future group hangouts. Because he had accidentally revealed that before you dated Sakusa, you weren’t particularly fond of him.
As you were cleaning up some of the dishes left behind, you look over your shoulder to see your boyfriend sitting on the couch, his arms crossed. Every once in a while you could swear his eyes would shift over at you before quickly looking away.
“…Omi are you upset” you call out before making your way to sit next to him.
“Of course not, why would I be upset my s/o actually hated me before we dated that would be ridiculous. It doesn’t bother me for a single second,” Sakusa grumbles.
“I didn’t say I hated you! I just didn’t have a good first impression is all! C’mon when Komori first introduced us you made it seem like you didn’t want to talk to me” you groan, recalling the first time you had met your boyfriend. You tried being friendly- after all he was a cousin to your friend.
But after greeting him, all you got was a curt nod. Throughout the day, everytime you attempted to make conversation with him, he would give you short answers with no room for you to continue talking to him further.
“I was nervous” Sakusa says, snapping you out of your thoughts. He was still pouting, and as much as you’d love to roll your eyes, you found him terribly cute. You scooted close to him, essentially forcing him to wrap his arms around you in an embrace.
“I know that now!” you giggle, hugging him back.
“I thought you were really cute and I wasn’t sure how to act around you” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“If it makes you feel better, I did think you were cute too. Just a bit unapproachable” you explain, turning your head so that you were meeting his gaze.
“Plus!! Eventually I got to know you better and develop this giant puppy crush on you so I’d like to think that matters the most here” you grin at him, watching as his pout turns into a small smile.
Sakusa leans down to kiss you, “Fine. I suppose you could be forgiven for that”.
“I didn’t think my actions warranted an apology but okay I guess” you roll your eyes at him. You snuggled more into him, pleased with the way you managed to deal with this situation.
Although you still had to deal with Komori- but you could think about that later. For now, you enjoyed cuddling with your boyfriend, someone you were undoubtedly head over heels for. And if Sakusa didn’t know that before, he surely knew about it now.
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