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SERIES SUMMARY: your breakup with sakusa kiyoomi was one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to go through, but you finally think you’re starting to accept it and move on. that is, until he shows up back on your doorstep drunk, drenched, and droning on about how much he misses you.
CONTENTS: exes to lovers. gn!reader as always. alcohol/drinking (nothing crazy or anything but people do get drunk). cursing probably. slight suggestive (nothing explicit, just implied). msby sakusa. established friendship w hinata. jealous(?) sakusa. will update as needed + chapters will have individual content info.
Tumblr media
chapter song: memories by conan gray
summary: you weren’t planning for any visitors on your quiet friday night. especially not your ex—sakusa kiyoomi—and definitely not him intoxicated.
chapter song: haunting me by loveless
summary: you think you’ll be fine after that—you just have to pretend it never happened, right? but suddenly it’s like sakusa’s everywhere again, even in your dreams.
chapter song: when you look at me by sara kays
summary: it’s a rattling realization, that you’re not as over your ex as you thought, but you can deduce that pretty easy. what you can’t figure out is if he’s over you.
chapter song: don’t you go by all time low
summary: going to atsumu’s party was a mistake, if the man in your bed’s anything to go by. and yet, the curls splayed on your pillow fill you with anything but regret.
chapter song: lover of mine by 5sos
summary: he just forgot his jacket, that’s the only reason he came by. but idle conversation and your old song coming on makes it so easy to fall back into place.
Tumblr media
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𝑺𝒂𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒚 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒎𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒐𝒈𝒆𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓
Feat. Sakusa, Kuroo & Osamu
Warnings: None
Masterlist - Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’ve been dating Sakusa for almost 3 years now. At the beginning you spend time in a mix between your apartments, but soon enough his apartment became the favorite spot for hanging out. Not only because it was bigger than yours, but also because it gave him the perfect excuse to not hang out with his team.
Soon enough you noticed how Sakusa magically seem to have your favorite things around. The plain white slippers that he has for guests turn into a cute doraemon ones placed exactly next to his; when you forgot to bring your toothbrush and wanted to go and buy one, he told you that he had one extra that just so happened to be your favorite color and the same brand as yours, paired with the same toothpaste that you had at home; when you were taking a shower you noticed that he had a space on his shelf with all your favorites, from shampoo to body wash.
When you asked him about it, he just told you that he just happened to find them with discount when he was buying for his products, or that he just bought too many. He will never tell you that he actively searches for them just for you to feel like home when you are with him.
However, you confront him once again when you stayed at his apartment until much later than you thought. Sakusa, being worried for your safety, offered you to stay the night, the least that he wanted was for you to leave late. When you went out of the shower you noticed a cute panda pajamas that definitely wasn’t his.
“Omi? Babe?” you called him coming out of the bathroom “What’s with the pajamas?”
“I thought you’ll look cute in it, and you do” he says looking at you with a smile
“Why do you have so many things for me? Don’t think I don’t notice all the things you’ve done, why?”
“Because I want you to move with me, wasn’t it obvious? Do I need to be bolder with my attempts?” he smirks when he sees your flustered face, pulling you closer to his chest.
“Y-you could have asked!”
“What’s the fun of that?” he pulls you down into the bed next to him, planting a kiss in your cheek.
Tumblr media
“That should be the last one” Kuroo tells you looking around the room full of boxes.
He just bought a new apartment, bigger and nearer from his work in comparison to the older one. When you first saw the place, you didn’t really understand why he needed this much space, while you did spend most of your time there, the other never felt too cramped. Also, this was a good thirty minutes farther away from your house.
But you didn’t question it much. He was your boyfriend, yes, but it was his money to spend. So you helped him move all of his stuff, box after box, building new furniture here and there, everything that involves a new place.
Throughout the whole process you noticed that he seemed way more excited than usual, but you assumed it was due to the whole ordeal. You never expected that the real reason for it was because of a certain surprised he had for you.
Kuroo had two main reasons to move, he wanted something nearer his work, and he wanted a place in where you two could live together comfortably. Now, driving you to his new place, he can’t help to feel excited about asking you the big question.
When you arrived to the apartment you see the already familiar living room, all signs of the previous boxes disappearing. You had helped him with the living room and kitchen, so you had no idea about how the rest of the house looked. That’s why his bedroom took you by surprise.
“Why the king size bed? Isn’t it a little too big?”
“Well, this was with a discount when I bought it, plus they are more comfortable” says nonchalantly, however you see his ears are starting to get red before shoving his hand in his pocket “besides, we need a big bed for the both of us”. With that he passes you a keychain with all the keys from his new place, small smile appearing when he noticed you trying to understand his words “I want to give my princess the best in our new castle, if you want to join me of course”
“So cheesy” you say smiling and taking the keys out of his hand “I’ll bring some of my things then”
Tumblr media
Having Osamu as your boyfriend meant having a pro-chef that loves spoiling you with food. Despite being busy at his store, he always found ways to send you some lunch to your work, making all of you coworkers jealous of the beautiful bentos that he sent.
Since it was hard to keep up with you schedules you often ended up in his restaurant before heading to his apartment. And even though he cooks all day, he still insists on cooking for you before cuddling while watching some random TV show.
And today was no exception to that. Except he was far more nervous than ever.
You two have been dating for around 4 years now, and Osamu was more than ready to ask you to move in. He just loves the idea of waking up next to you, arriving home to your hugs and kisses, seeing your excited face every time he brings you something. So he made a plan for it.
He was preparing the dinner for today while you were showering. He decided to make your favorite food alongside his, setting the table to look as fancy as possible without looking too extra.
“Why so fancy love? Should I dress up a little?” you say surprised by the candle lit table
“Nah, sweetheart, you look stunning as it is” says looking at you with stars in his eyes when he noticed your wet hair. For him you were the prettiest when you were comfortable around him “come here, let’s eat together before it gets cold”
You two sit down to eat, talking about your days and the little dumb theories from the internet. While the set up was really fancy, the food had that home-cook flavor that only Osamu was able to bring out.
“So…what’s all of this for?” you asked
“Can’t I spoil you from time to time?”
“You know that your food is more than enough”
“Let me pamper you, you deserve it” he takes your hand in his, making you feel the slight shake on his muscles “but you are right, I wanted to ask you something…what about we live together?”
“Yeah, I know it’s hard to keep up with our schedules, if we live together, we get to fall asleep and wake up next to each other every day”
“Are you sure? Living together it’s not going to be the same as just me spending time here”
“I’m confident…and honestly, there’s only one thing I wish for more than that”
“And that one thing is…?” you asked with a small smile while moving to his lap, him welcoming you with a hug
“I’m not telling you” says smirking at you “but it involves you and a ring
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
pairing : atsumu miya x gn!reader / sakusa kiyoomi x gn!reader
genre : fluff, angst, slice of life
warnings : mature language, mentions of smoking, drinking and alcoholism, mentions of kissing, atsumu is an a-hole
Tumblr media
summary : atsumu miya was your maybe, sakusa kiyoomi is your forever.
wc : 12.1k
an : i wrote this in two days following my obsession with le sserafim’s sour grapes, so please be nice about it. way back home won’t be back until the end of july, so enjoy reading this until then <3!
rain drops descend to the ground from their storehouse in the heavy, grey clouds, not one at a time, rather all at once, producing a sound unpleasant to your ear. the cloudburst in osaka is heavy tonight. thunder roars as it’s companion. it’s the loudest you’ve heard over the years you’ve lived in the city.
from beneath your quilt you can see the dark sky flashing shades of grey and white from time to time. light flashes behind the lavender curtains covering the window, and every time the thunder rumbles in the night sky, it makes you quiver in your spot and you tug the blanket closer to yourself.
it isn’t uncommon for rain to frequent its comebacks in osaka. the city is prone to experiencing showers throughout the year. living in the city has familiarized you to the recurring instances of rain.
you didn’t want the rain to show up tonight. the rain alone would’ve been alright, but the thunder? you could’ve lived without that addition to the combo. you despise the rain. it doesn’t terrify you like it does to your sister, but you have your own reasons to dislike it.
you want the world around you to pause. you want the pouring rain to pause it’s descent. it’s one of those nights when all the memories rush flooding alongside the rainwater, pooling at your heart, drowning it inside. you want the world around you to fall into silence. just for a minute. just until you find the courage to gash the thread that used to truss you to atsumu miya.
your time together was good. there was a lot of love. there was a lot of warmth. you were at your peak, at the highest point in your life. atsumu miya offered you three years of his life and you took them from him without eschewing. you didn’t think there would be consequences you’d have to face. you thought loving atsumu translated directly to freedom. once you were hitched to him you expected it to be a forever kind of thing.
it was the pinnacle of mankind being in love with him. atsumu miya, twenty four, setter, was everything a woman could look for in a man and you just so happened to be lucky enough to fall for him. everyday with atsumu miya was like the beginning of a new adventure. loving him was letting yourself sway to the rhythm of the same world you were scared to dangle your feet in. now that you don’t have the liberty to dance to its tune anymore, you’d do almost anything to have it back. a felony, no, but still, a whole lot more than just sulking in your bed.
you’d fall to your knees and beg for him to return what he snatched from you so nonchalantly. but neither is atsumu miya a considerate man, nor is your pride so minuscule, so you restrict yourself to texting him every once in a while.
the texts aren’t anything more than requests and appeals for him to allow you back into his life. they go unopened and unanswered. the whole ordeal involving texting him over and over again isn’t really putting you anywhere, and you should probably stop it once and for all. you know that. your brain knows that. you heart, however, doesn’t.
atsumu miya showed you what infinity could possibly mean, and ironically, it took him only three years, four months, five days to achieve that goal. he also offered you a taste of what the worst possible heartbreak of your life would look like, and that took him less than a minute to stage. that’s something you despise him for.
you were doing fine. he’d come home to you everyday after practice and you’d cook him the food he loved to eat. he’d make love to you when you were both in heat. you’d spend your weekends slackening around your apartment, watching a movie and sleeping in with him. you’d go out on a date every week, sometimes even two. you were in love with each other and the band of platinum circling your ring finger until an year ago was proof enough.
(you collect the documents splayed across your table to put them back in the folders they rightfully belong to. it’s almost half past five and you’re about to get off work for the day. you put the pen and pencil stranded at the corner of the desk into the pen stand, turn off your laptop and unplug it from the charger. you stow the device into its bag, shoving in the charger next.
“getting ready to leave already?“ suzuha yuta peeks into your cubicle, licking a strawberry candy with two cups of coffee in his hands. he eyes your workspace that is too organised and quaint for his own liking.
suzuha prefers pink and messy. you’ve been to his space before and nothing is ever in place. he keeps losing the documents handed out to him and is a part of the reason why almost everything in your office is now digitalised. hirano sensei wouldn’t prefer going home with a headache every day for the rest of her life.
the habit of organisation and a liking for minimalistic design is just something you’ve picked up hanging out around sakusa kiyoomi. plus you see no merit in overcrowding your office desk. it only makes your job more tedious as if dealing with a tonne of paperwork isn’t a hassle in the first place.
“yes, it’s almost half past five.” you admit, pointing at the clock hanging against the grey backdrop of your office walls.
he looks at the cuckoo clock, grimacing at the dull vibe your cubicle gives off. suzuha walks in and takes a seat on the extra chair swivelling in a corner next to the entrance. he puts the coffee cups out on your table. he continues licking his candy, while you resume putting things back in their places.
“ah, of course, you always leave on time, don’t you?“ he teases you, shifting a cup of coffee your way. you accept, smiling as a token of gratitude. you pull out two coasters to place the cups on them to prevent any stains.
“just a force of habit, you know.” you giggle, sipping some coffee while utilising your second hand to rearrange your desk and pack your tote bag.
“see you tomorrow, yn.” suzuha gets off the chair, waves you a goodbye and walks out of your space.
“see you too.” you return the sentiment, rushing out of your space to wave back to him.
you sense your phone vibrating on your desk. you flip it over to observe that you’re receiving a call from atsumu miya, your doting fiancé. reading his name popped across your phone screen separates your lips into a grin. you answer almost instantly.
“hey, tsumu.” you extend an energetic greeting, pushing back in your chain, swiveling it to face the window to take in the view outside.
“hey, yn.” he speaks from the other end of the line, sounding dull than usual, which makes you wonder if practice didn’t go as planned.
“tsumu, is everything alright?“ you question, shifting in your seat as you grab a pen to fiddle with.
“yes it is. why would you ask, yn?” he laughs, albeit nervously, still convincing enough to put your heart to ease. you drop the pen on the table, falling back into a relaxed position again.
“can you come downstairs, babe?” he asks.
“of course, i’m about to leave anyways.” you tell him, putting the pen back into its place in the stand. you grab your tote and your laptop bag, fine tune your footwear and exit your work space.
atsumu’s presence at your workplace at this time of the day is a surprise to you considering the fact that practice stretches out until eight in the evening. then again, it isn’t uncommon for him to show up at your work. perhaps he’s here to take you out to dinner tonight.
walking out of your office building, you spot atsumu leaning against his suv, reading something on his phone. you jog towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist. you place a chaste kiss on his lips expecting him to return one, but he pulls away from your hold, wiping the kiss off his lip, instantly draining the massive grin off your face.
“what’s wrong, tsumu?” you ask him, strung at his actions, pushing his unruly hair behind his ear, caressing his cheek with your thumb.
“we need to talk.” he tells you, taking your hand off his face and squeezing your shoulders to extend the distance between him and you. when you notice the lack of comfort in the space between the two of you, you walk to his side, maintaining distance. you lean against his car, pulling out a cigarette.
you offer him one, drawing a cig upwards and holding out the packet between the two of you, but he repudiates, jostling the packet lower. you toss the box into your tote bag, losing the unused cigarette. you release it to the ground and trample it under the weight of your boots.
“what is it?“ you inquire, clutching your cardigan tightly because of the obvious nervousness brimming at your core.
you feel the rain approaching when the sky changes it’s shade and the first stroke of lightning etches across the sky. the growl of thunder follows. you think about how you didn’t carry an umbrella or a rain coat. for someone who commutes around with a car, trusting atsumu to carry either of the two would be foolish. so you don’t bother questioning him regarding it.
“you said we need to talk.” you glance up to look at the sky fabricating it’s colours, reminding atsumu of the fact that the whole reason he showed up at your work place abandoning practice halfway was to talk to you.
he stares at the sky, blank, then at you as you flinch whilst another stroke of lightning tears through the sky. you peek right into his eyes. they’re blank. you’re beginning to catch a hint, but you shake the doubt off your sleeves, puffing air out of your mouth, patting your cheeks, assuring yourself to drop the concern.
atsumu miya loves you and you love him back. there’s no reason for him to break up with you. you’re sure he just wants to talk about something that’s been bothering him. there’s no way this conversation will end with an unexpected heartbreak.
“we should call it off.” he imparts his decision, looking you straight in the eye. you expected him to look to the ground out of all the guilt rising in his body, but you suppose there isn’t any he feels to begin with.
“you said everything was fine.” you thrust his shoulder, yelling, voice cocooning due to the roaring thunder. he stands across you, unabashed, diverting his gaze off you to avoid eye contact or any conversation regarding his ultimatum.
“i lied.” he avows, turning away from you to face in the opposite direction. you fall back, leaning further back into the metal of the car, waiting on the rain to start pouring down for you to find a reason to walk away from this conversation.
atsumu spins the engagement ring off his finger, handing it to you. you don’t take it from him. you just stare at your own hugging your finger. when you don’t respond by taking possession of the ring, he tosses it in the bin close by. you feel your heart losing mass at his action and you blench in pain.
so this is what he truly wants. he doesn’t intend on looking back or giving it a second thought. atsumu miya has made up his mind. he isn’t the kind to waver. what he decides, he does. then again, maybe he’s the kind to waver after all. he decided to marry you and now he’s calling off the engagement. he’s definitely the kind to waver, you suppose. you thought he wasn’t, but he is.
atsumu miya wants to break up with you. he wants to call off the wedding scheduled for the upcoming week that you already picked a dress for. he wants to call off your three year relationship when he literally fucked you dumb last night. he wants to quit whatever you had and only he knows why.
you initially thought he was getting cold feet before the wedding. talking him out of his doubts wouldn’t have been much of a task. osamu knows exactly what to say to his brother in times like this, and it would’ve worked out.
then he tossed his ring into the dustbin and you were sure he didn’t want any of this with you. you know he isn’t calling this off because he’s cheating on you. atsumu miya might be a jerk but he’s a man with enough pride to leash himself away from involving himself in anything of that nature.
there’s just nothing left for him to do with you. atsumu miya’s idea of love is a new adventure every day of his life, and he’s crossed off just about every task on his to do list with you. there isn’t anything more for you to offer him, so he’s giving you up. very convenient for him. not so much for you.
“what about the money we spent on the wedding?” you question regarding the expenses, pulling out the list of transactions you made for the ceremony. your response should be different than what it is. you should probably be in tears. you should be demanding answers from him. instead, you’re more worried about the money you spent organising everything for your wedding.
“it doesn’t matter. most of it was mine anyways.” he shakes your concern off, offending you with his tone along the way.
most of it was his money indeed, but he offered to pay the costs himself. he was of the opinion that he earns more than enough to shoulder the entire expense himself. you wanted to pitch in simply because marriage is a two way street. despite your insistence he paid off more than two third the total amount. he doesn’t have to make it sound like you were ungrateful or unwilling to do it yourself.
“you offered to pay it, miya atsumu. don’t make it sound like i was some kind of a gold digger.” you snap at him. tears start descending down your cheeks, falling to the ground, dissipating on the concrete. it starts pouring rain as well.
you drop your gaze to ground, wiping your face in a hasty motion using your kerchief. atsumu miya opens the door to his car for you to take a seat inside. you’re unsure if moving inside the car now is going to make any difference when you’re already drenched in rainwater and smell petrichor. when he offers, you still settle inside. you position your laptop bag on the backseat and your tote in your lap.
“i never called you a gold digger.” he states, keying his car to start the engine to set up the atmosphere. he calibrates the air conditioning and puts on your favourite music.
atsumu miya broke your heart this evening but he’s still somehow a gentleman to you. the ring on your finger feels so tight. it’s now cutting off the circulation to your finger and you want to slip it off and launch it at his face. your hand instinctively reaches to loosen the grip of the ring, but you pause before you remove it and toss it to his face.
“you sure made it sound like that.” you make a snarl remark, hunching forward to tune up the music that’s playing in the car.
“is it because i did something?” you question, swallowing your pride, wondering if it’s been you all along when you only offered him everything you could. maybe that wasn’t good enough. atsumu ignores your question. he starts driving. you have no idea where you’re headed. you don’t bother to ask. you sure hope it’s back to your place though. there’s no where else you want to go with him right now.
“no. it isn’t you. it’s me.” he reassures you, pressing the accelerator down as he speeds to drive on the highway. ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, how typical.
the part of you that was reeling in self doubt is put to ease. you never loved him any less than he loved you but when he declared he no longer wanted to be with you, you started wondering if it was something you did that drove him to make the decision.
“it was definitely me.” he claims once again, taking your hand and rubbing it in reassurance. you withdraw your own from his grip. the last thing you want is for your heart to abhor you because you let atsumu hold your hand after he called your wedding off.
“take the ring.” you command, although not intimidatingly, but with a pitch of uneasiness, as you slip the platinum band off your ring finger, locate in on the palm of your hand and extend it towards him.
the car stops at a signal, and atsumu tilts his body in order to face you. he folds your fingers over the ring and pushes your hand closer to yourself.
“keep it.” he says, pushing the accelerator to start the car as the signal turns green. without a second thought or another attempt to convince him again, you drop the ring inside your bag and crane your neck towards the window to look outside.
“you must be cold.” atsumu cambers his figure to grab a leather jacket from the backseat of his car and places it on your thighs. “take my jacket, it’ll keep you warm.” he offers, patting the leather garment.
“or you could just turn off the air conditioning.” you scoff at him, throwing the jacket right back to where it came from. you don’t want anything that belongs to atsumu miya anymore. the memories are enough. they’re going to press at your heart every day of your life anyways.
“when do i move out?” you ask, wanting him to suggest a day when he isn’t at home for you to collect your stuff and quietly walk out.
“next week?” he suggests and you make note to clear up your schedule to grab your belongings from “his” apartment in the coming week.
“i’ll drop by next week then.” you inform, lowering the volume of the music playing on the stereo of the car. you close your eyes and fall back in your seat.
atsumu looks at you from the corner of the eye, no guilt swatting his conscience. he steers his vision back on the road and continues driving to your parents place, where he supposes you’ll be staying henceforth, since you made a mention about stopping by to recoup your stuff.
“i’ll drop it off for you.” he makes you a good deal, taking a left the junction to steer his car in the direction of your parents’ place.
“okay, make it as soon as possible.” you nod at his offer, sifting through your bag to look for a chocolate bar you purchased off the vending machine earlier this afternoon.
“by the end of this week?” he questions if you’ll be fine with his given time slot and you hum in agreement, tearing apart the wrapping caressing the chocolate bar.
“works for me.” you assure him, handing out the chocolate after taking a bite out of it yourself. you extend your hand turn up the volume of the music again. atsumu notices your repetitive action.
“you’re fiddling with the stereo a whole lot.” he remarks, turning the wheel in his hands.
“as a distraction.” you shrug, pushing the bar further up his face in the space between the two of you.
“chocolate?” you proffer.
“i’m on a diet.” he informs, denying the chocolate bar being brandished in his face.
“we all know you cheat anyways.” you turn against the strap of the seatbelt limiting your motion, and impel the chocolate bar into his mouth. atsumu takes a bite out of it, dropping the rest on to his pants. you don’t pick up the fallen piece of the chocolate. atsumu is quick to grab it and place it in his mouth.)
it was a good relationship. that’s what you’ve been telling around whenever someone questions the credibility of it following your break up.
you remember telling your parents about the break up. you didn’t receive any pity on their behalf. they knew atsumu miya like their own son. he was a good man to you. although he broke up with you in the most unconventional way possible, your parents had no criticism for him. when he dropped by with your chattels packed in cardboard boxes, he didn’t face you, but he faced your parents and apologised to them for all the inconvenience he caused. maybe he was just trying to upkeep his golden image, but regardless of his reasons, he was still a gentleman and that’s the only thing your parents really noticed.
when you told your mutual friends, they didn’t have much to offer either. koutaro kept calling you frequently to ask if you were doing alright after his asshole of a best friend dumped you. shoyo would come over with food and ice cream from time to time. kiyoomi let you spend several nights at his place, snuggling up to him. shugo took you out on drives on some nights and played you your favourite songs on his guitar. his friends were trying to make it up to you but none of them ever had anything bad to say to atsumu miya.
you never found out why he called it quits on the wedding so abruptly, or why he broke up with you, or why he threw his engagement ring in the bin next to your workplace. atsumu miya never told you or anyone else for the matter of fact. the gown designer asked you regarding it when you visited her shop to return the dress and accept refund. you only offered her a fake smile. she didn’t implore further after you told her that your wedding had been cancelled until further notice.
the day your aunt heard about it, she welcomed you over for a brunch. you don’t know what she was trying to compensate for. not like atsumu miya had anything to do with her. the invitation was most likely extended out of pity. at least she called him a bastard while stabbing her fork through a dumpling.
she had things to say to you too, heavily criticising your god awful taste in men. when you started dating atsumu, you thought you were going to get over dating the wrong men. even he proved you wrong. before leaving, she offered you a rock, telling you that it would help you find good luck when it comes to men. you tossed it into the bushes the moment you walked out of her house.
his parents stopped by to apologise on his behalf. but more so to collect the family heirloom, the expensive shiromuku passed down for generations in his lineage. you mother was the only one home when they came over. she offered them lunch and sweets and returned the heirloom in its intact packaging. you never got to see what it looked like or the patterns delicately loomed into it. his mother would say the backdrop was white with lilacs embroidered on it. you could only go as far to picture it whenever you looked back on what could’ve been.
(you walk out of the elevator to spot yuzuru hana waiting at front of your door with a polythene bag you suppose is packed with food. you don’t know why she’s here. she never called you or texted you or informed you in any way. then again, showing up unannounced was the better choice since you would’ve most likely declined if she would’ve sought permission.
lately it’s been more comfortable staying with yourself. in contrast to what everyone around you says, it rarely gets lonely. you get off work, have dinner with suzuha sometimes. on other days you whisk up a petite meal for yourself. you check your social media while you have your food. you end your day either reading a book or listening to music.
shoyo no longer comes over with food and ice cream. he insists he wants to, but you come up with some excuse to hold him off. shugo texts you for late night drives but you tell him you prefer to be in bed doing your own thing. bokuto calls you to ask if you’re doing fine and you tell him you’re okay and you’ll be alright. you still spend nights at sakusa’s place and he doesn’t complain much about the instances. he does his own thing and you do your own. you come up with excuses to avoid spending time with anyone associated with atsumu miya.
when she spots you coming off the elevator, hana mouths a “hello”, vigorously waving her hand at you.
yuzura hana is twenty nine, a convenience store worker and also bokuto koutaro’s long term girlfriend. you wonder if there’s anything in particular that holds the spiker back from popping the question, but you aren’t one to invade someone’s privacy, so you never ask him upfront. she’s a stunning women with a beauty mark on the bridge of her nose. her clothes always compliment her curves and her pale skin resonates with her light make up. she’s also someone you’re awfully close to. thanks to atsumu miya you ended up with a good friend who’s willing to stick for a long time.
hana was the first person you dialed after getting off atsumu’s car following your breakup. he dropped you off in front of your parents’ place, but you didn’t have it in yourself to walk up to the front door, ring the bell and tell them you’ll be moving in until further notice. it was still pouring quite heavily and she was the only person you could think of. you stayed over at her place in nagoya that night. atsumu broke up with you on a rainy evening which is probably where your dislike for the season stems from.
“hey, hana.” you saunter her way, shoulders slumped and a tired grin drawn across your lips.
“what are you doing here?” you ask her, turning the key into the lock to unlock the door for the two of you to step in.
“i was in town to meet kou.” she tells you, leaning into your space from the left as you turn your keys to unlock the door “and i thought i’d drop by with some dinner.”
hana lives in nagoya and bokuto lives exactly two hours forty mins away from her place. you envy their relationship sometimes when you think of the fact that they make it work despite the distance, but you couldn’t, and you even moved in with him.
“i already had food with suzuha.” you turn to look at her, pursing your lips, feeling guilty she wasted her time doing all this for you only for you to be full to begin with.
“oh, it’s okay. i can eat and you can watch me do that.” she suggests, patting your back robustly, chuckling at the circumstances.
“sure, why not.” you reciprocate her laugh, pushing the door open. you walk in. hana follows your lead inside.
“so what really brings you here, hana?” you wriggle your brows at her, placing your footwear on the stand, knowing all too well she isn’t here just for the dinner.
hana hands you the polythene bag, unbuckles her footwear, puts it in place and takes her coat off, leaving it on the coat rack.
“i’m telling you i just want to have some dinner with my bestie.” she teases, nudging your shoulder and draws you into a tight hug.
“hana, i know you’re here to talk about him.” you fling her arms aside, place the food on the kitchen island, and walk into the bathroom to wash up.
“it’s not like that, babe.” she declines, jutting into the bathroom, waiting on her turn to cleanse.
“then what’s it like?” you sigh, turning to face her with a dubious look on your face. you grab the hand towel and wipe the water droplets off your face.
“i only wanted to check up on you.” she shrugs as you hand her a new towel you just pulled out of the cabinet.
“sure you wanted to.” you roll your eyes, trailing towards the kitchen island to arrange a plate for hana, who follows you and begins unpacking all the food she bought.
“are you sure you don’t want any?” she asks, bending over to take a whiff of the steaming hot ramen.
“it’s fresh and it’s from your favorite store.” she baits you, mentioning your store of choice, picking up a few noodles with her chopsticks to show it off to you.
“no, thank you, help yourself.” you voice, walking towards the cassette player to put on some music.
“elvis please, bestie.” hana makes a request, serving herself ramen and gyoza. she cozies herself in a high chair and begins eating her food. you walk in with a bottle of wine in your hand and secure yourself a spot right across her.
you pour a glass of wine for yourself, not sparing hana a second one. she pouts at you but she can’t afford to drink it herself. she’s been sober for six months now and you don’t want to become the reason she loses her clean streak.
you think you know why bokuto is doubtful about popping the question to her. you’re sure he loves her enough, but hana has her issues she needs to come to face with, and loving her from the sidelines is bokuto’s way of letting her do that in her own time. you wonder how long he’s willing to wait for her. knowing bokuto koutaro, he’d be willing to wait forever.
“you need to let him go.” hana advises. it takes her five minutes to state this to you.
so long the silence between the two of you was only interrupted by the sound her mouth made while slurping the ramen noodles. the silence wasn’t awkward. there wasn’t a frame of tension stretching across the air either.
you were used to the silence in your life since he left. hana was used to the silence around you because as of late, you rarely ever spoke, and she understands why. at the same time you don’t think she does. it’s been an year since your engagement broke off. atsumu is living his life like you were never a part of it while you’re still hung up waiting for him to come back. she doesn’t understand the need for you to put a pause to your own life.
“he has a new girlfriend now.” hana informs, lifting a gyoza with her chopsticks and placing it in her mouth. she continues, reaching out for the bottle of water standing across her. “i know you know.”
“i know you met them too.” she takes a sip, placing it across her and moves on to take another bite of the gyoza. “atsumu told me he ran into you.” she explains.
you don’t know what took her so long to say it to you. it was either because she still considers talking about atsumu around you a delicate subject or because it took her five minutes to notice what was scattered across the carpet of your living room.
pictures. of you and atsumu. you still have them. you kept them as mementos of course. nothing more than that. but the day the news of atsumu’s new girlfriend broke out, you opened the box of photos to take a walk down the memory lane. that was two days ago. you never put them back in place. hana still doesn’t understand how your brain works. you should’ve discarded those pictures the day he left you stranded.
“i will.” you offer her a fake smile, stretching your lips as wide as you can, convincing hana to trust your lies. “soon enough.”
you’ll move on. just not today. or tomorrow. or next week. or next month. it’s not that you don’t want to. holding on to what atsumu miya left behind doesn’t give you any pleasure. it’s just that you haven’t yet discovered the light at the end of the tunnel. he found someone else he’s happy with. you? you’ve had no luck.
you went out on a date with someone you met at the sushi store last month. first impressions were decent enough until you found out they stalked their co workers on social media. stalked as in, in an over the top, creepy type of a way. you thanked them for taking you out, paid your share of bill and refrained contacting them again.
hana introduced you to one of her store employees. you accompanied them on a few dates, but they were impatient. they wanted to jump to marriage and start a family already. you weren’t ready for that kind of a commitment. so you called it quits mutually after talking it out. hana apologised about it as well, but you didn’t forgave her because it never upset you in the first place.
online dating turned out to be an even bigger scam. everyone you talked to never showed up to the actual date. those who did show up turned out to be very different from the personalities you’d met online. every date you’ve been on since your break up has been one disaster followed by the next.
“stop lying, for fucks sake.” hana snaps, pressing her chopsticks to the table, making an agitated sound. she leaves her seat to beeline towards the photos on the ground and collects them one at a time, placing them in the box they belong to.
“i’m taking this with me.” she announces, putting the box next to her bag on the couch. she returns to her place and continues having her share of food.
you don’t say much except for nodding at her. hana wouldn’t possibly let you keep the box in your possession any longer. good thing she doesn’t know that you still have your engagement ring. you told her you sold it to a jeweller when atsumu didn’t want to have it back. but it sits somewhere around your bedroom, reflecting the memories and the light.
“you should be thankful i’m not setting you up on a date.” she mumbles, unclear because of the food in her mouth.
“mhm.” you agree. as long as you don’t have to force yourself to dress up for more dates that are bound to end up in failure, you’re fine with hana taking a hold of all those pictures.)
you take the quilt off your figure, supporting yourself to step out of the bed. you walk closer to the window of your bedroom. the curtains are drawn and the lock is in place but the cacophony of the pouring rain and the growl of thunder is as loud as ever.
you wish it would stop already. sleeping has been a chore for the past four days. running into atsumu miya and his new girlfriend whilst you were out to quaff a few drinks wasn’t on your weekend plan at all.
you collect a cigarette from your tote, light it up and trace a few puffs across the glass of the window. you know smoking doesn’t fit well with your virtues. if anything, you always try to steer away from lighting one. but lately wine and cigarettes have been a splendid combination. like the drug of choice that puts you to sound sleep. you still try not to take in more than seven puffs at once.
you pinch the burning end of the stick with your fingers, snuffing out the flame. you toss the cigarette into the bin and move closer to the window, leaning against the cold glass to appreciate the view blurred out by the falling showers.
(atsumu walks into the club with his arm laced around a woman’s waist. you notice their arrival only because he laughs at something she tittered to him, and you recognize the beat of his laughter dawdling in your earshot.
you place your glass of whiskey on the counter and turn around to see him gallivanting towards a table alongside the woman who seems to be his hook up. she might as well be his girlfriend but you don’t want to jump the gun with conclusions.
you scrutinise the pair from your position at the bar. she seems around your age, someone who works a normal job. her outfit isn’t extravagant. she’s dressed in formals, so she must’ve come to the venue straight from the office. she has long black hair, a contrast to your own that’s on the shorter side. her smile is, you hate to say it, very very contagious and your lips break into one too while you’re busy looking at the two.
atsumu miya catches you staring at him and his supposed date for the night. you’re quick to turn around in a haste, almost slipping off the chair while turning around. you return to your whiskey, chugging it down at once due to the embarrassment and anxiety.
you signal the bartended to pour you another shot. he takes your glass off your hands. you sigh, placing a hand on your chest, sensing a rapid rise in the rhythm of your heartbeat.
“hey.” you feel a tap on your shoulder and for a moment you want it to be a random creep offering to buy you a drink and take you home for the night. you swivel around to find atsumu and his companion standing in front of you.
“oh hey, atsumu, you’re here too?” you greet him, chuckling nervously, trying to convince him that you didn’t notice his presence before and it’s very much news to you.
“don’t pretend like you weren’t staring us down a moment ago, yn.” he confronts you and it makes you want to come up with an excuse to run away from their presence.
“i wasn’t.” you defend yourself as the server slides the coupe glass closer to you. you’re quick to chug it down and collect your belongings, a hand purse and glasses, with an intention of leaving the place.
“sure you weren’t.” he quips at you. you feel the urge to walk away strengthen and your feet voluntarily trying to drag yourself away from atsumu and his female companion.
“i think i’m going to leave now.” you declare, jumping off the high chair. you bow to the couple, stepping back in order to make your way out of the establishment.
“yn, before you go, i’d like you to meet someone.” he stops you in the tracks, making you meet his gaze as he puts an arm around the woman, pulling her closer to him.
“this is nakamura riko, my new girlfriend.” he introduces her and she curtsies at you with respect. you feel the smile that was breaking out on your face closing in. while she’s still smiling at you and her smile is just as contagious, you’ve grown immune to it now.
“oh.” you don’t know what else to say. you can’t get yourself to say anything other than this. so it’s his girlfriend after all. not just a one night stand, but his girlfriend, his significant other.
you feel an arrow shooting right across your heart, pulling it apart into two pieces. you had come to the bar to drink your sorrows away and somehow you’re about to exit this place with even more on your plate.
“sorry, im going to go now.” you inform the two in front of you before you scuttle your way out of the crowded bar, occasionally running into bodies here and there.
“who was she?” riko questions, watching you nervously track your way out of the place, slightly worried if you’ll make it back home unharmed.
“it’s just yn. she’s a friend.” atsumu tells her, leading her to a table where they can sit to have some dinner and drinks.
“oh, i see. she’s very pretty.” riko compliments you, smiling at you as she watches you walking out once and for all.)
you make your way to the bathroom cabinet to look for some earplugs. when you open the door, the first thing that demands your attention is a glimmering article next to a few bottles of common medicines. the engagement ring that atsumu declined to take back and you held on to, stares at you in the face while the memory of meeting nakamuro riko on friday plays on repeat inside your head.
you close the cabinet with a force and the echo of the sound strums around you. you walk out, closing the door behind you. you try to put yourself to sleep again, covering yourself with the blanket, putting on a song to overthrow the sound of rain and thunder.
you can still recall. atsumu and riko together at the bar. atsumu and you under the rain. atsumu and you in love. atsumu and you not in love. atsumu and riko in love. you pull out your earpiece and hurl it towards the window. it falls to the ground, and when thunder strikes again, it makes you jump in place.
you lean against the headboard of the bed, scrolling through your recently dialed contacts, looking for sakusa’s contact information. you press the button, sending him a ring and sakusa instantly answers when he feels the very first vibration go off in his pocket.
“hey.” you greet him, pulling at your bedding in fear and nervousness. thunder still roars in the background, making you jump in your seat yet again. you flinch, uttering a slight sound that sakusa most definitely hears. he’s alerted.
“yn, hey.” he responds, putting aside the last bowl he washed. he proceeds to wipe his hands with a paper towel and discards it into the bin.
“are you alright?” he questions, sloping against the counter, running you his doubts regarding your wellbeing.
“can you please come over?” you ask, ignoring his concern, voice shaky. sakusa notices this. without second consideration, he sprints to his bedroom to look for a change of clothes.
“of course i can.” he says, “i’ll be over in ten.” he cuts off the call before you get the chance to express gratitude. you put your phone aside and walk to the living room to settle on the couch. you put on some music to keep you fine company.
you hear the doorbell chiming. you shift in position to leave the couch and rush to open the frontdoor. you know it’s sakusa at the door. you find him outside with a bouquet of flowers. your lips shift into a wide smile from the frown they were formerly plastered in.
“hey.” sakusa waves at you, grinning, stepping in. he turns around to close the door. you wait for him to enter from your spot in the genkan.
he unbuckles his footwear, placing his shoes to the side and pulls out a bottle of handsanitiser. you know better than anyone to not interrupt sakusa’s rituals. he proceeds to sanitise his palms and moves in closer on you.
“for you.” he hands out the bouquet of multicoloured roses and you accept it from his hands. he strolls into the living room and takes you inside along with him, lightly positioning his hand around your waist.
“where did you get this at this time of the night?” you ask, sniffing a pink rose to take in the aroma. you seperate it from rest of the bouquet and offer it to him.
“for you.” you say, placing the flower in his hand, circling his fingers around it. he smiles at the rose that’s now in his possession, putting it inside his pocket.
“i have contacts.” he informs you and you frown at the lack of a proper response.
“thanks for coming over.” you say as you place the bouquet he got for you on the coffee table, taking yet another rose out of it. this time to place it behind his ear.
“another one.” you balance on your toes, holding onto sakusa’s hand as you leave the red rose you picked behind his ear.
“you’re cute.” you smile, cheeks red and heart full when you look at sakusa with a rose tucked next to his tragus and another inside his pocket.
“so are you.” he compliments you back, pulling your cheeks and leaves a quick kiss on your forehead. you smile hushly, cheeks turning all shades of pink and red.
“also, you don’t have to thank me, you know.” he sighs, falling back on the couch, taking off his jacket and placing it to the side. he pulls you in and you fall right onto his knees.
“i’m your best friend.” he states, offering you comfort through his presence and words. you nod, sinking deeper into his embrace, folding your arms around his neck.
“i couldn’t sleep, omi.” you tell him, “i miss atsumu.” you profess.
every time you talk about atsumu miya, a piece of sakusa kiyoomi’s heart disintegrates and clashes with the floor. he knows exactly why that happens but he’s a coward to ever admit it to you. plus he’s a part of the reason you ended up heartbroken in the first place. sakusa was the one who coerced atsumu miya into asking you out on a date. you wanted to be set up with someone decent and although sakusa wasn’t necessarily fond of the idea atsumu and you together, he still thought his teammate would be better for you than anyone else.
“i know, yn.” he pulls you closer to him, rocking you in his arms, drawing circles on your back. compared to sakusa’s athletic build, you’re more compact, so it’s always been easy for you to choose a comfortable spot in your best friend’s clasp.
“i don’t want him back, omi.” you declare, pressing your head against his clavicle, strangling the tears threatening to pour out.
it’s true you don’t want atsumu back anymore knowing that it’s impossible for that to ever happen. doesn’t mean you don’t miss what you had. the memories still exist crisp inside your head and you think about your relationship with atsumu miya a lot more than what can be considered healthy.
“but i don’t know how to move on.” you confess of your shortcomings, shifting in place to face your friend, who looks at you with guilt smearing his face.
“yn, let’s worry about moving on tomorrow.” sakusa wipes the only tear drop that begins streaming down your cheek, lifting you in his arms.
“let’s go to sleep now, okay?” he offers you a warm smile and you nod at him, jumping out of his hold to stand on your feet.
“i can walk.” you state, taking hold of his hand and make your way to the bedroom, dragging him along.
“sleep next to me, omi.” you tell him, looking at him from the corner of your eye to see if he’ll be comfortable with it. sakusa takes the hint and agrees to keep you company in your bed.
“sure.” he nods, inviting himself right next to you. he wraps his arm around your waist. you turn around to face him and bury yourself in his bosom.
it’s still raining around the city, raindrops dance along surfaces, the thunder roars, but you no longer notice the sounds discomforting you while in sakusa kiyoomi’s warmth.
(“hey hey hey!” bokuto bellows, recognising your face as you enter his apartment. he dashes your way after handing his glass of drink to shugo, requesting him to nest it for a while.
bokuto welcomes you in, sliding an arm across your waist, pulling you into the crowd accumulated at his place for the occasion.
the party at his place was bound to be grand. you knew that much. but this was way too grand even for you to take in. everywhere your eyes went, the number of people only kept multiplying. you recognized most of the faces around. your friends from fukurodani and bokuto’s new colleagues were few of the familiar ones you could recall. however, many were people you hadn’t seen before. you suppose they’re just neighbours and people who tagged along without an invite.
“wow, bokuto, you really set up a grand one, huh?” you chortle nervously, pushing through the sweating bodies to follow his lead.
“oh yea, it’s a big occasion after all.” he says graciously, voice blurring into the volume of the edm music playing in the backdrop as reaches out for your hand to secure your company.
bokuto got scouted by the jackals last week and it was a huge deal for him do receive the opportunity to play in the v league. this party was organised to commemorate his achievement. except it was supposed to be a small union including his close friends and family and akashi was supposed to set it up. you don’t know when bokuto decided to shoulder the responsibility. but the matter surely accelerated when it fell into his hands.
“so this was you?” you ask, shouting for him to hear in order to confirm your assumptions.
“nah, it was meian.” he lets you know and suddenly it all makes sense. musubi’s boisterous and loud captain holding a party just as deafening as him. makes sense.
“i’m going to get myself a drink.” you announce, unlocking your hand from his hold, turning towards the table where akashi is serving drinks.
“alright, see you around, yn.” bokuto waves at you, quite enthusiastically, merging with the crowd to recollect his glass from shugo and to mingle around with his guests.
you navigate your way through the hoard of a number of swinging bodies to secure a spot next to akashi, who offers some lady a freshly put together cocktail.
“hey bartender, what’s the special concoction for the night?” you tease, wiggling your brows and chuckling at akashi. he rolls his eyes at your chaff.
“frozen strawberry daiquiri and rum punch.” he informs, pointing at the glass of daiquiri he prepared for himself.
strawberry doesn’t really resonate with your liking. rum punch might give you a good enough kick. you decide to ask him for a tall glass of rum punch.
“rum punch for me.” you place your order and akashi begins mixing the ingredients together. you turn around to spot a black haired, tall man you’ve only seen around bokuto, but never talked to. he leans against the railing, looking down at the road, holding a rocks glass in his right hand.
“here you go.” akaashi hands you the drink. you accept the glass he offers and stir it’s contents before you sniff to take in the sour aroma of the liquid in hand.
“thank you, i’ll be back for more.” you scrunch your nose, grinning at akashi, taking a leave from his side, sketching your way to the balcony to talk to the stranger you spotted.
“hey there.” you greet him, and your voice tugs his attention off the road stretching under bokuto’s apartment. he cranes his neck away from the cars running across the city street, allowing his gaze to conjoin your own.
“hey.” he raises a brow in confusion. you’re bokuto’s friend. that much he knows. that much he concludes, having seen you prance around their gym rather frequently. but he’s never talked to you before. bokuto didn’t introduce you to him or him to you. he just assumed you’d become friends in your own time.
“oh, my bad, let me introduce myself.” you laugh nervously, observing the shift in his demeanour. he, who was once laid back, now stands stiff in front of you.
“i’m a friend of bokuto. ln yn.” you introduce, extending your arm in hopes of receiving a decent introduction and a handshake.
“sakusa kiyoomi.” he states his name, awkwardly staring at your hand, and turns to face the road without offering you a handshake.
you find his take on the situation rude. you don’t know sakusa kiyoomi prefers avoiding physical contact or people in general. you’re imploring in his safe place right now, and unbeknownst of you, he doesn’t appreciate that very much.
when he got invited to this party, he declined several times, but he couldn’t just not show up when bokuto drove all the way to his place to pick him up this evening. when sakusa saw the amount of people at the party, he genuinely wanted to turn back and return home.
bokuto told him the balcony would be left untouched by all the guests for him to hang out and sakusa accepted his offer. however bokuto very conveniently forgot to mention that detail to you and here you are, sifting through his personal space, asking him for information about him, and he hates all about this instance.
you’re tolerable, he muses. your voice is soft, body language respectable, and although you’re very much interrupting him, you still have a cautious approach in doing so.
“so what brings you here?” you make an attempt to initiate small talk, ignoring the disrespect you were subjected to. sakusa tilts to face you again, resting his body against the railing, taking a sip from his drink. you notice it’s just plain water. he isn’t a drinker, you conclude.
“bokuto is my teammate. he invited me.” he tells you, eyeing the golden brown drink in your hand. it alerts your conscience and you lower it from its former level.
“i meant, what are you doing at the balcony?” you question, cautiously taking a sip from your drink, trying not to trigger him.
“i don’t mind you having your drink, you know.” he reassures you, putting on a gentle smile, shrugging his shoulders.
“alright.” you bow, thankful for his assent. you proceed to quaff another small sip, twirling the drink before you pour a part of it down your throat.
“i don’t like people.” he reasons with you. you understand exactly why he’s here and the reason behind his bleak introduction and the lack of manners.
“then let’s get out of here.” you suggest, raising a brow at him, grinning widely. “let’s leave. right now.”
“i’m sure bokuto wouldn’t mind.” you muse, mumbling your opinion to sakusa kiyoomi and surprisingly, he hums in agreement with your views.
“okay, let’s move out.” he nods, separating his body from the railing, fairly amused at your approach.)
sakusa met you at a party, one of his least favourite places to ever be created by mankind. his first impression of you was very very mixed. he was fond of you, but it also felt like you were poking through his space. he never said it to you. the two of you turned out to be good friends following that night. maybe there was some merit in bokuto’s decision to not introduce the two of you prior to your first formal meeting, and to not let you know that the balcony was reserved for sakusa and sakusa only.
sakusa fell in love with over next spring when he was twenty. it wasn’t a sudden realisation. it was gradual. one flutter at a time. one punch at his heart at a time. one fragment of epiphany materialising from time to time.
you’d come over for dinner and his okaasan would cook you stir fried dumplings in soup. once you learned she was a master at flower arrangement, you inherited some of the art form from her. you’d even get along with his obaasan, who even he had a hard time deciphering sometimes. you’d talk to him about the events in news and he’d always poke a finger at sakusa about your diligent habit. even his sister took a liking to you. you’d go around the market, thrifting alongside her, and sakusa would follow you around like a lost puppy, unable to understand what really went on.
sakusa’s sister was the first one to annotate his feelings for you. she could see the way his eyes changed their spark whenever you were around him. sakusa wasn’t accustomed to letting himself free, but around you, he found it easier to let loose. she confronted him about it, but he knew you’d never like him back, so he never made an effort to confess his feelings.
the day you went drinking out, he kept you company to keep a check on you. between your conversation, you asked him to set you up with someone he knew who was decent enough. you’d just dumped your clingy ex and you wanted a change of pace. sakusa, with no prior experience of dating himself, didn’t know what he had to do. so he did the next best thing and bribed atsumu into taking you out on a date once or twice.
sakusa thought it’d be a few dates before either of you got bored of each other and returned to the pace of your own lives. but neither you nor atsumu thought your newfound relationship was boring. dating turned into a serious relationship, and the relationship turned into a marriage. sakusa was happy he was one of the reasons for your happiness.
it did sting from time to time. you’d no longer visit his family as frequently, and you’d rarely ever hang out with him anymore. but the shift in your commitments was understandable. you hung out with atsumu’s family now. you spent your weekends getting to know their interests and blending in with their antics. you and sakusa still kept in touch every day but he could feel the obvious drift atsumu drew between you.
it was three days after atsumu called off the wedding. you showed up unannounced at sakusa’s place after ignoring his texts and calls for a while. you narrated the sequence of events to him and sakusa felt the weight materialising on his chest dragging him down. he knew you’d never confess or make it obvious, but sakusa knew a part of you blamed him.
you started hanging around him more frequently following the break up. there was always a silence that stretched between, irking at his heart. you never said much. he only kept you company. he never believed in god, but he still cursed him because the same god he never cared about fulfilled his wish in the most gruesome way possible. sakusa only wanted to be around you more. that would’ve been more than enough to sustain him. he just didn’t think it would be like this.
“omi, i can’t sleep.” you mumble underneath your quilt, shifting positions, squirming against sakusa’s body.
he hums, latching his fingers with your own, caressing his thumb against your skin. he snuggles up to you and you feel the warmth rolling out across your skin.
“even in your arms, it’s difficult.” you tell him and he feels he’s lacking somewhere. so far he was able to provide you enough comfort for it to hurt a little less, but now, his touch is no longer enough. he flinches at your words.
“yn, is something wrong?” he asks, twisting your body for it to face him. he places his hand on your cheek, rubbing off the tears he observes making their way onto your bed.
“he has a new girlfriend.” you tell sakusa and he swallows down the guilt until it scurries around his stomach.
atsumu didn’t wait much longer to inform his teammates about his new girlfriend. sakusa found out last month after atsumu went on his first date with riko. he decided to keep the details from you. he thought you’d never found out, which was a stupid assumption to draw, because word spreads fast around the tabloids when someone as famous as atsumu starts dating someone. he figured you found out after you read one of those mousy articles in a magazine.
“I saw them together at the bar last weekend.” you tell sakusa and everything he thought he knew about the situation dies down.
he didn’t think you’d end up running into atsumu and his girlfriend at the bar you went to. he was supposed to keep you company but had some personal work to look after. he feels like he’s at fault. if he would’ve been there, he would’ve driven you out before you could come across the new couple in town.
“let’s dance.” he gives you a pitiable smile, depositing a light kiss on your forehead. you twinkle back at him.
sakusa gets off the bed, draws the blanket off you, and stretches his hand out for you to receive. “come on.” he nods, convincing you to take up his offer.
you take his hand, getting off the mattress and fall into his arms. you snake your hands around him, bosoms touching as you look up to grin at him. he returns your stretching smile, even brighter and wider, and you chuckle at how pretty he looks, even when it’s dark and you’re unable to see his face clearly.
you know you’ve found your forever home. and you know he feels the same too. you just need time to forget about atsumu miya and start all over again with kiyoomi. a part of the reason why you stopped going out on dates is that sakusa kiyoomi is waiting for you to accept his love.
he’s never said it before, of course, you only know because he makes it so very obvious all the time. you don’t like making him wait. it’s like you’re a criminal for taking your own time to move on. but kiyoomi never leaves your side. he stays. day after day. you’re sure you’ll love him more than you ever loved atsumu. although the memories of the blonde setter will linger around like ghosts in the dark, you’ll learn to ignore them over time, and you’ll walk down the aisle to kiyoomi, who won’t leave you behind like atsumu did.
“let me put on some music and set the mood.” sakusa removes your arms clinging his waist and runs to draw the curtains.
he puts on the table lamps and plays a random playlist on spotify. some ed sheeran song plays behind you, and you’re hardly able to comprehend what the singer harmonises. but the melody is soft, welcomed by your ears unlike the sound of the rain and thunder booming outside the windows, and the music is good.
“here we go.” he smile like a cheshire cat, ear to ear, drawing your body in. he begins swinging you around to the beat of the song.
you laugh raucously, joy brimming all around you as follow the man’s lead. he lifts you up, twirls you around, steps on your feet from time to time, making you grimace as a tease. sakusa kiyoomi loves you in ways like this and you’re able to see through his acts of service.
the flow of the song slows down and you feel the adrenaline take over. so you lean into him. sakusa initially thinks it’s for the effects, so he cranes his neck away from you. you pull his face right in, letting your tongues do their thing.
sakusa didn’t know you liked him back. heck, he never thought you’d look him in the eye after it was his suggestion that led to the momentary downfall of your life. but here you are, slowly coming to face with you past, kissing your best friend, and sakusa is at a loss of words.
you pull back, beaming at him and he looks at you with love in his eyes. it looks a lot like when atsumu would look at you. the love in his eyes diminished to dust over time. with sakusa, you know, it won’t. the love in his brown eyes will always shine loud enough for the world to witness it.
“can you do me a favour?” you ask, swaying back and forth in his arms. he rocks you around, humming in response.
“the shirt that smells like atsumu is in my closet.” you begin, “the ring is in my medicine cabinet.” you inform about the locations of the said belongings.
“can you please put me to bed and throw the ring out?” you look up to him with expectant eyes and he nods at you.
“okay.” he agrees, lifting your face to kiss you lightly on the lips before taking his hands off your waist.
sakusa leads you to the bed and helps you secure a position. he offers you the blanket, leaving it over your body. he turns off the table lamps, shuts the curtain close and stops the music playing in your room.
he moves on to collect the belongings you mentioned about and traces his path out of your bedroom. you draw the blanket over your face and tuck yourself to slumber.
sakusa stands in front of the washing machine, glaring it down. the tee that smells like atsumu sits on the lid and the ring in his palms. atsumu’s smell is strong enough for him to recognise even from a distance. he wonders why you held on to it for so long. perhaps it was your way of having him to yourself when you’d lost the actual person.
he drops the tee in the machine, adds detergent and antiseptic liquid before calibrating the settings of the machine to put the washer on. he leans against the device, sensing the vibrations gleaned from the working of its motor. the ring in the palm of his hands comes into focus.
it’s platinum. it’s expensive. you want to throw it away. he knows why, but it feels wrong on so many levels to just toss it into a bin. then again atsumu was no different when he discarded his own in a random bin outside your workplace. sakusa decides he’ll exchange the ring for something better instead, so he puts it in his pockets. he just has to make sure you don’t find out about it and that’s not one of his worries.
he thinks about atsumu. he never had anything bad to say to the setter following your break up. he still doesn’t have anything foul to say to him. sakusa kiyoomi can’t hold a grudge against atsumu miya. not because they have a professional relationship to maintain. simply because he knows about the true nature of love.
people fall in love and people fall out of it. just as quick as they fell into it. and that’s okay. not every relationship is meant to be. not every couple is meant to thrive. not every instance of love is meant to be a forever thing. although there was always a light shining across the course of your relationship with atsumu, the fuse went off somewhere along the way and the light dimmed off.
sakusa muses he’s no one to hold a grudge in the first place. he wasn’t the one who was dumped a week before his big day. he wasn’t the one who was promised a future. he wasn’t the one who made sacrifices to win the setter’s love. he has no reason to hate atsumu miya so he doesn’t. that doesn’t mean he agrees with how atsumu handled things.
sakusa still talks to him as much as he used to. not more or less. they don’t bring up about the relationship. he tried asking atsumu about his reasons. atsumu told him there wasn’t anything to share. he just fell out of love. that was a good enough reason for sakusa. he wouldn’t want you to be a part of a loveless relationship that would’ve dragged you down furthermore. he never brought up the conversation again. exchanges between him and miya stayed minimum as they used to be.
(“welcome to onigiri miya, is there something i can get for you?“ the owner of the shop shows off a glimmering grin as you walk into his store at half past eight in the morning.
you’re supposed to collect lunch for yourself and a co worker who requested you to get her some, before you head out to the office camping trip scheduled for today. you offer the owner a smile of your own.
“can you pack two plates of ikura?” you humble yourself, asking if the said food item is available for the go. you wouldn’t expect everything on the menu to be available this early in the morning.
miya onigiri is the only store around this clump of streets that opens before eleven. which turned out great for you because driving all the way to a second location wouldn’t have been feasible.
“sure, we can.” the owner, miya, replies enthusiastically, putting his thumb up into the air. you bow to him, thankful for his service at this time of the day.
you lock yourself a cozy seat next to the window where you can see the view of the city. the streets aren’t crowded right now, but the number cars and people will inflate by the time it’s nine in the morning.
the first thing you notice looking around the shop is the choice of napkins made out of silk cloth rather than tufts of tissue papers like most restaurant owners would prefer. you suppose it has something to do with the whole concept of being eco friendly. washing off the stains must be a real chore, you think. you wonder if his employees dislike their boss for that.
while you’re distracted scrutinising the environment of the shop, your attention is demanded by the loud thud of the door closing behind the blonde man who sprints inside the shop. he looks a lot like the owner. you conclude they’re twins.
“osamu?” he shouts, looking for his supposed brother who owns this place. so the owner’s name is osamu, you muse, only knowing the last name due to the obvious name of the store.
“oh, he isn’t here.” you extend the information you have regarding the whereabouts of his brother. “he’s preparing an order for me.” you add and the setter tilts his neck to face you.
“and you are?“ he asks dubiously, inching in closer to grab a chair across you and settles in, legs spread, huffing in breathlessness.
“just a customer.” you roll your eyes, sighing and atsumu mumbles something under his breath. as curious as you are, you don’t ask about it.
“i’m the owner’s older brother.” he tells you and you applaud yourself for coming to the correct conclusion earlier. he goes on to tell you more about himself, and although you aren’t interested, you give it a listen, humming in between to depict your vigilance.
osamu walks in with your order, faced with his older brother troubling his customer which is a very common occurrence. no matter the countless times osamu has asked him not to, his brother still repeats his vices.
“here you go.” he hands you the paper bag that smells like spices and sauces, but the smell of hot onigiri soon over takes, and you feel pleasant in its company.
“stop troubling my customers, tsumu.” osamu warns his older brother, whose name you note is tsumu, or just a nickname. osamu swats his brother’s shoulder, glaring at him in vexation.
“oh don’t worry, he wasn’t any trouble.” you dispel osamu’s concern, smiling gently on your way out of the store.
you run into the infamous tsumu again when bokuto gets scouted by his new team and tsumu happens to be their official setter. but it isn’t before sakusa kiyoomi’s advent in your life that atsumu miya becomes a much bigger part it.)
sakusa returns into the bedroom to fill in the spot next to you. he wraps his arms around your waist as you hum to acknowledge his presence next to you. you place your palms on his, moving closer into his space.
“good night, yn.” he maffles, yawning indistinctly in discipline.
“good night, omi.” you reciprocate, shifting in your space to adjust your position next to him until both of you feel at ease.
“i love you.” he considers it for a while before he says it to you. he thinks there’s nothing wrong in letting you know how he feels about you even if you won’t resonate just yet.
“mhm.” you mumbles, kissing his hand, letting him know that you accept his feelings for you, but it will be a while before you can say those words to him. they hold a lot of meaning to you after all.
he knows it will take time for you to warm up to him. the traces atsumu left behind still glisten from time to time. but sakusa will wait patiently until those lingering memories get wiped out and you no longer hold yourself back from his love.
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mavrintarou · 2 days ago
[teaser] chapter 3 - Wipe Your Eyes
Read at your own risk - I'm hurting my own heart here too.
Y/n rolls onto her side as the doctor pulls her hospital gown to inspect the wound. “Looks a lot better than last time.” She pulls the gown back in place, helping Y/n in a sitting position. “Mind if I do some vital checks?”
“Sure,” Y/n answers, looking at the doctor who is looking at Kiyoomi.
“I’ll be outside.” He got the message, leaving the room.
As soon as the door clicked, the doctor exhaled deeply, “is he always that tensed?”
Y/n giggles softly, “no, I think he’s more nervous than me. One, there's a lot of germs here and two... his anxiety flies high because he is reminded how I was here for a few weeks.”
Y/n follows the doctor's light, to the left and then to the right. “Well, vitals look good. Now, you feel tired? How is everything at home?”
“Good, Kiyoomi has been carrying me for the most part throughout the apartment. I just got my wheelchair two weeks so… but he still insists on carrying me.”
The doctor gives her a weird look, “well, you might have yourself a keeper there.” She pressed her stethoscope against her chest, “breathe in and out for me please.”
“There is… one thing I like to ask you after you're done.” Y/n whispered as she tried to continue to breath in and out as normally as possible.
She takes her stethoscope off, hanging it around her neck. “What’s up?”
Her fingers fumble and Y/n inhales sharply before whispering, “can I take a pregnancy test?”
@callmeraider @amarinthe @chaotic-fangirl-blog @eadyladlegard @wolffmaiden @idiotic-clown @jojowantstocry @erintaro @imnotjo @jojowantstocry
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tetsurinsblog · 10 hours ago
Anything for you
Tumblr media
warnings: frogs lol; not proofread :’) got exams coming up 
Tumblr media
Sakusa feels weird malfunction blooming out of his core when your hand graces his toned muscles underneath his shirt. It’s not the first time, both of you cuddling, all coddled up against each other, but sure, he can say this feeling never gets old, and he knows it’s gonna stay the same in the future.
“Omi,”, your soft lazy voice catches his attention.
“Are you even listening to me?”, coming back to life from his own thoughts about you, to the real you in the present sleeping together in one bed, Sakusa thinks about how he has found his heaven on earth with you.
He nods, to your question, sighing,  then his lips touched your temples softly. 
“Yes, frog prince. Sparkles.”, his deep sleepy voice answers back.
“So,”, you continued, “if it was the reverse, and if I was a frog princess, wo-would you kiss me?”, you stutter your words, fighting the urge to fall back asleep again.
He stays silent for while, half dumbfounded, half amused with your ability to coax him out from his normal thinking zone every single time, but still in the end, he thinks he could live with it. He’s already getting a little more used to it, than he actually planned, so what else can he do?
“.....Sure.” He nonchalantly gives you a bold answer.
“But you hate them, don’t you? I mean, they’re really gonna be covered with infinite layers of germs??”, you sulk worrying about how he’s going to risk everything for you.
“Anything for my frog princess.”, he states like a prince.
“Awwwwww, you’re so sweet, baby. I love youuu.”, your voice coos, nuzzling your way to the crook of his neck.
He chuckles warmly, eyes closed, pulling you closer to him.
“I love you too, angel.”, he says, kissing you again on your head, anywhere his lips can reach.
Sure, you could be a little weird, but moments like this, you and him together, being deeply in love, Sakusa promises in his heart that he wouldn’t risk it for the world.
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chaoticevilorange · 5 hours ago
MBSY Black Jackals: Friends to lovers
You can find the previous work here
Sakusa Kiyoomi x reader fluff
Tumblr media
Breaking rules
As previously mentioned you're childhood friends
He has some standard rules you know very well, his phobia keeps him away from everything and everyone
As one of his closest friends you know them very well
No hugging
No kissing (his cheeks because he doesn't always carry wet wipes)
And the last but most important of them all, always have 2-3 feet radius of distance with him
But right now he doesn't know what to do, his face looks straight but is panicking on the inside
You're crying in your bed
In fact you've been crying over 10 minutes
He thinks what's the fuzz about, your golden fish decided to leave this realm, but you're crying as if a family member died
Then he ask if you want another and you shook you're head between tears like a child
"Mr Omi" you sob pitifully "you gave it to me for my birthday 3 years ago"
And he remembers, he brought you the fish because you won't shut up about not having pets for your lack of spare time
So you named the fish after him, and Sakusa was quite attached to him as well
"but... Why are you crying so much?" He states looking at you with an unfazed expression but is actually getting stressed
"you won't come over to chill anymore, you liked to watch him swim after rough days" then your eyes start to water again
In an instant he felt something warm on his chest, he thought about all the times he have wanted to grab your hands, lend you his jacket, spend time with you alone
In that exact moment he broke all his rules, he got in your personal space and hugged you
He gave you several kisses, all over your face, kissing the tears away, but most important he gave you several soft kisses pressing your lips tenderly against his
"I'll get you all the fishes you want, but don't ever think I don't want to be around you"
His hands caresses your face wiping some tears
You press your face against his chest sobbing softly
After a few seconds he asks if you wanted to have a proper burial for your fish instead flushing him
He paid for the cremation service for 'mr Omi'
After a month or so got home with a new fish 'Mr Omi 2.0' glared you for your lack of imagination, you had to change the name to 'Omelette'
Yes I'm alive! Thanks for reading 🐨✨💖
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omi-boshi · 4 months ago
kiyoomi strikes me as someone who is oblivious to his own attractiveness and consequently, does unintentional thirst traps. like, he's called over one day by the team's pr manager and told that he has to be more connected to his fans to maintain popularity and that he could do this by posting on instagram more. he just nods, barely listening. he's more focused on trying to get home to you quicker but on his way there, he actually mulls over what he can post. when he comes up short, he asks you for your help and because you have a professional athlete for a boyfriend, you tell him 'why not post some workout photos? you can talk about your regimen too for the people who are curious.'
he does exactly that.
he starts uploading post-workout mirror photos where he's usually wearing a muscle tee and his arms are still glistening from the sweat. sometimes he wears a cap and a mask, sometimes a beanie, other times, his hair is just clipped back.
he posts clips of himself in the middle of doing reps (his most viewed clip is of his shirtless back flexing as he does pull ups, and the second being of him doing pushups as you sit on his back at your behest). all of these are innocently captioned with a detailed explanation of what he's doing, what muscle he's focusing on, and how many sets of reps he did that day among other things.
on his stories, he starts posting the photos you take of him on his phone when he's cooking and photos of the meals he made. and as usual, the caption gives thorough information on his diet and why he made this specific food.
of course, he doesn't only post gym and health stuff. interspersed in his feed are photos of him that he asked you to send to him. all of which very much screams boyfriend. he also starts posting you more on his stories just because he can and he knows that you secretly preen in delight when you see the notification (he's seen you smile at your phone when you think he's not looking.)
and because he has content catered for both the gym and health junkies and the hopeless romantics, all of this results into him gaining over 200k more followers, making his account the most popular amongst the team in just a little over 3 weeks.
he doesn't get it. he doesn't get how he gained so much popularity in such little time and when he asks you about it ('is my workout and diet regimen that good?'), his eyebrows scrunched up and his tone just genuinely lost and confused, all you can do is giggle and reach up to poke the slight dimple that shows up on his cheek when he pouts.
you don't have the heart to tell him that a good chunk of his followers are here primarily because he's hot and so, shrugging, you tell him, 'just keep doing what you're doing.'
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prodshima · a month ago
shying away after an argument
genre: angst to fluff ; hurt comfort with sakusa kiyoomi & ushijima wakatoshi
warnings: reader obviously gets emotionally hurt (resolved) but other than that there’s none! + kinda ooc sakusa.
notes: this was so rushed and idk what i feel about this since i haven’t written in SOOO LONG lmfao so enjoy ig even tho im rusty now :) also this request was months ago sorry it took so long haha.
sakusa kiyoomi.
sakusa came home extra exhausted, everyone in the team was getting on his nerves
and he wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and finally take some rest after hours of practice
so when he came home to see you waiting for him eagerly, it only made him more irritated
however, it seems that you didn't notice how tense he was considering you made your way towards him with a smile
and while you kept snuggling him and asking questions if he wanted to watch a movie after dinner
he was just too exhausted to entertain anything and anyone at the moment
“jesus can you stop clinging to me all the time? it makes me fucking uncomfortable.”
he slid into the bedroom before shutting the door close
you shifted a little in your feet, not expecting the sudden outburst.
looking back a few days, you havent realized how it was annoying for him and guilt creeps up to you for making him uncomfortable through your affection
taking a deep breath, you made your way to settle on the couch, deciding to give him some wanted space
it’s the next day and sakusa woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday. he reaches an arm over to your side of the bed almost as if it’s an instinct, hoping he could cuddle you for a while before heading to practice again, a frown across his face when he felt no trace of warmth
he drags his feet out of the bedroom, a subtle smile flashing across his lips when he finds you curled up on the couch with a blanket draped over your figure
his heart tugs lightly as he remembers how he took out his frustration on you, he knows his words stung and he feels bad, but he hopes you know he doesn’t mean any of it
when he comes home from practice, you're cooking something up, maybe dinner for the two of you— but you seemed too busy to notice him so he decides to walk over himself
"y/n, hi.”
a sudden voice breaks you out of your trance as you look up to the man with his usual stoic face.
you smile at him softly, "hi kiyoomi, how was practice?"
"t' was fine" he replies and scratches his nape as he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to give him his usual greeting hug but you immediately avert your gaze away from him and back to the pot in front of you
he tilts his head awkwardly, he thinks it’s a little strange but shrugs it off anyway, maybe you just forgot?
when you’re both eating dinner, he makes sure to send discreet glances in your way, hoping you would initiate some kind of conversation— you don’t though and his shoulders droops in defeat
after dinner, he invites you for a movie and he thinks luck was on his side when you agreed
however, he expected you to join him and settle on his lap like usual but instead, you situate yourself on the other side of the couch, leaving enough space between the two of you
now he's getting annoyed, fingers itching to just hold you and cradle you in his arms but you don’t seem to be in the mood to, did something happen?
he thinks he's being too dramatic and tries his best not to dwell on the silence too much, but he can't help but think of what he possibly might've done to make you act this way, and then his mind went back to yesterday.
he completely forgot about that as his mind was going miles away and he almost mentally beat himself up for not realizing how much his words had affected you.
trying to be subtle, he scoots over to your side, scooping you in one fluid motion onto his lap and trapping you between his arms
you jolt in surprise before trying to wriggle out of his hold, only to fail miserably, "kiy—"
"are you upset with me? i’m sorry i didn't mean it"
you stare at him in worry, suddenly feeling bad that he’s been blaming himself all along, “hey, i’m not upset with you, okay? i promise that but i do apologize for crossing the boundaries, i promise i’ll loosen myself up!” you continue with a smile, not wanting him to worry about you first.
but it appears he knows you too well for that.
"no, my love, don’t do that, please? i want you here with me and i shouldn’t have talked to you like that so let me make it up to you.. yeah?”
and finally— finally, you nestle yourself on his lap, taking in the warmth you’ve been craving as you speak up about your own feelings
“of course omi”
ushijima wakatoshi.
you knew volleyball will always be ushijima’s top priority and that he spends all of his time practicing for upcoming matches
you've supported him through and attended all of his games whenever you had a chance to and of course you were more than proud of him
but today, you wanted to spend time with him especially since you hadn't spend some time alone together for almost a month due to his schedule
the rest of the shiratorizawa team had said that their coach gave them a free day to make up for all their hard work
and you were looking forward to have a movie date which he suprisingly agreed into (he was half asleep when you asked him to)
getting ready, you dressed in comfy pjs and prepared the snacks, and warm blankets.
you waited patiently on the couch for a few minutes
but those minutes turned into hours and he still wasn't home so you texted him with worriedly, asking him if he was almost home
after an hour, he finally called you, “i can’t come. i’ve already told you that i have to spend my time on practice and not on useless things, y/n.”
your eyes pricked as his words registered in your brain
you wanted to spend some time with him, and yet he only thinks it’s a waste.
you were used to this, basing from your past relationships so you weren't that surprised although you won’t deny that you were disappointed
because maybe you thought it was going to be different this time
why did you even expect?
understanding where this was coming from, you quickly gathered yourself and replied as you tried to keep your voice steady: “ah i’m sorry toshi. i’ll see you at home. love you.”
you ended the called not long before he can even answer, not trusting yourself enough to even hear his voice after what he just said without breaking down
you shut off your phone, dragged yourself in the bedroom and drifted off to sleep
it's been a week since and today was sunday, another one of his free days and though you wanted to ask him once again if he could stay in, you knew that he was still going to the gym despite that, so you opted to keeping it to yourself, saving yourself from further heartbreak.
your prediction was soon confirmed when you checked the time, it was already 8 PM. usually at this time, ushijima had already arrived home but ever since he’s been charged as a captain, he'd always arrive around quarter to eleven or even later.
you were completely understanding and didn't bother him as much since you didn't want him to feel like you're holding him back from doing what he likes to do
shaking your head off the thought, you scrolled through the list of movies, trying to find something to entertain you for the rest of the night as you slowly munched on the chips you bought from the grocery store earlier
but what you didn’t know is that a certain male kept all his attention on his phone, taking glances from time to time as he waited for you to spam his notifications like you usually do
but you don’t and he takes this as the aftermath of the harsh words he threw at you last week and his heart sinks to his stomach at the thought of you not being your usual self
so before heading back, he quickly stopped by a small bakery shop near the apartment to buy some of your favorite pastries and cookies, hoping you would appreciate his small gift
when he got home, the lights were off and you weren't anywhere in sight. worried, he quickly strode through the living room, only to see you sitting in the couch with a bag of chip on your hand
you stare at the sudden intrusion, not expecting the certain man to be home so early “ toshi? are you okay? did something happen at pra—“
“i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it”
you blinked as you tried to keep your tears at bay, not wanting to lower your guard down so easily, knowing what exactly he was apologizing for
“i apologize for my words last week, y/n. i promise you i do not mean it and i love spending my time with you, in fact i found myself enjoying it more than practice, which is quite unbelievable.”
you laugh a little at his words, suddenly feeling a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders “you know i’m only worried about you, right?”
“i know, i’m sorry.”
“and that i love you?”
“yes, i know that. i love you too.”
smiling, you usher him to sit beside you and he stumbles as he buries his face on your chest, finally having the rest he’s been missing the whole time.
© all works belong to @prodshima — do not plagiarize, copy, modify, or claim my works as your own.
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shisnhou · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
just thought about husband! sakusa kiyoomi who sees you gushing over these people on your social media who have the body-tight sleeveless turtleneck top on and he cannot tolerate it no longer.
so what does he do?
husband! sakusa kiyoomi asks the coach— the fucking coach— if he could change jerseys. not the number, not the colour, no. he wants to change those lousy and plain jersey shirts into those body tight sleeveless turtlenecks. and who is the coach to say no? so he does ask sakusa asks.
he never told you about it, of course he didn’t. he just waited until they came and he‘d wear them to the match and you‘d drool over him. he‘ll watch you rock your shit and try to keep yourself sane, try to stop everyone else from taking him and keeping him for yourself.
cut to a few days later husband! sakusa kiyoomi gets his jerseys in the changing room of the court. but when he tries them on he realizes it‘s a bit small—actually not a bit— it‘s a whole ass number size smaller.
instead of it being comfortably tight, it‘s just tight as shit. his abs are framed, you can make out the veins of his body, make out his spine, hell even see the way his nipples protrude against the fabric.
he gets flustered. fucking hell, he thinks. what is be going to do now? there’s no more time to change, the game is literally about to fucking start! oh well, yolo, is something he learned from you and he never thought he‘d be using that ever. yet look at him right now.
but he signed up for it. so like a real man, he sucks it up and goes out there with his muscles bulging. and as soon as he stands there in the starting line he can feel everyones— literally everybody’s— eyes on him. but he does not mind them, instead he looks for you and meets his onyx hues with yours. his eyes meet yours and he can see how you‘re licking your lips as you smirk, trying to keep yourself sane as you wear his old jersey that he told you to wear.
when the game starts, what you did not expect was to see was when he jumped to smash the ball to the ground is the way his jersey bailed out on him halfway, exposing his perfectly made abs. everyone swooned, yelled, some howled. literally. and you were no exception, but of course you did so with some class, keeping it together as you recite your twentieth prayer to the gods.
and by the time the game was done you could bet to hell everyone wasn’t even talking about how they won, they were all talking about how pro-athlete sakusa kiyoomi‘s abs make an appearance on the court!
however, before they could even ask about it sakusa kiyoomi was whisked away by none other than you. quickly driving him home and putting yourself on the menu for his congratulatory dinner.
and when the next day came, sakusa had once again showed up with that same body tight sleeveless turtleneck in white instead of black. not because he wanted everyone to savour his figure, but because something had to cover the amount of hickies you placed on him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kageyamatobiyogurt · a month ago
2:13 pm [sakusa kiyoomi]
thinking about getting a little heated with kiyoomi and accidentally tugging his hair a bit harsher than usual.
you would’ve apologized but there was something in the way he let out this groan as you pulled his roots. when you broke away from the kiss his pupils were blown and you both just looked at each other in realization.
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kei-nemi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ʚ suna, atsumu, sakusa, kyotani x gn!r
ʚ fluff
ʚ warnings! i think kyo is a lil ooc but idc i love him, NOT proofread
Tumblr media
꒰ suna ꒱
it seemed you two always ended up like this. limbs tangled up underneath his bedsheets, his quiet snores filling the room. the sun dared to shine through the curtains hanging on the windows as it set, this is when your day would truly begin. this is when rintaro opens his eyes after his cat nap and smiles at you, still sleeping peacefully after a long day. he sighs as he shakes you awake, "c'mon pretty, time to get up." you groan as he pushes some hair out of your face, "don't give me that, you were the one who told me to wake you up in an hour." he remarks, fingers drawing squares and circle on the skin of your arm. "i know i know. just let me lay here for a few minutes, you're warm." suna rolls his as you nuzzle into his chest, "you mean, let me lay here for a few minutes so i can fall back asleep and be mad at you when you don't wake me up again." he grumbles, nonetheless wrapping his arms around your waist, "i guess this is fine, i'm too comfortable to get up anyways." he mumbles, only receiving a snore in response.
꒰ atsumu ꒱
oh man did atsumu hate leaving you in the morning. whether it was for a run, for practice, to catch a flight he hates it every time. a mumbled "five more minutes" escapes his lips as he hits the snooze button on his phone before nuzzling back into you, grateful for the warmth he finds waiting for him. "tsumu you have to go to practice" you whine but he doesn't budge, "not gettin' up just yet. don't ya want five more minutes with me?" he pouts, trailing kisses down your neck that makes you shiver. "i want you to get up and get ready for practice." you roll your eyes but you both know that's not what you want. what you really want is to stay in bed all morning with your lover and he knows that when your fingers try their best to comb through the rats nest he's calling hair. "and also for you to brush your hair." you giggle and laughs with you, "okay okay, i'll get up..... in five minutes."
꒰ sakusa ꒱
kiyoomi usually isn't one for a nap. well, he's not one for a nap unless it's with you. he's almost shocked to see the apartment so quiet when he gets home from practice. honestly, it scared him at first until he looks over to see you snoozing on the couch, drooling like a dog. "really?" he scoffs, but his heart swells at the sight, he makes sure to move throughout the house quietly as to not wake you. he showers as he usually does after practice and once he's dressed he goes back out to check on you, still sleeping the day away. he dares to wake you, "y/n, you shouldn't sleep on the couch." he shakes you gently which only results in you swatting him away, mumbling an "i'm tired." "c'mon lets move to the bed, love. you'll be more comfortable there." he tucks some loose hair behind your ear, "will you nap with me? i missed you today." kiyoomi would be lying if he said your sleepy voice didn't make his heart skip a beat, "of course i will." it's safe to day you both end up sleeping the rest of the day away.
꒰ kyotani ꒱
he hates you. well, not really because if he really hated you would he be awake at three am watching movies with you because you couldn't sleep? exactly. "y/n c'mon i'm tired, can you at least try to get some sleep?" he feels defeated, halfway through the third harry potter movie of the night and he needed rest. "i told you to sleep without me kyo, i'm not that tired yet." your eyes are basically glued to the t.v. if your sleepy voice didn't give you away, the bags under your eyes surely did the job. it was true you'd told him to go to sleep without you hours ago but he insisted on staying up with you so you didn't have to be alone, totally not because he was physically unable to fall asleep without you. he sighs before wrapping his arms around your waist, "c'mon pretty, i know you're tired just try for a little and if you can't we can stay up and watch the rest okay?" he knows you can't resist his little nickname for you, you melt like wax in his embrace. "fine." he feels accomplished when he hears you snore not even five minutes after he's turned the t.v. off.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading <3 reblogs appreciated
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"I'm still mad at you."
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi x gn!reader
genre: fluff
warning/s: kiyoomi's still mad at you
Tumblr media
"Omi please. I said I'm sorry."
He doesn't even give you a glance as he makes his way to the kitchen. Yesterday, sakusa got mad when you didn't answer his messages and calls. It was already late and he was beyond worried about your well-being. Sakusa kept asking you about your day when you got home and because you were extremely tired, you snapped at him. 
He's now trying to grab a mug and make his way to make coffee, but he can't walk properly. Of course he can't — because you're hugging his back tightly, preventing him from moving.
"Get away from me, Y/N." You whine when you hear a not-so-loving tone from him — especially when he says your name. "Forgive me please. I swear I won't shout at you again when you're only trying to ask me because you're worried about me. Now, talk to me properly, love."
You even tried to sound more loving than usual, but to no avail, he's still not giving in. "No. You can't even talk calmly, so why would I talk to you?"
"You're actually talking to me right now."
"I'm just kidding, Omi. Come on! I'll make it up to you, I promise. Want cuddles? Want me to visit you at practice?" You keep talking and wooing him with a pout and puppy eyes. He's not looking at you because he knows once he got even a millisecond glance at you — he's going to kiss that pout out of your face and forget that he's mad. 
You sigh and walk your way to the bedroom. You still have to do work that was given to you by your boss. You swear you're gonna make it up to him — after you finish your work. 
You're so occupied with your work that you forget how much time has passed. After typing and reading documents, you're starting  to feel tired and sleepy. You hear Kiyoomi enter the room, but you didn't look at him — too busy with your task. 
When you're about to grab a paper from the side of your table, Kiyoomi suddenly brings down a bowl of your favorite snack, an iced coffee, and some biscuits.
"Omi??" He doesn't answer you, but he bends down to grab the side of your cheeks and kiss your forehead. "Don't stress yourself too much, love." He says while looking away, hiding his blush from you.
He takes a quick glance at you and sees your cute pout and puppy eyes and his heart melts. He, once again, bends down to kiss the pout out of your lips, savoring the sweet taste of you and he can't get enough. He kisses you again and rests his forehead against yours. "Are you not tired yet? You can take a quick break first, love." He talks to you with a loving tone, opposite of how he talked to you awhile ago. It's obvious that he's worried and your heart bursts with so much love.
You gasp and he moves away from you — knowing what's coming next. "You're not mad at me anymore?!" You beam brightly at him. 
He rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue. "Don't flatter yourself. I'm still mad at you."
Tumblr media
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euphoricimagination · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖 (𝒖𝒏𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒍𝒚) 𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒑 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒄𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔
Feat. Bokuto, Oikawa & Sakusa
Warning: Mentions of insecurities
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bokuto knows that he talks a lot; it's something that he can't control, and he wasn't able to change it even if he wanted.
He has experience way too many times that whenever he was excitingly telling a story, the other person doesn’t look half as interested as he is; sometimes they aren’t even listening to him or straight up tell him to shut up for a minute. Whenever that happens, he just slowly stays quiet and loses any motivation to continue talking, and he can’t help to think that most people find him annoying.
One day he was telling you about a volleyball match that you couldn’t go, and he was more than happy to tell you about it with all the details and sound effects possible. And even though you sometimes didn’t understand the technical details he was explaining, you were more than happy to see him talk about something he loves.
He was was telling you about a move that Atsumu did when he realized that you weren’t saying anything; and suddenly those memories came back, making him worry about boring you. He didn’t want you to be annoyed at him, and he knew that you were too nice to tell him to shut up. He looked at you with an apologetic smile
“Sorry, I talk too much, huh?” he mutters quietly, his eyes looking to the ground. He didn’t want to look disappointed, but he was pretty easy to read.
“What? No, no. keep going. So Atsumu send it a bit higher?” you asked, making him look at you quickly. He wasn’t expecting finding you with shining eyes and a smile, encouraging him to continue.
That made his heart beat faster; it wasn’t that you weren’t interested, you just were really invested in him and his story. He was so happy that he could talk to you so freely without any fear that you might get annoyed.
“Ah yes! He sent it a bit higher, and I barely was able to…”
Tumblr media
Oikawa has always been insecure; is not something that he can particularly control since he grew up believing that he wasn’t enough, always feeling that his hard work will never be enough to compensate the raw talent of others.
Now, years later, he's much less insecure than his teenage self, but sometimes it unconsciously transfers in the relationship. He knows you love him, but you always notice how he hugs you a bit tighter at night or when he’s around some people he doesn’t like.
You two were at a tournament in Japan, he was getting ready for the match when he saw you talking to two people from the opposite team, Miya and Suna according to their jerseys. He knew that you probably knew them from your school days, but he can’t help to feel a little unsettled when he sees you laughing so comfortably with them. Since the match was starting soon, he decided to go to you, hearing part of your conversation with those two.
“Sunarin and I are going to beat yer ass today, ya traitor” says Atsumu ruffling your hair playfully while you hug Suna
“Ya wish, should I remember ya which team won last time?”
“Well, I’m starting today, I’m the second-best setter in Japan, yer boyfriend of yers can’t compared” says teasingly; however, Oikawa didn’t knew that, his small insecurities starting to spark up the closer he gets.
“Ya wish, he’s the best in Argentina. I’ll bet money that he’s better than ya” you say winking at the Japanese setter. At thise words Oikawa stops; he knew that you always have supported him, you literally went to Argentina with him, but hearing you saying it so directly and confident makes him so unbelievably happy.
He was so deep un thought that he didn’t realize that you were in front of him.
“Toru? You okay, babe?”
“Perfectly fine” says hugging you tighter.  
Tumblr media
Sakusa was told all his life how difficult he was, how hard it was to approach him, how mean he was to everyone, being told that he was a germaphobic even though he wasn't; all of that because he likes things done in a certain way and he tries his best to be comfortable. Those words have chase him all his life, and despite not understanding why he was labeled like that, a part of him believe it was true.
You two are in a small hangout with the whole team celebrating their win when Sakusa excuse himself to go to the bathroom. To be honest, the only reason he accepted coming here was because he wanted you to relax after working so hard; and he knew that you like spending time with his team, much to his dismay.
“Dontcha get sad that Omi-kun doesn’t hug ya or kiss ya that much?” says Atsumu a little tipsy just when Sakusa was coming back. As much as his rational side knew that you love him -you wouldn’t be with him otherwise- he can’t help to wonder if you’re annoyed by those things.
“I don’t need him to be all over me to know that he loves me Tsum”
“But isn’t it hard to be his partner? I mean, he has so many… quirks to deal with”
“I don’t think they’re that weird though, he just likes everything to be clean, which is good. I love him lots, I don’t mind changing part of my routine to make him comfortable, he does the same for me” you say normally. He's thankful that he has his mask on, he can feel himself blushing slightly by your words. He never really expected to find someone that accepted him so easily, he never expected to feel so loved.
“So cheesy Yn”
“This is why you’re single Miya” says coming behind you, an arm dropping through your shoulders “Want to go home love? It’s getting late”
“Sure” you say standing up and saying bye to the rest of the team. He can’t help to squeeze your hand tightly hoping that you somehow know how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
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lovely-renard · 3 months ago
He always indulges in your wants.
It's not his fault you're so damn adorable when you plead him with puppy eyes. Suddently, he doesn't know how to refuse you anything. You could ask him to spend all his savings on a rock and he'd do it without a second thought (but that's another story for another time). However, most of the time, he accepts to do whatever you want just because he wants you to be happy.
You wake up at 3 in the morning, craving McDonald's? He's putting on a hoodie and searching for the keys of his car. You want to take an impromptu nap? Guess who's patting the place besides him on the bed. You suddently have the urge to pet some kittens? He's taking you to a cat café (as a date, of course). You ask him to dance with you? Just wait a minute, he's searching for the perfect slow song in his playlist.
Honestly, your wishes are his commands. He may groans, mumbles about how weird you are and rolls his eyes but as long as it makes you happy, your boyfriend would do pretty much anything just to see your face light up, a toothy smile painting your features.
-> Suna, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Kenma, Sakusa, Ushijima, Matsukawa
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ichigoromi · 26 days ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝'𝐬 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 | 𝐒𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Ugh! I can just imagine him being all shy and fetching his child so that I can see you!
Pairing: Sakusa Kiyoomi (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her) ft. Junior Sakusa!
Genre: fluff!
Warning (s): none!
a/n - Part two is finally out!
Part 1 | Part 2 — When you fall for your student's father
Wanna join my taglist to be updated? join here!
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Sakusa recently moved into a new neighbourhood after the nasty divorce with his ex-wife.
Luckily, he got full custody of his young son, Roku, the most important.
Since he moved, he had to enrol Roku into a new kindergarten, and there was no time to hire a new nanny for him.
Because he recently became a single father, the kindergarten principal understood his situation and allowed his son to stay until the kindergarten closed.
And on the first day of school, Roku instantly got attached to one teacher, you.
Roku never left your side and disliked interacting with any other teachers.
When his nanny comes and picks him up, you were busy tidying up the classrooms.
There was a day when the nanny was not available, and Sakusa was late too, so you stayed behind after opening hours and waited with Roku.
Sakusa was still in his jersey, straight from his game.
He thought he would find his son whining and crying, but instead, Roku was laughing and playing around with you.
Oh boy, he might have a crush on you already. Seeing how his son interacts with you and your smile made his heart swoon.
After that encounter with you, he started going to the kindergarten to pick his son up and hopefully see you too.
But he didn't get too.
So he had to ask his son about it.
"Roku, do you like your new school?" He shook his head then nods his head.
Sakusa pats the little boy on his head and carried him onto the kitchen counter.
"What do you not like about the new school?" He asked gently, knowing his son's personality.
"Too...many people. No like. y/n sensei, like." When Roku mentions your name, his eyes instantly light up and shows a little shy smile.
Now, he really wants to get a coffee with you and get to know you.
"Hmm, do you want papa to get close with y/n sensei?" Hearing that his father wants to get close to you, Roku interprets it as Sakusa was going to steal you away from him.
His big round eyes tear up and start bawling his eyes out.
"Roku, why are you crying? Did you not like it when I want to get close to your teacher?" Sakusa carries his crying son in his arms.
Roku nods his head and wipes his snot on his father's shirt.
"Don't take y/n sensei away from me!" He whines and starts to calm down after Sakusa rocks him in his arms.
"Fine, I won't. I'm not going to anyways. Papa is just curious as to who is the teacher that gets along with Roku. Let's get you to sleep." He pats the little boy on the back and brings him to his room.
Recently, Sakusa has been dropping off his son at his school just so he could catch a glimpse of you, or if he’s lucky, he could squeeze in a little conversation with you. Sakusa was trying his best to catch your attention. 
But alas, you treated him with professionalism and took great care of Roku. 
Even your colleagues noticed how Sakusa have been dropping Roku off early when you are on door duty and picking Roku up earlier so you can go home earlier. 
It’s all the small details that you missed. 
Even if you are attracted to him, dating your student’s parent is a massive No to your career. 
“Mama~!” Roku wailed after another student pushed him, and you noticed he injured his knees and elbow. 
The other teachers were already pulling the other kids to the other side, and you ran towards Roku first. 
His tiny hands clenched into fists as he leaned against your chest as you carried him towards the infirmary. 
“Roku, this will hurt a lot, but it’s needed. Sensei will be gentle, okay?” 
He took a deep breath as you cleaned his wounds with care and gentleness. You tried to be quick and careful of his injuries to prevent any infections. Now, there are a bunch of calls that you have to make. 
But before that, you need to hear from Roku first. 
“Roku-kun, can you tell sensei how you got into a fight with your friends? Did they say anything?” He gingerly climbs into your lap, and you wrap your arms around him carefully. 
“Mama. They said I don’t have a mama, And they started to push me around….” 
Kids are brutal. 
“Okay, I will call your dad to come and pick you up early.” You got up to get one of your colleagues to call for his father, but Roku holds on to your shirt and his big doe eyes well up with tears. 
“Don’t go….” 
It was as if any moment that you were nearing the door, he would burst out in tears. 
“Okay, Roku. Don’t cry. I’ll stay here with you. Let's wait here until your papa comes, okay?” 
Sakusa was the last to arrive, and when he did, his icy and quiet demeanour intimidated the other parents. 
Before his arrival, they were badmouthing how a single dad like him could bring up a child properly. You covered Roku’s ears and were ready to shut their mouths down, but Sakusa arrived. 
His presence immediately shuts the parents of the kids that injured his son. 
“I just need an apology from both the parents and kids.” He said and brought Roku outside of the office.
They were about to retort, but you butt in. 
“Your kids came out unharmed but look at Roku. He skinned his knees and elbow. Do you have anything else to say?” 
Jaws dropped, both the parents and your colleagues. You were known to be polite and soft-spoken; for you to get angry and talk back to the students’ parents was a first. 
“Sakusa-san! On behalf of the academy, I apologise for letting this happen and getting Roku injured.” You apologised with a deep bow. 
“You don’t have to apologise. I expect one from their parents and the kids themselves. Besides, Roku also agrees with me, right?” The little boy in his father’s arms nodded his head. 
“Alright, Roku, rest well at home. Sensei will see you tomorrow!” You gently ruffled his head and were about to head in back, but he called for you. 
Roku limped towards you, and you squat down to his height. 
“Thank you, mama! Papa has a crush on you!” He whispered the last part. 
Your cheeks turned bright red, and you ran back into the school. 
Sakusa was slightly confused by your actions. 
“Roku, what did you tell your sensei? Why did you call your teacher ‘mama’?” He held Roku in his arms again as they walked toward his car. 
“Secret, cannot tell. Hehehe!” 
Kids and their secrets. Sakusa shakes his head in disbelief and buckles Roku into the child seat.
Tumblr media
Part 2 — here!
Tumblr media
This has been put off for a long time but there will be a second part! I don't know when that's going to come out but there will be one. Hope you guys are doing fine and I am still struggling to use the wonky editor.
Stay safe and take care!
With love,
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sweetdreamlandstuff · 3 months ago
Haikyu men thinking of you while masturbating - Part 3
NSFW / Minors don't interact / female reader
Summary: This is the third part for timeskip Sakusa, Ukai and Oikawa. Thank you guys so much for the feedback on the last two parts!!! I would have never thought these pieces would get so much attention. I hope you enjoy this just as much! Let me know what you think :)
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 2 for Oikawa
Kiyoomi Sakusa
There you are again, 7:30am, punctual as usual. You always leave your apartment at the same time as him, causing you to be stuck in the elevator together. Sakusa has been living in his new apartment since about a month and since then he has always seen you in the mornings.
You always hush your soft “Good morning” and smile at him sweetly. Sometimes he even holds the elevator door open for you (although he would never admit that to anyone). Kiyoomi greets you back, mumbling a short “Hello”. It’s the same nearly every morning. Then he averts his gaze, at least for a few seconds.
That is until you position yourself slightly in front of him, scrolling through your phone. Your delicate hands holding it gracefully, your slender wrists appearing so fragile. His eyes trail over the curve of your neck and the side of your face. You’re busy checking your phone, you don’t even notice the way his eyes are swallowing you whole. Kyoomi doesn’t think anything of his staring, it’s innocent, he’s just a little bit curious.
Kiyoomi’s gaze fixes on your eyes, then follows the line of your nose until they rest on your lips. They look so soft, painted with a faint hue of pink, glistening in the harsh light of the elevator. He wonders if they feel as soft as they look.
You perk up abruptly, as if you have heard what he says. He quickly averts his gaze, his heart pumping so hard against his ribcage, he’s sure you can hear it. But you don’t. You just stretch your arms before you concentrate on your phone again.
Sakusa resumes checking you out. He takes in the way your clothes hug your body perfectly; your blouse hanging loosely on your slender shoulders, your pants flattering you profoundly; hugging your waist tightly. His gaze drops lower and he doesn’t even realize that he is now full on staring at your ass. He feels his mouth getting dry, hot blood rushing through his body. Damn, it get’s clear to him now why he always does his best to avoid looking at you; once he has his hungry eyes set on you, he can’t bring himself to tear them away. You’re just so entrancing. How can his dark eyes not drift to you, taking in every little detail they can grasp?
Sakusa lets out a shaky breath, which is luckily drowned out by the elevator doors opening. An older man enters. You perk up again, greeting the man and then shuffle a bit further back to make room. A scowl appears on Sakusa’s face. He hates when this happens. And today he hates it especially, since now he can’t keep ogling you, alone and in peace.
You walk backwards, your arm brushing shortly against Sakusa’s. “Sorry” you mutter, looking at him apologetically. Your eyes from this close are just breathtaking, staring right into his own. You really should stop looking at him like that…
He feels his cheeks burning. Fuck, why didn’t he wear a mask today? He curses himself internally. And he curses you because you casually turn your head back to your phone, like this eye contact did nothing to you. And Sakusa? Well, he tries his best to ignore the way your perfume fills up the confined space of the elevator. He gulps, feeling heat creeping up his neck.
He feels your body heat radiating from you, your fragrance filling up his nostrils, clouding his mind. He stares straight ahead, not permitting himself to have another glance at you.
When the elevator finally comes to a halt, he tries his best not to rush out like a crazy man. No, he’s still a gentleman. He lets you go ahead. And well, who is he to be immune to your beauty? His dark eyes involuntarily fix on the way your hips sway, your beautiful figure leaving his field of vision. He gulps, knowing that this is his last straw, breaking his resilience. Maybe his staring isn’t as innocent as he might think.
Sakusa hurriedly makes his way to his car, happy to be finally alone. He starts the engine and tries his best to focus on the road. But how can he? His blood is running hot, cursing through his veins. His eyes may be trained on the street, but his mind is lost somewhere else.
A low curse leaves his mouth and he decides to make a quick stop. He is glad when he finds a remote parking spot to clear his head. He leans his head back, closing his eyes. He desperately tries to ignore how the heat rushes down his body. His brain feels foggy. He can still smell you and he can’t help replaying how your arm brushed against his, again and again.
He looks down at his lap and it’s obvious; he can’t seem to get you out of his head. His hard dick is straining noticeably against his pants. His black curls frame his vision when he tugs down his pants. His cock springs free and he grips it. He feels his large dick throb under his touch, urging him to move.
He feels torn and pathetic. It’s just so untypical for him. Kiyoomi feels like a teenager again; solely a look from a beautiful woman and he is cursed with a raging erection. But he just has to do something about this, he can’t appear at the gym like that…
So he starts to move his hand, wrapping it tightly around his pulsing length as he inhales deeply. He watches his fist drag up and down his cock, pumping into his swollen tip.
He still has your scent in his nose and he doesn’t need more before pictures of you flood his mind. He sees you in your tight pants, the way they just cling so perfectly to your body. Your beautiful eyes, looking up at him.
He envisions your naked body, you; laying bare on his lap. He would knead your perfect ass, before his big hand would come down hard, spanking you. He thinks about the sounds he could elicit your lips, your soft whimpers, low gasps and heavy pants echoing through the room. The sounds of your squelching pussy as he thrusts his long fingers into you, your whole body shaking as he stimulates your sensitive clit.
The rhythm of his fist becomes steady, his lust for you taking over his whole body. He imagines pinning your delicate wrists down with his large hand as he plunges his dick deep inside of you. He would love to know how wet you could get for him, how often he could make you cum.
He increases the pace of his hand, his movement becoming frantic, a shaky moan escaping his parted lips. You would look so cute when tears spill from your striking eyes, as he draws a third orgasm out of you. He wonders what you would sound like, your pretty voice, screaming his name, moaning and cursing as he pounds into you, hitting your sweet spot repeatedly.
A low groan escapes his open mouth when his fist concentrates on his sensitive head, his pace picking up. He sees you on top of him, riding him, your tits bouncing right before his eyes, as your pussy flutters around his throbbing length.
Sakusa’s hips thrust into his fists a few times, imagining thrusting into you, until he orgasms with a staggered groan. His thighs tremble and a few curses fall from his parted mouth. He imagines cumming in you, fucking his load into you as his thick cum shoots out of him, tainting his hand, dripping down his thick shaft and balls. Kiyoomi’s hips buck up shallowly a few times, riding out his high until he’s hissing from overstimulation.
He stops his movement, waiting for his vision to get clear again. After a few seconds his half-lidded eyes take in the mess he made. Fuck. He’s being so filthy, all because of you. Well, at least now he got that out of the way. And maybe, tomorrow, he’ll say more to you than just “hello”.
Keishin Ukai
“Excuse me. Could you tell me where the flour is?"
“Hm?” Keishin hums, not listening to a word you’re saying. He’s distracted; his eyes are fixed on your plump lips moving.
“Uhm, the flour. Where can I find it?” You try again.
He tears his gaze away from your soft lips, his warm gaze meeting yours. “Right uhm. Sorry. In the second aisles, right there” his hand points in the direction.
“Thanks” you say, turning around, flashing him a sweet smile.
Keishin leans forward in his chair, resting his chin in his hand. His eyes cling to your moving figure, as you walk away. He notices the way your jeans perfectly hug your ass. He lets out a long sigh, when you lean forward to grab flour from the bottom of the shelf. “Damn, that isn’t fair” he mutters to himself. How can he stop ogling you when you do stuff like that?
He proceeds to light himself a cigarette, to give him something else to do. The sound of the lighter has you turning your head. When he sees you like that, his cigarette nearly falls out of his gaping mouth. Well, that’s a very compromising position you find yourself in, at least from his point of view. Your ass is sticking up, your back slightly arched, and your eyes. Ukai gulps. Your eyes, staring right back at him, simply stunning.
Keishin feels his cheeks heating up, thinking about another situation where he could see you like that; back arched, head turned to look at him. The moment only lasts a few seconds before you turn your head back around. You get your flour and disappear behind another shelf.
Ukai leans back into his chair, inhaling the smoke from his cigarette deeply. He is desperately trying to stop his heart from beating so fast. But how can he, when he knows you’re still here with him, in the confined space of the shop.
When you return to register to pay for your items, he tries his best to keep his pokerface. He continues smoking, while he takes care of scanning your items. Every so often his gaze flickers up to you. He catches you looking at his large hands as they handle the register.
When you hand him the money for your goods, your hand brushes against his. You both look at each other, maybe a little bit too long. A smug smirk appears on Keishin’s face, as you avert your gaze. He notices how a slight blush spreads across your cheeks. That’s cute. Did he fluster you? He wonders, as he hands you your change.
“Thanks for your visit” he says, taking another drag of his cigarette, his eyes pinned on yours. You only hum, your gaze flickering to his mouth shortly, watching how the smoke swirls around his lips. You clear your throat, when his lips curl up into a knowing smile. Your eyes dart back to his, and you both get lost for a moment.
“Until next time” Keishin breaks the silence, his voice dropping lower.
“Yeah… bye” you breathe, your eyes still hanging onto his until you turn around. And Ukai swears, you sway your hips more teasingly as you walk out, his gaze burning on you until you’re out of sight.
He lets himself plop down onto his chair again, rubbing his calloused hand over his face. He discards his cigarette stub and grabs another. Fuck, what was that just now? He recalls how you looked at his lips with your eyes half-lidded. You looked so incredibly cute when you were flustered, your cheeks flushed pink.
Ukai puts the lit cigarette between his lips, inhales and exhales. His eyes follow the grey smoke swirling above him as he dwells on his thoughts. You’re taking up all the space in his head. He sees you standing there again, your tight jeans hugging you in all the right places. Your beautiful ass, your dazzling eyes. These eyes, your eyes, that lingered a little too long on his lips.
His mouth is getting dry when he remembers how soft your skin felt against his. Alone this light, barely there touch of your hand makes his heartbeat speed up. He would love to touch you again, properly. He imagines his large hands feeling your soft skin, grabbing your ass, your tits, caressing every curve of your body. He feels heat spreading through his body, his blood running hot. Fuck, he feels his dick hardening in his pants.
Keishin desperately takes a couple drags of his cigarette, but your figure keeps haunting his mind. The tobacco satisfies his smoking addiction. But he may have developed a new obsession in the past few minutes.
He looks around the shop; it’s completely empty. This time around there aren’t many customers - usually. He flings his half-smoked cigarette into the ashtray, surrendering. “I can’t believe I’m doing this” he mumbles to himself, when he shoves his pants down hurriedly. He quickly assures himself that there are really no other people around before he wraps his hand around his throbbing dick.
He starts fisting his cock as the images of you pour into his mind. Ukai imagines you in front of him, his finger gliding over your glossy lips, you sucking on his fingers and your striking eyes looking up at him. A low groan escapes his parted mouth.
He lets his head fall back, closing his eyes to visualize you better. He sees your naked figure, his impatient hands gliding over your pretty skin. His fist pumps faster when he envisions you spreading your legs for him, letting himself fall into you, as his name falls from your lips. At the possible sensation of having your pussy wrapped around him, a low curse falls from his parted lips. He imagines how wet you would be, how well you could take him.
He just can’t help imagine that it isn’t his own hand, but your plush walls that are encompassing his dick. How he would pound into you from behind, grabbing your hips forcefully. He can only imagine the lewd sounds filling up the room, the slapping of skin mixed with your high-pitched moans.
Keishin pictures that beautiful ass of yours bouncing with every one of his hard thrusts, as your pussy spasms around his length. Your hands holding desperately onto anything, as you scream his name in pleasure.
His impatient hand works faster, hurrying to catch his high. He concentrates on the tip of his cock, as he imagines you looking back at him as he fucks into you from behind. Imagining your eyes, looking at him submissively, takes all for him to tip over the edge. A few strokes concentrating on his sensitive head and he cums with a low groan. His hips thrust up shallowly as ropes of white paint his hand - oh how he wishes he could cum onto your ass instead.
Tooru Oikawa
Oikawa’s eyes scan the hotel bar, looking over the few people sitting on their tables, drinking, talking and laughing. His body is weary from the jet lag. He let’s out a deep sigh and proceeds to take another sip from his drink. He desperately hopes this will be the last drink that he needs to finally sleep in peace.
His eyes flicker over to the entrance, when he sees another person entering. His brown eyes peer over the rim of his glass, watching you stand there as you scan the place shortly. Then you walk over to a table where a man sits.
He gulps down the liquid of his drink, his eyes still fixed on you. His eyes follow you through the room, noticing how you strut perfectly in your high heels, your walk purposeful.
He scans you, head to toe, as you greet the man, his hand resting on your back as he kisses you on the cheek. Oikawa involuntarily tightens the grip on his drink. If he wouldn’t be so drunk and tired he would avert his gaze now, stopping himself from checking you out further. But he is drunk. The alcohol that is cursing through his veins makes him shameless.
He watches you sit down, your dress riding up a little bit, exposing more of the delicate skin of your thighs. He observes you as you talk, your lips moving, your small hands whirling through the air. The man answers and you laugh out loud, the sound makes Oikawa’s heart warm. Damn, he should probably stop staring at you. You’re clearly preoccupied with flirting with another man.
His gaze dips low, watching the ice cubes circle in his drink as he swirls the glass around. But all he can wonder about is how you look right now. He takes another sip, his hungry gaze fixing on you again. He tells himself it’s all right, that it’s just because you sit right in his line of sight. Nothing more, noting less, pure accident.
He watches how your slender fingers move up and down your wine glass. This movement resembles quite other things for Tooru. He licks his lips when he sees your nails painted in a dark red shade. His mind runs wild so he quickly averts his gaze, tugging on his shirt nervously, taking a deep breath. He gulps down another big sip of his drink, feeling his chest burning.
He grants himself one more chance to look at you - just once and then he’ll stop for sure. He observes how you take a sip of your drink, tilting your head back slightly, exposing your slender neck. He studies the diamonds on your ears, that are reflecting the dim light of the bar. You turn your head slightly, your eyes meeting his. He isn’t sure if he is still breathing, but he is sure that no diamond on earth sparkles brighter than your eyes.
He returns your gaze, watches how a small, polite smile graces your gorgeous face. He returns your smile, while boasting his broad chest cockily. Your gaze dips lower, only for a few seconds, to take in his sturdy build and his large hand wrapped around his drink. Tooru can’t quite make out if there is a blush spreading on your cheeks, because you quickly whip your head back around when the man in front of you addresses you.
A sly smirk lays on his face, when he sees the man, your man, glaring at him disapprovingly. It’s actually the first time he takes notice of the man sitting in front of you. He shoots Oikawa a stern look. He possessively takes your delicate hand into his. Tooru’s smirk only grows bigger, that’s pathetic. He must know, that he is far more handsome than him. This would be no fair match.
But Oikawa gets the message and he is far too tired for any type of conflict. So he only nods at him, drowning the rest of his drink and slamming the glass down onto the table. He gets up, stretching himself calmly, knowing that your eyes are probably trained on his flexing muscles right now. His hand combs through his hair and he looks at you. Just like he thought; your yearning eyes are wandering over his body.
When you catch his eyes, he can’t stop himself from winking at you. He sees the surprise and embarrassment in your eyes. Now Oikawa is sure; the pink taint of your cheeks giving it all away; you’re flustered by him.
He leaves the bar, making his way to his hotel room. His smug smile is still etched on his face as he lays down onto his bed. Well, now after these drinks, he is sure his sleep must come easily. But it doesn’t. He’s tired. But his mind is still running, replaying the moment with you in the hotel bar, again and again. A small part of him longs to get up again; trying his chance with you. But he can’t. He knows, he shouldn’t.
Tooru tosses and turns, trying to shake you out of his mind. His slight intoxication makes it all worse, making him more horny. He lays on his back, staring up at the ceiling, feeling how the blood rushed down his body. He sighs, his hand moving down, resting on his half-hardened dick in his boxers.
Oikawa closes his eyes, his foggy mind flooding with images of you. He sees you entering the bar again, confidently strutting in your high heels. He remembers you standing there, looking so hot in your tight dress, as a hand lays on your back. He visualizes that it’s his large hand resting on you, moving down lower and lower until he grabs your plump ass. This thought alone has his dick straining against his boxers.
He looses his boxers, taking his cock in his hand. He hisses as his thumb grazes over his slit, collecting his pre-cum. Tooru sees you here with him. He would help you take off your dress and your heels, before he lays you on the bed. You spread your legs for him, your folds already glistening. He wonders how wet he can make you, how many times you can come for him, as his tongue circles your sensitive clit.
He increases the pace of his hand, when he imagines sweet moans and whimpers falling from your lips as you shake under his touch. He swears he can taste you, your arousal dripping down his chin, drinking everything of your spent, everything you’re willing to give him. The thought of your taste on his tongue elicits him a deep groan.
Oikawa imagines sinking his cock into you, your plush warm walls wrapping perfectly around his length, like you were meant for him. He pounds into you, as your nails rake down his back, moaning, screaming his name, like it’s the only thing you have left to say.
His hand concentrates on the sensitive head of his cock. His thighs twitch, his orgasm is nearing. He imagines his lips hovering above your ear, his dick buried deep inside of you, as his hoarse voice inquires “Can he make you feel like this?” He already knows the answer, your fluttering pussy exposing you. He has you spasming around his throbbing length, clenching greedily like you need even more of him. He imagines your answer, your high-pitched whimper “No. Only you, Tooru”.
A low groan falls from his parted lips. He pumps his cock faster, concentrating on his swollen tip, until he tips over the edge. His hot cum shoots over his abs and onto his hand, as he imagines himself cumming into you. He nearly feels your pussy milking him dry, taking all of his spent.
He curses under his breath, opening his eyes again. Oikawa is still panting heavily as he lets his heavy cock fall against his thigh. Well, he’s certain he can fall asleep now. Though, he’s pretty sure, he’ll continue dreaming of you in his sleep.
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mavrintarou · 3 months ago
[2:03AM] Sakusa Kiyoomi - A/B/O
Hey all. School got busy for me and needed to complete midterm and now I'm on spring break. Still working on my other stories - hang in there for me!
Warning: A/B/O - possessive; explicit smut; knotting; pregnancy; . Sakusa Kiyoomi’s first turning at age six revealed he is a dominant alpha. It was close to 100% that his second turning would still remain the same.
This was a given, for the Sakusa linage has history of strong alpha genes.
At age eight years old, he was sure his mate was his sister’s best friend, Y/l Y/n who was six years older than him.
At age ten, he shocked everyone twice in one day when he held her hand – willingly and looked at Y/n dead in the eye, “you are my mate.”
Y/n, sweet Y/n who everyone adored has turned twiceas a beta, a recessive beta. She knew she could not be cute little Omi’s mate.
That was not how it worked.
She played along with him, patting his head and squeezing his hand in return because she didn’t have it in her to break his heart the way hers was broken when her first love denied her for being a beta. He’ll meet his real mate one day.
“Omi, you need to stop scenting me.” Y/n confronted eighteen year old Kiyoomi.
As a beta, Y/n wouldn’t be able to smell his scent and was not even aware she was walking around campus with his scent. Kiari couldn’t tell as well since they are from the same family. She had only discovered after an alpha said she reeked.
“No.” The little boy who was once obedient and listened to everything she said now towers over her. His dominance looming over her.
Her hand presses against his chest to keep him from coming closer. “Omi – I am older –“
“I don’t care.” He grabs her hand, holding it still on his chest. “I’m tired of you smelling like others.”
At age twenty-three, Kiyoomi had his first rut.
He managed to stifle his first rut with suppressants for years.
But that could only last so long.
First rut is vital.
If an alpha has not mated, most of the time, they would use a beta on their first rut since an alpha cannot impregnant a beta even with a knot.
Kiyoomi bites down on the bottom of his shirt as he fists and strokes his large and thick cock for the fourth time, trying to find some sort of relief.
His sacks are full and ached as nothing worked.
Feeling like he will die, he does the most desperate thing…
His cock enlarge against his hand, and he groans, doubling over as his cum shoots out in large thick spurts over his phone with the image of Y/n smiling brightly on his screen.
A day later, his rut has not subsided.
“… Omi.” Her voice is hoarse over the phone. “Omi… I don’t know what – what is going on?”
Kiyoomi knew it wasn’t a bad idea to be living in the same apartment building as her. He takes the stairs down to the twelfth floor from the twentieth floor and pounds on her door until she cracks it open.
He enters and closes the door behind him, locking it.
“Omi, why… why do I feel so hot?” Her hair is in a messy bun, cheeks flushed, and she wore only a pair of shorts and sports bra. “It – it won’t stop hurting…” Her hand tightly gripping the ends of her shorts.
He could see her perky nipples poking out from the flimsy material.
With no control left, his pheromones releases and fills the entire room.
As a beta, they wouldn’t be able to feel them, immune to an alpha’s pheromones.
But Y/n steps forward, grabbing onto his shirt and face pressed against his chest inhaling. Her moan was all it took to tick him off. He lifts her easily and carries her to the bedroom.
He lays her gently on the bed and pins her wrist above her head.
“Y/n,” he breaths, “why are you… emitting pheromones?”
She shakes her head, “I… I can’t do that?”
Kiyoomi inhales, jaw tightening. It was her pheromone. He is sure. However, he’s confused just as much as to how she is releasing pheromones.
“Omi,” she tries to wiggle free from his hold, “touch me…”
With one large hand easily holding down her small wrists, his other hand effortlessly tugs her sports bra upward to free her tits.
They were small, unlike most betas… they were fitting like an omega.
But once an omega was breed, her chest will grow to produce milk.
He dips and suckles on a nipple, mouth completely intaking her small mound wholly. His hand massaging and tugging the other side.
Y/n thrashes underneath him, whining.
He lifts his mouth, satisfied when her tit is wet with his saliva, swollen and marked with his teeth. He looks at her, face flushed and desperate. He towers over her, lips barely hovering over hers. “Are you mine?”
She nods her head, “yes… yours… only yours…”
He releases her wrists and sits back to pull her upright and tug off her remaining clothing before shedding his own.
He pushes her down on her back and dips in between her legs to lavish her core with no shame.
His nose press and rubs against her clit as he pushes is tongue as far as he could inside. He would die happy in between her legs.
“Omi!” Her fingers grip his curls tightly. She tenses up when three of his long fingers slips pass and thrusts inside against her walls.
While his fingers are thrusting inside of her, his mouth is busy marking away. Blotches of red teeth marks all over her thighs.
Four fingers plunges inside of her pussy with ease. The way her walls closes in on this finger, his cock twitches against his abdomen.
He withdraws his fingers, using the wetness to spread over his rock hard cock. She was about to shift onto her hands and knees when he stops her. “What are you doing?”
“You don’t want me on my hands and knees?”
Kiyoomi’s eyes narrow and he growls, “have – have you already given yourself to someone – else?”
She submits under his alpha gaze, “no, I just… heard it’s easier that way?”
He calm himself and press her down on her back. “I want to see you this way.”
His cock twitches as it presses against her opening, feeling her wet slippery pussy kiss the tip.
He looks at her, face flushed and eyes on his cock. “Omi…”
That was all it took for him to plunge home.
She felt so good that he almost knotted that instant.
His nose twitches, she smelled so sweet and addicting.
His hips slowly move, and it took everything in him to at least give her that much to adjust to his size before he would break her.
Her moans was enough for him to know that she was more than ready.
Kiyoomi pushes her legs against her chest, locking her down before rutting hard into her pussy. His cock forcing her tight, hot walls to expand with each deep thrust.
Y/n cups his face with both hands, pulling him down for a brief kiss. Her soft whimpers was music to his ears and that encourage his hips to pound hard against hers.
The bomb inside him was ticking, the heat and scent she gave off only made him push his cock deeper until the tip is pressed against her cervix.
Kiyoomi buries his face against her neck, kissing along her shoulder until he smells her sweet gland that’s radiating her scent. He lets her legs go so he could be chest to chest with her. Each time he inhales her scent, it travels down to his cock making it tremor and swell. The last few hard thrusts went deeper and deeper until the tip of his cock pushes pass her cervix opening. His knot inflates once he breaks the barrier and her cervix locks around his cock.
Y/n’s arms lock him in a tight grip, legs tremble as his knot takes place, filling her.
Kiyoomi wince and groan as his hips jerks with each spurt that fills her womb. His nose rubs against the gland that emit the sweet scent he has been addicted to since he could remember.
Claim her.
Claim her.
Claim her.
She wiggles underneath him trying to escape knowing well she cannot.
He holds her still as he rolls onto his back, so his weight isn’t crushing her. He kisses the crown of her head, murmuring her name and praising her for taking his knot so well.
His cock continues to expand within her, keeping her seal with his scent.
But that wasn’t enough.
His canine sinks into her shoulder, breaking the skin. Kiyoomi bites hard until he knows his mark is forever tattooed on her skin and soul.
Three weeks has since passed, and Y/n has been avoiding Kiyoomi.
Four days.
It was four days of being locked up in Y/n’s apartment with non-stop sex.
When Y/n came to her senses, it was like she was possessed. Vivid memories reminded her that it was not a dream. The mark on her shoulder was real and something inside of her feels completely different.
It rare for a dominant alpha to mark a beta and even so, after a few days – the mark will disappear because of the incompatibility. Most alphas wants an omega to be able to reproduce. Even a dominant alpha would not be able to impregnant a beta, let alone a recessive beta. Betas can only, by a miracle, reproduce only with a dominant beta.
Y/n read it online that the mark should fade and almost become meaningless within a few days.
However, all the love marks disappeared, all but the one on her shoulder.
“Why,” she whispers, “why did you mark me?” She pulls her collar to reveal the permanent mark. “It won’t go away.”
Kiyoomi, without a mask just blinks at her in silent. “You’re my mate, Y/n.”
“No!” She grits, “I cannot be your mate, Kiyoomi. I am a beta.”
“I don’t care.”
“I don’t want you as my mate.” She barely whispers, frustrated tears slipping down her cheek. “I didn’t ask for this.”
Her body was changing. Something… was different.
“I don’t have an explanation… it’s not rare but it is not common to have a third turning.”
Y/n is stunned in her seat at the doctor’s office.
Recessive omega.
The doctor sighs, “the only pattern we noticed with third turnings and that we can determine for sure is that it is caused by a dominant alpha.” His eyes narrow at Y/n, “is your alpha a dominant or recessive alpha?”
“I don’t have an alpha.”
The doctor pushes another sheet of results towards her and her breath hitches when her eyes catches the word: P r e g n a n t
“You must be a few weeks along if your lab was able to detect it.” He exhales deeply. “I know this is a lot to take in… just consider this… a blessing in disguise?”
Kiyoomi is not waiting at her door for the first time.
Y/n enters her apartment greeted again by the various bundles of bouquets. He has been sending her bouquets after bouquets. Desperately seeking any sort of attention from her.
She collapse on her couch and shuts her eyes. A palm rests over her flat abdomen.
A baby.
An omega.
Betas’ second gender can change with the pheromones of a dominant alpha, potentially enough with just their scent.
Her eyes snap open, remembering two days before Kiyoomi’s rut, Y/n ran into him outside their apartment building. He made a snarky comment about how she smelled and when they got on the elevators, it became pack with other residents that she was cornered by Kiyoomi. She could see the annoyance on his face even with his mask on and was about to offer to switch spots with him since he hated being touched by others.
“No,” he growls, keeping his arms caged around her. “You smell enough.”
Y/n made a face at him and stare straight head at his chest. The chest she has been dying to touch.
Her cheeks flushed and her breath hitched as she switches her thoughts to something else.
Why was the elevator taking forever?
She closes her eyes, trying to keep her thoughts clean and hands to herself.
The chime pulls her back to reality. Her eyes snap open and literally Kiyoomi’s chest was pressed against her face. She looks around the giant in front of her and frown. It was empty except them two. She looks up and noticed the elevator had long past her floor. “Omi! Why didn’t you tell me we passed my floor?!”
He shrugged his shoulders, stepping back.
Y/n presses the button to her floor again, knowing it’ll go up to his first before going back down.
He mumbles a quiet bye and walks out of the elevator without turning back to look at her.
Her head thumps against the wall as she is brought down to her floor.
There was a couple waiting on her floor for the elevator as she got out.
“Holy crap, who released their pheromones?!”
Y/n waited outside his door after knocking two minutes ago.
Was he not home?
He didn’t pick up his call.
Or respond to her messages?
After a day of discovering her new second gender and pregnancy, it was only rightful to tell him.
And accept him as her mate.
The door creaks and slowly opens.
“Om… mi?”
“His body is in a state of shock.”
She reaches for his hand, holding it gently.
“This typically happens when an alpha is rejected.” The doctor narrows his eyes at her, “are you his mate?”
Y/n nods, head hung low. “Yes, it is me.”
Without further questioning, “talk to him, reassure him and give him affection. With that, he should return back to normal in a few days.”
Once he doctor left, Y/n looks at Kiari and the other Sakusa members, “I didn’t –“
Kiari waves a hand at her. “He’s fine. Just being a big baby.” She comes around the bed and hugs her, “I thought Omi was just spewing bullshit, didn’t think you would be his mate.”
Mrs. Sakusa steps forward and brushes Kiyoomi’s loose curls aside. “We’ll leave you to take care of him.” She smiles, “welcome officially to the family, Y/n.”
At last, when it was just the two of them, Y/n presses his hand to her cheek. “Wake up, Omi. I have so much to tell you.” He laid deeply asleep. “I am your omega, Omi.” She whispers leaning over him. “Please wake up, wake up for our baby and I.”
Two hours later, Y/n is frantic finding an empty bed. She stepped out to grab some food in the hospital cafeteria.
“Where is she?!”
“Omi.” Y/n calls, slowly approaching a distress alpha who is causing commotion at the nurse’s station. She holds her arms out and as soon as she is close, he tugs her into his arms. “I’m here.” She repeats.
She guides him back to his room and they wait for the doctor. She grabs a mask and hooks it around each ear, securing it around his face.
“Put one on too.” She rolls her eyes but obey his command.
He doesn’t let go of her hand the entire time making her sit on the bed beside him with an arm wrapped securely around her waist.
“I want to go home.” Is all he demanded after listening to the doctor’s lecture of taking care of his health.
“I’m not…” Y/n repeats for the nth time, “I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m just going to organize the stuff the hospital gave us. I’ll be right back.”
Kiyoomi was ordered to bed rest.
As soon as they return to his apartment, he was joined at the hips, following her around and whining when she would be more than two feet away.
“Just forget about it. Come lay here with me.”
With a change of clothes, Y/n submitted to her alpha.
She slips in his bed and curl beside him.
He tugs her close, inhaling her scent. “You… smell different.”
“Like good or bad different?”
He inhales once more, “like a good different.”
“It’s probably because I’m pregnant.”
She’s flipped onto her back and his eyes are wide, “what?”
She smiles, touching his face. “I’m pregnant.”
He frown, “how?”
“I’m an omega. Recessive omega. I had a third turning.” His mouth dropped. “I had my first heat that day. I think it matched your rut too.”
Kiyoomi collapse on his back, pulling her over him. He brushes her hair behind her ear, “a baby?”
“Well, one knot is enough to impregnant me… we locked ourselves for four days. It was inevitable.” She lean over, lips hovering his briefly before she murmur, “I’m your omega.”
>>> @callmeraider @amarinthe @chaotic-fangirl-blog
E/n: not edited yet; thank you all for kind words on my previous post <3
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omi-boshi · 3 months ago
very specific boyfriend!kiyoomi headcanons that have been rotting my brain:
boyfriend!kiyoomi who games and is actually good at the games he plays. he'd make an alternate account when you want to get into a game so he can play with you. takes the time to teach you the mechanics. praises you for the littlest things "oh, you got five kills. good job." "kiyo, i died 12 times." "and you still have five kills. you're doing great, love." he's laidback and fucks around just enough to entertain you but the moment some random cusses at you for being "bad at the game," he completely annihilates the other team and simultaneously flames the toxic random.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who calls you to ask where you are and if you're going to stay there for long just so he can send you your favorite takeout food on days when he misses you more than he normally does during away games.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who you know would never cheat on you with the way he sends photos at least 15 times a day when he's travelling. sends you photos of tourist spots, fields, and shops all with a single caption of "let's come back together next time." sends you photos of the most random things too. of things that remind him of you, of moments you two shared.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who knows you don't like being pushed to talk about something that bothers you so instead, he hunts you down in whatever tiny corner you're sitting in or furniture you're under of and sits with you. sometimes he fiddles with your hands. sometimes he just sits there with you in silence. and he doesn't leave until he hears your grumbling stomach and he knows that it's time to cook some food.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who insists on watching tv series together and gets grumbly and pouty when you tell him that you watched one episode without him. he still watches said episode with you but he has his arms crossed and eyes determinedly fixed on the screen the entire time and it would take lots of negotiating just so you could cuddle back into his side.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who if he sees you horizontal, he will take the opportunity to squish you with his entire weight. reading a book in bed? kiyoomi is going to shimmy his way under the book so he can rest on top of you. the space between your neck and shoulder? that's for kiyoomi to nuzzle his face in. he is basically a big dog that loves acting like a lap dog.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who talks to his dog about you. and you only know this because you walked in on him once rambling to his dog about how he hopes his brother and sister wouldn't embarrass him in front of you the first time you went home with him.
boyfriend!kiyoomi who greets you with a forehead kiss every morning and before going to bed. he never misses a day. even if you two are arguing, he is going to pull you by the waist and leave a lingering kiss and then huff out, "love you. i'm still mad at you by the way."
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p-antomime · 3 months ago
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DILF 4 u!
𖦹 minors don’t interact. ┊ wc: 0,8K.
𖦹 content: sub!reader, service dom!kiyoomi, unprotected sex, heavy breeding kink, mating press, nicknames, (huge) age gap, mention of pregnancy, overstimulation, impregnation.
𖦹 pairings: dilf!sakusa kiyoomi x fem!reader.
ᥫ᭡. request! ┊ haikyuu masterlist! ┊ taglist!
Tumblr media
"Lemme ask you again, yeah? How old are you?", you curled up against the mattress of the bed trying not to let your breathing get any faster than it already was and answered his question before seeing his eyes return to your face as his hand finished spreading the juices of your pussy across your sensitive folds, "Gosh, yeah, you're so young, when you were entering high school I was already dating girls old enough to be your mother."
You licked your lips watching him bring his soaked fingers to your mouth and let him place them against your tongue to suck on them.
"Is my age a problem for you, Omi?", was what you tried to ask even though you knew he had become interested in you precisely because of your age.
"Oh, my pretty lil’ angel, quite the contrary: your age is perfect", Sakusa replied massaging your thighs and making you moan against his fingers before they left your mouth empty, "Perfect for me to put a baby inside you and make you the next mom of my children."
If you denied that your pussy clenched around nothing in the face of his confession, you would be blatantly lying.
Just the thought of having him fill you with cum already made your head dizzy and your pussy so wet it was embarrassing, but knowing that he definitely wanted to fuck a baby inside you without any kind of protection afterwards made you almost cum again, and it hadn't even been five minutes since he had made you reach that state just by using his nimble fingers.
"I don't think I'm ready to be a mom, Omi", you were talking out of your mouth; he knew this and smiled at your calculated response.
"Be a mom? Angel, that's just a consequence, your too young brain hasn't gotten my message yet, has it?", you looked at him a little confused before intercepting Sakusa pushing your knees against yours tits and guiding you into a mating press position that gave complete perfect view of your pussy while he wasn't burying himself in it.
Perhaps his experience was overriding your urgency and need.
"Fuck, such a young, tight pussy, don't you think this pretty thing here deserves to be breed?", you tried not to let a moan escape, but what ended up coming out was a whimper in the shape of his name that made you want to hide your face in shame, "Oh, it deserves, I know, I know"
He used one hand to place the tip of his dick close to your entrance and you almost forced hips to take him right away.
You were too impatient, your anxiety was screaming louder than the desire to enjoy the moment of finally having the cock you'd been drooling over for months to get.
"Wanna be breed, pretty?", Sakusa asked you and you desperately nodded before answering between deep, gasping breaths: "Yes, yes, please, that's all I've been wanting all these–" and his voice interrupted you with a whisper, "Months? Yeah, I've seen you drooling all over my cock, but you wanna be breed even if your little pussy can't make everything stay inside?"
Again, you shook the head positively, but this time also brought a hand up to your pussy going around his arms pressing your knees against your bust and opened your wet folds in front of his dick.
"Please, Omi, breed me”
That was the last thing Sakusa needed to hear before he slammed deep inside you and made your eyes roll up at feeling him so deep.
He was better than guys your age, especially the way his hands gripped your hips as if they wanted to both mark you as his possession and leave as many fingerprints as possible so that you wouldn't forget whose hand it was that left you like this.
And Sakusa didn't give you a good enough time to get used to his fat girth, so maybe that's why you were reduced to a drooling mess that could only look at him with a fucked-up face and moan his name like it was a holy mantra.
You're such a cutie little thing for him, all fucked up just by being stretched, it even looked like you'd never tasted a cock like his.
His tip kissing your cervix again and again, his cheeks turning pinker and pinker with the force applied to fuck you and balls ready to pour every last drop of his hot, thick cum against your womb with no intention of letting you go home without at least having enough cum to lick the bottom of your panties.
That day, your favorite DILF came deep in you with his head falling back and a loud but hoarse moan escaping his throat; you could even see the veins in his neck standing out as you felt his cum fill you completely and even leak down the sides of your little pussy too small to contain the entire amount.
"But, we're not over yet, little angel, that was just round one, I know you need more of my cum filling your pretty pussy", Sakusa whispered looking back up at you and opening a mischievous grin before slamming back inside you; causing overstimulation for both of you.
Maybe he could now call you a breeding doll, and not a little angel.
Tumblr media
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vampkaashis-wife · 4 months ago
If anyone told Sakusa Kiyoomi of Itachiyama Academy that he would ever be sitting in the grass making flower crowns, he’d immediately call them insane.
Yet here he is, less than 10 years out of his high school career, doing exactly that.
“Dad!” His concentration is broken by that voice he never fails to turn to. “Look what Mom made me!”
Your daughter is running toward him, you trailing behind. He holds his arms out for her, but she doesn’t crash into his chest as she is apt to do. Instead, she holds up a ring of flowers. “Look down!” She demands of her dad.
Omi smiles softly, lowering his head. His daughter crowns him with the flowers - crookedly, off-centered as hell, but with the most adorable smile showing off her dimples. Her curly pigtails make him smiler wider. She settles comfortably in his lap as you take a seat beside them.
If anyone had told him that he’d let a child with dirt all over her dress put a load of grass and flowers on his head, more than voluntarily, he wouldn’t have believed them. He’s come to learn that the mess is just part of being human, so it’s not such a big deal anymore.
Besides, this is his baby girl. Nothing can take that fact away from him.
If they had told him he’d marry someone like you, he would laugh in scorn.
But here, now? This is all he ever wants. Your hair flutters gently in the wind as he watches. You’re so beautiful. Even in the most mundane moments like this, he’s stunned by you.
“Give me your hand?” He fiddles one last time with the flowers in his hand. “I don’t have this specific skill set, so all you get is a ring.”
He starts sliding it on whichever finger will fit when your daughter pipes in: “Dad, you have to say, ‘Will you marry me?’”
Kiyoomi pauses and looks at her. “We’re already married, sweetie.”
“But you can’t put her ring on until you ask!”
Not one to ever deny his daughter’s wishes, Kiyoomi starts again. “____,” he says in a dramatic tone. Shakespearean and overdone, he asks once again, “Will you marry me?”
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