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salem: Gentlemen. Operation: Bait Van neo is a resounding success. qrow is now exactly where we need him to be so we can move forward with our little… “surprise”. However, before we begin our next phase, I would like to take some time to address a rumor floating around the fleet.

Some of you have come to believe that I like war. I wish to dash these rumors. I do not like war.

LOVE war.

Through my life, I have discovered so many forms of war. You get up in the morning, you get into your shitty car, and you see a rich CEO who works half as hard as you do drive down the street in his Porsche. Class war.

You make it to work, and you find out that the annual drug test is today. And you just so happened to take a puff of your one-hitter a couple nights ago before dinner with your wife’s awful parents. Drug war.

But then, you find out that the only ones being called in for testing are your black and Hispanic co-workers. Race war.

Then, you try to post about it on your Facebook, but then all your friends start arguing about what’s right und what’s wrong. Flame war.

You finally get home, and you decide to relax by watching a program about: “Who gets the box?” “What’s in the box?” “How much is what’s in the box worth?" Storage Wars.

* chuckle* What I am telling you, my grimm army of 1,000 grimm, is that I am a purveyor of war. And with your help over the years, we are now at the precipice of our true goal.

You see, I want a simple war. No class wars, no drug wars, no race wars, no flame wars… and certainly, no Cold Wars! (Blueballed for 40 years.)

What I want is a war that only we can bring. A true war! A GRIMM war! The sequel you’ve all been waiting for!


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I started a new grooming job and my coworker got her own service dog in training soon after! He of course, is a standard poodle named Salem! Minnow has a real soft spot for poodles since she grew up with her big brother maestro so the two quickly became best friends!

I asked my coworker if she wanted to go up to mount rainier and she agreed. It was Salem’s first time in the snow and Minnow went ahead and showed him the ropes for doing PA on hiking trails!

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Tyrian: my queen, what is troubling you

Salem: my plan was to make the new incarnation dress in the clothes of my late husband, as a way of reminding him that he will never be himself again

Salem: it would have been fitting to end things the way they started, it may of truely broken each one of them

Tyrian: what is the issue

Salem: he’s just so fucking short, he’s basically drowning

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For as much as it seems obvious for Salem to want Penny dead… I’m no longer sure she does. Maybe she’s got a “captured alive” policy for Penny now, like she does for Ruby and Oscar.

From what Salem knows, Penny was killed, then resurrected at seemingly no cost, and now she’s also a maiden. This adds up to someone being potentially immortal as well as being a magic wielder.

All this time, it’s been a battle between Salem and Oz. Two immortals who wield powerful magic. And now Penny potentially fits those criteria as well. That makes her a third player on the board.

Penny could be quite interesting to Salem.

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I think Salem’s backup plan is “Wait another eighty years”. 

This is for two reasons: one, Salem seems supremely confident in her ability to control her lieutenants. She is the manipulator, she is the power broker, she is the inevitable one. No-one dares cross her and live. People defect from Ozpin’s side to hers, but never the other way around. She’s cautious, yes, but this one thing she has confidence in. 

Two… to a person her age, another few decades is nothing. She’s done this before, she can do it again. She has all the time in the world to find another girl like Cinder. She doesn’t need a prepared backup. 

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My personal theory on her control of the Grimm is that they recognize her as the oldest, strongest, smartest Grimm around, and follow her lead when she’s present.

But she didn’t start out as the oldest, strongest Grimm as soon as she left the Grimm pool. That’s a title she’s earned over time.

I also feel she might just not have known the Grimm would listen to her? I mean, she would have been taught to avoid them throughout her life. It was probably a process of discovery. 

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