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ciieli · 2 days ago
Incenced about takes on mdzs Twitter once again lol.
Saw a post that was like "wwx is lucky that lan zhan eventually returned his feelings, there is no he could be in a long term relationship with anyone else, no one else but lwj can stand him"
And it's of the things integral to the way the plot developt was that as a young man wei wuxian was extremely well liked and popular, that was our mystery! When hes introduced to us as a teen he has a damn near cult following in cloud recess and mxtx set that up on purpose to pique our interest.
What was our protagonist's fall from grace? How did go from someone hero worshipped by disciples in lotus pier to the scourge of the cultivation world?
I'm so tired of seeing takes were ya'll are like "wwx was the annoying, weird adhd kid that no one hung out with till lwj decided to put up with him"
Are ya'll not tired?
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chilirasbora · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Magellanic volute | Odontocymbiola magellanica
Photo credit: x
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adrestar · 2 days ago
A Lost Bat
I know I should be sleeping right now because it is already past midnight from where I am, but I couldn't so here I am.
from that prompt months ago
Selina felt her heart break as the doctor told her the bad news. She stared at the door as the doctor made their exit.
The baby… Her baby… Her own little kitten is gone…
She knew she wasn’t the best fit for a motherly role because of all her nightly mischief. And if this was karma, it’s too much. She unconsciously rubbed her stomach as tears fell from her eyes. She heard the baby cry during labor. Her kitten can’t be dead. She clenched her fists and she felt a little pain as her fingernails dug through her skin. I felt pain. This is reality. Well reality sucks.
She felt a hand on her shoulder and saw a disguised Harley and Pamela looking at her with sadness. “Don’t yah worry Cat, Red and I will always be here with yah, pinky swear.” Harley said, trying to be cheery. She gave the two of them a smile that didn’t reach her eyes as the girls pulled her into a hug. She buried her hand on Harley’s shoulder as she sobbed. The girls just hugged until Selina fell asleep from crying, all three of them, unaware of the woman in traditional assassin clothes watching them while carrying a sleeping baby from a distance.
“The decoy is at place.” A different woman said as she slightly bowed her with respect for the woman carrying the baby. That woman is Sabine Cheng.
“Good. Let’s go.” The woman, Talia Al Ghul, said and walked away as the other assassins followed her.
Back at the hospital room, the currently disguised Poison Ivy scrunched her eyebrows as she felt an odd feeling of being watched. I’m going to ask the plants later. But she definitely forgot to do so because she was busy trying to help console her poor friend.
In Nanda Parbat, assassins line up and bow their heads in respect as Talia al Ghul walks across the hall to her father’s throne room. Beside her is none other than Sabine Cheng holding a crying baby.
“Silence that thing.” Talia ordered as they approached the door leading to her father.
Sabine quickly tried rock the baby back to sleep. The crying stopped as the baby stared at her with intense blue eyes. She hummed a lullaby and the baby smiled at her as her cute little eyes started to droop. Baby Marinette yawned as she stared right through Sabine’s eyes. She felt her heart swell. If only I could keep her.
Because of her focus on the baby, she barely listened to Ra’s and Talia’s conversation. All she heard was Ra’s ordering her to dispose the baby as her parting mission.
Dispose this little cutie? No way! What the League of Assassins doesn’t know won’t hurt them.
And @kashlyn (this is moi informing you or something)
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tequilastarz · 6 months ago
Considering framing this and putting in on my wall
Tumblr media
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one-piece-of-harry · 5 months ago
Disallowing gay people to make certain kinds of art for fear how it will affect "the movement" is just repackaged repression. Gay people don't owe you their silence because you think the optics look better and lil nas x has more courage and honesty in him than the vast majority of religious leaders so show him your goddamn respect
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cleverclove · 4 months ago
I cannot believe I have to say this but here goes:
We are NOT here purely to educate you. We are NOT here just to give feedback on your OCs. We are NOT here to show how “progressive” you are because “you got feedback from a real life person of color.” We aren’t your Siri for culture.
And if that happens? You apologize. No white guilt, no excuses, no blaming it on environment or whatever because we don’t want to hear it. Apologize and do better.
POC are not a monolith. Black people are not here for your OC’s angsty backstory. Latinos are not here for you to make a subversive story. Asians are not here so you can put a bit of their culture into your OC. And treating your friends of color, tumblr or real-life, like they exist just for your amusement is dehumanizing and infuriating. You do not get brownie points for an OC if you don’t treat real POC right.
If you get consensual input to make an authentic character and story, then good for you, I guess. But we are human beings as much as you are. We don’t just exist in paper. We have real problems and real pains and real struggles. If you can’t see that? Don’t bother at all because we don’t need to be written by someone who obviously doesn’t care about anything but a good sob story.
✨ POC feel free to add your thoughts. White people are encouraged to reblog but please don’t add any unnecessary comments. ✨
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inefekt · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summer Milky Way at Nambling Lakes, Western Australia
Nikon d5500 - 50mm - ISO 5000 - f/2.2 - Foreground: 13 x 10 seconds - Sky: 25 x 20 seconds - iOptron SkyTracker - Hoya Red Intensifier filter
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sweetoothgirl · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies
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chilirasbora · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lettuce sea slug | Elysia crispata
Photo credit: x, x
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vasira96 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Salt vibin’ after a storm
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sorekbekarmi · a year ago
I'm NOT gonna say it again
SEASONINGS include herbs and spices, along with minerals and chemicals used to season food!!!! Salt, citric acid, and MSG, are all examples of seasonings that are NOT herbs or spices!
HERBS are flavorful leaves. Only. Leaves. Doesn't matter if its dried, fresh, whole, or ground, if it is a leaf, it is an herb
SPICES are flavorful parts of plants that are NOT LEAVES. These include seeds, berries, stems, bark, roots, flowers, buds... NOT LEAVES
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powerofvoid · 5 months ago
Jedi Per Capita
Coruscant (>1 trillion people) has less Jedi (10,000) per capita (0.01 ppm) than Marvel New York (~10 million people) has Spider Man (1) per captia (0.1 ppm)
You know, just for scale.
But the Republic doesn't just expect Jedi to solve Coruscant's problems, they expect Jedi to solve the entire Republic's problems. (at least two orders of magnitude larger)
And certain so-called fans expect them to solve not just the Republic's problems, but the entire galaxy's problems. With no legal backing.
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drundertalescum · 8 months ago
The Scene With Undyne Sitting Across The Table From You: An Analysis
So Undyne lied to Papyrus. She led him on about the Guard, and she wasn’t honest with him. She didn’t actually train him. She was never going to let him in the guard.
We all know this.
I think something that people don’t think about, though, is the rest of that conversation, and Why she handled that situation the way she did. This is something I have fallen into a lot, too, because Papyrus is my favorite and I have a bad habit of focusing on him… but I think I wanna explore this from Undyne’s point of view instead.
Because it’s really interesting, isn’t it? 
Throughout the game, Undyne is otherwise portrayed as being as empathetic as she is direct. There is no problem that she can’t suplex or headbutt! She’ll eat a rock! She’ll fight the sun! But she won’t tell Papyrus she can’t let him into the guard.
A lot of the time, I think we read this conversation as being revealing of who Papyrus is. It gets used a lot as fuel to infantilize him. In fact, seeing something about that is actually why I wanted to write this. Additionally, this conversation where she reveals this is where she tells us about Asgore’s sadness, his fatherly tendencies and his strength and his nature beyond being the not-so-final boss. 
Tumblr media
[Image Description:  Undyne is sitting across the table from you. You’re in her house. The window’s been smashed, and the table, too, with a spear sticking out of it, and she’s left some things on the stove and theres just a sword in the middle of her floor, but it’s calm for now. Various things are left on her counter. You’re both drinking tea.]
But this is Undyne’s conversation on Undyne’s hangout and this conversation is meant to make us understand Undyne. 
So, here’s my take:
I think Undyne is not good with emotions beyond the obvious, and she uses others and their experiences and emotions as examples and ways to understand and work through her own emotions and complicated, shifting thoughts. She’s not gonna tell a human kid her anxieties, because thats not the kind of person she is. She’s direct whenever she can be, but these are not matters she can be direct with. She’s a fighter, not a philosopher. 
She starts this conversation by telling you you remind her of Asgore, because...
Tumblr media
[Image Description:  Undyne is sitting across the table from you. She’s throwing her head back laughing at you, probably obnoxiously. She says “You’re both TOTAL weenies!!!” with three exclamation points, and “total” in all caps.]
She calls Asgore a TOTAL WEENIE, then relents, and says he’s not a weenie all of the time. That’s when she tells us the story of how she tried to beat him up when she was little, to prove she was the strongest, and how that leads her to become his apprentice, and how she eventually knocked him down.
Tumblr media
[Image Description: Undyne is sitting across the table from you. Her eyes are closed, her head is bowed. She says “I felt… bad.”]
She felt bad.
Undyne is expressing with that that she used to value strength above all else, and viewed the world through that very narrow lens. She’s surpassed Asgore, at least in one match, and that should have been a victory for her, but instead the situation lead to an emotion she hadn’t expected: She felt bad. And Asgore was so proud of her.
And then she tells us about Papyrus, and this is the same thought as the other story, because she’s expressing that the role she’s taken on as Head of the Royal Guard is her graduating to a leadership position like Asgore’s. 
Tumblr media
[Image Description: Undyne is sitting across the table from you. She says “So I’m the one who gets to train dorks to fight!” She’s throwing her head back laughing. Not at you this time.]
She introduces Papyrus to this story then, and starts with saying she doesn’t know if she could ever let him in.
I think an important phrasing there is that she doesn’t know. This is not a solid open and shut decision. She hesitates and stumbles over this admission. She does not know if she’s going to let him in. She doesn’t think she is, but she doesn’t know. 
She’s stuck. I know you could say this is just a matter of phrasing, and might not seem significant, but the way she stumbles over explaining herself, its like she’s trying to work out right now exactly why she won’t let him in. And she’s maybe only realizing now that the answer was always going to be no.
Tumblr media
[Image Description:  Undyne is sitting across the table from you. She says “I mean, it’s not that he’s weak.” She’s grinning... but she’s sweating it out a little.]
Tumblr media
[Image Description: Undyne is sitting across the table from you. She says “He’s actually pretty freaking tough!” Her eyes bulge with passion!  ]
She’s quick to say its not that he’s weak, and that he’s pretty freaking tough - really strong praise from Undyne, who just called you and the King of All Monsters total weenies - and then she starts talking about how he’s too innocent and nice! And how he was supposed to capture you, but ended up being friends with you instead!!!
And… again, a lot of people are quick to read this as a flaw in Papyrus. A fully literal assessment of him by Undyne. But is it?
There is a reason she’s telling you this. 
There’s a reason she’s emphasizing this to you: Look where she is right now. 
Tumblr media
[Image Description: Undyne is sitting across the table from you.]
She was supposed to capture you.
 But instead, she’s making friends with you.  
If this is a flaw in Papyrus, this scene is her admitting to herself and to you, that this is a flaw that exists in her too.
But also, this scene, with her stumbling over herself talking about weakness, strength, weenies, not weenies… is her also realizing, through Papyrus, through Asgore through you: 
This was never a flaw at all.
She’s different than Papyrus. She goes harder. She’s more willing to kill you. She’s more willing to push forward. But this scene is her coming to terms with a hesitation she’s been struggling with, a bad feeling when she finally makes her opponent fall, an urge she doesn’t seem to have fully thought through to teach Papyrus something else. This wasn’t a long term plan. There was no long term plan. She doesn’t know if she can ever let him in. She’s trying to delay having to make that decision, because she doesn’t fully understand the decision, or at least she didn’t until right now, sitting down across from the enemy and sharing something she’s always shared with someone she very much cares about. 
Undyne didn’t know how to deal with the fact that she might not want to go to war after all, until the very moment that became an option. It was abstract before. It was easy before. But she’s had her doubts and finally now she understands them. And she’s trying to express this to you now at the same time as she’s trying to understand it.
And now that all this is out of the way and she can stop thinking about it, she’s going to work on befriending you AS HARD AS SHE CAN!!!
Tumblr media
[Image Description: Undyne is no longer sitting across the table from you. She has lept onto the counter behind her, and knocked everything to the floor. She’s thrown her head back and is grinning widely, challenging you to cook with her! “Fuhuhu!!! Afraid!?” she asks, and you can tell from her punctuation that she’s very excited about this. “We’re gonna be best friends!!!” ]
Anyway, I love Undyne, and I felt like this was a scene that needed more attention in her direction, because it’s not about Asgore and it’s not about Papyrus. It’s about her, our terrifying new bestie.
(also thank you @weia-yo​​ for helping me with analyzing this scene months ago. Only just now had the necessary spoons to write it up)
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one-piece-of-harry · 5 months ago
So re: the Lindsay ellis video. If your engagement with her argument is just "omg she sounds so cringey" i.e to belittle and mock her choice of presentation instead of the idea she presents then you gotta be honest with yourselves: you never cared about the ideas she "presented" in her problematic content, you only cared about how to use that to bully someone. Now that's she's gone through everything she's done vaguely wrong and either genuinely admitted fault or exposed it for being stupid you have nothing left but "her grating personality" to use as fuel for your bullying.
"omg she made an hour and a half long video to defend herself lol 😭" she talked about racism, leftist infighting, right-wing exploitation of leftist talking points, misogyny, all the "problematic" shit she's ever done, the history of the word "cancel" and it's appropriation and how it became common vernacular.
Being an adult means actually engaging with these ideas which lol takes time. I'm sorry you think racism can be solved by one sly tweet
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chilirasbora · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Queen parrotfish (male, female) | Scarus vetula
Photo credit: x
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