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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I am so mad right now, I have had 3 assessments due this week and i have been saving a mars bar (chocolate bar) for when they were all done. now i finished my work had dinner and when to get my well deserved and rare snack (i am on a diet of sorts and have not had a full bar like this is about year)

and i go to the fridge only to find that either my older brother or older sister (likely my older sister) has gone into the fridge and cut the bar in half and placed it back in there.

now here is the kicker


so they came into MY house and ate my food that i never get to have and did not tell me, (so i could get another one before i finished my work) 

but now i am sitting here with the smaller half of a bar i bought to give some sense of completion and comfort in these trying times. only to have that satisfaction ripped away from me in a moment of distillation, annihilating my resolve for nothing more then for it was only stolen for me to meet the fleeting whims of a genetically compatible predentin.

I am petty, yes

is my anger of any really consequence to the one who has sullied my dissonance, no

but rage is a blade meant for ones own heart.

so do not scream at a fire to die, for your empty wind will feed its flames, so that they may burn your throat.

I am not some simple simple dwelleth, who is no more then a piece of tapestry upon the woven loom for our shared mother. 

I am a storm of venerable damnation of any half blind god, i am heat on the winter front. 

but they have won the day but I will be war and i will strike with the rode of vindictive justice.

and they took my fucking mars bar, not cool

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part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4

AO3 link

Part 2 and 3 were meant to be one chapter and it wasn’t supposed to get this long but here we are! 


When Marinette walked into the Bakery so soon after having left for school, Sabine knew something was wrong. For one thing, Marinette tried not to miss school if she didn’t have to, the last time she had gone to school only to come back home was a particularly bad day when Marinette was nine. For another, Marinette didn’t even bother to greet her simply walking past her and up the stairs without a word.

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OOC: Honestly getting tired of people saying “Oh \W/estworld is just another AI gone wrong story, like we haven’t seen that a million times before.” LISTEN, \W/ was based on a movie that came out in 1973. So it was one of the original AI gone wrong stories that these “others” are based on. So this complaint is invalid.

The original movie also brought up the concept of computers being so complex that it could be infected by a virus just as humans… and guess what… that was BEFORE computer viruses were a thing. 

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Y'know, a problem I have with the lake territory is how the notable areas and landmarks that we had in the forest are just…nonexistent now.

In the forest ThunderClan territory we had things like the owl tree, snakerocks, sunningrocks, the treecutplace. I can visualize what the ThunderClan forest territory looked like.

The ThunderClan lake territory, though? I have a clear view on what ThunderClan camp looks like, and I can visualize the caves underneath it, but other than that? There’s nothing of note. It’s a forest…alright…and it’s made of primarily deciduous trees? I guess we have the abandoned twoleg house, but we barely visit that location and I honestly completely forgot about it until I began to really think about it just now.

None of this mentions that I can say even less about the other Clans, which is inexcusable since we’ve had a ShadowClan and a SkyClan POV for the AVOS arc and we’re having those POVs in the Broken Code arc. Does the RiverClan lake territory even have willow trees in it? Is WindClan literally only just field? There was an entire problem in Squirrelflight’s Hope about how the borders had to be shifted to accommodate SkyClan, yet because of the lack of good visualization of the Clans beforehand, I didn’t understand what changes were made and how that effected each Clan…

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thoughts on this whole virus pandamic that's taken over our lives?

^ this video is a neat and short summation of my overall thoughts, but one of the things I’d love to talk about (so thanks for this ask) is the amount of guilt I feel.

Part of it is just survivors guilt I guess. I’m two degrees of separation between the first death in my city. My aunt is out of work. Our longtime family friends are going through their own health crises while all of this is going on and they can’t get proper care. In these kinda situations I always tried to help but I just can’t this time. It would be more dangerous to see them and it would just slow down the care process if I called their primary care center and talked about why there’s a hold up because I KNOW why.

Another part of it is that I’m self isolating right now, but my work is not closed, so my co workers have to keep going. The hours are reduced and they have certain privileges over me that can protect them better (namely that I would have to take public transport while they have cars) but I still feel like I’m forcing them.

But a lot of the guilt I feel comes from just. A burning hope that life will be better after the pandemic stops, but because of the pandemic. Historically the gap of wealth inequality has always closed when there was some catastrophe (like ww1, ww2) and the idea of a fair and more just world is so appealing, but it makes me sick to know that if that happens it will be at the expense of other people giving up their lives. I keep seeing governments stepping up and new, radical welfare proposals being pushed through where it never would have before and I feel hope. And then I feel guilty for it. Its just an endless cycle of feeling so happy with/for countries who are finally getting the social services/welfare that we’ve been needing for so long and then feeling guilt for that emotion because I know the only reason we’re seeing all this is because people are dying, every fucking day, over a disease we can’t stop.

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Salt & Shell


Redid all 5 of my salt kits to include 1oz of salt, two large smudging shells, and a drawstring bag with the alchemical symbol for salt embroidered on the front of it and the best part free shipping! Check out the source for more colors!


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