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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Catch You Later

You wanted to scream in frustration.

You and Sam had been wrapping up a wendigo case. The wendigos had been twins, so you had split off. You and Sam taking on the first one, and Dean on the other side of the park taking the second.

Shortly after ganking the first wendigo twin, Dean called Sam for backup… which apparently didn’t include you, because Sam hadn’t even blinked when he abandoned you with the Impala.

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Halloween Special

Sam Winchester x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 1548 words

Warnings: none

Summary: Sam’s girlfriend brings Halloween to the Winchester boys.


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OTP Parent(ing) Meme…Who:
  • packs the lunches

Ophelia. She wants to make sure that (even if they have staff) their children have the pleasure of a parent-made lunch. And Sam tends to just fill lunches with fruit - something the kids refuse to touch.

  • blows raspberries while cuddling

Ophelia. She likes to sing a little song she made up about teeny feet before she does it. 

  • is the tickle monster

Sam. It usually involves wearing one of the kid’s fluffy monster hat and stomping around singing the tickle monster song. 

  • gives life lesson speeches

Sam. He might be sweet to the children, but he’s also the lesson-giver and one who doles out the punishments. It tends to start with a monologue. 

  • kisses the boo-boos

Sam. Ophelia kisses them, too but Sam’s are apparently better. According to the children.

  • breaks the bad news

Ophelia. Usually because Sam’s not there. And also because he’s not as sensitive as he needs to be for the kids. 

  • joins the PTA

Ophelia. But Sam has to go to the meetings, too. Especially when his name carries more weight at public schools. 

  • crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories

Sam. It usually starts with him coming to tell the kids to go to sleep, but he ends up telling tales. All of them end up being the embarassing ones, too. 

  • gives the crazy nicknames

Ophelia. She’s with the children more and when they do something silly, she’s the one who gives them the nickname based on it. 

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This is your friendly reminder that while Aragorn was king, he and Arwen had a lake house near the Shire that they would occasionally stay at and visit with Merry, Pippin, and Sam.

Additional friendly reminder! Sometimes Aragorn would bring friends with him, so odds are Legolas and Gimli would have definetly joined him at some point as well.

Also, who’s willing to bet that Faramir, Eowyn, and Eomer got to borrow it at least once or twice as a summer retreat? Cause I sure as hell am!

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Fun SPN fact:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays John Winchester, thought he’d just be in the pilot episode. The series had originally planned to have a different actor play as older John. But when that fell through, they decided to give Morgan a ‘salt and pepper’ look to age him and gave him the part.

Morgan was quoted saying, “I thought—well, this’ll be a job that I’ll work a couple of days and go on to the next thing, because there’s no way I’m gonna come back and be the father of Jared and Jensen.”

..oh, Jeffrey. How little you knew.


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Ooh, sure! I want to have more of a variety on this blog anyway!


-he was super self conscious and shy

-always asked if you were okay

-overall, very sweet and loving

-made sure to make your first time together very special


-this man’s dick is BIG I know it

-it took some time to adjust yourself to take his size

-a little awkward but romantic at the same time

-likes it rough, but he makes sure you’re okay with being rough first


-you two probably did it early on in your relationship

-probably in his bedroom

-kinda likes the risk of making noise and getting caught by his family

-I can tell this man’s kinky



-flower petals, candles, and dimmed lights

-probably into wax play

-made sure to make it all about you


-nervous little bean

-gets all flustered and red when he sees you naked for the first time

-just protect this man at all costs


-very cuddly

-soft and loving


-he LOVES your body


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We are…not doing great. Naomi just found out she has breast cancer (it’s treatable but still terrifying) and Dean is just…he’s not great. None of us are. We’re scared for our marriages, for our friends…it’s a scary time in America right now. And not to be cold but if you’re not scared, you’re very privileged. 

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