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catrasredemption · 17 hours ago
What's magicatra???season 5??? Did I miss something??
Magicatra season 1-4 apparently.... :P
Magicatra is my Catra as She-Ra AU. The first two stories cover 1-4, and the next one starts tomorrow with season five.
Series is on AO3 here:
And general information is here:
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3rdgymbros · 21 hours ago
hello and good bye
Tumblr media
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inevitabletony · 3 years ago
The Avengers on Celebrity Family Feud
Host: Name something you pullout.
Peter: Your penis?
Tony: Peter!
Host: Real or fiction, name a famous Willy.
Bucky: Willy the Pooh.
Steve: Bucky, no. Close but no.
Host: Name something you'd pay money to get rid of.
Tony: Your spouse.
Steve: Now that's just hurtful.
Tony: We aren't even married, Steve.
Steve: And whose fault is that?
Host: Name a kind of bear.
Steve: Papa.
Sam: Dammit, Steve.
Host: During what month of pregnancy does a woman start to show?
Stephen: September.
Host: ...
Stephen: I'm a fucking idiot.
Host: Aren't you a doctor?
Host: Name a small animal that people find just as scary as a big shark.
Rhodey: A chihuahua.
Tony: Come on, Rhodey.
Rhodey: Don’t tell me you don’t remember that devil dog the dude in the dorm next to us had, Tony.
Tony: Not everybody shares your experience.
Host: Name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony.
Thor: A horse.
Host: ... what?
Thor: A horse.
Thor: I speak from experience. My brother enjoyed his fair share of mischief in our youth.
Host: Name something Russia is famous for.
Natasha: Russians.
Bucky: She's not wrong.
Host: Name something a burglar wouldn't want to see when he breaks into a house.
Sam: Naked grandma!
Host: Naked what?
Bruce: I wouldn't want to see that either.
Host: No one does. It's just an incredibly specific answer.
Host: Name a yellow fruit.
Bruce: Orange!
Host: ...
Audience: ...
Bruce: I ... panicked.
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xx-thedarklord-xx · a year ago
When Scorpius is 4, he overhears his Aunt Pansy and his Papa talking about what they want for Christmas. Draco says that he pretty much has everything, he has Scorpius, a job he doesn't hate, everything is fine. Then Pansy says, with a smirk that The only thing Draco wanted was Harry Potter, and Draco laughs. So Scorpius, being the resourceful lil baby he is, hears this and decides that his papa is the best Papa therefore he deserves the best present (pt 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay anon where’s the next part?? 😭😭 this is so cute! I want it! I love it. That’s so adorable. Omg thank you 
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catrasredemption · 9 months ago
any good catradora fanfics you could recommend?
mmmm, let’s see...
anachronism by @catra-adoras (complete). Time travel shenanigans (mayhaps?), portal shenanigans, angst, it’s all the good stuff lol.**
The Lighthouse by @ecrooked24 (in-progress). Tragic backstories, Adora is kind of a lonely hermit in a lighthouse, Catra is a mess. (trigger warnings for violence, past child abuse, past drug use, addiction.)
and I'm furious (that I still have your back while you're staggering away from me) by riptheh (in-progress.) AU about what would have happened if Catra didn’t go back to the Heart of Etheria. Angst. Just. Angst. Season Five AU ending, obvs.
You Came Back (For Me?) by genVicron (in-progress.) Catra goes with Adora to Bright Moon in season one acting as a spy for the Horde. Obviously that gets complicated fast.
Marriage of Convenience by top_me_daenerys (in-progress.) Princess Catra! Arranged marriage! Adora is a disaster!
Somehow I’ll still Love You More by @princessofgayskull (complete.) The pregnant Catra fic that made me yearn for more.
The Long Road Home by Natsora (Series, In-Progress, Standalone Oneshots.) Post-war, hurt/comfort, whump, sickfics. The things I like lol.
Hail Mary by @johannas-motivational-insults (in-progress.) Sportsball AU. I know very little about sports, but the yearning between Catra and Adora. My god they’re dumb**
Taking Back a Little Control by Reilith (one-shot.) Post Save the Cat, which I am an absolute SUCKER for.
Glowing in the Dark by themoonsneverseenmebefore (complete.) The friends in high school who stopped being friends for Reasons and reunite in college AU. Featuring Feelings and Mara as Adora’s loving mother.
Nesting by project_azrael (complete.) Pregnant Catra fic. Listen I am SOFT for pregnant Catra, I can’t help it**
**Includes smut or sexual comments, which aren’t generally my thing, but hey, who am I to pass up a good story
This isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list of good things I’ve read, but they’re definitely ones I revisit every now and again when I need a certain fix lol
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xx-thedarklord-xx · a year ago
I can't stop thinking about toddler Scorpius. I imagine that one day harry is looking for a cooking pot and he goes up to scorpius' room to ask if he has seen it, only to find scorpius making a "potion" (it's really a pot filled with shampoo, water, and a splash of mud) and when harry asks scorpius is up too, scorpius just says with a smile "I'm making potions like daddy!"
This has devastated me. Oh my gosh. I can see Harry rushing to take a picture because Draco has to see it too. Draco is amused and very fond until he realizes that the shampoo Scorpius used was an expensive kind—Harry’s cheap 2-in-1 hadn’t been touched at all. 
I think that would kickstart Draco teaching Scorpius little things about potions. Or he holds him while he makes some, and talks over every step. Scorpius’ favortie part of a potion is when the first ingredient is added and smoke bubbles up. He tries to catch the fumes but Draco always stops him. 
Scorpius gets a potion kit for children on Christmas, he loves it. Draco comes home one day to see Scorpius and Harry kneeling on the ground with their faces pressed close to a tiny cauldron. Scorpius keeps asking why the potion doesn’t match the colored instructions but Harry has no idea either and they start randomly throwing in things. 
“No, don’t add that, it’s going to explo—”
Draco was too late. Now he’s got two Potter-Malfoy’s to clean up. 
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nakamotens · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he was so sure he was correct
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catrasredemption · 11 months ago
could you write something about what noelle said that adora isn't comfortable with any clothes than her uniform since it gives her a sense of purpose because she's not comfortable with herself? (if you want to take into consideration the fact that catra ruins her shirt soon after s5 apparently)
“It really was an accident.”
“I know.”
And Adora did know, but it didn’t help the hollow feeling in her chest at the thought of her now wrecked jacket, cloth torn clean by accidental claws. No one believed it had happened during a sparring match that had turned into chasing each other around the training grounds. Not that it really mattered.
Catra was lying next to her, elbow propped on the bed, head resting on her hand. “I’m sure someone in Bright Moon could fix it. Or like, magically copy it.”
“Yeah.” Adora’s mournful voice was muffled by her face being buried in her pillow. Catra watches her for a moment before lowering herself to roll on top of Adora. She’d said once that the weight helped when she was upset. And it made her happy when Catra remembered things like that.
(Catra remembered everything, not that she would ever admit it.)
“Why is it so important to you?” Catra asked after a moment.
“It’s stupid.”
“A lot of things are stupid. Try me.”
Adora took a moment to get her thoughts together. “It’s like... the sword, kind of. It kept me grounded, gave me focus. Purpose.” Catra didn’t say anything for a long moment, and Adora started to get antsy. “I told you it’s stupid.”
“It is, but not for the reasons you think.” Catra rolled off to lie next to Adora, poking her temple. “Maybe the sword and the jacket gave you purpose, but things are different now. You broke the sword, you rewrote your destiny. Everything’s changed. Maybe you need a new purpose.”
“Like what?” Adora asked, looking up to meet Catra’s gaze. She shrugged.
“Do I look like Shadow Weaver? I’m not going to tell you what to do with your life.”
“What if that’s what I need? What if that’s all I’m good for? Just someone who needs to be ordered around-”
Catra cut her off with a kiss. It lasted for a long, slow moment as Catra nudged the blonde to roll over and settled on her. “I take it back,” she said as she pulled away, meeting Adora’s gaze. “I am going to tell you what to do with your life. Be happy.”
“I... don’t know how to do that,” Adora said slowly.
“Yeah, you do. But if the clothes are keeping you chained in the past, then it’s time for them to go.”
Adora opened, then closed her mouth, hesitating. “Maybe,” she murmured. Catra’s ears twitched, the sound of bells echoing faintly through the room right before Glimmer appeared.
“Hey guy - AGH!” She screamed, covering her eyes and disappearing again. “Chasing each other around the training grounds, sure!” She yelled through the door. Catra looked back at Adora, and they laughed.
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sam-writes · 2 years ago
okay i’ve seen nothing on this but diego from tua looks like noel miller from tiny meat gang????? like it can’t just be me!!!
Ugh sorry it took me so long to answer these I've been Hella Busy
Okay so I have no idea who that guy is, I'm very uncultured I guess, but I looked him up and,,,
Noel Miller and David Castañeda
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can see that!
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catrasredemption · 9 months ago
random challenge for you-write the fluffiest thing you can handle >:)
Adora wasn’t alone in bed.
That wasn’t... so unusual. In fact she had gotten quite used to waking up with a furry body pressed against hers, legs tangled together, bodies melded in a way that made it hard to tell where one ended and the other began.
But there was definitely not supposed to be anyone in bed with her this morning.  It was no surprise that Catra could sneak into bed and into Adora’s arms without waking her up.
“How did you get in here?” she murmured into the mane of hair tickling her face.
“Scaled the palace.”
Adora snorted, wrapping an arm around Catra to hold her close. “Did you miss me?”
“No.I just missed leeching off your body heat.”
Catra slapped Adora’s leg with her tail. “Got any plans today?”
Adora hummed, pretending to think. “Well I’ve got this one thing... pretty big.”
“Oh yeah? Blow it off.”
“I can’t. A certain someone might be mad.”
“Is it Glimmer?”
“It’s totally Glimmer.”
They both laughed, cuddling closer to each other. The sun was just beginning to rise; they probably had a few hours before the queen started to hunt them down. Adora was perfectly content to just lie there in bed, snuggling with Catra. That was a great way to spend an entire day, really. But they did have plans...
“Sure I can’t convince you to run away with me?” Catra asked, fingers playing with Adora’s hair.
“You’re such a bad influence.”
“Gotta live up to that reputation everyone’s given me, right?”
Catra was purring loudly, vibrating against Adora’s chest. Adora laughed, kissing the top of her head. “I dunno how to break this to you, but the entire Princess Alliance has scratched your ears and seen you cuddle in my lap. You do not have a reputation.”
“Shut up, I’m still scary.”
She said while burying her face in Adora’s night-shirt, tail wrapping around her leg. “Right, of course. You’re absolutely terrifying.” She scratched Catra’s ears, earning herself a pleased hum.
“Yup, that’s me. The most terrifying person you’ll ever meet.”
A loud series of knocks at the door shattered their tranquility. “Adora!” Glimmer, of course. It was amazing how tiny fists could be so loud. “Catra either got cold feet or snuck into your bed and it better be the first one!”
Snuggle time over. “Come on, Sparkles!” Catra called back, sitting up. “This whole thing was stupid anyway.”
Glimmer appeared next to the bed, hands on her hips. “Twenty-four hours! Was that too much to ask?”
“Frankly, yes.”
Glimmer let out a long groan that Mermista would’ve been proud of, and grabbed Catra’s arm. “I asked you to do one thing-”
“You’ve definitely asked us to do more than one thing.”
“Hey, who’s in charge of doing your hair again?”
Catra’s eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t.”
“I’m just saying, scissors slip and whoops-”
“I will break Bow’s bow over my knee while he watches.”
“Wait, why are you going after Bow?” Glimmer demanded, confused.
“Because anything that would hurt you involves, at the very least, beating your entire army and taking over the palace, and I just don’t have time for that right now.”
“Both of you go.” Adora shoved them, laughing. “And please don’t mess up her hair, I like it.”
“Fiiiiiiiiiiine.” Glimmer sighed. “For you.”
Catra threw a smirk at Adora. “See you later?”
“If I can find you,” Adora teased.
“I’ll be the one in the dashing tux waiting at the end of the aisle for you.”
“Got it.”
“You’re both the worst.” Glimmer rolled her eyes before teleporting away with Catra.
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floq · 16 days ago
Congrats on 2000 followers! To celebrate... could you draw a very angry Wes? Just so so angry boy.
Tumblr media
danny owns a collection of t shirts with shitty dead puns and wes hates them
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jellyandsamshenanigans · 2 years ago
This may be a bit sad but does Sam get sad or anything when watching Sean's videos with you? If so how do you help him?
Tumblr media
Sometimes I hear him make lil whimpers when watching Sean's videos..
Tumblr media
I pause it or turn it off almost immediately.
He's only cried on the days where Jackie is hinted at or his name is mentioned... Those days are the hardest for the lil guy.
Tumblr media
It takes a few minutes but I coax him to come out from the hat.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wipe away his tears..
Tumblr media
And say that I miss him to.
Tumblr media
I know its hard.. I know how scary it is feeling abandonded and left behind.. but Jackie didn't abandon you. He's not the type of person to do that. Not to his little buddy. He will come back to get you, Sam.
Tumblr media
I know he will...
Tumblr media
We spend some quiet time cuddling and listening to soft music on youtube.
Tumblr media
And I swaddle him back in the hat with his teady and he usually takes a nap. And when he wakes up he seems to feel a lot better.
We share some sweets, I start working, and Sam usually ends up entertaining himself.
Some days.. are harder than others. For both of us. But its a lot easier to handle when you have someone to help lift you up and comfort you.
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sseureki · a year ago
Tumblr media
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catrasredemption · 9 months ago
Oh, maybe Catra confusing what's real and what isn't sometimes and not believing that this is real, because she thinks prime is still inside her head, messing with it and creating fake realities?
There were triggers.
It took them awhile to pick out the pattern, unfortunately. And the time in the interim did nothing to endear the princesses to Catra.
Netossa took the blame the first time, when she patted Catra’s head during the celebration party and Catra froze for a moment before whirling and lashing out. She missed, thankfully, her gaze distance and glazed over. She shook it off fast enough, stuttering an apology, but Netossa was easy going enough to apologize for surprising her.
Mermista was less accepting the second time it happened.
No one was really sure of the series of events - Mermista had found Catra and Melog in the hall, and Melog managed to knock Mermista out of the way before Catra struck. They’d pinned Catra down until reality reasserted itself, leaving her pale and shaken. There had been a rather pointed and cruel comment about Adora keeping her pet under control. And Bow had been forced to hold Adora back, lest she accidentally start a war with Salineas.
“What happened?” she asked Catra later, in the safety of their bedroom. Catra hadn’t had much to say in her own defense.
“I don’t know.” She was curled up against the wall, face hidden in her knees. Melog was encircled around her, shielding her from the world. “I felt... I felt like I wasn’t here, like... like this was a dream or something? I don’t know.”
Adora knelt in front of her, keeping her distance, hands up. “It’s okay. You didn’t sleep well last night, right? Maybe you’re just tired.”
She relaxed slightly, letting out a long breath. “Yeah. I guess. Maybe.”
The third time drove the point home that something was really wrong.
“Entrapta, are you sure you’re not going to break the table?” Glimmer asked tiredly, watching Entrapta rewire the war room table to connect it to one of her own machines.
“Absolutely! Ninety-nine-point-nine percent!”
“That’s not-”
“Here we go!”
The pink table flickered for a moment before turning a shade of lime green which lit up the walls in an eerie aura. Catra, who had been resting her head in her arms on the table, immediately shot up, wide-eyed.
“Sorry,” Entrapta said cheerfully. “This is from a hard drive Hordak helped extract from Horde Prime’s ship, it should give us a general idea of where to start with dismantling the rest of his empire and freeing the planets he’s taken over...”
Blood rushed through Catra’s ears, drowning out all external sound.
Little sister...
No. NononononononononononononoNO it couldn’t be, it couldn’t, he was dead-
Did you really think anyone would come for you? You said it yourself - your precious Adora doesn’t care about you. Your life is worthless. You don’t matter to anyone except me.
Everyone jumped as Catra screamed, the noise almost immediately followed by her chair falling over as she staggered away from the table. Her back hit the wall and she dropped to her knees, entire body folding in on itself, eyes closed, hands against the back of her neck.
“Catra?” Adora stood, but was immediately blocked by Melog. Even the alien cat was keeping their distance, as if they knew Catra wasn’t in the right stand of mind.
She was back on the ship, listening to the sound of footsteps on metal floors, mechanical sounds whirring overhead, her hair slicked back against her scalp, the chip in the back of her neck-
It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real-
What’s not real? Horde Prime taunted her. Me? Or your friends?
“Entrapta, turn it off,” Glimmer snapped. The princess immediately listened, glipping off the switch and turning the room back to its regular color. Adora tried again to approach, but Melog growled, keeping her back.
“What’s wrong with her?” Frosta piped up from behind, almost sounding worried. Even Mermista couldn’t keep the shaken concern out of her expression. This wasn’t anything any of them had expected.
“I don’t...”
Catra had fallen asleep in Adora’s lap. Adora had panicked when she felt her (former?) friend’s grip loosen, but of course she was exhausted. The last few days must have been hell.
Bow and Glimmer set up a room for her, and Adora insisted on carrying her, refusing to let her go until she absolutely had to.
There was no warning before Catra woke, right as Adora was setting her down. Her eyes shot open, pupils immediately shrinking to pinpricks; Adora barely missed being clawed before Catra vaulted off the bed, hitting the floor with a painful thud.
“Shut up!” Her voice was surprisingly strong. She curled in on herself, hands clasped over the back of her neck. “What do you want?” The question baffled Adora into silence. “She’s not coming back, I already told you, she won’t, she wouldn’t, she...”
Catra drifted off into a dry sob. Adora tensed, teeth clenching together as realization set in.
Adora straightened up, hands held out in surrender. “It’s okay,” she told Melog gently. They made a noise, ears falling against their skull, mane flaring purple. “I get it. Let me talk to her, please.”
Melog considered her for a moment before backing up and settling beside Catra. Adora took a few steps forward and knelt, still giving Catra space. She was whispering to herself, too soft to be fully heard, her claws digging into her neck almost enough to draw blood.
“Hey.” She kept her voice soft, noting the shudder that went through Catra’s body. “Catra, look at me.” She shook her head. “Please?” Another head shake. “This is real, I promise. It’s not a trick.”
“She wouldn’t come back for me.” The broken defeat in Catra’s voice was like a knife in Adora’s heart. She ignored it, forcing her laugh.
“And somehow I’m the dummy here.” Catra’s ears flicked slightly. “Do you really think Horde Prime would just fake his own death to trick you? We both know he’s way too egotistical for that.”
Catra choked out a little laughed, although her body didn’t relax. Adora took a chance, reaching out to rest a hand on Catra’s knee. It didn’t immediately spark an attack, which she took as a good sign.
“He’s not real.”
She’s not real.
“You’re here. You’re safe.”
She would never come back for you.
“I love you.”
She’s lying.
Catra shook, letting out a small sob. “Stop...”
Adora’s fingers tightened on her knee. “Focus on me, Catra. I’m here. I’m real. It’s okay.”
Melog’s pulsing mane slowly faded back to blue as Catra retracted her claws. Adora held her breath, waiting. “How do I know you’re real?” she finally whispered.
“Because I kicked Horde Prime’s ass and I’d do it again if I had a chance?”
One hand slowly slid down to rest over Adora’s. “Promise?”
“I promise.”
Catra unfurled a bit, allowing Adora to drag her into her arms and hug her tight.
They weren’t flashbacks, exactly - more like hallucinations. That was how the healer in Mystacor tried to explain it when Catra talked to her (after nearly three days of Glimmer trying to convince her that it would be good to talk to someone who understood mental trauma in a way that could help). They were things that hadn’t happened, but that Catra was afraid would happen - that she would wake up back on that ship, that Adora had never come to save her, that she was still Horde Prime’s willing little sister.
Melog helped as an active buffer; a third party who hadn’t been present at any point in Catra’s life before Prime, and something her mind couldn’t really make up. Adora learned a few ways to help Catra ground herself. The problem was that anything could be a possible trigger, and the only way they could learn what set Catra was off was by waiting. They figured out color and touch pretty quickly, but there were other things, like certain words or phrases that would put Catra right back on the ship like she had never left it.
“Maybe you should’ve just left me there,” she muttered dejectedly into her pillow one night. Adora immediately abandoned the map she was working on to sit with Catra, gently brushing her hair back.
“The fact that you thought I really would leave you there is a bit insulting, you know,” she joked.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to offend your hero complex.” There was no heat in the words. “What good am I if I can’t even keep reality straight?”
“You can’t judge yourself based on something that you have no control over.” Adora’s fingers paused over the back of her neck, inches from the scar left by the chip (now surrounded by several fresher, lighter scars from various flashbacks or hallucinations).
“Doesn’t make me any less dangerous.”
“The only person you’re a danger to is yourself.” Adora lightly traced one of the newer scars. Catra shivered slightly. “If I tell you I love you and it’s worth it, can you at least believe that I believe that?”
“Of course I believe you believe that. You have a bleeding heart.”
Rude, but fair. Adora lied beside her, pulling her into a hug. “Then believe that I can make my own choices and I don’t need you to protect me from you.”
Catra was still for a long moment before she leaned into the hug, relaxing. “Remember those stupid drawings we did on your bunk?”
“Our marks, you mean?”
“Yeah, something to remember us by when we were ruling the place as adults.” Catra smiled into her shoulder. “Which one was red and which was blue, again?”
“Uh, I was red, obviously.”
“Why obviously? Red isn’t exactly your color, princess.”
It was one of their small ways of grounding Catra. A lot of their memories had conflicting details despite being shared - even things as tiny as which of Octavia’s eyes Catra had scratched out (Adora swore it was the left eye, Catra would die thinking it was the right eye). Horde Prime’s illusions had never been detailed enough to think of Adora’s memories being different - Adora would have just agreed with anything Catra said. Possibly the most unrealistic thing of all.
“You don’t even know what red is.”
"Oh yeah? Did you hit your head hard enough to fix being colorblind at some point?”
“Are you asking me about brain damage? Seriously?”
They never did get around to figuring out who was what color, but it didn’t really matter - Catra had accomplished what she had wanted to do.
This was reality. No matter how much her brain tried to tell her otherwise.
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