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daisybrekker · 23 hours ago
First and Last Lines: Throne of Glass
Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius:
"You're a long way from Rifthold, Captain."
Rowan Whitethorn:
"Let's go."
"For you, Fireheart. All of it is for you."
Sam Cortland:
"Perhaps if you hadn't been reading all night, you wouldn't be so exhausted."
"I love you."
Dorian Havilliard:
"This is she?"
"Those are words I never thought I'd hear from you."
Chaol Westfall:
"Why do you care for the armies of Adarlan?"
"We will see each other again."
Elide Lochan:
"The Faerie Queen of The West."
Lorcan Salvaterre:
"She is dead, you fool, or close enough to it. You can still save other lives."
"You're queen. What's there to vote on?"
Manon Blackbeak:
"Wrong kind of witch."
"We'll see."
Aedion Ashryver:
"Yes. In this life, and in all others, I will serve you. And Terrasen."
"Voting on what?"
Fenrys Moonbeam:
"I liked your hair longer."
"Then lunch."
"I've been looking for you for six weeks."
Yrene Towers:
"I brought you some water and bread, too,"
"We're a long way from Innish,"
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Celaena Sardothien: A Summary
Sam: I love you. I only said that I hate you to hide my true feelings.
Celaena: Aww, I love you too! We could leave Rifthold and start a new and peaceful life without Arobynn--
Celaena: Oh shit, why did you die???
Celaena: *spends a year in Endovier*
Dorian: I think you're pretty.
Celaena: Hm, I want to kiss you.
Dorian: I love you.
Celaena: Eh. Too princely.
Chaol: *flirts, kind of*
Celaena: *flirts back*
Chaol: I... I may, um, love you?
Celaena: Eh. Too loyal to the king.
Celaena: *gets sent to Wendlyn*
Celaena: Ugh, finally. No more boy drama. I just have to figure out how to--
Rowan: You are a worthless coward and you would've been more useful if you died ten years ago.
Celaena: Stupid, arrogant, immortal bastard.
Celaena: I WANT IT
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cortlanddeservesbetter · a month ago
I'm so SO sad that I will never read Throne of glass again for the first time, because that was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life
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sydneymack · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Sam and Celaena - Throne of Glass
Artist: @arz28 / @arz28art
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mybloodrunsblue · 28 days ago
Sam waiting for Celaena not knowing she is fae and has a immortal lifespan
Tumblr media
Sam still waiting for Celaena not knowing Aelin sacrificed her mortality while forging the lock
Tumblr media
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firqheart · 5 days ago
Sorting Throne of Glass character into their Hogwarts houses
Disclaimer: This is my opinion, if you disagree then that’s not my problem.  Contains spoilers
Celaena Sardothien - Gryffindor
To me, it was very clear from the beginning that Celaena Sardothien was a Gryffindor. Celaena is confident, brazen and loves the spotlight. She knows she looks good, she knows she is good and most of all; she knows she’s the best. Some might call it arrogance, Celaena would name it confidence. She is brave, though self-righteous. Look at her actions in Pirate’s Bay. She’s stubborn, yet courageous. This is reflected in nearly all her actions throughout the first four books. (starting at Assassin's Blade and ending at Heir of Fire). Celaena let Sam take the lead when it came to a crucial point, while if she were a Slytherin, she wouldn’t have relented. Some would say Celaena is ambitious for wanting to be the Queen of the Assassins but I disagree on this. If she were truly ambitious, she would have chased her rightful title, one with much more power, rather than aiming for a role that she in the end did not even want, choosing her love over anything else.
Dorian Havilliard - Ravenclaw
The famed bachelor prince, the flirt and overall; the future king of Adarlan. When we meet him, Dorian gets written off as the handsome prince looking for his father’s approval, when in reality Dorian might be one of the smartest characters. He uses his wits and intellect multiple times throughout the series. Dorian is compassionate, loves reading and is unapologetic for it. However, let’s not forget his darker side. The fiercer part, the protective side. Dorian is bright, yet cunning. Some might place him in either Hufflepuff or Slytherin- but would anyone but a Ravenclaw have outsmarted Maeve and survived the aftermath, instead of glowering in it’s victory?
Chaol Westfall - Gryffindor
I don’t feel like I even need to explain this one. Come on. This man screams Gryffindor, the self-duped hero trying to save the “love” of his life by accidentally pushing her into the arms of her actual soulmate. The brave and stubborn son, standing up to his father for what he believes in. The loyal and brave friend, ready to sacrifice himself to save those he cares about. Chaol is literally the definition of a goody-two shoes Gryffindor. No doubt he would have become prefect and then headboy. Sarah J Maas compared Chaol to Cedric but personally, I think that does not bode well with him, but rather someone else I’ll mention later.
Nehemia Ytger - Ravenclaw
Nehemia does what needs to be done. From the beginning she had a plan and carried it out perfectly. A little too perfectly- considering, well.. She keeps her mind straight and focuses on the ultimate goal, doing what needs to be done. She is smart, brave and yet not too reckless. Some might place her in Gryffindor for her ties to the rebellion and the sacrifices she has made but if you look closer into the things she has done, you’ll see the precise actions. The careful thinking and the absolutely outsmarting she had done. Without her, neither Dorian nor Celaena would’ve gotten far. On top of that, this girl literally knew how to read wyrdmarks and taught Celaena. The sheer patience she’d need for that.
Aedion Ashryver - Hufflepuff
Brave, Reckless, Loyal. What a perfect Gryffindor, right? Wrong. Aedion Ashryver is a Hufflepuff and if you disagree, well.. Aedion’s whole character is based on loyalty. To his Kingdom, to his cousin. So far, that he’d even consider marrying her, which by the way, is totally gross. He is righteous and has a strong sense of justice and no matter what he had to do, he’d do it for them. Decisions and actions based out of loyalty and patience- because hell if I had to wait a decade for my cousin to return, I would have crumbled. A Gryffindor wouldn’t have served the enemy and a Slytherin would have climbed his own way to the top, rather than staying loyal and acting out of that ideology. “But Indy, Hufflepuffs are known for their low-self esteem..” No, fuck that? Have you seen them? Cedric Diggory? Man, those Hufflepuffs are hot and they know it- yes some of them are modest but certainly not all of them. Sjm said Chaol was the Cedric of ToG, but I think Aedion comes much closer.
Sam Cortland - Hufflepuff
This will get me hung but I do believe Sam is a Hufflepuf. Yes he is brave, fierce and a little reckless- but are those the traits that he values? We see throughout the book how kind and compassionate he is, but also how sympathetic he is. But that isn’t what made me put him in Hufflepuff rather than Gryffindor. It also isn’t his moral compass. It’s his modesty and fairness. His patience and his hard work. His fairness. This man was whipped for Celaena and rather than giving up, he fought for her in the shadows. I think that symbolizes his house. 
Aelin Ashryver Galathnyius - Slytherin
Cunning, Ambitious, Driven, a Strong-Leader, self-reliant, ruthless, arrogant (though if I say so myself, it’s totally deserved). Aelin is a literal Slytherin. Some say it’s the other way around, that she is a Gryffindor and Celaena a Slytherin. But there are many key points throughout her storyline that prove differently. Let’s start with Sam’s death. She lost him because he formed a plan on his own and wanted to carry it out his way. Celaena agreed this once and look where it got her. Then she got sent to Endovier, lost another friend and got reminded and reminded again of her past and who she truly was. When Celaena died and Aelin rose in Heir of Fire, the house alignment officially changed for me. Even if it was a long way coming. Aelin is ambitious and driven to get back her home, some even might call her power-hungry after Rowan had asked her if she would take over the world and she had said, maybe one day. Seriously considering it. A Gryffindor would have never even entertained the thought.
Rowan Whitethorn - Slytherin
This is honestly a tough choice. Rowan could fit in multiple houses and yet, part of me screamed to put him into Slytherin. Rowan is cunning, resourceful and nothing if not a little judgemental. I don’t really have much to say here, for I genuinely think this is where he would be placed. Though many might disagree. I think that Rowan also shares a lot of traits from other houses yet what he values most would place him here. Besides, Rowan is a little too ruthless for another house. He’d do anything, I literally mean anything to get what or who he wants. 
I once said Chaol would have sacrificed Aelin for the world (gryffindor), whereas Rowan would have sacrificed the world for Aelin (slytherin). 
These are by FAR not all characters but this took me a lot of time. So if you’d like to see part two (or a court of thorns and roses one, please let me know).
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n-minyardss · 29 days ago
friendly reminder that sam cortland loved celaena so much that he made arobynn promise he'd never lay a hand on her again as the price for his forgiveness
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panicatthediso · 9 months ago
Throne of Glass Movie, but all the Male Leads are Played by Henry Cavill
Rowan Whitethorn: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(The Witcher)
Chaol Westfall: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(The Tudors)
Dorian Havilliard: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Enola Holmes)
Sam Cortland: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I Capture the Castle)
Two Bonus Castings: 
Hollin Havilliard: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(The Count of Monte Cristo)
Lorcan Salvaterre: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Tristan + Isolde)
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I wonder how any times Sam repeated "My name is Sam Cortland and I will not be afraid" to himself while thinking about Celaena when Farran was torturing him on the night he died.
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sydneymack · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam, Celaena, Rowan and Lyria - Throne of Glass
Artist: @emsdrawsthings
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mybloodrunsblue · 2 months ago
In Assassin and the Pirate Lord-
“If we live through this, Celaena,” Sam said, heading toward the side street that led to the docks, “remind me to teach you how to play cards properly.”
But Sam never got to teach her. So in Queen of Shadows(Aelin to Aedion)-
She showed him a small scar down the inside of her forearm. “See that one? A man in a tavern sliced me open with a bottle after I cheated him in a round of cards and tried to steal his money.” A choked sound came from him. “You don’t believe me?” “Oh, I believe you. I didn’t know you were so bad at cards that you had to resort to cheating.” Aedion chuckled quietly.
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pen-paper-and-ink · 2 months ago
Champagne Problems
Chapter Six
Tumblr media
Rowan was exhausted.  That much was to be expected, his last week of school had been a mad hustle.  Not only did he have to turn in assignments for all of his classes, he also had to register and start preparing for the classes he would be taking come fall, for his master’s degree.  On top of school, he also had to deal with all of the festivities that came with graduating. 
Rowan knew all the festivities were supposed to be fun, and he should be enjoying them, but he just felt even more exhausted.  Yet, another thing he had to do.  He would have skipped them all together, if his other senior friends had let them.  Even Lorcan forced Rowan to do the final School Park run at midnight, as tradition, as a good luck send off for finishing college.  When Rowan rightly pointed out that this was not the end of his college career, he would be continuing on to get his graduate degree, Lorcan pointed out that Sam was getting his graduate degree and joining the run, so Rowan had no option but to join them. 
The thought of Sam sent a twist of pain in Rowan’s gut.  Rowan and Sam were friends.  He had never considered himself and Sam to be close friends, but they always coexisted within their larger group of friends, so they were forced to hang out.  Sam was already friends with Fenrys and Connall when Rowan arrived, having met the summer before school when Rowan was absorbed into the group. 
Sam was nice enough.  He got along with just about everyone he met.  He had an ever-present grin and air around him that made people want to come closer.  While Rowan on the other hand gave off vibes that screamed do not come closer.  They were near total opposites. 
He shouldn’t have been surprised when Aelin and Sam got together, but he was.  He supposed it made sense, they both had that magnetism that made people want to be around them.  By all logic, it didn’t make sense that Aelin was friends with Rowan, let alone best friends. 
Sam was going to propose in three days’ time.  Fuck.  In three days’ time his best friend was going to be engaged to someone else, and he was the one who introduced them goddammit.  
Once Rowan and Aelin had called a ceasefire in their war of sharp jabs and hurtful words and began to see the other for who they were, they began to heal.  With healing became friendship, mostly with Aelin, but also with the other people around him who he realized were actually his friends, and not just acquaintances.  Becoming friends with Aelin merged their worlds merged together.  His friends became her friends and the other way around.  So Aelin was introduced to Sam through Rowan. 
Rowan missed Aelin even though he had seen her in person two days prior.  The weight of the proposal was weighing down on him and creating distance between them.  The two biggest secrets in his life he was keeping from her.  The first being the proposal and the second being that he was in love with her. 
Rowan wanted to say he regretted falling in love with Aelin, but he couldn’t.  He was honestly surprised; he didn’t realize he was in love with her sooner.  Looking back, it was obvious. How could he not be in love with her? His fireheart. 
Rowan had just begun to drift asleep, exhaustion weighing heavily on him from the previous week when his phone started to ring beside him.  He reached to silence his phone, but his heart stopped at the name.  Aelin.  It was past midnight, Aelin was calling him after midnight.  
He answered the phone, trying to clear the sleep from his voice.  She sounded hesitant on the phone, but he could tell that she needed him.  Rowan held himself back, something he had been doing more and more these days.  It was Sam’s place to comfort her in the middle of the night, not his. 
He heard her say that Sam wasn’t there, already he was getting up and heading to her apartment. 
. . . 
Aelin’s apartment was the definition of opulence.  That’s always what he thought when he passed it, even more so when he was walking through the front door.  No matter what time, day or night there was always someone sitting at the front desk, waiting to help the residents and their guests with whatever needs or requests they might have.  
Rowan gave a brisk wave as he made his way to the elevator.  Even the elevator was nice.  It was cleaner than any other elevator he had been in in his life, the buttons seemed to sparkle as they illuminated floor numbers.  Eventually the elevator dinged as it delivered Rowan onto Aelin’s floor.
The hallway leading to Aelin’s apartment was quiet.  It’s residents probably asleep.  Not that Rowan could say he had many run ins with Aelin’s neighbors, her building seemed to house a quiet lot, which was a nice reprieve from where Rowan lived.  Just as Rowan raised his fist to knock on the door, it opened. 
Aelin gestured for Rowan to come in as he tried to get a good look at her.  The apartment around them was dark, only trace amount of light coming from her bedroom illuminated her features in the dark living space surrounding them.  He could tell she was pale, and her eyes were puffy.  She seemed to be trying to cave in on herself, to make herself as small as possible, a stark contrast to how she usually was.  
“You didn’t have to come,” Aelin whispered into the dark. Rowan didn’t know what to say to that, he reached out to her and she immediately melted into his arms.  Although Rowan didn’t have to come, he could tell she was glad he did. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” He whispered into the top of her head.  She shook her head against him.  
They broke apart after a moment, Aelin leading him into her bedroom.  Sleepovers used to be a normal thing between them.  They would crash at each other’s place after a night of studying, or they would talk until they eventually woke up to the other in the morning.  Now it was different.  Rowan had never been more in tuned to the fact of whose side of the bed he would be sleeping on.  
They have had sleepovers in the past, often sharing the same bed, but none since Sam and Aelin had officially started dating.  Rowan tried to ignore the signs that showed another person had previously been sleeping there.  The slightly rumpled pillow, the phone charger plugged into wall.  
Rowan missed the closeness, the whispered confidences in the dark, the silly early morning chit-chat.  Most of all he missed Aelin, the closeness that he had drove a wedge between with his feelings.  
“What happened?” he asked as Aelin turned her lamp off, and the settled into the opposite sides of the bed.  Rowan waited as Aelin took a moment to steady herself before answering. 
“We had dinner with Elanor.” That hadn’t been what Rowan was expecting.  Rowan liked the women, she had welcomed Sam’s group of friends with open arms, often feeding them when she was in town visiting Sam.  She was a warm woman that made Rowan miss his mother with a passion. 
Rowan’s mother and father had died in a car accident when he was ten, from then on Rowan was raised by his uncle with his numerous cousins.  Rowan was never lonely and her never lacked for anything, but that didn’t mean he didn’t miss her, didn’t miss her warm touches and soothing lullabies. 
Rowan waited for her to continue confused as to how having dinner with her boyfriend and his mother could have upset her this much.  Aelin hardly ever had nightmares anymore, her once nightly battle became few and far between recently. 
“She asked me what my parents did,” Aelin continued softly.  Ah, Rowan understood.  Aelin’s parents were a tricky topic, just like how Lyria was for him.  They had died horrifically, and Aelin hardly ever brought them up, and others new better than to bring them up to Aelin.  How Elanor didn’t know Aelin’s parents were dead, Rowan had no idea. 
A heavy silence fell between them.  Rowan grabbed Aelin’s hand and let his thumb rub against the back of it.  He didn’t have to say anything, she understood.  She knew that Rowan understood her, understood that grieving and healing were hard, but they would get through it together, that the deaths of their loved ones were not their fault, no matter the guilt they may feel. 
“Rowan?” Aelin called after a few moments.  He squeezed her hand in response. “Thank you for coming.” 
“Of course, Fireheart.” Rowan whispered back.  Their hands the only things connecting them as they took in the soothing presence of the other as they fell asleep on separate sides of the bed. 
. . . 
The slits of light coming through the blinds is the first thing Rowan notices when he wakes.  The second thing he notices is that he and Aelin did not stick to separate sides of the bed, they were in the dead middle of the bed wrapped around each other. 
He took a second the breath in the citrus smell of Aelin’s shampoo, tempted to go back to sleep, to let himself have this one moment of peace. To let himself imagine this was just one day of the rest of his life, waking up to Aelin. 
Rowan began to disentangle himself, knowing he couldn’t allow himself to indulge in this fantasy.  In his haste to free himself he somehow ran his hand down Aelin’s bare thigh.  Fuck.  Thankfully she seemed to still be in a deep slumber. 
Rowan made his way out of bed and wandered into the kitchen.  He found his way to the Keurig and made himself a cup of coffee, letting the sound of the machine pierce the silence of the morning. 
He sat at the counter and let the thought of Aelin and him intertwined dissipate from his thoughts.  He drank his coffee and let the caffeine slowly work its way through his system. 
After a while he could here footsteps coming from down the hall, and the sound of his name being called.  “Rowan?”
Aelin turned into the kitchen and saw him, relaxing instantly. She didn’t bother getting dressed before going to find him, she was still wearing the oversized shirt she wore to sleep.  “I thought you left.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He smiled back.  
Aelin snorted into the late morning air. Before either of them had a chance to say anything else, Rowan’s phone began to ring. 
He took it out of his pocket to check who was calling, and automatically answered when he discovered that it was his cousin Enda. 
It had been quite some time since Rowan had seen his cousin, nearly three years to be precise.  Rowan hadn’t seen most of his family in person since he had come to Terrasen to complete his degree.  That didn’t mean they didn’t talk though, they did.  
His uncle and his cousins liked to check up on Rowan.  They would call and chat and sent emails from time to time.  The deal was that Rowan had to be good at updating them on his life if he didn’t want them to incessantly call. 
Rowan loved his family, even though he found the lot of them nosey.  He was excited to see them later tonight.  His uncle and his cousins Enda and Selene were coming out to see him graduate, even though he told them several times it was not necessary.  He appreciated it anyway. 
“Hey,” Rowan answered, glancing at Aelin who was making her way through the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. 
“Rowan,” Enda answered, “I’m so sorry.” Well, that wasn’t a good sign. 
“What’s wrong?” Rowan asked. 
“The flight was cancelled; we won’t be able to make it to your graduation tomorrow. I’m so sorry, we were really looking forward to it.” Rowan was frowning now; from the corner of his eye, he could see Aelin making her way towards him. 
“It’s fine, it’s no big deal, I’m getting my masters, so I’m not technically done with school.”  Rowan tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice. He wasn’t disappointed that they wouldn’t make it to his graduation at much as he was disappointed in not seeing his family.  
“We’re trying to come out this summer to see you, but so far the stupid airline won’t refund us for our flight.”  Rowan could hear the anger in Enda’s voice, who was so rarely angry that it shocked Rowan. 
Rowan took a deep breath in and let it out slowly.  Aelin had placed her hand on his shoulder, offering him her silent support. “It’s fine.  I probably need to go out and see you guys, one ticket is less expensive than three.” Rowan joked, trying to soothe the anger in his cousin.  It seemed to work somewhat as Enda seemed more like himself for the remainder of the conversation. 
. . . 
Rowan’s world felt like it was ending.  It had nearly been a year since his girlfriend of a year had died, and somehow, he didn’t feel any better.  The saying that time healed all wounds was complete and utter bullshit. 
Time didn’t heal shit; love didn’t mean shit. 
There was a month left of Rowan’s sophomore year, and Rowan honest to gods didn’t know how he made it this far.  His only guess was the fact that Lyria would be disappointed in him if he were to just to give up and die like she did. 
A drunk driver, a stupid fucking selfish drunk driver had changed his life forever. 
Rowan was making his way back from his seven-a.m. class, he was one of the only people in it.  Apparently, most college students didn’t enjoy taking early morning classes, but Rowan was just a glutton for punishment. 
Rowan didn’t know what to do with the four remaining hours until his next class.  Go to the library?  Return to his dorm and nap, and hope sleep would be a blank relief? 
Rowan decided to just walk around campus, and people watch, hoping to find someone with problems greater than his own.  He made it to the field across from the library and decided to sit down, but there were already people sitting on the benches, he let out a sigh and decided to continue on his journey. 
He thought today was already shitty enough until he spotted a familiar blonde head who was making her way right towards him.  
Aelin Galathynius.  Rowan despised her, their encounters after their previous meeting had not gone any better to say the least.  Aelin was a drunk party girl and nothing Rowan wanted to deal with. 
Despite being at nearly every party his first semester at U of T Rowan had barely seen her the second semester.  He briefly wondered why that was before deciding that he didn’t care. But here she was months later and making her way straight towards him. 
“Rowan, wait!” She called after him, perhaps it had been a fool’s hope that he thought she couldn’t possibly be making her way over to talk to him. 
“Hey,” Aelin said, panting slightly from having to catch up with him. “I didn’t think you would stop.” 
“I didn’t think I would either,” Rowan replied, answering honestly.  They stood like that for another minute, just starring at each other in front of the campus library. 
“Anyway,” Aelin continued, well aware of the tension between the two, “I wanted to apologize for our previous meetings. For spilling my drink on you and calling you a bastard.” 
Rowan snorted at that. There was another awkward pause. 
“Well, that was all that I wanted to say. I have a nine o’ clock class to get to.”  She was fidgeting now, playing with the straps of her bookbag.  “See you around Rowan.”
It took Rowan a minute to think of something to say, finally settling on a simple goodbye, but by the time Rowan was ready to respond Aelin was already a way away.
Rowan didn’t know what to think about this interaction.  How could a party girl like Aelin Galathynius who he usually saw way more drunk than sober, who he constantly got into fights with, who he was sure hated him as much as he hated her, apologize.  Maybe he had misjudged her in the first place, maybe she had finally dealt with her shit, and he was a weak one too stuck in his own shit to get himself together. Maybe today wouldn’t be as bad as he originally thought. 
Note: The next chapter is when things get slightly more exciting or stress-inducing depending on how you look at it. 
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