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#sam holland x reader
miseryholland · 16 days ago
no shame | t.h.
Tumblr media
description tom is utterly touch deprived, and is in dire need of his love.
warnings fluff, language, holland brothers (only harry & sam), maybe suggestive
pairing tom holland x reader
a/n not as long as i would’ve liked this fic to be, but idk where else you wanted to go with it. i hope this is what you wanted <\3
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*{⋅. ☽ .⋅} ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
the insides of your cheeks are gone.
biting them until they bled out of nervousness.
running circles around sam and harry to impress tom with the conscious welcome home gesture you’d planned on giving him this time. sam and harry decided to tag along after much begging and them clearing there schedules, it was important to you that his family was here—well some of it.
yet, the only thing tom wanted to touch; to feel was you. yearning for the sensation of holding you since he left a month ago to shoot in new york for a film that hasn’t been disclosed yet to the public. called for him to wear a suit in those scenes, which didn’t help with his separation anxiety. because he knew you would’ve loved him in that suit, just like the night after the people choice awards when you couldn’t keep your hands off of him—he couldn’t quite understand how he could never get enough of someone.
“why are you acting like this is his first time coming home ?” sam questions in all seriousness, yet he was partially asking for shits and giggles. he found it rather comical to pick fun at his brothers girlfriend. all the while draping the same welcome home sign above the dining table, with a new golf shirt to accompany his others. he didn’t want to be celebrated, so this by is the most impressionable deliverance he’s gotten, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way.
“because he’s perfect so he deserves nothing less than perfection,” you breath, “and this is the longest we’ve been away from eachother.” other filing trips have been a month at most or you’d go with him, but work held you back this time.
“uh, i just saw him a week ago …” harry reminds, mentions that he’d previously seen tom at a shoot for promotion. you rolled your eyes at harry for agreeing with his brother, when he was typically the peace maker.
“how is this even a surprise anymore if he expects it—“
tom <\3
almost to our floor x
the men with similar curly locks to your boyfriend pause at your sudden squeal, and both faces contort as if your head had just been chopped off. you couldn’t contain the familiar giddiness in your chest.
“he’s about to be here … don’t forget i get to see him first,” you taunt. there’s a love hate relationship between the two of you, always has been— simply how all of you got along; like siblings.
“we heard you the first ten times you told us,” sam assures with a witty grin, leaning his back to the bar stools. harry buried himself in film and even he shook his head at sams antics.
room growing still at the wobbling clicks of the apartment door. toms keys were jabbing against the key hole, turning it right to gather the shared home he’d left months ago. everything appeared the same, you didn’t move anything around besides tidying up a bit because it wouldn’t feel the same if tom wasn’t here— two months can turn into an eternity. you’ve still managed to keep up with the potted plant tom got you before leaving, with the same note that read ‘gonna’ be with you every day lovie.’ the same banner you’d achieved putting up again and the small gift bag accompanying it. he didn’t give a damn about any of it.
only the person standing on the other side of this oak door.
awe couldn’t quite describe it. his chocolate curl gave grew a bit, encapsulated on either side of his sunglasses atop his head. clad in his favorite blue denim, and pocketed pink shirt. still the same heavenly being he’s always been.
tom legs are almost giving out beneath him as he has zero warning before you throw yourself into his muscular limbs. hands grasping an unbelievably tight amount beneath your thigh to hold you up right. all the while, trying to close the door behind, though he wouldn’t have minded giving a show to everyone in this apartment complex he’d rather not.
he molds against you like a puzzle piece.
your fingertips are unknowingly grasping at the tufts of hair at the nape of his neck, while your face hides itself against his shoulder.
“been hiding that pretty face long enough, where’s my kiss ?” tom chuckles, whilst pressing his lips to your hair.
a throat clears, sounding as if it’s nearing in the distance but both you and tom choose to ignore it.
timidly, you glare for a second to search for the longing in his eyes. a chaste kiss is shared between two lips that had been searching for the other. maybe a bit of teeth clashing, and breathless notions. but that kiss was long awaited. before tom gets the opportunity to even slip some tongue— “shit, phone fell lovie,” he chuckles against your mouth,
“forgot how—“ kiss. “good your lips tasted,” kiss.
“christ did he even fucking know we were coming,” harry elbows sam with a disgusted glare in his orbs.
“that’s probably why he’s sucking her face div,” sam’s comment was interrupted as he’s met with the think middle finger from toms left hand. he waved it around to make sure they both got the point. “he’s been holding her for the past thirty minutes, clingy fucker.”
“don’t plan on letting her go either, so fuck off.”
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marvelouspeterparker · 3 years ago
lazy days in w the boys would include:
he’s really cuddly, like you can just tell
he’d want to hold you all day, he’d complain when you got up to do anything
“no,” he’d whine, trying to grab onto you and pull you back onto him, “don’t leave me” he’d pout.
you’d give into him but if you had to pee he’d have to suffer being lonely for a lil bit
you’d wear pajamas all day 
you’d lay on top of him, your hands in his hair, or holding either side of his face, his arms around your waist, grabbing your ass
lazy makeout sessions
or he’d lay in between your legs, his head on your chest, while you played with his hair
sometimes it’d be a problem tho if he was horny
you’d be pulling on his hair every once in a while, a littler harder each time
he’d ask you stop, you’d ask why and he wouldn’t answer so you continued, then soon enough he’d let out a soft moan, you’d be distracted so you wouldn’t notice
you’d still be pulling on his hair so he lifts his head and holds your hand so you stop, you finally look up at him, confused until you see the look of lust and need in his eyes
if you’re too lazy then you just makeout and grind on each other lol
if not then slow and passionate you k n o w
you’d stay in and watch movies, do live streams, makeout some more
you just enjoy each others company :)
you would fall asleep in each other’s arms
Tumblr media
you’d chill on the couch
make pANcAkes together
watch tv
harrison would get handsy tho and he’d probably end up fingering u tho while you lay underneath him
i feel like he’d wanna hook up a lot
he’d spoon you and trace random figures on your exposed waist/stomach
if you’re ticklish, he’d do it on purpose just to see you laugh
tickle fights
while his hand was on your waist it’d slip a little lower.. making you turn slightly, “harrison …”
he’d just shush you and whisper to “relax and watch the movie, darling.”
he’d be a tease tbh
tom would call in the middle of all that and instead of declining he fuckin answers and you’re like ??
and he tells you to be quiet or else he’ll stop and you’ll get caught
so that happens and he has like a full conversation w tom
but he’d cuddle you after and praise you for being so good
Tumblr media
~ well harry is a photographer so you would have small photoshoots
~ either in lingerie, naked or in normal clothes when he just wanted to capture your natural beauty when you’re being yourself
~ you’d both be on the couch, your legs on his lap, while you watch something you’ve watched a million times before
~ you’d listen to music together, you’d help him edit his photos, suggest things
~ you’d have long deep chats about anything and everything
~ you’d order takeout
~ and probably take a shower together after you ate
Tumblr media
+ you’d sit on him for the majority of the day tbh
+ if not he’d have to be touching/holding you in some way cause he loved it so much
+ you’d listen to music, sing together, he’d play the piano for you as you held him from behind and kissed him, distracting him
+ “love, i won’t be able to get through the song if you keep doing that”
+ “do you want me to stop?”
+ “you know i don’t”
+ you’d makeout btw … on the piano jkjkjk maybe not
+ asdfghjkl
+ you’d cook together
+ you’d lay on top of him on the couch, tracing every curve on his face, he’d just be staring at you, wondering how he got so lucky
+ you’d talk for a long time
+ he always wants to know how your day was and you the same for him
+ a day in w sam would be so cute and cozy
+ you’d wear his sweaters or his shirts, he’d love it so m u c h
+ you’d have a lot of lazy days in
Tumblr media
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hollandandparker · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
A really cute and funny photo of Tom and his Dad at the WimbledonFinal trying to keep their cool when Emma Watson walks by. I love it😂💙
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