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Top 10 Danny Phantom Episodes (5/10)

Lucky in Love

Paulina discovers Danny‘s secret, leaving him fearful she’ll tell everyone, but not only does Paulina promise to keep his secret, she becomes Danny’s girlfriend! However, Danny’s joy turns sour, realizing he is caught in a ghostly love triangle when Johnny 13 crashes the party and discovers Kitty has overshadowed Paulina to make Johnny jealous.

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Top 10 Danny Phantom Episodes (6/10)

Double Cross My Heart

Gregor, a new goth Hungarian exchange student has transferred to Casper High and quickly catches Sam’s eye and her heart! However, when the Guys in White return and resume the hunt for Danny Phantom, Danny suspects Gregor is one of them. But is Gregor really a member of the Guys in White or is Danny just trying to his hide jealously over Sam and Gregor’s blossoming romance?

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Danny, dealing with a lot of internalized transphobia, internalized misogyny, and a whole lot of insecurity, agrees to something he knows he shouldn’t.

I’m not sure what Dash said specifically, but I got an idea for this interaction in my head so here it is. Being 14 is scary. Being 14 and trans and half dead is scary. Danny makes a lot of mistakes and here he is making a not so great one. I’ve seen trans men (and some women) agree with or contribute to sexist rhetoric and behaviors before. It sucks, to say the least. Wanted to draw something on the subject and I guess it came out as Danny Phantom. Danny knows what he’s agreeing to is wrong, but he’s scared. It’s hard to speak up sometimes, even when friends are counting on you.

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Conner this isnt 2020, people demand more then a lunch break to talk to each other! 

Conner sadly is a child of the 1995-2000s, he doesn’t know anything about teen etiquette from then! much less cartoon teen etiquette!

Ive been chatting about my dopple duties au with @prisca-cosmo and learning about their version of this au named corpsing out! (go read it btw )so if i start posting images ive made with little to no explanation, thats why lol

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Top 10 Danny Phantom Episodes (8/10)

Phantom Planet

In his latest plot to get rid of Danny Phantom, Vlad creates the Masters Blasters, a new group of teen ghost fighters who instantly become a major success with Amity Park. Believing the world no longer needs him, Danny willingly gives up his powers and destroys the Fenton Portal, regaining his normal life. However, Danny soon realizes the world will need a hero when an asteroid, called the “Disasteroid”, hurtles toward Earth, threatening not only the planet, but the Ghost Zone along with it! Now Danny find a way to destroy the asteroid and save the world before it’s too late, but can he do it all as Danny Fenton and not as Danny Phantom?!

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Day 31!

Woohoo! I finished! I’m so happy.

The base belongs to @riddlemd. You can find more if you search ‘Draw the Squad’. I found it on Google, but there was no author. I found them on tumbr. Go see their work.

I had this unfinished for a year and a half? It was barely started, so it was a fair game. I love it so much I just had it in transparent background. Poor Danny, questioning his life choices. XD

I will pick up Decision Roulette again and now I have to draw Pandora from DP, so stay tuned! Bye!!

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