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bbegrill · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Wow I can't believe I got the leak for Captain America 4
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Forget Team Cap or Team Iron Man
Are you Team Sorcerer or Team Wizard?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clearly the Avengers are very divided on this topic.
[Image Descriptions:
Image 1: Scene from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, episode 2. Sam and Bucky arguing
Bucky: There are no wizards.
Sam: Doctor Strange.
Bucky: a sorcerer.
Sam: Ah-ah! A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat.
Image 2: Scene from Avengers: Infinity War. Tony Stark talking to Bruce Banner, with Doctor Strange standing behind them. Tony is saying, "Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizards."
Image 3: Scene from Thor: Ragnarok. Loki saying to Doctor Strange "You think you're some kind of sorcerer."
Image 4: Scene from Thor: Ragnarok. Thor asking Doctor Strange "So, Earth has wizards now?
End image descriptions.]
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hermyohkneegranger · 2 days ago
My reactions to Marvel shows as told by John Mulaney and Bo Burnham:
Agent Carter:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What If:
Tumblr media
Out of all of them, my fave might be either Agent Carter or WandaVision? Female main characters >>>
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junbug-the-fan · 2 days ago
I was watching some old interviews and why no one did this yet
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softhauntedwinds · 2 days ago
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Been thinking a lot about post caws Sambucky
Click for better quality idk how to do tumblr 🥲
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velociraptorerin-art · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
🎉 @Saddaughter16 and my Star Spangled Big Bang collab is fully posted!!
Fic: Where the Sun Sails and the Moon Walks
Art Masterpost (includes a link to the 3rd art, which is spoiler-ish)
Tags and fic summary below the cut:
Chapters: 5/5, Words: 21,471
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Sarah Wilson (Marvel), Alpine (Marvel), AJ Wilson, Cas Wilson, Maria Hill, Bruce Banner, Original Male Character(s), Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: WinterFalcon - Freeform, sambucky - Freeform, Canon-Typical Violence, Secret Crush, Time Travel, Infinity Gems (Marvel), Sex Worker Bucky Barnes, Heist, Past Unrequited Love (Steve/Bucky), But only mentioned and has been resolved, Past Riley/Sam Wilson, Top Sam Wilson, Bottom Bucky Barnes, Explicit Sexual Content, Cuddling & Snuggling
One year post TFaWS, Sam and Bucky are finally hitting their stride as a team when Sam is pulled away on a solo mission.
The official mission: Find the Time Stone in 1930’s New York and return it to the sanctum.
The unofficial mission: Find the Time Stone in 1930’s New York, run into the younger version of your crush, fall helplessly more infatuated with your crush, try to keep your crush from finding out you’re from the future, and return the Time Stone to the sanctum.
Or, it takes Sam going to the past to get what he wants in the future.
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Sam: No, we will not kill Thor
Sam: First of all, he’s a friend
Sam: Second, he’s a GOD
Sam: Third, you can’t just kill everyone who tells Bucky he’s got beautiful hair
Steve: I CAN TRY
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baicoco · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
「Breakfast can wait」
It's not easy to finish cooking when you have a super soldier boyfriend.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days ago
Yelena: Is that cheese?
Sam, holding a big block of cheese: Thirty pounds! It’s for my camping trip.
Yelena: Cool. Who else is going?
Sam: Me, Bucky, Scott, and Thor.
Yelena: Why are you taking Thor?
Sam: In case there’s bears.
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kassies-take · a day ago
If You Shared A Bed With Your Least Favorite Teammate
A/n: You can absorb and manipulate photons of light, heat and energy. Light beam projections, create illusions, be invisible etc...
Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Yelena and You: *arrives at safe house, 22:46*
Wanda: Get settled and rest
Yelena: *sarcastic* can’t really rest with Sparkles being a Disco Ball *moves duffle bag of weapons*
You: *glares* I’m sorry Ms. Grouchy is the free light sources not to your liking. *hand swipes the air*
Yelena: *goes blind* what the fuck! I’m gonna kill you!
You: *creates illusion of the safe house with everything 6 inches to the left*
Wanda: *mom voice* (Y/n)
You: *smirks and swipes in the air*
Yelena: *runs to try and tackle you, hits the coffee table* fuck
You: *gets rid of the illusion*
Yelena: *throws a knife at you*
Bucky: *catches it* okay we all need to calm down
You and Yelena: we don’t need to do anything
Sam: we couldn’t have left them at home?
Wanda: Yelena and (Y/n) have useful skills that can help with the mission
Yelena: what exactly is glitter shoes useful skill? You’re nothing with out your night light *mimics your hand motions when you use your power*
You: You’re practically a female Bucky, with two flesh arms and blond hair. Everything about you can be replicated by everyone else in the room.
Sam: *looks at Wanda and crosses his arms* you were saying
You and Yelena: *at each other’s throats, literally.*
Yelena: *knife pressed against your throat*
You: *hands emitting light and heat, scalding Yelena*
Wanda: *eyes glow red, swing you both apart* That’s enough! You both are off the mission
You and Yelena: what!
Yelena: that’s not fair I didn’t do anything
Bucky: We should’ve left them at home
Wanda: until you both can learn to work together, you’re not going! I don’t need you two to risk not only your lives but mine, Sam’s and Bucky’s
You: how the hell do you want to do that? Belova is not exactly the cooperating type
Yelena: and what you’re all sunshine and rainbows?
You: yes that’s exactly what I am. Sunshine and rainbows
Wanda: *picks both Yelena and You up* I’m not letting either of you out until you both can tolerate each other *close the door with her magic* and don’t try the window
Sam: Redwing is watching!
Bucky: *to Wanda* they both have nightmares. Is putting them in a room a good idea. We both know how they get
Wanda: they’ll be fine, (Y/n) is a big softie. They won’t hurt each other.
Sam: really? Did you not just see the knife and hot hands to the throat?
Wanda: I would’ve caught any serious ill intentions
You and Yelena: *glares at each other and turns to the room* you got to be kidding me *one bed*
Yelena: *puts duffle of weapons and clothes on the bed, throws pillow at you* there’s a bath tub
You: like hell I’m gonna sleep in a bathtub when there is a perfectly good bed *picks up Yelena’s duffle*
Yelena: don’t touch my things *reaches towards her duffle*
You: it’s not like you have anything useful in there
Yelena: *flicks open a pocket knife and glares*
You: ooh I’m so scared
Yelena: *puts the body pillow in the middle* if you move past it I will gut you
You: believe me I don’t even want to be near you
Yelena: *thrashing and punching*
You: *wakes up and looks over*
Yelena: *screaming and punches you off the bed* DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME NATASHA!! NO! NO!
You: Hey hey. *dodging Yelena’s hands*
Yelena: *crying* MOMMY! DADDY!
You: *hands emitting light and heat, comforting Yelena. Places it in her chest* Hey. Hey.
Yelena: *whimpers* Mommy
You: *wipes away Yelena’s tears and wipes your own tears away*
Yelena: *snuggles into your hand*
Mobs: *shows up at the door*
Mob Leader: I’ve been nice. Could’ve gotten money for your land! Now we’ll just have to take it
Mobs: *cocking gun*
Your mom: (Y/n), Run! Run, my love
You: *crying and running through the back roads*
Mobs: *shoots gun*
You: *turns around and sees your mom on the ground* MOMMA!
~End of Flashback~
You: *rips your hand away from Yelena and hyperventilates*
Yelena: *wakes up and catches you running into the bathroom*
You: *running and turning on the shower*
Yelena: *sits up, a hand goes to the chest and feels your warmth*
You: *trying to cool yourself down*
Yelena: *goes to the bathroom* Glowstick
You: *catching your breath* Not right now Yelena.
Yelena: I’m not doing anything. I’m just sitting here *sits on the closed toilet seat and scratches her head* are you okay?
You: *looks at her* Reliving my mom’s death isn’t exactly a pleasant thing Belova. Nightmares.
Yelena: I get those too *turns off the shower and sits with you* I think I had one earlier. *hand goes to her chest*
You: *hugs your knees, warms and dries yourself.*
You and Yelena: *silent*
Yelena: Natasha and I, along with my parents took down the Red Room. I killed Dreykov and yet *shakes head and takes a deep breath* I can’t help but think that there is another Dreykov out there.
You: *turns to look and rests your cheek on your knees*
Yelena: someone out there, taking children who don’t have anyone to protect them. Like me. I’m afraid I can’t be a hero like Natasha.
You and Yelena: *makes eye contact*
Yelena: I envy you.
You: what is there to possibly envy?
Yelena: you always seem to be collected. Mellow. With a smile on your face. All sunshine and
You: rainbows
You and Yelena: *smiles at each other*
You: it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. My mom was murdered in front of me while I was running. One night, I was tired after not sleeping for days. Apparently the people who murdered my mother found me.
Yelena: *reaches and holds your hand*
You: they burned me alive and some how I could *lights up my hands*
Yelena: how do you do it then? How do you have hope?
You: I became someone I needed. Someone to smile at me when I needed it. To support me. Everyone has gone through something
Yelena: I didn’t get a smile
You: you have so much anger for someone so small. You were pretty much asking for a fight. Plus I can tell it gives you the satisfaction
Yelena: it does.
You and Yelena: *silent*
You: Natasha would be proud of you for trying. And yes, you are the Black Widow but you are not Natasha. You are you. Hopefully the best you, you could be.
Yelena: Your mom would be proud of you too.
You: *rests your head against Yelena’s shoulder*
Yelena: *rests her head against your head* You ended up in the bath tub
You: this is a stand-up shower, Yelena
You and Yelena: *laughs and falls asleep*
Tumblr media
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buckwilson · a day ago
ok i can totally imagine sam getting invited to loads of formal events (charity galas, dinners with congressmen, etc.) after officially becoming captain america, and of course his plus one is always bucky. they’re at these dinners and galas dressed to the nines- bucky’s probably wearing an updated version of his formal military uniform, sam’s obviously going with a purple or red white and blue color scheme. they’re working the room, sometimes together, hand in hand, arms around each other’s waists, and sometimes apart, accidentally getting separated when a news reporter wants to interview bucky and some important government guy wants a picture with sam.
by the time they head out and drive home, it’s late, and they’re both exhausted from talking to so many people and having to be super professional and formal. sam’s a lil tipsy off of his two flutes of champagne, basking in the soul town music playing from the radio. he turns to bucky who’s driving and goes “…y’wanna get mcdonald’s?” and bucky just smiles fondly and says “i thought you’d never ask” sam just laughs, leaning onto bucky’s arm over the center console.
so that’s how they end up in the mcdonald’s parking lot at 12:37am, sharing an oreo mcflurry, bucky grimacing at sam dipping his fries into the ice cream, while they laugh and giggle as they recount the funniest stories and people of the evening.
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