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Bucky Barnes X Sister!Reader

Series Masterlist

Part Two; Massacre, The New American Dream

Warnings; Yelling, swearing, kidnapping, violence, fighting, some angst

A/N; I have no clue what Bucky’s other two sisters are called but I made up a name for one of them, but I wanna say thank you all so much for the love for this series!


“How’s This For The American Dream?”


You pulled your mask up to cover the bottom half of your face, the goggles down to hide your eyes. You stood on the rooftop of the building and looked down, following the blue and red lights of the NYPD police cars to where the hotel was, then you spotted the black Audi that you could assume had Sam and Bucky inside of it. Jumping down onto the roof below you, you followed the lights of the police cars and jumped from roofs to get there, with no close calls, of course, you were trained well, as much as you hated to admit it. Standing on the hotel of the roof, you heard yelling coming from below you, it was the police.

“NYPD Drop your weapons!” An officer called. Zemo laughed and turned to face the police, a wicked and twisted grin on his masked face.

“And what will you do if I don’t have any weapons?” Zemo asked, cocking his eyebrow. Sam and Bucky parked the black Audi a block away from what was going on and they then decided to make their way around to the hotel. The police moved out of the way as the Falcon and The Winter Soldier made their way to the front. “Sargeant Barnes and Sam Wilson, what a lovely surprise,” Zemo said as if he was remembering a fond memory.

“Who let you outta your cage, Zemo?” Sam asked. Zemo chuckled and pulled a small gun out from his pocket. “Careful, that doesn’t look like a toy,”

“Would you like to find out if it’s a toy?” Zemo asked tauntingly. The hostages whimpered and screamed as he shot a warning bullet into the air. “Seems pretty real to me,” He said, almost as if he was admiring the gun in his hand. Zemo turned back to the hostages and grinned through the purple mask he had on.

“You didn’t answer our question,” Bucky reminded him. Zemo ignored him and held the weapon out in front of him.

“Eenie,” He pointed at the first person. “Meenie, Minie, Mo,” He moved to the next three. Continuing the game, the suspense was killing everyone. You listened for any sign of the two you were assigned to protect being put under harm. A car pulled up behind the hotel, you walked to the other side of the roof and saw a group of about 12 men pile out of different blacked out cars.

“Okay, what are you planning, Zemo,” You said under your breath. They went into the back of the hotel, and you winced at the gunshots you heard from the back entrance of the hotel. They weren’t your people to worry about, though.

“I am afraid I have been stalling, gentlemen. These hostages are as good as dead, they always were. And now, you will join them,” That was your cue. Sighing, you looked down, you weren’t high up, but you weren’t low down either. At least you weren’t high up enough to break any bones with your jump. You grimaced as you swung your legs over the edge of the building then came off of it. You landed on your feet in front of Bucky and Sam, just as Zemo was about to give the signal to start shooting. “And who would you be?” Zemo asked you.

“I’m no one,” You told him. Zemo made a confused face, one that became a maniacal grin.

“Well, If you’re no one, then you can be the first to go,” He said. You nodded and reached for the small smoke bombs you had in your pocket. Zemo grabbed your shoulder and pushed you into the middle of the circle of men that came in through the back, and judging by the blood on their black suits, they hadn’t taken any prisoners. You held the small explosives in your hands as Zemo forced them up onto the side of your head. Sam and Bucky stood defensively, ready to go in for an attack at any moment. They were also confused, where did you come from and more importantly, who are you?  "Whenever you’re ready, gentlemen,“ He said. You smirked under your mask and stood up to your feet, throwing the small explosives on the floor and setting them off. The people holding the guns coughed and dropped their weapons.

"This is where the fun begins,” You said. Sam and Bucky looked to each other and nodded as the walked into the building, doing their best to try and get the hostages out safely. One of the men swung for you, but you grabbed his wrist before it collided with your fist. Another came at you with a bat, but kicked him back and then flipped over the one whose wrist you were holding, making him cry out in pain. Well, 2 down, about 10 left. “Okay, give me like a breather or something, yeah? You guys are tough to work, really,” You said sarcastically.

“We are not scared of some little girl,”

“Oh, really? Well, let me tell you somethin’, bald boy, you should be scared of this one,” You threatened all of them. The smoke had disappeared and you saw Sam and Bucky reappear, looking at you with their eyes narrowed. Laughing, you grabbed the bat that you were nearly attacked with. “This should be fun,” You said quietly. Everyone was looking at you as if you had grown three legs and a tail and said nothing. You rolled your eyes and shook your head. Hitting your hand with the bat a few times, you nodded contently. You made the first move of hitting the guy beside you in the throat with the bat, sending him to the floor with a broken neck. Sam and Bucky initiated the next move. Sam threw his shield and Bucky started shooting. You were grabbed by the collar of your black jacket and held against the wall, an arm around your throat and the other holding you to the wall. You struggled and struggled, but soon gathered the strength to run yourself up the wall and flip out of the grip of the man holding you, and hit him over the back of his head with the butt of a gun you took from his belt. Your chest heaved as you looked around, finding most people on the ground with broken bones or worse injuries than you really wanted to give them. You went to leave.

“Hey,” Bucky said. You turned to face him but noticed that your vision was clearer than it was a few minutes ago. Seeing your brother after so many years, it felt like a good pain. But you knew he didn’t recognize you, while he hadn’t changed at all, you had. “Who are you?” He asked. Sighing and shaking your head, you looked down.

“I’m no one,”

“Becca, can you play with me?” You asked your older sister. Rebecca looked down at you and scowled, pushing you back.

“Go away, Y/N. I’m busy,” She said. Your curious 5-year-old self tilted your head and tried to peer up onto her desk to see what she was doing.

“What'cha doin’?” You asked her. She put her pencil down and turned to face you, an angry look plastered on her face. “Can I help?”

“No, Y/N, you can’t. Now, go away,” She insisted. You huffed and sat down on her floor. “Why don’t you go bother Abigail or James?” She asked. You frowned, you didn’t mean to bother anyone. You stood up from the floor and walked out of Rebecca’s room sadly. You went to walk to the room you shared with your other older sister,  Abigail. You opened the door and peaked in, but she hissed at you to close it, so you did. Wow, you couldn’t even go into your own room. You sulked back to the living room and sat on the couch beside your brother, who was reading. You waited for him to yell at you for something.

“You’re quiet, kiddo. What’s botherin’ you?” He asked you. You pouted and looked up at him through your lashes.

“Everyone’s bein’ mean to me,” You whined. Bucky put his book down on the coffee table and turned to look at you with his eyebrow raised.

“People at school?” He enquired. You shook your head, causing your pigtails to hit the sides of your head. Bucky laughed at the motion. “Then who?”

“Rebecca and Abi yelled at me,” You said sadly. Bucky chuckled and shook his head.

“What for? You didn’t do anything bad, did you? Because last time you did and got me involved you got me grounded,” He said.

“No, I only asked them to play with me and then Becca said that I should go bother Abi or you, but I don’t wanna bother anyone because mom said that’s bad and I shouldn’t do that and-”

“Y/N! I get it,” He laughed. “You aren’t bothering anyone, alright? Your sisters are just not in the best mood right now, but you can always come and talk to your favourite brother,” He reminded you.

“But you’re my only brother,” You said innocently. Bucky smiled at you and stood up from the couch.

“Now, do you still wanna go and play?” He asked you.

“But Abi is in the room and she gonna yell at me again,” You told him. Bucky laughed and picked you up.

“She can yell at you, but I’m the oldest here, so technically I’m in charge and what I say goes,”


“What? Who’s Y/N?” Sam asked. Bucky had just blurted out the name as if it had been on his mind for years and he hadn’t said it.

“She was my sister,” Bucky said sadly. The two were in Sam’s house, sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Was? What happened to her?” Sam enquired. Bucky’s heart panged, he hated thinking about what happened to you. How he failed to protect you, to make sure you were safe.

“She was kidnapped, taken straight from the street when she was walking home from school. We never found her,” Bucky hung his head. “She was turning 13, her own damn birthday. I was supposed to go and get her from school, but something came up in the morning when she got up, I wouldn’t even get to say happy birthday to her because by the time I got back she was already gone,” It hurt thinking of you, he couldn’t bear to even imagine what whoever had kidnapped you had done to you, he didn’t even want to know. He didn’t want to think about how scared you must have been, you were always pretty sheltered, but Bucky only had himself to blame for that, he was over the top protective of you.

“I’m sorry,” Sam could feel the guilt coming from Bucky, it almost weighed him down. He could tell that Bucky didn’t want to talk about it anymore, talk about you, his little sister. “Do we have any idea who this guy could be?” Sam asked. Bucky shook his head and sighed.

“One thing’s for sure, it’s not a guy. The way that they fought and spoke, it wasn’t a man, Sam. That person is a woman and a pretty dangerous one it seems,” Bucky said. Sam chuckled.

“Dangerous? If I remember correctly, she saved your ass,” He reminded Bucky, who looked at Sam in offence.

“Oh like she didn’t save your ass? Just because she isn’t a danger to us, doesn’t mean she isn’t one to other people. She could be anyone,”

“If she hadn’t been there, what would’ve happened, either we or all of those people died, and probably both if Zemo had a say in it,” Bucky said, looking out in front of him. There was something about your eyes that Bucky couldn’t quite put his finger on. They felt so familiar. “Whoever she is, she appears to be helping us, either that or she’s some kind of guardian angel,”

“She was dressed pretty dark to be an angel, don’t you think?” Sam asked. Bucky sighed and shook his head. “We should ask Fury, he knows everything about everyone, right?”

“She said she was no one,”

“Even no one is someone,”

You woke up with a pounding headache and no clue where you were. One minute, you were walking back from school, the next you were snatched and tied up in a van. You didn’t know what to do, so you did what any scared 13-year-old would do and burst into tears.

“Help! Someone please help me!” You cried and sobbed. “Please help me!” You screamed. No one came, despite you screaming your throat raw. You just wanted your brother, even though the chances of him finding you were extremely low, you still held onto the hope that he would find you. He never did.

You sat up on your bed, a small layer of sweat on your body and your chest heaving. You clenched your eyes shut and tried to forget the memory, forget the fear that coursed through your body like a river and never left you. The same nightmare had been haunting your nightmares since you escaped and just hasn’t left you alone. You wished you could just go and run to Bucky and tell him everything, that you were taken by HYDRA and turned into a mindless weapon against your will and forced to do things a child should never have to do, but he had already been through that himself and you didn’t want to resurface his own painful memories by forcing him to sit and listen to yours, you wouldn’t- couldn’t do that to Bucky. And you had no clue if things would be the same, so much had happened, you had all changed. You stood at the sink in your bathroom and splashed some cold water on your face. Your phone rang from your bedroom. You went to see who was calling you at the ungodly hour of 3 am.

“Fury, always thought you were a night owl,” You answered. “What can I do for you at 3 in the morning, demonic possession and need an exorcism?” You asked.

“You didn’t call,” He said plainly.

“Well, I was a little bit busy dealing with the fact that my older brother is alive and is about 106 years old and you know, the crippling PTSD that comes with being kidnapped and brainwashed for about 80 years,” You replied sarcastically. “But other than that, things went as usual,” You concluded. Fury hummed.

“Uh-huh. And what is the usual, Barnes?” He asked.

“Funny you should ask, well you take down the bad guys and have the air taken outta your lungs once or twice, nearly get choked, which by the way, not as fun as it sounds, and then boom. The Usual,

“The usual really is something,” Fury would never admit it, but he could tolerate you. But he felt sorry for you, too. He knew that your humour was a way of not talking about everything that happened to you because you didn’t have anyone to talk to. You had been on your own the best part of ten years, a lot happens in that long span of time.

“It was created by yours truly, Director. Quick question though, why did you call me at 3 am when you could have just asked me tomorrow morning?” You heard Fury sigh.

“We both knew that this was never gonna be an easy assignment for you, I just wanted to see how you were doing,” He said.

“I’m doing fine, Fury,” You assured him.

“If you’re doing fine, why are you up at three in the morning?”

“Could ask you the same thing,” You retorted. “And it’s nothing. Just a nightmare,”

“If that’s what you say. Go to bed, if you’re late in the morning I’ll have an alarm clock put into your brain,” Fury hung up, he was always a man of so little words when it came to goodbyes. You put your phone under your pillow and sighed as you lay back on your bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“What the fuck did I get myself into?”

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So… Nat is a Scorpio, Bucky a Pisces and Steve a Cancer.

But what is Sam’s zodiac sign? Pls tell me what you think it is (I’ll say Libra, idk…)

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Okay, who in the heck decided to not have Sam Wilson say fluffernutter?! Cause we need to have a talk.

Wait, but…We could’ve had this scene as well:

Steve: *has ingredients and blender or something out, looking up recipes*

Tony: *walks in* Watcha making?

Steve: Oh, this recipe was recommended to me. I think it’s called Fluffernutter?

Tony: Right….

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Y/N: *Taps finger*

Natasha: *Taps finger in response*

Bucky: Stop that.

Y/N: Stop what?

Bucky: You’re talking about me in morse code.

Natasha: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited time, we learnt a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.


Y/N to Sam: That’s exactly what we did!

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Originally posted by parkerpunology

i do not own this gif, credit goes to creator.

hi guys, it’s been a little bit since i last posted a peter parker imagine/headcanon. hope you all enjoy! love y’all


Peter Parker x Reader (Fluff!) Warnings: cursing and cuteness!

  • this was definitely not the best place for a first kiss, or any kiss in general
  • it was one of the most disgusting places in the compound, and just… gross

Keep reading

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Last Names (2/2)  {Bucky Barnes x Reader}

Summary: Hiding a relationship is hard. Hiding a marriage is harder.

Warnings: one?

Author’s Note: Thank you for reading, my lovies! I hope you enjoy the second part. Xox Angel Baugh

Read Part One Here


Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

     The first two weeks were a little bit trickier than expected. With no official honeymoon, Bucky and I were giddy for the first week. We would have gotten caught if we didn’t cool down the PDA. Of course we were going to tell the team at some point, but we wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while.

     It took one month for Bucky to let the secret slip out to Steve. They were having a “Boy’s Night” in the blond’s room when he let his guard down.

     “How are you and Y/N doing?” Steve had asked.

     “I’m so happy. Getting married was the best decision I’ve ever made. You should try it out, Stevie.” I slapped my stupid husband’s arm when he told me what he had done, but the anger had disappeared the next day.


     I sat with Natasha in the living room as an ignored movie played on the television. An empty bowl of popcorn sat on the coffee table as we nursed our glasses of wine. Natasha was telling me a story when she stopped abruptly.

     “Are you wearing Bucky’s dog tags?” It was the first time anyone had noticed.

     “Oh, yeah. He gave them to me a while ago.” I smiled at the memory.

     She smirked and raised her eyebrows, “You guys must be getting serious. That man loves his tags.”

     “He sure does. He made an exception for me, though. They are taking the place of wedding rings,” I fidgeted with the chain as I spoke. My grin fell when I realized my mistake. “Shit.”

     “You and Bucky got married?” she exclaimed. Her jaw dropped to the floor.

     “Y/N and Bucky are married?” Tony yelled from the doorway.

     Sam emerged from behind him, “Y/N and Bucky are married?”

     The next person to repeat the, now redundant, phrase was the man of the hour. I narrowed my eyes at my husband, mouthing a really  to him. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled timidly. I love you,  he mouthed back to me.

      “Are we not going to talk about this?” Natasha questioned.

     “We got up early one morning and went down to the courthouse,” Bucky mumbled just loud enough for everyone else to hear.

     “It’ll be two months on Thursday,” I added quietly. The three stood around the room, shocked. The first to speak up was Tony.

     “FRIDAY, alert everyone that there is a mandatory team meeting in thirty minutes.” I groaned and hid my head in my hands.

     “Do we really have to have a meeting about this?”

     “Yes! Yes we do.”

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We’ll meet again | Platonic!Avengers x Reader


Originally posted by selly-downevanshobrien

Pairing: Platonic!Avengers x Reader

Summary: No matter when and where, you always sing the same song, so your teammates ask themselves why you sing that song. The answer shocks them.

Warnings: Angst. Mentions of car accident and death.

A/N: It’s a little bit different from the other things. Hope you’ll still enjoy it! :)

You hum a song quietly as you fold your laundry together. You are standing in the laundry room right now because your favorite shirt got dirty. You were walking earlier and Sam had pushed you into the mud. The smell of detergent is in the air. You enjoy the calm, no annoying teammates who put their curious noses into your affairs. You put your cell phone on the dryer and pull the headphones out of your ears. You digress with your thoughts as you put sock after sock together. “Let’s say goodbye with a smile, dear. Just for a while, dear. We must part. Don’t let this parting upset you. I’ll not forget you, sweetheart.” Your voice is gentle and has something mesmerizing.

Bucky also notices this, sneaking up as always. It is a habit that he cannot take off. That’s why you don’t notice him. Once again, the former assassin is grateful for his quiet steps. "We’ll meet again. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.” Without any worries you continue singing while he leans against the bare wall with a smile. He knows the song, he is sure of it. When he went to war, his colleagues with a relationship had been serenaded by their girlfriends. It was comforting if someone would not return. Quite sad actually, the more he thought about it. "Keep smiling through. Just like you always do. ‘Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.” You put your shirt in the basket and pick it up. When you turn around, you almost get a heart attack.

Bucky stands before you with a bright smile. “I like your voice, doll,” he says with honesty and your cheeks turn red. Oh god, that’s embarrassing. The thoughts shoot through your head. “Uh … thanks Bucky,” you reply shyly and disappear through the open door.

“So will you please say hello, to the folks that I know. Tell them I won’t be long. They’ll be happy to know that as you saw me go. I was singing this song.” Your voice echoes through the ventilation shafts. Clint lies on the cool metal and listens to your voice with his eyes closed. You are taking a shower and Clint was actually on the way to his hidden nest, but your singing stopped him. You would never find out that he had been listening. What did the archer have to lose? It’s not the first time he’s eavesdropping on his teammates. But with you, there is something else. He just can’t stop listening. Your voice expresses so much sadness and hope that he can only wonder what had happened. Why do you sing it with so much feeling? But right now he’s just enjoying the song. He doesn’t know it. It sounds older. He likes the text.

"We’ll meet again. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day. “, You sing with your eyes closed. The water runs over your naked body and the heat loosens a few knots. You take the shower so warm that even the window and mirror are fogged up. Will the pain go away at some point?


"So you want please say hello. To the folks that I know. Tell them I won’t be long. They’ll be happy to know. That as you saw me go. I was singin ‘this song.” You stand with your back to your teammates. You’re preparing dinner tonight. Your friends are all sitting in the living room.

"I love her voice, but why does she always sing the same song?” Steve asks after a pleasant silence in which they could only hear your singing.

“I thought only I have noticed.” Sam shrugs. Natasha rolls her eyes and pushes him off the couch. Bucky looks at her gratefully and she gives him two thumbs up.

“Maybe you just have to make wishes like to the DJ,“ Tony sarcastically puzzles. Now everyone is rolling their eyes in annoyance.

"I assume it’s Lady Y/N’s favorite song,” Thor intervenes. Wanda nods in agreement.

“We’ll meet again. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day. “ You finish the song quietly and add the sauce to the noodles.

"Maybe she has a deeper connection to the song,” Bruce says. Tony shakes his head.

“I think you are interpreting too much into it, Dr. Banner. “, Vision says and everyone is muttering now.

"The food is ready!” You call with a smile and interrupt the discussion. Everyone gets up and goes into the dining room. After eating, everyone stays seated with a full belly. It is exceptionally quiet. This almost never happens when all Avengers are present.

“Y/N, we wanted to ask you something,” Natasha says after a moment’s hesitation. Your heart stops. Did you do something wrong? Didn’t it taste good?

“Yes?” You try to keep your nervous tremors under control and you can do it.

“Why do you always sing the same song?” Clint asks, falling into the house with the door. You sigh quietly and try to smile, but it doesn’t reach your eyes. Your heart weighs heavily and you blink the tears away.

“Back then I was in the car with my parents on the way to school. Unlike any other day, my mother went with us because my father wanted to drive her to the doctor who was on the way. Vera Lynn’s We’ll meet again was playing on the radio. I was angry with my parents because I was afraid to be late to school. My father wanted to drive her there anyway.” You take a deep breath. It’s okay, you can do it. You can talk about it. “So we were arguing. My father stopped concentrating on the street and we got involved in an accident. The song didn’t stop playing. Unfortunately, I did not pass out. Instead, I heard the song and saw my dead parents for about five minutes.” You finish your story and look into the faces of your comrades. During your story, the color was gone from their faces. Clint regrets asking. "The song helps me to remember that I’ll see them again someday. That at some point I will have the chance to apologize. “, You explain.

Bucky, who is sitting next to you, takes your hand into his and squeezes it once. "They forgave you long ago, I’m sure of that,” Thor says with an encouraging smile. He too had lost his mother after an argument. If anyone can empathize with the pain, it’s him.

“It’ll get easier,” Steve assures you.

He’s right. It will get easier. It just takes time.

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There aren’t enough words in the English language that I can use to express how much I love and appreciate fic writers. You guys are AMAZING, providing ton and ton of content for fandoms to enjoy at the cost of your own time and passion, sharing your talent with all of us and I’m eternally grateful for that.

But guys. Listen. Listen.

I don’t know if its just me, but I can’t hold back an eye-roll whenever I see Tony being described as “Scrawny, ” “Bony” “ Slander, ” or any words that indicate he’s small, helpless, and is in constant need of saving and protection, most likely from the person who’s supposed to be his love interest.

Like Tony’s completely dependent on his armor or others or he’s defenseless. Well, I’m here to say, I don’t really agree.

Let me explain why Tony Stark’s a complete badass:

First point: Technical skill!

Weapons were deeply rooted into Tony’s childhood, most likely, and ever more ingrained in his early and adult life. No one can tell he the guy doesn’t take the spot as one of the biggest titans in warfare world and doesn’t know his products. He build and sold the most dangerous weapons in the world, WHY would he be clueless about how they work or need someone to show him?

He literally build firearms for a living. If the thing’s got a trigger, chances are Tony figured it out 3 times over.

Second point: Combat training!

Now, Tony may not be as highly trained as some other characters, but no one can deny his skill is THERE. From boxing basics, to kicking the ass of a security team like he did in IM3, Tony Stark is a certified BADASS and he doesn’t need a super-suit to be. It’s almost like, after being kidnapped in so many dangerous and life-threatening situations, he’d know that being caught unprepared because he relayed on a piece of technology isn’t an option :))

And my 3rd and final point, LOOK AT HIM


Those muscles aren’t there for aesthetically pleasing purposes only! Those guns are not only for show (Tho trust me, I GET IT. I wanna marry those arms too). Those kind of muscles come for years and years of hard work, heavy lifting, handling extremely heavy materials. It’s very solid build up.

Not to mention the fact that he maneuvers the Iron Man armor, a physically demanding task on his own, but he also CARRIED IT through a SNOWSTORM! But hey, its only TITANIUM ALLOY, so no biggie :)) My point IS! Tony Stark is STRONG, and he shouldn’t be nerfed in the favor of being a stereotypical small, dainty, fragile bottom.

Plus, imagine the hilarity and hotness Tony’s strength would induce LIKE

Tony: [Carries heavy materials, lifts, picks his S/O up EFFORTLESSLY] (Yeah, even the guys because you KNOW he could]


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Originally posted by marvelfandomthings

Pairing: Bucky x reader

For the Flex Your Muscles Writing Challenge set up by @captain-rogers-beard

1st of June word prompt: Active

Summary: Set after the end of Endgame, Bucky wants to start over, he just isn’t sure how

Warnings: mentions of character death (end of endgame) but mostly fluff

Word count: 1.2K

Authors notes: GIF not mine. Never done a writing challenge before, thought it would be a good way to expand my fanfic writing. First ever one-shot. Hope you enjoy!


After the second fight with Thanos everything was different. The world was still mourning the loss of Tony, Nat and the many others who had died trying defeat the evil titan. Steve had obviously changed. A lot. He had lived 2 lives; one saving the world over and over again and one with his true love Peggy.

Bucky knew Steve had intended to stay behind when he returned the stones to their rightful places in time. He didn’t begrudge his friends decision, in fact he thought it was brave. Steve deserved a life, one where the world didn’t demand so much of him. People had at first been confused why Steve handed the shield to Sam, but not Bucky. This was another way that Steve had looked after him, tried to protect him. He had given Bucky the chance to start over again and try to have his own life.

Keep reading

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Here are some SamSteve Vacation Week (June 28 – July 4, details here) prompt suggestions from mod Nacho for Day 1: Supernatural/Fantasy:

- Sam Cap is rescued by mermaid Steve, who was transformed when he crashed the Valkyrie.
- Skeptic Sam hires fake medium Steve to check out his creepy new house; turns out it’s actually haunted.
- Bird-shifter Sam and wolf-shifter Steve team up on an adventure.
- Prince Sam falls in love with his sworn protector, knight Steve.

We’ll be posting ideas throughout the month of June. Have some inspiration you’d like to share? Awesome! Feel free to submit your own inspo posts to get people’s creative juices flowing.

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Anthony: Hey! Happy Birthday Tom!
Sebastian: We got you a present.
Tom: You did?
Anthony: Yeah! You’re gonna love it.
Sebastian: *hands him an envelope*
Tom: *looks at it suspiciously*
Anthony: Ah, come on, just open it.
Tom: *sighs* Alright. 
Tom: *opens it and reveals a really nice card*
Tom: Wow, bro, that’s actually really sw–
Tom: *opens the card and it sprays glitter all over him*
Anthony and Sebastian: *lose it laughing*
Tom: You know what yeah, that makes a lot more sense.

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Requested? No - I just felt like writing for once lol. Not an original idea, but I like this prompt/trope so I wanted to use it (again).

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x g!n reader

Triggers: Gunfire, Battle, mentions of Blood, Drink spiking, Mild cursing, etc..

Gender: Neutral (If you guys ever notice accidental slips, and me using ‘her/she/etc” in reference to the reader, let me know and I will fix it)

Words: 3,920         Genre: Mixture; Mostly Angst and Fluff

Notes: I haven’t actually seen the last three Avengers movies so whenever I mention them it is only regarding the knowledge I have of the films :)

I also hope that all of you are doing well in these hard times and staying safe. I love you all and wish you the best <3 <3 <3


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The First Time:

Ever since the battle, and Steve going back to live his life with Peggy, Bucky was having a difficult time. Him and Sam were finally getting along - to a degree, and obviously he still had Steve, but it was different now. He still felt like he was missing something, until you. 

You had been with the Avengers for a while, and Bucky. You were there when Bucky was “reunited” with Steve during the battle between Hydra and SHIELD, you were fighting on his and Steve’s side against the other Avengersa few years later, and you were even there when he was taken to Wakanda, and of course as well as when the final battle began. You had been one of the few to survive the snap, and had your own harrowing story to tell when everything was finally over, but thankfully you hadn’t changed too much from it.

It wasn’t really until after everything was over that Bucky realized you had been there through all of it. And not just for the team, but for him. He was so lost in his own mind and his past that he hadn’t really realized it. Not until recently. Now that you, him and Sam were a team. Working with SHIELD to continue helping to protect people. 

Bucky found out quite early on that you were very easy to talk to, and you never expected too much, and were never disappointed. Bucky knew that he had feelings for you, but he didn’t know if he was ready to deal with them, and he was afraid you wouldn’t want to accept them. 

All of these thoughts ran through his mind as he watched you from across the room, training with Sam. You were agile and graceful in your movements, the thought crossed Bucky’s mind that if you were to put music to what you were doing, it would look like you were dancing. 

His thoughts halted suddenly when you glanced at him, making brief eye contact. He always tended to freeze around you, but only for a moment, never long enough for anyone but him to notice, he hoped. He left the room shortly after, having finished his own training earlier.

You remained on Bucky’s thoughts for the rest of the day. Ever since he realized how he felt he’s been unable to think of much else, except when on a mission, unless you are there, then he is worried you will get hurt.

“James?” your voice pulled him from his thoughts as he looked up at you, you are the only one that calls him that, and it always sends a comforting feeling over him, but only if it was you. 

“Did you finish training?” he asked, standing from the couch that he had been lounging on, setting his journal aside. 

You nodded before sitting down next to him “Are you alright?” 

“Yeah, why?” confusion was evident in his voice.

Smiling lightly at him, his heart skips lightly “You just seem a little off lately, kind of spacey”

‘It’s because of you’ he thought to himself, of course he couldn’t just say that out loud “I’m fine”

“Are you sure?” you pressed, you could tell something was off, and he knew that you could, you always could. 

‘Think of an excuse, anything’ “I haven’t been sleeping” he said quickly. This was not necessarily a lie, though he has been sleeping better than usual, even though it was still not a lot. 

“Nightmares?” the worry in your voice almost shocked him. You cared so much for him, but he never understood why. 

“No, just insomnia”, the truth.

“Well that’s good I suppose” you looked down at your hands momentarily and Bucky couldn’t help but look at your lips as you bit them lightly. 

Suddenly he felt the urge to lean forward and kiss you. That was all he wanted to do. You looked back up at him, your eyes almost shining “You know you can talk to me whenever you want right?”

He smiled “I know”

You smiled in return and the urge to kiss you grew, just one movement and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

You stood up, glancing back down at him “Dinner is soon, make sure you join us today okay?”

He nodded as he watched you leave. He had missed his chance. Though, maybe it was better that way.

The Second Time: 

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