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Tony Stark was so anxious to get back to his lab that he’d arranged for a helicopter from the airport to the tower.  Not that anyone minded, especially Joss, who was actually relieved not to have to maintain a neutral expression riding the limo bus again.  Steve just appreciated getting Sharon back to the tower, and alone, more quickly.  

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It’s painfully slow, as if they just wanted to starve themselves of this, as if they shouldn’t have this in the first place, even if their bodies agreed to Yes, this is how it should be. How their bodies just simply harmonized with each other.

Sam and Bucky didn’t want to know how they ended up here, in bed, shoes off yet socks on, their hands slowly intertwining with each other by the minute it must’ve looked painful to pine this languidly. Their eyes didn’t meet, always strayed on the other’s shirt or on the thin sheet on top of them. They held onto their breaths, keeping it so slow they probably weren’t breathing at the moment.

Sam’s eyes were in a daze, but the way his eyebrows knitted together was just… it does things to Bucky; the man’s lips were just in his reach, he would just reach and lean into Sam’s space, take control of that fervor that revibrated in their bones. They wanted to feel goddamnit.

Bucky wanted to say something, to tell Sam all of the emotions that rushed through him, how the man made him want to run to the nearest cliff and scream Sam’s name out loud until his lungs turned blue, how badly he wants to cut himself open just so he could bring him inside of him forever, how much he wanted to stand in the rain just to feel the cold and finally recognize their constant misleading nature of silence was killing them in their sleep, that love was a dangerous game that they both led with bondage.

“I love you,” Bucky says instead. It seemed enough to express himself.

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This was previuosly tiled ‘Resisting Arrest. It had been brought to my attention that the last part might be problemtaic so I’ve edited it. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

For the Future (2955 words) by SonnyD
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Sam Wilson
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Darlene Wilson, Sarah Wilson (Marvel), Nick Fury
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Powers, Marriage Proposal, Plans For The Future

“Is there something you wanna tell me? Did you and Sam have a fight or something?”

Bucky blinked, “What? No. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

Bucky was quiet for a minute and Steve waited for him to stop thinking. He would have joked that it was a dangerous thing, but he doubted that it was the time.

“Sam and I were having dinner last night and marriage came up.”



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Sam pointed his gun at any HYDRA agents that tried to stand in your way as you exited the compound. “Here’s how this is gonna go,” he said to them, “we’re gonna walk out of here, and you’re going to let us. Because although Stark needs her,” he motioned to Alicia, who was limping behind the rest of the group, “he doesn’t need any of you. Stay out of our way, and you can escape with your lives.”

Finally you made it to the car, Sam getting in the back with Alicia, and you sitting shotgun. Bucky sat next to you in the drivers’ seat.

“Did you have to park so far away?” Alicia complained, “My feet are killing me.”

“Considering you’re a prisoner right now, you’d better keep a lid on it.”  Sam replied.

“If anyone should be a prisoner right now, it should be that ‘doll’ of yours. She killed someone, I didn’t.”

You tensed up,  the video playing on a loop in your mind. You’d hurt another innocent person.

“Watch it.” Bucky replied, venom lacing his words. 

“Are we going to the compound?” You looked out the window, unsure of what you wanted the answer to be. 

“Yes, we are, and you’ll have a room there for as long as you want.” We sent one word ahead to Tony and Nick. They’re talking about recruiting you for the Avengers Initiative, if you want to join, that is.”

“I, I don’t know for sure yet. Can I think about it?”

“Of course, doll. However long you need.” 

“Is it alright if I don’t talk about what happened right away? To be honest, all I really want to do right now is watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and have some coffee.” You smiled to yourself, remembering the good things in life.

“You don’t need to talk about any of it until you’re ready.” Bucky paused, “Wait, you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine too?” Your eyes lit up, and he smiled. There was a sparkle there that he hadn’t quite noticed before. Now he was wondering how he could ever miss it. 

“It’s been my favorite shows for a while now! Actually, I was watching it right before, well before all this,” you vaguely gestured to everyone in the car. “I just love everything about it. Maybe watching it can help me get back into the groove of things.”

“Maybe you two could watch it together,” Sam suggested with a smirk, “To help adjust to the compound, of course.” 

Bucky rolled his eyes in response, but as you glanced at him, was that a hint of a blush you detected? You finally started to feel the knot in your chest unravel a little. There was something about talking with Bucky and Sam made you feel more at ease. Before you knew it, you forgot that Alicia was even in the car. 

Bucky turned on the radio and was about to change the station before you stopped him. “Wait, this is a good one! Not to be a total dad, but old school rock is pretty good sometimes.”

Sam made eye contact with Bucky in the rear view mirror and chuckled, “Yeah, her and Tony will get along just fine.” 

Soon enough, you were in the city, and when the car pulled up in front of the tower, you gasped. It was more beautiful in person than the pictures they had shown on the news. To be fair, when it had been shown, there was a Hulk-sized hole in the side from the Attack on New York. 

Bucky opened the car door for you. “Welcome home,” he said with a smile. “That is if you decide to stay of course, which you don’t have to but if you do-”

Sam cut him off, “Welcome to Avengers Tower. We hope you enjoy your stay.” 

You laughed, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. This was one of the most famous, if not controversial skyscrapers in the world. And you were about to live there, at least temporarily. Alicia made a snide remark about the “morality of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”, but you couldn’t even process it, because at that moment Tony Stark stepped out of the building to greet you all. 

“Sam, Bucky,” Tony said cordially, “glad to see you didn’t completely ruin your mission.” He turned to you and smiled. “And you must be the spark of hope I’ve been hearing about.” He extended his hand for you to shake, but instead you just stood there staring. “Go ahead, I don’t bite. Well, Pepper might have something different to say about that but,” he smirked. “Anyways, it’s nice to officially meet you.” 

“Dude, come on, she’s traumatized enough as it is,” Sam rolled his eyes. “So, now that you’ve been so formally introduced to the ‘Great Tony Stark’, maybe you want to head in and meet the rest of the team?”

You walked into the Tower, heart pounding. Armed guards arrived to help Sam escort Alicia to where she would be detained. As soon as she was gone you felt a weight lift, the constant reminder of your actions gone, at least momentarily. 

Bucky led you to a private elevator, out of sight from prying eyes. “This will take you to your private rooms, along with the floors reserved for Avengers, should you choose to join. Until then,” he handed you a small plastic card that had your picture next to the Avengers logo, “this it your personal I.D. It will allow you to go to the floors you have access to. Just swipe it right there.” He motioned to a scanner near the elevator’s keypad. 

Cautiously, you swiped the card and sure enough a woman’s voice spoke over the audio system. “Hello Miss Y/N, I’m FRIDAY, which floor would you like to go to?” 

“Uh, which levels do I have access to?”

“You currently have access to the Avenger’s main floor and Sergeant Barnes’ floor.”

“They didn’t have enough time to set up your floor yet,” Bucky said, glancing down, “so until they do I offered to share mine, if that’s alright with you, of course.”

“That’d be great, thank you Bucky. FRIDAY, can you take us to the Avenger’s main level, please?”

“Sure thing.” The button for the top floor lit up and the elevator started rising. You looked out the glass walls at the beautiful view of the city below.

“Um, Bucky,” you paused, looking for the right words, “thank you for rescuing me.  I know that it must have been hard going back to a HYDRA compound, and if it hadn’t been for you and Sam, I’d still be there.”

Bucky smiled sadly, “If it hadn’t been for us you probably wouldn’t have gotten so tangled up in this. It was the least we could do.”  

“Trust me,” you said, “I was tangled up in this way before I bumped into you. Alicia was my roommate, and,” your voice cracked, “my best friend. Or at least I thought she was.”

“Hey, it’s alright, basically everyone here has been betrayed by someone at some point. Just ask Thor how many times his brother faked his death. And,” Bucky hesitated, not sure if he should press the issue, “should you be looking for a new friend, I’m just a few doors away.” 

You smiled, “Thank you-”. Before you could finish your sentence the power in the elevator went out, and you felt yourself falling. 




I feel like things may go well for reader and Bucky. She seems to really be ~falling~ for him. Like always, likes and reblogs are appreciated! Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list! Love you all <3

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request: Your writing is amazing!!!! I have a request for a peter Parker imagine where the reader has healing powers and he falls for her and he gets hurt on a mission and she rushes in to save him and she heals him and the gets hurt and peter carries her out and stays by her side the whole time? Sorry if that was confusing

pairing: peter parker x reader (!!reader and peter both 16 in this fic!!)

word count: 3500 +/-

warnings: reader suffering from anxiety and a lil panic attack thrown in the mix, some angst but a lot of fluff also, descriptive violence, gunshot wound

author’s note: Okay first ever Peter Parker fic, apologies if it’s a little iffy (especially at the end- i flopped lol) I really struggled getting this one written despite the fact it ended up being uber long by my standards! I think I struggle writing for Peter purely because of the ‘trying to get into the mindset of a teenager’ thing lmao. 

But as always, feedback welcomed and appreciated, big huge thank you to anon for the request, and I am currently accepting requested so hit that inbox my lovelies! ~ Toria <3


“You ready for your first ever mission tonight, Y/N?”

You practically jumped out of your skin, your head crashing into the top of your locker with a sickening thwack.

With a groan of pain, you spun on your heel, murderous eyes fixating on Peter Parker, who was now stood staring at you with a mixture of shock and fear etched rather comically on his face.

“Well, geez, Peter. Hard to say, you think I can manage it with a concussion?”

You softened your gaze, shaking your head with a rueful smile as you brought a hand tentatively to your head and letting it rest over the knot that was rapidly growing there.

You let your eyelids flutter shut, summoning a warm, white light to your palm and allowing the healing energy to envelop your injury, smiling softly as you did.

When you opened your eyes, your head felt good as new, and you were met with Peter’s wide, curious gaze.

You frowned at him then, raising your brow dubiously as he continued to stare. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, you cleared your throat, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Something the matter?”

Peter blinked a few times, his cheeks donning an unmistakable pink hue as his gaze shifted anywhere and everywhere that wasn’t your face. You strained to contain an eye roll as your fellow Avenger stuttered uselessly for a minute.

“I… Well no… No, it’s just… Well… Mr. Stark said we shouldn’t use our powers just out in the open like that and well…”

He trailed off, swallowing hard as you fixed him with your best ‘keep-going-and-I’ll-flatten-you’ stare. You had to hand it to the guy, usually when you gave people that look, they turned tail and got as far away as possible from you in the other direction.

“Well, what Mr. Stark doesn’t know won’t land me with another lecture, now will it, Peter?”

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Okey, I love daniel Sousa x Peggy Carter as a married couple and I love godmother Peggy and godson tony. How about a fic where daniel and Peggy are married and they’re babysitting tony for some reason and tony makes them a cute drawing and Peggy and daniel are there for tony when his parents die and they’re always there for him over the year, fast forward to ca:cw time Peggy and daniel are alive and they show the rogue avengers all the thing they(rogue avengers) have done and it just anti Steve, Wanda, Natasha,clint. Sam, Scott apologize to tony and all that and bucky is like lemme protect tony stark?

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Warnings: mild language

Author’s Note: enjoy a little banter between the Avengers!


After Bucky had questioned you further about your background–your age, where you came from, how H.Y.D.R.A. had found you–he left to go finish up some mission reports.

That had been what felt like hours ago and you were still all alone. To keep yourself busy, you’d studied the conveniently metal frame outlining your cell and the fancy-looking keypad beside it.

What should I do? What should I do?

You weren’t the biggest fan of H.Y.D.R.A., however they had kept you alive for most of your youth. But ever since the Winter Soldier had escaped back in 2014, it had been chaotic in your base. That had been the start of a shift in your loyalty.

Call it your “teenage rebellion years,” but you didn’t trust H.Y.D.R.A. as much as you used to. You weren’t sure where your loyalty lied. So you made a decision, right there, to escape.

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Stop making Sam and/or Bucky cops in fanfics challenge 😐 like I don’t mind when they’re Shield or maybe even some type of upper echelon law enforcement like the CIA or something, but when Sam and Bucky are run of the mill regular ass thin blue line cops I get irritated af lol… really, cutesy cop stories in general make me gag 🤷🏾‍♀️ I used to feel the same way about Supernatural fics… I mean, who wants to see Dean Winchester being a cop????

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(Master post)

Sam does not have a lot of time to consider what Clint and Bucky kissing means before Natasha trudges into his room. He has been looking through some paperwork for one of the vets from his support group, his wandering mind making it harder. Natasha looks pretty pissed off, and Sam is worried it might be because he poked fun at her in the chat earlier. He’d rather not be on her bad side.

She gestures to his phone that is lying face down on his desk. “Did you see that?”

She saw his answers so far, so there is probably more. He picks up his phone, and now, there are pictures of Steve and Tony making out too. He looks at them until a pillow hits him square in the face. Natasha holds it in hand still, brandishing it menacingly.

“You told me to look!” Sam defends himself.

“Have you all gone hormonal?”

“Can I not just be happy for them?”

“You don’t smell like ‘just happy for them’.”

Sam is pretty sure it’s a bluff. She has no enhanced senses, and he is not that influenced by the photos. He can admit that both were hot enough, but that’s it. He is a normal, healthy alpha, there is no shame in it.

“What is the problem, Natasha?”

“Thor and Bruce are snogging in the kitchen.”

Sam doesn’t know what to react to first, Natasha saying snogging or that there seems to be a trend here.

She throws the pillow back on the bed as if that had offended her too. “Will I now walk into that everywhere?”

“We sure can make rules for it. If you have a need for something, you can ask for it. That is the rule that led us to this point after all. And asking people to reduce their PDA is not an undue request.”

“But that’s not the point!”

Sam is at a loss. He got why Natasha held some ambivalence toward Clint and Bucky suddenly making out. Clint and Natasha had the closest relationship of any of them before that whole pack thing started. Sam was still not sure if they were only friends or lovers or something else altogether, but it was also not his place to ask about that. He has no idea why she seems so pissed at Tony and Steve and Thor and Bruce.

Well, someone has to do the hard work in this tower. “Help me out here. What would make you happy again with the situation?”

She looks at him calculatingly for three seconds flat, and then practically jumps onto his lap.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader Social Media AU

Summary: You’re the head engineer of Stark Industries (and Peter Parker’s older sister) and close friends with the avengers. You’ve always had a crush on one James Barnes, however what happens when someone from your past comes in right as Bucky starts to reciprocate your feelings?

Chapter Warnings: language, one kinda scandy butt pic, bad flirting


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Summary- Steve and Bucky get your help in replicating a howling commando days battle using Christmas baking fun. But… Does anything ever quite work out the way it should? Set in the same characters I used in Night In, Looking Pretty Fly and Popping Pez and Mismatched Socks. Written for @official-and-unstable-satan​ 300 Follower Celebration Challenge. She still has many prompts, check it out. Prompts in italiacs. No warnings, all fluffy. 

Word Count- 1.6k

A/N- so proud of your accomplishments babes, you are an amazing writer and I love getting lost in your stories and listening to your ideas. I know your just gonna keep going up from here. Love you always babygirl 💚😈💚😈💚😈💚


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Song: Cavalettas from the album The Bedlam in Goliath by The Mars Volta.

Summary: Steve’s a brat. Sam keeps him in check.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson

Length: 956 words

A/N: Daddy kink, impact play, bondage, BDSM, smut. See here for what this is all about.


Sam looks down at Steve’s bare body, in particular at his arse, where a scarlet bruise grows. The marks never last long, thanks to Steve’s enhanced healing, but they’re fun while they last.

All hell would break loose if the public ever found out that Captain America liked men, and he liked men doing this to him. But Steve trusts Sam. Trusts him to keep his secrets safe, trusts him to keep him safe.

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Story Time pt 3

Rating: G

Fandom: The Avengers

Characters: Tony Stark, Loki, Thor, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Vision, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson.


Present time



“……and after that, I think the rest is history, Thor got casted out here, came back, this one faked his death, almost destroyed New York, both went to Asgard, he faked his death again” the goddess said nonchalantly and pointing at the god of lies who was still laying his head on her lap. “And then Asgard got destroyed, but at least I’m here with them again”. She shrugged.

And before she could finished the story Thor was shaking his head, knowing that the girl he called his sister had left out a very important part of the story out.

“So you didn’t choose?” Asked Peter really interested on what happened.

“Oh she did, alright” said Thor standing up and walking out to go to his room “she chose before I had even gotten casted out”

“I would hardly say choose” interrupted Loki “that would suggest that she was attracted to both of us equally”.

Thor just chuckled at the remark and disappeared out the door. Loki hummed and gave a smile to the goddess he had grown up with, before giving her a quick kiss on her lips, leaving some of the members shocked, and some just nodding their heads cause they had already figured out the relationship between the deities that lived with them.

“We’ve been married for almost 100 years” said Loki loud enough for the whole team to hear “we got married in secret, in a small park in the outskirts of Asgard.”

The sun was setting and the streets were empty. The group of seven was hiding in the small garden of carnations and irises. Frandal had brought the wine, Sif the sword, Volstagg the food, and Hogun the cups. While Sif and The Warriors Three were not thrilled about sneaking around for the ceremony that was about to take place, Thor was ecstatic for his brother and sister-to-be that he convinced his closest friends to be part of it.

Loki was genuinely smiling, as he looked at his bride. Finally, someone he could spent unlimited time with and know he was loved and appreciated. Finally, someone who loves him just as much as he loves her. Someone who understands the passion behind magic, and reading, and peace, someone he had always known, and someone that made him feel at home, regardless of where he was.

“We should hurry, before the guards start looking for us” warned Sif as she swiftly stabbed the ground with her sword.

Thor stood behind the wedged sword and had his brother and new sister stand in front of it. He took a long green scarf made from Loki’s cape fabric and wrapped it around both of them, gave each a cup of wine and smiling.

“I hallow on this wine, first known in the north, for the Aesir and Vanir, as the first born of Frigga The All-Mother, and Odin The All-Father, that this union will take you to a journey filled with adventure and love.” Thor said reciting the officiant script he had learned long ago.

“I, Loki Odinson, pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our life together. When our ways become too difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our union we can accomplish more than alone. I promise to always love you and make you a priority in my life”. He said standing his hand to his love.

“I, pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our life together” she replied “I promise that it will be your eyes into which I smile everyday morning. I pledge to you my living and my dying. I shall protect you, and uplift you.” She said taking his hand in hers.

“This is a marriage of equals” both of them said in unison.

“I, Thor Odinson, bless and accept this union” he said and indicated the couple to drink the wine. Once they were done with their respective cups, the scarf around their necks had shined and slowly faded, indicating the end of the ceremony. Loki, took this opportunity to finally kiss his wife.

“…And after that we had dinner with the food Volstagg had brought” the goddess said finishing her story.

“So, besides Thor, no one knows you’re married?” Asked Sam.

“Pretty much, it wasn’t a big wedding, and we did it in secret”.

“So you eloped, and decided to make everyone believe you just didn’t want to be married?” Questioned Tony.

“Not really, we just never seemed to have time to have a big ceremony” replied the Goddess.

“I think, you should, now” added the billionaire.

“How? Everything is closed” she remarked “and it also not necessary”

“Oh we can have a livestream, just think about it, do it again, but earth style, there’s enough space here, and of people want to send gifts, amazon is always good” stated the billionaire.

“We could all dress as you would in Asgard” added Peter getting excited

“It’s really okay” said the goddess one last time knowing full well that her words were not being heard by the now wedding planning committee that was the team of heroes she was working and living with. She turned her head to see her husband who decided that they had spent too much time with the group and was heading to his room to sleep for a while, he invited her and without thinking it she followed him, leaving their friends to plan what quoting Wanda could be The Wedding of the Century.

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