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#sam wilson
fenny2613 · 4 minutes ago
The sweetest nicknames Sam and Bucky have for each other:
Bucky loves calling Sam
Sam loves calling Bucky
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morganee · 6 minutes ago
I really really really want a scene in Cap4 or tfatws season 2 where Bucky falls from somewhere high and Sam catches him just in time (with maybe a kiss right after but I know that’s asking too much)
it would mean so much because the last time Bucky fell, Steve didn’t catch him on time to save him, and Sam couldn’t save Riley from his fall
idk I just think it would be super cute and romantic and just fitting their stories so well
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fenny2613 · 11 minutes ago
The worst (best) nicknames Bucky has for Sam:
Sam I am
Bird boy
Tweety bird
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man-imgay · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fenny2613 · 21 minutes ago
The worst (best) nicknames Sam has for Bucky:
Barnes and noble
Buck tart
Winter shoulder
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biluata · 21 minutes ago
I rewatched Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently, and I remembered a good part of movies and tv shows is making sure the home sets reflect the characters. A lot of thought goes into the decorating and props of a character's home in order to seem believable and make the scene work. What this means for me is that whatever is in Sam Wilson's DC house/apartment is canon information about Sam in the MCU, and I thought I would compile and share with you all what I found in case there are any other fic writers and such who would love to use this information. So here goes:
✨Canon Information and Interests about Sam Wilson✨
Tumblr media
He doesn’t refrigerate his mustard. I mean, you don’t technically have to refrigerate mustard, but it is recommended in order for it to last long/taste as good. So what can we gather from this? Sam is a mustard heathen. He doesn’t care about the flavor at all. He’s a mad man who eats so much mustard he doesn’t need to refrigerate it because the bottle won’t last long in his house. I can only imagine he puts mustard or barbecue sauce on everything.
Tumblr media
Sam has a baseball trophy. So sometime ago, maybe in high school or college, he used to play baseball. Apparently he was pretty good too, or at least proud of his playing, if he has a trophy sitting on a shelf in his kitchen. Is this why he's so good at throwing the shield? Or he could have also been playing baseball with his fellow Air Force members. Do you think he tried to get the Avengers to form a company baseball team?
Also I don't have it pictured, but you can see an example of one in a screenshot three below, Sam also has several golf balls sitting around his apartment. Now either Sam just likes to fiddle with golf balls or he also likes to play golf (just like Mackie). So if you want to write about Sam being a sports person, he canonically plays baseball and golf.
Tumblr media
He likes wine. Maybe loves wine. As we can see in this shot, he has a fancy wine rack hanging on his wall. Yes, it’s just wood, but who would go through that much effort to hang a wine rack instead of getting one to set on a counter or something (just my personal thoughts). I feel hanging the wine rack is supposed to show off his wine collection, because he loves his wine.
Tumblr media
Also in his dining room, he has a huge bowl/vase full of wine corks. Again, I feel only wine fanatics would do something like that, because when I’m done with wine I just recycle and call it a day. Conclusion, Sam loves wine.
Tumblr media
Sam loves music. I know we figured that with his whole Marvin Gaye obsession (understandable). But I really need to point out how much he loves music. His entire table is filled with stacks on stacks of CD’s (and also that golf ball I was telling you about). At least 30 CD’s. Not only that he also owns a record player. Not only that but he has several speakers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At least four small speakers scattered throughout his kitchen and dining room, and also one very large speaker in his dining room. The man not only loves music, he makes sure he can listen to it well wherever he is in his house. That takes dedication.
Other small things I wanted to point out:
Tumblr media
He likes the smell of coconut.
Tumblr media
He keeps a 50 lb (?) dumbbell on his kitchen counter. wtf Sam
Tumblr media
He likes Cookie Crisp cereal. Now one could argue this is for his nephew Cass when he visits (who is probably like what 3ish when the events of CA:TWS take place? i'm not good with guessing child ages), but I like to fully believe Sam digs Cookie Crisp cereal.
Thanks for reading 💖
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marvelsassbutts · 28 minutes ago
Summary: Set after 1x06Sam struggles with the loss of Karli under his new mantle. Dragged down by the weight of his own expectations, Sam has to lean on Bucky to help him get through the night.
Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; Marvel (MCU)
Rating: M
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes
Words: 4,453
Link: Weariness
Another SamBucky fic for you guys ! This one is Sam centric with a big focus on him getting comfort. I wrote this one shortly after The Feel of You because while that one focused on Bucky’s comfort, I felt like we needed a lot more of Sam getting taken of. After the finale Sam had a lot of emotional weight on his mind and wanted to explore what that looked like.
Thank you all so much already for all the love that this fic has gotten already! <3
Preview Under the Cut!
In retrospect, Sam could’ve flown back to Louisiana tonight. His jetpack was fully charged up, his vibranium wings taking no damage in the fight against the Flagsmashers. He got to New York without any trouble, nothing entirely pressing was stopping him from getting back home. Except for the fact that was fucking exhausted.
After fishing the last of the Flagsmashers out of the Hudson River, Sam takes off keeping up the look of the never tiring hero only to find an empty rooftop to lie facedown on. He needs a break and if that break came at the price of a cricked neck in the morning then so be it – he has convinced himself that nothing could feel better than the concrete beneath him, and besides, nothing would be able to make him move for another hour at least .
By that point he’s sure he’ll be passed out, drool pooling by the side of his face and all.
“You know, God forbid a helicopter or low flying plane passes over you. One quick passenger with a decent camera and you're screwed. I can see the headlines now: ‘All-New Captain America Says to Hell With a Good Night’s Rest!.’ Subtitle: ‘Can We Trust Our Heroes to Save Us When They Won’t Even Save Their Backs?’”
“That’s a long as fuck headline.”
“I don’t give edits, just ideas,” Bucky says and Sam can tell he’s smiling. One of his smaller ones where the crinkles don’t reach his eyes but that small fact doesn’t stop them from shining. “My job,” he continues and Sam hears soft footsteps as Bucky makes his way over and then grunts as he squats down, “is to make sure Captain America gets some good sleep.”
“Concrete’s not bad, you should get down here and try it with me.”
Bucky chuckles. Sam grins. Not a bad response for a shitty attempt at flirting.
“As inviting as that sounds, I’ll do you one better. As luck would have it you landed on a rooftop that’s only one rooftop away from the rooftop of a hotel.”
The fuck is he saying? Sam groans and squeezes his eyes. Bucky’s idea sounds a lot like it’s going to involve moving. And Sam is really fucking exhausted .
“You got the super arm. Carry me.”
“Another great headline: ‘Bridal or Barnes Style? All-New Captain America Catches a Lift.’”
“That one’s not half bad.”
Sam feels Bucky’s hand on his arm and allows his comrade to roll him onto his back. Sam opens his eyes slowly, the weight of sleep still pulling on his eyelids hoping to shut them for just a minute more, maybe two...definitely at least fifteen. He watches Bucky through his eyelashes and can see the lines of concern mapping their way across his face and feels Bucky’s hand wrap around the back of his head. Now he really doesn’t want to move.
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sabeedraws · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I don’t have a hetrosexual explanation for this... just wanted to try out drawing them as womens and see how it turns out haha 
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fanfiction-inc · 51 minutes ago
Introducing (Drum roll, please)!...
Baron Helmut Zemo! 
Tumblr media
Oh! While in the throws of writing, I have finally decided to add my boy to the list! So, if anyone would like to request a particular Baron, please do not hesitate to send in your request! 
Also included with the FATWS theme here, I will write for: 
James Barnes (Bucky/ Winter Soldier)
Sam Wilson (Falcon/ Captain America)
Sarah Wilson
John Walker (US Agent)
Lemar Hoskins (Battlestar)
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chief-falcon · 55 minutes ago
Sam: “I dare you to skinny dip in that lake right now.”
Bucky: “No.”
Sam: “Buck-Buck.”
Bucky: “What?”
Sam: “Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck.”
Bucky: “Are you imitating a chicken while using my nickname?”
Sam: “Yes, Buck-Buck.”
Bucky, undressing: “Hold my clothes, I’ll be right back.”
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bri3ll3 · 56 minutes ago
when did this happen?
pairing: bucky x black!reader, sam x reader (platonic), sarah x reader (platonic)
word count: 461
summary: you and sam have a conversation about buckys type but you and bucky have a little surprise that he doesn’t know about.
warnings: none
a/n: this takes place a year after where captain america and the winter soldier ended, and ofc
Tumblr media
“y/n you can not tell me after two years in wakanda that bucky doesn’t want him some chocolate” sam says and i giggle.
“we’ll never know” i say and he groans.
“come on y/n that man was like uncooked chicken when he went to wakanda and now he’s like a chicken that’s just came off the grill you know what i’m saying” he says and i laugh.
“you’re never going to let this go are you” i ask and he shakes his head
“no because i know that man wants him some chocolate ” he says and i laugh.
“there is no way you stay in wakanda for two years surrounded by all of these beautiful women and not like chocolate” he says throwing his hand up in the air.
“he was in the mountains with a goat sam, i don’t think he did much mingling” i say and he rolls his eyes.
“sarah help me out here” he asks sarah and she gives him a look.
“sam i’m not doing this with you” she said and laughed
“bucky may like black women but we’ll never know unless he says something about it” i say and he nods.
1 week later
i was in the kitchen making breakfast with sarah when bucky came into the kitchen with sam, bucky walked over to me and gave me a quick peck before sitting on the counter.
i look over and see sarah smile before looking at sam, i look at sam and see his jaw hanging open.
“WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN” he asks waving his hand between bucky and i.
“a year ago after the cookout” i answer and he puts his hands up as he shouts in victory.
“so i was right” he says with a smirk and bucky looks at me confused.
“right about what” bucky asks
“about how you liked chocolate” sam says and bucky looks even more confused and sam sighs “we were talking about how you like black women” he said and bucky nods understanding now.
“it was more sam trying to convince me on something i already knew” i say and sam rolls his eyes“he also called you an uncooked chicken” i say and sam gives me a look.
“really y/n” sam groans and i giggle.
“before you became cap you were literally called ‘the falcon’” bucky says making sarah and i laugh.
“but it’s way cooler than a chicken alright” sam defends and bucky rolls his eyes
“ok sam” bucky says obviously over the situation.
sam and bucky start arguing about god knows what. i look at sarah and she looks at me and we both laugh.
“how do we deal with this every month” sarah asks and i laugh
“i have absolutely no clue”
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phoenixes-and-wizards · an hour ago
sooooo we all know that bucky's a closet geek, right? i mean, he did bring his date to the stark expo + he bragged about reading the hobbit when it first came out. so imagine this:
sam introducing bucky to lotr, lending him the books and watching all three movies with him afterwards (extended editions, of course). bucky practically losing his mind over star trek and star wars because he's always loved space and aliens. sam buying him a pair of chewbacca print socks as a joke, and being pleasantly surprised when bucky takes to wearing them around the house whenever he's cold. sam coming home to aj, bucky, and cass cuddled together within a blanket fort of their making, the empire strikes back playing on their tv, popcorn bowls in their laps.
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Sam:”We got to get to the hospital and we gotta get there fast”
Bucky:”Then i’ll drive”
Sam:”Why you?”
Bucky:”I’ve nothing to live for and i drive like it”
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sleenbub · an hour ago
Zemo x Reader (SAD ONESHOT): In your arms, my Romeo.
Don't forget to comment your thoughts!
SYNOPSE: You just escaped the explosion which the scientist set off to destroy all of his work and you along with it. You, Bucky, Sam, Sharon and Zemo were fighting and you have just woken up. You hadn't realised but you suddenly went unconscious. What happened?
WARNINGS: Blood, Death, Sadness, blurr/sight issue, profanity.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It was so cold.
My Romeo held me as consciousness faded into existence through the dark must my eyes projected. I felt the chill of the biting wind across my arms and face as goose bumps rose on the skin of my forearms. My vision blurred clear and I twisted my eyes to look up to my love.
His eyes mustered oceans which were held by the little dams of his lower eyelid, his eyes lightning red from the cries he'd acted and reminisces of the escaping tears held on his cheeks as more flowed the same path. He was screaming in silence and pain resided in his features while i felt simply nothing...?
Drapes of his hair fell onto me as he touched his head to mine and it was perfect. He never stopped crying that entire time, his face red as droplets rained a short distance to my own face, I smiled at him as he pushed his head farther into mine to show his adoration of me. I love him. My Baron Helmut Zemo.
My head nestled deeper into his arms as he brought his head up, my body was draped across his knees while we were on the floor. I looked to his face again and his cries still rang in silence for me to hear or answer him. I just smiled. My hand brought up to his cheek heavily as I wiped a tear away from his soft cheek.
I blinked, smiling still, "It's okay." I said, bringing my ears to be able to hear again. Sounds of gunfire rang in the background but all I could hear now was his crying and seeing him shaking his head at my comment.
We were tucked beneath a fallen metal crate and it was dark under there but it was okay. As long as I was in his arms I couldn't care less for what is going on right now. As long as he is okay, I am okay. I love him. My Baron Helmut Zemo.
"Y...I... I love you..." He whispered through sudden cries, attempts to conceal his fear, but he forgets I can see straight through him. This man is an open book with me no matter how much he might try to conceal it all, he won't win. I always win.
"And I" I breathed out, losing my air fast. Maybe it was the adrenaline falling away. He just provided me with a tearysmile and I took it as it was. I don't want him to hurt, but what is life without a bit of pain?
"You... You're bleeding out, schatzi..." He gulped away more tears before springing his head upwards, "we need to get you help. He-" I covered his mouth with my hand to stop his calling. I don't want help.
"But liebe, you're-" I hushed him with my index finger brought over my mouth, mimicking a "shushing" word and making the sound to hush him.
"It doesn't hurt" I smiled, a tear falling from the corner of my eye, "I promise my love, it doesn't hurt at all."
He fell his head back into my own and allowed a rainfall of tears to resume on me as I joined in the flow and cried simultaneously with him. "I... I love you." I croaked.
He planted a kiss, passion consuming every part of mine and his body. We kissed for what felt like forever and there was ringing and reminiscing of all of our previous kisses in my mind.
From our first kiss way back in Sokovia's rubble to our lastest one enduring right now. He consumed me and I consumed him, I love him. My Baron Helmut Zemo.
"Please, let me get help, schatz. I... I can't lose you!" He said quietly, bringing his head upwards.
"It's okay... What is love, if not grief persevering?" I quoted with a smile to him, he knows who said it last, he knows what happened to that same man, he knows the ending of our fairy-tale is about to begin. But what is the end? Maybe my end, is his beginning. His one and true beginning. The beginning that will determine the rest of his life, his grief persevering and yet guiding his life to a better one.
"B... But I can't do this without you. You're the only thing that's kept me sane! I love you, schatz. I love you Y/N."...
He called me Y/N? Fuck. This is serious.
I brought my body upwards to try and fix his worry but as I sat upwards blood poured from my lower left side, oceans of it. A re-enactment of that scene from The Shining, almost. It felt like I'd just drop 10 ton weights. The pressure lifted, and I fell backwards into his arms and lap again as he covered his top half over me and pressed his huge hand to my cheek.
"Y/N are you okay? Don't do that again! Y/N? Y/n!" his voice echoed from a hallway's distance. My eyes rolled around my head as did my head with it and I felt the lightness in my head as I started to drape from this world.
"I... I love... You"
Sam and Bucky ran to Zemo, "She... She's gone."
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patroclusdefencesquad · an hour ago
bucky : you wanna see what someone can do with leverage?
zemo : yeah ok
bucky : what
zemo : what
sam : what
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mimisempai · an hour ago
I've got your love to keep me warm
After a nightmare, comforted by Sam, Bucky thinks that their relationship is not equal, that he doesn't care enough for Sam. But Sam will prove him wrong. Follows this story directly: LINK but can be read separately.
942 words
AO3 link
Tumblr media
"Cold... so cold..."
Sam woke up with a start by Bucky's voice. He turned to his lover and saw that he was asleep and seemed to be having a nightmare judging by his agitation.
Sam rolled over completely and tried to wake Bucky up, gently touching his shoulder.
Even though Bucky was no longer the conscienceless killer of his years as a winter soldier, his reflexes when he slept were still sharp and it was dangerous to try to wake him up. Sam was now the only one who could touch him without fear of being hurt, which showed the level of trust between them.
"Bucky, wake up, you're having a nightmare."
Bucky continued to fidget and repeated, " cold..." and began to shake.
Sam was used to this kind of nightmare from Bucky, reminiscent of when he had been cryogenically frozen by Hydra. He pulled the fleece blanket rolled at the foot of the bed whatever the season, placed there especially for this kind of situation.
He turned Bucky around, pressed himself against his back, covered them both before wrapping his arms and legs around Bucky.
Bucky finally woke up, put his shaking hand on Sam's that rested on his abdomen and said in a hoarse voice, "Sam..."
Sam tightened his embrace and whispered against Bucky's neck, "I'm here."
"I know this is only a nightmare, but I'm so cold. The feeling of the doors closing on me. I..."
"Sshhh love... I know. I know it's not cold. But you feel what you feel. So try to focus on the warmth of the blanket and the warmth of my body.
Gradually the shaking stopped and Bucky's breathing slowed.
"Sam...thank you."
"I'll always be here to keep you warm."
Bucky turned in his arms, hugged him and whispered, "Not thank you for that, well yes thank you for that  too, but thank you for putting up with all this, my nightmares and the rest."
Sam gently ran his knuckles over Bucky's cheek. "Bucky, it doesn't work that way. You don't have to thank me for something normal. We take care of each other right?"
"Yes, but I still feel like you do more for me than I do for you. "
"That's not true. Who has my back every time we're on a mission? You do. Who repairs and cares for my armor my suits every time we come back from a mission? You do. Who takes care of me like yesterday when we're off duty? You do. You're the only one I can confide my anxieties to, and who calms me after my nightmares, who I can talk to about Riley.  And there's what you do that you think I don't know about..."
"What? I don't see what-" Sam put his finger to his mouth.
"I know that you often go and help unload the boat when we're here, that you play with the boys so that Sarah has some free time, that you make time to talk with Carlos almost every day when we're here to keep him company."
Bucky began to protest, "But that's nothing special and besides it's not for you that I do that kind of thing!"
"But it's special for each person you do it for, it's special for the dockworkers who can come home early because you took a load off their shoulders, it's special for the boys who love you very much that you spend time with them, it's special for Sarah who can breathe for a few hours, and it's special for Carlos who feels less alone. You take care of the people I love, even better, you make me happy by taking care of the people I love, isn't that taking care of me?"
Sam ran his hand through Bucky's hair before continuing, not waiting for an answer, "And tell me Bucky, are you doing all this reluctantly?"
Bucky shook his head vehemently, "Sam, you know I'm not! I love you so it's only right that I take care of you and I love taking care of you!!!"
"So why wouldn't it be the same for me? I love taking care of you. I don't need a strong man by my side all the time, I need a partner I can lean on and who knows he can lean on me when he needs to. Needing me when you have nightmares does not make you a weak man. So let me take care of you now, without worrying about the rest."
Sam kissed him gently before turning Bucky around and resuming their previous position.
Bucky took Sam's hand and brought it to his lips before whispering, "I'd like to say something else though. You know you're the only one who can make me forget my nightmares? Sam, you are the one who made me strong, when I was finally able to free myself, you are the one who showed me the way. That day in the clearing, when you told me how to make amends, it was you who gave me the keys to my true liberation and allowed me to stand and be my own man."
"Don't forget that you walked yourself on this path, don't minimize what you did, in the end the achievement is yours. Go to sleep now. Enough with the praises and the sap."
He felt Bucky laugh against his chest, "Aww Sam, are you embarrassed? That''s so cute!"
He gave Bucky's hand a little pat, "Idiot!"
"Yes, but I'm your idiot."
Sam mumbled in response and simply tightened his embrace.
A few moments later, feeling Bucky fall asleep against him, he whispered, "Sleep my love, I'll keep you warm." ____ Thank you for going all the way. I hope you enjoyed it a little bit. Forgive me for the mistakes as it's not beta'd.
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cuddlymuffinofoptimism · an hour ago
Bucky: At first I was like, mmmm Sam is hot...
Bucky: As a JOKE.
Bucky: But BRO-
*stops and makes heart eyes at Sam while he's fixing his boat*
Bucky: I don't think it's a JOKE ANYMORE.
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Tumblr media
“Are You sure I can’t punch him in the face?” Sam pleaded, itching to get back at Bucky, whom he’d just caught holding hands with Sarah. (The audacity!!)
“Yes.” Sarah said firmly, hands on her hips, standing protectively in front of Bucky.
“What if I just break his nose a little?”
“No!” She exclaimed. “Why would you want to damage that adorable face?”
Sam groaned. His fears were confirmed. Bucky’s crush on his sister was very mutual. He’d warned the man against flirting and felt obligated to follow through on his threats, being a concerned big brother and all, but he was pretty sure it would only make her mad at him, so he finally shrugged, coolly ignoring Bucky, and went outside to stew about it.
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